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									                                         Additional Resources

        Employer of Choice
        www.chicagobusiness.com - Best Places to Work (March 15, 2010)
        www.101bestandbrightest.com 101 Companies to Work for in Chicago

        Organizational & Management
        First Break All The Rules, Marcus Buckingham
        The Minding Organization, Moshe F Rubenstein & Iris R Firstenberg

        Financial Benefits
        Retirement Savings
        Fidelity Investments (www.fidelity.com - Workplace Services)
        Ameriprise Financial (www.ameriprise.com – Products, Financial Planning)

        Transit Discount Programs
        CTA Transit Benefit Fare Program (www.transitchicago.com – Benefit Fare Program)
        RTA Transit Benefit Fare Program (www.rtachicago.com – Fare Programs)

        Health Benefits
        Major Medical, Catastrophic & Limited Benefits Program
        Limited Benefit Plan.com (www.limitedbenefitplan.com)
        Benefits in a Card (www.benefitsinacard.com)
        Benefit Protect (www.benefitprotect.com)

        FitTracker (www.fittracker.com)
        Daily Burn (www.dailyburn.com)

        Other Great Resources
        Chicago Public Library (www.chipublib.org) – Great events and online resources
        Society of HR Management (www.shrm.org) – HR expertise & advice
        Chicago City Treasurer (www.chicagocitytreasurer.com) – Great small biz info

             Our tropical vacation
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