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									                Special Challenge Guide 2011
                This guide is designed to help you work with your pupils to produce entries for
                the Active Kids Get Cooking Challenge 2011. The guide will help you
                consider the criteria of the challenge and how you can address these with
                your pupils. The support materials available are listed throughout the guide.
                These are aimed at pupils aged 8-14 years old, but may be adapted to suit
                other ages and abilities.

 The Challenge:

 Create a dish and accompaniments inspired by a ‘family favourite’ with a new twist to
 serve to your family or friends.

 The judges will be looking for evidence that:
           you have created a dish with exciting accompaniments which are fruit and/or
           vegetable based;
           your recipes are suitable for a mid-week meal with family or friends;
           you have demonstrated your culinary skills;
           you have followed current healthy eating guidelines;
           your recipes are original and inventive.

 All entries must have:
     o recipe names;
     o a photograph of the dish and accompaniments;
     o a list of the ingredients used;
     o a list of the equipment used;
     o the method;
     o an explanation of how the dish and accompaniments are suitable for a mid-week meal
          with family or friends and how they have been based on a ‘family favourite’.

What do we mean by a ‘family favourite’ with a new twist?
For the purpose of this year’s Special Challenge, a ‘family favourite’ is taken to be a dish
enjoyed by a family, or group of people who live together. It might be a traditional dish
which has been passed down from generation to generation, or a dish invented by a
member of the family. It could be a dish eaten regularly or perhaps just on special occasions.

‘A new twist’
Once a ‘family favourite’ has been established, the entry needs to explore giving the dish ‘a
new twist’. ‘A new twist’ is a change or number of changes made to the original dish to
make it new and exciting, and demonstrate creativity.

Getting started
       Read the Special Challenge question and talk to your pupils about ‘family favourites.’
       Do their families, or people they live with, have a favourite dish or meal?
       Talk about what it might mean to add ‘a new twist’ to a dish. Ask the pupils to share
       any ideas about ways they might change their family favourites to give them a new
       Use the What is a ‘family favourite’ with a new twist? PowerPoint presentation to
       support and expand the discussion.

                                     Active Kids Get Cooking resources www.activekidsgetcooking.org.uk
       Challenge the pupils to undertake some research on ‘family favourites’ and
       interesting ideas they could use to give dishes a new twist. They could:
           o use the internet to look at recipes;
           o look through recipes books;
           o look though magazines;
           o look at restaurant menus by visiting restaurants and cafes or searching online.
Remember, recipes can be used for inspiration but those entered for the Special Challenge
must be original.

Resources to support the Special Challenge 2011
The resources have been listed in the suggested order for their use.

What is a ‘family favourite’ with a new twist? PowerPoint
As mentioned above, this PowerPoint can be used to support and expand discussion about
the Special Challenge. The PowerPoint raises questions and offers tips to help pupils generate
ideas for their entry.

Planning your Special Challenge 2011 PowerPoint
Use this PowerPoint with your pupils to help them consider all the Special Challenge criteria.
This PowerPoint also includes healthy eating guidance.

Family and friends favourites survey worksheet
Pupils could use this survey to find out about the food preferences of their family and friends
in order to help plan their entry. This sheet could be used for a homework activity.

Idea generator cards
These cards can be used to help pupils start thinking about the Special Challenge and
generate ideas. The choices on the cards are not exhaustive, they are simply intended to
act as a springboard to get pupils started. Cut out the cards. Keep them together in their
four separate sets but turn them face down. Split the pupils into groups of four or five. Each
group should pick one card from each set. They should have a family/friend, a fruit or
vegetable, a starchy food and a twist idea card. Each group should spend five minutes
planning a main dish and accompaniments based around their cards. They can then share
there ideas with the class.

Entry mapping worksheet
Pupils can use the Entry mapping worksheet to note down and expand their three favourite
ideas before they focus on a final idea.

Entry checker worksheet
Once pupils have planned their dish they can use the entry checker worksheet to make sure
their entry meets the Special Challenge criteria. This could be used during the planning stage
or after a trial of the entry.

Special Challenge entry 2011 PowerPoint
This PowerPoint provides an outline of what must be included in a Special Challenge entry.
Your pupils might find it useful to use this proforma to ensure they have included everything
needed. The proforma has been designed to accommodate two accompaniments. If your
entry includes more than two accompaniments, please feel free to add more slides. It can
be filled in electronically, or printed and filled in by hand. Please note, you are note obliged
to use this format. Entries may be submitted in any form providing they include all the entry

                                      Active Kids Get Cooking resources www.activekidsgetcooking.org.uk
Active Kids Get Cooking resources www.activekidsgetcooking.org.uk

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