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      Students share
     finals traditions
                                                   Collegian      December 7, 2007                                     Vol. 68 No. 10
                                                                                                                                                                  Matt Gregg heads
                                                                                                                                                                   to Aztec Bowl
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        Spreading Christmas cheer                                                                                       Ready to dig
                                                                                                                        Andrew Aldrich                            The coursework part of the
                                                                                                                        Collegian Writer                       trip, including tuition for three
                                                                                                                                                               credits, entrance fees and after-
                                                                                                                           In a Grove City College first,      noon and weekend excursions,
                                                                                                                        associate professor of history Dr.     will cost each student $1,000.
                                                                                                                        Mark Graham will lead five stu-           The students, seniors Katie
                                                                                                                        dents to northern Africa to help       Miller and Justin Horst, juniors
                                                                                                                        excavate a Roman house at the          Kelly Anderson and Jeff
                                                                                                                        site of ancient Carthage.              Coleman and sophomore Andrew
                                                                                                                           The trip, which lasts from May      Welton will clean and restore
                                                                                                                        23 to June 10, includes two parts:     mosaics, identify and sort arti-
                                                                                                                        archeological research and histo-      facts and register artifacts in a
                                                                                                                        ry coursework.                         database.
                                                                                                                           “We’re dealing with a hybrid           The excavation work, some of
                                                                                                                        type of thing,” Graham said.           which will take place in a
                                                                                                                          A grant from the Grove City          Carthage museum, will begin in
                                                                                                                        College Swezey Scientific              the early morning until 1 p.m.
                                                                                                                        Instrumentation and Research           Monday through Friday. The stu-
                                                                                                                        Fund will pay for the research         dents may also join other excava-
                                                                                                                        part of the trip, including airfare,   tions in the area, according to the
                                                                                                                        ground transportation, lodging         course description.
                                                                                                                        and meals.                                “This is going to be a great
                                                                                                                           “The administration here has        way to get field experience,”
                                                                                                     Joshua Kitamura
                                                                                                                        been wonderfully supportive,”
  The Choral Concert sings a medley of Christmas favorites.
                                                                                                                        Graham said.                                See Carthage, page 6

     Cycling                                                                                 Saying goodbye
   nowhere fast
                                                                                By Abby Johnson
                                                                                Collegian News Editor
                                                                                  Friends and professors remem-
                                                                                ber senior Sarah Schenk for her
By Rebekah Kuhn                           The club vice president, senior
                                                                                quiet demeanor, brilliant intellect
Collegian Writer                        Jamie Skyrm, explained why they
                                        involved the cheerleaders. “For a       and quirky sense of humor.
   Last Saturday, the Grove City        cyclist,” Skyrm said, “the crowning       Sarah Rae Schenk (1987-2007)
Bicycle Club went nowhere fast.         moment in one’s career is standing      was killed in a two-car accident
   Members of the Grove City            atop a podium on the Champs             near State College, Pa., on Nov.
Bicycle Club gathered in the            Elysee in Paris wearing the ‘maillot    16, on her way to pick up her
Physical Learning Center fitness        jaune’ or yellow leader’s jersey        brother Caleb from Messiah
room to raise money for World           with a beautiful French podium girl     College for the Thanksgiving
Vision in the “Tour de Nowhere.”        on either arm.”                         holiday. Sarah was also sister to
Thirty-six students competed               Bright agreed, saying, “In profes-   Jeremy ’06 and Aimee.
against each other by biking as         sional road cycling, the winner of a      President Dr. Richard G. Jewell
“far” as they could in a five minute    race is presented by the race organ-    ’67 informed the campus of the
increment on a stationary bike.         izer and a pair of podium girls. So     news with an e-mail the next day.
                                                                                                                                                                             Courtesy of the Schenk family
Students could either sign up ahead     we thought it might be neat to have              See Sarah, page 3              Senior Sarah Schenk smiles on her way to class.
of time to compete during different     podium girls of our own.”

                                                                                         Junior pens novel
time slots or sign up the day of the       Each heat winner received a
event.                                  water bottle and an Eat’n Park
   Originally the Bicycle Club had      Christmas cookie. The participants
considered competing in 30 minute       were divided into male and female
increments, but five minutes            categories. The winners won a t-
seemed to be more universally           shirt, pink for the female winner                                               By Kate Suffern                        of his son, Marvin will receive a
appealing to both Bicycle Club          and blue for the male. Eat’n Park                                               Collegian Writer                       lifetime of happiness and great
members and others. According to        donated the cookies. The water bot-                                                                                    pleasure.
senior Adam Bright, the club presi-     tles and shirts were donated by The                                                Junior Brian Sandell accom-            Sandell encouraged readers to
dent, “It is hard enough to get peo-    Bicycle Store in Hermitage, Pa.                                                 plished something few college stu-     “Follow the journey Marvin takes
ple to want to ride a stationary bike      Sophomore Ross Kucks won the                                                 dents have: he wrote and published     through broken relationships, bad
in the first place so at a meeting we   men’s overall competition with a                                                a book. Sandell’s novel, “The          decisions and even murder as he
decided to shorten the heats to five    distance of 2.55 miles. He was                                                  Wager,” was published this past        truly discovers what happiness is.”
minutes so people wouldn’t be           wearing a suit at the time.                                                     June.                                     “People are looking for happi-
afraid of not being able to make it     Freshman Alexis Stave won the                                                     The suspense thriller with a         ness in all the wrong places and
for 30 minutes on a bike and so we      women’s competition with a dis-                                                 Christian emphasis follows the         need to know that the true way to
could get more people to compete        tance of 2.01 miles.                                                            experiences of typical guy, Marvin     find happiness is in family, friends,
in a smaller time with only five sta-      The event raised over $100 for                                               Simon. A bad relationship, loss of     and Jesus,” he said.
tionary bikes.”                         World Vision.                                                                   his job and family, and the chal-        When asked about the process of
  The Grove City cheerleaders             Anyone interested in the Grove                                                lenge of raising a small son alone     getting his book published, Sandell
were invited to help with the event     City Bicycle Club should contact                                                leaves Marvin downcast.                laughed and said that to explain it
as well. They cheered on the partic-    Bright or Skyrm.                                                                   One night a mysterious guest vis-   fully would require several pages
ipants and provided enthusiasm,            We’re “self-proclaimed bike                                                  its him with an appealing yet diffi-   of the Collegian. Essentially, the
handing out prizes to the winners.      nerds,” Skyrm said.                     Junior Brian Sandell’s book.            cult wager. In exchange for custody           See Sandell, page 4
                                                                             News                                                                               The Collegian
                                                                                                                                                             December 7, 2007

                     The hunters
By Arielle Bateman
                    are among us       “either/or” activity.                 shots]. I follow them across the
Collegian Writer                         When he first married, his wife     field and then – boom!”
                                       accompanied him on opening day           Beyond a sport, deer hunting
   Students ordinarily attending       for three years. Oddly, those         offers economic benefits. Brower
Dr. Eric Potter’s literature classes   were the only times he failed to      explained that one deer yields 35
did not have to show up on Nov.        shoot a buck on opening day.          – 45 pounds of meat, which can
26. Their professor was perched          One particular year, Brower         be cut into steaks or ground into
in a tree-stand, enjoying the          admits, “It was freezing.” His        hamburger. By using one or two
opening of hunting season.             wife sat next to him, shivering.      pounds per meal, hunters can
   Potter is not alone in his enjoy-     “If you don’t quit moving, we       enjoy their spoils throughout the       Dr. James T. Thrasher ’80                  Leann B. Smith
ment of deer hunting. Many             are not going to see anything,” he    year.
Grove City College faculty and
staff members enjoy this outdoor
                                       told her.
                                         “I’m too cold; I can’t quit mov-
                                                                                Brower’s wife possesses “a
                                                                             library of venison recipes,” often
                                                                                                                        Thrasher, Smith named
pursuit, which contrasts their
daily routines of phone-calls, lec-
                                       ing,” she responded.
                                         Though frustrated at the time
                                                                             supplemented with home-grown
                                                                             vegetables.                               2007 Campus-Community
tures, meetings and grading.           by his broken streak, Brower can         Rhoades’ passion for hunting
   “It’s a different way of being in
the woods, trying to be still and
                                       laugh in the retelling.
                                         “Mercifully, she got pregnant
                                                                             extends to her decorating. In
                                                                             addition to placing deer hides
                                                                                                                           Award recipients
to be quiet. It … can be very          the next year and didn’t come         around their house, Rhoades uses        The Grove City College             Matthew, Elizabeth and Isaac.
pleasant,” Potter said.                back,” he said.                       the antlers as hangers for her cur-   Florence E. MacKenzie Campus-           “Leann has worked very hard
  Dr. Shane Brower, professor of         Still, he hopes that she will       tain rods. Thus hunting is incor-     Community Awards selection           to help the community grow and
physics, enjoys relaxing in the out-   return. “I would give up a shot”      porated “into part of our living,”    committee has chosen two com-        develop … but always recog-
doors, a pleasant change from the      for her to get a buck, Brower         she said.                             munity leaders as the 2007 recip-    nized the benefit to both the busi-
office with its many interruptions.    said. “I just think that would be        Brower has watched the num-        ients: Dr. James T. Thrasher ’80,    ness community and the College
   “When I am hunting and              the coolest thing.”                   ber of deer outside his house         Grove City College director of       of excellent ‘town-gown’ rela-
sneaking through the woods, I            The couple still jokes about his    “dwindle,” but he believes there      career services, and Leann B.        tions,” wrote one of Smith’s
can chase down rabbit trails” on       buck-shooting streak. This year       are “more bigger bucks” now.          Smith, former Grove City Area        nominators.
lectures and budgets, he said.         Brower bagged a legal 5-point            “There are areas where [the        Chamber of Commerce director.           Beginning in 1971 until her
   Kathy Rhoades, ceramics             buck, but his wife teased him,        population] is lower and where          “[Thrasher] is completely dedi-    death in 1981, Florence E.
instructor, commented that hunt-       “You just shot it because you         it’s not,” Rhoades said, suggest-     cated to his family, his work, his   MacKenzie faithfully served
ing “gives you permission to be        wanted to keep your streak going.”    ing that lower numbers have           community and our Lord,” wrote       Grove City College and the com-
out all day.” She also enjoys the        Rhoades started hunting with        resulted from the reduction of the    one nominator.                       munity of Grove City. As wife of
sport’s aspect of careful shooting     her boyfriend at age 14. For          deer’s feeding range.                   Thrasher holds an Ed.D from        former president Dr. Charles S.
— “taking time … to do it right.”      dates, they went to target practice      Hunting has left an impression     Nova Southeastern University         MacKenzie, she sought to estab-
   Like some of their colleagues,      and then went hunting. Not sur-       on Potter, both in his writing and    and a master’s degree from           lish strong town-gown relation-
Potter and Brower took the first       prisingly, her family was “a little   in his respect for deer. “You real-   Slippery Rock University. He and     ships. An active member of
day of hunting season off from         leery” of their unusual activity.     ize how crafty they are, how          his wife, the former Kristy          numerous local organizations,
teaching, owing to the College’s         Eventually the boyfriend            incredible their instincts are and    White, a Grove City College          she served as president of the
understanding of their passion for     became her husband, and they          their sense of smell,” he said.       graduate from the Class of 1986,     former Grove City Hospital’s
the sport.                             have enjoyed hunting together            “There is something very satis-    have four children: Caleb,           board.
  This year’s opening day offered      for over 30 years. They raised        fying about getting a deer” even
rain and chilly temperatures, but
Brower did not mind the cold.
                                       their son as a hunter as well.
                                         Rhoades described her own
                                                                             though it involves the death of a
                                                                             living creature, he said. “But         Collegian awards Green Eyeshade
   “It keeps out the recreational      style: “I like to take my time …      that’s the way that life works …         The most recent Green Eyeshade Award went to Todd Messer for
hunters” and “usually causes the       count points. I don’t want to         unless you’re a vegan and think        his solid coverage of Wolverines football all season.
deer to move a little more,” he        maim a deer [with careless            it shouldn’t be that way.”             Congratulations, Todd!
said. Though he saw few deer, he
still shot a buck.
  Rhoades saw two does on open-
ing day, though she did not shoot
anything. She stayed warm and
dry hunting from the porch of a
cabin on family hunting grounds.
   Though Potter did not score a
buck, he will remember this
opening day because his second
oldest son could join the hunt for
the first time.
   “He stuck it out on a miserable
day,” Potter said. Potter’s oldest
son scored his first buck, whose
antlers they plan to mount on a
   For Brower and Potter, their
fathers cultivated their love for
hunting. They are bringing up
their own sons in the tradition.
   Brower’s four-year old son
cannot hunt yet, but he already
shows interest in the sport. When
Brower was cleaning his first
buck from opening day, his son
“had a knife and was hacking
away. I guess he was helping,”
Brower said.
   Inevitably, time for hunting
decreases when people marry and
have a family. Brower looks for-
ward to the day when hunting
and family will no longer be an
The Collegian
December 7, 2007
                                                                          News                                                                                                       3
Sarah                                   Sarah’s professors also
                                     observed Sarah’s reserved char-
                                     acter – and the depth of the per-
                                                                             Potter agreed. “As a teacher,
                                                                          you sometimes have students
                                                                          who you know are so smart and
                                                                                                                “I got to see another side to
                                                                                                                Sarah, especially when she had
                                                                                                                to perform her own scene from
                                                                                                                                                      God is taking me somewhere and
                                                                                                                                                      that the stress of today will pro-
                                                                                                                                                      duce the good of tomorrow. Not
              from page 1            son beneath it. “Sarah was so        already know so much that you         Shakespeare in the park as a          good as in success or a career or
                                     quiet in class, generally, that at   don’t feel you can really teach       requirement of the course. There      financial/social stability, but good
  The weekend before her acci-       first I didn’t know if she was       them anything. All you can do is      was a theatrical side to Sarah        as in a closer walk with Him.”
dent, Sarah was home with her        paying attention and finding the     say, ‘Here, read this and then tell   that was just beginning to              The minister read several
family. Her parents Ben and          material interesting. When I read    me what you think,’ or ‘Here, try     emerge,” he said.                     excerpts from Sarah’s journal at
Becky recount how they spent         her exams, though, I knew that       writing something like this,’” he       Sarah’s parents described her       her funeral service, according to
time relaxing together. “We          she hadn’t missed anything; in       said. “Sarah was one of those         as a “reserved (shy) young lady       senior Christie Hebda. Sarah’s
reminded her we needed a hug         fact, I could tell that she had      students.”                            who became very expressive,           funeral service was Nov. 23 at
before she left – so she put her     thought very carefully about the        Although very studious, Sarah      humorous and fun to be with to        Edwards Chapel, in her home-
things down and gave her mom,        reading,” Dr. Eric Potter said.      wasn’t always glued to her            those who knew her best.”             town, Clymer, N.Y.
her dad and sister one last hug,”       Sarah’s professors and fellow     books. She formed close friend-         Sarah was also a godly,               “It was a service of remem-
her parents said.                    students also remember her for       ships with fellow students like       thoughtful Christian. The depth       brance and celebration since we
   Many who knew Sarah remem-        her impressive intellect. Sarah’s    Buchanan, and occasionally            of Sarah’s character and walk         are positive she is rejoicing with
ber her as reserved.                 love for reading bloomed during      revealed her silly side.              with God is beautifully revealed      Jesus right now,” Ben and Becky
   Senior Melissa Buchanan           her time as an English major. She       “Sarah was one of the first        in her journals.                      said.
agreed, pointing out that under-     also majored in political science.   people I met at Grove City; we          “From reading Sarah’s jour-           While all are shocked and sad-
neath her quiet exterior, Sarah         “Sarah was in my World Lit        were freshman roommates. We           nals, it was apparent that            dened by Sarah’s death, as her
had a fun side. “Sarah was natu-     class where she excelled as she      became so close that year that        throughout her life, and especial-    parents said, “God is good and
rally a quiet person and for most    did in all her classes,” Dr. Diane   we roomed together again sopho-       ly her senior year, Sarah was         will bring much good from all of
people on this campus, that is the   Dixon said. Sarah also tutored in    more year and although that was       seeking to make the Lord most         this.”
only side they got to know when      the Writing Center under Dixon.      the last year we lived together,      important to her – her relation-
they met her. But as almost all        Added Dr. James Dixon,             we remained good friends              ship and reliance on Him. She              See page 16 to read
shy people are, Sarah was not the    “Sarah was in several of my          throughout the remainder of her       was earnestly seeking to discern        a tribute to Sarah Schenk
same at home with her family…        classes, and she was a superb        life,” Buchanan said.                 His will for her after graduation              from student
or back in the dorm. I really got    student. She was always digni-          “We got to know her on our         that she might bring glory to
to witness the more outgoing,        fied and reserved, but beneath       Shakespeare in London trip – she      Him,” her parents said.                       Christie Hebda
silly, fun-loving, witty side of     that reserve was a quick and         had a quirky sense of humor             On Oct. 28, Sarah wrote, “I            A memorial service for
Sarah during our sophomore           active mind. She did very well in    when you got to know her,” Dr.        feel like I’m walking on the edge          Sarah Schenk will be
year, living together. I always      Literary Criticism & Theory and      Diane Dixon said. Dixon’s hus-        of being totally freaked out about
                                                                                                                                                           at 7 p.m. Tuesday in
wished she would let that side be    so participated in the very selec-   band also remembers the               the future, but somehow remain-
seen more often,” she said.          tive Honors Seminar as a junior.”    Shakespeare in London course.         ing unafraid. I know, I trust, that          Harbison Chapel.

      Students given results of competition
  The winners of the Elevator        Network, senior Greg Kroleski        serves as sales manager for           Wesley Institute, which serves at-    launch and operate a small busi-
Pitch Competition were divided       for Bare Apparel and freshman        Nauticom Internet Services and        risk children and youth coping        ness. After working for 15 years
into three categories: non-profit,   Sean Sullivan for     as an adjunct professor of busi-      with mental health obstacles.         at Wallace Computer Services,
science/technology and for-profit.     Winners in the science/technol-    ness at Grove City College. He           The for-profit category was        Starcher is now owner and
  Winners in the non-profit cate-    ogy category were junior Seth        has particular interest and experi-   judged by Jeff Burd, Tom              national manager of the family
gory were senior Chris Andrew        Thompson, seniors Tanner             ence helping small businesses         Freyvogel and Dave Starcher ’88.      business Keystone Ridge
for his pitch Financial              Trosper, Ian Gumbert, Danielle       and non-profit organizations             Burd is the owner of Tall          Designs.
Connection, senior Laura-Kate        Morgan and Aaron Hoover for          through strategic Web initiatives.    Timber Group, a consulting firm         The science/technology catego-
Denny for The Play Date, fresh-      Helfinstine Thermal Labs; senior        Jackson serves as chief execu-     focused on the commercial and         ry judging panel included Joe
man Brittany Hayward for             Chris Answer for AntiVenom;          tive officer of Grove City            residential construction industry     Cicero, John Brier ’94 and Dr.
Forever Families and senior Greg     junior Melissa Borza for             Medical Center. In 2006 he            and the publisher of                  Charles Kriley ’88.
Kroleski for Pipeline Surf           eAnesthesiaSoftware and senior       received Westminster College’s        BreakingGround magazine.                Cicero is the building service
Experience.                          Stephan Mack for Plain Games,        “Outstanding Young Alumni                Freyvogel is the founder of        contractor and president,
  Winners in the for-profit cate-    Inc.                                 Award.” After various jobs            Freyvogel Communications, Inc.        Education Division for Sanitors
gory were sophomore Jonathan           The non-profit category was        including sales representative for    and the author of two books and       Services, Inc. He is also the out-
Durfee for his pitch Freedom         judged by Tim Sweet ’85, Rob         Procter and Gamble and national       numerous articles. His Web site       side catalyst behind the College’s
Satellite Radio, freshman Jayna      Jackson and Doug Muetzel ’80.        sales manager for Beecham,           Entrepreneurship Program.
Grassel for Campus Food                A former pastor, Sweet now         Muetzel is now the CEO of the         offers practical advice on how to       Brier is the senior director of
                                                                                                                                                      the Global Residency Practice at
                                                                                                                                                      EMC Corporation. Kriley has
                                                                                                                                                      been a professor in the chemistry
                                                                                                                                                      department at the College since
                                                                                                                                                      1996. He has received many
                                                                                                                                                      grants and fellowships, and has
                                                                                                                                                      been published extensively in his

                                                                                                                                                       Toy Drive planned
                                                                                                                                                        Do you have any children’s
                                                                                                                                                       toys sitting around your dorm
                                                                                                                                                       or collecting dust back at
                                                                                                                                                       home? Consider donating
                                                                                                                                                       them to the Salvation Army.
                                                                                                                                                       Every Christmas, the
                                                                                                                                                       Salvation Army distributes
                                                                                                                                                       these toys to local parents
                                                                                                                                                       who need gifts for their chil-
                                                                                                                                                         Unwrapped toys, used or
                                                                                                                                                       new, should be placed
                                                                                                                                                       beneath the Christmas tree in
                                                                                                                                                       the Great Room of the Breen
                                                                                                                                                       Student Union. The collection
                                                                                                                                                       will end on Dec. 16.
                                                                                                                                                         Questions? Contact elsana-
                                                                            News                                                                                      The Collegian
                                                                                                                                                                   December 7, 2007

           Funny finals traditions explored
By Lauren Weidenboerner                            The actual scream only lasts a matter of       “fantastic,” and then offered to help track          While fireworks may be thrilling to set
Collegian Writer                                 seconds. After everyone arrives on the           down the new scream leader.                       off and even to witness, there are definite-
                                                 upper quad, the self-appointed “scream              While several names were mentioned as          ly other ways of blowing off stress that are
   Some college students, such as those at       leader” instructs the crowd to scream, and       possible scream leaders for this year, none       completely legal.
Yale, sit in what seems like the lap of lux-     they do.                                         of them would commit to officially lead-             Some students choose to join the ranks
ury when it comes to finals. Grove City            Within thirty seconds it’s all over, and       ing.                                              of those who strike out on their own.
College students know nothing of what            yet students can walk away with a sense of          In the past, some have turned to the              Some have sung in inappropriate places,
Yale students call “reading week,” a week-       satisfaction from having somehow been            more dramatic, although highly illegal,           like Buhl. Many like to dress up in cos-
long period when students have nothing to        part of something bigger than themselves         fireworks show to get their minds off             tume and visit common study areas, and
do but study and relax.                          and finals.                                      finals.                                           others combine random disruptive acts
   Grove City students get a stressful 24          Officer Marvin Lander of Campus                  As most upper classman will remember,           with strange attire.
hours. Students here, however, have              Safety said the Primal Scream is “a nice         the first bout of fireworks began two years          Senior resident assistant Jonathan
proven creative in their endeavor to allevi-     idea. It shows a lot of school spirit.”          ago during fall finals.                           VanScoter reported the craziest thing he
ate some of the stress.                            Senior Adam Chapman, a student securi-            Since then there have been several fire-       ever saw during finals; he said, “About
   Some choose to deal with stress by par-       ty guard on campus, said, “As a member           works incidences on campus – most seem            two or three years ago, the Adels per-
ticipating in time-honored traditions, like      of Campus Safety, I am personally happy          to center around finals time.                     formed a skit. One guy acted like he was
the Primal Scream, which has become a            there is a group of students who are excit-         Campus Safety is much less thrilled            going to jump from the second floor of the
semi-annual favorite in recent years.            ed about getting together to do some             about the fireworks than the Primal               SAC. Then another guy came in tights and
   Traditionally, the Primal Scream hap-         things like this.”                               Scream.                                           a cape to rescue him.”
pens at midnight on the Sunday night dur-          “I’m quite happy that the biggest thing           Officer Bernard Smith, who has worked             VanScoter said that “People tend to
ing finals.                                      we have to worry about is people yelling         with Campus Safety for three years now,           stress out over finals, and it really isn’t
  According to senior Shannon                    in large groups instead of other things,” he     says that, “Our main concern is the safety        needed.”
DelVecchio, who has participated for the         added.                                           and welfare of students. With fireworks              It remains to be seen if a Primal Scream
past two years, “It’s sort of getting out          Rumors claim that the Primal Scream            comes a high possibility of injury. We            leader will emerge, if anyone will come
what you want to do for all six days of          leader last year was Shelly Rollison, who        work actively to prevent that here.”              out with a stash of fireworks, or if more
finals in six seconds. It really is a lot of     was a senior at the time. When asked,              According to Centers for Disease                men in tights will appear.
fun.”                                            Rollison neither confirmed nor denied her        Control statistics, each year there are an           But for those unable to take VanScoter’s
   “It was a good release,” agreed sopho-        involvement.                                     estimated 10,800 injuries resulting from          advice and relax a little more this finals
more Brittany Foor, who participated in            She did say, however, that the fact that       fireworks. Five percent of these injuries         season, there is hope of relief in the crazy
the Primal Scream last year.                     she was implicated by many sources was           required hospitalization.                         traditions that have grown up on campus.

    Protecting marriage                                                                                                  Debaters win
                                                                                                    The Speech and Debate team ended the            3-0 judges’ decision, as did the team sen-
By Frank Michael Davis                           because the Bible states homosexuality as
                                                                                                  semester ranked 19th in the National              ior Renae Smith and sophomore Luke
Collegian Writer                                 being a detestable and evil act. God made
                                                 male and female to come together in mar-         Parliamentary Debate Association after            Juday, closing out finals for Grove City
   Many issues that overlap the realms of        riage so that they could reproduce, and any      their last tournament Nov. 9-10 at Carson-        College.
religion and politics have recently come         other arrangement between the sexes is not       Newman College in Tennessee.                        Freshmen Alex Pepper and Harrison
into question. The public still remembers        what God intended and cannot be called             Going in, Grove City College was the            Ealey were quarterfinalists, Pepper win-
the issue of the Ten Commandments being          marriage.                                        highest ranked school that had competed           ning fourth place speaker award. Hanson
shown in courthouses, and even more                 Many focus on the future of their chil-       in less than four tournaments. The squad          ranked as sixth speaker in the tournament.
recently was the issue of banning prayer in      dren, saying that children need to be raised     ranked first place at Carson-Newman, with           In individual speaking events, Juday,
public schools. The dust has settled follow-     in a home that has a mother and a father,        three of the five Grove City teams advanc-        Winther and Smith qualified for finals in
ing these controversial and heated argu-         not two “fathers” or two “mothers.”              ing to elimination rounds.                        extemporaneous speaking and Pepper and
ments, but now the war has marched on to           Another concern is that expanding the            Freshmen Daniel Hanson and Kelsey               sophomore Mai-Khanh Gunther advanced
a new battlefield: the definition of mar-        definition of marriage would undermine its       Winther won their semifinal round with a          in impromptu speaking.
riage.                                           meaning. Bartkowiak stated, “When mar-

   On Nov. 28, Grove City College hosted         riage means everything, it means nothing.”                                                         things to do before [he] die[s].”
graduate Dan Bartkowiak ’07, who gave a          This is true in Europe, where anybody can                                                            “You can always keep learning. There is
presentation that briefly discussed the          marry whomever that they want. Marriage                                                            always something to discover about ... life, a
Pennsylvania for Marriage movement. He           has lost so much of its significance that                                  from page 1             relationship with Christ, or anything really.”
described the movement as a “coalition of        few even bother with it.                                                                             Sandell had been writing creative pieces
like-minded individuals that work for the           Many believers and non-believers alike        process involved submitting a story idea to       since high school and kept up the habit dur-
goal of passing a marriage amendment in          think that the government has no right to        traditional royalty publishers, followed by a     ing breaks and holidays.
Pennsylvania.”                                   get involved in these issues. Many               manuscript.                                         “I would sit there watching TV in the
   They are attempting to protect the institu-   Christians say that they would have to sup-        “I eventually got a ‘yay’ from two compa-       evenings, when I realized that there was
tion of marriage in Pennsylvania by keep-        port such an amendment if it was to come         nies, and then I just had to choose between       something better I could be doing with my
ing it from including civil unions and           up, but they believe that the real solution is   them,” Sandell said.                              time.”
same-sex marriages.                              to change people’s hearts rather than their        Other Grove City students and alumni              Since he had received affirmation of his
   He explained that activist judges in states   laws through evangelism.                         have had works published. Bill Deasy ’89          talent and he was in need of money, Sandell
such as California and many others in the           Non-believers state that marriage would       wrote “Ransom Seaborn,” a novel set in a          decided to publish a book.
New England area have decided that mar-          not be ruined by same-sex marriages, as          small religious college, inspired by Grove          Sandell is working on another thriller about
riage defined as being only between a man        heterosexuals have already ruined it, stat-      City.                                             defining success.
and a woman is unconstitutional. These           ing the astronomical divorce rates. They           “Seaborn” won the 2006 Needle Award for           While Sandell’s primary career goal is to
judges’ decisions are changing the law for       differ on many issues, however, as non-          best new novel of the year. Deasy is also an      be a youth minister, he is not opposed to the
millions of people, whereas Pennsylvania         believers view marriage as a civil right,        accomplished recording artist, having             idea that his writing habit could turn into a
for Marriage wants to put the issue on a         and as a relationship between two people         released five albums.                             career.
public ballot and let the people decide.         who love and are committed to each other,          Sandell, a Christian thought and French           “The Wager” can be bought online at
This is a more democratic method that            while Christians see marriage as a relation-     major, said that writing and publishing a or by e-mailing
involves the voices and opinions of many         ship and a commitment between a man, a           book is a thing “to check off his to-do list of
concerned Pennsylvanians, rather than that       woman and God.
of a single judge.                                  If Pennsylvania for Marriage is to suc-
   The concern for this amendment comes          ceed, it needs supporters to raise awareness
from the fact that Pennsylvania law is wide      in the populace. Bartkowiak listed five
open for judicial review to change this law      ways people are able to help the cause.
at any time. In many states, there are laws         He asked that people pray for a vote for
in place that function to protect marriage;      the amendment, spread the word to friends
Pennsylvania, however, has a very weak           and family, call or write a state representa-
law and needs to ratify a stronger one, lest     tive, enlist churches for the cause, and visit
it remain vulnerable to judicial review.         the Web site at
   People that are in support of this move- to stay post-
ment believe in its importance for different     ed. More information can also be found at
reasons, the most common reason is     
The Collegian
December 7, 2007
                                                                          News                                                                                                       5

    Outside the bubble...
   Divorce hurts environment                                                           Hugo Chavez defeated in election
  A new study at Michigan State University found that divorced               “I understand and accept that the proposal I made was quite profound and intense,” Hugo Chavez said
households have a “greater negative impact on the environment” than       in Venezuela on Monday after his first ever electoral defeat, reported.
the households of married couples, according to ABC News.                    The vote was close, 51 to 49 percent, and the main issue centered around Chavez’s proposed reforms to
  The deciding factor is the efficient use of resources. In divorced      the Venezuelan constitution which would have allowed him to be reelected indefinitely and also move the
households, the smaller number of people causes less resource effi-       country to a more socialist state.
ciency per person.                                                           “Foes of the reform effort – including Roman Catholic leaders, media freedom groups, human rights
  Researchers found that in United States, “divorced households           groups and prominent business leaders – said it would have granted Chavez unchecked power and imper-
spent 46 percent more per capita on electricity and 56 percent more       iled basic rights,” reported.
on water than married households did,” ABC said.

 Jailed teacher leaves Sudan                                                             Dinosaur found in North Dakota
                                                                            A fossilized duckbilled hadrosaur found in North Dakota is being haled as “one of the most complete
  A British teacher was jailed in Sudan after allowing students to        dinosaur mummies ever found” by FOX News.
name a teddy bear Muhammad, the Associated Press reported.                  The dinosaur had been fossilized into stone, preserving its skin, ligaments, tendons and possibly some
  Gillian Gibbons’s students voted on a name for the class bear and       internal organs, FOX said.
took turns taking it home and journaling about what it did. Gibbons         Scientists were able to calculate its muscle mass, revealing that the creature was more muscular than
was arrested when a fellow teacher complained about the bear’s name.      believed. Scientists also determined that hadrosaurs were bigger and stronger than they thought, at three
  Gibbons was jailed for insulting Islam, but was pardoned by the         and a half tons and up to 40 feet long, FOX said.
president of Sudan. The British Embassy said Gibbons has left Sudan.        Paleontologist Phillip Manning from England’s Manchester University was one of those excited by the
  Possible punishments could have included up to 40 lashes, six           discovery, especially by the well-preserved skin on the animal. “The skin is wonderful,” he said.
months in prison and a fine, the Press reported. Gibbons was original-
ly sentenced to 15 days in prison and deportation.                                                                                                     -Compiled by Sarah Beth Gross
  Gibbons said she did not intend to offend anyone and greatly                                                                                                     and Abby Johnson
respected the Islamic religion.                                                                                                                               Collegian News Editors

Integrity discussions wrap-up for semester
By Nicky Lipartito                     In their discussions, Jones said   honor code that we like that are      not have sole control, Jones said,     Kemeny said.
Collegian Editor-in-Chief            they found opposition to some of     either already embedded in the        because academic integrity               He added, “The committee was
                                     these elements among both stu-       current honesty in learning policy    offenses are against the entire        tasked solely with the responsi-
  As discussions of academic         dents and faculty.                   … that we are simply going to         campus community.                      bility with issues of academic
integrity draw to a close for the      “The thing about the traditional   raise up.”                              “You’ve done a disservice to         integrity. We weren’t commis-
semester, the Ad Hoc Academic        honor code is that it all goes         Two examples for this are a         your peers because you’re mak-         sioned to deal with anything else
Integrity Assessment Committee       together. You can’t just take one    pledge and “significantly             ing the playing field not level        except what happens inside the
has determined that the College      of those things and drop them off    increased student involvement,”       anymore, you’ve done a disserv-        classroom.”
will not adopt an honor code.        and have a traditional honor         Jones said.                           ice to the faculty member’s              Jones added that the student
   “The bulk of this semester of     code,” he said.                        Kemeny noted that there is          whose class you’re in because          advisory board deserves com-
both the faculty and student advi-     Though an honor code is not in     already an “implicit pledge” in       you’re attesting to something you      mendation for their contribution
sory board has been devoted to       the works, what will happen is a     the admissions application of the     can’t really say that you know.        to the discussions this semester.
discussing the possibility of        development of ideas for revising    College. The last two lines of this   And because of that I think we         For the student board, Kemeny
establishing an honor code – a       the College’s current honesty in     portion of the application before     want to have both faculty and          picked 16 students of different
traditional honor code – at Grove    learning policy. Jones said they     the prospective student’s signa-      students deal with those offens-       disciplines, majors, interest
City College,” Dr. Paul Kemeny,      took what they liked from the        ture read, “A student’s enrollment    es,” he said.                          groups and years out of the 33
head of the Ad Hoc Committee,        honor code and looked at how to      involves an agreement with the          He added, “The end result …          student nominated and 40 faculty
said.                                bring that together with what is     College that he/she will obey the     in all of this is not an honor code,   nominated students. Jones added
   Kemeny and Dr. Steven Jones,      already in the honesty and learn-    academic and non-academic reg-        but a community that affirms           that SGA and student focus
also on the committee, explained     ing policy. The policy is detailed   ulations of the College. If accept-   integrity and acts with integrity.”    groups of eight to 10 students
that the five elements of a tradi-   in both The Crimson and the          ed by Grove City College, I             Kemeny emphasized that the           also contributed to the discus-
tional honor code are a pledge       Bulletin.                            agree to observe the standards of     conclusions of the discussions are     sions.
not to cheat, which is turned in       Kemeny added, “After having        the College.”                         “all in play” and are still being        One of the committee’s plans
on all assignments; entirely stu-    spent … almost a semester …            Kemeny added that there is          discussed.                             for next semester is to bring in
dent adjudication; a single sanc-    talking to the student advisory      also already room for students in       At this point, the ideas are         two guest speakers: Professor
tion policy, which means imme-       board as well as some of the fac-    the honesty in learning policy as     merely being readied to be pre-        Jerram Barrs, resident scholar of
diate expulsion if caught cheat-     ulty about a traditional honor       seen in the appeals process. What     sented to the faculty, which will      the Francis A. Schaeffer Institute
ing; a mandatory duty to report      code we concluded that it was        they would like to see is an          happen next semester.                  at Covenant Theological
witnessed cheating; and un-proc-     unworkable. But we did identify      expansion of this student involve-      Jones added, “The committee is       Seminary and Dr. Peter Kreeft
tored exams.                         a couple things in the traditional   ment. Students, however, should       only in power to make recom-           from Boston College.
                                                                                                                mendations.”                             Informal and open-forum dis-
                                                                                                                  This semester, the committee         cussions, expansion of the Dead
                                                                                                                was “trying to devise concrete         Horse film series and a Web site
                                                                                                                solutions to helping to create a       of academic integrity resources
                                                                                                                culture that values issues of aca-     for both students and faculty are
                                                                                                                demic integrity more seriously,”       also planned, Kemeny said.
                                                                               News                                                                                            The Collegian
                                                                                                                                                                            December 7 2007

            AWS hosts brunch
By Jenette Manning                      City ladies a chance to enrich         later that evening.
Collegian Writer                        themselves.                              The dedication Miller shows to
                                           Next on the agenda is a shop-       both her children and students,
   Steaming crepes, bagels,             ping trip to Ross Park Mall in         although sometimes at the
banana nut bread, sticky buns,          Pittsburgh to tackle Christmas         expense of sleep, was inspiring.
cheesy hash browns, perfectly           gift lists. For those who don’t        Although she realizes that most
crisped bacon and a punch bowl          have a car, this is a perfect          girls grow up with some “plan”
of fresh fruit salad awaited the        opportunity, since AWS is pro-         of how their life is going to go,
sixty women who attended the            viding a bus.                          she suggested allowing God to
Association of Women Students’             Kimberly Miller, a professor in     have His say. His plan will be
Christmas Candlelight Brunch in         Grove City’s Communication             much better than ours could ever                                                                           Courtesy Tara Dent
Old MAP on Sunday.                      Studies department, spoke at           be.                                              Sophomore Emily Anderson, from Alpha Phi Omega, and fresh-
   Sunday’s 1–2 p.m. brunch was         Sunday’s Christmas brunch about          Senior Joy Gardiner said, “I                   man Sarah Hildebrandt rake for an elderly resident.
one of AWS’ final events for the        the challenges of being a mother       have many classes with Mrs.
semester. If confusion surrounds
the AWS organization, it is easily
cleared up: every girl on campus
                                        in the workplace and at home.
                                        Having been in each position,
                                        Miller’s insight was helpful to all
                                                                               Miller and it was enjoyable to
                                                                               receive advice from her outside
                                                                               of the classroom.”
                                                                                                                                    Students help out
is already a member of this             women in attendance, whether             “It was very helpful hearing                     Over a series of two weeks,        lowing groups and organizations
organization without dues.              they plan to pursue a career, start    perspectives from her on being a                 from Oct. 31 to Nov. 10, over 55     for their volunteer efforts: Alpha
  AWS president Joanna Beyer            a family or both, in the future.       stay-at-home mom compared to a                   Grove City College volunteers        Phi Omega, Helping Hands, Men
defined the organization’s pur-            Miller is the mother of two,        working mom,” she added.                         logged more than 160 hours rak-      of God, Mortarboard, Resident
pose as “creating unity among           whom she stayed home to raise            Miller impressed upon the                      ing leaves for the elderly, dis-     Assistants from Ketler Hall and
GCC women and facilitating              for a time. She told of the bless-     audience that both roles are                     abled and those in extenuating       MEP Hall, Resident Directors
communication between women             ings of being a “stay-at-home          blessings that come with their                   circumstances in the Grove City      and South Hall residents.
students and the administration.”       mom,” able to devote 100 per-          own sets of difficulties.                        community. This year, a total of       In addition to Grove City
Beyer is a senior molecular biol-       cent of her attention to her girls,      She encouraged students to                     27 yards were raked, which is        College students and staff, volun-
ogy major who has been involved         but she also talked about the          thank their mothers this                         more than double the amount of       teers from the Grove City
with AWS since her sophomore            challenges; lack of recognition,       Christmas for their hard work,                   yards that United Way volunteers     Education Center, General
year.                                   the feeling of not contributing        regardless of what path they have                raked last year.                     Electric, George Junior Republic,
   The organization behind the          financially to the family and the      chosen.                                            The Grove City Area United         and LDS missionaries also assist-
always popular Etiquette                stereotyped associations of the          When asked what message she                    Way would like to thank the fol-     ed in Leaf Raking.
Dinners, AWS has also sponsored         title can be tough.                    would like most for the students

                                                                                                                                              Samuel Robinson
various seminars of interest to            Having been led to teach at         to take away, Miller said, “We
female students throughout the          Grove City College, Miller now         need to build each other up in the
semester.                               juggles the many responsibilities      decisions that we make, no mat-
   This year, a self-defense work-
shop and seminars hosted in con-
                                        of a working mother. By her 1:30
                                        p.m. talk, she had already spent
                                                                               ter what they are, because they
                                                                               are very personal choices.”
                                                                                                                                             scholarship offered
                                                                                                                                  Who is Eligible? Full-time Junior and Senior students in atten-
junction with the counseling cen-       several hours at her daughter’s          For anyone looking for a New
                                                                                                                                dance at Grove City College and active members of the Presbyterian
ter such as “Women in the               church play practice, and she          Year’s resolution, here might be a
                                                                                                                                Church (U.S.A.) who memorize the Westminster Shorter Catechism
Workplace” have given Grove             attended the actual production         place to start.
                                                                                                                                and write an essay on an assigned topic.
                                                                                                                                  Amount: $200 to $5,000. Not based on need. Varies depending on

                                                                                                                                the size of the applicant pool and the amount of funding available.
                                                                                                                                  How to Apply: Information is available from Donna Cales,
                                                                                                                                Harbison Chapel, at Should you be interested,
                                                                                                                                please call Cales at ext. 2143 for a future date to meet with interested
               from page 1                                                                                                      students.
                                                                                                                                  Deadline to sign-up: February 8, 2008. Deadline for the completed
Anderson said.                                                                                                                  work: April 1, 2008.
   The ruin, originally an ornate
house of the Roman elite, sits on
Byrsa Hill at the center of the
site of ancient Carthage. The
Romans built it as early as the
first century, and it lasted into the
sixth century, Graham said.
   In the afternoons, Graham will
lecture and lead tours around
Carthage and the nearby city of
   On the weekends, students will
visit sites around the region,
according to the course descrip-

   “I’m really looking forward to       The Roman ruin of ancient Carthage.
getting a new perspective on his-         “It’s a win-win situation,”          interest in ancient history, a qual-
tory, because Tunis is not a place      Graham said.                           ity Graham said he wanted when
one hears about very often,”              Graham and the students will         he looked for an engineering stu-
Anderson said.                          prepare an archeological site          dent. Two of the four history stu-
   Dr. Alicia Walker, assistant         report, including a catalog of         dents have had museum intern-
professor of art history and            artifacts, that they plan to publish   ships, and all have an interest in
archeology at Washington                in an archeological journal.           archeology.
University in St. Louis, will join        Additionally, Horst, the only           “I’ve always had a love for his-
Graham and the students.                electrical engineering student in      tory, especially ancient history,”
   Walker worked with Graham            the group of history students,         Coleman said.
when he excavated outside               will render a three dimensional           Graham and Horst said the trip
Carthage in the summers of 1996         model of the house with an             will not only expose the students
through 1999. She first                 AutoCAD program, Horst said.           to archeology, but will also
approached Graham with the trip           Though he has studied comput-        spread the name of Grove City
idea, he said.                          er programming, Horst said he          College.
   Walker, who continued to exca-       has limited design experience
vate in Carthage after Graham           through civil engineering work.           Apartments Available
left in 1999, volunteered to give         “I’m going to be learning a                        1 and 2 bedroom units
                                                                                      $850/month - all utilities are included
six lectures in addition to on-site     completely new process, in terms                Location: 429 South Broad Street,
                                                                                        across from Colonial Apartments,
instruction on basic archeological      of modeling,” Horst said.                      and across from Grove City College
                                                                                            CALL: (412) 216-1339 or
techniques.                               Nonetheless, Horst has an                    EMAIL:
The Collegian
December 7, 2007
                                                                                  Life                                                                                                            7

                     Savoring San Francisco
                   Senior Rachel Rounsville heads to the city
                          for journalism and politics
By Darin Miller                         almost the equivalent of two more      about how she believed that the                                                   the rooftops, but it was discourag-
Collegian Life Editor                   full days to explore the city.         media can exaggerate issues. One                                                  ing that in an established journal-
                                                                               of the speakers (Michael                                                          ist’s opinion I shouldn’t look for a
  In early November, senior             Miller: So what did you do in          Ramirez) is a political cartoonist.                                               job where I would most like to
Rachel Rounsville visited San           your free time?                        Not everything was specifically                                                   be. It is kind of discouraging for
Francisco for a journalism confer-      Rounsville: A lot – I rode a cable     political; one of the speakers – a                                                someone looking to build their
ence. She shared her experience         car; visited Grace Cathedral; saw      professor at UCLA – spoke about                                                   career.
with junior Darin Miller.               Chinatown, the Golden Gate             Asia, the focus of his column.
                                        Bridge, and the Pacific Ocean for      Each speaker had a lot of insight-                                                Miller: Would you recommend
Darin Miller: Give us a basic           the first time; went to Haight-        ful things to say about their spe-                                                this experience to others?
rundown of your trip.                   Ashbury, the center of the hippy       cific field. Unfortunately, I got                                                 Rounsville: The speakers at the
Rachel Rounsville: I heard about        movement; went to an Italian           the general vibe that it’s a rough                                                conference were good and I did
the trip in September via e-mail        restaurant with this great Italian     time for journalists because the                                                  learn from them, but I think I
from Amy Clingensmith,                  waiter who couldn’t speak              field is continually changing,                                                    learned more just exploring San
Collegian staff advisor. I have an      English; was driven by a cabby         because of the addition of the                                                    Francisco – not necessarily about
incessant need to travel, so I fig-     who did magic tricks. The amount       Internet.                                                                         my profession but just about dif-
ured I would take the opportunity       of things I saw and learned within                                                                                       ferent ways of life.
to cross the country – somewhere        a few days was incredible.             Miller: You were talking about
I had never been – and learn more                                              a rough time for journalism;                                                      Miller: What are some of the
about my possible future career at      Miller: What about the confer-         can you explain that?                                                             things you learned?
the same time. I had earned             ence?                                  Rounsville: Kind of just the gen-                                                 Rounsville: I learned that “San
enough credits for one free             Rounsville: The conference was         eral vibe I got that a lot of the                                                 Francisco is a liberal place” is not
roundtrip flight on Southwest           held at the Holiday Inn                public is distrustful of the media                                                a stereotype. A lot of practices are
Airlines and I have a friend,           Fisherman’s Wharf and was spon-        and believes that the media                                                       freely embraced here – homosex-
Melody Diehl ’06, who lives in          sored by the Institute for Political   always has an agenda to portray.                                                  uality, drug use and New Age
San Francisco, so all in all the trip   Journalism, which is part of the       Because of the latest develop-                                                    spirituality, for example – that
cost me a fraction of what it           Fund for American Studies. The         ments in technology we feel like                                                  remain more taboo in many other
could have been.                        focus of the conference was poli-      we need to know everything the                       Courtesy Rachel Rounsville   places. Some of this was a bit
  I left on Thursday, Nov. 1, and       tics and journalism.                   second it happens, so that leaves     Rachel Rounsville enjoys                    shocking to me, but it was a great
got to San Francisco around 3              There were speakers from            the newspaper not necessarily         sightseeing in San Francisco.               learning experience. It helped me
p.m. The conference started at 2        many different fields. One of the      outdated, but it’s not the first      Rounsville: It was scary. The               to see even more than I already
p.m. on Friday. There was a             speakers worked on several polit-      word anymore. The public is very      conservative columnist told me              have that I am in the minority –
break before a dinner party that        ical campaigns and had tips for        critical of the media.                [as a conservative] that basically I        and not just in San Francisco –
night. On Saturday, the confer-         journalists. One woman is a con-                                             shouldn’t look for a job on either          because of what I believe and the
ence lasted from 8:30 a.m. to 3         servative journalist at the San        Miller: How do you, as an up-         coast but should look for a job in          way I live. These things aside,
p.m. I didn’t leave until Monday,       Francisco Chronicle – which is a       and-coming journalist, hope to        the Midwest. I’m not going to be            though, I really loved San
Nov. 5, around 1 p.m. I had             very rare thing – and she spoke        face this changing career?            shouting my political views from            Francisco.

 Students share family Christmas traditions
By Marjorie Loresch                     they return home.                         Bartlett is not the only student   with her family and spending                the house and whoever finds it
Collegian Writer                           Not surprisingly, many tradi-       to have a favorite Christmas dish.    time with them.                             first gets to open the first pres-
                                        tions kept by students revolve         Some are more unusual.                   Because of all of the commer-            ent,” said Mittelman.
  With finals just a week away,         around food.                              “Every Christmas my family         cialization of Christmas, some-                Junior Brittany Griffin’s family
students search for some source            Holiday food traditions offer       has kippers and herring on rye        times people have trouble with              also found a way to put the focus
of joy outside of text books and        opportunities to bond, share a         bread for breakfast,” sophomore       searching for Jesus in the midst            on Jesus.
note cards. By focusing their           common heritage and eat foods          Katy Antanaitis said.                 of all the holiday hustle and bus-             “Every year we bake a cake
thoughts on the upcoming                that only come once a year.               Instead of one specific food,      tle.                                        and put candles on it for Jesus.
Christmas holiday, students at             “Every Christmas Eve we have        sophomore Tim Kasper shared              While this search for focus is a         Then we sing ‘happy birthday’ to
Grove City can ward off worries         German apple pancakes,” sopho-         the exciting tradition of “grazing”   struggle facing many students,              Him,” Griffin said.
of remembering essay questions          more Uriah Bartlett said. “We          with his family.                      sophomore Jess Mittelman liter-               Regardless of how each family
by remembering what they are            don't have these any other day of         “On Christmas Eve my mom           ally searches for the baby Jesus            chooses to celebrate the holiday,
looking forward to most when            the year, only on Christmas Eve.”      makes a huge breakfast and from       every year.                                 every tradition has value because
                                                                               one to about seven, we feast. My         “On Christmas morning, my                of the memories of past

  In Chapel this week
                                                                               parents call it grazing because       parents hide the baby Jesus from            Christmases and the memories
                                                                               we're all just walking around for     our nativity scene somewhere in             that will be made in future years.
                                                                               six hours eating,” Kasper said.
                                                                                  Of course, not all Christmas
                                                                               customs upheld by students
                                                                               involve eating.
                                                                                                                         SGA changes elections
                                                                                  Many traditions have a more            The Student Government Association continues to make changes
                                                                               biblical focus. A large portion of     to benefit and simplify the lives of students on campus. One such
  Sunday, December 9                                                                                                  change involves the terms of executive officers.
  Christmas Candlelight Services                                               students mention the reading of
                                                                               the Christmas story as being an           In the past, terms for class officers and executive officers have
  6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.                                                                                             been staggered – class officer elections in the spring and executive
                                                                               integral part of their yearly cele-
                                                                               bration. The most common book          elections in the fall.
  Tuesday, December 11                                                         of the Bible to read the story is         To simplify the voting process for students and create a more uni-
  Krysten Fritz ‘08, 2007 Red Box                                              Luke.                                  fied senate, SGA has passed legislation that places all elections in
  Mission to Kampala, Uganda                                                      “My parents rotated transla-        the spring.
                                                                               tions every year, so that we were         There will now be one voting day every spring rather than two
                                                                               able to hear them all,” sophomore      per academic school year. Freshman class elections are an excep-
                                                                               Nate Mizelle said.                     tion to this rule. They will take place in the fall.
                                                                                  Senior Esther Yu said she most         The Student Government Association hopes this will increase
                                                                               values the tradition of attending      voter interest and allow for a less confusing method for electing
                                                                               church on Christmas morning            campus leaders. Questions? Please contact
                                                                               Life                                                                                     The Collegian
                                                                                                                                                                     December 7, 2007

Writers strike halts students’ favorite shows
By Mandy Greiner                                                                                                          is “Desperate Housewives” star        will be joined by current
Collegian Writer                                                                                                          Eva Longoria, who delivered           favorites such as “American
                                                                                                                          pizza to some picketers.              Idol” and “Dancing with the
  For the first time in nearly 20                                                                                            Also, Ellen Degeneres made a       Stars.”
years, Hollywood experienced a                                                                                            statement on her show.                   Numerous students on campus
major strike that affects the                                                                                                “I want to say I love my writ-     also have differing opinions on
multi-billion dollar industry and                                                                                         ers,” she said. “In honor of them     the matter.
the millions of Americans who                                                                                             today, I'm not going to do a             Freshman Carl Laamanen said,
depend on talk shows and televi-                                                                                          monologue. I support them and         “I think that their demands are
sion dramas for daily entertain-                                                                                          hope that they get everything         not without reason. Producers
ment.                                                                                                                     they're asking for. And I hope it     and actors get a lot of money for
  The Writers Guild of America                                                                                            works out soon.”                      acting. The writers should get a
on both the eastern and western                                                                                              The Writers Guild may very         little of that, considering the
front have traded in their pens for                                                                                       well get what they desire, but        amount of time and effort they
picket signs, resulting in the halt                                                                                       who can say how soon this will        put into making a show a suc-
                                                                                        Courtesy of
of television production through-                                                                                         be?                                   cess.”
                                      Members of the Writers Guild of America West protest outside
out the country.                                                                                                             Some television producers are         Junior Sarah Simms added,
                                      of Paramount Pictures.
  On Oct. 31, a contract between                                                                                          already gearing up for the worst,     “It’s terrible because I look for-
the Writers Guild and the             strike was because writers want-       also worried about the ratings of            while others, like Carson Daily,      ward to The Office every week,
Alliance of Motion Pictures and       ed payment for shows aired on          popular serialized shows like                are beginning to record new           and, now, they're showing reruns!
Television Producers expired.         the Web, on iTunes and on other        “Lost,” “Heroes,” “24” and                   episodes again.                       They should just give them their
The two sides met for over ten        similar sites.                         “Prison Break.” As the amount of                There is one genre that is bene-   money and move on.”
hours to work out a contract, but,      The strike has forced a halt to      time in between new and old                  fiting greatly from this strike,         On the other hand, freshman
apparently, there was not enough      dozens of television shows across      episodes grows, viewers will lose            however, and that is the reality      Erica Lehman said, “The writers
compromise.                           all broadcasting stations, includ-     track of some of the many story-             television show.                      are more concerned about their
  Soon after, the east members        ing “Desperate Housewives,”            lines that most of these shows                  Many new shows are scheduled       paychecks than everybody else.
announced that they were going        “Til Death,” “Two and a Half           contain.                                     to hit the air in a few weeks,        They’re being poor sports by say-
on strike.                            Men,” “The Big Bang Theory”               Many actors have rallied                  including “Duel” and “When            ing, ‘Give us what we want, or
  Surprisingly, the reason for this   and many more. Many people are         behind their writers. Among them             Women Rule the World.” These          we'll strike!’”

    Red Box missionary profile: Julianna Clayton
By Kate Suffern                       desired to be Red Box                                                               limited to actions.                   got to know was 15-year-old
Collegian Writer                      Missionary, Clayton said, “I defi-                                                    At first, she thought she was       Manuela. At first she was some-
                                      nitely know that, in some capaci-                                                   not helping in any significant        what cold and indifferent to
  After spending two months in        ty in my life, I want to be a mis-                                                  way, and felt incompetent. Yet        Clayton, and would laugh at
Latin America, junior Julianna        sionary. I wanted to spend a sum-                                                   God taught her that he calls          Clayton’s attempts to speak
Clayton has learned an important      mer in a more intense experience                                                    believers to “just be available”      Spanish.
lesson about the nature of service    than in ICO.”                                                                       for his purposes.                        Clayton desired to break
to God.                                 Clayton explained that, while                                                       God gives gifts, but Christians     through Manuela’s shell, but
  Clayton had originally planned      an ICO is challenging and results                                                   are to use them in his timing.        decided that she shouldn’t over-
to go to Vietnam this summer,         in a highly meaningful experi-                                                      Whereas the world says to use         whelm the girl with attempts for
but circumstances ruled that she      ence, it is not as intense as it                                                    gifts for our own agenda, God         friendship. After spending time
instead return to Guatemala,          could be, for one is still interact-                                                calls Christians to submit their      with Manuela during movie
where she had previously served       ing with a group of fellow                                                          gifts to him for his agenda and       nights, the teen began to warm up
with an ICO team.                     American students. Rather, on                                                       plan, whether the actions seem        to Clayton and asked her to play
  Clayton said she was reluctant      her Red Box trip she served by                                                      mundane or significant.               a card game.
to go to Guatemala rather than        herself and was forced to rely on                                                     This lesson clicked in Clayton's       Much to Clayton’s joy,
Vietnam at first, but “all said and   God.                                                    Courtesy Julianna Clayton   mind when she arrived home and        Manuela continued to respond
done I know that God wanted me          Clayton returned as a volunteer      Junior Julianna Clayton served               people asked her what she             warmly to Clayton’s acts of serv-
in Guatemala.”                        to the same orphanage she had          at an orphanage in Guatemala                 accomplished.                         ice, fun activities, and efforts to
  The trip was the hardest experi-    visited on the ICO.                    last summer.                                   “We always want to have visi-       show the love of Christ.
ence she ever had. She was there        While there, she “was basically      teenagers, for whom she would                ble, tangible results,” Clayton         With a smile, Clayton recounted
by herself, dealing with illness,     a big sis to 34 kids.”                 make brownies or other treats.               said.                                 the tearful day she left the
dirtiness and other third world         She did everything from help-          Helping with such mundane,                   Because of the language barrier     orphanage.
conditions.                           ing kids to brush their teeth to       every-day activities was an ele-             she had to trust that God used her       “Manuela came up to me and
  “God brought me to my lowest        walking them to school, giving         ment of the biggest lesson                   actions, which were all she had to    gave me a big hug, and then she
of lowest points to teach me to       baths, helping with homework,          Clayton learned. Because she did             give, to touch lives during and       said, ‘You have a special place in
rely on Him,” she said.               and simply hanging out. Clayton        not speak Spanish well, service              after her stay.                       my heart. Thank you for the
  When asked why she originally       often had movie nights with the        and evangelism were essentially                One of the teens whom Clayton       brownies.’”

                 Students embrace new studying tips
By Steve Kennedy                               to write down key words relating to that           ization when trying to improve in the                 The issue of how to study in groups and
Collegian Writer                               section of the notes.                              classroom. Looking nice and getting to              when and where to study were also
                                                  Only 18 students, most of whom were             know professors can help, allowing stu-             addressed. Students should take study
  A handful of Grove City College stu-         freshmen, made use of the help session,            dents to connect with the professor and             breaks, be comfortable with where and
dents gained a leg up on finals late last      but those who attended left with several           giving the professor a positive view of the         with whom they are studying, and to try to
week.                                          tips on how to prepare for finals in the           students.                                           think like the professor as they study.
  A study skills seminar was hosted by         upcoming weeks.
Student Life and Learning on Nov. 28 to
help students sharpen their study habits
                                                  Several students found the seminar very
                                               enlightening, including sophomore Jake
                                                                                                                                   Studying suggestions
and notetaking.                                Patton. “The seminar has revolutionized                           Note Taking:                                   Limit the group’s size
  The seminar covered a wide range of          the way I take notes; I wish I would have                      Use abbreviations                                   Take study breaks
topics, including how to properly take         attended last year,” he said.                                    Copy the board                                    True/False Tips:
notes, the difference between passive and         The seminar also gave tips on how to                       Take notes everyday                         Absolute qualifiers usually make the
active listening, reading for comprehen-       prepare for multiple choice, true-false and          Skip spaces so you can go back and add                         statement false
sion and retention and test taking strate-     essay questions, offered general test taking                      to your notes                              If guessing, assume it is true
gies. The seminar taught the Cornell           skills, and even had advice on what to do                        Study Groups:                                      During a Test:
Method of Note Taking, which has the stu-      when getting a test back. The students                     Choose your group carefully                        Answer easy questions first
dent fold the piece of paper he or she is      were encouraged to dress up, kiss up and                         Use note cards                                  Follow your instincts
writing on and use that margin as a place      to use trapper keepers for improved organ-                  Ask one another questions                           Use all the time allotted
The Collegian
December 7, 2007
                                                                               Life                                                                                                         9

                            Grappling with grace
     Senior Shane Coughlin shares gospel in Tanzania
By Jennifer Ford                                                                                                       involved in the church services       conception was a woman whom
Collegian Writer                                                                                                       where he and the other volunteers     Coughlin’s team encountered
                                                                                                                       were asked to speak and preach,       during a prayer walk in the vil-
   Grace is hard enough to under-                                                                                      often on the spot.                    lage.
stand or explain, even with                                                                                              To describe these services,            She broke down and cried
humanities classes, Sunday ser-                                                                                        Coughlin said “these people’s         when the volunteers visited her
mons and a Christian back-                                                                                             hunger for the gospel blows us        home, saying: “The white people
ground.                                                                                                                out of the water. They sit on the     came and brought Jesus here four
   Imagine trying to explain this                                                                                      ground propped up against a tree      years ago. We have been waiting
mystifying concept along with                                                                                          trunk and don’t eat, drink, or take   for you to bring Him back.”
forgiveness, hope, faith, and sal-                                                                                     any breaks for six hours – no         Coughlin wanted to yell, “No!
vation to Tanzanian people who                                                                                         exaggeration. They sing and           That’s not how it works!”
speak Swahili. They are hungry                                                                                         worship and want to hear every-       Thankfully, the missionaries
to learn but are limited by the                                                                                        thing they can about the gospel.”     explained to the woman that
simplicity of their language – the                                                                                       Not only were the church serv-      Jesus had never left her, and that
words to help them grasp the                                                                                           ices packed with people eager to      He will remain with her always.
abstract concepts foundational to                                                         Courtesy of Shane Coughlin   learn about Jesus, the Kids Club         Reflecting on the trip, Coughlin
Christianity do not exist.             Senior Shane Coughlin gives medicine to the Tanzanian children.                 flooded the leader’s house with at    said he would possibly return to
   Senior Shane Coughlin faced            He said, “It’s kind of over-        Once there, he was primarily             least one hundred people every        Tanzania for medical missions.
this challenge, among many oth-        whelming – someone gives you         involved with research for med-            Tuesday and Thursday. The                “I would go back to visit and
ers, during his summer of min-         $3,500 for summertime, and you       ical outreach missions, Kids               objective was “to change the          work with the missionary doctor
istry in Tanzania, Africa.             have to find a way to further the    Club, faith retreats for youth and         church for the next generation.”      – his idea for their medical min-
   Coughlin is convinced that God      kingdom in a smart and trustwor-     general volunteer work in the              This idea focused their ministry      istry is fantastic. I have the
had a strong hand in providing         thy way, knowing all the while       Hope for Nations headquarters.             toward influencing the youth who      utmost respect for the missionar-
him with the opportunity to serve      that there are scams and corrupt     He collected statistics about the          could then influence others.          ies that live there because it’s not
in Tanzania.                           missions out there, and all you      most prevalent ailments in the               At Kids Club, the leaders con-      that cool of a place to live.
   He was encouraged to apply by       really have at your fingertips is    villages they visited so that they         ducted Bible verse activities and     Everywhere they’re just burning
his friend, Abby Barr ’07, who         the Internet.”                       could prepare and distribute treat-        played games with people their        trash because they have no
served as a Red Box Missionary            Coughlin chose the Hope of the    ments more effectively.                    age and younger in an effort to       garbage system. My asthma was
in India during the summer of          Nations ministry in Tanzania,          “Cataracts are the most com-             teach coherent truth about the        a mess while I was there – every-
2006. He was further inspired by       Africa, because his roommate,        mon health issues in the area              gospel, which the kids in turn        thing’s dusty.”
the Chapel presentations that          senior Peter Stobaugh, worked        because the sun is so fierce,”             spread to more people in their          The entire experience trained
showcased the student experi-          with the leaders of the program      Coughlin said. “They send sur-             own language. Adhering to clari-      Coughlin to rely fully on God
ences.                                 four years ago.                      geons up and down Lake                     ty and sound doctrine is vital        and to accept his work with a
   When it came down to the               God’s sovereignty and provi-      Tanganyika to do cataract surgery          because the message is so easily      willing heart.
week of the application deadline,      sion continued for Coughlin          and the result is incredible.              skewed due to language and cul-          “I grew by doing things that I
Coughlin felt an urgent prompt-        when he nearly missed his flight     People who are literally blind can         tural barriers. This is made even     didn’t really want to do, the
ing to apply.                          to Tanzania, then didn’t have        see again after this half hour pro-        more difficult by the lack of         small, menial tasks that made me
   To describe the feeling,            enough money to purchase his         cedure – it’s a huge part of the           Bibles that are translated into       question if they really needed to
Coughlin said, “I’m not one to         connecting flight from the capi-     ministry.”                                 Swahili.                              get done,” he said. “Of course
quickly place the ‘God called me       tal, Dodoma, to Kigoma where           One obstacle they faced in the             “I remember watching it ‘click’     they needed to get done and I had
to do this’ stamp on my actions,       he was staying. The plane was        clinic was the overwhelming                for one kid when he understood        to accept them as part of the rea-
but I just couldn’t shake it, could-   miraculously delayed from 7 a.m.     number of people who came just             grace – this sounds stupid, but it    son I was there.”
n’t get it out of my mind. The         to 9:10 p.m., allowing him time      to look at the white people or get         really changed everything,”              Most importantly were
rational part of me was                to board, and his family some-       free stuff. To combat this, they           Coughlin said.                        Coughlin’s relationships with the
saying,‘You just want to do this       how scraped together the neces-      charged a quarter per patient to             “The best vehicle to spread the     missionary leaders, the other mis-
and can’t stop thinking about it,’     sary $300 for his connecting         be examined. This was effective            Word and change the city of           sionaries his age, and with the
but clearly it was God’s will that     flight as they were seeing him       because it remained inexpensive            Kigoma is through Tanzanian           kids. The leaders were an exam-
I go to Tanzania through Red           off.                                 enough for the needy people to             kids our age who are learning         ple to him, the friends were an
Box because I got the position.”          “Every time I did something       come and be treated, yet at the            English. They can translate to        encouragement and a solid rock
   Coughlin was surprised at how       stupid, God covered for me,” he      same time it deterred some of the          Swahili better than the white peo-    to fall back on, and the kids were
much independence and responsi-        said. “There was no excuse for       healthy ones. Coughlin’s team              ple can, so they are better teach-    a miracle.
bility each Red Box student held       showing up broke to an airport at    gave all the quarters they raised          ers than any of us could be,” he        “I got way more out of the
in choosing a country and a pro-       6:30 a.m. for a 7 a.m. flight, yet   to the church.                             said.                                 experience than they got from me
gram to serve in.                      God still made the trip happen.”       Coughlin was also heavily                  One alarming example of mis-        working for them,” he said.

                      New book tells of a second chance
By Amy Kirby                           him hearing the voice of God         I had ever heard. I had no reser-             Hollar’s heart, however, began     Reagan’s heart. In fact, Hollar
Collegian Writer                       telling him he would not die.        vations or doubts about its claim.         to weaken, and he needed a trans-     also recovered in the same room
                                         “I remember being told, also,      I believe that voice was from              plant.                                as Reagan, which was now
   Not many people get a second        that I was not going to die,”        God.”                                         Hollar explained, “During the      appropriately dubbed, “The
chance in life let alone tell their    Hollar said. “I heard a nurse          Hollar’s cardiologist then sug-          next few weeks, Sylvia and I          Reagan Room.”
story. Dave Hollar, father of          twice say: ‘No pulse, no pres-       gested that Hollar get an                  struggled to deal with the issue.       On May 8, 1991, Hollar was
Michael Hollar ’95, tells of his       sure.’”                              Automatic Implantable                      By mid-October we had come to         discharged from the hospital fully
change of heart in his recently          Hollar's next memory was wak-      Cardioverter Defibrillator.                the conclusion that I should have     recovered.
published book, “Mr. NewHeart.”        ing up in the Coronary Care Unit       An AICD senses when the                  the transplant.” When they decid-       A few days later Hollar and his
   In June 1989, Dave Hollar           hooked up to a ventilator.           heart beats too fast; it then sends        ed that the best course of action     wife were in the yard when a
went to work like any other              Hollar began to wonder who         a shock to the heart to slow it            would be a transplant, Hollar was     neighbor came over and greeted
American – only his day would          the voice was that told him he       down.                                      immediately put on the transplant     him with, “You are looking at a
end in a way he never imagined.        was not going to die. Hollar           This machine is usually                  list. The wait had begun.             miracle here you know.” The
He had an episode of VT                asked his wife, son, and doctors,    implanted into the abdomen and                Finally, on March 30, 1991,        neighbor replied, “I know.” As
(Ventricular Tachycardia or            but they all replied that they had   has wire leads to the heart. It            Hollar learned the hospital had a     Hollar would put it, “My survival
“Sudden Death”). This occurs           not told him that.                   does the opposite of what a pace-          new heart waiting for him.            was not luck; it was not an acci-
when the electrical system of the        Hollar said, “I pondered that      maker is supposed to do by send-           Hollar's surgery was scheduled        dent. It was a miraculous gift
heart fails. It makes the heart beat   reply for a couple days and real-    ing an electric shock straight to          on Easter Sunday. The doctor          from God.”
literally to death.                    ized that no human voice told me     the heart to stop the arrhythmia.          who performed the surgery was           “Mr. NewHeart” is available in
   Perhaps the most startling          that. In retrospect, it was the      Hollar received his in July of             the same doctor who worked on         the College bookstore, located in
event through his heart process is     most comforting and loving voice     1989.                                      former president Ronald               the Breen Student Union.
                                                                      Life                                                                         The Collegian
                                                                                                                                                December 7, 2007

                    Hollywood glamour

                                                                                                                                                              Joshua Kitamura
                                                                                           ‘A Little Less Conversation’ leaves room for jiving soldiers and ladies.

                                                                         Joshua Kitamura
Senior emcees Jesse Aukeman and Megan Krimmel add humorous banter to the show.

                                                                                     Joshua Kitamura                                                          Joshua Kitamura
Orchesis adds ‘Commotion’ to the stage with a stomp-style sequence.                                    Senior Brandon Mitchell greases up the stage with his dancing.

                                             Andy Drabic                                                                                                         Gio Azucena
Sophomore Christianna Dawson and senior Brad                  The dancers were ‘Fair’ as they took the stage to perform a song from the movie, ‘Garden State.’
Horst prepare for a daring dance move.
The Collegian
December 7, 2007
                                                                       Life                                                                                             11

 shows stars on stage

                                                                                           Joshua Kitamura
 Latin beats hit the stage as the Orchesis performs music from ‘The Mask of Zorro.’

                                                                                                                                                             Joshua Kitamura
                                                                                                               Junior Adam Palmer displays sheer bravado.

                                                                              Joshua Kitamura
            Junior Dorrie Brown blows the crowd a kiss from the stage.

                                                                                           Joshua Kitamura
 Orchesis dancers smile as ‘Greased Lightning’ leaves the audience tapping their feet.                                                                          Joshua Kitamura
                                                                                                             Senior Julie Fox twirls gracefully in ‘Fair.’
                                                                              Life                                                                              The Collegian
                                                                                                                                                             December 7, 2007

                                                                                TYLER SAYS

                                                  Parting shots
                           A tear-free Tyler feigns a fond farewell
                                    during his final finals
                                        Go ahead, mention my hodge-        growing job field.                        This section is pure rant: Why     which challenges you fiercely, so
                                     podge of humor in job applica-          Another lesson learned is that if    is it that no matter what, there is   much that you can’t wait to come
                                     tions, you’ll go places. As is cus-   you have an illogical hatred of a      always a couple doing things in       back to school because of it. This
                                     tomary in presidential farewell       given trend on campus, if you go       public which I don’t ever want to     cannot be your boyfriend/girl-
                                     addresses and random stories          to enough effort to express that       see anyone do? They took away         friend. Your sense of accomplish-
                                     from elderly gentlemen, I will        rage (or start a Facebook group)       the couches in Ket Rec but that       ment cannot come from another
                                     now pass on my collected wis-         you will get results. Case in point:   seems to have exacerbated the         person, regardless of how smart,
                                     dom to you, my collective reader-     scooters. They came, I raged, I        problem by forcing the gropers …      beautiful and wonderful she is
                                     ship.                                 conquered. According to one local      excuse me, Grovers, onto one          (Yes, I’m talking about you,
                                        First and foremost, I am not       expert (my roommate) scooter use       chair. By the way, turning the        Melissa). For me, this has been
                                     going to say anything like “Enjoy     has gone down precipitously this       chair into a corner so you can        rugby. Every drop of sweat and
                                     every single minute, because once     semester, particularly in the past     hide your iniquities doesn't work,    blood I’ve given to it has been
                                     college is over, your life is over,   few weeks. I can’t claim all of the    a friend of mine has the pictures.    worth it. My brothers who have
                                     and you’re going to instantly         credit, just most of it. Also to       I’ve made progress in this area,      sweated and bled with me already
                                     become a middle-aged accountant       thank are the efforts of one local     but it seems for every couple that    know this to be true: rugby will
                                     who worries about his mortgage        fraternity whose heroic efforts in     leaves in disgrace, another, goofi-   make a man out of you. And girls,
                                     and cholesterol.”                     thievery resulted in the disappear-    er-looking couple takes their         don't worry, if you play for the
                                        I will not be saying the above     ance of at least 30 scooters and       place. In this matter the crusade     Women's team, you won't grow
                                     for three reasons: 1) Life after      the consumption of at least 3 tons     must continue in my absence, I        hairy, just confident.
By Tyler Short                       college has a lot of perks: $$$,      of protein mix. I would also like      challenge my successor to eradi-         Now I know not all of you are
Collegian Writer                     independence, potentially mar-        to thank old man winter for lay-       cate this plight upon the land.       inclined to violence, but I do
                                     riage (I don’t know of any bene-      ing an icy scourge upon the               Third, for you single guys out     know that tackling a man who has
  Faithful reader, you were here     fits except taxes though). 2) It’s    cursed ground to make scooter          there, girls love being pursued.      a hundred pounds on you is an
at the beginning – the stuttering,   not possible to enjoy all of col-     riding unsafe.                         They don’t like you finding out       experience not easily paralleled.
stammering, beginning, and you       lege, I know people who tried and        Unfortunately, the cold has         through a friend of a friend that     The lesson remains the same, find
are here at the end.                 they … well they aren't graduat-      done nothing to discourage the         they like you and will say yes if     something not safe, something
  We are survivors. We perse-        ing here.                             trend of wearing what is clearly a     you ask them out. Risk it, young      you’re not sure you can do, some-
vered through the party chicken         Now I know there are probably      summer skirt (so I’m told) with        man, if she says no, pick yourself    thing you can’t do without train-
jokes, Chuck Norris references,      some Grovers who truly love           leggings and boots which look          up, look at your motives, and if      ing hard and long, and go for it.
scooter hate and the endless         studying and doing schoolwork,        like they belong to an Eskimo          they are still noble (not stalker-
streams of annoying and arrogant-    so they might actually enjoy          hooker. Girls, the look is not         ish), ask her again. If not, move      Think you have what it takes
ly abundant alliteration and asso-   every moment at Grove City.           working for you, if you’re getting     on. You have to risk rejection for     to replace Tyler? Write 400
nance (I can’t stop). We've been     Let’s be honest, they aren't nor-     attention from guys, it’s despite      it to be worth it. In women, as in
                                                                                                                                                            words explaining why,
through so much that being a reg-    mal and are probably not regular      the fact that it looks like someone    life, the old idiom holds true:
ular reader of my column proba-      readers of my column. 3)              killed and skinned Sasquatch so        Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
                                                                                                                                                          and send it to Tyler Short,
bly entails more dedication than     Accounting can be a very exciting     you could look stupid. Maybe it’s         Which leads me to my final bit          Rachel Rounsville or
some of the résumé pad groups        career and I recently heard on the    because you have “really pretty        of advice: find that one thing,         Darin Miller before Dec. 31.
on campus.                           radio that it is expected to be a     eyes.”                                 something risky, even dangerous,

The Bay State Bias                                      By Shawn McGonagle                                                Sudoku
                                                                                              Fill in the grid so that
                                                                                              every row, every
                                                                                              column and every 3x3
                                                                                              box contains the digits
                                                                                              1 through 9.

                                                                                              The catch is ...
                                                                                              * a number can
                                                                                              appear only once in
                                                                                              each row
                                                                                              * a number can
                                                                                              appear only once in
                                                                                              each column
                                                                                              * a number can
                                                                                              appear only once in
                                                                                              each 3x3 box                                  Courtesy of

                                                                                                                                   Turn upside
                                                                                                                                      down for
The Collegian
December 7, 2007
                                             Entertainment                                                                                                                        13
                                                                            MUSIC REVIEW

                    Top ten albums of 2007
             A subjective analysis of the years best music
  Now that 2007 is drawing to a close,                                                        help but love him, or maybe love to hate
we would like to take a moment and                                                            him. Pitchfork media wrote that West is
reflect on the musical highlights this                                                        “trying to transcend America by setting
wonderful year hath brought us. Britney                                                       his sights on nothing less than the entire
Spears came out with a new album (that                                                        world.” Regardless of whether or not he
no one liked), indie bands like The                                                           will actually succeed in that endeavor he
Arcade Fire, The Shins and Interpol all                                                       has nonetheless produced an album that is
broke into the Billboard Top 100 and The                                                      full of self-worship, hot beats and plenty
Hood Internet gave us daily mash-ups                                                          of tracks to enjoy. Plus Daft Punk makes
that made summer drives to work that                                                          an appearance in the track “Stronger,”
much more bearable.                                                                           and any song with Daft Punk in it imme-
  Much to the chagrin of the Recording                                                        diately gets 10 times better (this may or
Industry of America, Radiohead released                                                       may not be a biased statement by the
their latest album “In Rainbows” and left                                                     authors). West is full of himself, but he
the cost up to the discretion of the con-                                                     knows how to arrive in style with a great      The National’s ‘Boxer.’
sumer. It was quite the year.                  Spoon’s ‘GaGaGaGaGa.’                          album in tow.
  With all of this exceptional music to                                                                                                      minded fuzz” for days.
feed our palates, we, the entertainment        brought “Shepherd’s Dog” to fruition.          5. Animal Collective – “Strawberry Jam”
editors, have compiled a list of the top       Beam’s voice is still easy on the ears, but       It is entirely possible that a previous     2. Feist – “The Reminder”
ten albums of 2007. Although we have           the percussions are much more pro-             palate for Animal Collective’s earlier            Leslie Feist’s voice is haunting, beauti-
not listened to every single album that        nounced. The album is a rich complexity        works is required to listen to their latest    ful, and we can’t get enough of it. Her
came out this year, we have certainly lis-     of songwriting, as well as different songs,    endeavor, but nevertheless, “Strawberry        2007 album “The Reminder” is a proud
tened to enough. It was a painstaking          instruments and genres of music. There is      Jam” is just sweet enough to appeal to a       display of her flawlessly beautiful tone.
process and hundreds of albums were            so much to digest that you can’t listen to     relatively broad array of listeners. Tracks    She coos in some songs, belts it out on
considered, but in the end, only ten could     this album just once. Maybe we should          such as “For Reverend Green” and               others, and tugs at your heartstrings when
make the cut.                                  compare it to a fine wine instead.             “Fireworks” are very poppy and less spo-       she hits certain notes. What some have
  Though it is not a definitive list, the                                                     radic sounding, but chaotic yet structured     characterized as a “whisper to wail” that
following were truly some of the greatest      8. Andrew Bird – “Armchair                     songs such as “Peacebone” and “Winter          she has mastered so flawlessly on tracks
showcases of musical talent in 2007.              Apocrypha”                                  Wonderland” aren’t a hardship to listen to     like “The Water” and “Intuition,” it is
                                                  Slow, peaceful, pleasant and articulate     either. Overall, Animal Collective has         hard not to get a shiver down your spine.
10. Handsome Furs – “Plague Park”              with a penchant for the medical. That’s        produced another great album and one           This album has a musical diversity to it
  Handsome Furs are the Canadian hus-          Andrew Bird in a nutshell. What the man        that could easily rival 2004’s “Sung           without being disjointed. You sense that
band and wife duo Dan Boeckner and             lacks in vocal enthusiasm he makes up          Tongs.” If you’re not hippie dancing with      you are getting a glimpse into the real life
Alexei Perry. Their debut (and Wolf            for in perfectly composed orchestrations.      hand claps and feet stomps by closing          of Leslie Feist, and it only makes you
Parade side project) “Plague Park” has far     “Armchair Apocrypha” is the follow up          track “Derek,” you’re not really listening.    want more. Eat your heart out Grove
and away the best opening track of any         album to 2005’s “Andrew Bird & The                                                            City, and also pray that she releases
album we’ve listened to in 2007. “What         Mysterious Production of Eggs.” His uti-       4. LCD Soundsystem – “Sound of Silver”         another album soon.
We Had” is a fusion of heartbreaking           lization of glockenspiel, creepy whistling       At times LCD Soundsystem sound like
lyrics, tumbleweeds, synthesizers, hooks       sounds, drum-loops, violin and even the        the Talking Heads with disco/funk hooks,       1. Okkervil River – “The Stage Names”
and Boeckner’s strained yet endearing          guitar are constant throughout. Opening        at others they wax electronic like the           Chosen for its extreme catchiness,
vocals. There’s just the right amount of       track “Fiery Crash” actually begins much       Junior Boys and sometimes they’re rag-         Okkervil River’s “The Stage Names” is
distortion on each track for the entire        like Architecture In Helsinki’s                ing punk rockers (“North American              arguably the most accessible album on
album to evoke the feeling of a wasteland      “Kindling,” although that’s the only simi-     Scum”). When producer, front-man and           the top ten list. At first the lyrics leave
(maybe a ghost town) with only nihilistic      larity to be drawn between the two.            mastermind James Murphy predicted ear-         you puzzled and may seem nonsensical,
yet complex lyrics to keep you warm at         Highlights include “Imitosis,”                 lier in the year that “Sound of Silver” was    and then it just clicks. The entire album is
night. If Jimmy Tamborello (of Postal          “Plasticities,” “Dark Matter” and “Simple      going to be a success, he wasn’t lying.        packed with subtle pop culture refer-
Service fame) and the band Wolf Parade         X.” Eerie and beautiful, Bird is a bard for    Opening track “Get Innocuous” is a seven       ences, from TV shows that have featured
had a lovechild, Handsome Furs would be        the twenty-first century.                      minute, disco-inspired, electronic master-     the band’s songs (“A Hand to Take Hold
the product of their union. Be sure to                                                        piece. “Someone Great” was our absolute        of the Scene”) to the death of a porn star
check out tracks like “Cannot Get              7. Spoon – “GaGaGaGaGa”                        favorite electronic track of the year and is   in the mid-90s (“Savannah Smiles”).
Started,” “Snakes on the Ladder,” “Sing!          So “GaGaGaGaGa” isn’t the best of           as soothing as a sunset. There’s even an         We dare you to not tap rhythms on your
Captain” and “Dead + Rural.”                   album titles, but Spoon doesn’t need a         ode to the newly cleaned up New York           laptop to the guitar licks and tambourine-
                                               catchy name to sell us on this one. After a    City where Murphy croons “New York             osity of “Unless It’s Kicks” or challenge
9. Iron & Wine – “Shepherd’s Dog”              trifle of disappointment from their previ-     you’re safer / and you’re wasting my time      your friends to name every song refer-
  When we think of this album the catch        ous album, Britt Daniel has proved his         / all records show / you are filthy but        ence in “Plus Ones.” Whether slow-paced
phrase for a beer commercial comes to          worth, clearly putting this skeptic firmly     fine.” With excellent beats, black humor       or fast, Okkervil River manages to com-
mind. Richer, bolder, smoother. And this       in her place. “Don’t Make Me a Target”         and guest appearances by members of            bine a penchant for quality lyrics over
album is indeed richer, bolder, and            is another one of those piano driven           Hot Chip and “Sound of Silver” is this         mood-matching instrumentals.
smoother than any of Sam Beam’s previ-         melodies they’ve always been known for.        year’s “So This is Goodbye.”
ous albums. It is a culmination of Beam’s      “You Got Yr Cherry Bomb” is all trum-                                                                      -Compiled By Brittany Smith
exploration in music through home              pets and tambourines, creating a very          3. The National – “Boxer”                                            and Kelsey Keating
recordings and previous albums that have       catchy, if not Christmas-y, rhythm. Lines         Matt Beringer has the vocals Interpol’s               Collegian Entertainment Editors
                                               like “Remember the winter gets cold in         Paul Banks wishes he could have.
                                               ways you always forget” will touch the         Beringer is a baritone with one of those
                                               hearts of every Grover. As a whole, the        oddly lyrical monotone voices, similar to
                                               album is just plain catchy, and songs like     Silver Jews front-man Dave Berman. His
                                               “The Underdog” make you want to raise          lulling vocals coupled with the overall
                                               your fists in triumph. With so much            instrumental feel of “Boxer” send out
                                               enthusiasm for their craft, these Austin       vibes of street lights and empty urban
                                               natives continue to deliver solidly pro-       corners, lonely yet beautiful. Tracks like
                                               duced and verifiably accessible music.         “Slow Show,” “Fake Empire” and
                                                                                              “Mistaken for Strangers” build up their
                                               6. Kanye West – “Graduation”                   tempo as they progress in sublime instru-
                                                  Kanye West is a cocky man. Whether it       mentation. “Apartment Story,” with allu-
                                               is spouting lyrics like “Bow in the pres-      sions to young couples and naivety,
                                               ence of greatness / Cause right now thou       stands out as a dreamy and fuzzy pop
                                               has forsaken us / You should be honored        tribute to simpler times. Everything about
                           by my lateness” or refusing to be politi-      “Boxer” just oozes charm and relaxation.                                
Kanye West’s ‘Graduation.’                     cally correct in his statements, you can’t     After listening to it, you’ll be in a “rosy-   Okkervil River’s ‘The Stage Names.’
                                             Entertainment                                                                                                        The Collegian
                                                                                                                                                               December 7, 2007
                                                                               FILM REVIEW

                             Rushing toward the music
                     Nothing remarkable about ‘August Rush’
By Tim Kasper                                                                                                                                             does lie in its music. The sound-
Collegian Writer                                                                                                                                          track is quite a large crutch that
                                                                                                                                                          supports the movie in times of
   Trite and unbelievable, “August                                                                                                                        severe monotony and lackluster
Rush” is a poorly contrived mod-                                                                                                                          storytelling. Indeed, the music is
ern day fairy tale. The story                                                                                                                             perhaps the only remarkable part
focuses on the life of a young                                                                                                                            of this movie.
orphan and music prodigy,                                                                                                                                    The word “hollow” easily
August Rush (Freddie                                                                                                                                      describes this movie. What it
Highmore), and his journey to                                                                                                                             lacks is structure, plot and depth.
reunite with his parents. Despite                                                                                                                         The few flashbacks used are con-
a talented cast, the combination                                                                                                                          fusing and out of place. Novacek
of implausible events and charac-                                                                                                                         and Connelly, despite the passing
ters make the entire film feel                                                                                                                            of eleven years, appear to be the
awkward and forced.                                                                                                                                       same age throughout the entire
   August’s parents, Lyla Novacek                                                                                                                         film.
(Keri Russell) and Louis                                                                                                                                     The biggest weakness of the
Connelly (Jonathan Rhys                                                                                                                                   movie lies in the fact that it
Meyers), are both musicians in                                                                                                                            avoids impacting its audience. At
                                       Musical prodigy August Rush (Freddie Highmore) gets a lesson from Wizard (Robin Williams).
their own right. Russell and                                                                                                                              no point does it inspire deep,
Connelly portray their characters      pose of adding more conflict.        acters.                              audience, the young genius seizes        meaningful thought, and the film
well, but the poor quality of this       August’s journey begins when         August’s talent to pick up         the opportunity with hopes that          presents a formulaic structure
film has no direct correspondence      he decides that he will “follow      music is immediate, and the          his music will reach his parents.        that almost discourages it.
with its actors.                       the music” to where his parents      exploitative Wizard soon sees a        With the exception of a few               Overall, “August Rush” was
   Rather, it is the characters that   are. He runs away from the boys’     chance to make use of the young      meaningful scenes, the movie is          neither original nor memorable.
confuse and detract from the           home in which he lives and trav-     musician. After a few poorly         excessively unnecessary. It is cer-      The entire movie was charged
film. Robin Williams, who plays        els into the heart of New York       drawn scenes, August is seen         tainly longer than it should be,         with improperly placed fantasy
“Wizard,” is a ridiculously odd        City. Once there, he meets           studying at Juilliard and compos-    and it is difficult not to check the     elements to ensure that you left
and out of place character that        Wizard and a handful of other        ing music daily. When given the      time every few minutes.                  the theater feeling good, but
seems to exist for the sole pur-       needless and marginal sub-char-      chance to conduct music to a vast      The film’s greatest strength           without any real depth.

                                                                               FILM REVIEW

                                                 ‘Beowulf’ a failure
                                Film flops within first five minutes
By Vivian-Jane Blair                      As the film progresses, and
Collegian Writer                       undeniably devolves, it becomes
                                       clear that our hero of the epic
  “Beowulf” is a digital disaster.     poem has been made into a
This $160 million catastrophe is       mockery. His dialogue is cliché,
a true throwback to the 1950s. A       his men don’t respect him, and he
time period when a lot of films        has a bizarre penchant for bat-
were so bad that they had to lure      tling in the nude.
people into the theaters by pro-          We see the hero as Gaiman and
jecting in 3-D. “Beowulf” is one       Roger Avary – the men entrusted
of those films.                        to write the screenplay based on
   But let’s concentrate on the        the poem – see him: “As a man,
positive. It is safe to say that the   fallible and flawed.” The epic
best scene in the film occurs near     poem has withstood the test of
the beginning, before the disen-       1,300 years, and not because
chantment sets in.                     Beowulf is just your average
   Beowulf (Ray Winstone) retells      man.
the story of the time when he             Gaiman and Avary’s Beowulf is
slew nine sea-cyclops. At one          no hero. If given the chance, this
point during the scene one of the      pair would probably also reduce
beasts entraps Beowulf in its          Peter Parker to just a boy that
mouth. All is silent until Beowulf     was bitten by a spider and who
bursts forth from the eye with         now wears a spandex suit.
fists raised above his head               Yet another egregious error in
yelling, “Beowulf!” He then            the movie is the portrayal of
dives off the eye and back into        Grendel. According to the origi-
the sea.                               nal text, Grendel is a terrifying
                                                                            Beowulf (Ray Winstone) meets Grendel’s mother, played by a digitized Angelina Jolie.
   From about that point on, the       beast capable of devouring nine
novelty of Ray Winstone’s digi-        men at once.                            Not only is Grendel surpris-        So Beowulf does not defeat             said aloud, “This is so much
tized weight-loss and eloquently          The director, Robert Zemeckis,    ingly close in resemblance to a      Grendel with his bare hands (he          worse than I ever thought it could
delivered lines, such as, “I am        chose to represent Grendel as lit-   human, but he is also much like      uses a chain and a door), and he         be.” I have to agree with you sir.
Beowulf and I will kill your           tle more than a petulant child.      one in size, and as the movie pro-   also does not defeat Grendel’s           Of 10 it ranks a 3.3. It was mild-
monster,” really wears off. All of     Using Crispin Glover as his voice    gresses he shrinks.                  mother. He sleeps with her               ly entertaining, but mostly
the characters in the film are but     also didn’t help. Rather than          By the time Beowulf gets to        instead. As critic Daniel Neman          because I laughed at all of the
caricatures.                           growl, Grendel chooses to whine.     him, he is not much bigger than      says, “And English majors open a         wrong parts. But “I am
   Screenwriter Neil Gaiman            Rather than tremble at the sight     our hero. Yet another instance       vein in their wrist.”                    Beowulf!” Actually, Ray
writes comic books for a living.       of the “monster,” the audience       when Beowulf is denied his hero-       At one point during the film, a        Winstone, you don’t even come
Coincidence?                           scoffs.                              ism.                                 man in the audience groaned and          close.
The Collegian
December 7, 2007
                                         Entertainment                                                                                                                                  15
                                                                                              MOVIE REVIEW
Things No movie for weak stomachs
The Christmas season has
                                      Coen Brothers film poetic and perverse
                                   By Kelsey Keating
                                   Collegian Entertainment Editor
                                                                                                                                                           who turns out to have a hand in
                                                                                                                                                           this whole mess and is one of two
arrived. So whether you need a                                                                                                                             parties after the money. His name
break from finals, want an            For those of you who only know                                                                                       is Antonin Chiguhr (Javier
excuse not to study for finals,    the Coen Brothers (Ethan and Joel)                                                                                      Bardem) and he will remorselessly
or just want to take time out to   through their comedies such as                                                                                          kill anyone and anything that sepa-
enjoy the holiday season,          “The Big Lebowski” or “Oh                                                                                               rates him from his money. Thus
check out some of these            Brother Where Art Thou,” their                                                                                          begins a horrifying, quirky and
events.                            newest film is going to seem like a                                                                                     white-knuckled game of cat and
                                   major “one-eighty.” But for those                                                                                       mouse between Moss and
Local artists’ work will be on     who carry a torch for their 1996                                                                                        Chighurh.
display in the Pew Fine Arts       Oscar-winning “Fargo,” you may                                                                                             The stars of the film have man-
Center Gallery through Dec.        just have found a new favorite                                                                                          aged to nail their Texas accents and
11. It features 34 artists’ work   film.                                                                                                                   the colloquial dialogue is as
                                                                         Tommy Lee Jones is a wise sheriff in ‘No Country for Old Men.’
that range from drawing, paint-       “No Country for Old Men” hit                                                                                         humorous as it is frightening.
ing, pottery, photography,         the festivals this fall and never     back to the station. The prisoner       has come from. He stumbles upon           Tommy Lee Jones, who plays the
sculpture and blown glass. It is   looked back. Opening to limited       looks subdued and complacent, but       the gruesome after-effect of a drug       sheriff, is very convincing in his
open from 1 – 4 p.m. on week-      theaters in mid-November and          minutes later at the station he’s got   deal gone wrong. Everyone is              role as a laid-back lawman who
days and 7 –10 p.m.                receiving rave reviews across the     his cuffs around the trooper’s neck,    dead, save for one man bleeding in        unfortunately gets swept up in the
tonight.                           board, it was quickly understood      writhing around the floor with such     his truck and rasping for water.          game. Bardem is just about the
                                   by all in the industry that some-     an eerie look in his eyes you physi-    Moss sets off to look for the last        creepiest villain to hit the silver
At 8 p.m., the Jazz Ensemble       thing beautiful had happened in       cally shudder. The mood is set and      man standing and finds it in the          screen and his bad hair-cut, cou-
and Stage Band have a con-         cinema. The Coens don’t normally      you know without a doubt that this      form of a corpse with two million         pled with that low voice and
cert to celebrate Christmas        disappoint, and their newest flick,   film is going to be terrifying. Go      dollars in a briefcase.                   vacant eyes, make him a man not
music. It will be located in the   based on a short story by Cormac      with that feeling.                        After an argument with his wife         to be trifled with.
Ketler Auditorium of the Pew       McCarthy, is as suspenseful as           We then are introduced to the        (Kelly MacDonald) and a guilty               Full of intrigue, suspense, blood
Fine Arts Center.                  movies come these days.               reluctant protagonist, Llewelyn         conscience, Moss goes back to the         and a deranged killer, the film is
                                      The year is 1980 and the film      Moss (Josh Brolin), out hunting         scene of the murder with a jug of         cinematic prose in the finest sense
This Sunday the Christmas          opens with a beautiful shot of a      deer. As he’s tracking down the         water for the lone survivor. There        and will have you hunkered down
candlelight services will be       barren southwest Texas landscape.     game, he notices a dog, bleeding        is this pervasive feeling that some-      in your seat, hands-over-mouth in
held in Harbison Chapel.           A state trooper has just made an      and hobbling away. Curious, Moss        thing is not quite right. Enter our       wide-eyed terror. The Coens strike
There will be two services so      arrest and carries his passenger      goes to investigate where this dog      murdering villain from scene one,         again!
you can go twice to get your
fill of Christmas music or just
work one into your schedule.                                                                 EDITOR’S CHOICE

                                               Collegian staffers pick their
The first service is from 6:30 –
7:20 p.m. and the second is
from 8:30 – 9:20 p.m

Check out several senior
recitals tomorrow and Sunday
in the Recital Hall of Pew. See
how musically talented your
fellow students are.
                                               favorite Christmas songs
                                     With so many Christmas songs        affects me more than most. The          I’m just so childish sometimes. I         better about this song.
Get your fill of Christmas         floating over the airwaves it is      blend of uplifting lyrics and           love how it really doesn’t make             Springsteen’s version of the
lights – over 2 million points     hard to pick an all time favorite.    seemingly fearful music in the          sense, but it’s so fun! And the lit-      song is way catchier and upbeat
of light to be exact. The North    But we begged all of the editors      verses seem to set the listener on      tle girl’s voice is so cute.              and there is a killer sax solo by
Hills of Pittsburgh is home to     of The Collegian to give it the       edge, finally resolving in the cho-                                               none other than Clarence
the Hartwood Celebration of        old college try and this is what      rus of “Oh good tidings of com-         Abby Johnson – “All I Want                Clemons. Clemons’ rendition of
Lights. Located in Hartwood        they came up with.                    fort and joy!” I think this song        for Christmas is You” – Mariah            Santa ho-ho-ho-ing in the back-
Acres you can drive through                                              highlights what the Christmas           Carey                                     ground almost makes Springsteen
the grounds and view 3.2 miles     Nicky Lipartito – “O Holy             season is often about. We are             I’m not a Mariah Carey fan,             forget the words because he’s try-
of 400 light displays. It runs     Night” – Michael Crawford             rushing around, afraid we won’t         but I think anyone can appreciate         ing so hard not to laugh. It’s
until Jan.6 from 6 – 10 p.m.          This is not only a beautiful       get the right present for someone       this hit. The lyrics are playful,         funny, it’s catchy, and it’s not just
every night. There is a suggest-   Christmas song, but Michael           or just wondering what the busy-        fun and flirty, making it a great         another cheesy Christmas song
ed donation of $12 per car         Crawford gives one of the best (if    ness and “cheer” is all for. But        study break song when you need            that makes you want to stab your
which will be given to non-        not the best) vocal performances      when I go to church on                  to rest your brain during finals          eyes out with candy canes during
profit organizations.              of it. The man must be blessed        Christmas Eve for the candlelight       week. The upbeat tune matches             the holiday season.
                                   with a fantastic set of lungs to be   service, I remember that it’s all       the mood with a bouncy, sleigh
You can take your very own         able to hold notes for as long as     for Christ, and that is the most        bell-jingling rhythm. If you              Kelsey Keating – “Christmas
horse-drawn carriage ride          he can.                               comforting knowledge on earth.          haven’t heard it, pull it up on           Wrapping” – The Waitresses
from 12 – 8 p.m. this Saturday        No matter how many times I                                                 Napster and get ready to smile.              Essentially it’s a Christmas
through downtown Pittsburgh.       listen to it, I still cannot figure   Sarah Beth Gross – “Come                Those without Napster can stop            song for the singles scene featur-
And the best part is that it is    out when he pauses to breathe in      Thou Long Expected Jesus” –             outside my open window, where             ing awesome white girl raps and
free. Rides leave from The         preparation for the final sustained   Indelible Grace                         I’m sure to have this song                sardonic lyrics over a simple jin-
Rink at PPG Place from Noon        “Noel.” It takes my breath away         It makes me giddy with glee to        cranked up and on repeat for the          gle-bells-and-drums beat with
– 3 p.m. But if you are looking    every time.                           sing it in church. I feel like it       final stretch before Christmas            some quintessentially ’80s trum-
for a more romantic ride then                                            really expresses why Christmas is       break.                                    pet interludes.
you can catch a ride from One      Darin Miller – “God Rest Ye,          so important and also leads us to                                                    The song changes from the
Oxford Center from 4 – 8p.m.       Merry Gentlemen”                      ponder and remember from                Brittany Smith – “Santa Claus             upbeat yet down trodden lyrics of
Couples receive complimenta-         I have always enjoyed songs in      whom the joy of Christmas really        is Coming to Town” – Bruce                “I think I’ll miss this one this
ry chocolate and a rose.           the minor key, but none touch me      comes.                                  Springsteen                               year” to the triumphal “I couldn’t
                                   the way Christmas songs in                                                       I don’t like the original version      miss this one this year!” The
  -Compiled by Brittany Smith      minor keys do. Songs such as          Rachel Rounsville – “I Want a           of this song. It’s creepy and             message is simple: although your
          and Kelsey Keating       “Carol of the Bells” and “O           Hippopotamus for Christmas”             makes Santa Claus seem like               entire year may be terrible, there
     Collegian Entertainment       Come, O Come Emanuel” send               I love this song. I can’t get        some perverted old man who is             is always hope at Christmas time.
                                   chills down my spine. But “God        enough of it. I’m not really sure       watching you. But after I heard           It’s the perfect song for the
                                   Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen”             if I even have a particular reason.     The Boss’ version I felt much             secretly optimistic cynic.
                                              Perspectives                                                                                                         The Collegian
                                                                                                                                                                December 7, 2007

  The                                 My roommate is gone. Why?
Collegian                         By Christie Hebda
                                  Collegian Guest Writer
                                                                          wasn’t long before I realized I
                                                                          couldn’t have been more wrong.
                                                                                                                   only if I abide in Christ and him in
                                                                                                                   me. ‘If you abide in Me, and My
                                                                                                                                                          and took the easy trail leading to
                                                                                                                                                          Doubting Castle. But Sarah was
    Since 1891                                                            Sarah’s parents gave me a hug and        words abide in you, you will ask       on the straight and narrow path her
                                     The news of Sarah’s death left       assured me everything was okay.          what you desire, and it shall be       entire life. She’s in heaven now
 The Grove City                   me a sobbing, hysterical wreck.         Her brothers teased me about beat-       done for you’ (John 15:7). If I am     because she made it to the River
College Newspaper                 She had one more semester of col-       ing Sarah’s IM football team. Was        following God whole-heartedly, I       before everyone else.”
      100 Campus Drive            lege. She had perfect grades. She       it true, were they actually comfort-     am free to pursue whatever I              It was the last thing I expected,
 Grove City, Pennsylvania 16127   was 20. And now she was dead.           ing me? I’d never witnessed such         desire, because my desires will be     but when I came away from that
    Phone: (724) 458-2193         Would somebody please tell me,          peace, composure or acceptance in        pure ... That’s a liberating mes-      funeral, I was simply in awe of the
      Fax: (724) 458-2167         what is the point of that?              the face of such trouble and pain,       sage, isn’t it? People get the idea    faithfulness and goodness of God.       A newspaper reported that her        nor would I have believed it possi-      that Christianity boxes you in, that   Goodness in the way He brought
                                  accident caused an oversized traf-      ble.                                     you’re forced to obey all these        comfort and healing to Sarah’s
                                  fic jam; the college students travel-      At the funeral service, the minis-    orders and commands from God.          family, and to me. Goodness in the
   Editorial Staff                ing home for Thanksgiving break         ter read several excerpts from           In reality, the closer we get to       knowledge that her death was truly
Editor-in-Chief:                  were delayed several hours. The         Sarah’s journal. Sarah didn’t talk       Him, the freer we are to do what       part of a plan, His plan, since the
              Nicky Lipartito     callousness of it upset me. The         much, but she was an English             we want, because what He wants         beginning of time. Goodness in
Managing Editor:                  fact that they were more con-           major who wrote everything               becomes what we desire.”               that that plan simultaneously
              Carolyn Bolls       cerned with temporary traffic con-      down. And where verbal commu-            [September 3, 2007]                    brought Sarah more joy and God
Senior Copy Editor:               gestion than the loss of my friend’s    nication had been a struggle,              Sarah wrestled in the wonderful,     more glory than anything my
             Katherine Peters     life was to be expected, because,       Sarah’s pen made up for it a thou-       perfect place that is the center of    human mind could fathom.
Copy Editors:                     after all, they didn’t know her. But    sand times over. I wish I had a          God’s will. She wrote:                    Sarah, when I look over at your
                 Andrew Hart      who did? My answer to that ques-        photographic memory and could              “So the purpose of life is to get    empty seat in politics class, I’m
             Elizabeth Miller     tion is what really put me in the       recall the exact phrasing and            beyond life, but also to live life …   swept by a sea of emotions. On
                 Kelley Smith     terrible state.                         words, but what Sarah’s journal          to look forward to death, but also     one level, I’m sad. I’m so sad
News Co-Editors:                     Sarah was introverted, quiet and     revealed was a relationship with         to live vicariously and love living.   you’re not here, and I’ll no longer
            Sarah Beth Gross      incredibly shy. I was her room-         God like nothing I have ever expe-       But not to love living more than       have the pleasure of your friend-
               Abby Johnson       mate, and it took me years to real-     rienced.                                 God. So convoluted, or perhaps         ship. On another level, I’m jealous
Life Co-Editors:                  ly get to know her. Other than a           In early entries, she struggles       more apt, paradoxical. I do want       – you’ll never have to write anoth-
                 Darin Miller     handful of close friends, only very     with not desiring God, and want-         to love my life, and to take pleas-    er paper, take another test, or listen
           Rachel Rounsville      few at Grove City College would         ing to satisfy herself rather than       ure in God’s slow, secret molding      to another Dr. Kengor rant on how
                                  even notice she was gone. God,          obey His law. In a later entry, she      of me into whatever it is He’s         we thought Saddam had weapons
Entertainment Co-Editors:         that’s so unfair, so pointless, so      recognized, ironically, that her         doing. I do, I will.” [March 27,       of mass destruction. And at the
             Kelsey Keating       completely, nauseatingly without        problem was that she focused too         2007]                                  highest level, I’m proud, proud
              Brittany Smith      reason. Sarah didn’t even have a        much on her problems: doing so             Sarah’s brother Jeremy recalled      that you had genuine faith and
Sports Co-Editors:                chance to live yet. Her death           was, in-and-of-itself, prideful          the story of Pilgrim’s Progress dur-   lived it out, and I’m inspired by
           Margaret Robbins       seemed such a waste.                    (“like I seriously have the ability      ing the memorial service.              your example.
            Mallory Skarupa          These were my thoughts as I          to fix myself”) and not resting on       “Christian,” he said, “took awhile       Thank you for reminding me
Photo Editors:                    drove the 150 miles from                the promises of God. Eventually,         to get the Celestial City because he   that God is real, He forgives, He
             Joshua Kitamura      Pittsburgh to Clymer, N.Y. But          Sarah’s journal said this:               made some stops along the way.         loves me, and He can use my life,
      Saundra Schmidtberger       when I arrived for the funeral, it         “I accomplish my purpose in life      He detoured through Vanity Fair,       too, if I surrender it over to Him.
Perspectives Board:

                                  Letters to the Editor
                  Ryan Biese
               Abby Johnson
                  Luke Juday

   Business Staff                 Dear Editor:                            haven’t done so yet, read the sign.      Dear Editor:                           founders advocated a private
                                                                             When I first read the sign, I                                                banking system. In fact, private
Business Manager:                    How can one little ID card do so     high-fived Mary (one of the ladies         The policies of presidential         banking dominated the economy
             Karen Bourquin       much? The card grants us access         who scans our cards) and did a           hopeful Ron Paul would have            until the Federal Reserve was
Advertising Manager:              to the all-you-can-eat buffets          dance in my head that put even           our American forefathers smil-         established in 1913. All the
             Sammi Vermilya       known as MAP cafeteria and              Michael Flatly to shame.                 ing. From his adamancy to stay         founders advocated a paper
Distribution Manager:             Hicks cafeteria.                           I was so giddy I raced upstairs to    out of foreign affairs to his ded-     money backed by gold.
                Bryan Jarrell        It allows us to enter our respec-    Old Map to applaud Karen                 ication to free trade, Paul’s ide-       After ditching the gold stan-
                                  tive places of residence. It can        Morgan-Windisch, catering direc-         ologies resemble those of a            dard in the 1960’s, we now we
  Administrative                  even serve as a valid form of iden-     tor of Bon Appétit, on her execu-        good number of our American            have a fiat paper money (not
                                  tification in some places off cam-      tive decision. She told me there         Founders.                              backed). In addition, the Federal
     Staff                        pus.                                    were a few reasons the food com-           Paul was one of the few              Reserve prints off inordinate
                                     As Grove City College students,      pany made this decision, such as         Republican members of                  amounts of fiat paper money,
Staff Adviser:                    most of our academic lives are          theft, security and ID fraud issues.     Congress urging the President          creating the economy’s booms
           Amy Clingensmith       wrapped into these little cards that    Of course all are great points, and      not go to war with Iraq, declar-       and busts.
Faculty Adviser:                  hold so much power.                     it is reassuring to know that we         ing it to be “nation building”           Paul is also calling for the
        Dr. Jason R. Edwards         However, there is one thing the      have such a calculating individual       and “unconstitutional.” He is          elimination of the Internal
OPINIONS appearing on these       ID cards cannot do anymore.             as Morgan-Windisch making the            calling for a “humble foreign          Revenue Service. The American
pages, unless expressly stated    Students (mainly those of the           executive decision for our food          policy” of “nonintervention”           founders would be ardently
otherwise, represent the views    female gender) can no longer            service at the College.                  into foreign affairs.                  opposed to the IRS, because
of the author and are not the     darken the tables of our beloved           So, let this be the official obitu-     Paul’s view aligns with the          they did not establish an income
collective views of The           cafeterias with these little cards in   ary for the practice of saving cafe-     view of James Madison, who             tax. Many actions and debates
Collegian, its staff or Grove     an effort to save seats. Bon Appétit    teria seats with ID cards.               once stated, “If Tyranny and           showed their opposition to such
City College.                     has officially banned the practice         Here’s to you, Ms. ID-card-seat-      Oppression come to this land, it       a tax.
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR must        of saving seats in the cafeteria        saver (the very phrase sounds like       will be in the guise of fighting a       Paul is a strong supporter of
be no longer than 300 words       with ID cards. Good riddance.           the old Miller Lite commercials          foreign enemy.” Most of the            international trade and a laissez-
and should be sent to Nicky          Maybe you frequently take a          that used to salute people like the      Founding Fathers were                  faire national economy.
Lipartito at Box 477 or           few seconds to say hi to the ladies     way-too-much-cologne wearer).            adamantly against foreign con-         Likewise the founders sought Letters        who scan our cards before we            May the rest of your days be filled      quests of war, believing               the free exchange of goods with
must be received by Monday at     enter the cafeterias or maybe you       with mealtime joy, fairness to           America should not meddle in           other countries and between the
5 p.m. The Collegian reserves     take time to read the announce-         those students who already waited        the affairs of others. Madison         states. The economy was only
the right to edit or hold any     ments on the desk behind which          in line and are looking for seats        and many other founders would          regulated at the state level.
letter. Anonymous letters will    these ladies sit. If you don’t then     the right way and the mild awk-          find the war in Iraq appalling           If you want our next president
not be published.                 you probably missed it, but the         wardness one experiences when            and un–American.                       to resemble our great American
The Collegian is published by     most wonderful of signs sits ready      carrying a full tray around the            Paul’s platform calls for the        founders and uphold the
Grove City College, Grove         at both cafeteria welcome desks,        cafeteria, looking for the group         eradication of the Federal             Constitution, then pull the lever
City, Pa.                         just begging for students to read it.   with which to sit.                       Reserve and the return of our          for Ron Paul.
                                  The sign clearly bans ID card seat-                                              currency to the gold standard.
                                  saving, and frees our campus from                   Noah Ketterman                 Jefferson, Madison,                              Andrew Benson
                                  this horrific mealtime scar. If you                          Senior              Washington and many other                                  Senior
The Collegian
December 7, 2007
                                                    Perspectives                                                                                                                           17
The Christ-mass or winter solstice?
         Contemplate the meaning hidden in the hymns
                                        son must not be allowed to cor-        of all the ages?                       sings in the New Testament psalm        one needn’t justify having a party
                                        rupt the purity of the church.           It is God come in the flesh to       known as the Nunc Demittis              by weakly grounding it on a reli-
                                          Today it is not uncommon to          mankind.                               (Luke 2), “For my eyes have seen        gious holidays – and thereby pro-
                                        hear “Christmas” music played in         The Saviour came to do the           your salvation that you have pre-       faning the exercise.
                                        retail stores, telling of “Silver      work given Him by the Father, to       pared in the presence of all peo-          We should, however, be mindful
                                        Bells” or “Here Comes Santa            free His people from their sin, to     ples, a light for revelation to the     of how we use the word
                                        Claus.”                                remove the curse of the fall. Isaac    Gentiles, and for the glory to your     “Christmas.” Is “Christmas” sim-
                                          In the South, retailers are          Watts writes, “Joy to the World!       people Israel.”                         ply a political cause (Alliance
                                        unafraid to play Christmas hymns       The Lord is come … The Saviour            What ineffable rapture! Christ       Defense Fund: “It’s okay to say
                                        as background sound to get shop-       reigns … No more let sins and          did not come to reconcile and           it”), popular caricature (Santa
                                        pers in the mood. But what does        sorrows grow, nor thorns infest        redeem a people from Israel alone,      Claus), an excuse to make merri-
                                        shopping have to do with the birth     the ground; he comes to make his       but from many nations.                  ment, or is a time we remember a
                                        of Christ?                             blessings flow far as the curse is        This holiday season – I do not       blessed date in redemptive history
                                          If one listens to the Christmas      found.”                                say “Christmas Season,” for it is       in which the promised Messiah
                                        hymns, one will know what shop-          As promised in Genesis 3,            no longer a season centered on the      began his earthly work to make
                                        ping has to do with Christmas.         Christ came to undo the curse.         birth of Christ to remember the         atonement for our unfaithfulness
                                          The ancient texts of Christmas       This ought to bring godly fear and     day of which the prophets spoke,        and sin?
                                        hymns have become so common            great joy to any who sings of it, if   “and the Glory of the Lord shall           Celebrate winter with friends,
By Ryan F. Biese                        that very few understand or con-       they but think about it.               be revealed and all flesh shall see     make merry and give gifts, but
Perspectives Board                      template their meaning.                  Many hymn writers have writ-         it together.” (Is. 40:5; Handel’s       with no less energy honor and
                                          Pop artists from Barbara             ten of the joy the birth of God’s      Messiah Oratorio 1:4) – when you        sing for joy and thanks to Him
  There are 17 shopping days            Streisand to Clay Aiken sing these     Anointed brings.                       sing Christmas hymns, regard the        “who wast rich beyond all splen-
remaining until Christmas, that is,     sacred texts to make money and           Charles Wesley grasped this          words.                                  dor, all for love’s sake becamest
“the holiday.”                          entertain without thinking about       fully when he wrote, “Hark! the           Do not just make the sounds,         poor.” to raise sinners to heaven
  The Christ-mass was a feast day       the meaning of the text and the        Herald angels sing, ‘Glory to the      but think about what you are            “by [His] own eternal plan.”
begun by the medieval church to         joy that their subject should bring.   newborn King, peace on earth,          singing. You sing of the coming of         The “spirit of Christmas” is not
remember the birth of the                 Of what do these Christmas           and mercy mild, God and sinners        God to earth in the deepest humil-      simply generosity, peace and
Messiah.                                songs, hymns and carols tell?          reconciled!’”                          ity to defeat sin and death for your    goodwill, those comprise the “hol-
  The holy day of the Christ-mass         “O Little Town of Bethlehem …          Indeed, the Messiah reconciled       sake and mine. This should bring        iday spirit.”
was once centered solely on the         yet in thy dark streets shineth the    a righteous God to a rebellious        great joy and gratitude to your            The “Christmas spirit” is much
Christ and had great meaning, but       everlasting Light, the hopes and       and sinful people.                     soul.                                   more, inspiring holiness, piety,
now it does not know Him.               fears of all the years are met in        Wesley rightly responds,                Festivities and parties are not      devotion, sacrifice, joy, redemp-
  A little wintry festivity is not      thee tonight.” What or who is it       “Joyful, all ye nations, rise, join    wrong, for it is fitting to enjoy the   tion and reconciliation because of
evil, but the festivities of the sea-   that meets the “hopes” and “fears”     the triumph of the skies.” Simeon      fruits of one’s labors (Ecc. 5). But    the atoning work of Christ.

              The first reason for the season
              Why I don’t buy into the ‘War on Christmas’
                                        Christendom, you’ve still proba-       tival of “geol,” or Yule, which        the old pagan holiday.                     If the vast majority of people
                                        bly heard the secularizing rant.       was held before the                      I have no problem with this,          are Christians, Christmas will
                                        It’s become cliché in Christian        Christianization of Europe, as         nor do I think the church “stole”       naturally reflect Christian themes.
                                        circles to bemoan the “War on          well as the raucous Roman feast        Christmas. Tough luck, sun-wor-         In a pluralistic society, it will
                                        Christmas.”                            of Saturnalia.                         shippers.                               inevitably be more vague.
                                           The secularists are stealing            Kind of like hip church youth        But neither do I have a prob-            If you want Christmas back in
                                        Christmas from us.                     groups today, the Church just          lem with it today. In our increas-      Wal-Mart, convert your neigh-
                                           We feel betrayed. We feel           tacked on a new meaning to the         ingly pluralistic culture, the same     bors. But trying to impose a
                                        cheated.                               ancient holiday so that the            thing is happening.                     Christian holiday on someone
                                           Well, I don’t. Believe it or not,   Romans and Germanic tribes               Most people see no reason to          who just wants to decorate a tree
                                        I’m not concerned or unhappy           could convert without having to        celebrate Christ’s birth – hence        and drink eggnog out of his
                                        with the trend.                        give up their party.                   this aspect has been marginalized       “Happy Kwanzaa” cup is useless.
                                           But with a new Christmas sea-           Most of the customs we find so     and people are attaching new               The more I see of Christmas,
                                        son and a fresh round of com-          warming have pagan roots, from         meanings to legitimize the holi-        the less I care for it.
                                        plaining from the Christian Right,     mistletoe and the colors green         day.                                       The holiday has become an
                                        I thought I ought to share why I       and red to Yule logs to Christmas        I don’t mean Christians should        orgy of materialism – the ulti-
                                        am not a party to the War on           trees – even gift-giving.              stop celebrating the Incarnation.       mate celebration of everything
                                        Christmas.                                 Christians added little to the     For most of us at Grove City, it        our culture actually holds dear.
By Luke Juday                              History speaks volumes in           holiday outside of the name and        ought to be the true meaning of            My question is then – why are
Perspectives Board                      addition to generating them.           the nativities.                        Christmas and our cause for cele-       we so desperate to have Jesus’s
                                           The argument against the secu-          It was not among the festivals     bration throughout the whole            face plastered all over it?
  You must be a sheltered bub-          larization of Christmas revolves       of the early church. When initial-     year.                                      Maybe we should just pack up
ble-dweller not to see the erosion      around the idea that they’re steal-    ly suggested, Irenaeus and               But I can scarcely expect             our plastic mangers and angels
of the Christian associations with      ing a Christian holiday.               Tertullian dismissed it and            someone who doesn’t even                completely, move the nativity
Christmas.                                 The “true” meaning of               Origen went so far as to condemn       believe Christ existed to celebrate     celebration to sometime in
  Stores are moving to “happy           Christmas – the “original” inten-      it.                                    His birth with me, anymore than         February or March and leave the
holidays” over “merry                   tion – was to celebrate Jesus’s            So, in a sense, one could say      he can expect me to shout               national solstice holiday to be
Christmas.” Christmas movies            birth.                                 the pagans are just taking back        “Happy holidays!” and run to the        just what they want it to be.
play off myths like Santa rather           But December 25 has nothing         their old holiday. This is not         nearest Wal-Mart with him.                 So my message to the betrayed
than touch religious themes.            to do with Jesus’s birth, nor was      totally accurate, but the underly-       And if two-thirds of the shop-        is “stop whining.”
  And the air is thick with plati-      it originally declared a holiday to    ing point is legitimate.               pers at Wal-Mart really don’t care         There are better hills to die on.
tudes about the “true meaning of        celebrate Jesus’s birth.                 Holidays celebrate events that       about Christ’s birth either, I have     If you really want Wal-Mart to
Christmas,” which on further               Many scholars believe Christ        an entire culture finds meaning-       no reason to complain that they         preserve the “true” and “original”
inspection turns out to be an           was born in late spring closer to      ful, therefore they are constantly     say “Happy holidays.”                   meaning of Christmas and its tra-
abstract “giving” or “together-         May or possibly in the middle of       changing.                                In a free society, the language       ditions, find them a Druid and
ness.”                                  September.                                As the culture became predom-       of the public square is merely the      start the solstice incantations.
  Even if you never stir outside           So where does it come from?         inately Christian, people needed       aggregate of the beliefs of all the     Let’s see what that does for busi-
the halls of American                   The answer lies in the pagan fes-      some new meaning to legitimate         individuals who compose it.             ness.
18                                                                     Sports                                                                                    The Collegian
                                                                                                                                                              December 7, 2007

                    Men’s swim team wins
                   Longnecker invitational
                       Wolverines take first among nine teams
By Katie McLay                                                                                                                                    Peter Larsen also earned had several
Collegian Writer                                                                                                                               outstanding times. He won the 100 butter-
                                                                                                                                               fly with a time of 53.04, and he placed
  The Grove City College men’s swim                                                                                                            second in the 200 individual medley. He
team earned first place at the annual James                                                                                                    also finished behind Whitbeck in
E. Longnecker Invitational held in the                                                                                                         Saturday’s 100 free.
team’s home pool. The Wolverines fin-                                                                                                            Teammate Snyder also performed well in
ished nearly 650 points ahead of the sec-                                                                                                      individual events. Snyder earned a victory
ond place team, Washington and Jefferson.                                                                                                      in the 200 free with a time of 1:48.07. He
  Grove City swimmers earned 14 total                                                                                                          also took second in the 50 free and third in
victories, five of which came in relay                                                                                                         the 100 free, giving Grove City the top
races. On Friday, juniors Tim Whitbeck                                                                                                         three finishes in the race.
and Peter Larsen teamed with freshman                                                                                                             Other athletes earned individual swim-
Cam Coppelli and sophomore Lincoln                                                                                                             ming victories. Coppelli finished first in
Larsen to win the 400 medley relay in                                                                                                          the 100 backstroke with a time of 55.48.
3:35.44.                                                                                                                                       Harbaugh also secured a close victory in
  On Saturday, All-American Whitbeck,                                                                                                          the 1650 with a time of 17:41.71.
senior Nick Barker, Lincoln Larsen and                                                                                                         Sophomore Rich Albertson also earned a
sophomore Tucker Gregg teamed to win                                                                                                           victory in the 200 backstroke, finishing in
the 200 medley relay early on Saturday                                                                                                         just under 2 minutes.
morning. Later, seniors Drew Snyder,                                                                                                              Wolverine divers also performed well in
Peter Larsen, Jeremy Harbaugh and fresh-                                                                                                       the invitational. Senior Joe Riddell won
man Jared Bailey would close the morning                                                                                                       the 1-meter diving competition with a
session with a victory in the 800 free relay.                                                                                                  meet-record 256.90 points. Riddell also
  Snyder, Whitbeck, Peter Larsen, and                                                                                                          tied for first in 3-meter diving with
freshman Cam Coppelli eventually                                                                                                 Chris Gregg   221.80.
wrapped up the title with a victory in the      Junior Tim Whitbeck (far left) prepares to dive into the pool.                                    Sophomore Kyle Grubbs finished behind
400 free relay. The three returning letter      individual honor at the invitational.          lishes a new invitational record, beating       Riddell in the 1-meter competition with a
winners are also returning All-Americans        Whitbeck, the defending national champi-       the time earned by senior Caleb Courage         score of 239.20. He also placed third in
in the event. That quartet also won the 200     on in the 50 free, qualified for the NCAA      at last year’s event. Whitbeck would also       the 3-meter competition with 217 points.
free relay with a time of 1:25.48 seconds.      Division III Championships with a quali-       win the 100 free on Saturday with a time           The title was the Wolverines’ first since
  One Wolverine also achieved a great           fying time of 20.46. The time also estab-      of 46.36.                                       the 2000 competition.

                                  Women take second
                                  of nine at swim meet
    Team posts impressive finish at home invitational
By Katie McLay                                                                                                                                 25.11. Bauer finished in third at 25.65.
Collegian Writer                                                                                                                                 Page also earned second place in the 100
                                                                                                                                               and 200 free with times of 54.69 and
  The Grove City College women’s swim                                                                                                          2:00.06, respectively.
team earned second place at the                                                                                                                  Sophomore Amanda Thompson also
Longnecker Invitational out of nine varsity                                                                                                    earned several great finishes. She finished
teams. The Wolverines took second place,                                                                                                       second in the 200 backstroke with a time
finishing behind Washington and                                                                                                                of 2:16.91 and third in the 100 backstroke
Jefferson, the team that also won last                                                                                                         with 1:04.01. She also teamed with
year’s competition.                                                                                                                            Bargery, Bauer, and Page to earn second in
  Freshman Sarah Bargery led the                                                                                                               the 400 medley relay.
Wolverines with two individual victories.                                                                                                        Thompson, along with Bargery, Keefer
She earned a title in the 100 breaststroke                                                                                                     and junior Kiersten Bower, also earned
with a time of 1:09.69 and the 200 breast-                                                                                                     second in the 200 medley relay.
stroke with a time of 2:30.88. She also fin-                                                                                                     Freshman Stephanie McNeill, one of
ished second in the 200 individual medley.                                                                                                     Grove City’s two divers, also earned third
  Bargery teamed with senior Ellen Keefer                                                                                                      place in 1-meter diving with 221.75
and fellow freshmen Lauren Bauer and                                                                                                           points.
Sarah Page to win the 400 free relay on                                                                                                          The second place finish is a substantial
                                                                                                                                Chris Gregg
Saturday.                                                                                                                                      improvement for the Wolverines. At last
                                                Freshman Sarah Bargery competes in the breatstroke at the invitational
  The team also earned second place in the                                                                                                     year’s event, the women placed fifth out of
200 free relay with a time of 1:41.85.          8:15.80.                                       100 free. Keefer also finished second in        nine teams.
Bauer, Keefer, Page and freshman Tiffani          Keefer also earned individual success.       the 50 free as part of the Grove City             The Wolverines currently stand at 3-4
Douglas also earned a victory earlier in the    She took first place in the 200 free with a    sweep of the event.                             over all with a 1-0 record in the
day in the 800 free relay with a time of        time of 1:58.96, and she placed third in the     Page took the 100 free with a time of         Presidents’ Athletic Conference.
The Collegian
December 7, 2007
                                                                    Sports                                                                                                            19

             Working five days a week
                Grove City athletic trainers put in the time
                   and effort on and off the gridiron
By Mallory Skarupa                                                                                                                                five days a week is almost equivalent to a
Collegian Sports Editor                                                                                                                           full-time job.”
                                                                                                                                                     This “full-time job,” however, is not
  What do you get when you add a pas-                                                                                                             without its benefits.
sion for sports, commitment to the team                                                                                                              “The most rewarding part is watching
and an interest in helping people? Your                                                                                                           the players working hard to win,” Arndt
answer: senior Emmy Arndt, freshman                                                                                                               said. “Even if they don’t win, seeing their
Paula Gaus, senior Megan Kildea and                                                                                                               dedication and winning attitude is
junior Alyssa Laughlin, the four Grove                                                                                                            rewarding. The players are also so
City football athletic trainers.                                                                                                                  respectful and appreciate what we do for
  Under Kay Emigh and Rick Hawke,                                                                                                                 them. Even in the middle of a game, they
these four ladies put in the time, commit-                                                                                                        say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ – it’s easy to
ment and love of football to serve the 80-                                                                                                        serve people who respect and appreciate
some players during their past season.                                                                                                            you.”
  They often stay long after practice and                                                                                                            The friendships these girls develop with
arrive before, endure the extreme heat                                                                                                            each other and the players are also an
and cold and run around like mad                                                                                                                  amazing part of the job.
throughout practices and games. Why do                                                                                                               “The other three girls are so great they
they do it? Some of the girls got involved                                                                                                        definitely made my first year so much
for the social aspects.                                                                                                                           easier,” Gaus said. “They were so helpful
  “I do it because of the people I get to                                                                                                         and the football players are so great. I’ve
be around,” Gaus, a first-year trainer,                                                                                                           gotten to meet so many great people by
                                                                                                                                Joshua Kitamura
said.                                        Senior athletic trainer Megan Kildea receives some help from Larry Freeman,                          becoming a trainer.”
  Kildea agreed. “I decided to become a      equipment manager, and works hard to keep her players hydrated during the game.                         Laughlin agreed. “I have gained so
trainer because my friends were trainers                                                                                                          many great friends and it’s almost like I
as well.” Kildea has been a trainer for      and her husband Tom are still very close             help Larry Freeman, the equipment man-          have 80 big brothers always looking out
three years now, after getting involved      friends of my family. When I got accept-             ager, set up the field.                         for me. It’s a great feeling to be able to
through her friend Kalyn Choby, a former     ed to GCC freshman year, she told me                   Throughout practice we fill up cups for       help the guys when they are hurt and to
trainer whose brothers played on the         that she wanted me to eventually help her            the players and tape anyone that may            really be there for them as they get better
team.                                        out. So, sophomore year I became her                 come late to practice. After practice we        and heal up. It’s never good news when a
  Arndt got involved for a few reasons:      student secretary and also a student foot-           tear down the field and provide ice to the      played gets hurt, but we get to spend a lot
“To try something new, because I love        ball trainer.”                                       players for any injuries, which usually         of quality time with them in the training
athletics, and because Kay told me she         After becoming involved, the girls soon            takes a half an hour.”                          room and get to know them and form
had an opening” – all great reasons that     discovered that being an athletic trainer is           The time commitment is definitely the         some great relationships through all of
have led her to dream of a career as a       by no means an easy task – or a short                worst part of being a trainer.                  it,” she said.
professional trainer for the Pittsburgh      one.                                                   “Most people do not realize that we              The girls have embraced their roles –
Steelers.                                       “We go down to the fieldhouse two                 have to be the first people at the field-       the good and the bad – and enjoyed every
  “My mom and Kay were friends and           hours before practice in order to tape               house to begin pre-practice/game treat-         minute of their training experiences.
graduated from Elizabeth Forward High        players and fill Gatorade coolers,” Kildea           ments and are the last people to leave,”           As Kildea summed it up, “We feel like
School together,” Laughlin said. “Kay        said. “Fifteen minutes before practice we            Kildea continued. “This time commitment         we’ve become part of the team.”

                 Lady Wolverines fall
              at unbeaten host Geneva                                                                  The Grove City College women’s              quickly extended the lead to 13 early in
                                                                                                     basketball team dropped to 2-3 overall        the second half.
                                                                                                     Saturday afternoon with a 67-53 set-            Grove City cut the lead back to six,
                                                                                                     back at undefeated Geneva (6-0) in a          46-40, on a Slater jumper with 11:26
                                                                                                     matchup of Presidents’ Athletic               left.
                                                                                                     Conference squads at Metheny Field              Geneva, however, held Grove City
                                                                                                     House.                                        without a field goal for over six min-
                                                                                                       Geneva forced 25 Grove City                 utes.
                                                                                                     turnovers, which led to 23 Golden               Geneva maintained a double-digit
                                                                                                     Tornado points.                               lead during the final seven minutes of
                                                                                                       Grove City held Geneva to just 35           the game.
                                                                                                     percent shooting (21 of 60) from the            Grove City shot 41 percent (22 of 54)
                                                                                                     floor.                                        from the floor.
                                                                                                       Geneva, however, went 21 for 29 at            Geneva owned a 44-35 edge on the
                                                                                                     the foul line while the Wolverines made       glass. Sophomore forward Krista
                                                                                                     just six of 12 free-throw attempts.           Beechy recorded a game-high four
                                                                                                       Senior guard Shannon Overdorff led          steals for Grove City.
                                                                                                     Grove City with 13 points while fresh-          Allyson Clarke led Geneva with 21
                                                                                                     man forward Christine Slater added 11         points and 12 rebounds.
                                                                                                     points.                                         Geneva is a provisional member of
                                                                               Prof. Fred Jenny        Slater also earned a team-high of           NCAA Division III.
The Lady Wolverines re-group during a timeout at the home-opener against the                         seven rebounds.                                 Therefore, games against Geneva do
Carnegie Mellon Tartans.                                                                               Geneva led 31-25 at halftime and            not count in the conference standings.
20                                                                    Sports                                                                                 The Collegian
                                                                                                                                                          December 7, 2007

                   Matt Gregg: Bowl bound
           Senior will represent U.S. team in Aztec Bowl
By Mallory Skarupa                                            hard, especially because my mom was telling everyone
Collegian Sports Editor                                       back home,” Gregg said.
                                                                Hopefully, Gregg will have time to spend with his fami-
  Imagine you have been one of fifty football players         ly in Mexico in between the two-a-day practices, auto-
from across the nation’s 230 Division III schools chosen      graph sessions, team meetings and being a stand-up repre-
to represent the United States.                               sentative of the United States.
  Welcome to senior center Matt Gregg’s world.                  “Every letter I received was like, you’re representing
  Tomorrow, Gregg and the US team will play team              the U.S., dress nice, don’t goof off. I think that’s probably
Mexico in the annual Aztec Bowl in Chihuahua, Mexico          the best part: representing my country,” Gregg said.
at Estadio Olimpico Universitario.                            “That’s big time.”
  Chosen by the American Football Coaches Association,          Also “big” in his mind, is the opportunity to travel out-
Gregg is the fourth Grove City player to participate in a     side the Grove City bubble. Gregg, who has never been to
post-season all-star game and the third player to partici-    Mexico, is just excited to be going there.
pate in the Aztec Bowl.                                         “It won’t be cold,” Gregg explained. “Plus, it’ll be awe-
  Gregg has played football since second grade and has        some to meet new people.”
played numerous positions on the offensive line.                Those new people that just happen to be the cream of
  The powerful and versatile offensive player from            the Division III crop.
Hopewell High School has started each of his three last         “These guys have all-time records and are the career
seasons at Grove City, earned a position of captain this      leaders in their positions where they’re from,” Gregg said.
year and four varsity letters.                                “So, it’ll be exciting to be among the elite.”
  The senior captain “had no clue” that he was chosen.          Gregg adds the Aztec Bowl to his honors of First Team
  “Coach pulled me after practice one day. I came to his      All-Presidents’ Athletic Conference in 2006 and 2007, as
office and he put a piece of paper in front of me, saying I   well as Second Team All-PAC in 2005.
had been selected,” Gregg said.                                 The U.S. team is 2-0 with a Grove City player on the
  “This never happens to Grove City players, so it’s a big    Aztec Bowl roster, and Gregg hopes to make it 3-0.
honor just to be considered,” he added.                         Congratulations to Matt for this great honor and his                                                      Ryan Briggs ’01
  Gregg had to keep his honor a secret for about a month,     already outstanding college career. Grove City wishes            Senior center Matt Gregg will play in the Aztec Bowl
however, before the roster was released.                      him good luck tomorrow as he plays in his last collegiate        tomorrow as a representative on the United States
  “I had to keep it a big secret for a while, which was       contest.                                                         team.

               Wolverines stun                                                                                         Support Your
                Geneva, 75-74                                                                                          Wolverines!
   Junior guard Ryan Gibson drained a pair of free
throws with 0.5 seconds left Friday night, vaulting
                                                                                                                                         (Dec. 8 – 12)
Grove City to a 75-74 victory over host Geneva in a
Presidents’ Athletic Conference men’s basketball
game at Metheny Field House.                                                                                                      Men’s Basketball
  It is Grove City’s fourth straight win overall and
second one-point victory in a three-day span.                                                                                 Dec. 8 – vs. Washington &
  Grove City led 73-71 in the closing seconds but
Geneva’s Bryan Hill hit an apparent game-winning                                                                                Jefferson (A) – 2 p.m.
three-pointer at the buzzer. However, after a confer-
ence, the officials ordered 0.5 seconds placed back
on the clock. On the subsequent play, Geneva’s Rob
Whitt crashed into Gibson on the baseline while
                                                                                                                      Dec. 12 – vs. Hiram (A) – 8 p.m.
guarding the inbounds pass.
  Grove City owned a 70-57 lead with 4:46 left in
the game but Geneva held the Wolverines to no                                                                                    Women’s Basketball
field goals over the remainder of the game. Geneva
forced five Grove City turnovers down the stretch,                                                                            Dec. 8 – vs. Washington &
which aided the Tornadoes’ 17-3 run.
  Senior guard Joe Capotosta came off the bench to
                                                                                                                                Jefferson (A) – 4 p.m.
lead Grove City with a season-high 14 points.
Senior guard Shawn Carr added 12 points and a
team-high nine rebounds.                                                                                               Dec. 10 – vs. Penn St. Behrend
  Ten Wolverines played in the game and all scored
at least three points. Grove City owned a 31-9 edge                                                                             (A) – 7 p.m.
in bench points.
  The Wolverines (4-1) shot 26 of 52 (50 percent)                                                  Dr. Fred Jenny
                                                        Junior guard Ryan Gibson dribbles past his
from the floor, including a 9-for-17 (53 percent)
effort behind the three-point line.                     defender in the Wolverines’ stunning comeback                   Men’s Swimming & Diving
                                                        against Juniata last Wednesday.
  Geneva, meanwhile, shot 37 percent (24 of 64)
from the field.
                                                                                                                       Dec. 8 – vs. Hiram (A) – 1 p.m.
                                                        81-69. The teams will play at 3 p.m Jan. 26 in
  Geneva led by as many as six, 17-11, in the first     Grove City. Geneva is a provisional member of
half. However, the Wolverines rallied to take a 40-     NCAA Division III, thus, games against the Golden
34 lead by halftime. Greg McDivitt led Geneva (3-       Tornadoes do not count in the conference standings.            Women’s Swimming & Diving
2) with 33 points and 14 rebounds. Hill added 16          Wednesday night, Grove City rallied from a 21-
points.                                                 point deficit in the final 12 minutes to defeat                Dec. 8 – vs. Hiram (A) – 1 p.m.
  Geneva is Grove City’s most frequently-played         Juniata, 64-63. Sophomore guard Luke Tomaselli
opponent.                                               sank a free throw with 0.4 seconds left to give the
  Grove City leads the all-time series with Geneva,     Wolverines the victory that night.

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