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									Socially Responsible Investing
  for a Sustainable Future

                          Caring For Those Who Serve
“	Since	the	1960s,	our	denomination		
  and	its	predecessors	have	built		
  a	solid	record	based	on	our	belief		
  that	every	financial	investment		
  has	ethical	dimensions	with	consequences	
  that	are	both	fiscal	and	social.”
 Resolution 4071, “Investment Ethics,”
 The	Book	of	Resolutions	2008

                                              The General Board of Pension and Health Benefits of The United
                                              Methodist Church (General Board) is the largest faith-based pension
                                              fund in the U.S., administering more than $15 billion in assets on
                                              behalf of 74,000 pension plan participants. We are an internationally
                                              known and respected socially responsible investor and use shareholder
                                              advocacy, proxy voting, portfolio screening and positive social purpose
                                              lending to uphold Church values, influence corporations and protect
                                              shareholder rights.
 Shareholder Advocacy
                                                  A company’s long-term success depends        • separate the positions of chief executive
                                                  on its ability to implement sustainable        officer and chairman of the board;
                                                  business practices. The General Board        • nominate women and persons of color
                                                  uses shareholder advocacy to address a         to serve on the board of directors; and
                                                  variety of sustainability issues, such as:   • address humans rights issues, such
                                                  •	 environmental	matters, including            as child labor in cotton and cocoa
                                                     climate change, water scarcity,             harvesting, “conflict mineral” mining in
                                                     conservation of natural resources           the Congo, unsafe working conditions
                                                     and development of renewable                and affordability of HIV/AIDS, malaria
                                                     energy sources;                             and tuberculosis drugs.
“	The	policy	goals	of	the	General	Conference	     •	 social	concerns, such as human rights,
  of	The	United	Methodist	Church,	its	general	                                                 We were one of many investors that
                                                     workplace safety, health care, food
  agencies,	and	the	entities	under	its	control	                                                persuaded the Securities and Exchange
                                                     safety and supply chain standards; and
                                                                                               Commission to establish interpretive
  shall	be	…	to	persuade	corporations	to	         •	 governance	issues, including board
                                                                                               guidelines and rules regarding reporting
  integrate	responsible	business	practices		         of directors composition, executive
                                                                                               on governance and climate change issues.
  on	environmental,	social,	and	governance	          compensation, accountability and
  issues	into	their	operations	…”                    shareholder rights.                       We leverage our voice by participating
                                                                                               in several socially responsible investing
 Resolution 4071, “Investment Ethics,”            We strive to influence corporate business
 The	Book	of	Resolutions	2008
                                                                                               coalitions, including:
                                                  practices by writing letters, meeting with
                                                                                               • Ceres,
                                                  company executives and filing shareholder
                                                                                               • the Interfaith Center on Corporate
                                                  resolutions. To date, we have persuaded
                                                  many companies to:
                                                                                               • the Social Investment Forum, and
                                                  • publish sustainability reports;
                                                                                               • the United Nations Principles for
                                                  • establish goals to measure, monitor and
                                                                                                   Responsible Investment.
                                                     reduce greenhouse gas emissions;

 Proxy Voting
                                                  The General Board votes approximately        The General Board seeks proxy voting
                                                  3,000 domestic and global company            partners and currently is voting proxy
                                                  proxy ballots each year. Our voting          ballots in collaboration with other United
                                                  record is posted on our Web site at          Methodist institutional investors, including:
                                                  • the Heartspring Methodist Foundation
                                                  We disclose our proxy votes, whenever           (Texas Annual Conference),
                                                  possible, in advance of annual meetings to   • the United Methodist Foundation of
                                                  assist other investors who may be seeking       New England, and
                                                  guidance on their own votes.                 • the United Methodist Foundation
                                                                                                  (North Carolina).

 Portfolio Screening
                                                  Guided by the Church’s Social Principles,    • pornography, and
                                                  the General Board screens its portfolio to   • gambling-related products and services.
                                                  exclude investments in companies deriving
                                                                                               The General Board publishes a list
                                                  a significant portion of revenue from:
                                                                                               of holdings and a list of ineligible
                                                  • alcoholic beverages,
                                                                                               companies every quarter at
                                                  • tobacco-related products,
                                                  • weapons and weapons-related
                                                     components and systems,
 Positive Social Purpose Lending
                                                 The General Board’s socially responsible       The program’s loans have helped:
                                                 investing activities involve much more         • construct or renovate more than
                                                 than influencing corporations. Our Positive      30,000 affordable multifamily, senior
                                                 Social Purpose (PSP) Lending Program             and special-needs housing units across
                                                 is designed to help low- and moderate-           the U.S;
                                                 income families and individuals and            • provide homeless shelters, health
                                                 their communities.                               care facilities, community centers,
                                                                                                  charter schools and other community
                                                 This program began in 1990 with a
                                                                                                  development projects; and
                                                 $25 million commitment to fund affordable
                                                                                                • provide funding to small-scale
“	Some	investments	…	are	undertaken	to	          housing. Since then, the PSP Lending
                                                                                                  entrepreneurs, usually women, in
  achieve	very	specific	social	outcomes,	such	   Program has financed approximately
                                                                                                  Latin America, Eastern Europe,
  as	the	construction	of	affordable	housing,	    $1.5 billion in projects throughout the U.S.
                                                                                                  Southeast Asia and Africa.
                                                 and in developing nations around the world.
  the	renewal	of	a	particular	neighborhood	
  or	the	expansion	of	business	ownership	
  among	those	traditionally	excluded	from	
  such	ownership.”
 Resolution 4071, “Investment Ethics,”
 The	Book	of	Resolutions	2008

 What You Can Do
                                                 The General Board strongly encourages          • communicate your views on corporate
                                                 you to partner with us as a socially             policies and practices.
                                                 responsible investor and consumer.
                                                                                                If you have questions or need additional
                                                 As a socially responsible investor:            information about socially responsible
                                                 • screen your investments,                     investing, visit the General Board’s
                                                 • vote your proxies,                           “SRI & Funds” Web page at
                                                 • file shareholder resolutions, and  
                                                 • participate in company dialogues.            or e-mail us at:

                                                 As a socially responsible consumer:            Please join us in this exciting and
                                                 • ensure that your purchases reflect           empowering endeavor. Partner with us
                                                    your values,                                to unite finance and faith, striving for
                                                 • consult consumer guides to identify          financial returns and social benefits.
                                                    sustainable products, and

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