Condor’s Diameter XL server is a comprehensive, IETF and
3GPP standards based server which enables Service
Providers to accelerate deployment of IMS network solutions.
The IMS standards enable secure and seamless integration
and inter connectivity for delivering realtime multimedia
communications services based on IP signaling protocols.
Condor’s Diameter XL product is a carrier-grade, multi-
services, extensible framework to enable rapid development
and deployment of IMS solutions in a multi-vendor network
    Condor’s Diameter XL Product Advantages                                                         Target Products on Diameter XL
„ Carrier-Grade with High Availability & Reliability                                                1.   AAA
„ Massively Scalable                                                                                2.   HSS
„ Superior Performance                                                                              3.   SLF
„ Fully Distributed Architecture with Open Standards                                                4.   EAP
  and Extensible Interfaces                                                                         5.   MIPv4, MIPv6
„ Simplified Usability and Manageability                                                            6.   CSCFs
„ Multi-vendor Interoperability                                                                     7.   Credit Control Applications
                                                                                                    8.   3G VAS Applications
                                                                                                    9.   Real - Time Charging Engines
    3G IMS OVERVIEW                                                                                10.   Offline Charging Engines

                                                   OCS                    Ro/Rf
                                                                                                    System Architecture
                                          Ro/Rf           Ro/Rf

                          SIP                                              Sh
                                                             HSS/ AAA                   A/S
           SGSN                      GGSN
                                                                                                  Application            Application             Application
                                    SIP                                                           Processing             Processing              Processing
                                                                                                  Nodes (Sh)             Nodes (Cx)             Nodes (Ro/Rf))
                                                   Cx      SCP               Cx       SIP
                                    I - CSCF                 CS Domain

                                                             P - CSCF                 S - CSCF        UDP                                        TCP
             UTRAN                                                      INTERNET

                                                                                                      Diameter Front                     Diameter Front
                                                                                                          Nodes                              Nodes
    Key System Components

            CUSTOMER APPLICATIONS                                                                   Diameter Front Node (DFN)
                            API                                                                  „ Implements the base functionality
                                                                                O&M              „ Performs relay, proxy and redirect functions
                                                                                                 „ Distributes messages to the APNs based on Application
    NAS           Cx        Sh        Ro/Rf         NEW
                       DIAMETER Base                                                             „ APNs of same type are grouped into APN clusters,
                                                                         TRANSLATION                receiving messages using Round Robin load distribution
      TCP                   UDP                   SCTP                     GATEWAY                  mechanism
                     TLS / IP Sec

    LINUX / UNIX ENVIRONMENT                                                                        APN – DFN Interface
                                                                                                 „ UDP or TCP or Message Q can be used for transfer of
                                                                                                    messages from DFN to APN and vice-versa
„   Diameter Base
„   NAS-Interface from AAA server to client
„   Cx-Interface between HSS and CSCF                                                               Application Processing Node (APN)
„   Sh-Interface between HSS and Application Server
                                                                                                 „ One APN (or one APN Cluster) for each Diameter
„   Ro/Rf-Interface for Charging Application
„   Diameter – Radius Gateway                                                                       application such as Cx, Sh, Ro, Rf
                                                                                                 „ Used to execute Application FSM
„   Comprehensive OAMP Module
                                                                                                 „ C / Java APIs provided to application developers
„   Test Tools
                                                                                                 „ Round Robin mechanism for load-balancing of
„   Easy to use APIs for building Diameter applications.
„   Sample Programs                                                                                 messages across multiple DFNs
    Fault Tolerant Node Configurations
„ Configuration File defined Primary and Secondary                     Active Active Configuration
„ Transactions sent only on Primary / Active Connection
„ Configuration File defined Primary and Secondary
„ Transactions sent on all Active Connections                                         Sh - 1           Sh - 2           Sh - 2

    Active Standby Configuration
                             Active Connection +
                             Active Transactions          Active
                                                           Peer                       Diameter Front            Diameter Front
                                                                                          Nodes                     Nodes
                                                                                        (ACTIVE)                  (ACTIVE)

                                   Only Active             Peer        Feature Summary
                                                                   „   Stack : Complete Diameter Stack for Cx,Sh, Ro, Rf (both
                                                                       client and server)
                                                                   „   Server APIs : C published API for all server interfaces
    Active Active Configuration                                    „   Client APIs : C and Java published API for all client
                             Active Connection +                       interfaces
                             Active Transactions          Active   „   Robust and reliable carrier-grade : Fault tolerant
                                                           Peer        configurations provide for high availability
                                                                   „   Scalable : Massive scalability is achieved in the system
                                                                       by linearly replicating the key modules and hardware
                          DFN                                          boxes.
                                                                   „   Fully Distributed Architecture : Distributed
                                                                       Architecture for DFN and APNs allows flexibility in
                                                          Active       designing high availability components
                             Active Connection +           Peer    „   Loosely Coupled : Loosely Coupled Architecture
                             Active Transactions
                                                                       allows Diameter BASE stack to be distributed from
                                                                       Applications, allowing more flexibility
                                                                   „   Multi – Layer IP Security : Provides Confidentiality of
    Fault Tolerant APN-DFN Configurations                              messages, Message Integrity, Endpoint Authentication
                                                                   „   Hop- By – Hop : Transport layer security between AAA
„   All new transactions from APN are sent to the                      nodes based on IPSec or TLS
    active DFN.                                                    „   End-To-End Security (Optional) : Application layer
„   APNs switch to the standby DFN in case active Fails                security between AAA client and server
„   Pending Q is maintained at APNs to prevent loss of             „   Reliable and Flexible Transport : SCTP provides
    messages due to switchover                                         reliable transmission, ensuring that data is delivered in
„   All new transactions from APN are equally                          Order, without loss or duplication
„   distributed across all active DFNs                             „   UDP / TCP : UDP or TCP transport can be selected on a
„   Response from DFN sent to the same APN from                        per node basis
    which request originated                                       „   IPv6: Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported
„   Pending Q is maintained at APNs to prevent loss                „   Management APIs : Well defined, easy to use APIs
    of messages due to switchover                                      provided for full system management
                                                                   „   Custom AVPs : Users can define their own custom AVPs
                                                                   „   Comprehensive Test Tools : Test tools to test the
    Active Standby Configuration                                       Diameter client or the server interfaces are

                 Sh - 1              Sh - 2               Sh - 2

                  Diameter Front                 Diameter Front
                      Nodes                          Nodes
                     (ACTIVE)                      (STANDBY)
„ Diameter Base: RFC 3588
„ Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)
    Transport Profile, RFC 3539
„ 3GPP TS 29.230
„ 3GPP TS 32.240 v6.3.0
„ Diameter Sh :3GPP TS 29.328 v 6.3.0 and 3GPP TS
    29.329 version 6.3.0
„ Diameter Cx: 3GPP TS 29.229 v 6.6.0 and 3GPP TS
    29.228 version 6.8.0
„ Diameter Ro: 3GPP 32.299 v 6.5.0 and 3GPP TS 32.260
„ Diameter Rf: RFC 3588 and 3GPP 32.299 v 6.5.0 and
    3GPP TS 32.260 v6.4.0
„ RFC 4006

    Test Tools
    Extensive Test Tools are provided for the
„ Functional testing Command and AVP Management
  Testing Transport Layer Management Testing Peer
  Management Testing Error Message Processing Testing
„ Exception testing
„ Load Testing
„ Soak Testing
„ TPS Measurement

    Platform Specifications
„ Hardware: Blade Server Architecture Support
„ Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Solaris 10
„ Programming Language: C++ / Java
„ Documents: User Guide, Configuration Guide, API
„ TPS: 2000+ TPS on a single server

    License Models
„ Source Code Based License
„ Binary License
„ Royalty License Model

„ Standard Warranty included in Base License
„ Extended Support provided on annual basis
„ Support includes all product upgrades and updates
  released during the support period

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