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How to Clean Storm Windows Like a Pro


How to Clean Storm Windows Like a Pro

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									How to Clean Storm Windows Like a Pro

Storm windows are the precursor to thermal pane windows and in some ways are still superior.


Although they’re a lot of work to clean, the good news is that they don’t generally fog up as
thermal pane windows often do, they can be cleaned relatively simply and give a great
insulation value.


Removing your storm windows:

The first step to cleaning them is to remove them. Double hung storms (where there are 2
panels of glass stacked one on top of the other) and side by side storms generally are removed
from the inside.


Open the main window and pull the tabs on the bottom corners of the storms towards the
center while at the same time pulling towards your self. Slide it down the tracks at the top and
then let one upper corner drop lower than the other to maneuver it out.


Repeat this process with the screen and the upper panel. For sliding side to side storms the
procedure is much the same.

How to Clean Storm Windows Like a Pro


Although rare, there are some cases where this may not be the easiest or best strategy. For
example if your upper and lower panels are different lengths it may be difficult to remove them.
In this situation your only option is to remove the entire frame from the outside.


This is accomplished by removing the screws that hold the entire storm unit in place. Start from
the bottom and work your way up. This way you will be sure that the storm unit doesn’t come
crashing down on your head while you’re focused on unscrewing the last bottom screws.


Many storms window frames are calked to the window casing. In this case you will have to pry
it off. The tools for this are a pry bar and you may need a rubber mallet as well.


For single panel storms you may use this same strategy of removing the entire frame but
before committing to this procedure there is another option which may save you considerable
time and energy.


Many of these single panel storm windows have a little lip on the bottom and the inner sash can

How to Clean Storm Windows Like a Pro

be pushed up and then by pulling the bottom out and down they can be easily removed.


Be sure to remember where each one goes.


Cleaning your storm windows:

Did you get them all down?




Cleaning them can be quite easy and there are a couple of options. Let's start with the one that
is most ergonomic. While cleaning windows it’s always wise to be sure that you are in a
position that is comfortable to you and does not cause undue strain.

How to Clean Storm Windows Like a Pro


Cleaning your storms standing will generally feel more friendly to your body than kneeling.
You’ll need a table top or you can create a jig using your step ladder and one or two boards
strapped or balanced on it.


Here’s how that works. Open your step ladder so it stands on its own and slip your board
(maybe 6 feet in length) through it at about waste height. You may use a counter weight to be
sure it is secured and/or strap it down on the back of the ladder using a bungee cord. A
combination of these 2 is usually best


Then pile a stack of storm windows on the front section of your jig and go to work.


The second option is just to kneel on the porch floor and lean them against the side of the
house. Hard on the knees plus you can get your pants wet like this.  A little padding like a towel
folded up under your knees can make it much more comfortable. Of course knee pads are
great too if you have some.



How to Clean Storm Windows Like a Pro


Before you re-install your storm windows be sure they are dry because if they aren’t dry the
remaining moisture will very likely condense on the glass between the storms and the main
window panes. Alternatively, you can also leave either the storm windows or the main windows
slightly open to allow for air to circulate.


Hope you have figured out in advance how to keep track of where they all go. Here’s a good
way to keep track. Stack all the upper windows in one place and the downstairs in another


Gather them from left to right starting at the window to the left of the front door. Then when you
clean them you’ll clean right to left so that when you reinstall you’ll again be going left to right.
Simple really! You’ll see when you do it.

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How to Clean Storm Windows Like a Pro


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