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FEBRUARY-APRIL 2008                  The Father of Rastafari Speaks:                             LISTEN TO GONG!

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                                     Guerilla War-fare Against The Rastafari Nation
                                     February 2008                      sions, inadequate living con-
                                     Fort Lauderdale, FL, uSA           ditions, sickness, death and
Have You Forgotten?                                                     hunger.
•    80 Years of Rasta History?      The    Ethiopian      emperor’s
                                     coronation in the1930’s be-        PINNACLE, (in St. Catherine)
•    80 Years of Guerilla Warfare    gan a new phase of Ethiopi-        became the safe heaven for
     against the Rastafari Family    ans ideology among black           thousand of Free-Slaves who
                                     people.    The      Ethiopianist   desired to live and work            Leonard P. Howell Foundation
•    Our Rastafarian Estate          movement came to a head            communally in unity. Under
                                                                                                             Celebrates The Rastafarian
     “Pinnacle”, 530 acres located   with the emergence of The          Howell leadership, PINNACLE,           Leonard Percival Howell
     in St. Catherine, Jamaica       Rastafarian Movement, suc-         was transformed into one of
                                     cessfully led by Leonard Per-      the    largest      self-reliant/   ties would take away CASH
•    The Raids, Massacre, Raping?    cival Howell a Jamaican Born       economically        empowered       MONEY that added up to
                                     who lived in the USA and           community in Jamaica. Sev-          thousand of British pounds.
•    Remember Rastafari is Unity,    traveled extensively in Africa.    eral   farmers       lived   and
     Oneness and Solidarity                                             worked in Pinnacle, produc-         The colonial, Jamaican gov-
                                     Howell returned to Jamaica         ing a variety of fruits, vege-      ernment is guilty of brutality,
•    Reclaim Pinnacle and capture
                                     and ignited the radical con-       tables, beans, peas, yams,          waging        guerilla   raids    and
     your inheritance                sciousness of Black people         banana, cassava, corn, coco-        warfare by organizing unjust
                                     on a doctrine of the divine        nuts and many other prod-           land invasion stealing money
                                     kingship of Ethiopia’s “Ras        ucts                                and private property against
                                     Tafari” introduced ( a picture)                                        The       Rastafarian         Nation
The Colonial Government of
                                     of His Imperial Majesty Em-        That were bought by the             throughout the years.
Jamaica is
                                     peror - Haile Sellassie as         Colonial Government of Ja-
Murder               Guilty!         Rastafari, King of Kings, Lord     maica who exported and sold         P     I   R     A    T    E      S    !
                                     of Lords conquering Lion of        to the private and public           Today, the descendants of
                                     the Tribe of Judah. “saying        sectors.                            these     pirates    continue        to
Brutality            Guilty!
                                     This is your… Lord and King”                                           have the right to hold free
                                     He will guide us to Ethiopia’s                                         land      hostage        in      areas
                                                                        BETWEEN 1941 AND 1957
Guerilla War-fare    Guilty!         shores.
                                                                        The very colonial govern-           throughout the island such
                                                                        ment, that was fed by the           as Pinnacle, St. Catherine,
Land Invasion        Guilty!         REPATRIATION/REPARATION            food, medicines and herbs           Jamaica. WI.
                                                                        from Pinnacle, RAIDED ----
                                     The   Rastafarian     Movement     PINNACLE      COMPOUND          .   Pinnacle is now sub-divided
Stealing Money       Guilty!
                                     took a radical revolutionary       Their claim      was    that the    and being sold off by “St Jago
                                     stand right after the famous       growing of ganja was pro-           Hills Developments Ltd” a
Unjustified Raids    Guilty!         “uprising” took place in St.       hibited to be used by The           private owned company lo-
                                     Thomas,     Jamaica     in   the   Rastafarian   for      medicines,   cated     at    20   Hope        Road,
Pirating Our Legacy Guilty!          1930’s were many ex-slaves,        cooking and religious uses.         Kingston, Jamaica. W.I
                                     suffered   racism,      oppres-    With each raid, the authori-
                                                       Let Your Voices Be Heard!
                                                                         Rastafari Lives!
                                                       Today, the wealthy family who owns St. Jago Hills also mask
                                                       themselves under other elite companies. They are suing the LP
                                                       Howell Foundation, The Nyahbingi Order and the Nation of
                                                       Rastafari for our own inheritance.    The Rastafari Nation is being
                                                       sued by the family who own all Jamaica’s Burger King franchise!
The Leonard P. Howell Foundation
6 Cheriton Road                                        Most recently, on January 28th, 2008 ,in a Court Hearing in The
Kingston 2, Jamaica W.I.
Tel: (954) 773-3775                                    Magistrate’s Court in Spanish Town, Jamaica. W.I ( to reclaim the
                                                       Pinnacle), it was uncovered that the “St Jago Hills Developers”.
  Wholesale Print & Promo                              have incorporated several corporations and trusts throughout
                                                       the years and have resold Pinnacle to themselves several times.
                                                       They continue to build upon their wealth by stealing from us.

                                                       In November, 2006 “The Leonard Percival Foundation” and other
                                                       personnel (collective) had a meeting with then, Prime Minister,
                                                       Portia Simpson for her assistance in transforming and restoring
                                                       The PINNACLE into a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site and
                                                       a International Rastafarian Research Center and in Tribute to and
                                                       a Monument to Leonard Percival Howell.

                                                       Since the death of Leonard Percival Howell in 1981. The Rasta-
                                                       farian have been celebrating his “EARTHDAY’’ (BIRTHDAY) ON
                                                       JUNE 16TH ON THE PINNACLE.
                    WE BARTER!
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                                                       After 76 years, the structures of Howell’s old house is still stand-
 CD’s Covers, Book Covers, Color Flyers, Promo Cards
  Newsletters, Auto Magnets, Professional Websites     ing on the Pinnacle, in St Catherine , Jamaica. W.I as a memory of
       Fort Lauderdale, Florida (954) 673-6823         his contribution to Black People of African heritage that they can
      Spanish Town, Jamaica (876) 321-1681             be self-dependent, economical, social, political and spiritually
                                                       empowered, qualified to build their own dynasty as they have
Vital! Health & Nutrition                              been doing since the begin of Human civilization. Also it is a re-
                                                       minder of our heritage and culture.

                                                       The next court date is scheduled on April 8, 2008 in The Magis-
                                                       trate’s Court in Spanish Town. Come out in unity, solidarity and
                                                                                                 Caption describing picture or
                                                                                                to the
                                                       oneness with perfect order. Bear witnessgraphic. family and com-
                                                       panies who are still trying to rob us and deny us of a better stan-
                                                       dard of life for our global family.

                                                       Today, we will not let them win. Let us unify and stand as one
                                                       for something that is greater than us. Remember our great lead-
                                                       ers and the noble, militant life they lead to set a foundation that
                                                       we may repatriate and be sovereign in this generation. Survive
                                                       The Armageddon and watch the enemies scatter! RASTAFARI!
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 10 Manchester St., Spanish Town (behind Courts)