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					                                                                          South Ferry Terminal
Technologies to manage risk for infrastructure

                                                     •   station accessibility          monitoring services for the
                                                         compliant with the             underpinning and tunnel
                                                         Americans with Disabilities    construction.
                                                     •   The new South Ferry            The monitoring program developed
                                                         Terminal will be built with    by Geocomp and MRCE focuses
                                                         sufficient overrun track       on the existing tunnels and nearby
                                                         south of the platform, to      structures. The project has unique
                                                         allow trains to safely enter   challenges for monitoring
                                                         at higher speeds.              implementation and logistics: the
                                                     •   The crossover tracks north     existing tunnels must remain in
                                                         of the station will utilize    operation during the construction
                                                         state-of-the-art switching     and access to the tunnels is
The Metropolitan Transportation                          technology.                    severely restricted.
Authority and New York City                          •   The overall design of the
Transit have begun a $400 million                        station will provide           The monitoring system
improvement project for the South                        capacity for up to 24 trains   implemented by Geocomp and
                                                         per hour.                      MRCE includes:
Ferry Terminal          subway lines, to
correct existing physical and
                                                 The Design-Build contract was              •   Automated Total Stations
operating deficiencies which limit
                                                 awarded to Schiavone                           and reflective prismatic
train capacity and reduce subway
                                                 Construction Co. of New Jersey in              targets installed inside of
reliability for millions of passengers
                                                 January 2005, and includes                     and above the existing
each year. The new platform and
                                                 underpinning the existing tunnels              tunnels, to continuously
station tunnels will be located
                                                 using mini-piles, and cut-and-cover            monitor tunnel
underneath Peter Minuit Plaza in
                                                 excavation of the new tunnel.                  deformations during
Lower Manhattan, adjacent to
Battery Park and the Staten Island                                                              construction
                                                 Mueser Rutledge Consulting                 •   seismographs installed
Ferry Terminal. The rebuilt station will
                                                 Engineers (MRCE) of New York and               inside the tunnels, to record
include the following
                                                 Geocomp Corporation were                       vibrations caused by
                                                 selected by Schiavone to provide               construction activities
                                                 specialty geotechnical design and
    •    a full-length platform that
         will accommodate two 10-
         car subway trains, allowing
         passengers to board and
         alight from each subway
    •    additional station
         entrances, to reduce
         congestion and provide
         better access, and provide
         improved access to the
         Staten Island Ferry Terminal
         and Battery Park.
    •    a new free transfer
         between the         lines at
         the South Ferry Terminal
         and the        lines at
         Whitehall Street station
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                                                            South Ferry Terminal,
Technologies to manage risk for infrastructure

      •    tiltmeters on selected structures
           or structural features to monitor
      •    in-place inclinometers installed
           in the support-of-excavation
           walls and in the ground in front
           of nearby historic structures, to
           monitor lateral deflections
           during excavation.

 To accommodate the difficult access,
 Geocomp has implemented a wireless
 monitoring system that facilitates
 remote access to all instruments via
 radios, and an automated data transfer
 from the site to Geocomp’s web-based
 monitoring and reporting system -
 iSiteCentral – operated in
 Massachusetts. Data are available on
 the web, in real time, to authorized
 users 24/7.

 The underpinning work on the existing
 tunnels began in March 2005;
 excavation started late 2005, with
 substantial project completion
 expected before the end of 2006.
                                                 Seismograph on tunnel wall   Automated Total Station on
                                                                                    tunnel wall

                          Reflective prism


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