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									AIDA Cycle

Moving a prospect from
Awareness to Action
Awareness                                                  In the awareness stage, a CEO
                                                           becomes aware that there is a
                                                           possible solution to his nagging
                      Read a Trade
                                                           problem, i.e. increased production
                       Mag article                         cost.

                                             Hear about    Instead of ignoring or tuning out the
                                               It at an
Read a book
                                             Association   marketing message, he begins to tune
                      Manuf acturer

                                                           Some CEOs remain in the awareness
                                                           stage for a length of time, while others
        See a print
           Ad in
                                       Hears a
                                        f riend
                                                           move quickly to the interest stage.
        Trade mag                     mention it

                                                           At his point, a third party endorsement
                                                           of a particular solution, i.e. global
                                                           outsourcing, is key to moving him to
                                                           the interest stage and learn more.

   Intellectual Property of Hi-Impact                                                                 2
                     Read a Trade                         Marketing Tactics:
                      Mag article

                                                          •Align with Associations & Trade
                                            Hear about
                                              It at an
Read a book
                                            Association        •Join
                     Manufacturer                              •Support their events
                                                               •Push for meetings and
                                                               publications to contain information
                                                               on global sourcing
       See a print
         Ad in
                                     A friend             •Focus on PR –
       Trade mag
                                    Mentions it
                                                               •Get published in trade mags and
                                                               industry publications

  Intellectual Property of Hi-Impact                                                            3
Interest Stage
                                                          During the interest stage a CEO
                                                          investigates various solutions or
                    Sign Up for
                                                          providers. He’s reading articles,
                      E-zine                              surfing the Internet, attending helpful
       Attend a                        Google
      conference                      Web Sites
                                                          seminars or conferences.

                                                          The goal here is to provide the
                                                          prospect with information and
  Listen to        Manufacturer            Read On-line   knowledge. This is why good content
 a Webinar            CEO                    Articles
                                                          is key on your web site or in your
                                                          marketing collateral.
                                       Read a
        Read an                       Direct Mail         This is also where brand awareness at
         article                      Or E-Mail
                                        piece             the individual level is built, as
                     See an Ad                            prospects begin to see your brand
                                                          throughout the various mediums.

                                                          An advertising piece as well as direct
                                                          mail/e-mail will be more apt to get his
                                                          attention in this stage.
 Intellectual Property of Hi-Impact                                                                 4
Interest Stage                                                                              Internet
                                                                                            •Search Engine
Events                                      Marketing Tactics:                              Optimization
•Webinars                                                                                   •Interactive Content
•Live & Recorded                                                                            •PSS E-Zine
                                                       Sign Up f or                         •On-line articles
PR                                                         An                               •E-Mail Blasts hosted
•Publish Articles                                        E-zine
                                                                                            by credible 3rd party
                                          Attend a                      Google
•Announce clients                        conf erence                   Web Sites

Advertising                                                                                 •Involvement with Ind.
•Trade Mags                                                                                 Associations
                                    Listen to          Manuf acturer         Read On-line
•Associations                      a Webinar              CEO                  Articles     •Credible 3rd party E-
•In print                                                                                   Newsletters
•Online                                                                                     •Conferences &
                                                                        Read a
                                          Read an                      Direct Mail
Direct Mail                                article                     Or E-Mail
•Call to Actions                                                          piece
                                                                                            Inside Sales
                                                        See an Ad
provide more                                                                                •Nurturing
information                                                                                 •Informative

   Intellectual Property of Hi-Impact                                                                          5
Desire Stage
                                                     In the desire stage, the CEO is
                                                     ready to do something tangible
                         Fill out an                 to mover further in the
                        Assessment                   process.

                                                     He may ready to share
                                                     information to a potential
                                                     supplier so he can get an
   Interview                                         accurate quote. Or, if he’s
   Sourcing                            Get a Quote
                          CEO                        further down the path, he may
                                                     want a demo or a sample to
                                                     help him evaluate the solution

                                                     Once again, brand awareness
                       Get a Sample
                                                     is critical for your solution to be
                                                     selected as a possible

Intellectual Property of Hi-Impact                                                         6
Desire Stage
                                                     Marketing Tactics:

                         Fill out an                 Direct Mail
                                                     •Very targeted
                                                     •Call to Action Required

                       Manufacturer                  •Landing pages that get the
   Sourcing                            Get a Quote
                          CEO                        prospect engaged
                                                     •Interactive assessments
                                                     •Request for quotes
                                                     •Case Studies &
                                                     References available
                       Get a Sample

                                                     Inside Sales
Intellectual Property of Hi-Impact                                                 7
Action Stage
In the action phase, a CEO is
just about ready to make his
decision. Before doing so, he                         Talk to
may check references and talk
to key influencers. Once
again, not only your sample &
quote comes into play, but also
                                       Get final
the word-of-mouth element.                                         Compare
                                      input from   Manufacturer
                                         key          CEO
                                                                  of suppliers
An established brand identity
and good reputation within the
industry and with industry
associations will give you the                        Gather
edge.                                                internal

Intellectual Property of Hi-Impact                                               8
Action Stage
Marketing Tactics:
                                                      Talk to
Brand Building Tactics                              references
•Word of Mouth
                                       Get final
                                      input from   Manufacturer
Experience Tactics                       key          CEO
                                                                  of suppliers
•Customer or Sales Service           influencers

•Infrastructure Perception
•Sample quality
•Ease of doing business

Intellectual Property of Hi-Impact                                               9

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