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					                                                                  Editor’s choicE
                                                                  Soprano Blue
coNtENts                                                          When it comes to new innovations and
                                                                  continuously updating technology, alma
                                                                  lasers is definitely on top of its game. The
                                                                  latest offering from the company, whose
                                                                  systems are distributed in the uK by aBC
6    NEWs                                                         lasers, is the Soprano Blue. The Soprano,
     We round up the latest people, product and industry news
                                                                  one of alma’s flagship products, claims
                                                                  to be the world’s first virtually painless
                                                                  laser-based hair removal system. Suit-
18   NEWs sPEciAL                                                 able for all areas of the body and all skin
                                                                  types, Soprano delivers fast results in just
     We report on the launch of the IHaS register of Injectable
                                                                  a few short sessions with no recovery
     Cosmetic providers                                           time and very few side effects.

22   cosMEtic NEWs EXPo shoW rEViEW                               The new system still harnesses the same cutting-
                                                                  edge laser technology that practitioners have
     Find out what happened at the biggest event of the
                                                                  come to expect from Alma, including In-Motion™
     aesthetics calendar                                          laser technology – which generates pulses of infrared
                                                                  diode laser energy to gradually heat the hair follicles
                                                                  until they can no longer produce new hair, eliminating
34   oN thE scENE: EXPo sPEciAL                                   the problem of patchy hair removal – and the unique DualChill™ treatment
     The Cosmetic news expo after party                           tip – which cools and calms the skin, ensuring the most comfortable
                                                                  treatment possible – however the Soprano Blue has some new additions to

38   Q&A                                                          make treatments even faster and easier for patient and practitioner alike.

     Dr patrick Treacy answers our VaSer questions
                                                                  First of all the system has an increased fluence of up to 20 j/cm², helping
                                                                  even very fine and light hair to be targeted with the laser. It also has a new
                                                                  umbilical support, which has been implemented as a result of customer
42   sKiN tYPEs                                                   feedback, that, along with a new handpiece holder, makes the handpiece
     We look at Dr leslie Baumann’s skin typing system            lighter and easier to use.

                                                                  Perhaps the most exciting addition however is the new larger colour touch
44   ViEW oN: coMPrEssioN                                         screen with improved MMI, to make the user interface more visible and
     Why compression garments are more than just a post-          more graphic. Now all the treatments are in a touch screen mode with
     surgical aid                                                 pre-set parameters. As well as the HR mode you can now select specific
                                                                  screens tailored to treatments for a man or a woman. When you select
                                                                  either of these modes, a screen comes up with a picture of a man or a
48   BEst PrActicE                                                woman with marked areas on their body indicating the most popular
                                                                  treatment areas. Each area will then have pre-set parameters specially for
     advertising dos and don’ts
                                                                  treating that body region.

50   BUsiNEss FocUs                                               With summer fast approaching I may
                                                                  well be booking myself in for a few
     Hilary Ford on choosing the right marketing partner
                                                                  sessions to make sure I am hair free
                                                                  before my holidays!
52   dAtEs For thE diArY
     Training course, conference and meeting dates

                                                                                      Charlotte Body publisher
54   dirEctorY                                                             01268 754 897 charlotte@creativemedialtd.co.uk
                                                                                      Vicky Eldridge editor
     our guide to the manufacturers, suppliers and business
                                                                   01268 754 897 M: 07931 924 322 vicky@creativemedialtd.co.uk
     services featured in this month’s issue
                                                                                  Emilia Bronze associate publisher
                                                                             01268 754 897 emilia@creativemedialtd.co.uk
                                                                                    Peter Johnson, art Director
                                                                         01268 754 897 peter.johnson@creativemedialtd.co.uk
                                                                                     Charlie Crocker Designer
                                                                            01268 754 897 design@creativemedialtd.co.uk
                                                                              Hollie-Jane Dunwell account Manager
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                                                                                Shauna Peters production assistant
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the best laser in the world
                         and dont just take our word for it...


                                     I am happy to confirm that the Soprano XL Hair Removal
                                     system has been very well received by our patients and that
                                     they have all been truly amazed that it is a pain free treatment.
                                     The staff have found the laser system very easy and safe to use
                                     and we have been very pleased with the service and support
                                     we have received from ABC Lasers.
                                     dr rita rakus mBBs Founder member of the BaCd, Clinic in
                                     Knightsbridge. Known as the London Lip Queen.

“Soprano painless hair removal has transformed the laser hair
removal experience for our clients. Working with other Lasers
too, the Soprano hits all the right notes.”
dr patrick Bowler. Founder & medical director of Court House
chain of 10 Clinics and co founder of the British association of
Cosmetic doctors BaCd.

                                     “We offer a wide range of treatment modalities for clients
                                     seeking to remove unwanted hair using technology supplied
                                     by ABC lasers. The Soprano XL has enabled us to provide
                                     previously unavailable pain-free treatment and successfully
                                     include darker skin types in our patient pool. We recommend
                                     the Soprano XL without reservation.”
                                     dr. peter ilori is the founder of ‘the Beauty society’ - a premier     •	 PAIN FREE Laser Hair Removal
                                     provider of medical spa, aesthetic, dental and specialist
                                     orthodontic services.
                                                                                                            •	 NEW PAIN FREE Skin Tightening
                                                                                                            •	 Patented ‘in motion’ technology
                                                                                                            •	 Faster than any other laser,
When opening my new clinic I was looking for a system which                                                    with 10 Pulses per second!
stood above the rest. The painless technology from the Soprano
XL has opened up a new and increasing market for my                                                            chest + abdomen in under 20min.
business in both Laser Hair Removal and Skin Tightening. One                                                •	 Painless = absolute safety!
year on, results are excellent and many of our new clients come                                             •	 Effectively Treats ALL Skin types
by word-of-mouth recommendations from our happy client.                                                        including skin type 6
dr ravi Jain, BaCd, owner riverbanks Clinic, winner Best new
clinic award 2008-2009.                                                                                     •	 SOPRANO is The only treatment
                                                                                                               of choice for sensitive areas such
                                                                                                               as Hollywood / Brazilian Bikini line
“Don’t just be another laser clinic”                                                                           clearance. uSP for your clinic
                                                                                                            •	 NO need for old technology of
         ‘Settle for nothing but the BEST - With unique                                                        vacuum or cooling
                      SOPRANO treatments’                                                                   •	 NO consumables!

                                                                                                          WINNER - UK BEST
                                                                                                          LASER SUPPLIER
                                                                                                          As voted by clinics

                   CONTACT uS ON: Tel: 0845 1707788, info@a-b-c-uk.com, www.abclasers.co.uk

                                  Outstanding patient awareness and demand.
    visit: www.painfreehairfree.co.uk and see how your patients can locate you and see treatments Live on tV
     News | Round Up                                                                                                  NEWs iN BriEF
     codE ENdorsEs gENUiNE                                                                                          PosT-DIvorce ProceDures uP
                                                                                                                    The Harley Medical Group has seen a rise (9% year on year)

     dErMAroLLEr™ thErAPY                                                                                           in the number of divorcees investing in cosmetic procedures
                                                                                                                    to help them find new confidence. clinic staff have reported
                                                                                                                    that many female patients aged 40+ are increasingly using
     CoDe, the association for Dental practice, has announced a new partnership with micro-                         divorce settlement money to fund cosmetic procedures. Liz
     needling skin rejuvenating treatment, Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy. CoDe academy courses                       Dale, director at The Harley Medical Group, commented,
     give dentists, doctors and medical nurses the essential training to develop a facial aesthetic                 “Women aged 40-plus are increasingly citing embarking on
     practice. The academy will now offer Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy training seminars, firmly                    a new relationship as a reason for undergoing rejuvenation
     positioning micro-needling as a mainstream aesthetic treatment, alongside botulinum toxin,                     treatments. We estimate that around 30% of our 40+ patients
     fillers and chemical peels.                                                                                    are divorcees.”

     Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy was launched in the UK in early 2009 by AesthetiCare®, a division of              GeneTIcs of ceLLuLITe couLD
     Ferndale Pharmaceuticals, to nationwide acclaim. The company’s managing director Roger Bloxham
     commented, “We’re thrilled about this partnership with CODE. Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy is the
                                                                                                                    InforM neW TreaTMenTs
                                                                                                                    recent research into the genetics of cellulite could provide
     market leader in micro-medical skin needling. Only the training offered by Aestheticare®, and now by
                                                                                                                    new approaches to alleviating the symptoms of the
     CODE, uses the authorised Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy device. Having CODE endorse Genuine                     condition, according to scientists based in Italy. The group
     Dermaroller™ Therapy really does position micro-needling as a mainstream non-surgical cosmetic                 led by Dr enzo emanuele at the university of Pavia has
     treatment, and Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy, as the best micro-needling treatment available.”                  identified a number of genes that differ between women
     Dr Tim Eldridge, Chairman of CODE, added, “We’re very excited by this collaboration with Genuine               who suffer from cellulite and those who don’t. focusing on
     Dermaroller™ Therapy. We’ve seen the great results that Dermaroller™ delivers, so it makes                     the genetic makeup of the condition, he says, is a new way
     perfect sense for us to lend it                                                                                of looking at treatment, and has immense implications for
     our support. We’ve already                                                                                     the cosmetics industry.
     received a huge amount
     of interest in the new micro-
     needling training programme,
                                                                                                                    LuMenIs LTD rePorTs fuLL
     which clearly demonstrates the                                                                                 Year 2009 fInancIaL resuLTs
     demand that exists in the UK for
                                                                                                                    Lumenis Ltd has announced its financial results for 2009
     this treatment. We’re sure that
                                                                                                                    and showed positive growth despite the current economic
                                                                                                                    climate. “2009 was a landmark year for Lumenis, with
     Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy
                                                                                                                    strong improvement in our business performance despite the
     will continue grow from strength
                                                                                                                    global recession and its severe impact on capital equipment
     to strength.”
                                                                                                                    companies”, said Dov ofer, ceo of Lumenis. “We believe that
                                                                                                                    our revenues fared better than the industry as a whole, and
                                                                                                                    that we gained share in key segments.”

     NANo cArriErs ENhANcE sKiN                                                                                     HavInG a BaLL
     PENEtrAtioN ANd ANtioXidANt                                                                                    The natural History Museum will be the setting for the aesthetics

     EFFEct oF coQ10
                                                                                                                    Industry summer Ball 2010. Taking place on the evening of July 3,
                                                                                                                    the event has become a fabulous fixture in the aesthetics calendar.
                                                                                                                    organised by face Ltd, the event is being sponsored by Galderma
     using a nano-lipid carrier to deliver the antioxidant CoQ10 can                                                and Merz aesthetics. The ball is part of the annual face meeting,
     significantly enhance its topical skin delivery and protective                                                 which will take place at the royal college of Physicians on July 2-4.
     effect on the skin, according to recent research. Scientists in                                                for more information visit www.faceconference.com.
     China looked at the ability of the coenzyme to protect fibroblasts
     from uVa damage, and compared the behavior of CoQ10 in an
     emulsion to that of CoQ10 that had been nanoencapsulated. CoQ10 is synthesised in humans but
                                                                                                                    a sMarT IDea for BusInesses
                                                                                                                    following an enthusiastic response from their first series of sMarT
     our capacity to make it decreases with age, and rapidly drops after we pass the age of 40. It is
                                                                                                                    Ideas meetings in 2009, The consulting room™ has partnered
     known to have powerful antioxidant effects, and it is the coenzyme’s potential to protect the skin
                                                                                                                    with two leading companies to provide a focused one-day agenda
     against the uVa-mediated oxidative stress that led the researchers to investigate different delivery
                                                                                                                    featuring exciting new concepts that aesthetic practitioners can
     mechanisms of the ingredient.
                                                                                                                    incorporate into their business. The free seminar will take place on
     According to the authors, led by Yang Yue at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, nano-structure lipid
                                                                                                                    saturday May 22 at the cavendish conference centre, London.
     carriers are becoming increasing popular as delivery systems as they have high substance solubility,
                                                                                                                    The meeting will include a two-hour theory and practical workshop
     powerful skin penetration and low skin irritation. In this case, a soybean lecithin was chosen to be the
                                                                                                                    session led by Professor syed Haq and Dr Kate Goldie on novabel®
     lipid carrier, for its good biocompatibility, its non-irritating nature on the skin, and the balance between   – an exciting new facial shaping product recently launched by
     hydrophilic (water loving) and lipophilic (lipid loving) properties.                                           Merz aesthetics – alongside the official launch of the soprano
     The ability of the CoQ10 to protect against the damage caused by UVA was tested in vitro on human              Blue – the latest version of alma Lasers novel pain free laser hair
     embryo skin fibroblasts. According to the study, the nanoencapsulated CoQ10 (CoQ10-NLC) had                    removal technology. In addition, Martyn roe and ron Myers from
     a stronger antioxidative capacity than the CoQ10 in the emulsion form. An MTT assay was used to                The consulting room™ will be running several marketing sessions
     measure cell viability and after UVA radiation the fibroblasts that had been treated with CoQ10 NLC            to help you grow your business. for more information visit www.
     had a higher cell viability than those that had received the emulsion treatment. In addition, the team         smartseminar.co.uk
     tested the penetration of the coenzyme in vivo using rat skin. The skin penetration capability of the
     nanoencapsulated form of the coenzyme was significantly higher than the emulsion form, which
     the scientists put down to the soybean lecithin nano carrier. Soybean lecithin’s ability to bind to lipid
                                                                                                                    neW anD IMProveD TrIa
                                                                                                                    TrIa Beauty has launched of a new version of the TrIa Laser Hair
     cell membranes and to enhance the permeability of these membranes, helped enhance the skin
                                                                                                                    removal system that features upgraded software with a lower retail
     penetration of the ingredient, the researchers argued.
                                                                                                                    price than the previous model. scientists revised the energy settings
     “Because the CoQ10 – NLC displayed such powerful antioxidative ability compared to the general
                                                                                                                    from three to five, offering improved comfort and performance. By
     CoQ10 emulsion…the NLC formulation is considered to be the key to the efficient delivery of CoQ10,”
                                                                                                                    increasing the range of energy settings, the new device enables
     they concluded in the study.The scientists also suggested that further research could investigate the
                                                                                                                    users to better customize the treatment to their particular hair color
     effects of enfolding two or more factors within the nano carrier – for example CoQ10 and vitamin E.
                                                                                                                    and thickness. It is also £100 cheaper than the previous version.

10      cosmeticnewsuk.com
Results You
Can RelY on

“The ultimate in combination
           laser and light therapy
for face, hands and body to
      optimize results.”

InnovatIve technology
Safe, effective treatments with the
industry’s most dynamic product
portfolio, distinguished by expandable
modular platforms that adapt to
your changing needs and future

                             Before                    After              After                                                Before                    After
                           Mini 360 Protocol for the face and neck      AFT 570 SR                                           Pixel Laser
                           Photos courtesy: James Chan, MD              Photos courtesy: Fernando Stengel, MD                Photos courtesy: Amber Brown, MD

                           Multiple technologies can be combined during a single session
                           or repeated frequently and spread out over 60 days.
                           • When performed in a single treatment session, the Mini Laser360TM program consists of AFT
                           for pigment and vascularity, ST for skin tightening, and Pixel for fractionated skin resurfacing.
                           • The Traditional Laser360 treatment consists of 4-6 treatment sessions, layering multiple
                           technologies (AFT, ST and Pixel), spaced about 10-15 days apart over a 60-day period.

          Pixel               Before                    After                                                                 Before                    After
                            AFT 420 Acne                                                                                     Pixel Laser
     ST              AFT    Photos courtesy: Elizabeth VanderVeer, MD                                                        Photos courtesy: Bhupendra Patel, MD

                              Before                    After            Before                      After                    Before                    After
                            AFT 540 VP                                  Tattoo Removal - Photos Courtesy: Fernando           Traditional Laser360
                            Photos courtesy: Elizabeth VanderVeer, MD   Urdiales, Instituto Médico Miramar, Málaga , Spain   Photos courtesy: Rick Jackson, MD

                                                                                                                                             WINNER - UK BEST
                    ContaCt us on: tel: 0845 1707788,                                                                                        LASER SUPPLIER
                  info@a-b-c-uk.com, www.abclasers.co.uk                                                                                     As voted by clinics
     Cosmetic News Expo 2010 | Show Review

                                             We celebrate the success of
                                             the uK’s biggest aesthetic
                                             meeting, the Cosmetic news
                                             expo, and give you a round up
                                             of what happened

                                             april 16 and 17 saw the first ever
                                             Cosmetic news expo taking place at
                                             the Business Design Centre in Islington,
                                             london. Despite a natural disaster
                                             stopping some of our delegates, speakers
                                             and exhibitors from attending, the show
                                             was a great success with more than 600
                                             visitors across the two days.
                                             The Cosmetic News Expo was the UK’s first free of charge trade event for the
                                             aesthetics industry, offering aesthetic professionals the chance to gain CPD
                                             accredited education at the same time as networking and exchanging
                                             information with their peers and finding out about the latest technologies and
                                             products on the market, all under one roof.

                                             The philosophy behind the event came from Body Media’s extensive
                                             experience in running shows for other niche markets and the company’s passion
                                             for making education available to everyone, no matter what their budget.
                                             The event was attended by cosmetic doctors, aesthetic nurses, dermatologists,
                                             plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, aestheticians and practice managers from
                                             across the UK, with many new faces from other medical specialties, keen to
                                             move into the field, also taking part. The show also had huge support from
                                             the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers with more than 60 exhibitors
                                             showcasing their products and treatments.

                                             Cosmetic News publisher Charlotte Body was delighted with the success of the
                                             company’s first aesthetics event. She said, “Expo has proved that an event of
                                             this scale is an asset to the industry in the UK, and the quality of professionals
                                             that attended the show is a perfect testimony to this. We are already looking
                                             forward to 2011 and feel that, with one successful show under our belt, that the
                                             event will be much anticipated and the most prominent date in the diary for the
                                             UK aesthetic calendar. On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone who
                                             supported the event, especially my fabulous team that pulled it off.”
22    cosmeticnewsuk.com
    Here is a round up of who our exhibitors were and what they were up to…

aalBS                           Cynosure                                               Medico Beauty
aBC lasers                      Dermace                                                MedFx
acumag                          Dermapure                                              orascoptic
aesthetiCare                    Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute                       pantheon Beauty
aesthetic recruitment           e-Clinic                                               pastelli
aIMa                            eden aesthetics                                        polaris Medical limited
arC recruitment                 espire Health                                          Q Medical Technologies
ascensus                        Flipside pr                                            rioblush
aWB Textiles                    Galderma (platinum Sponsor)                            Seers Medical
BaCn                            General & Medical                                      SkinBrands
BioDerm ltd                     Hamilton Fraser                                        Skin Geeks
BioTouch permanent Make-up      HealthXchange                                          Skinov8
Boston Medical Group ltd        IHaS                                                   Sky Inside
Candela                         Indiba                                                 Solta Medical
Carleton Medical                lCS academy lCS ltd                                    Sound Surgical
Cell Fusion C                   lawrence Grant                                         Sutton orthodontics
The Consulting room™            lifestyle aesthetics                                   The face Film Company
Coolsense®                      living Investments                                     urban Fox Communications
Cosmederma                      lumenis                                                Wealden
Cosmetic Courses                lynton lasers                                          Wellness Trading
Cosmetology                     MaCoM Compression Garments                             Wigmore Medical/FaCe ltd
Cutera                          Med+D Base                                             Zanco Models

                             The association of advanced laser Body Sculpture (aalBS) was promoting its new
                             collaboration with the Clinical Exchange in Guildford. The specialist training organisation, headed up by
                             leading vascular surgeon Mr Mark Whiteley, who was a speaker at this year’s Expo, will now offer AALBS
                             training in laser sweat ablation and endovenous occlusion. AALBS is dedicated to training and educating
                             physicians from all over the world in the field of aesthetic laser lipolysis and has not only established
                             treatment regimes but is continually consulting physicians on the best laser lipolysis procedures available
                             to ensure the greatest possible results in the treatment. The association was also promoting its new
                             reference clinic and training centre, the Epsom Skin Clinic, headed up by Dr Paul Stevenson. Dr Stevenson
                             is one of only two people in the world to have carried out laser lipolysis blepharoplasty and AALBS will
                             be announcing course dates for training in this procedure soon. Dr Stevenson will also provide training in
                             other laser lipolysis and advanced laser lipolysis procedures.

                             aBC lasers was showcasing its market-leading systems including the new Soprano Blue, which has a
                             lighter handpiece and higher fluence than its sister system the Soprano XL, as well as a large interactive
                             touch screen display (see this month’s Editor’s Choice p4 for more information).

                             aesthetiCare® was promoting its wide range of products. The company has had particular
                             success in the last year with its Genuine Dermaroller™. Dr Sach Mohan presented on the treatment
                             and gave a lecture entitled ‘Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy: Medical Device Technology, Clinical
                             Procedures and Outcomes’ as part of the Medical needling session, which was incredibly well
                             received by delegates. The company’s managing director Roger Bloxham said, “We got a lot of quality
                             leads to justify going and that will generate a return for AesthetiCare®. There was a good mix of new
                             and existing clients, and overall it worked very well.”

                             aesthetic recruitment’s            founder Vivienne Smith presented on ‘The Need for Adequately
                             Trained Professionals in a Competitive Market’ as part of the Managing Staff and recruitment
                             Workshop. Aesthetic Recruitment’s aim is to provide practitioners with the degree of help needed to
                             raise the standard of care to which practitioners and their patients have come to expect, by means of
                             mentoring and ongoing support.

                             arC recruitment picked up a number of leads for high profile projects from the event and was
                             particularly pleased by the number of new faces in attendance. managing director John Sellers
                             also took to the podium to present on ‘How to Make Yourself Employable in a Competitive Market’
                             as part of the Managing Staff and recruitment Workshop on the final day of the event. He said,
                             “We were impressed with the quality and calibre of the delegates and we had several conversations
                             which we hope will lead to long term relationships. In that respect, we view the Cosmetic News Expo
                             as a great success”

                                                                                                             cosmeticnewsuk.com            23

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