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					Coffee Fundraiser Changes Announced by Nectar of Life
Organic Coffee Company
Spokane, Wa - In response to the increasing prices for green Arabica coffee Nectar of
Life Organic Coffee Company, has announced a change to
their Coffee Fundraiser. "Coffee prices are at a 34 year high, resulting in our cost for
certified Fair Trade organic coffee trippling over the last year," said Martin Jennings,
founder and Co-Owner of Nectar of Life Organic Coffee Company LLC.

"Our coffee fundraiser is an excellent vehicle for organizations to raise money.
Traditionally, we have sold our organic coffee with a private label to non-profits and
schools for below wholesale cost. Due to our increased cost we decided to reduce the
package size, but keep the cost the same," said Jennings.

Nectar of Life will now provide 10 oz bags of organic Fair Trade coffee at below their
normal wholesale price. Previously, Nectar of Life provided 12 oz bags at this low price.
They recommend the same retail price which may result in a near 100% profit for the
fundraising organization.

When asked why organic coffee is such a successful method to raise funds for an
organization Jennings responded, "We fresh roast all the coffees after the order is placed.
Most people have never tasted coffee that fresh. In addition to the high quality of our
fairly traded, organic coffees, we offer organizations a private label option. They can use
their school, or company logo to really personalize their fundraiser."

Nectar of Life Organic Coffee Company has kept their fundraiser pricing consistent over
the past 5 years. They provide interested organizations with fundraiser materials
including order forms and information about Fair Trade coffee.

About Nectar of Life Organic Coffee Company LLC:

Nectar of Life Coffee Organic Coffee Company was founded in 2002. They began with a
sole principle to only roast Fair Trade organic coffee. Nectar of Life is located near
Spokane, Washington. They have an extensive offering of organic coffees listed on their
website at

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