A Legacy for Serving Little Rock

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					A Legacy
for Serving
Little Rock

              Interaction l Holiday 2009   1
2   Interaction l Holiday 2009
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                                    2009                                                     In Every Issue
                                                                                   Letter from the Editor 6
                                                                               Letter from the President 8
                                                                                         JLLR Calendar 36
                                                                                   Corporate Sponsors 38
                                                                                      Advertising Index 42

                                                  Features                Building A Better Community
                                 Learned it in the League 11            Sustainer Alert! Cathy Mayton 15
       History of the Junior League of Little Rock 18                     Building on Lessons Learned 16
                                     Holiday House 2009 20     Built to Last: 2009-2010 Provisional Class 28
                                        ODI Conference 25                              Meet the Board 32
                                       Be Wise Immunize 26
                          History of the League Building 30
                                        Bargain Boutique 35
                                          Sponsor Profile 40

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4   Interaction l Holiday 2009
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                LETTER FROM THE EDITOR

                                            hen I joined the League five years       This year, our Holiday issue highlights all
                                            ago, I had recently moved to Little      that the Junior League of Little Rock is and
                                            Rock.    I was interested in being       has been in the past, which is why you’ll see
                                 involved in a volunteer organization and I          ornaments on our cover that represent our
                                 wanted the opportunity to get to know like-         League building and community projects. We
                                 minded women in the area. I had no idea at the      will cover each of our vital projects and show
                                 time just how rewarding the experience would        how much of a difference we are making in the
                                 be. As a provisional, I remember grumbling          community. Of course we couldn’t bring up
                                 as I completed my fifth bargain barn shift,         the community projects without mentioning
                                 wondering why I was in the League. But all          the successful fundraisers like 6th K Café,
                                 the shifts, money spent, and hard work during       Holiday House, and Bargain Boutique, which
                                 my provisional year were completely forgotten       make those projects possible. We will give you
                                 when I saw the tears in the eyes of the women       a snapshot into our past with details about the
                                 at the Women’s Shelter when we unveiled their       history of our beautiful building, and a detailed
                                 newly decorated posh dining room and pantry         account of how we got to where we are today.
                                 area. I was hooked from that moment on! The         My favorite feature profiles ten of our amazing
                                 experience of seeing those smiling emotional        sustainers. These are the women we aspire to
                                 women was my introduction to a multitude of         be, the women who stand out in Little Rock
                                 special moments derived from seeing people’s        either because of their successful careers, or
                                 lives being touched by the League’s services to     because of their heart for giving back to our
                                 the community.                                      community.

                                 Something that I had been missing during my         I’ve learned that there is certainly no other
                                 early years of involvement in the League was        organization like us in Little Rock. I challenge
                                 the wonderful training opportunities available      you to seize the moment that you have and
                                 to members. Becoming the chair-elect and chair      make sure that you take every opportunity to
                                 of a committee afforded me the opportunity to       train, meet new people, and make a difference
                                 be trained on several different levels, including   in the lives of the women and children in
                                 learning how to run committee meetings,             Little Rock.
                                 delegate   tasks,   resolve   conflicts,   review
                                 financial statements, and manage multiple           Sincerely,
                                 tasks at one time. I made time in my schedule,
                                 something I hadn’t done before, to attend the
                                 All League Conference, Lunch and Leads, and
                                 other various training opportunities the League
                                 offers. I’ve learned so much that can be applied    Jennifer Maune
                                 to my career, and my other commitments in the

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                                         Interaction l Holiday 2009   7
                LETTER FROM
                         THE PRESIDENT
                                 Dear Junior League of Little Rock Members,            on February 12-14, 2010. This mission based
                                                                                       training offered by AJLI will bring women from

                                          s I sit down to write this letter, we have   Leagues all over the country to Little Rock for
                                          had a small break from the usual August      this conference. What a wonderful opportunity
                                          heat, and I find my mind turning to fall,    for us to showcase not only our League, but also
                                 back to school, football games and the beginning      our fabulous city of Little Rock!
                                 of a new League year. For me, fall always
                                 heralds a fresh start. There are new friends to       It is an honor and a privilege for me to serve as
                                 be made, fresh school supplies, the football team     President this year. However, I felt confident in
                                 is undefeated, and the promise of the holiday         taking on that role because of the remarkable
                                 season begins to unfold.                              group of women in positions throughout our
                                                                                       League. We all work together toward fulfilling
                                 There are many new opportunities on the horizon       our mission of promoting voluntarism and
                                 this year with the Junior League of Little Rock.      improving the lives of women and children in
                                 In keeping with our belief that the League is the     our community. While the League provides the
                                 premiere training ground for female volunteers        training, environment and opportunities for all of
                                 and leadership in Little Rock, the 09-10 Board        our members to develop their leadership skills,
                                 has chosen “Learn it in the League” as our theme      ODI will provide an additional opportunity
                                 for this year.                                        for training. We are always in need of quality
                                                                                       members and leaders who are passionate for
                                 As an organization, we provide our members            the League, our mission and all that we do. I
                                 with many different volunteer opportunities.          strongly encourage each of you to take advantage
                                 The word “learn” has many different synonyms          not only of the training opportunities offered by
                                 and many of them are experiences offered              the League this year, but also to talk to your
                                 by the League. In this upcoming year, our             Placement Advisor about attending ODI. This is
                                 members will “acquire” the knowledge needed           a fantastic leadership training opportunity being
                                 to work as a team and get the job done. Our           offered in our own city, and is a great chance to
                                 provisional members will “find out” what it           expand and improve our own skills.
                                 takes to be an active member of the League.
                                 The 6th K Café, Holiday House, Cookbook and           As you can see, we have many exciting things
                                 Bargain Boutique committees will “ascertain”          on our syllabus to accomplish together and many
                                 how to successfully raise funds to support our        ways to “Learn it in the League.” The Junior
                                 community projects. GROW, Nightingales,               League of Little Rock recognizes that we can
                                 Night Owls, FACT, KOTA, Be Wise, Immunize,            all become better volunteers and leaders, just
                                 Buckle Up and Stuff the Bus committees will           through our willingness to be teachable. By
                                 “determine” what it means to work together to         improving our own skills, we can improve
                                 help others. All the while, our Administrative        people’s lives.
                                 Support, Mid-Month Mailout, Headquarters,
                                 Arrangements, Admissions Provisionals and             Fondly,
                                 Training, Placement, Technology, Training
                                 and Interaction committees will “see” what it
                                 means to be the eyes, ears and support for our
                                                                                       Courtney McLarty
                                 This year, in addition to the opportunities we
                                 normally have as a League, we are delighted that
                                 Little Rock will be the site of the Association
                                 of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI)
                                 Organizational and Development Institute (ODI)
8   Interaction l Holiday 2009
Interaction l Holiday 2009   9
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                                              A publication of the Junior League of Little Rock, Inc.
                                                             Volume XVI, Number 1

                                                            Editor: Jennifer Maune
                                                        Editor-Elect: Amanda Gibson
                                                      Business Manager: Mandy Carter
                                                    Advertising Chairman: Laura Connor
                                                  Advertising Chair-Elect: Cathryn Sandel
                                    Staff Writers: Tamika Edwards, Sheena Lewis, Jill Rogers Barham
                                  Advertising Staff: Laura Biddy, Julia Crow, Lauren Cupp, Whitnie Hall,
                                                   Tamara Holloway, Samantha Skyrme
                                                    Staff Photographer: Anna Dickinson
                                                 Graphic Design: Tim Sitler, Sitler & Henry

                                                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                          President: Courtney McLarty
                                                        President-Elect: Julia Strickland
                                                 Community Vice President: Aminah Eddings
                                                   Membership Vice President: Jill Hartsfield
                                                 Marketing Vice President: Kim Meyer-Webb
                                                Development Vice President: Kimberly Bowman
                                                 Administrative Vice President: Maggie Young
                                                         Treasurer-Elect: Kristen Minton
                                                             Treasurer: Becka Webb
                                                       Nominating Chair: April Robinson
                                                      Sustainer Advisor: Cathy H. Mayton

                  Mission Statement: The Junior League of Little Rock is an organization of women committed to promoting
                  voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective
                  action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

                  Vision Statement: Our vision is to be an organization of women whose collective efforts significantly
                  improve the quality of life in Little Rock.

                  Community Focus Statement: The Junior League of Little Rock works to improve our community through
                  providing volunteers, funding and leadership support. These efforts, concentrated within the following
                  areas of impact, give direction to our organization: protection and empowerment of children, health,
                  education and welfare of women and the support and education of parents.

                  Interaction is published by the Junior League of Little Rock two times a year. All rights are reserved.
                  Reproduction without permission, except by other Junior League publications is prohibited. The office is
                  located at 401 South Scott Street, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201; (501) 375-5557;

                                                       on the
                                               Tree furnished graciously by
                                             Cantrell Gardens of Little Rock

                                                          Photography: Tim Sitler

10   Interaction l Holiday 2009
Learned it in the League: Life Lessons
                                                                                                       By Tamika Edwards

      or over 85 years, the Junior League of Little Rock has                                  Tobi Fairley, ASID
      trained thousands of women as volunteers. No other group                                Founder and President, Tobi Fairley Interior
      in the League knows the importance of this training like                                Design and Tobi Fairley Gallery
the League’s Sustainers. These exceptional women come from                                    How would you describe your work?
varied backgrounds and use the leadership training gained in the                              I own a full-service luxury residential
League to complement their repertoire of skills. They are leaders                             interior design firm and fine art gallery
in their own right and are among the best in their fields. Although                           headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. I
their roles in the League have changed, their commitment to                                   provide the interior design industry with the
service and their amazing leadership skills remain the same.                                  latest trends.
They are known for their organization, timeliness and dedication,     What you learned in the League? The League has been a
characteristics that are valued and nourished in the League.          tremendous influence on my life and I have learned many
Here is a snapshot of those amazing women who exemplify               valuable tools from the League which I credit to the success of
the fundamental components of the League. They gained a               my business. The League provided me with guidance as to how
significant amount of their leadership training in the League, and    to be a better leader, how to work well in teams, how to work with
they used that leadership to build the Junior League of Little Rock   a multitude of different personalities, how to most effectively
into one of the most effective community service organizations        develop plans to reach goals and how to most appropriately
in the state. We are grateful for their contributions and proud of    celebrate our successes.
their accomplishments.                                                Each day presents a new set of challenges in my line of business,
                                                                      and I have realized that many of the things I learned during my
                                                                      time in the League have helped me to provide my clients with the
                      Kim H. Evans                                    highest level of service possible. In the design industry as is true
                      Attorney and Director, University of            in most organizations, it takes every team member to put forth
                      Arkansas at Little Rock Center for              their very best efforts to make our company thrive, just as every
                      Nonprofit Organizations                         team member in the League must put forth their best efforts to
                      What are your job responsibilities? I           reach their goals.
                      coordinate the Nonprofit Management             Years in the League: 8 years
                      Graduate Certificate Program including          What was your favorite placement? Nightingales and GROW
                      securing faculty as well as recruitment,        PR Chair
admission, and advising students. I also develop and direct the       Current Community Service: Board of Directors, Central
UALR Center for Nonprofit Organizations Center projects and           Bank; Board of Directors Arkansas Repertory Theatre; Business
programs.                                                             Alumni Advisory Board, Walton College of Business; National
What you learned in the League? I have used the training in           Museum of Women in the Arts, Arkansas Committee; Consortium
every possible way. From the League, I learned how to read            Board of Directors, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences;
basic audit and financial documents, run a timely meeting, set        Interior Design Advisory Board, University of Arkansas; Co-
out a strategic plan, write policies and governance documents,        Chairman, I.V. Party benefiting St. Vincent Infirmary
talk to reporters, evaluate staff, use the review of skill sets to    Favorite Quote: “Life is Love and if you miss love you miss
place people in the right positions, and collaborate with other       life!”
organizations with like interests or goals.
Years in the League: 15
What was your favorite placement? President, and Admissions                               Gwendolyn D. Hodge
and Provisional Training (APT).                                                           Assistant United States Attorney
Current Community Service: Board Member – Heart of                                        What are your job responsibilities? I
Arkansas United Way, Southern Good Faith Fund, Carelink,                                  represent the federal government and its
Inc., UALR University District Community Development                                      employees.
Corporation, e-STEM Public Charter Schools. Inc., Centers                                 How has the training you received in the
for Youth and Families, Inc., Association of Junior League                                League helped you professionally? Many
International (AJLI) Strategic Planning Steering Committee.                               of the women of today’s Junior League are
Words you live by: Baby Steps - metered change leads not only         professionals, or emerging professionals, who have developed
to reaching the goal, but also to understanding HOW the goal          skills in the workforce prior to joining the League. As we
was met.                                                              serve our community as League members and network with one
                                                                                                                  Interaction l Holiday 2009   11
another, the Junior League of Little Rock becomes an important        very helpful in my career. Most notably, the League helped
element in continuing the skill development process.                  me to better work with a wide variety of personalities to reach
What were your favorite placements? Community Bank                    compromises in an effort to reach a common goal. I apply those
because it enabled me to work in the community and I enjoyed          skills every day in working with clients and opposing counsel in
the In-League placements because it afforded me the opportunity       litigation.
to meet people within the League and network.                         Years in the League: 12 - active years
Current Community Service: Big Brothers Big Sisters                   What was your favorite placement: My favorite placement was
Inspiration: Prior to my matriculation in law school, I worked        as the merchant chairman for Holiday House. I loved working
for John W. Walker, a local attorney. One of the things he always     with the merchants both before and during the show.
told me that truly stuck with me was that “Words have meaning.”       Current Community Service: Arkansas Children’s Hospital
As I engage in my professional activities and in my personal          Research Institute Board of Directors; Chair of Financial
interactions, I always remember his advice as I strive to be an       Planning Committee for the Junior League of Little Rock
effective communicator.                                               Words you live by: My mother always said that, if you are
                                                                      going to do something, do it right. I try to live by that motto and
                                                                      devote as much time as needed to accomplish whatever jobs or
                      Sonya Schmidt Murphy                            endeavors that I have committed to do.
                      President, St. Vincent Foundation, St.
                      Vincent Health Care System
                      What are your job responsibilities? I am                             Wendy Flower Saer
                      the Chief Fundraiser & “Friendraiser” for                              “Mayor” Saer, Safety Town.
                      the St. Vincent Health Care System.                                  What is Safety Town? Safety Town is a
                      What you learned in the League? I utilize                            safety program for five year olds entering
                      the Holiday House model of a steering                                kindergarten that I brought to Little Rock
committee, subcommittees and individual members to produce                                 in 1984. It is a great way to get children to
fun and successful fundraising and special events. It maximizes                            learn a lot of “grown-up” safety concepts
strengths, expedites successful execution and is a great training                          in a fun, interactive environment. The St.
ground for participants who want to be more involved. Also, I         Vincent Auxiliary now sponsors the program, but the League has
learned that no one member serves and participates for the same       helped with volunteers since its inception.
reason another does. It is a leader’s role to help the individual     How has the training you received in the League helped you
identify the strengths, provide meaningful opportunities to serve     professionally? I received a tremendous amount of training
and offer the desired “payoff” and sense of satisfaction tailor       while in the League. I was first introduced to computers while in
made for each member, leader, or contributor.                         the league and now I could not live without one. Speaking to a
What was your favorite placement? It is a tie between                 large group was the biggest surprise - as provisionals, we were in
Merchant Chair, Holiday House and Marketing VP—loved                  such awe of all those women who got up and spoke in front of all
both experiences. I learned a lot about other people and diverse      those women. Who knew I would love it so much?
strengths… not to mention a reminder of what an incredibly            Years in the League: 8
service-orientated organization that the Junior League of Little      What was your favorite placement? Chairman of Riverfest was
Rock is and has always been.                                          my favorite.
Current Community Service:             Chairman, Class XXV,           Current Community Service: In addition to Safety Town, I
Leadership Greater Little Rock, LGLR Board of Trustees and            serve on several boards such as St. Vincent Foundation - IV Party,
LGLR Alumni Board, Rotary Club #99 (Downtown LR), and                 St. Vincent Auxiliary, CARTI, and Riverfest steering committee
JLLR ODI Committee.                                                   for the new Art Festival.
Favorite quote: One I learned in the League…“Well-behaved             Words you live by: Like my parents always said, “It is better to
women rarely make history!”                                           give than to receive.”

                     Kathy Bennett Perkins                                               Brenda Lucille Scisson
                     Attorney and Member, Rose Law Firm                                  Public Relations Counselor, Stone Ward
                     What are your job responsibilities? I                               Advertising
                     work in the areas of general civil litigation                       What are your job responsibilities? I
                     and intellectual property. I also serve as the                      provide PR consultant services to several
                     firm’s marketing director.                                          agency clients and am responsible for
                     How has the training you received in the                            agency publicity.
                     League helped you professionally? The                               What was your favorite placement: I
skills and leadership training gained in the League have been         really enjoyed Bargain Barn - the excitement of preparing for

12   Interaction l Holiday 2009
the big day, seeing the gates open and the
customers rush in. It was a wonderful
bonding experience with other League
members; we raised good money for
League projects and we provided the
community with quality products at
“bargain basement” prices.
What you learned in the League?
I got into the League late in life, by
most people’s standards, so most of my
professional training was already in
place, although I gained many new ideas
                                               On University, A Block North of Cantrell
for ways of doing things differently and
seeing things from other perspectives.
The League was excellent training for me
in team-building and consensus building.
It was an excellent networking experience
that has served me well professionally, as
well as personally.
Current Community Service: I am
very active as a Commissioner on the
War Memorial Stadium Commission
(governor appointment) and am also
enjoying Rotary Club where I am on the
program committee and have participated
on the Broyles Award Committee.
Words you live by: The Golden Rule:
Do unto others as you would have them
do unto you.

                      Angela Maynard
                      Sewall, EdD
                      Dean and Professor,
                      College of
                      University of
                      Arkansas at Little
What are your job responsibilities? I am
responsible for the day-to-day activities of
the College of Education, which is home
to a number of certificate programs,
approximately 28 degree programs, as
well as master’s degrees in multiple fields
and three doctoral programs.
How has the training you received in
the League helped you professionally?
I have used the skills I acquired in
the League in working with state and
national boards as well as within the
College of Education, in interactions from
department chairs to directors. I had the
opportunity in the 1970’s of attending the
National AJLI meeting and speaking to

                                                                                   Interaction l Holiday 2009   13
the entire body representing the Junior League of Little Rock.      Advisors
Years in the League: 15 active years                                What are your job responsibilities? I am a public relations
I served on multiple committees including the 1976 committee        professional for an economic development and communications
responsible for the Summer Arts Festival, which is known            consulting firm. I manage projects and assist other team members
today as RiverFest. My favorite placement was being the First       with research and planning, including identifying potential
Professionals Representative on the League Board because it was     targeted business opportunities, and recommending programs to
a time of change and recognition of the value added by League       support overall economic development efforts.
members who were also professionals.                                What you learned in the League? My last placement in the
Current Community Service: American Association of Colleges         League was Boardwalk, which placed me on the Centers for
of Teacher Education, Board of Directors and Committee on           Youth and Families Board. I served nine years on the board,
Professional Development and Meetings, Arkansas Association         including terms as Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairman. I could
of Colleges of Teacher Education Executive Board, Chair of          never have taken on leadership of a 30-member board with a
the Executive Committee of the Arkansas Leadership Academy,         $16 million budget without the skills I learned in the League.
National Association for Accreditation of Colleges of Teacher       The League taught me how to work with a group of committed
Education Unit Accreditation Board, Little Rock (Downtown)          volunteers to achieve important goals for Centers and a variety of
Rotary Club for 20 years.                                           other community organizations.
Who inspires you? My parents who taught me and modeled              Years in the League: 7 years
self-discipline and strength of character as well as my maternal    What was your favorite placement? My favorite placement
grandparents who taught me “joie de vivre”, to have a sense of      was Kids TV, a program we did in conjunction with Arkansas
humor and to love learning.                                         Children’s Hospital to provide a weekly in-hospital television
                                                                    show that included games, arts and crafts, story time and special
                     Susie Smith                                    Current Community Service: I currently serve as Clerk of the
                     Senior Executive Vice President and Chief      Vestry at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral and am active in various
                     Operating Officer Metropolitan National        other church activities. I also am a volunteer at Episcopal
                     Bank                                           Collegiate School, and I just completed a nine-year term on the
                     What are your job responsibilities? I          Centers for Youth and Families Board.
                     oversee several of Metropolitan’s divisions,   Inspiration: Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small
                     including: strategic planning, corporate       group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
                     treasury management, finance, retail           Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” The committed women
banking, marketing, bank operations and human resources; as         of the League are perfect examples of that quote in action.
well as other responsibilities.
How have your League experiences benefited you? My
experience in the league was very fulfilling. As a working mom,                         Shelly Herzfeld Tucker
it provided an incredible outlet for me to develop wonderful                            Pharmacist, Freiderica Pharmacy
friendships with so many fantastic women and it introduced me                           What did you learn in the League? The
to so many needs of our community. It truly has been the most                           very first and most important lesson I
meaningful volunteer experience of my life.                                             learned in the League is to get organized
Current Community Service: Delta Dental of Arkansas                                     and live by my day planner. I overscheduled
Board Member, St. Vincent Development Foundation Board,                                 the weekend of my provisional retreat. I
The Downtown Partnership Board Member, Arkansas Women’s                                 marched out and bought a good calendar on
Forum, Arkansas Commitment Leadership Program Chairman,             Monday.
First United Methodist Church Board of Trustees                     Years in the League: 11 years
What were your favorite placements: My favorite placements          What were your favorite placements: My favorite placements
were Bargain Barn and Riverfest. I loved the great feeling on       were Nominating Chair and Placement Chair. I loved my four
Saturday morning at Barton Coliseum when we opened the doors        years on the placement and nominating committees working
for the Bargain Barn shoppers.                                      behind the scenes finding just the right member for each position.
                     Word you live by: The Golden Rule – do         The League is filled with talented and interesting women. It was
                     unto others as you would have them do unto     an exciting challenge to get to know each one well enough to find
                     you. It truly can apply to every situation     her perfect fit within the puzzle.
                     you face in life.                              Current Community Service: St. James UMC Children’s
                                                                    Council, Forest Park Elementary PTA, Episcopal Collegiate
                                                                    Parents Auxiliary
                           Kay Gaines Stebbins                      Favorite quote: “Plan your work for today and every day, then
                           Senior Associate for Boyette Strategic   work your plan.” Margaret Thatcher

14   Interaction l Holiday 2009
Sustainer Alert!                                    By Cathy Mayton

                                                      still effective. Like all good     the wonderful community leaders who
                                                      organizations, members of the      are willing to share their time to make
                                                      League constantly evaluate         a difference! The Board of Directors
                                                      their efforts to avoid making      of the League is to be commended for
                                                      the mistake of continuing a        staying connected to our community.
                                                      project simply because “that’s     These are difficult economic times, and
                                                      the way we have done it in the     we need to navigate them carefully while
                                                      past!”                             being equipped with the best knowledge
                                                                                         possible. Our Community Advisors can
                                                       To make sure that the League      offer us great advice.
                                                       is serving our community in
                                                       the most effective manner, the    Like every other non-profit in central
                                                       current Board of Directors is     Arkansas, this is a difficult time for
                                                       in the process of establishing    the League as we try to raise money to
                                                       a Community Advisory Board        provide funding for our many outreach
                                                       (CAB). Yes, many sustainers       projects – from fundraisers like Bargain
                                                       will remember this idea from      Boutique to Holiday House which will
                                                       years past! The purpose of        provide funds to sponsor G.R.O.W.
                                                       the CAB will be to “provide       Girls and our newest effort, SCAT Night
                                                       viewpoints     from     diverse   Owls to name a few. As your Sustainer
                                                       backgrounds and frames of         Representative to the Board, I am asking
                                                       reference to assist the League    you for help. I am looking for three
The Junior League of Little Rock is alive   with its external focus and make it a        things: Wealth, Wisdom, and Work! You
and well, bustling with ideas and energy.   stronger, more viable community force.       have heard that old adage and I would
                                            Thus far, Mark Davis has put down            like you to consider giving at least two
                                            his legal pen to serve on the CAB. Bob       of the above: 1) Buy tickets to Holiday

      he excitement is contagious as        Hupp has stopped reading the latest play     House, or buy cookbooks, 2) Serve as a
      they plan for the future and how      script to serve. Susie Smith stopped         Sustainer Representative to the League
      they can address the needs of our     adding numbers on her bank calculator        committee, or 3) Work a shift at Holiday
community in the most effective and         to serve. Kathy Webb took her wok off        House or Bargain Boutique. Put down
efficient manner. The Board of Directors    of the stove to serve. Vivian Flowers        your pencil, book, or calculator and as
of the League, along with the appropriate   put recruiting at UAMS on hold to            Nike says, “JUST DO IT” and help!
committees, has dedicated time to review    serve. Gregg Herning took a break            After all, you are a Sustainer of a very
each project to make sure it still serves   from feeding the ducks and reserving         active organization that provided you
a viable need, or that a fundraiser is      rooms to serve! These are just a few of      with invaluable training that has served
                                                                                         you well. Let your training serve the
                                                                                         League…one more time.

                                                                                         Cathy Hamilton Mayton became a Pro-
                                                                                         visional in 1983 and a Sustainer in 1996.
                                                                                         Currently, Cathy serves as the Execu-
                                                                                         tive Director of the Episcopal Collegiate
                                                                                         School Foundation, grades PreK-3
                                                                                         through grade 12. She is married to
                                                                                         Mike Mayton and in their spare time
                                                                                         they runaway to their cabin on the Little
                                                                                         Red River where they eat, drink and are
                                                                                         merry…and sometimes fish!

                                                                                                          Interaction l Holiday 2009   15
Building on lessons learned                                                                     By Karen Fetzer

                                              opportunities presented itself when I         was given my next and possibly greatest
                                              was offered a job with an association         opportunity to work for the Rotary Club
                                              management firm – nothing I had ever          of Little Rock. During the time between
                                              done before – I am not sure I knew jobs       those two jobs I served on the Association
                                              like that existed. I had the confidence       of Junior Leagues International Board of
                                              to change my retail career path because       Directors. This perfectly prepared me
                                              I had training through the League. Let        for my position as Executive Director
                                              me digress a bit to say I didn’t always       of the Rotary Club. With my League
                                              understand the assignments given me, but      training, a sense of greater purpose and
                                              I trusted … trusted the system and trusted    the opportunities Rotary provides, I knew
                                              those that placed confidence in me.           it was a “perfect storm”.

                                              My favorite saying is “that which does        A quick side note- I did meet some of my
                                              not kill us makes us stronger”...there        best friends through the League….my
                                              were times in my League career I began        best friend and I worked together on the

     was never one of “those” people…         to doubt it! My first opportunity in the      75th Anniversary – I did not know her
     you know the ones that always            League was as the Warehouse Chair             until we were put together through the
     knew what they wanted to do when         for Bargain Barn. Since the warehouse         League. Nothing builds friendships like
they grew up. I guess it is just my           space was donated that year we ended up       working side by side.
personality to let life come to me, to be     moving several times, landing in the old
open to possibilities and to grab hold of     VA Hospital on Roosevelt Road. After          Now I was one of “those people” the
the opportunities allowed me. I believe       a year, Barn Sale Day was finally here        ones that are doing what they should
my philosophy has served me well most         and I have never felt better about an         be – even if it took me 20 plus years to
especially in my career. I received my        accomplishment that I did on that day         figure it out. I use my League training
first real taste of volunteering in the       when the last pallet of merchandise left      every day. So I encourage you to try new
community through the Junior League of        the VA for Barton.                            things, be open the possibilities, embrace
Little Rock and credit this organization                                                    the opportunities allowed you – even
for training me for my career. I had          The decision to accept the job with the       the ones that may not have first blush
worked in several aspects of retail for       association firm changed my life. From        appeal….you might be surprised where
many years and while there are people         my job in association management I            your journey may take you.
that would say I was perfectly suited for
that, I always felt I had more to give….I
WAS one of those people….the ones that
had been given much.

The League exposed me to numerous
opportunities to serve the community. I                                                    � �����������������������������������
also learned the value of giving but most                                                       ������������������
                                                                                           � �������������������������������������
importantly I realized the obligation to                                                        ������������
give. It is not ok to wait for someone else                                                � ���������������������������
to step up, it is not ok to simply identify                                                ������������������������������������
a problem, need or deficiency, those who
are able must take the next step and do. I
realized I wanted to be a doer!                                                                        ����������������������
While in the League, one of those                                                                 �������������������������������

16   Interaction l Holiday 2009
Interaction l Holiday 2009   17
Remembering What We’ve Learned:
A Look Back at the Junior League of
                Little Rock’s Past By Tamika Edwards

            s one of Arkansas’s oldest community service                addition to its community projects such as Volunteers in Public
            organizations, the Junior League of Little Rock began its   Schools (VIPS), Senior Citizens Activities Today (SCAT),
            journey in 1914 as an auxiliary to the United Charities,    Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN), and Arkansas
            which was the forerunner to what is now The United          Advocates for Children and Families.
Way. The League eventually wanted to establish its own projects,
so it ended its seven year relationship with the United Charities       In 1970, a cookbook, Little Rock Cooks, became one of the
and affiliated with the Association of Junior Leagues in 1922. In       League’s major fundraising techniques. In 1973, the original ten
1929, the Junior League of Little Rock became incorporated.             thousand copies of the cookbook were sold, and by 1977, the book
                                                                        was in its fifth printing.
The League wasted no time instituting noteworthy projects. Its
first project was the Baby Welfare Station, which provided medical      Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, the League continued its
examinations for infants and pre-school children and instruction in     fundraising and community efforts. In 1980, the membership
health care for mothers. After ensuring a strong start, the project     voted to create another cookbook, Traditions, A Taste of the Good
was turned over to the City of Little Rock in 1937 to allow the         Life. In 1982, the membership approved the Advocate Exchange
League to establish more projects.                                      for the Handicapped and the Museum Education Expansion
                                                                        Program as new projects. The League also approved new projects
Early on, the League recognized the need for cultural projects.         such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Arkansas History and
In 1928, the League formed the Arts and Interest Committee.             Culture Curriculum, supplemental funding for the Centers for
This committee’s work included children’s theater and Saturday          Youth and Families’ Parent Center, and a consumer hotline, called
morning movies. Additionally, members produced plays and                “Seven On Your Side,” along with KATV, Channel 7, that began
created their own productions.                                          operation in October 1987.

During the 1950’s, the League produced Story Teller Hours for           In the 1990’s the League implemented a new vision statement
television. The Story Teller Hours promoted children’s interest in      and moved toward a goal-centered methodology. As a result of
the Public Library’s facilities. Afterwards, the League financed five   the League’s shift, the membership maximized its community
promotional films and made them available to schools, hospitals,        impact by concentrating on one large project rather than on several
and other television stations.                                          smaller ones. The League continued to finance its projects and
                                                                        involvements through Bargain Barn, Riverfest Novelty Sales,
Over the years, the League’s work in the Arts continued to thrive.      and League Publications. The League also gave $91,000 to the
During the 1957-1958 League year,                                       community and implemented one new fundraiser that proved to
                                                                        be highly successful: Holiday House, a holiday shopping market,
  the membership took on one of its most                                which continues today. The projects and other involvement during
                                                                        this decade included Arkansas Children’s Hospital “Kids’ TV,”
 ambitious projects – the establishment of a                            International Student Enrichment Exchange, Children’s Museum
community center of Arts and Sciences. Their                            of Arkansas, Community Bank, Potluck, and the Arkansas
      work led to what is now known                                     Museum of Science and History, now known as the Museum of
        as the Arkansas Arts Center.                                    Discovery.

Today, the Arkansas Arts Center serves the entire state. Following      As the League approaches the middle of the 2009-2010 League
their work in the arts, the League again embarked on other              year, members can look back with pride. The success of the last
ambitious projects such as Bargain Box, a major source of               nine years reflects the hard work and dedication of incredible
Community Trust Fund revenue and Gaines House, a home which             women. During the 2000 to 2003 League years, Members
helps women adjust to community life after hospitalization.             successfully completed 12 community projects: ABC; ArtReach;
                                                                        Boardwalk; Buckle Up and Be Safe; Kota Camp for Fun;
The 1970’s proved to be even more fast-paced for the League.            Community Bank; Education and Outreach through the Museum;
During this time, members worked on three major fundraising             Nightingales; Potluck; Project 2000; Project Safe Space; and
projects – Little Rock Cooks, Riverfest, and Bargain Barn – in          Tomberlin. The League raised over $2 million to purchase and

18   Interaction l Holiday 2009
renovate the Woman’s City Club building and began occupying          From 1922 until today, League members
the building in April 2002. In 2003, the membership adopted             have devoted their time, talents and
a signature community project, GROW - Girls Realizing
Opportunities Within, a leadership training program for middle
                                                                      skills to service, and played a vital role
school age girls. In its first year, the program graduated 26                     in the community.
girls from Henderson Health Sciences Magnet, Pulaski Heights      Their impact in the community is not surprising because it’s what
Middle School, and Forest Heights Middle School.                  the League is all about: “promoting voluntarism, developing the
                                                                  potential of women, and improving the community through the
The League also reached out other organizations by volunteering   effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose
or contributing to the Little Rock Zoo, Susan G. Komen Race for   is exclusively educational and charitable.”
the Cure, and National Conference for Community and Justice
(NCCJ). After a tragic fire and permanent closing of one of its   Note: the content of this article was adapted from the History of
community placements, Tomberlin Community Development             the League found at
Center, the League modified its welfare
to work project with the remaining partner
agency, The Hope Center. The project was
renamed Partners for Hope.

The League continued to develop
new projects. In 2006, the members
implemented Stuff the Bus, a program that
provides basic school supplies to children
in the most need in the Little Rock School
District (LRSD). During the same year,
the League officially changed the name
of the building to Junior League of Little
Rock and retired its debt on the building.

In 2007, the League celebrated its 85th
Anniversary and honored this momentous
occasion by adopting Watson Elementary
School.      League members used this
opportunity to help improve the learning
conditions for every student in the school.
From the celebration until now, the
League continues to seek opportunities
to expand its community and fundraising
efforts and strengthen its membership.
For example, the membership approved
a new community project called Families
and Community Together (FACT), which
provides mentoring to teen mothers.
Moreover, the League expanded many of
its existing projects such as Nightingales
and GROW in order to serve more in
the community. The League also moved
Holiday House to the State House
Convention Center and completed its
newest cookbook, Big Taste of Little Rock.
In keeping with the League’s core values,
the April general meeting is devoted to
training members in organization, time
management, communication, presentation
skills, and successful meetings.

                                                                                                            Interaction l Holiday 2009   19
Holiday House is a Gift that Keeps
on Giving All Year Long                                            By Jill Rogers Barham

       or 19 years, the Junior League
       of Little Rock’s Holiday House
       has been the kickoff event of the
holiday season. More than 150 merchants,
hundreds of League volunteers and
thousands of patrons participate in this
shopping extravaganza. Holiday House
will take place this year at the Statehouse
Convention Center November 11th - 14th.
To the over 14,000 shoppers that are
expected this year, Holiday House is a
terrific opportunity to shop from local,
national and international merchants all
in one location. To the merchants, it’s
a chance to offer their goods to loyal
customers and to find new patrons all          and auctions during special events, and       they work. Merchants are treated with
in one convenient location. To League          Santa’s Snack Shop. Of the more than          respect and are welcomed with open
members, it is the financial foundation for    150 merchants participating this year,        arms to Little Rock. The League provides
the community projects.                        there will be some tried and true favorites   the merchants with good food and takes
                                               and some exciting new vendors. New to         care of their needs. Merchants are also
Holiday House is the primary fundraiser for    Holiday House this year are Tipton Hurst      impressed by the fact that Holiday House
every community project organized by the       (beautiful flower arrangements and home       has an all-female cast. Women juggling
League. These projects include Be Wise         accents); Ala Carte Alice (specializing in    careers, families, children, their other
Immunize Buckle up and be Safe, Kota           gourmet mixes, soups and breads); Bella       League requirements and more manage to
Camp Girls Recognizing Opportunities           Vita Inc. (home décor to help complete the    put together Holiday House. The League
Within (GROW), Nightingales, SCAT              beautiful life); Carmie’s Kitchen (Mexican    also manages to make it bigger and better
Night Owls, and Stuff the Bus. Every           dips- delicioso!); Monogrammed Gifts          each year.
parent of a child seeking treatment at         from Paris (c’est magnifique!); and
Arkansas Children’s Hospital whose             TX (providing complete personalized           Barham also knows that Holiday House
evening is brightened by a Nightingale         engraving on-site). Sure to delight many      shoppers have established relationships
volunteer, every GROW girl who holds           Holiday House patrons, Sissy’s Log Cabin      with returning merchants and that shopper
her head a little higher and stands a little   Jewelers, Jones and Son Fine Jewelers,        loyalty is a big reason merchants love the
taller, and every child who gets to enjoy      Miller’s Mud Mill, New Cannan Farm,           show! When recruiting new merchants,
the experience of summer camp, can             Beverly’s, Sweet Home Candles, and            Holiday House seeks vendors that have
be attributed in part to the funding that      L & A Imports all will be returning as        unique, high quality products that meet all
Holiday House provides. Holiday House          merchants this year. Holiday House is         price ranges. The high quality and varied
revenue has grown every year. In the last      truly a one-stop-shop for your holiday        selection of merchants allows Holiday
five years alone, the amount raised has        season.                                       House to have everything from stocking
gone from $181,000 to $265,000.                                                              stuffers to fine jewelry. The League
                                               Merchants Corner                              also wants merchants that understand
The Who and The How?                           Why do merchants come back year after         our mission and the fact that the League
Holiday House raises funds through a           year? Amber Barham, Holiday House             is a volunteer organization. This event
variety of sources, including merchant         Chair, says the returning merchants cite      is organized not to build the League’s
booth rental fees, raffle ticket sales, the    the Junior League of Little Rock as being     coffers, but to help those who live in our
“Milk and Cookies” event, ticket sales         the most giving Junior League with which      community.
20   Interaction l Holiday 2009
                                                                     Holiday     House     that is the financial foundation of the
                                                                     as a placement        League is very fulfilling.
                                                                     could expect on
                                                                     this   committee,     2009-2010 Theme: Learn It in the
                                                                     Barham        says,   League
                                                                     “Expect to work       This year’s theme for the Junior League
                                                                     hard, yet enjoy       of Little Rock is Learn It in the League.
                                                                     every minute of       Barham says the theme is perfectly
                                                                     it. It’s a family     exhibited on the Holiday House committee.
                                                                     atmosphere that       You have to be organized, ready to work,
                                                                     you cannot help       and ready for the unexpected. No matter
                                                                     but love.” Amber      how many times you have volunteered, no
                                                                     says some weeks       matter your work or family experiences,
                                                                     are       non-stop    there is always something new to learn.
                                              phone calls and emails and the others are    On the committee, you can hone your
The Holiday House Committee—
                                              a bit lighter. “The best part is that you    skills in event planning; booking caterers,
Leading Ladies!
                                              do not realize you are spending so many      musicians, and technicians; organizing
Holiday House serves as the start of
                                              hours because it is fun!” The committee      volunteers;      recruiting     merchants;
the holiday season for most of us. For
                                              members spend countless hours from           selling advertisements; budgeting on a
Amber Barham and the whole Holiday
                                              January to November, and during the          grand scale; money management; time
House Committee, the calendar is ringing
                                              week of Holiday House they pull 12-18        management; and as many kinds of
with holiday spirit all year long. There
                                              hour days! Holiday House Committee           logistical challenges as you could want.
are 53 committee members this year.
                                              member Kristen Saffa adds, “It is a great    Plus, since everyone in the League works
The first meetings for Holiday House
                                              way to get to know a lot of people in the    on Holiday House, if you learned it in the
began in January. After many attempts at
                                              League that are not on your committee        League, you certainly leaned some of it
calculating, Barham says that “countless”
                                              because of the shift requirements. She       at Holiday House! Lauren Davis Miller,
hours are put into making Holiday House
                                              also says that working on the committee      chair of the Children’s Event, “All
a success. A good estimate would have
to include every active and provisional
League member working at least two
shifts, and each committee member
working all year long and everyday
during the week of Holiday House. This
translates into a lot of hours, spread over
a lot of people throughout the year, but
the phrase “slow as Christmas” does not
apply. The committee works hard and fast
all year. After taking notes the whole week
of Holiday House, the Steering Committee
starts work in January and plans all
summer. The rest of the committee comes
on board in the summer and wraps up once
Holiday House is finished in November.

Holiday House: It’s The “Placement”
To Be
Within the League, Holiday House is an
excellent placement opportunity. This is
Barham’s fifth year on Holiday House.
“That is all I have done as a League member
and I cannot imagine doing anything
else,” Barham explains. She keeps coming
back because the funds are so important
to the League and because the Holiday
House committee is, “like a family.”
When asked what someone considering
                                                                                                              Interaction l Holiday 2009   21
I Want for Christmas,” says the event
speaks especially to the theme Learn It
in the League. “The children that attend
League events this year will someday be
the leaders of this city. League members
know that children learn what it means to
volunteer by watching us. Who knows,
a future Junior League of Little Rock
President or Holiday House Chair may
attend this year!”

Home for the Holiday House
Holiday House is important to the Junior
League of Little Rock for many reasons.
Barham notes that it’s not only the
primary fundraiser for the League but it
has also become a tradition. People look
forward to gathering their girlfriends for
Ladies Night Out or to planning a date
night for Preview Party where they can        delightful events scheduled during the         the must-bid items include a painting
enjoy amazing food and entertainment          week to celebrate. Start your week with        by Robert Bean, a piano from Piano
while being the first to see what our the     “Silent Night, Not Tonight” the Preview        Kraft, a gift certificate for free tuition
merchants have to offer. For every year       Party on November 11th. The evening will       at Satori School for Arts (good for any
that the League continues Holiday House,      go from 6pm-10pm and the $35 tickets           of the 6 week long art classes, including
it becomes a family tradition for more and    will provide you beer and wine, shopping,      photography classes, water color & acrylic
more people. Barham says that for her         a silent auction, a wine cork pull (new this   painting, and pottery), a gift basket from
family, it’s the beginning of their holiday   year!), the musical delights of CRISIS!        Learning Rx, several local restaurant
season. Her mother-in-law comes to help       Band, and food from Palette Catering.          gift certificates, a giant giraffe stuffed
watch her two daughters, her husband          The dress code for the event is snappy         animal from Pickles and Ice Cream, a Don
comes during the private shopping, and        casual.                                        Shula signed football, and Zoom! teeth
some days her daughters spend all day                                                        whitening.
there hanging out and learning from their     On November 12th, have “A Very Merry
mother’s hard work; “I think Adley (age       Morning” with private shopping from            All for the Little Ones
6) truly thinks she is a Holiday House        9 am to 12 noon. Tickets for this event        On Saturday November 14th from 9 am-
committee member.” By the last day of         are $25 and include coffee provided by         12 pm bring your little ones and children
Holiday House,” Barham reflects, “we          the Peabody Hotel, brunch provided by          of all ages to enjoy some “Milk and
have purchased so many gifts that we          Palette Catering, and a chance to beat         Cookies.” Only $5 provides wonderful
have finished our shopping and can begin      the crowds and get a head start on your        stories read by Mrs. Claus while
wrapping, decorating, and really enjoying     holiday shopping.                              enjoying milk and cookies! Don’t miss
quality family time together.”                                                               this; Mrs. Claus gets increasingly busy
                                              Later that night, head back to the             as December 25th approaches. Also on
Holiday House is important to the             Statehouse Convention Center in your           Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm, come watch
community as well. The public has grown       heels and sparkle for Ladies Night Out—        Arkansas’ best pastry chefs and local
to love Holiday House as a family friendly    “Stockings and Stilettos.” The evening         celebrities battle it out in the 3rd Annual
time of holiday fun. They know they can       is from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on November           Gingerbread House Competition. The list
come enjoy themselves and get quality         12th. Tickets are $25 and will include a       of participants includes Blue Cake Co.,
products for everyone on their list! The      Mexican buffet, 2 margaritas or glasses        Pulaski Technical Institute, and Gigi’s
public also sees the ways League projects     of wine, all the shopping you want, a          Cake Boutique. Stick around to finish up
touch our community in positive and           fabulous silent auction, and a Jones and       your shopping and to watch the houses be
lasting ways.                                 Son Fine Jewelers Raffle!                      raffled off in the afternoon. A ticket will
                                                                                             be drawn from each voting box and each
Rock’n Around the Christmas Tree              Auction! Auction! Bid all about it!            gingerbread house will then go home with
While the main purpose of Holiday House       The list of auction items that will be         its new owner by the close of the show
is charitable and its success is the result   available grows and grows all year,            on Saturday. What a fun centerpiece a
of lots of hard work, there are plenty of     according to Kristen Saffa, Auction            gingerbread house would be for your
                                              Committee Chair-Elect, but some of             home decorations this year!
22   Interaction l Holiday 2009

                                                                      B2: Two-Line Lock-up

A museum of the Department of Arkansas Heritage
                                                                      1/3           1/3                                            1/3

200 East Third Street • Little Rock, AR 72201 • 501-324-9351 •

                                                                                                      Interaction l Holiday 2009   23
All I want for Christmas                        Center; with more merchants, longer           5. A beautiful piece of handmade pottery
Skip forward a few weeks to December            hours and additional days for shoppers to     for your mother – she will brag about you
5th and don’t miss the Children’s Event,        enjoy themselves; a bigger Gingerbread        to her friends.
“All I Want for Christmas”. This event          House Competition; and all of the League      6. Delicious dip mixes for all your
takes place at the League Building on           family- Sustainers, Actives, Provisionals,    children’s teachers—League version
Scott Street from 10 am to 12 noon.             their family and friends- to attend the       of an apple for the teacher.
Tickets are $15 and include crafts, snacks      special events and bring first timers to      7. Pecan pie filling for your neighbor and
and entertainment, and Joel’s Photography       Holiday House.                                another for your co-worker – maybe a jar
will be there taking pictures of the children                                                 for you, too.
with Santa Claus!                               And We Need a Little Christmas…               8.A camouflaged cooler for your
                                                For League members, Holiday House is          brother—the gift that keeps chilling
Parking Your Sleigh                             an experience to enjoy and learn from.        all year long.
Make a day of it! Besides the convenience       Holiday House benefits the community          9. A one of a kind necklace for your one
of so many merchants in one location            by providing a shopping extravaganza          of a kind best friend—for her to sport on
to get all your shopping done, Holiday          and a funding venue for the many League       your ladies night out.
House can be a fun and easy all-day             projects that make our community a better     10. The perfect outfit to make you shine
affair. Parking is a snap! There is $5          place.                                        this Holiday Season!
event parking in the city parking deck at
2nd Street and Main Street, the Robinson        At Christmas Play and Make Good               PLUS…a Junior League of Little Rock
Center parking garage on President              Cheer, for Christmas Comes but Once           cookbook, Big Taste of Little Rock,
Clinton Avenue, and the River Market            a Year…                                       for the people on your list who have
parking deck on 2nd street. These are all       To wrap up this tale of holiday lore, the     everything!!!!
short walks to the Statehouse Convention        League invites you to bring someone
Center, and the Holiday House Trolley           to Holiday House who has never been           Holiday House Calendar of Events
runs by all three parking decks and to the      before. Tell them of the many projects        Special Events:
front door of the Statehouse Convention         their ticket price supports. Tell them        • Preview Party: “Silent Night, Not
Center.                                         of the many children’s faces they have        Tonight” Wednesday, November 11th, 6:
                                                brightened with their event ticket price.     00 - 10:00 p.m.; $35 tickets
Shop n’ Nosh                                    Tell them of the ways they have helped        • Private Shopping: “A Very Merry
Shopping works up an appetite! Santa’s          their community by buying a perfect gift      Morning” Thursday, November 12th, 9:00
Snack Shop (run by League sustainers)           from a Holiday House merchant. Tell           a.m. – 12:00 Noon; $25 tickets
sells boxed lunches, snacks and drinks          them to be sure to buy something fabulous     • Ladies Night Out: “Stockings and
all day. This year for the first time           for themselves! This year and in the years    Stilettos” Thursday, November 12th, 6:00
The Peabody will also be providing a            to come, the Junior League of Little Rock     - 9:00 p.m.; $25 tickets
pasta bar during some of the general            hopes its members, its merchants and its      • Milk and Cookies: Saturday,
shopping and there will be a Peabody            patrons will keep Christmas in their hearts   November 14th, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon,
coffee/latte/espresso bar during all show       all year long.                                $5 per child
times. (Caffeine to keep you shopping or                                                      • Gingerbread House Competition:
volunteering all day!)                                                                        Saturday, November 14th, 9:00 a.m. - 2:
                                                Sample Shopping List that can be              00 p.m.
Goals for this Year and for the Future          completed only at Holiday House!              • Children’s Event: “All I Want for
Amber Barham says she has many goals                                                          Christmas” Saturday, December 5th at
for Holiday House 2009. Of course the           1. The latest and hippest purse for your      the League building, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00
primary goal is to raise as much money          sister—don’t worry, she will let you          Noon; $15 per child
as possible so the League can provide           borrow it.                                    • General Shopping: Thursday,
more back packs, car seat education, and        2. Razorback gear galore for your             November 12th, 12:00 Noon - 9:00 p.m.;
camp funds. Barham also wants League            husband and father- you know they             Friday, November 13th 9:00 a.m. - 9:00
volunteers to have an amazing experience,       can’t get enough!                             p.m.; Saturday, November 14th 9:00 a.m.
make new friends, learn about new areas         3. Something sparkling to go under the        - 6:00 p.m.; $7 for a one-day pass or $15
of volunteering, and know that all their        tree and then on your finger –make sure       for a 3-Day pass
hard work is completely worth it!               your husband or significant other knows
                                                that shopping at Holiday House isn’t just     All events are open to the public –
What is Barham’s vision for the future of       for women!                                    but tickets for Special Events must
Holiday House? She wants it to grow into        4. Unique educational toy for your son        be purchased in advance!
another hall at the Statehouse Convention       or daughter—they are so gifted.

24   Interaction l Holiday 2009
      Training Opportunity: Organizational
                  Development Institute                                          By Jennifer Maune & Tammie Davis

             he Association of Junior Leagues       Strickland, Tisha Gribble, Sheila Vaught,    several treats from the League to welcome
             International    (AJLI)     provides   Kim Meyer-Webb, JoBeth McElhanon,            the out of town guests to Little Rock.
             regional training for Junior League    Beth McAlpine, Tonya Hooks, Ellen Hill,
      members across the country.            This   Sonya Schmidt Murphy, Cherry Landfair,       As the event planning progresses, a
      training is called ODI (Organizational        and is chaired by Tammie Davis.              Hostess Committee consisting of Sustainer
      Development Institute) and occurs several                                                  members will be formed that will provide
      times a year in various locations. The        On opening night, February 12, the Junior    assistance at the welcome table and at
      Junior League of Little Rock is proud to      League of Little Rock will host a wine and   the opening night reception. There will
      be the Host League for the conference to      cheese reception for the delegates at the    be several speakers for the Saturday
      be held Friday, February 12, 2010 through     Clinton Library Great Hall. The League is    conference luncheon who will focus on the
      Sunday, February 14, 2010. The training       partnering with the Little Rock Convention   power of volunteerism. Three speakers
      courses and the accommodations for the        Visitors Bureau for this event.              will be chosen to speak for 5 minutes
      potential 200 delegates will be at the                                                     each. The speakers will fit the Provisional,
      Peabody Hotel in downtown Little Rock.        There will be a “welcome table” near the     Active, and Sustainer categories.
                                                    registration for the conference which will
      A committee was formed to plan this AJLI      be held at the Peabody. The committee        For more information about the ODI
���   regional training. The ODI Committee          will provide welcome bags filled with        training, please contact the ODI Committee
      includes:     Courtney McLarty, Julia         helpful Little Rock information as well as   Chair Tammie Davis at 501-681-5735.

                                                            � �����������������������������������������


                                                            ������������������                   �������������������

                                                            ����������������������������������������������                 ����������

                                                                                                                    Interaction l Holiday 2009   25
Be Wise-Immunize!
                                                                    By Sheena Lewis & Amanda Gibson

        here has been much (sometimes                                                            In the future, the health fair will be held
        heated) debate recently about health                                                     annually to benefit the children enrolled in
        care reform and access to health care.                                                   schools that are participants of the League’s
Some of those most in need of health care                                                        Stuff the Bus project.
services are children, and the Junior League
of Little Rock, through a community project                                                      “There is a lack of general physicals
called Be Wise Immunize, is playing a                                                            received by the children in our Stuff the
strong role in helping children in need                                                          Bus schools, the schools that Be Wise
receive immunizations. Immunizations                                                             targets,” says Be Wise Immunize Chair
are preventative steps that help not only                                                        Elect Molly Young. She goes on to say,
children, but also the community, remain                                                         “The children do not see doctors because
healthy. Disease prevention is one of the        To help ensure children in our community        their parents may not be able to afford
integral components of the public’s well-        have the opportunity to be immunized            doctor visits. Another problem is that
being, and immunizations are a proven way        and screened for other health concerns,         foreign born children typically are not
to control the spread of communicable            the Junior League of Little Rock has            immunized.” This factor has an impact
diseases. According to the Centers for           developed a community project called Be         on some of the schools in southwest
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),            Wise Immunize. This project will provide        Little Rock where there is a significant
even though most children have received          a one day health fair scheduled for April 10,   Hispanic population. Be Wise Immunize
the recommended vaccines by age 2,               2010. The children who attend the health        Chair Jennifer Pierce says, “The push to
there are still many children, adolescents       fair will receive immunizations, a vision       get children signed up with ARKids does
(and even adults) who are insufficiently         and hearing screening, dental examinations,     not make it to the foreign born children.”
immunized.                                       as well as other general medical services.      ARKids is Arkansas’ public children’s

26   Interaction l Holiday 2009
health insurance coverage program. Pierce        ENTs, ophthalmologists, and optometrists,   as possible involved with seeing that the
goes on to say,                                  to perform the screenings and assist with   children in our community are healthy.
                                                 overseeing the event.
     “The Junior League of
                                                 To find out more about immunizations,
    Little Rock can help fill                    you can visit the Arkansas Department of           2008 Immunization Rates
   this gap with the Be Wise                     Health website,
                                                 League members who are also healthcare
 Immunize Health Fair by not                     professionals: please lend a hand by
                                                                                                74.4% of children age 0-18 months
  only providing physicals to                    committing to participate in this one day                  Nationally
  children, but also by giving                   event! Contact Jennifer Pierce or Molly       75.5 % of children age 19-35 months
                                                 Young for further details. The Committee
   them a referral to enroll in                  would love to have as many Members
The Arkansas Department of Health also
makes a point to remind parents to be sure
their children’s immunizations are up to
date. Vaccines for children prevent disease
and protect them from the ones that are not
vaccinated. It is also critical for parents to
help protect their children against serious
diseases before they return to school.

Vaccinations are used to protect children
from chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella,
hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis,
polio, and pneumonia. Vaccinations against
those particular diseases are recommended
by the U.S. Advisory Committee on
Immunization Practices (ACIP), the
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP),
and the American Academy of Family
Physicians (AAFP). Children and students
are required to furnish proof to schools and
childcare facilities that they have received
the mandatory immunizations. This helps
reduce the potential outbreak of those
diseases. Without proof, infants, children
and students are not allowed to attend a
childcare facility, school, university, or
college in the State of Arkansas.

The inaugural Be Wise Immunize
Health Fair will be held at the Southwest
Community Center on April 10, 2010.
Additionally, April is National Minority
Health Month. Having the health fair in
the spring will help students to become
current on their immunizations before
the beginning of the 2010-2011 school
year. The Be Wise Immunize Committee
is working diligently to recruit and secure
healthcare professionals such as nurses,
physicians, dentists, dental hygienists,

                                                                                                               Interaction l Holiday 2009   27
Learning it in the League:
           The 2009-2010 Provisional Class                                                          By Amanda Gibson

         The transition from summer to                                                       This year, the League is lucky to have 89
         autumn has now past, and with it                                                    talented Provisional Members from diverse
         come the familiar changes: settling                                                 backgrounds and career areas to help carry
into a school routine, football season, and                                                  on the tradition of serving our community.
planning for the holidays. The 2009-2010
Junior League of Little Rock Provisional                                                          Members of this year’s
Class has been hard at work learning about
the League and our community.                                                                     Provisional Class enjoy
                                                                                                 careers in many different
                                                                                               areas, including nonprofits,
                                               have their course sessions in the spring.
                                                                                                legal, health care, govern-
                                               Conversely, the 123s are working on their
                                               class project this fall while the ABCs will        ment, sales, education,
                                               work on their class project in the spring.            and homemaker.
                                               The Provisional Class projects are taking     Their personal interests and hobbies are
                                               place at Geyer Springs Elementary School      just as diverse and range from make up
                                               this League year. Geyer Springs is the        artist to sailing. The top two interests/
                                               newest school to benefit from Stuff the       hobbies came in at exercise of some form
The Provisionals kicked off the year with
                                               Bus, the League project that provides         (52%) and reading (36%). These were
the traditional retreat on August 15th. They
                                               school supplies to LRSD students in need.     followed by travel, cooking, and outdoor
learned about the structure of the League,
                                                                                             activities, respectively.
heard from past League president Kim
Evans, went on a scavenger hunt around
                                                                                             These women are dedicated to community
Little Rock to learn about past League
                                                                                             service while juggling demanding careers,
projects and important historical sites, and
                                                                                             family, and hobbies in their spare time.
also met with the chairwomen of some of
                                                                                             85% of this year’s Provisional Class are
the events they’ll be working on this year.
                                                                                             professionally employed, 52% are married,
                                                                                             and 35% have children. Just over one-
This year’s Provisional theme is the ABCs
                                                                                             fifth of the Provisional Class has a family
and 123s of Membership, and this is the
                                                                                             member that is, or has been, in the League.
second year the Provisional Class has been
                                               In addition to their course sessions and
                                               class projects, the Provisionals will be         the Provisionals’ top two
                                               completing three two-hour Community
                                               Ties shifts at different agencies or within
                                                                                                motivations for joining the
                                               League community projects, and they will       Junior League of Little Rock
                                               be helping out with other League events,      are, respectively, for service to
                                               such as Bargain Boutique, 6th K Café,
                                               Holiday House Children’s Event, and           the community, and obtaining
                                               Touch a Truck. This year’s Provisional         leadership and organizational
                                               Class is also more engaged in their course
                                               sessions by planning icebreakers, greeting
                                                                                                  skill development and
split into two groups- a fall group and a                                                               experience.
                                               members, and helping plan the snacks.
spring group. The fall group is called the
                                               Some of the Provisionals have already
ABCs while the spring group is called the                                                    Admissions, Provisionals and Training
                                               jump started their League career by
123s. The ABCs are having their course                                                       (APT) Chair, Beth McAlpine, is excited
                                               completing their Community Ties shifts.
sessions in the fall while the 123s will
28   Interaction l Holiday 2009
about the caliber of this year’s class.
“This year’s class is very well educated
and many of them have volunteer
experience already, so they are bringing
many different skill sets to the League.
Many of the Provisionals are looking for
new jobs and careers, and see the League
not only as a way to get training, but also
to meet new contacts, both personally and

The women in this year’s Provisional
Class hail from different backgrounds.
Nonetheless, they are committed to
working together to serve our community
while learning about it and the League.
It will be exciting to see what the future
holds for the 2009-2010 Provisional

                                              Interaction l Holiday 2009   29
Built to Serve - The Junior League
   of Little Rock Building By Jill Rogers Barham
                                                                                              reproductions to match the original door
                                                                                              and the green tiles in the fireplace display
                                                                                              the colors of a men’s social club. Several
                                                                                              original wall mounted circulating fans
                                                                                              remain in place.

                                                                                              The Junior League of Little Rock purchased
                                                                                              the building in May 2001. The north meeting
                                                                                              room was partitioned from a large L shaped
                                                                                              card room to provide a small committee
                                                                                              meeting space. After the partition, new
                                                                                              doors and hardware were designed to
                                                                                              match original doors. The red velvet
                                                                                              drapes in this room are from the 1950’s.
                                                                                              The celery green wall color pays homage
                                                                                              to the “Elk green”. The kitchen looks
                                                                                              much as it did for its whole history. Future

                                                                                              phases of League Building renovation will
             ver the years, as condominium     in the antlered door knobs and the letters
                                                                                              update the vintage kitchen named in honor
             high-rises and modern office      BPOE above the entry way. The Woman’s
                                                                                              of Mrs. Bell and her daughters, Ann and
             towers have sprung up in Little   City Club purchased the building in 1927
                                                                                              Sylvia, who
Rock’s city center, there remain islands       and it served as a clubhouse for meetings,
                                                                                              catered from
of history in the stream of progress. They     bridge games, and luncheons for seventy-
                                                                                              the kitchen
represent a Little Rock that slips away        four years.
                                                                                              for over 70
with each passing year. They represent
                                                                                              years while
an America where downtowns were the            On the second floor, after ascending the
                                                                                              the building
heart of the city and social and civic         grand staircase, you will find one of the
                                                                                              held      the
club involvement was the norm, not the         finest ballrooms in Arkansas. Throughout
                                                                                              Wo m e n ’s
exception. These historic buildings anchor     the years, this room has seen many of Little
                                                                                              City Club.
our community and are a strong link to         Rock’s cherished moments: its weddings,
our past. From the Old State House to          anniversaries, and many other happy
                                                                                              To      make
Trapnall Hall, from the Capital Hotel to the   occasions. For some, this building serves as
                                                                                              the building
Lafayette Square Building, they remind us      a reminder of Cotillion, with pretty white
of the journey that has brought us here and    gloves and a new dress. For those from
                                                                                              for modern
of the many shoulders we stand upon. At        another generation, it was soldier dances
                                                                                              needs, new
401 South Scott Street you will find such      in World War II and World War I. Walking
                                                                                              interior stairs were added along with a
an extraordinary building. It is a gathering   around the Ballroom, one recognizes the
                                                                                              much-needed elevator in space formerly
place, a ballroom, and a civic center. It is   raised “wallflower” platform around the
                                                                                              occupied by the south parlor. The brick
a building that was built to serve. Today,     perimeter. This allowed women to be seen
                                                                                              walls were exposed during renovation,
it stands as the headquarters of the Junior    and asked to dance by a boy, maybe home
                                                                                              clearly showing the two phases of Elk
League of Little Rock.                         from the War, or on his way to it. Looking
                                                                                              construction. The 4 floor elevator opens on
                                               up, the balcony has a very low wall, which
                                                                                              both sides with the south entrance providing
The Benevolent and Protective Order of         allowed chaperones to keep a watchful eye,
                                                                                              wheelchair access to the building.
the Elks commissioned and constructed          and small bands allowed them to be seated
the building from 1908-1910 in the             and still see the dancers below.
                                                                                              Today, all meeting rooms are equipped
Second Renaissance Revival Style. The
                                                                                              phones, computer network connections and
organization created a place where its         On the first floor is a boardroom that has
                                                                                              updated electrical circuits to accommodate
membership could socialize and fulfill a       been used as a smoking room and a formal
                                                                                              business meetings and conferences. The
civic mission. Its touches can still be seen   receiving parlor. The entry doors are
30   Interaction l Holiday 2009
plaster work in the ballroom has been
repaired, and the ballroom is being
repainted. A lighting expert has been hired
to repair the chandelier. The front door is
being removed and completely refurbished
to prevent further deterioration. There is
also a plan to repair the top windows in
the ballroom to open up and brighten the


The grand staircase is anchored by heavy
oak banisters, which were stripped in past
years to a lighter color. The rails were
designed for men’s hands and are much
wider than normal. The green stained
glass skylights above allows light into the
central staircase. Corinthian oak columns
support the third floor. The hardwood
floors in the foyer have recently been
replaced to match the perimeter boards,        ������������������������������
which are original.
This building has been a center of life in
Little Rock for over 100 years. It stands
today as a lovely combination of the
classical architecture of times gone by
with the modern conveniences that are
now so necessary.
                                                                              ��� ������ ��� ���� ���������� ���� ��� ���� ������������
    With the Junior League                     ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������
  of Little Rock now firmly                    �������� ������������ �������� ���� ������������ ������������ ����� ���� ����� ���� ����
 established here, the League
 Building will continue to be
  a center of life and service                 �����������������������������������������
   in Little Rock for many                     ��������������������������������������������
        years to come.
The Junior League of Little Rock Building      ������������������������
is a landmark that was truly built to serve.        �����������������                        ����������������������������������

                                                                                                                 Interaction l Holiday 2009   31
Board Profile                                                        By Jennifer Maune

                                                                                                 Aminah Eddings
                                  Courtney McLarty                                               Community Vice President
                                                                                                Aminah is married to Khayyam
                            Courtney is married to Jamie McLarty                                Eddings and has two sons, Masai,
                            and they have two children, Mary                                    age 6, and Khalil, age 2. She is a
                            Jett, age 7 and Cole, age 5. They                                   Mathematics Teacher at Hall High
                            have a dog named Milo. Courtney is                                  School. She joined the League for
                            an Attorney with the Pulaski County                                 the opportunity to volunteer and give
                            Public Defender’s Office. She joined                                back to her community. Through the
                            the League because she had just          Junior League, she has learned that it’s both okay and sometimes
moved back to Little Rock and she was looking for an avenue          necessary to step out of her comfort zone in order to get the job
to meet people and get involved. “I have had the good fortune        done. Her most rewarding experience has been seeing how all
to work with fabulous women who have helped me grow as a             the work that Junior League members have done has a positive
leader, and who have taught me more than a thing or two about        impact in the community. “Whether it’s “stuffing the bus” to
balancing family, career, and volunteering.” The most valuable       provide school supplies to our youth or being a mentor to a young
thing that she’s learned in the League is how to think and plan      mother, we truly make a difference.”
strategically. She has had many rewarding experiences during
her League years, but the most memorable was when she had the
opportunity to mentor mothers with the Tomberlin committee.
                                                                                                 Jill Hartsfield
                                                                                                 Membership Vice-President

                                  Julia Strickland                                               Jill is married to Chris Hartsfield,
                                  President-Elect                                                and has three children, Grace
                                                                                                 Anne, Collier, and Parker. She is
                             Julia is married to Reese Strickland,                               a Field Supervisory Consultant at
                             they have three children, Katie,                                    Nationwide. She joined the Junior
                             Will, and Erin, and a black Labrador                                League to become more involved in
                             named Jack.         She is employed     the community. She has learned a lot in the League, and feels
                             at Cross, Gunter, Witherspoon           that amazing women, together, can accomplish anything. The
                             & Galchus, P.C. as the Business         most rewarding experience has been the opportunities Junior
Manager. The most valuable thing she’s learned in the League         League of Little Rock has provided her to grow outside of her
is that the most important contribution this organization            comfort zone. The experiences in the League have given her
provides is trained volunteers. “Members gain valuable training      vital tools that have helped her both in other volunteer roles in the
through their efforts serving on committees and participation        community and at her job with Nationwide.
in leadership conferences. Many of us discover talents and
develop organizational and leadership skills, which empower us
to improve the quality of life in our community.” Julia joined the                               Kim Meyer-Webb
League because she wanted to work with diverse and interesting                                   Marketing Vice President
women who value being involved in their community and want
to be an integral part of something meaningful. Being a member                                   Kim is married to Daniel Webb. She
has been a rewarding experience because of the positive life                                     joined the Junior League of Little Rock
experiences she’s had, all the while enabling her to help others                                 because she really wanted to make a
flourish and live up to their potential as well.                                                 difference in the community. She has
                                                                                                 enjoyed working along side the other

32   Interaction l Holiday 2009
women in their marketing roles. Kim has
learned how to play well with other smart,
sassy women to make big things happen.
She considers her role as Marketing Vice
President to be very rewarding and is
really looking forward to Holiday House
in November. She is confident that this
will be the most successful Holiday House
in history.


                           is     married
                           to     William
Bowman and has two sons. She joined
the League because of her desire to
impact women and children, coupled with
the excitement of meeting new people.
The League has been a very rewarding
experience for her because of the many
skills she’s learned while being involved
with the various committees. She has
enjoyed being surrounded by committed,
diverse and fun women.


                             Maggie       is
                             married      to
Chris Young and has one son, Finley,
age 3. She is the President of Southwest
EAP. She joined the Junior League of
Little Rock because she was recruited by
a family friend who thought she would be
an asset to the League. She has learned
many valuable things during her service,
but the most valuable tool she has learned
is diplomacy. Maggie has enjoyed all of
her placements within the League. She
feels that it is always rewarding to watch a
plan come together.

                                               Interaction l Holiday 2009   33
                                                                    smiling faces when they accomplish something they’ve never
                                                                    done before was priceless.
                                  Kristen Minton
                                  Treasurer Elect

                           Kristen is married to Randy Minton                                 April Robinson
                           and has a daughter, Addy Minton,                                   Nominating Chair
                           age 2 and another little girl on the
                           way named Ella Kate. She is the                                    April is married to Chase Robinson.
                           Associate General Counsel at Regions                               She has a daughter Chloe’ Robinson,
                           Insurance, Inc. She also teaches                                   age 13, and a cat named Patch. She
as an adjunct professor at William H. Bowen School of Law.                                    is employed at Baptist Health as a
Kristen joined the League to meet people and to get involved in                               Human Resources Generalist. Her
community service. She has learned how to take a project from                                 friend, sustainer Kelly Ross, really
start to finish involving many moving parts and many different      enjoyed being in the League and encouraged her to join. April
personalities. She has watched women deal effectively with          was interested in the League because of her desire to meet new
each other to solve a problem and communicate to get a project      people and serve in the community. She has learned so much in
accomplished. It has been very valuable to learn how to handle a    every placement, but the most valuable things she has developed
difficult situation. The most rewarding experience that she’s had   are organizational and leadership skills. She has enjoyed all of
has been associated with the GROW project by watching some          her placements - Cookbook, Holiday House, APT, R & D, and
very quiet girls develop the confidence to be themselves and        Nominating. Her most rewarding experience is working with
come out of their shells.                                           other League volunteers to reach a common goal, knowing that it
                                                                    will impact the community!

                                  Becka Webb
                                                                                              Cathy H. Mayton
                          Becka is married to Brian Webb,                                     Sustainer Advisor
                          and they have a son, Guy Franklin
                          and a dog named Lily. She is the                                     Cathy is married to Mike Mayton.
                          Treasury Supervisor at Verizon                                       They have a cat named Sweetie Peetie.
                          Wireless. Becka joined the League                                    She works with 603 students and over
                          to give back to her community and to                                 100 faculty and administration at
                          make new friends. The most valuable                                  Episcopal Collegiate School. She
thing she has learned was best summarized by something that I                                  originally joined the League so she
heard Ellen Hill say, “There is a reason why you have two ears      could make a difference in our community. Cathy has learned
and one mouth, so that you can listen more than you talk,” which    that anything is possible while working together with friends.
is something she strives to do everyday. The most rewarding         The most rewarding experience she’s had in the League involves
experience she’s had has been working with the GROW Girls           the after school project at Cornerstone-tutoring where they had
and watching them experience and learn new things. Seeing their     the opportunity to mentor young people.

34   Interaction l Holiday 2009
Shop for Bargains New and Old
                                                                                                                                                                                                 By Jennifer Maune

                                                            n e w
                                                            o    n
                                                an old favorite,
                                                this year you
                                                will find a great
                                                selection of new
and old clothing at Bargain Boutique. Celebrating its 5th birthday,
Bargain Boutique is one of the Junior League of Little Rock’s                                                            The General Shopping will be on Friday, February 26, 2010 from
fundraisers. This fun event helps provide funding for the League’s                                                       8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and on Saturday, February 27, 2010 from
vital community projects that are making a difference in the lives                                                       8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Admission is free to the consignment sale.
of women and children in Little Rock.                                                                                    Both Preview Party and the General Shopping will be held at the
                                                                                                                         Junior League of Little Rock building.
                                               Bargain Boutique
                                               is     a     clothing                                                     The consignment sale is open to the general public. To find out
                                               consignment      sale                                                     more information on becoming a consigner, please contact Bargain
                                               featuring     clothes                                                     Boutique Chair Lindsey Gray at 501-247-9723 or Publicity
                                               and       accessories                                                     Contact Amelia Lewis at 479-903-6998. Don’t miss out on a
                                               from women all                                                            fantastic opportunity of shopping great finds at the best price!

across central Arkansas. The selection
includes children’s clothing, women’s
clothing, accessories, as well as items from
local stores & boutiques. Shoppers will
have the opportunity to browse through
new and gently used merchandise at bargain

                                                  ������������������������������������������������������������������� �

On Thursday, February 25, 2010 a special
preview party will be held from 6:30-9:                                                                                             ���������������������
00 p.m. Take advantage of shopping the                                                                                              ���������������������������������
consignment before the crowds while                                                                                                 ���������������������
perusing silent auction items and enjoying                                                                                          �����������������������������

delectable food and drinks. Tickets for this      ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

festive occasion are $15.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Interaction l Holiday 2009   35
Junior League 2009-2010 Events

                                                                        & milk and a gingerbread house competition.
                                                                    November 24 - Nightingales Thanksgiving Meal, 5:15 p.m. at
                                           October 13 -                Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Offering a Thanksgiving
                                           Provisional Course          meal to the families of patients at Children’s Hospital.
                                           Session ABCs,               Contact Sabrina Lewellen (682-5608, lewellens@arkleg.
                                           6:30 p.m. at the  
                                           JLLR Building
                                           October 15 -
                                           General Meeting,         December 5 - Children’s Event “All I Want for Christmas”
                                           6:30 p.m. at the            10:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon at the JLLR Building. Don’t miss
                                           JLLR Building               the chance for your kids to see Santa! Have pictures made,
                                                                       eat snacks, and enjoy lots of fun crafts at this annual event.
                                           October 17 - 6th K
                                           café, 7:00 a.m. at the   December 17 - General Meeting, 6:30 p.m. at the JLLR
                                           JLLR Building               Building

                                           November                 January

                                           November 10 -            January 12 - Provisional Course Session ABCs, 6:30 p.m. at the
       Provisional Course Session ABCs, 6:30 p.m. at the JLLR           JLLR Building
                                                                    January 14 - Mid-Year Chair Training, Opportunity for all chairs
November 11 - Holiday House, Preview Party “Silent Night, Not           and chair-elects to gather and “check in” with each other on
   Tonight”, 6:00 - 10:00 p.m. at the State House Convention            the year’s progress; 6:00 p.m. at the JLLR Building; Dinner
   Center. Start your holiday season off right with a night of          provided; Contact: Mary-Margaret Marks (240-2448;
   not-so-silent fun! Enjoy heavy appetizers & drinks while   
   shopping. Live music by CRISIS!
                                                                    January 21 - General Meeting, 6:30 p.m. at the JLLR Building
November 12 - Holiday House, Private Shopping “A Very Merry
   Morning”, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon at the State                    January 26 - Lunch and Lead; *Opportunity for all JLLR
   House Convention Center. Enjoy brunch & coffee while                 members to gather for a brown bag lunch and presentation
   you shop!                                                            by Renie Rule (sustainer) on the “Art of the Hard
   General Shopping, 12:00 Noon - 9:00 p.m. at the State                Conversation”; 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. at the JLLR Building;
   House Convention Center. Tickets $7 / $15 for a 3-day pass.          Drinks and Dessert provided (brown bag lunch); Contact:
   Ladies Night Out “Stockings and Stilettos”, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.         Mary-Margaret Marks (240-2448;
   at the State House Convention Center. Get out with the     
   girls! Treat yourself to a Mexican buffet and 2 drinks.
November 13 - Holiday House, General Shopping, 9:00 a.m. -
   9:00 p.m. at the State House Convention Center.                  February 9 - Provisional Course Session ABCs, 6:30 p.m. at the
   Tickets $7 / $15 for a 3-day pass.                                   JLLR Building

November 14 - Holiday House - General Shopping,                     February 18 - General Meeting, 6:30 p.m. at the JLLR Building
   9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.. at the State House Convention                 Bargain Boutique Drop off
   Center.      Tickets $7 / $15 for a 3-day pass.
   “Cookies & Milk”, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon at the State            February 24 - Bargain Boutique Drop off, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
   House Convention Center. Don’t miss this popular event
   that your kids will love! Children’s story time with cookies     February 25 - Bargain Boutique Drop off,

36   Interaction l Holiday 2009
     8:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon.
     Bargain Boutique “Preview Party”, 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.,                                  April 6 - Nightingales Spring BBQ, 5:15 p.m. at Arkansas
     Tickets are $15 or free if you are a consigner                                          Children’s Hospital

February 26 - Bargain Boutique: Women and Children’s                                      April 10 - Be Wise: Immunize, Health and Immunization Fair,
    Consignment Sale. 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. at the JLLR                                       10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at Southwest Community Center.
    Building. Includes new and gently used items, as well as                                  No cost. Open to the public. Contact: Jennifer Pierce
    new items from local retailers. Free admission. Contact:                                  (688-8859,
    Lindsey Gray (247-9723,
                                                                                          April 13 - Nightingales Spring BBQ, 6:00 p.m. at UAMS
February 27 - Bargain Boutique: Women and Children’s                                         Family Home
    Consignment Sale. 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the JLLR                                      Provisional Course Session ABCs, 6:30 p.m. at the JLLR
    Building. Includes new and gently used items, as well as                                 Building
    new items from local retailers. Free admission. Contact:
    Lindsey Gray (247-9723,                                    April 15 - General Meeting, 6:30 p.m. at the JLLR Building
    Pick Up Items, 3:00p.m. - 4:30p.m. Contact: Lindsey Gray
    (501-247-9723,                                             April 21 - Sustainers Spring Luncheon, 12:00 Noon at the
                                                                                              JLLR Building
March 9 - Provisional Placement Meeting, 6:30 p.m. at the JLLR
   Building, ALL Provisional’s                                                            May 11 - Provisional End of Year Party -
                                                                                             ALL PROVISIONALS attend
March 31 - Membership Dues Must Be Paid by this Date
                                                                                          May 20 - Annual Meeting, 6:30 p.m. at the JLLR Building

                                                                                          May 28 - May 30 - Riverfest


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                                                                                                                                     Interaction l Holiday 2009   37
     The Junior League of Little Rock Expresses Gratitude for the
     Contributions Made by Our 2009-2010 Corporate Sponsors




              BRONZE                                     COPPER
              Bancorp South                              Delta Trust & Bank
              Coca-Cola Bottling Company                 Golden Eagle Distributing
              Harbor Distributing                        Harvey & Bernice Jones Eye Center
              Premium Refreshment Services               Lulav Eatery
              Rx Catering                                Middleton Heating & Air
                                                         Small World Big Fun
                                                         Southwest EAP
                                                         UALR Children’s International

      The Junior League of Little Rock expresses appreciation for the opportunities provided in a grant funded
             through Bank of America to expand its community programs within the city of Little Rock.
38   Interaction l Holiday 2009
Interaction l Holiday 2009   39
Sponsor Profiles:
                              The Intel on Our Sponsors                                            By Amanda Gibson

The Junior League of Little Rock has extended its reach              Presented by the Arkansas Arts Center in cooperation with the
throughout our community of Little Rock, but without the             Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the exhibit showcases more than
partnerships forged with its sponsors, it would not have been able   200 magnificent artifacts including a majestic colossus of Ramses
to accomplish all that it has. Our sponsors share the same passion   II, rich Egyptian art, beautiful amulets and jewelry, exquisite
for volunteerism and service to the community as our members.        statues, and elegant stone objects. The exhibit runs September
Here you can learn more about some of our Platinum sponsors.         25, 2009 through July 5, 2010 and is a must-see for all ages.

                                                                     Our city also offers several family friendly attractions, including
                                                                     the state’s only zoo, a children’s museum downtown, a ride on
                                                                     the electric streetcar trolley, and the list goes on and on. You can
                                                                     travel to west Little Rock for an abundance of shopping, dining
                                                                     and additional entertainment choices. And, we would be remiss
                                                                     if we didn’t mention our more than 550 restaurants that offer a
                                                                     variety of dishes, from southern comfort foods to the finest of
                                                                     upscale cuisines.

Experience Little Rock                                               This year we encourage you to treat yourself, at home, in Little
Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau                           Rock! With all of this to offer, it’s no wonder people are talking
The Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau (LRCVB) is            about Arkansas’s capital city, and the best news is that the
a full-service bureau, providing support in planning meetings,       majority of the destination attractions here are FREE! We also
conventions or trips to the city including information on hotels,    invite you to join our free Experience Little Rock membership
dining, attractions, transportation and much more. LRCVB offers      program to get information about valuable dining specials and
visitors and residents information via the many information          promotions within the city. So, the next time someone asks:
centers located throughout town. LRCVB is also the one-stop-         Where Do You Rock? Tell them, Little Rock!
shop for calendar of events listings and all of the destination
offerings at                                     For more information on events and all of the great things to see
                                                                     and do in Little Rock visit
Little Rock continues to be a popular site for conventions,
meetings and travelers from across the country, and throughout       Eric Rob & Isaac
the world. Let us help you bring your professional organization’s    Eric Rob & Isaac is a full-service marketing/advertising/public
next regional or national meeting to Little Rock. Contact LRCVB’s    relations firm formed in 2004 by experienced marketing
sales team at 501-376-4781 or email:           professionals Eric Lancaster, Rob Bell and Isaac Alexander.
                                                                     Located in the thriving River Market district in downtown Little
Now is also the perfect time for residents to get out and            Rock, the agency has quickly grown and developed a reputation
experience their hometown. Little Rock touts many truly unique       for both its creativity and strategic marketing efforts for clients
offerings that can only be found here, such as the country’s         like First Security Bancorp, Riverfest, 7-Eleven, Fox Ridge Senior
newest Presidential Library complete with an exact replica of        Living Communities, I.O. Metro, North Little Rock Visitors
the United States Oval Office, great museums like the Old State      Bureau, Doe’s Eat Place, Conway Area Chamber of Commerce,
House Museum, the oldest surviving state capitol west of the         CARTI, Little Rock Downtown Partnership, Methodist Family
Mississippi River, major civil rights memorials of the Little Rock   Health, Junior League of Little Rock and many others.
Nine and Little Rock Central High School, and the Big Dam            For more information about the firm, visit
Bridge, the longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in the country
built only for that purpose.                                         KURB (B98.5)
                                                                     When you think about B98.5 in Little Rock, “Sports!” probably
In addition to that fabulous line-up, Little Rock has recently       isn’t on the list of things that first pops into your mind. But
celebrated new destination additions such as the opening of          “Kids!” may be on that list, in fact we hope that it is! But
Heifer Village, a hands-on educational experience where visitors     something unique has happened in Central Arkansas where
can learn about solutions that are currently being employed to       sports + kids = B98.5. That unique thing is The Miracle League
combat global issues. Little Rock has also been chosen as one        of Arkansas.
of only 4 locations in North America to host an ancient Egyptian
Exhibition- World of the Pharaohs: Treasures of Egypt Revealed.      From its inception, The Miracle League has been on the radar
                                                                     for B98.5. For those who haven’t experienced it yet, allow us
40   Interaction l Holiday 2009
to introduce you to one of the best uses of your time and that
of your children! The Miracle League is a baseball league for
children and adults that have been diagnosed with a wide range
of disabilities. We have seen children who suffer with autism
who have learned to focus and come out of their shell, and we
have seen the joy on the face of a young girl who has spina bifida
experience the thrill of rounding third and scoring a run to the
thunderous applause of the crowd.

The role that B98.5 took on early, and continues to take, is that
of advocate, friend, volunteer. All of our on air staff at some
point or another has volunteered at the Miracle League. The           Peabody Service Excellence – extraordinary service, attention
Miracle League matches “buddies” with each player. On any             to the most minute details and flawless execution – ensures that
given Saturday morning you will find a member of our staff, or a      meetings exceed expectations. The Peabody team services all
family member of our staff, in the outfield at the Miracle League     catering to the convention center.
field helping out.
                                                                      In addition to the many major galas and business events hosted
You see, baseball is the vehicle that is used to reach these kids,    at The Peabody Little Rock, many weddings are hosted there
both Miracle League players and the typical child that buddies.       as well. Popular venues for include the intimate Riverview
It’s not just the children that benefit. Come out to the Miracle      and Pinnacle Rooms and the opulent Arkansas and Peabody
League Field at Jr. Deputy and see for yourself. See the parents      Ballrooms. All offer prime views of the Arkansas River and
that get to sit in the stands for an hour and be parents instead of   surrounding city lights.
caregivers. See the brothers and sisters of these kids who will
be on the field with them helping to run the bases. See the well      The hotel’s top catering staff and culinary staff continually wow
known Arkansan in a role that you aren’t used to, but makes them      guests with artful presentation. Managers who specialize in
so very human. See the love on the face of a child that has faced     planning wedding celebrations can assist couples in selecting
challenges beyond those that we will ever face, just because          the right rooms and setups for their cocktail parties, ceremonies,
someone takes an hour to volunteer.                                   receptions and more. The catering team works closely with
                                                                      members of the culinary staff to make certain drinks, entrees,
Something that we have seen at B98.5 through our involvement          hors d’oeuvres and cakes reflect couples’ styles and designs. For
has been the way that this sport has helped these children develop    the perfect final touch, The Peabody Little Rock guest services
physically. So many of our Miracle League players have gained         staff can surprise wedding guests with thoughtful touches,
skill and confidence, and it has been such a blessing to watch        including guestroom turndown services, gift baskets and even
from within as these children flourish.                               in-car party favors, discreetly left by valets.

When we first heard about the Miracle League at B98.5, they           Many visitors come to the hotel simply for leisure or one-on-one
had no money, no location and no players. Now, five years later       business meetings, though. Whether you seek an in-town retreat
it has grown to the point of running three leagues, including         or a superior suite for a special colleague, The Peabody Little
one for adults. It has become the beneficiary of one of the most      Rock delivers. Corporate accounts can be set up for businesses
anticipated events each winter and it has seen growth to include a    who book more than 20 rooms per year, and overnight and
Miracle League field being built in Northwest Arkansas. We are        weekend packages can be found online at www.peabodylittleroc
thankful for our relationship with the Miracle League, its players Guests enjoy the convenience of in-room dining available
and their parents, and all the volunteers that make it all work.      at any time, valet parking, complimentary newspapers and a
                                                                      state-of-the-art fitness center.
The Peabody Little Rock
A AAA Four-Diamond property, The Peabody Little Rock offers           And, of course, no visit would be complete without catching the
unsurpassed luxury. From the well-appointed guest rooms and           Peabody Ducks. Guests of all ages enjoy watching the ducks
meeting spaces to the elegant dining in Capriccio Grill Italian       march to and from their lobby fountain home in the hotel at 11
Steakhouse, the hotel offers a chic experience for locals and         a.m. and 5 p.m. daily.
visitors alike.
                                                                      Young guests can now enjoy a unique adventure play area
A hotel designed with meetings in mind, The Peabody and               between the hotel and the Arkansas River: Peabody Park sports
the connected Statehouse Convention Center are the premier            green space, tunnels, a tube slide, a climbing wall, a splash
meetings and convention locations in the state. More than 40,000      fountain, a spacenet and a “tree room.” The new, elevated Ozark
square feet of meeting space – plus an additional 200,000 in the      Pavilion overlooks the river and splash fountain.
convention center – accommodate the coziest gatherings to the
largest galas.                                                        For more information, call 501-906-4000 or visit
                                                                                                                Interaction l Holiday 2009   41
                                  Advertiser Index
                                  Arkansas Academy of Dance        37
                                  Barce Jewelry                     7
                                  Boots Barnett Warrick            26
                                  Boswell Mourot Gallery            7
                                  Daniel Webb                      17
                                  Danyelle Walker                  23
                                  Dr. Lamar Lane                    9
                                  Episcopal Collegiate             43
                                  Franklin Artists Entertainment   34
                                  Hamilton-Mayton Antiques       43
                                  Harding University             42
                                  Historic Arkansas Museum       23
                                  Jack Nelson Jones              31
                                  Janet Jones           Back Cover
                                  Junior League Building         19
                                  Junior League Holiday House 29
                                  Little Rock Paper Scissors     37
                                  Little Rock Prepartory Academy 17
                                  Little Rock Zoo                17
                                  Metropolitan Bank              39
                                  Mr. Wicks                      13
                                  Oxford American Magazine       25
                                  Pampered Chef                  16
                                  Pike Realty Group               7
                                  Ragsland                       34
                                  Rare Finds                     15
                                  Rejuvenation Clinic             5
                                  Richardson Monroe Dentistry 29
                                  Salon DeVal                    33
                                  Signature Events               13
                                  Simmons Bank                    3
                                  Sissy’s Log Cabin              27
                                  Star Bar Lounge                39
                                  The Anthony School             31
                                  The Little Gym of Little Rock  42
                                  The Women’s Clinic             35
                                  Tipton and Hurst                9
                                  Toby Fairley Interior Design   21
                                  Trapnall Hall                  33
                                  Vondran Orthodontics            5
                                  UAMS                            2

42   Interaction l Holiday 2009
Interaction l Holiday 2009   43
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         ������������������������� ��������                                      �


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