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					Bio Profile of Mike Shiley
Mike Shiley, producer/director of Shidog Films is a photographer, filmmaker and
freelance journalist. He has recently returned from two months in Iraq, developing
exclusive stories for ABC World News Tonight, Nightline and Good Morning
America as well as ABC-TV affiliates KATU-Portland, OR, KMGH-Denver, CO
and WFTS-Tampa/St. Petersburg FL, international humanitarian aid groups and
a variety of online news services.

His new film is entitled, Inside Iraq: The Untold Stories, an 80-minute documentary
that highlights the challenges, opportunities and the inside lives of the Iraqi people
and the US soldiers stationed in Iraq.

Mike traveled extensively throughout Iraq from the Kurdish controlled region in
the North, through the infamous Sunni Triangle in central Iraq and to the sacred
Shiite controlled cities in the South. He visited impoverished villages with
Western medical teams, went on night patrols along the Syrian border in a tank
squadron, flew over the country in a Blackhawk helicopter and walked the streets
of Baghdad uncovering the lives of the Iraqi people.

Mike literally risked his life every day to bring you this film.

Mike has also worked as a freelance photographer for CNN covering the war in
Sarajevo, trekked to Everest Base Camp in Nepal and completed a 3,000 mile solo
bicycle trip from British Columbia, Canada to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Mike is
also an accomplished scuba diver and as a certified Divemaster, he has guided over
250 dives in the Red Sea in Egypt.

Mike has produced travel films on Iraq, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia. He has
visited 36 countries and loves meeting people, especially children, from around the
world. Mike is 37, single and lives in Portland, Oregon with his dog, Bear.

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