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SPECIFICATIONS                3
SAFETY                        3-4
ADJUSTMENTS                   4
MAINTENANCE                   4-5
CONTROLS                      5
NOTES                         6
SPARE PARTS LIST              7-12

                       EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY

                                    I, the undersigned,
         Of Allen Power Equipment Ltd, The Broadway, Didcot, Oxon OX11 8ES,
                       Certify that the machine described below:-

Category      Turf Scarifier
Make         ALLEN
Type         Push Along/Manual
Model        Lawn Doctor MKIII

Conforms with the requirements of the supply of machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992


Noise and Vibration Levels

Sound: -     83Db at Operators Ear.
             Tested at maximum available engine speed. (approximately equivalent to
             household vacuum)

Vibration: - Not Significant.

       Peter Bateman, Managing Director

                        LAWN DOCTOR USER’S INSTRUCTIONS

The LAWN DOCTOR is intended for power raking and vertical mowing of good lawns and
games playing surfaces. It is not designed for deep penetration of soil or turf, and any
attempt to cut deep slits will cause non-warrantable damage. In it’s standard form the
Lawn Doctor is fitted with a flail type swinging baldes which rake out moss and fibre. A
fixes blade reel for vertical mowing is available for severing creeping weeds and
stoloniferous or procumbent grasses.


A Dethatcher Reel is available for light root pruning and vertical mowing. A rear collector
may be fitted to retain most of the raked out rubbish. It is easily hooked onto the rear of the
machine, and is supported by a small link to the handlebar cross tube. Empty bag before it
becomes full. Do not depress handlebars too much when turning or bag may become
detached. Store bag empty and in dry conditions.


Engine               4hp Honda
Type                 4 Stroke Petrol
Fuel Capacity        1.7Litre
Weight               25kg
Working Width        14” (500mm)
Overall Width        20” (500mm)


There is an element of danger in all mechanical devices – The Lawn Doctor is no

IN YOUR OWN INTEREST read this entire ‘Operators Manual’ and the entire ‘Engine
Manual’ before fuelling and starting.

(1) DO NOT           Run engine in enclosed area – exhaust gas can kill!
(2) DO NOT           Put hands or feet near moving or hot parts of the machine.
(3) DO NOT           Re-fuel while engine is hot or when smoking or near any source of
                     heat. If possible do it outdoors.
(4) DO NOT           Employ choke to stop engine – Use the cut-off switch.
(5) DO NOT           Run engine at excessive speeds. Damage to unit and/or injury to
                     operator or spectators may result.
(6) DO NOT           Use machine unless all covers and guards are in place and in good
(7) DO NOT           Leave machines unattended with engine running – vibration may
                     cause the machine to move if not on level ground.

(8) DO NOT           Tamper with engine governor – warranty will be invalidated and
                     damage may ensue.
(9) DO NOT           Use unit under drought conditions; damage to both machine and
                     sward will be caused.
(10) DO NOT          Slit or scarify unless grass is growing strongly.
(11) DO NOT          Operate machine if vibration is excessive. Stop and investigate cause
                     N.B remove plug and lead first.
(12) DO NOT          Attempt to work on slopes of more than 20 degrees.
(13) DO NOT          Allow children to operate or stay close to machine.


(1)   DO             Wear sensible strong shoes.
(2)   DO             Wear ear defenders for other than short periods of work.
(3)   DO             Keep fingers of both hands on ‘fail-safe bar’ at all times.
(4)   DO             Remember to tip handles down when turning sharply, otherwise
                     damage to turf may occur.
(4) DO               Treat the turf with care – ‘little and often’ is best.


After prolonged use the belt may need adjustment. At the bottom of the clutch cable from
the fail-safe control bar is a hollow bolt and locknut. Slacken the locknut and unscrew the
bolt (to effectively lengthen the outer cable) until the clutch drives satisfactorily. Check that
the reel comes to a complete stop after the control is released; re-adjust if necessary.
Tighten locknut.

             TENSION SPRING
                                                                LOCK NUT’S
                                      CLUTCH CABLE


The Engine should be serviced in accordance with the Engines Manufactures instructions.

Wheels may need occasional lubrication with clean light oil.

Flail Tines may be reversed when leading corner of each blade has become rounded.
When both corners have been worn down the tines must be replaced before further work
is undertaken. Make sure spacers are replaced exactly as originally fitted.

Slitter Blades may be reversed to double life, these also must be replaced when worn


                If excessive vibration develops, work must cease immediately and an
                investigation must be made to ascertain the cause. If a blade or tine
                is broken it must be replaced before scarifying is resumed. Failure to
                do so will cause damage and may invalidate warranty.

                 For long periods of work we recommend the wearing of ear

Warning Labels

Your Lawn Doctor should bear the following warning labels: -

1)            Allow engine to cool for 2 minutes before re-fuelling.

2)            It is dangerous to place hand or foot under the machine when engine is
              running. Disconnect spark plug lead before carrying out any adjustments.

3)            Do not allow children to play with the machine.


Refer to separate Engine Manual for starting, running and maintaining the power unit. In
particular adhere to recommendations concerning air filter and oil.

(a)   Engine Controls

      Carburation (richness of fuel mixture) and engine speed (throttle opening) are
      adjusted by various levers described in the engine instructions. In all cases an
      on/off switch is located within the operator’s reach. Engines are governed to the
      correct max R.P.M. at the factory and any interference with this setting may cause
      damage and nullify the warranty.

(b)   Raking Height Control

      Before starting the engine and engaging the reel clutch it is necessary to check that
      the swing tines barely touch the soil level when rotating. This is done by first placing
      the Lawn Doctor on flat surface then: -

      (i)     Turn micrometer height control.
      (ii)    Raise or lower the machine until the lower tines just touch the grounds
      (iii)   Lock height control by turning lock nut with arm.

       (iv)   With front wheels on the ground and the clutch drive engaged pull the
              Engine over using the recoil starter. Check that the tines are correctly set for
              work. Readjust if necessary.
       (v)    With the front wheel on the ground and the fail-safe control bar engaged pull
              the engine over using the recoil starter. Check that the tines are correctly set
              for work. Readjust if necessary.

(c)    Fail Safe Reel Clutch

       When the engine has been started and warmed up the reel is brought into use by
       closing the hinged clutch control bar until it may be gripped against the handlebar.


Once the Lawn Doctor is on the lawn and the engine is running raise the front of the
machine slightly by depressing the handlebars. Then slowly close the clutch lever to
engage the tine reel, once the engine had adjusted itself to the load gently allow the
handles to raise and the machine to move off. NOTE the rotary action of the tine reel will
give a degree of propulsion but the operator must retain a proper grasp of the handlebars
to avoid ‘bounding’ or lurching, if a particularly hard patch should be encountered.

Best results will be achieved if the lawn is mown both before and after scarification. Use
Lawn Doctor only when the grass is growing and when soil condition is firm but not hard.
NEVER USE IN DROUGHT CONDITIONS. Do not re-scarify for at least two weeks and
then, if possible at 90 degrees to first treatment. Proceed always in straight lines and bear
down on handlebars to bring tines clear of the turn, when turning (no need to de-clutch).
Allow the handles to slowly rise again as scarifying commences.



                       MAIN BODY ASSEMBLY

ITEM No.   PART No.    DESCRIPTION                QTY
    1      4801-0270   MAIN BODY W/A               1
    2      2150-2142   REAR WHEEL                   2
    3      2014-6116   HEX HD BOLT M8               4
    4      2034-6100   FULL NUT M12                 4
    5      03944       LOCK NUT M12                 4
    6      2034-6700   NYLOC NUT M12               4
    7      2070-4061   WASHER M12                   4
    8      4801-0276   ADJUSTER SCREW ASSEMBLY      1
    9      3801-0568   • SCREW                     1
   10      3801-0569   • SPIGOT                    1
   11      2022-6104   • HEX SETSCREW M8           1
   12      2070-2061   • WASHER M8                 1
   13      2172-7708   • HAND WHEEL M10            1
   14      2172-7717   • HAND WHEEL M12            1
   15      2034-6100   • FULL NUT M12              1
   16      2033-6100   • FULL NUT M10              2
   17      2070-3061   • WASHER M10                2
   18      2150-7733   ENGINE PULLEY                1
   19      2150-6237   VEE BELT                     1
   20      4801-0271   GUARD                       1
   21      2012-6115   HEX HD SETSCREW M8           4
   22      4801-0283   IDLER ASSEMBLY               1
   23      4801-0342   • LEVER                     1
   24      2150-7732   • PULLEY                    1
   25      2012-6108   • HEX HD BOLT M8            1
   26      2032-6700   • NYLOC NUT M8              1
   27      2070-2061   • WASHER M8                 1
   28      3801-0696   PIVOT BUSH                   1
   29      4801-0274   BLADE ASSEMBLY               1
   30      4801-0275   • SHAFT                     1
   31      3801-0565   • SPINDLE                   4
   32      2160-2102   • BLADE                     18
   33      3801-0566   • SPACER, LONG              14
   34      3801-0567   • SPACER, SHORT             4
   35      2070-3061   • WASHER M10                8
   36      2090-2096   • CIRCLIP EXTERNAL          8
   37      2120-5012   • BEARING                   2
   38      4801-0277   BEARING PLATE                1
   39      2118-7001   TOLERANCE RING               1
   40      4801-0282   WHEEL PIVOT                  1
   41      2150-2143   FRONT WHEEL                  2
   42      2131-3060   CLAMP                       2
   43      2131-3061   COVER PLATE                  2
   44      2011-6110   HEX HD BOLT M6              4
   45      2031-6700   NYLOC NUT M6                4
   46      2070-1061   WASHER M6                    4
   47      2150-8012   HONDA ENGINE (NOT SHOWN)    1


                       HANDLEBAR AND COLLECTOR
                            BAG ASSEMBLY

ITEM No.   PART No.      DESCRIPTION              QTY
   1       4801-0272     COLLECTOR BAG ASSEMBLY    1
   2       4801-0273     • FRAME                   1
   3       2162-5801     • BAG                     1
   4       4801-0278     HANDLE ASSEMBLY           1
   5       4801-0279     • TOP HANDLE              1
   6       4801-0281     • SAFETY BAR              1
   7       2090-2102     • CLEVIS                  1
   8       2080-0083     • HEX HD BOLT M6          1
   9       2070-1061     • WASHER M6               1
   10      2031-6700     • NYLOC NUT M6            1
   11      2172-7614     • CLUTCH CABLE            1
   12      2172-7708     • HAND WHEEL M10          2
   13      4801-0280     • LOWER HANDLE            1
   14      2170-5110     • SPRING                  1
   15      2070-3061     • WASHER M10              2

                          OPTIONAL REEL

ITEM No.   PART No.    DESCRIPTION               QTY
   1       4801-0359   GROOM/DETHATCH ASSEMBLY    1
   2       4801-0360   • SHAFT                    1
   3       2080-2007   • FULL NUT                 1
   4       3801-0581   • COLLAR                   1
   5       3801-0720   • SPACER                   22
   6       2160-2106   • BLADE                    23
   7       2120-5012   • BEARING                  2

Gardening Tools
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Garden Machinery

Blower Vacs           Brushcutters       Brush cutters         Chainsaws
                                         Cylinder Lawn
Chain saws            Cultivators        Mowers             Cylinder Mowers
Echo Chainsaws        Echo Strimmers     Electric Chainsaws Spreaders
Garden Blowers        Garden Rollers     Garden Shredders Garden Tractors
                      Hayter Lawn
Garden Vacuums        Mowers             Hedge Cutters         Hedgecutters
                      Husqvarna          Kawasaki Brush        Kawasaki
Hover Mowers          Chainsaws          Cutters               Strimmers
Lawn Mowers           Lawn Scarifiers    Lawn Tractors         Leaf Blowers
                                         Petrol Hedge          Ride on Lawn
Leaf Vacuums          Petrol Chainsaws   Cutters               Mowers
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Kawasaki              Garden Hedge       Electric Hedge        Allen Hover
Hedgecutters          Cutters            Cutters               Mowers
Echo Petrol           Electric           Rally Ride On         Rally Garden
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                      Bosch Hedge        Bosch Hedge
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Petrol Hedge          Garden Hedge
Trimmers              Trimmers           Garden Roller         Lawn Roller
Rollers               Spreaders                            Fertiliser Sprayers
                                         Fertilizer Sprayers
                                                           Electric Garden
Garden Sprayer        Garden Rotavators Garden Cultivators Shredders
                  Garden Shredders
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Petrol Rotary Lawn Petrol Cyliner                   Sit on Lawn
Mowers             Lawn Mowers    Atco Lawn Mowers Mowers
Garden Strimmers Garden Chainsaws Backpack Sprayers Sprayers
                                  Home Brush        Home
Pesticide Sprayers Midgeater Plus Cutters           Brushcutters
Snow Sledges          Trampolines        Go Karts              Gritters

Petrol Brush          Ryobi Brush        Petrol Garden        Hayter Ranger 48
Cutters               Cutters            Strimmers            Autodrive
                                                              Petrol Rotary
Lawn Sweepers         Leaf Collectors    Petrol Brush Cutters Lawn Mowers
                  Gardena Hedge    Husqvarna Garden Kawasaki
Garden Vacs       Cutters          Tractors         Brushcutters
                                  Discounted         Echo Petrol
Backpack Blowers Blower Vac Range Brushcutters       Chainsaws
Three Great Lawn Discounted Lawn   Brush Cutter      Atco Lawn
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