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									                            Standard Procedure
          BIZVision Management Method ®

The BIZVision Management Method procedure is designed to provide a guideline to Company Manage-
ment to develop individual management styles consistent with Company Policy & Procedure while allow-
                              ing each manager to maintain individuality.
                          This procedure adheres to A-1 – Procedure Control

                         Examined, Accepted And Approved By:

                                     Company Management

                                        Implemented With:
                           Company Management & Employees

Note: Prior to any implementation of this Standard Procedure, or its distribution to employees, the BIZVision Man­
agement Method procedure should be fully reviewed with your legal counsel to ensure compliance with all legal
requirements and to ensure that there is no unintended liability incurred by the company through or by the imple­
mentation of this Standard Procedure.
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        1.1     The purpose of this Reference Procedure is to outline the principles and habits
                that separate a successful organization manager from less successful peers.
                Understanding these will help each manager reach their personal goals as well
                as training those who will assist them in attaining those goals.

        1.2     With local competition, sophisticated customers, and a changing local economy,
                responsibility for increasing employee performance is one of the most critical
                concerns of The Company.

        1.3     Managers who empower employees to higher levels will be indispensable to the
                Company. Managers who fail will be mentored to succeed or terminated.


        2.1     Exhaustive management studies have shown that successful managers are as
                different as they are similar. However, close observation has determined that six
                particular qualities are to be found in all successful mangers. These six qualities
                have been identified as:

                   being goal driven
                   employing good communication skills
                   continually empowering employees
                   acting with a caring attitude
                   embodying a caring attitude
                   manage with organization and structure

        2.2     These qualities have become habits for indispensable managers. Since habits
                are acquired behaviors, through training they can be adopted by anyone. There
                is no magic success formula. All it t
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