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									Clemson University
   Flying Club

Information Booklet
    Spring 2011

                 President: Alan Boyd

                Advisor: Dan Schmiedt
        The Clemson University Flying Club is an organization designed to promote the well
being of pilots, those with a desire to become pilots, and those with a passion for aviation. The
CUFC owns two aircraft: a Cessna 152 (N65407) used primarily for flight instruction, and a
Cessna 172 (N733VS) used primarily by those members who hold a pilot certificate. However,
the club does not limit the use of the aircraft and members are free to fly any aircraft they
desire, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the club.
        The CUFC’s rates for the 2010 - 2011 school year are as follows. All prices include fuel
and are among the lowest rates in the nation due to the club’s non-profit status and the club’s
duty to offer the lowest rates to its members.

              Cessna 152 (N65407)                       $80.00 per hour
              Cessna 172 (N733VS)                       $100.00 per hour

        The Clemson University Flying Club meets on the 2nd Thursday each month (subject to
change – watch your e-mail) during the Fall and Spring semesters. It is extremely important
that everyone attend these meetings in order to keep current with club activities and policies.
All members of the Clemson University Flying Club will receive the combination to the clubs
building at the airport, which houses the aircraft keys, and an account for online scheduling of
aircraft. NOTE: The combination to the building will change each and every semester, in order
to receive the combination for the next semester you must attend the meetings and have an
account in good standing with the club.
        As always the officers encourage any members with questions, concerns, or comments to
feel free to contact them at any time.

Officers:             Name                  E-Mail                      Number
President:            Alan Boyd             724-612-1434
Advisor:              Dan Schmiedt          864-647-1084

Flight Instructors:   Name                  E-Mail                      Number
Full- Time:           Harrison Smith       864-986-9664
Faculty:              Randy Collins         864-656-5920
Full-Time:            Brian Vaughn        864-903-5452
Part- Time:           Dan Schmiedt          864-647-1084
Part- Time:           Jim Satterfield      864-723-4154
Part- Time:           Josh Finn            843-509-6692
Mailing Address:
Clemson University Flying Club
6906 University Station
Clemson, SC 29632


Web Site:
Clemson University Flying Club

                           Cost of becoming a Private Pilot

      The cost of obtaining a Private Pilot’s license through the Clemson University
Flying Club is given below. These totals are based on the minimum 40 hours required
by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and two semesters with the club. Most
students receive their pilots’ license between 50-60 hours of flight training.


 Dues ($50.00 per semester)                                  $100.00

Ground School:

 Jep Kit ( includes: logbook, flight computer,               $190.00
          plotter, manual, etc.)
 Ground School                                               Varies
 Written Exam by FAA ground examiner                         $80.00

Student Medical Certificate:                                  $75.00 - $107.00

This is a medical exam given by
an FAA certified physician.
       Dr. Booker (Wallhala)              638-5402
       Dr. Irvine (Clemson)               654-7841
       Dr. Hunt (Anderson)                225-5059/224-5750

Flight Time:

 Aircraft rental - Cessna 152                                $3200.00
         ( @ $80 per hour for 40 hours)
 Flight instruction                                          $750.00
         ( @ $30 per hour for 25 hours)
 Practical FAA flight exam                                   $300.00
         (FAA examiner)

Total:                                                        $4700.00
                                      History Of The Flying Club
                                              “Little 372”

                                            Dr. Alan Schaffer
                                           Clemson University

        Visit the State Museum in Columbia and look up as you enter the science and technology
section. Hanging from the ceiling as if soaring into the wonderful blue is "little 372," a single seat, high
wing airplane built in 1928-29 by seven students at what was then the Clemson Agricultural College.
Modeled after the Heath Parasol, with a wingspan of 23 feet and a 16 foot wooden-framed fabric-
covered fuselage, the plane is perhaps the first airplane built by college students in the United States.
        The builders were the seven members of the Clemson Aero Club, begun by Dallas Sherman in
1927, the same year "Lucky" Lindbergh soloed his "Spirit of St. Louis" from New York to Paris.
Clemson had no program in aeronautical engineering so the students built the plane on their own as an
extra-curricular activity. They scrounged lumber from the school's wood shop and Sherman found the
fabric covering at a textile show demonstration. According to "Hooks" Johnston, one of the original
club members, Sherman, a resourceful Clemson student if ever there was one, spotted the tightly
woven fabric and realized this was a golden opportunity. He talked to the people running the exhibit,
explained the nature of the project and how important the fabric was, and asked for the material as a
donation. "Damned," said Johnston, "if they didn't give it to us."
        Even using scrounged material, the project was not inexpensive. Each member of the club had
to cough up $35, a large sum of money in the "roaring twenties" especially when compared to
Clemson’s tuition in 1929 which was $40 a semester. The money the club raised probably went to buy
the engine that was expected to power "little 372." According to one account this was a "20 hp 2
cylinder Lawrence," just barely enough to run a riding lawn mower today!
        When they finished construction, the students got the College to truck the plane to the
Greenville airport where various visiting pilots tried to fly it, but to no avail. According to Johnston,
they got it up about 15 to 20 feet above the ground then quickly landed. "I think," he remembered,
"they were all scared of the damn thing." Johnston later learned to fly and became a member of the
Experimental Aircraft Association and with that experience behind him he added, "I don't blame them,
I'd be scared too."
        When it became obvious that "little 372" had a limited "flying" career, the students brought it
back to campus where it became an exhibit in the College's wood shop. In 1965, at are union of the
original Aero Club members; the plane was rescued as it was about to be thrown away. The club
members, all but one of whom ended up as executives in the aviation industry, contributed $100 each
and had the plane trucked down to the Anderson airport where it was recovered and repainted a
beautiful silver gray with red trim. It came back to Clemson once again, went into storage, and then
went on exhibit at the Wings and Wheels museum run by Dolph Overton, first in Santee, South
Carolina, then in Lakeland, Florida, where it shared attention with such planes as a replica of the
original Wright Brothers Flyer, the 1917 Sopwith Camel (the plane Snoopy sometimes flies in the
comics), and the famous Ford TriMotor. When the museum closed down, "little 372" came back to
what was now Clemson University for a brief sojourn, and finally found a permanent home at the State
        The Aero Club founded by Dallas Sherman and his six classmates nearly three-quarters of a
century ago lives on at Clemson. Known now as the Clemson University Flying Club, and one of the
oldest continuous student organizations on campus, the club has permanent quarters at the Oconee
County Airport and is the proud owner of two planes that go much higher than 15 to 20 feet off the
ground: a small Cessna 152 and a larger Cessna 172, both of which proudly sport the tiger paw print on
their rudders.
                      Membership Information Form 2011
Personal Information
Name: __________________________                    Social Security Number: _____________________
Birthdate: ____/___/_____            Age: _______           Email: ______________________________
Preferred Phone Number: (______)_______________ University Status: _________________
Permanent Address Street: _____________________________________________________
City: ________________               State: _______         Zip Code: ___________________________
If permanent address is the same as temporary address, leave the next section blank.
Temporary (University) Address Street: __________________________________________
City: ________________               State: _______         Zip Code: ___________________________
Pilot Information
                      Pilot Certificates and Ratings Held (Circle all that apply)
    Student      Private Commercial ATP CFI CFII MEI Multi Engine                                  Instrument
Other (e.g. Rotary Wing) _________________________________________________________
Endorsements and Limitations to Above: ___________________________________________
Total Time         PIC Time        Time - 172         Time - 150 & 152            Instruction Given (If CFI)

Medical Class: ____________________ Issue Date: __________________________________
Do you have any limitations on your Medical? If so, list on the back of this sheet.
Have you ever had your FAA certificate revoked? If so, please explain on the back.
Have you ever been cited for a violation of any FAR? If so, please explain on the back.
Have you ever been involved in an aircraft accident or incident? If so, please explain on back.
Have you ever been arrested or indicted for any felony or drunk or reckless driving? If so, please explain.

I have read, understood, and will comply with all by-laws and operating procedures of the
Clemson University Flying Club.          Signed: ________________________ Date: _____________
                                                                  Clemson University
                                                            Department of Campus Recreation
                                                            Club Sports Program Registration

Name of Participant ____________________________________ Age _______ Gender: Male ____ Female ____

Status: Student ____ Faculty ____ Staff ____ Spouse ____ Dependent ____ University ID # ______________

Activity (Name of Club) _________________________________________                   School Year: 20 ____ - 20 _____

Local Address: ___________________________________________________                        Phone # _____________________
                  ___________________________________________________ Email _______________________

In case of emergency, notify _______________________________________ Phone # _____________________

                                Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability
In consideration for being allowed to participate in the Club Sports Program at Clemson University, I (the undersigned) acknowledge,
appreciate and agree that there are inherent risks involved with the ACTIVITY named in the Club Sports Program Registration above,
including but not limited to those risks described in the Statement of Program Risks and Hazards, which is attached hereto and
incorporated herein by this reference. Notwithstanding I choose to voluntarily participate in this ACTIVITY with full knowledge that
said ACTIVITY may be hazardous to me and my property; and I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any risk of loss, property
damage or personal injury, including death, which may be sustained by me as a result of my participation.

I hereby release, waive, and discharge Clemson University and its Board of Trustees, its officers, agents, employees and
representatives from all claims, demands, liabilities, rights and causes of action of whatever kind or nature, that may result from or
occur during my participation in this ACTIVITY, whether caused by negligence of the UNIVERSITY, its Board of Trustees, officers,
agents, employees or representatives or otherwise. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the UNIVERSITY for any loss,
liability, damage or costs, including court costs and attorney’s fees, that may occur as a result of my negligent or intentional act or
omission while participating in this ACTIVITY.

I understand that the decision to have a coach or instructor is left to the discretion of each club, and that the
Department of Campus Recreation is not responsible for the selection, training, supervision, or compensation of
coaches/instructors. Furthermore, I understand that travel to events off campus is by state owned, privately
leased, or personal vehicles at the expense of the participants and/or club.

I am aware of the physical demands of this ACTIVITY, and I know of no medical reason why I should not participate.

I understand that participants are not covered by Clemson University under an institutional health/medical
insurance policy, and I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for any medical or other costs that may directly
or indirectly result from my participation in this ACTIVITY.

I certify that I have adequate health/medical insurance necessary to provide for and pay any medical costs that
may directly or indirectly result from my participation in this ACTIVITY.

I have carefully read this Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability and have had sufficient time to seek explanation of the
provisions contained therein. Furthermore I have read and understand the Program Risks and, Hazards as they apply to this activity.
After careful consideration, I sign this document voluntarily and without any inducement.

Signature of Participant _________________________________ Age_____ Date__________________
Signature witnessed by: ________________________________

If participant is under the age of 18, his or her parent or legal guardian must also sign:

I, (printed name)___________________________________________, am the parent or legal guardian of the
participant who has signed above. I have read and understand the provisions of this document, including the Statement of
Program Risks and Hazards. I consent to the participant taking part in the above named ACTIVITY, and I fully enter into
and agree to the above Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability.

Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian ________________________________ Date _________________

Signature witnessed by: ________________________________

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