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									         As the holidays are right around the corner many of us can feel pressure building as we
         try to determine what the most perfect gift for everyone on our list is this year. While
         children are more than happy to not only tell you what they want but also write it down
         and tell you were you can go to purchase said coveted item most adults will tell you they
         have no idea what they would like or say they do not need anything. This leaves a
         shopper with very little help and the daunting task of shopping creatively. That is why I
         have put together a short gift guide to help our dutiful shoppers along the way.

     Uptown              Downtown        Host                Sporty       Parent        Techy             Creative
Make Infused Vodka –     Create a        Cookie or           Ease         Offer a       Put together a    Candles
it   Try mixing some     mix of          brownie mix –       aches and    free night    collection of     collect
     vodka with a        some of         mix all the dry     pains by     of            some of the       interesting
     flavor of your      the newest      ingredients         creating a   babysitting   newest and        jars or
     choice – fruit /    and best        neatly into a jar   heating /    so they       best links on     mugs and
     herbs work best!    music           so that is in       cooling      can have a    the web that      fill with
                         around!         layers, then when   pad. Take    night out.    you think         wax and a
                                         they need a treat   some         To show       they will         wick for a
                                         on the fly voila!   fabric and   you are       enjoy – send      fun and
                                                             sew into a   serious       the links in a    unique
                                                             pouch fill   give them     neat eCard!       candle.
                                                             with dried   some
                                                             corn and a   options of
                                                             scent like   nights you
                                                             eucalyptus   are
                                                             or           available
                                                             rosemary     in the near
                                                             for a nice   future
                                                             pad .

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