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Federator Module
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Information is becoming the most important asset for many organizations, regardless of whether they are large businesses, charities, local government agencies or small and medium sized enterprises. Sharing this information is essential to benefit from your own knowledge. A ZyIMAGE Webserver helps users access archived content through a Web interface, so any user with a standard browser can connect to that archive and retrieve information. Companies with many locations will often install a Webserver at each site in order to archive and manage information relevant to that specific location. The Federator Module enables users from any single networked location to search all of these multi-site Webservers at the same time. The result of a multiple archive search is consolidated by the Federator Module into a single result list, which is displayed through a standard Internet browser. However, although the Federator Module displays the actual results list, the document retrieval process bypasses the Federator Module and extracts the document directly from the archive in which it resides.

Features & Benefits
• • Simultaneous searching in multiple ZyIMAGE Webservers and ZyIMAGE Enterprise Webservers Search in decentralized archives

In other words, the Federator Module allows users to share all their archives over different sites through one search portal. With one query, searches can take place in all selected archives, independent of their location. The advantage of this solution is that each site can maintain its own archives—which is in many cases more cost-effective than combining all information into one central archive—and yet these archives are still available to company employees at other locations. So now companies or organizations with offices in different locations can research all their information with one search query regardless of which ZyLAB archive the information is stored. •

Figure 1. The result of a search with the Federator Module

Figure 2. Federator Module configuration page

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