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Skates alive program

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                                          MIDWAY WEST
                                    AREA COMPETITION
                                            Co-hosted by
                            Skate Canada - Central Ontario
                          and the Georgetown Skating Club


December 13th to 14th, 2008
Mold-Masters SportsPlex
221 Guelph Street
Georgetown, Ontario

    Central Ontario
                                  Sanctioned by Skate Canada

      A proud supporter
of strong community values!
              2008 Skates Alive Organizing Committee
Skates Alive Co-Chairs................Susan McNeil, Georgetown Skating Club
                                         Karen Syme, Skate Canada – Central Ontario
Event Program .......................................................................Linda Cousins
Event Registrar................................................................................Jill Miller
Fundraising ...............................................Karen Allen & Mary Ellen Difazio
Hospitality – Volunteers ..............................................................Laura Rees
Hospitality – Coaching .....................................Lauren Bandy & JD Gilmour
Ice Captain Co-ordinator ...........................................................Anne Basha
Security ..............................................................................Gwen McFadden
Set-up .....................................................................................Craig Borotsik
Skater Relations ....................................................................Kathy Lambert
Sponsorship, Advertising & Public Relations ......Karen Allen & Laura Rees
Ticket Sales .......................................................................Gwen McFadden
Treasurer ......................................................................................Mike Miller
Volunteer Coordinator .........................................................Brenda Yalowica

                    Welcome to the Participating Clubs
                              Acton Figure Skating Club
                          Caledon Centennial Skating Club
                              Dufferin-Peel Skating Club
                            Elora & District Skating Club
                             Fergus Figure Skating Club
                               Georgetown Skating Club
                           Hillsburgh Figure Skating Club
                                  Milton Skating Club
                                Shelburne Skating Club
                       Skate Canada Brampton-Chinguacousy
                              Skate Canada Orangeville
                    Streetsville-Meadowvale Figure Skating Club

                              A MESSAGE FROM THE GEORGETOWN SKATING CLUB

  On behalf of the Georgetown Skating Club Board of Directors and Members, I would like to welcome
the skaters, coaches, families and friends from the Midway West Area to the 2008 Skates Alive

  We are very excited to be co-hosting this skating competition with Skate Canada – Central Ontario
during our club’s 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2008. This event represents a tremendous
opportunity to impart our club’s passion for skating with you and hope your skating experience is both fun
and memorable.

   I wish to express our sincere appreciation to the 2008 Skates Alive Organizing Committee for their
dedication, and in particular a special thank you to our Event Co-Chairs Karen Syme and Susan McNeil
and our Event Registrar Jill Miller for their leadership. Thank you also to the many volunteers for your
time and commitment to providing your service to the skating community.

  Thank you to our many event sponsors that have generously donated financial and in-kind support.
Your contribution supports this skating event and allows the continued development of skating programs
within our communities.

  All the best during this holiday season and happy skating!


Laura Rees, President
GeorgetownSkating Club

             Sanctioned by:

             162 Guelph Street, Suite 235, Georgetown, Ontario L7G 5X7 P: 905-866-2330
             Website: • Email:

Greetings from Mayor Rick Bonnette
Town of Halton Hills

  On behalf of the Council for the Town of Halton Hills, I welcome everyone
to the 2008 Skates Alive Competition at the Mold-Masters SportsPlex on
Friday, December 12th to Sunday, December 14th, 2008.

  Congratulations to the Georgetown and Skate Canada – Central Ontario
Section for hosting this exciting event. I commend all the participants,
organizers, coaches, and volunteers for their dedication and ongoing

 Enjoy this year’s Competition which I am sure will be one of great fun and
good fellowship!


Mayor Rick Bonnette.

Wellington - Halton Hills Provincial Riding Office
Fergus, Ontario

                   As the Member of Provincial Parliament for the
                   Riding of Wellington-Halton Hills, I am happy to
                   extend a warm welcome to everyone visiting
                   Halton Hills for the 2008 Skates Alive

On behalf of the residents of Wellington-Halton Hills,
I am pleased to extend our appreciation and thanks
to all the sponsors, volunteers and fans for their
outstanding efforts in serving our communities and their
dedication to the Georgetown.

I hope you enjoy all that our community has to offer and that you
will visit us again soon!

Best wishes

Ted Arnott, M.P.P.
Wellington-Halton Hills

                      Saturday, December 13, 2008
8:00am   Introductory A Freeskate Women           9:30am  Introductory A Freeskate Women
         Group 1                                          Group 5
         Amanda Gryniewski        SMFSC                   Amy Conroy                 Acton
         Bianca Zamora            SMFSC                   Cassandra Smith     Georgetown
         Devyn Chiappino            Milton                Danielle Serra           SMFSC
         Hannah Borotsik     Georgetown                   Jessica Stables     Georgetown
         Helen Carle         Georgetown                   Julia Spagnuolo            Milton
         Jamie Knoblauch            Milton                Katie Sell                 Milton
         Kaitlyn MacLean          SMFSC                   Kayla Willett              Acton
         Kathryn Beri             SMFSC                   Renata Wong                Milton
         Katie Walker               Milton                Sarah Cave           Orangeville
8:20am   Introductory A Freeskate Women                   Skylar Dempster      Orangeville
         Group 2                                  9:55am Introductory A Freeskate Women
         Abagail Dodds              DPSC                  Group 6
         Allyson Skoryk             Milton                Allison MacLennan          Milton
         Anya Chuprys             SMFSC                   Caitlyn Connors      Orangeville
         Corrina Servos      Georgetown                   Claire Allen        Georgetown
         Emma Starratt             Fergus                 Ivana Drapeau              SCBC
         Madeleine Maitland         Milton                Javaria Mughal           SMFSC
         Madison Babineau           Milton                Jessica Schultz            SCBC
         Perri McPhail              Milton                Jordan Warren            SMFSC
         Sara Marchello           SMFSC                   Leeann Young               Milton
8:45am   Introductory A Freeskate Women                   Paige Allen         Georgetown
         Group 3                                          Vincenza Grimaldi          DPSC
         Julia Marsi                SCBC          10:20am Introductory A Freeskate Women
         Kristine Ienciu     Georgetown                   Group 7
         Lindsay Clarke             Milton                Amelia Judge            Caledon
         Mackenzie Harris           DPSC                  Dayna Weir            Hillsburgh
         Marrisa Seto             SMFSC                   Haley Daniel         Orangeville
         Melanie Corrigan         SMFSC                   Jamie Anderson             SCBC
         Melyssa Mainprize          Milton                Jessica McCann             Milton
         Monserrat Veloso           Milton                Kate Henry              Caledon
         Sydney Scicluna          SMFSC                   Liliko Yanagawa          SMFSC
9:05am   Introductory A Freeskate Women                   Lily McGuire               DPSC
         Group 4                                          Megan Praught       Georgetown
         Allison Duffy           Caledon                  Riane Masse                Acton
         Ange Yanagawa            SMFSC           10:45am Introductory A Freeskate Men
         Breanna Young              SCBC                  Chris Brown          Orangeville
         Katie Abrams        Georgetown                   Douglas Hayes              Milton
         Mallory Mason              Milton                James Robart-Morgan        Acton
         Nicole Feiguelman        SMFSC                   Malcolm Kowan              SCBC
         Reese Lawson               Milton                Sean Reiners         Orangeville
         Shanace Faria            SMFSC                   Wesley Kittle        Orangeville
         Tori Glogowski             Acton         11:00am FLOOD


                      Saturday, December 13, 2008
11:10am Introductory B Freeskate Women           GROUP 2
        Deanna Fidlin              Acton         Debbi's Marvelous Mmm's SCBC
        Katharine Azzopardi        Acton         Madisan Grant
        Laura Sinclair           SMFSC           Manisha Jayasundrea
        Leisha Fernando          SMFSC           Megan Pannozzo,
        LindsayClapham        Orangeville        Debbi's Triple 'A'       SCBC
        RachelThomsen        Georgetown          Analeah Esguerra
11:25am Pre-Preliminary I Team Elements          Aysia Leon
        Group 1 & 2                              Aysu Usta
        GROUP 1                                  Fancy Feet          Georgetown
        Bedazzle Girls       Georgetown          Katie Abrams
        Brianna Basha                            Kristine Ienciu
        Emma Williams                            M and M                  SCBC
        Danielle Scarferla                       Melanie Gill
        Debbi's Dynamoes          SCBC           Meaghan Smith
        Valeri Ibarra                            Night Sky           Georgetown
        Holly Shaw                               Emma Ayers
        Zina Issac                               Megan Praught
        Girls in Black       Georgetown          Emily Robertson
        Teana Graziani                           Robin's Double Trouble   SCBC
        Natashia Gushue                          Brooklyn Lake
        Nancy's Double Trouble SCBC              Zoe Levi
        Sophie Puzzo                             Robin's Rubys            SCBC
        Jodie Weber-Paolone                      Sierra McPhee
        Robin's Rhinstones        SCBC           Tessa Rankie
        Melina Mancini
        Evelyn O'Hara,
        Laura O'Hara
        Spunky Monkeys       Georgetown
        Brittany Bates
        Alexandria McPhail
        Rachel Thomsen

                     Saturday, December 13, 2008
11:40am Pre-Preliminary II Team Elements        12:00pm Preliminary Team Elements &
        Debbi's Dazzlers           SCBC                 Junior Bronze Team Elements
        Richard Beauchesne                              Crazy Catz                SCBC
        Emily Hillyer                                   Sandrine Parent
        Debbi's Diamonds           SCBC                 Abigail Thoms
        Emma Duffenais                                  Double Trouble Girls      SCBC
        Ashley Pannozzo                                 Camila Gonzalez
        McFarlane's MacSeegles SCBC                     Shaunna Neilson
        Ivana Drapeau                                   Karla's Stars        Orangeville
        Aveeva Switzer                                  Cassandra Feuerpfeil
        N Squared                  SCBC                 Logan Kamer
        Nicole Benson                                   Razzle Dazzle        Georgetown
        Natalie Duarte                                  Josee Furness
        Tara's Little Sunshines    SCBC                 Holly McNeil
        Rachel Brent                                    The Gator Skaters         DPSC
        Darion Humphrey                                 Alexandra Meyerink
        The Fire Crackers Georgetown                    Sarah Meyerink
        Haley Lambert                                   Sarah Rooyakkers
        Alex Prong                                      Acton Super Heroes        Acton
        Samantha Yalowica                               Taryn Christopher
        The Lucky Willows          Acton                Kayla Turco
        Rachael Podaras                                 Danielle Spear
        Kayla Willett                                   Dazzling Duo              SCBC
        Triple Edge          Georgetown                 Alyssa Corcoran
        Cameron Commisso                                Tiffany Gandanyi
        Alexie Warner                                   Debbi's Darlings          SCBC
        Antonia Pancevski                               Alana Bertolo
        Vix Chix                   Acton                Merissa Lompart
        Samantha Burton                                 Alev Usta
        Emma Hollings                                   Hot Tamales               SCBC
        Three Amigos              Fergus                Jessica Bernardo
        Lorene Dyer                                     Victoria Cockburn
        Amelia Norkooli                                 Emily Thoms
        Brittany Sheehy                         12:15pm Open Team Elements
                                                        Dazzling Duo              SCBC
                                                        Talyssa Ferrer
                                                        Sabrina Forrester
                                                        J + A in Cahoots          SCBC
                                                        Arianna Dancziger
                                                        Jessica McCann

                      Saturday, December 13, 2008
12:25pm Pre-Preliminary A Freeskate              1:10pm   Pre-Preliminary A Freeskate
        Women Group 1                                     Women Group 3
        Caroline Holicks     Georgetown                   Alison Lynch          Orangeville
        Crystal Chung            SMFSC                    Brittany Bates       Georgetown
        Laura O'Hara              SCBC                    Caroline DiBlasio        SMFSC
        Lauren Ogrodnik          SMFSC                    Isabella Varrasso         Milton
        Melina Mancini            SCBC                    Jaime Gardner             Milton
        Rachel Chan                Milton                 Laura Godin           Orangeville
        Sarah Paleczny           SMFSC                    Maya Kralj               SMFSC
        Sierra McPhee             SCBC                    Melanie Gill              SCBC
        Simran Bal                SCBC                    Vanessa Bodruzic          SCBC
12:45pm Pre-Preliminary A Freeskate              1:30pm   Pre-Preliminary A Freeskate
        Women Group 2                                     Women Group 4
        Avery Teeple          Orangeville                 Brooklyn Lake             SCBC
        Brianne Johnson       Orangeville                 Jade Martin          Georgetown
        Carissa Kri                Acton                  Julia Goudreau          Caledon
        Evelyn O'Hara             SCBC                    Lauren Saito             SMFSC
        Julia Newton           Shelburne                  Lyndsay Lang             SMFSC
        Maya DeGiorgis           SMFSC                    Natalie Duarte            SCBC
        Monique Poirier           SCBC                    Rachel Logan         Georgetown
        Oriana Harris              Milton                 Shelby Dockendorff        Milton
        Zoe Levi                  SCBC                    Teana Graziani       Georgetown

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                       Saturday, December 13, 2008
1:55pm   Pre-Preliminary A Freeskate               3:30pm    Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate
         Women Group 5                                       Women Group 3
         Danielle Scarferla   Georgetown                     Alanna Medeiros          SMFSC
         Emily Ward                  SCBC                    Alexandria McPhail   Georgetown
         Emma Duffenais              SCBC                    Amelia Norkooli           Fergus
         Erica Rodgers          Shelburne                    Avery Lane Beatty          Milton
         Kaitlyn Wessinger           Milton                  Megan McKenzie           SMFSC
         Meghan Veerasammy           SCBC                    Natalie Pundsack     Georgetown
         Natashia Gushue      Georgetown                     Samantha Chin            SMFSC
         Samantha Joubran            SCBC                    Taylor Price          Orangeville
         Sara Weishar          Orangeville                   Tessa Rankie               SCBC
2:15pm   Pre-Preliminary A Freeskate               3:50pm    Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate
         Women Group 6                                       Women Group 4
         Bailey Haughton       Orangeville                   Becky Long                 DPSC
         Elizabeth So             SMFSC                      Brianna Basha        Georgetown
         Jessica D'Vaz               SCBC                    Cailie McGuire           SMFSC
         Jodie Weber-Paolone         SCBC                    Camila Gonzalez            SCBC
         Josai Peavoy           Hillsburgh                   Chloe Crawford            Fergus
         Kerry Ferguson         Hillsburgh                   Emma Williams        Georgetown
         Meg Allen                   Acton                   Jackie Johnson       Georgetown
         Megan Foster                 Elora                  Madeline Christopher       Acton
         Nicole Benson               SCBC                    Valeri Ibarra              SCBC
         Sarah Salt                  Milton
2:40pm   FLOOD
2:50pm   Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate
         Women Group 1
         Cameron Commisso Georgetown
         Emma Hollings               Acton
         Jensen Croughan            Fergus
         Julia Luchak             SMFSC
         Kaitlyn Hall                Milton
         Kathryn Starratt           Fergus
         Kristal Cerga            SMFSC
         Sarah Ford                  Milton
3:10pm   Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate
         Women Group 2
         Alexie Warner        Georgetown                    Downtown Georgetown
         Antonia Pancevski    Georgetown
         Cheyene Good               Fergus
         Julia Ma
         Rachel Podaras
                                                             905 877-2711
         Riley McGuire            SMFSC
         Samantha Burton             Acton
         Sarah Meyerink              DPSC

            Good Luck
 Skate Canada Brampton-Chinguacousy would like
 to wish good luck to all competitors and coaches
who take part in this years Skates Alive competition.

Thank you to the many officials and volunteers who
          help make this event possible.

Thank you Georgetown Skating Club for hosting the
          2008 Skates Alive Competition

                        Saturday, December 13, 2008
4:15pm    Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate               5:45pm   Pre-Preliminary STARSkate
          Women Group 5                                      Women Group 2
          Alicia Vail                 DPSC                   Caroline Deluce            Milton
          Amanda Thomas               DPSC                   Darion Humphrey            SCBC
          Ashley Pannozzo             SCBC                   Josephine Zwolski        SMFSC
          Brianna Capostagno Georgetown                      Katya Durmanova          SMFSC
          Jessica Mackenzie     Orangeville                  Madeline Brailsford   Orangeville
          Sarah Young          Georgetown                    Maria Denk               SMFSC
          Tanvir Mann                 SCBC                   Rachel Brent               SCBC
          Victoria Littlejohn         SCBC                   Tara Dodds                 DPSC
          Yuting Cai                 Fergus                  Victoria Melao           SMFSC
4:35pm    Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate               6:05pm   Pre-Preliminary STARSkate
          Women Group 6                                      Women Group 3
          Amanda Ward                 SCBC                   Alexandra Meyerink         DPSC
          Amanda Rodrigues            SCBC                   Cassidy Teeple        Orangeville
          Anaita Kharwanwala          SCBC                   Lauren Hutchings         SMFSC
          Claire McGratton           Fergus                  Madison Carmichael       SMFSC
          Jasmine Daysant             SCBC                   Olivia Marchello         SMFSC
          Lorene Dyer                Fergus                  Sabrina Bower              DPSC
          Molly Botter                SCBC                   Samantha Yalowica    Georgetown
          Rebecca MacDougall     Hillsburgh                  Vanessa Rheault            Acton
          Sabrina Watson         Hillsburgh                  Veronica Scatton         SMFSC
5:00pm    Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate Men           6:30pm   Pre-Preliminary STARSkate
          Jacob Pollard            SMFSC                     Women Group 4
          Max Denk                 SMFSC                     Alexandra Prong      Georgetown
          Norris Spike                SCBC                   Caroline Ambler            SCBC
          Timuray Gokdemir            Milton                 Dakota Barron            SMFSC
5:10pm   Pre-Preliminary STARSkate                           Emily Hillyer              SCBC
          Women Group 1                                      Richard Beauchesne         SCBC
          Christine Burcher        SMFSC                     Sandrine Parent            SCBC
          Haley Lambert        Georgetown                    Tegan Molyneaux       Orangeville
          Jessica Vaca                Milton                 Tiffany Mayhew           SMFSC
          Kendall Glenn            SMFSC                     Zina Issach                SCBC
          Lauren Augustin             DPSC          6:50pm   Jr. Bronze A Freeskate Women
          Mackenzie Phelps            Milton                 Group 1
          Megan Walker                Milton                 Jade Stevens               SCBC
          Roxanne Rheault             Acton                  Juliet Harris              SCBC
          Sarah Iken                  Acton                  Kaitlyn Thompson           Acton
5:35pm    FLOOD                                              Kira Awrey               SMFSC
                                                             Maddisan Clarke            SCBC
                                                             Melissa Matthews       Shelburne
                                                             Nancy DiPaul             SMFSC
                                                             Sarah Buchanan            Fergus

Schedule of Events - Saturday, December 13, 2008
         TIME     EVENT
      8:00 AM     Introductory A Freeskate Women Group 1
      8:20 AM     Introductory A Freeskate Women Group 2
      8:45 AM     Introductory A Freeskate Women Group 3
      9:05 AM     Introductory A Freeskate Women Group 4
      9:30 AM     Introductory A Freeskate Women Group 5
      9:55 AM     Introductory A Freeskate Women Group 6
     10:20 AM     Introductory A Freeskate Women Group 7
     10:45 AM     Introductory A Freeskate Men
     11:00 AM     FLOOD
     11:10 AM     Introductory B Freeskate Women
     11:25 AM     Pre-Preliminary I Team Elements Group 1 & 2
     11:40 AM     Pre-Preliminary II Team Elements
     12:00 PM     Preliminary Team Elements
                  Junior Bronze Team Elements
     12:15   PM   Open Team Elements
     12:25   PM   Pre-Preliminary A Freeskate Women Group 1
     12:45   PM   Pre-Preliminary A Freeskate Women Group 2
      1:10   PM   Pre-Preliminary A Freeskate Women Group 3
      1:30   PM   Pre-Preliminary A Freeskate Women Group 4
      1:55   PM   Pre-Preliminary A Freeskate Women Group 5
      2:15   PM   Pre-Preliminary A Freeskate Women Group 6
      2:40   PM   FLOOD
      2:50   PM   Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate Women Group 1
      3:10   PM   Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate Women Group 2
      3:30   PM   Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate Women Group 3
      3:50   PM   Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate Women Group 4
      4:15   PM   Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate Women Group 5
      4:35   PM   Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate Women Group 6
      5:00   PM   Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate Men
      5:10   PM   Pre-Preliminary STARSkate Women Group 1
      5:35   PM   FLOOD
      5:45   PM   Pre-Preliminary STARSkate Women Group 2
      6:05   PM   Pre-Preliminary STARSkate Women Group 3
      6:30   PM   Pre-Preliminary STARSkate Women Group 4
      6:50   PM   Jr. Bronze A Freeskate Women Group 1
      7:25   PM   Jr. Bronze A Freeskate Women Group 2
      8:00   PM   Jr. Bronze A Freeskate Women Group 3
      8:30   PM   FLOOD
      8:40   PM   Jr. Bronze STARSkate Freeskate Women Gr. 1
      9:15   PM   Jr. Bronze STARSkate Freeskate Women Gr. 2
      9:45   PM   Jr. Bronze STARSkate Freeskate Women Gr. 3
     10:15   PM   Bronze Triathlon Skill
     10:25   PM   GOOD NIGHT

Schedule of Events - Sunday, December 14, 2008
        TIME   EVENT
     8:00 AM   Sr. Bronze STARSkate Freeskate Women
     8:40 AM   Sr. Bronze STARSkate Freeskate Men
     8:50 AM   Jr. Silver STARSkate Freeskate Women
     9:15 AM   Sr. Silver STARSkate Freeskate Women
     9:30 AM   Bronze Triathlon Interpretive
     9:40 AM   Bronze Exhibition & Gold Dance Biathlon Compulsory Dances
     9:50 AM   CanSkate Individual Elements Women Blue/Orange Exhibition
    10:00 AM   CanSkate Individual Elements Women Purple
    10:05 AM   CanSkate Individual Elements Women Green
    10:15 AM   CanSkate Team Elements - Bubble Bees/Sunshines/Rainbows
    10:30 AM   Preliminary A Freeskate Women Group 1
    10:55 AM   FLOOD
    11:05 AM   Preliminary A Freeskate Women Group 2
    11:30 AM   Preliminary A Freeskate Women Group 3
    11:55 AM   Preliminary A Freeskate Women Group 4
    12:20 PM   Preliminary B Freeskate Women Group 1
    12:50 PM   Preliminary B Freeskate Women Group 2
     1:20 PM   Preliminary STARSkate Freeskate Women
     1:45 PM   FLOOD
     2:05 PM   Pre-Preliminary & Preliminary Showcase
     2:20 PM   Group/Family Showcase
     2:30 PM   Pre-Introductory Interpretive
     2:50 PM   Introductory Interpretive
     3:10 PM   Bronze Interpretive
     3:30 PM   Silver Interpretive
     3:50 PM   Gold Interpretive
     4:05 PM   Special Olympics Elements Level 3 & Freeskate
     4:20 PM   FLOOD
     4:30 PM   Pre-Preliminary Ice Dance Couples
     4:40 PM   Sr. Bronze Ice Dance Couples
     4:50 PM   Pre-Preliminary Solo Dance Group 1 & 2
     5:15 PM   Preliminary Solo Dance Group 1 & 2
     5:35 PM   Jr. Bronze Solo Dance Group 1 & 2
     5:50 PM   Jr. Bronze Solo Dance Group 3
     6:05 PM   Sr. Bronze Solo Dance Group 1 & 2
     6:25 PM   Jr. Silver Solo Dance
     6:40 PM   FLOOD
     6:50 PM   Senior Silver Solo Dance
     7:00 PM   Open Solo Dance
     7:15 PM   Bronze Triathlon Freeskate
     7:30 PM   Bronze Exhibition & Gold Biathlon Creative Dance
     7:40 PM   GOOD NIGHT

                      Saturday, December 13, 2008
7:25pm   Jr. Bronze A Freeskate Women             8:40pm   Jr. Bronze STARSkate Freeskate
         Group 2                                           Women Gr. 1
         Alyssa Corcoran            SCBC                   Danielle Spears            Acton
         Courtney VanLaare          SCBC                   Jordyn Harper              Milton
         Emily Thoms                SCBC                   Julia Naumann           SMFSC
         Kaitlyn Mackenzie     Orangeville                 Lindsay Biscaia        Caledon
         Kirsten Galea             Fergus                  Madeline Burcher        SMFSC
         Melissa McEnery            Acton                  Merissa Lompart            SCBC
         Nicole Brkic             SMFSC                    Nicola Augustin            DPSC
         Rachel Graveline         SMFSC                    Rachel Flewelling     Hillsburgh
         Serena Gill                Milton                 Tiffany Gadanyi            SCBC
8:00pm   Jr. Bronze A Freeskate Women
         Group 3
         Cassandra White       Orangeville
         Catie Mollenhauer    Georgetown
         Krista Fraser               Elora
         Maddie Lynch          Orangeville
         Melissa Fantauzzi        SMFSC                       Richard Camara
         Rebecca Hebert             SCBC                         Store Manager
         Taryn Christopher          Acton
         Victoria Cockburn          SCBC
8:30pm   FLOOD

                       STREETSVILLE-MEADOWVALE FSC

    Would like to wish all competitors a
                Personal Best
  at this year’s Skates Alive Competition.
                             Phone/Fax: 905-698-0477

                              Saturday, December 13, 2008
9:15pm    Jr. Bronze STARSkate Freeskate                9:45 pm Jr. Bronze STARSkate Freeskate
          Women Gr. 2                                           Women Gr. 3
          Alana Bertolo            SCBC                         Baillie Marshall          Acton
          Alexandra Boulding      SMFSC                         Colleen Collins           Milton
          Amanda Regan             DPSC                         Isabella Capone           DPSC
          Annie Zhang             SMFSC                         Jasmine Mah               SCBC
          Julia Mogus              Milton                       Jessica Bernardo          SCBC
          Kayla Turco              Acton                        Kendra Wilcox             Milton
          Sarah Kennedy       Orangeville                       Mara Florindi           SMFSC
          Tristen Moyaert         SMFSC                         Nicole Stewart             Elora
          Victoria Thomlinson      DPSC                 10:15pm Bronze Triathlon Skill
                                                                Alyssa Posca              SCBC
                                                                Georgia Huntley          Fergus
                                                        10:25pm GOOD NIGHT

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                        Sunday, December 13, 2008
8:00am   Sr. Bronze STARSkate Freeskate            9:50am  CanSkate Individual Elements
         Women                                             Blue/Orange Exhibition
         Alyssa Posca                SCBC                  BLUE
         Emily Vickery               Acton                 Brookelyn Greig             DPSC
         Emma Miller               SMFSC                   Catherine Carle      Georgetown
         Kaitlyn Bell                Milton                Chandra Servos       Georgetown
         Madeleine Commisso Georgetown                     Evelyn McPherson       Hillsburgh
         Sabrina Forrester           SCBC                  Julianna Miller      Georgetown
         Talyssa Ferrer              SCBC                  Lexie Delisle               DPSC
         Tanya Carscadden            Acton                 Marilena Escoto      Georgetown
8:40am   Sr. Bronze STARSkate Freeskate                    Mitchell Prescott           DPSC
         Men                                               Tamera Piercey              DPSC
         Connor Tasker             SMFSC                   ORANGE - Exhibition
         Drew Mendelson        Orangeville                 Grace Ayers          Georgetown
8:50am   Jr. Silver STARSkate Freeskate            10:00am CanSkate Individual Elements
         Women                                             Purple
         Erin Rodenburg              Milton                Aaron Vail                  DPSC
         Monique Daoust            SMFSC                   Jennifer Fone        Georgetown
         Rosslyn Schultz             Milton                Brianna Schuler        Hillsburgh
         Simone ten Kortenaar       Fergus         10:05am CanSkate Individual Elements
         Trisha Stevens              SCBC                  Green
9:15am   Sr. Silver STARSkate Freeskate                    Abbey Lenardon              Milton
         Women                                             Alicia Way             Shelburne
         Courtney Gray             SMFSC                   Bengie Maxwell         Shelburne
         Katie Verissimo             SCBC                  Carly Way              Shelburne
         Kendra Paguaga              Milton                Emily Iwamoto           Caledon
9:30am   Bronze Triathlon Interpretive                     Emma DeVries         Georgetown
         Alyssa Posca                SCBC                  Jaidyn McFadden      Georgetown
         Georgia Huntley            Fergus                 Rebecca White          Shelburne
9:40am   Bronze Exhibition &                               Sarah Basha          Georgetown
         Julie-Anne Mendoza/       SMFSC
           Mackenzie Richardson
         Gold Dance Biathlon
         Compulsory Dances
         J.D. Gilmour/               SCBC
           Michelle Krolick
         Josh Belletti/             Fergus
           Nichole Duncan

                       Sunday, December 14, 2008
10:15am CanSkate Team Elements                  11:05am Preliminary A Freeskate Women
        Bubble Bees/Sunshines/                          Group 2
        Rainbows                                        Abigail Thoms               SCBC
        BUMBLE BEES                                     Brenda Ionescu               Elora
        As Good As Gold           DPSC                  Caroline Farrow            Fergus
        Brookelyn Greig                                 Dylan Chamberlain     Orangeville
        Tamera Piercey                                  Jacklyn Short               Milton
        Eva Van Etten                                   Jenna Crocker            SMFSC
        Princesses on PicksGeorgetown                   Jessica Laton               Acton
        Chandra Servos                                  Sarah Rooyakkers           Fergus
        Julianna Miller                         11:30am Preliminary A Freeskate Women
        2 Cute                    DPSC                  Group 3
        Lexie Delisle                                   Andrea Farkas               Milton
        Mitchell Prescott                               Justine McIntyre            Acton
        SUNSHINES                                       Madison Miller        Orangeville
        The Sunshines        Shelburne                  Rebecca Rioux               SCBC
        Hailey White                                    Sabrina Voisin             Fergus
        Taylor Way                                      Shaunna Neilson             SCBC
        Double Trouble           SCBC                   Stephanie Lien           SMFSC
        Haley Koyanagi                                  Stephanie Trofymowych SMFSC
        Kayla Peddle                            11:55am Preliminary A Freeskate Women
        RAINBOWS                                        Group 4
        The Blue Belles     Georgetown                  Alicia Medeiros          SMFSC
        Brooke-Lynn Cashera                             Holly McNeil         Georgetown
        Sarah Basha                                     Jessica Halliday           Fergus
        Jaidyn McFadden                                 Jessica Spina               SCBC
        The Rainbows         Shelburne                  Julie Anne Mendoza       SMFSC
        Emily Gordanier                                 Morgan McPhail              Milton
        Rachel Moore                                    Stephanie Rowland       Caledon
10:30am Preliminary A Freeskate Women                   Victoria Gallant      Orangeville
        Group 1                                 12:20pm Preliminary B Freeskate Women
        Alexandria Parker   Georgetown                  Group 1
        Amanda Carson        Orangeville                Alyssa Lacroix              SCBC
        Ceileigh O'Connor         SCBC                  Cassandra Feuerpfeil Orangeville
        Christina Jarvie        Caledon                 Dorothy Surya               SCBC
        Erin Loft               SMFSC                   Georgia Krilis           SMFSC
        Leanne Morrison          Fergus                 Gina McNeill                Milton
        Lindsay Christopher       Acton                 Kathleen Schupp             Acton
        Sara Fantauzzi          SMFSC                   Megan Geurts                DPSC
10:55am FLOOD                                           Megan Church           Hillsburgh
                                                        Natan Bowden             SMFSC
                                                        Rebecca Cose             SMFSC

                       Sunday, December 14, 2008
12:50pm Preliminary B Freeskate Women           2:30pm   Pre-Introductory Interpretive
        Group 2                                          Alexandra Boulding        SMFSC
        Amy Moorehead           SMFSC                    Chandler Gauthier         Caledon
        Deandra Holt            SMFSC                    Claire McGratton           Fergus
        Demetria Correia        SMFSC                    Jade Stevens                SCBC
        Jennifer Rowland        Caledon                  Jessica Laton               Acton
        Jennifer Collins          Milton                 Sabrina Bower               DPSC
        Jesika Azzopardi         SCBC           2:50pm   Introductory Interpretive
        Jessica Pasqua           SCBC                    Emily Thoms                 SCBC
        Josee Furness       Georgetown                   Holly McNeil          Georgetown
        Logan Kamer          Orangeville                 Kaitlyn Thompson            Acton
        Mercedes Brown       Orangeville                 Kathleen Schupp             Acton
1:20pm Preliminary STARSkate                             Rachael Dobson              Milton
        Freeskate Women                         3:10pm   Bronze Interpretive
        Alexandra Pockett         Milton                 Emma Miller               SMFSC
        Chae-Lynn Bailey          Milton                 Julia Naumann             SMFSC
        Emily Schneider           Milton                 Justine McIntyre            Acton
        Emma Mogus                Milton                 Kira Awrey                SMFSC
        Rachael Dobson            Milton                 Lindsay Christopher         Acton
        Tabitha Gillies           Milton                 Rebecca Hebert              SCBC
        Taylor Smith              Milton        3:30pm   Silver Interpretive
1:45pm FLOOD                                             Baillie Marshall            Acton
2:05pm Pre-Preliminary & Preliminary                     Courtney Gray             SMFSC
        Showcase                                         Emily Vickery               Acton
        PRE-PRELIMINARY SHOWCASE                         Krista Fraser                Elora
        Darion Humphrey          SCBC                    Nicole Stewart               Elora
        Julia Newton          Shelburne                  Taryn Christopher           Acton
        Sandrine Parent          SCBC           3:50pm   Gold Interpretive
        PRELIMINARY SHOWCASE                             Bronte Vincent             Fergus
        Abigail Thoms            SCBC                    Cosette Rodriguez         SMFSC
        Rachel Brent             SCBC                    Josh Belletti              Fergus
2:20pm Group/Family Showcase                             Victoria Cockburn           SCBC
        Pirates                  SCBC
        Rachel Brent
        Darion Humphrey
        Sandrine Parent
        Abigail Thoms
        Hawaiian Girls           SCBC                Our family has really enjoyed how
        Jessica Bernardo                              this competition has enhanced
        Victoria Cockburn                                 our lives over the years.
        Emily Thoms
                                                             Best of Luck to all

                                                 John, Jennifer, Jonathon & Laura Malatesta

                       Sunday, December 14, 2008
4:05pm   Special Olympics Elements                4:50pm   Pre-Preliminary Solo Dance
         Level 3 & Freeskate                               Group 1 & 2
         Elements Level 3                                  GROUP 1
         Scott MacHattie          SMFSC                    Amy Conroy                 Acton
         Freeskate Level 3                                 Analeah Esguerra           SCBC
         Scott MacHattie          SMFSC                    Aveeva Switzer             SCBC
4:20pm   FLOOD                                             Aysia Leon                 SCBC
4:30pm   Pre-Preliminary Ice Dance                         Danielle Serra           SMFSC
         Couples                                           Emily Robertson      Georgetown
         Emma Ayers/          Georgetown                   Emma Ayers           Georgetown
          Emily Robertson                                  James Robart-Morgan        Acton
         Chris Brown/          Orangeville                 Mallory Mason              Milton
          Brianne Johnson                                  GROUP 2
         Laura Godin/          Orangeville                 Alyssa Buchanan           Fergus
          Wesley Kittle                                    Carissa Kri                Acton
         Sean Reiners/         Orangeville                 Haley Daniel          Orangeville
          Avery Teeple                                     Helen Carle          Georgetown
4:40pm   Sr. Bronze Ice Dance Couples                      Jessica Stables      Georgetown
         Camilla Gonzalez/         SCBC                    Jessica Schultz            SCBC
          Connor Reiners                                   Kathryn Beri             SMFSC
         Drew Mendelson/       Orangeville                 Kierstyn Demille       Shelburne
          Kaitlyn Mackenzie                                Manishya Jayasundera       SCBC
                                                           Perri McPhail              Milton
                   Design Studio and              5:15pm   Preliminary Solo Dance
                                                           Group 1 & 2
               Supplies for Figure Skating,                GROUP 1
                  Dance, Gymnastics                        Emma Duffenais             SCBC
                         & more                            Jade Martin          Georgetown
                                                           Jordan Gush               Fergus
                                Maya DeGiorgis           SMFSC
                      Oakville, ON,                        Nicole Benson              SCBC
                  Tel (905) 845-1362                       Roxanne Rheault            Acton
                                  Samantha Burton            Acton
                                                           Yuting Cai                Fergus
   WE CREATE UNIQUE APPAREL FOR                            GROUP 2
         SKATING, DANCE, etc                               Cheyene Good              Fergus
                                                           Crystal Chung            SMFSC
 Figure Skates, Blades IN STOCK NOW !                      Emma Hollings              Acton
 For Beginners and Pro’s, NEW & USED                       Jessica Halliday          Fergus
                                                           Natalie Duarte             SCBC
 Trade-In, Custom Fitting, Heat Molding                    Rachel Logan         Georgetown
  GAM, Riedell, Jackson                                    Shaelynn Warkentin
                                                           Tanvir Mann
  WIFA, EDEA, GRAF…                                        Vanessa Rheault            Acton
 Precision SKATE SHARPENING (from $5)

                 Good Luck
                   to all
Sanctioned by:

                      Telephone: 905-866-2330 Email:

                       Sunday, December 14, 2008
5:35pm   Jr. Bronze Solo Dance                    6:25pm   Jr. Silver Solo Dance
         Group 1 & 2                                       Allison Hammond            SCBC
         GROUP 1                                           Amanda Regan               DPSC
         Alexandra Pockett          Milton                 Emily Thoms                SCBC
         Claire McGratton          Fergus                  Georgia Huntley           Fergus
         Emily Ward                 SCBC                   Taryn Christopher          Acton
         Holly McNeil         Georgetown          6:40pm   FLOOD
         Jessica Laton              Acton         6:50pm   Senior Silver Solo Dance
         Sabrina Bower              DPSC                   Alyssa Corcoran            SCBC
         Sarah Meyerink             DPSC                   Baillie Marshall           Acton
         GROUP 2                                           Emma Miller              SMFSC
         Becky Long                 DPSC                   Jasmine Mah                SCBC
         Chloe Crawford            Fergus                  Kiersten Tietz             DPSC
         Dylan Chamberlain     Orangeville                 Victoria Cockburn          SCBC
         Justine McIntyre           Acton         7:00pm   Open Solo Dance
         Leanne Morrison           Fergus                  Arianna Dancziger          SCBC
         Sarah Young          Georgetown                   Emily Vickery              Acton
         Taylor Smith               Milton                 Jessica McCann             SCBC
5:50pm   Jr. Bronze Solo Dance Group 3                     Kirsten Galea             Fergus
         Alexandra Meyerink         DPSC                   Natasha Fernandes          SCBC
         Caroline Farrow           Fergus                  Rebecca Hebert             SCBC
         Cassandra Feuerpfeil Orangeville         7:15pm   Bronze Triathlon Freeskate
         Jackie Johnson       Georgetown                   Alyssa Posca               SCBC
         Kathleen Schupp            Acton                  Georgia Huntley           Fergus
         Lauren Hutchings         SMFSC           7:30pm   Bronze Exhibition
         Morgan McPhail             Milton                 Julie-Anne Mendoza/      SMFSC
         Valeri Ibarra              SCBC                     Mackenzie Richardson
6:05pm   Sr. Bronze Solo Dance                             Gold Biathlon Creative Dance
         Group 1 & 2                                       J.D. Gilmour/              SCBC
         GROUP 1                                             Michelle Krolick         SCBC
         Abigail Thoms              SCBC                   Josh Belletti/            Fergus
         Alyssa Hoag                 Elora                   Nichole Duncan          Fergus
         Christina Jarvie        Caledon          7:40pm   GOOD NIGHT
         Lindsay Christopher       Acton+
         Meaghan Flint           Caledon
         Nicole Visentin             Elora
         GROUP 2
         Amanda Ward                SCBC
         Chandler Gauthier       Caledon
         Cori Foster                 Elora
         Hayley Visentin             Elora
         Kate Coon             Orangeville
         Kathleen Gray            SMFSC
         Melissa McEnery            Acton

Thank you to our volunteer Judges and Officials that have
    given generously of their time and expertise to the
             2008 Skates Alive Competition.

                       Carly Albrecht
                         Kathy Cseff
                          Erin d’Eon
                     Lori-Anne Deborba
                     Natasha Fernandes
                     Sara-Jane Gloutnez
                       Courtney Gray
                        Melissa Laker
                       Nicola Lochead
                      Kendra Paguaga
                      Kathy Robinson
                       Skyanne Rowe
                       Lynleigh Scott
                         Mark Scott
                          Jill Tanaka
                       Brandon Tasker
                        Carol Vastag

                    Data Specialists
                       Kathy Cseff
                      Marilyn Johnson
                       Kim Thibauld

Thank You for your Generous Support
                Alcoa Foundation
    BMO - Bank of Montreal (Georgetown)
                   Boston Pizza
                   Carpet Barn
                  Canadian Tire
               Dress Wright on Ice
                  Fendley Florist
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                The Freckled Lion
            Georgetown Skating Club
       The Great Canadian Superstore
                 Heather’s Bakery
             Johnson & Associates
                    JV Clothing
               Kelsey’s Restaurant
              La Vita Bakery & Deli
                 Malatesta Family
                McFadden Family
            McMillan’s Frozen Foods
                   Miller Family
       Minuteman Press - Georgetown
             Pat's Prime Cuts & Deli
         Paul C. Armstrong Insurance
                      Pita Pit
                Post Cereal (Kraft)
                 Sherwood Copy
             Silver Thyme Catering
    Skate Canada Brampton Chingaucousy
                   Soccer Plus
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Jessica Dubé & Bryce Davison                   Joannie Rochette              Patrick Chan                     Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir
2008 World Pair Bronze Medalists               2008 Canadian Champion        2008 Canadian Champion           2008 World Ice Dance Silver Medalists

Our long program is
measured in years.
BMO Financial Group proudly supports Canada’s skaters.
From CanSkate to the BMO Canadian Figure Skating Championships,
BMO Financial Group has made a long-term commitment to helping
Canadians of all ages and abilities realize their dreams. We look forward
to watching Canada’s very best skaters compete on the world stage.

BMO Bank of Montreal, Georgetown Market Place branch, is proud
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