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					Communication in the 21st Century
         A Unit Plan

         Carol Drewes
         Judy Leonard

        Click Here to view the Unit Plan for
        Communication in the 21st Century
        Your Dream Vacation
In this project, you will create the following:

  – PowerPoint Presentation
  – Tri-fold Brochure
  – 5 page Web Site
       Project Deadlines
You will have a week to complete each
You must use Microsoft Powerpoint and
Microsoft Publisher
Click below to view an example of each

 Brochure    Web Page     PowerPoint
    Powerpoint Presentation
Your PowerPoint should have a minimum of eight slides

Your first slide will be your introductory slide and your last slide will
be your Works Cited slide.

Click on the attached documents to view a sample presentation,
PowerPoint directions, project requirements, and assessment

PowerPoint Sample Presentation
PowerPoint Directions
PowerPoint Requirements
PowerPoint Assessment Rubric
              Tri-fold Brochure
Using Microsoft Publisher, you will create a tri-fold brochure about a
vacation place in the United States .

Click on the attached documents to view a sample brochure,
brochure directions, brochure project requirements, and assessment

 Publisher Sample Brochure
 Brochure Directions
 Brochure Requirements
 Brochure Assessment Rubric
                      Web Site
Using Microsoft Publisher, create a five-page web site about a
vacation place in the United States.

Click on the attached documents to view a sample web site, web
site directions, web site project requirements, and assessment rubric

 Publisher Sample Web Site
 Web Site Directions
 Web Site Requirements
 Web Site Assessment Rubric
            Evaluation Page
How will you be graded?

Click on the attached on-line quiz.
Choose the best answer to the question and print the
Complete all three quizzes.
 – PowerPoint
 – Web Page
 – Brochure
                  – On-Line Quiz

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