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									Semester 2 2005


                  03   Message from the Dean

                  04   Alumni News
                       - Forging New Links
                       - 2020 Vision
                       - Where are they now?

                  10   Campus News
                       - Elite Athlete Friendly Institution
                       - Towards 1000 Students
                       - Robert Dunnet Library
                       - FEE-HELP
                       - New ACPE Facilities
                       - Teaching in the United Kingdom
                       - Information Technology Update

                  14   Graduation 2005

                  16   Sport
                       - National Champions
                                         - College Gold
                       - Cup Winners

                  22   Campus Archives

                  24   Dance                                  PACE
                       - Theatre Performances                 Incorporates ACPE Alumni and Sydney Olympic Park
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Message from the Dean:

                                       Welcome to the first edition of Pace. Some of you will be aware that the
                                       first College newsletter was published in 1934, and served as an avenue of
                                       communication between ACPE and its students and alumni for many years. It
                                       is now with great excitement that the College releases this publication and
                                       again reaches out to students and alumni.

                                       As the ACPE grows and diversifies, it is important to recognise that one thing
                                       always remains constant – that is you, the student! Students are central to
                                       the vibrancy and success of any institution. Through students, institutions gain
                                       the highest possible profile. Without the professional and academic success of
                                       students, institutions lack credibility in academe and the market place.

                                        “Without the professional and
                                        academic success of students,
                                        institutions lack credibility in
                                        academe and the market place”
                                       It is important to recognise that ACPE graduates now assume many positions
                                       of professional leadership in their chosen fields. Their success has been
                                       built on a combination of dedication, diligence, and a willingness to assume
                                       professional and intellectual challenges. The foundation for these qualities
                                       can be traced, in part, to their time spent studying at the ACPE.
          Dr. Scott Dickson,
BEd (Physical & Health Ed), MEd, PhD   The College continues to offer young men and women the opportunity to
                                       develop their full potential. The current academic offerings at the College
                                       are designed to prepare students for professional life, but also to equip
                                       students with the necessary skills to engage in lifelong learning. The College
                                       encourages all students and alumni to engage with their profession in such
                                       meaningful and dynamic ways that as individuals, you continue to make a

                                       The College also supports the social and sporting life of students. The
                                       College views these aspects of personal development as complimentary to
                                       the rigours of academic study. The College endeavours to graduate well-
                                       rounded individuals who can have a balanced perspective on life and the
                                       challenges that life presents.

                                       Lastly, I encourage all those associated with the ACPE, especially students
                                       and alumni, to continue engagement with the College throughout life.
                                       Please enjoy reading Pace and feel free to let us know where you are, what         03
                                       you are doing, and the contributions you are making to your professional
                                       and community life.

                          Forging new links:
                                                                                       Student – alumni connection

                                                                                            “Formation of the ACPE Graduates
                                                                                            Association, to which each past,
                                                                                            present and future graduate will
                                                                                            automatically belong and which will
                                                                                            be part of the fabric of operations at
                                                                                            ACPE every year, is a welcome event
                                                                                                           in 2005”
                     ACPE Executive Chairman Mr Peter Cornish,
                                 MA, Dip Ed, FACE

              It is a pleasure to write for the inaugural College Newsletter reinstating a good tradition last active in about 1995. The ACPE Magazine of that era, encouraging the
              College’s self-expression through recognition of accomplishments by both current and graduated members of College and its community, was always a bright light
              on excellence. The return of such College-wide communication is welcome now.

              I write personally on this occasion also in memory of a great colleague and friend in the United States, Peter Pelham, noted Alumnus of Williams College Massachusetts,
              strong voice for Australia in the USA, who recently passed away suddenly, unexpectedly. He had a remarkable career of service and leadership in the Korean War, in
              United States tertiary education through his Principalship of various institutions, in his work for government, and in the founding of an organisation with wife Isobel
              known as Global Connections through which they sought to improve education wherever in the world education needed assistance. As a result Peter and Isobel
              brought together, each year, some 50 Heads of School somewhere in the world, to study local education and to assist in all ways possible.

              Writing in On Campus, for June 2002, Arthur Levitt captured separately what has become for me the distilled understanding Peter Pelham passed on in discussions, in
              places where we had all gathered to learn of education depleted by government inertia, community failure, guerrilla warfare, or by economic collapse. Levitt wrote,

              There is little question in my mind that Williams is a far better institution today than in the ‘50s. It’s not merely because the curriculum
              has broadened, the faculty expanded and the student body diversified. The Williams Presidents…the boards that provided leadership,
              and the generosity of the alumni have nurtured and expanded the tradition of excellence that provided me a priceless legacy. That
04            is, in part, a consequence of tradition. I expect those who return in 2052 will inherit and benefit from the same qualities that mean
              so much to me and my classmates.
                                                                                                                                                                             ALUMNI NEWS
Levitt went on to be Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange among many other service responsibilities, just as Peter Pelham went on to numerous tasks centred
upon the values of education and the life-time value of education – at its very best.

Peter once remarked that he had enjoyed the 50th Annual Reunion of his class because life-time friendships established at College continued, help could be given
where needed, involvement deepened, and each Alumnus could learn of the current progress and planning of his or her College now – half a century later. Those
who had served on College Boards were able to brief their classmates and expand the possibilities for those who wished to assist newly graduated Alumni.

For us at ACPE, there are many synergies. Williams College was established much earlier than was ACPE, but in Australia our College is among the oldest tertiary
institutions continuously serving education, the similarities with Williams and other long-standing institutions throughout the world being at once apparent. Great
universities and Colleges such as ACPE thrive only because their mission is clear though ancient – education of young people beyond the school room years – and
their communities accept that they continue for each individual lifetime to be part of the tradition, thus providing part of the legacy of learning and understanding.

Peter Pelham, Arthur Levitt and inestimable numbers of Alumni of places where teaching and learning are made possible throughout the world, all remain forever
part of their College community. Even as each life unfolds in its myriad details, informed happily by a best practice, high quality tertiary education in both ancient and
contemporary learning to form and inform the future through the good effect of unyielding individuality in the Alumnus, the College is always positively present.

Formation of the ACPE Graduates Association, to which each past, present and future graduate will automatically belong and which will be part of the fabric of
operations at ACPE every year, is a welcome event in 2005. There are so many who, like Pelham and Levitt and others elsewhere in the world did from their College
years, have gone forward from ACPE and have made real what the College years allowed be imagined.

From such people others learn, and such people are needed as an integral part of our learning community, our ACPE community now, always.

It was a privilege to be a Director of Global Connections for a time, as it was to visit Soweto in South Africa, Botswana, Central China, parts of America and to
welcome the annual Conference to Sydney in the late 1990s. During these many active tours, we all discussed with Peter the improvement of education, the crucial
improvement of tertiary education and vocational training, methods of assisting needy communities, internationalism as a core value of all education in the current
century, and the role of Alumni in bringing development, improvement and strength to places of education.

                                     “…….the role of Alumni in bringing
                                   development, improvement and strength
                                          to places of education.”


                    2020 Vision

                                                               I welcome you to the Alumni Association of the ACPE.

                                                               The ACPE is now a successful, growing and fantastic Higher Education Provider which has
                                                               become the choice of champions. There are many reasons. We have -
                                                               • A visionary Academic Board
                                                               • Champion undergraduates
                                                               • Dedicated and highly skilled staff
                                                               • The best site in Australia for a sports college - Sydney Olympic Park
                                                               • A strong practical influence in the curriculum
                                                               • Ex-students who have attained positions of excellence in the marketplace

                                                               This semester student numbers have reached an all-time record of 650. The College offers
                                                               four degrees and a Bachelor of Sports Business will be implemented next year pending the
                                                               results of the accreditation process. In addition, the College offers FEE-HELP for students
                                                               thus alleviating any potential financial burden to students.

                                                               In 2005 we have spent over $700k in capital expenditure to improve College facilities.
                                                               Works completed include -
                                                               a) New lecture rooms
                                                               b) Library expansion and refurbishment
                                                               c) Two new dance studios with imported ‘sprung flooring’ from the UK
                                                               d) Improvements to Student Services - deck, lunchroom, showers and common room
                                                               e) Sports hall improvements
                                                               f) Computer laboratory
              Mr Maxwell Hector, ACPE Chief Executive Officer
                                                               g) General building and grounds beautification
                 Teach Cert, B Com (Economics), MEd, ASIA

                                                                           ALUMNI NEWS
This $700k has been in addition to the largest
recurrent expenditure budget in the 88 year history
of the College.

The College has received strong academic leadership
and wise counsel from a committed Academic Board
superbly led by Emeritus Professor Michael Koder
AM. Professor Koder has held several prestigious
positions including; Assistant Vice Chancellor of
Sydney University (Corporate Planning), President of
the University of Sydney Association of Professors and
Pro Vice Chancellor of Sydney University (Employee

I am both proud and privileged to work at ACPE - this
is for two main reasons. One is that the interaction
with the students helps keep me young (young at
heart, anyway), and the second is the great staff.

We have a professional and committed staff, who are
continually focussed on providing the best education
for our students. They are also wonderful company and
I really enjoy the camaraderie. I would particularly
like to pay tribute to the professionalism and hard
work of the ACPE staff team, and the outstanding
leadership of the Dean, Dr. Scott Dickson.

The College continues to investigate further growth
options in the academic curriculum, as well as in the
physical infrastructure, to allow for an estimated
1,000 new champions who will enrol at ACPE in

Watch for further breaking news in regards to the
ACPE’s unrelenting drive to achieve university status.

                        “We have a professional and committed staff, who
                         are continually focussed on providing the best     07
                                  education for our students”

                          Where Are They Now?

              Sarah Letters
              Graduated with a Bachelor of Dance Education in 2005.

              Teaching Dance: A report by Sarah Letters

              Immediately after leaving ACPE I began working part time at both South Strathfield High School and
              The McDonald College. Both schools were extremely different and challenging in different ways.

              The McDonald College is a prestigious performing arts school based in North Strathfield. At McDonald
              College I worked in the Performing Arts faculty teaching Classical Ballet to the primary school. The
              students there are very talented and committed to their art, and therefore great students to teach.
              This was challenging as well as fun as I had to find new and exciting methods to keep the students
              enthusiastic. Developing a positive fault correcting technique was particularly challenging given that
              the students were always improving. It was a great experience.

              South Strathfield was extremely challenging in a different way. The students were very different, culturally as well as artistically. The main challenge was getting the
              male students motivated to dance. I became more versatile in my teaching and tried to use music and movement to which the students could relate, to inspire and
              motivate them to participate. It was a huge challenge however I did make progress after one term. This was seen in a dance group from year 7 (both boys and girls)
              performing a short dance piece in front of the school at an assembly. The whole experience was very rewarding for both myself and the students.

              Most recently I began working full-time at Wyndham College in Quakers Hill. Wyndham College is a senior high school. At first I found it a little difficult settling into
              a school mid way through the HSC and trying to plan and teach lessons with no idea of where the students were up to in the curriculum. There is no other dance
              teacher at the school so it was difficult to ask for assistance because no-one knew the syllabus. My head teacher was really great and has helped me a great deal
              over the last 8 weeks and made it much easier for me. I have organised a dance composition night for Year 12, and my Year 11 students danced in The Sydney West
              Dance Festival. It has been a very rewarding two terms and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.

              Through all this I am currently studying with the Royal Academy of Dance to receive my Ballet Teaching Certificate by the end of the year. I am also currently teaching
              ballet at four different dance schools across Sydney (including The McDonald College). I find this as a good outlet from every day high school teaching and is equally

                                                                          Darren Smith
                                                                          Darren graduated from ACPE at the recent graduation ceremony with a Bachelor of Sports Studies
                                                                          (Business). Darren is currently an executive with the Eastern Suburbs Tigers and is a genuine superstar of
                                                                          Rugby League in Australia, having played nearly 300 First Grade Games in the NRL (177 Canterbury and
                                                                          102 Brisbane). Throughout his career he has represented Queensland 22 times. Darren also has had the
                                                                          honour of playing for Australia in 12 test matches.

                                                                          Proving in recent times that there is no substitute for experience Darren has been a consistent point scorer
                                                                          for the Brisbane Broncos and is the person Wayne Bennett relies on during times of team injury.

08                                                                        When the final curtain comes down on his great league career Darren will be able look to back with a
                                                                          sense of pride, but just as importantly have a firm grip on his future after developing his off field skills
                                                                          during his time at ACPE.
                                                                                                                                                                  ALUMNI NEWS
                                  Lola Harding–Irmer
                                  Lola studied Physical Education at the University of Berlin. At the 1936 Berlin Olympics she helped prepare 2,300 dancers for
                                  the opening ceremony. During the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s she was the rhythmical gymnastics lecturer at ACPE and also head of
                                  the PE Department at Sydney Girls High. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Sydney University in 1971 and made a
                                  career move to the University of Technology, Sydney. Lola later pursued her interest in outback photography and lectured on
                                  Aboriginal Art. At the time of the 1972 Munich Olympics she represented Australia at several conferences in Germany.

                                  In 2000, Lola was part of the Sydney Olympic Torch Relay, running from Taylor Square down Oxford Street while the crowd
                                  sang ‘Lola, she was a show girl’. Currently some ACPE graduates from the 1960’s are planning a morning tea to celebrate
                                  Lola’s 91st birthday.

1967 graduates Sandra Collier, Mary Webster, Barbra Gibson, Denyse Harding, Margaret Richardson, Sue Heffernan, Narelle Eagleston, Caryn Lygo, Marcie Hewitt
and Julie Wilkinson (picture to the left) in College Uniform.

The same group of graduates and a former ACPE lecturer (picture to the right) celebrate the 75th anniversary of the ACPE on the 14th of April 1993 at the Park
Lane Hotel - from left to right; Lola Harding–Irmer (Dance Lecturer), Sue Heffernan (LENNE), Mary WEBSTER, Julie Stratan (WILKINSON), Sandra COLLIER, Marcie
McConville (HEWITT), Narelle Provest (EAGLESTON).

Peggy Wilken (O’Donnell)
Peggy graduated from ACPE in 1941. During her time at ACPE Peggy was the first editor of the College magazine,
PRIME. The name PRIME comes from the fencing term given to the position a person takes at the beginning of a
fencing duel.

Peggy’s first teaching appointment was at Launceston Grammar School. However this coincided with the escalation of
World War Two and her father would not allow her to travel via sea. Instead Peggy lied about her age and joined the
army as a physical training instructor. She later became the youngest sergeant serving in the army and held positions
at Ingleburn, Cowra and Bathurst.

Peggy was discharged from the army in 1944. She returned to post graduate study at ACPE and then to a teaching
position at MLC Burwood. From 1951 to 1971 Peggy worked a mixed farm business, took further training in Sport and
Recreation, and completed a course at the Metropolitan Business College.

Peggy has gone on to publish several non-fiction activity books of which the two most successful were Money! Money!
and Fantastic Plastic. She and her daughter co-authored The Book of Sydney. Peggy also wrote with Anna Ingram My
Money, Myself a user friendly book that introduces women to the financial world. (Right: Peggy Wilken in 1941)

                          Elite Athlete Friendly Institution

              Elite Athlete Friendly Institution
              In 2003 the National Athlete Career and Education (NACE) program of the Australian Institute
              of Sport (AIS), in conjunction with University of Queensland and Griffith University, completed a
              review of the higher education sector and the issues associated with elite athletes completing
              post secondary studies. Many recommendations emanated from this report, with several
              focussing on the support that could be provided to athletes from the university sector.

              In May 2004 the AIS presented, to the National Conference for Australian Vice Chancellors
              Committee - Deputy and Pro Vice Chancellors (Academic), a proposed support model for
              implementation by the universities and other organisations participating in this scheme.

              A component of the NACE program was the establishment of an Elite Athlete Friendly University
              (EAFU) network, and it is pleasing to report that the ACPE has been accepted as being part of
              this network.

              The purpose of the EAFU network is to identify and promote universities and tertiary institutions
              who have responded to the specific needs of elite student athletes by developing new, or
              promoting existing, policies and practices which assist these athletes to undertake sporting
              opportunities whilst pursuing and achieving academic excellence. The ACPE has now joined this
              network and is endorsed by both the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and the New South Wales
              Institute of Sport (NSWIS) as an Elite Athlete Friendly Institution.

              Towards 1000 Students
              The Australian College of Physical Education is riding the crest of a wave which is poised to take
              the College past one thousand students.

              The College has seen significant developments since its establishment in 1917 as a teaching
              school for women. It has had many homes in its illustrious life, starting out in Sydney (city),
              before heading west to Croydon (with a few stops on the way), and then moving to Sydney
              Olympic Park in the mid ‘90s. The College now calls 8 Figtree Drive, Sydney Olympic Park,

              The College is now one of the leading providers of sports professionals to the education
              and sports industries, with the demand for places being very competitive, particularly for

10            The College has invested heavily in staff, facilities and the development of new degrees, and
              this has lead to a new found level of professionalism at ACPE. Staff, students and graduates
              can all approach the future with confidence, knowing that the College is secure under its new
              management, and with growth aiming towards 1000 students by 2008.
                                                                                                                                     CAMPUS NEWS
The Robert Dunnet Library
Library News
Library Co-operative Venture - The Australian College of Physical Education has recently exchanged
contracts with the NSW Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation to take over the collection of the NSW
Academy of Sport Library at Narrabeen. In return, the Department will use the ACPE Library to provide a
library service to its staff and customers.

The incorporation of this collection into the existing ACPE Collection significantly enhances access to
sporting information and strengthens the reputation of the Robert Dunnet Library as a centre of excellence
for sporting information at Sydney Olympic Park.

As a result of the above co-operative venture, the Library is now part of the Australasian Sport Library
Network [AUSPIN]. This will be a significant benefit to the College in 2006/2007 as AUSPIN develops and
implements its e-journal consortia.

E-Reserve Launched - the library recently launched its E-Reserve service providing remote access for
students to lecture notes, course outlines, and other course related information.                                 Mr Robert Dunnet
                                                                                                                   ACPE Director
Online Full-Text Databases - in 2005 the library enhanced its access to online information through
subscriptions to EBSCO’s Academic Search Elite and Informit’s A+ [Australian Education Index Full Text]. A
number of additional databases are being evaluated for implementation in 2006.

Information Literacy - Information Literacy is seen as a core competence for students as the development
of information literacy skills underpins a student’s ability to develop critical and reflective thinking, and
to become independent life-long learners. To support this academic philosophy, the Library schedules a
series of information literacy training sessions, both in association with academic tutorials and as generic
sessions. Scheduling courses as part of the course curricula is preferable as this provides a close correlation
with student learning needs. The Library’s goal is to reach 100% of all new students with its Information
Literacy program.

Alumni - The Library welcomes requests regarding library membership from Alumni members and
potential members. Please phone Marilyn Wagstaff, Library Services Manager on (02) 9739 3308 or email



              In recognition of the standard of education being provided by ACPE, the Federal Government
              has granted ACPE Higher Education Provider status. This new status has enabled the College
              to offer FEE-HELP to all students at ACPE. FEE-HELP is a new government loan system
              which provides financial assistance to students to defray the upfront costs of their study.
              The Department of Education, Science and Training has produced a FEE-HELP Information
              Booklet, copies of which are available from the ACPE reception desk or from the government
              website at

              New ACPE Facilities
              ACPE facilities are constantly being upgraded. Phase one of the recent building works in January 2005 included the building of two new dance studios, and the
              importation of a specially built sprung dance floor from the United Kingdom, the upgrading and refurbishment of the College library, the installation of new shower
              facilities and change rooms, the building of a new student kitchen area and a large external student deck, and the relocation of the student service office so that
              it is closer to the student area. The enlarged student area is proving to be a great venue for socialising and the deck is ideally suited for the staging of student

                                                                                                                                                          CAMPUS NEWS
Teaching in the United Kingdom
ACPE graduates have an opportunity to combine travel and the chance to gain some valuable teaching

The following information will give you a head start if you are considering teaching in the UK:

British Academic Year: It is important that you are aware of the British school academic year which is
broken into three terms starting in September and ending the following July. The Autumn term starts
in September and finishes in December; the Spring term starts in January and ends at Easter; and the
Summer term starts at Easter and ends in July.

Long Term Placements: A long term placement is usually the most beneficial type of placement due to
the security of the teaching position. It guarantees regular income as well as support from the school.
This type of placement also offers the ability to achieve Qualified Teacher Status.

Day To Day | Supply | Sub Teaching: Day to day supply is a flexible teaching option, on a day to
day supply basis. with the possibility of gaining a position in a location, and at a time, of personal
choice. Day to day supply is a viable option for teachers who are looking for a more relaxed teaching
experience, with more free time.

Who can teach in the UK?: If you are under the age of 31 years you may apply for a Working Holiday
Visa. The Working Holiday Visa allows you to work in the UK for 2 years but can only be applied for
once in your life. If you are over the age of 31 years then you need to secure a full Work Permit. This
application must be submitted after you have secured a full time job in the UK. Graduates are advised
to speak to a teacher recruitment company to source employment before leaving Australia.

                                                                                                                             IT Help Desk
Information Technology Services (ITS) is charged with providing a variety of computing and network                           (02) 9739 3366
services to the College. ITS provides ACPE with central computing services such as electronic mail,                          Mon.–Thurs., 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Internet access, network files storage, access to newsgroups system (coming soon), and management                             Fri., 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
of the high-speed campus network. ITS also manages an array of computer labs, multimedia
classrooms, and a variety of support services.                                                                               Personal Assistance
                                                                                                                             Mon.–Fri. 9 a.m.–3 p.m.
ITS has recently completed the migration of the approximately 600 users of the College’s central email
service and file storage to a new server. ITS staff have been working diligently behind the scenes for                        Some issues require an
a number of months to evaluate, select and implement the replacement system. Features of the new                             appointment in advance
system include:

        • More email storage space                     • Minimal downtime
                                                                                                                      Tina Huang
                                                                                                          ACPE Information Technology Specialist
        • High degree of reliability                   • Group discussion forum

        • Speedy performance                           • Affordable

                              Graduation moves to NIDA

                  Graduation 2005 Moves to NIDA
                  Graduation on 15 July 2005 was a glittering affair. It was held at the National Institute of Dramatic
                  Art (NIDA) and was deemed by all attending to be a most successful and rewarding evening.

                  The stunning design of the new NIDA Parade Theatre and venue complex won the Sulman Award
                  for Architecture in 2002 and provided a compelling backdrop to the night’s affairs. Around six
                  hundred people came together to celebrate the conferring of degrees with students graduating
                  with the Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Dance Education and
                  Bachelor of Sports Studies.
                                                                                                                          National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)
                  Emeritus Professor L Michael Koder, AM, gave a most relevant and thought provoking occasional
                  address. He challenged the graduates to use the skills they have developed at ACPE to “take
                  action” in making this world a better place for all. Professor Koder asked the graduates to embrace
                  the responsibility that comes with the position they now hold in society. College Dux, Patrick Gatt,
                  gave the students address. He recalled the mixed emotions one goes through as a student working
                  towards a degree and paid tribute to the many family members and friends who had supported the
                  students throughout this time.

                  The ceremony also showcased the talents of ‘No Strings Attached’, a string quartet led by
                  graduating student Juliana Brigden. The recital by the quartet, which included works of the Beatles
                  and Coldplay, appealed to all ages present and was an overwhelming success.

                  Graduation 2005 was a truly memorable evening and ACPE wishes all the graduates success on                     Michaela Beard and the
                  their chosen path and hopes that, as the doors at ACPE close, many more doors throughout their          ACPE Executive Chairman Mr P J Cornish
                  future will open.

                                       (left to right) Sam MacFetridge, Michaela Beard,                                             ACPE Medal Winner
                                                Krista Thomas, Amanda Gardiner                                                         Patrick Gatt
                                                                                                                                                  GRADUATION 2005
Graduating Champions
As you are all aware our Chief Executive Officer Mr. Maxwell Hector, is very supportive of all
the champion students at ACPE. Pace would like to follow the tradition of the College CEO and
acknowledge the following Champions who graduated from ACPE at the recent ceremony held at

Daniel Brown: Daniel has represented Australia in Touch Football at Under 18, Under 20 and
University levels.

Adam Bugledich: Adam is an Australian 800m Short Course Freestyle Swimming Champion and
has represented Australia at European World Cup events.                                                     Jason Rozario, Mitchell Evans

Yuri Chernenko: Yuri has played Volleyball for Australia and has coached State and National

Peter Low: While at ACPE, Peter was selected in the Australian University Rugby Union Team.

Sarah Letters: Sarah is also a graduate from the Australian Ballet school and was a Genee Finalist
at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London.

Zarko Mikulic: Zarko has represented Australia in Tae Kwon Do at Asian & World Championships
and at World University Games.

Richard O’Connor: Richard has played for the Australian Under 19 Rugby Union team.
                                                                                                        Nathan Dwyer, Peta Stolzenhein, Lara
                                                                                                            Vangelovich, Luke Harrison
Peter Owens: Peter represented Australia in the Rugby Union 7’s World Cup and is now a member
of the ACT Brumbies Super 12 squad.

Jessica Palmer: Jessica has represented Australia in international competition as part of the Young
Matildas Soccer squad.

Megan Ryan: Megan is an Australian Champion in Irish Dancing and has represented Australia in
World and North American Irish Dancing championships.

Tim Rapp: Tim has played in the Australian Schoolboy, Australian Under 19 and Under 21 Rugby
Union teams.

Darren Smith
Darren is a Rugby League State of Origin Legend and has played for the Australian Kangaroos on        Daniel Brown, Michael Abood, Stuart Betts
12 occasions.

Ourania Tzilias: Ourania has played Junior Indoor Soccer for Australia.

Alex Whitham-Taudien: Alex has represented Australia at Slalom and Giant Slalom Skiing in the
Continental Cup versus New Zealand and on the European Circuit.

Kellie Vernon: Kellie has represented Australia in Kayaking, competing in K1, K2 and K4 Sprint and
Marathon events at World Junior Championships.                                                                                                     15
Jasmyne Winkler: Jasmyne has represented Australia in Synchronised Skating competitions in
France, Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.
                                                                                                           Greg Boulos and Daniel Footit

                            National Champions

                                                                                    Bromley Destroys Opposition to Become National
                                                                                    The explosive acceleration of Nicholas Bromley was on show for all to see as he destroyed the
                                                                                    field in the final of the Men’s 800m at the National Athletic Championships, in Sydney during
                                                                                    March. The final was expected to be one of the closest contests at the championships. However
                                                                                    Bromley made sure that there was plenty of time for celebration in the last 50 metres.

                                                                                    Bromley spent the first lap tucked away at the back of the field as it moved along at a tidy
                                                                                    pace. As the field made its way onto the back straight Bromley started to circle round the
                                                                                    field to improve his position. As the field approached 150 metres from the finish line, Bromley
                                                                                    let go with a devastating burst of acceleration that could not be matched by any of the other

                                                                                    By the time the field entered the turn for home Bromley had already put many metres between
                                                                                    himself and his opposition. As Bromley soaked up the thrill of winning by signalling to the
                                                                                    crowd, the rest of the field battled it out for silver and bronze.
                                                                                    Bromley won in a personal best time of 1.48.09, just 0.00.59 seconds outside of a ‘B’ qualifier
                                                                                    for next years Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

                                                                                    The National Championship was the culmination of twelve months of intensive training and
                                                                                    regular racing for the young New South Welshman. Bromley entered the Championship in peak
                                                                                    form after running a personal best time just one week earlier in the Sydney Track Classic.

                Frankie Goes to Hollywood to Build Young Hockeyroos
                ACPE student Kate Hollywood is the newest face in the Australian Women’s Hockey team
                after being selected by new Hockeyroos coach Frank Murray. In a remarkable achievement
                Hollywood’s selection, at 18 years of age makes her the youngest member of the national squad,
                in a young team that has an average age of just 23. Hollywood’s selection is a reward for an
                outstanding twelve months of hockey. This saw her finish as a finalist for the Loretta Dorman
                Medal after starring for the NSW Arrows in the national women’s competition.

                Hollywood, the rising star of women’s hockey has also been selected in a smaller group that
                tour North America in June this year. The North American Tour was the first chance for Frank
                Murray to test out the new look Hockeyroos outfit, in the prelude to the Champions Trophy later
                in the year.

                Kate has come a long way in such a short period of time since her school hockey days at Kirrawee High, in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. Hollywood will now play an

16              integral part in the midfield of the new squad. The squad has been chosen with the specific aim of developing a group that will compete at the Indira Ghandhi Gold
                Cup in India and Champions Trophy in Canberra this year. These are the first steps in building a strong team to represent Australia in next years Commonwealth
                Games in Melbourne, the 2006 World Cup and 2008 Beijing Olympics, where the Hockeyroos will attempt to replicate the gold medal success of the Sydney
                                                                                                                                                                      SPORT SUCCESS
                                                              Nathan Smith Powers Away To Become National
                                                              An inspired Nathan Smith smashed his way through the pounding surf to win the National Iron Man
                                                              Championship held at Kurrawa Beach on the Gold Coast in February. Nathan is a four time New
                                                              South Wales open iron man champion but, until Kurrawa, had never been able to make it to the top
                                                              of the podium at the national level.

                                                              It was a performance that franked the Smith family pedigree after his sister was able to take out the
                                                              Women’s Iron Woman. Nathan became the first man from New South Wales to win the premier event
                                                              at the championship since Dean Mercer in 1997. “Winning this race hasn’t been just 12 months in
                                                              the making, it’s been three years. This is the Olympics of surf life saving.” Smith said.

                                                              The hallmark of Nathan’s performance was his amazing ability to handle the testing conditions,
                                                              where others were left battered and bruised, including hot favourite and defending champion, Zane

Smith was able to work to the lead during the Ski Leg and was never headed for the rest of the race to finish a dominant winner. Nathan’s performances lead the
way for other ACPE students who competed at the championship. In a superb support act Matthew Freeman was able to finish second in the Men’s Open Surf Belt
race with Brice Johnson finishing a very respectable fifth in the Men’s Open Beach Sprint. Other students to fly the ACPE flag at the championships included Mark
Simpson, Chris Parker, Rasvinder Gill, whilst Nicole Robb was forced out with a last minute injury.

Crown Prince No Match For Our Elizabeth
Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark may have gotten away with grabbing Mary Donaldson, but he was no match for ACPE’s own Elizabeth Walsh in the Rolex Farr
40 World Championship Sailing Regatta. Out beyond the relative calm waters of Sydney Harbour, Elizabeth and other members of the Alfa Romeo-Shockwave crew
had been taking on the world’s best sailors including Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. Elizabeth forms an integral part of the crew for Team Shockwave which is
owned and skippered by sailing stalwart Neville Crichton.

After an intense series of 9 races over 4 days Team Shockwave finished
the series tied on 66 points, with the yacht Evolution. Unfortunately for
Elizabeth and the rest of the crew of Team Shockwave, they were relegated
to second position after a count back, where they missed out on the
championship by one point. The World Championships mark the end of two
weeks of intense sailing for Elizabeth and the Alfa Romeo sponsored yacht.
Team Shockwave first competed in the 3 day Australian Championships off
Hamilton Island finishing a very respectable third.

The next regatta was the Pre-World Championship for the Farr 40 Class
yachts. This event allowed the true class of the Team Shockwave crew
to rise to the top with a slightly unexpected but well deserved win. The
successful two weeks on the ocean has resulted in Elizabeth being asked                                                                                                17
by Crichton to act as navigator on the new 92 foot Maxi yacht, Alfa Romeo,
currently being specifically built for the 2005 Sydney to Hobart Race.

                            College Gold

                ACPE Students Win Selection in Merit Teams
                ACPE students have been fast out of the blocks so far in 2005 with a number of strong performances during University Sport events. Along with winning the
                prestigious Ann Mitchell Cup at the Eastern University Games many ACPE student performances have been recognised with selection in a number of merit teams.

                Leading the way for ACPE was the strong performance by the cricketers at the Cluster Games held at Gosford earlier in the year. From this team Tim Laws was named
                captain of the men’s Merit Team after being named player of the tournament.

                Also joining Laws in the team are Daniel Rixon, who was named as the wicketkeeper, Ian Ridley and Trent Copeland. Shane Wallace gained a place as a reserve. The
                number of ACPE students selected in the Merit Team is a clear reflection of the outstanding performances displayed by the ACPE Cricket team.

                ACPE’s excellent performance at University Sport continued at the Eastern University Games. ACPE was aptly led by Nicole Sammut, who won gold in the Women’s
                Gymnastics. To complement her gold medal performance Nicole was selected in the Gymnastics Merit Team.

                Also winning merit selection was the evergreen Luke Harrison. Harrison was selected for his performance in the Men’s Rugby 10’s competition. Luke has been a
                stalwart of University Sport at ACPE over the last 4 years and his selection in the Rugby Merit Team is truly deserved.

                The college congratulates these fine performances and encourages other students to strive for success when competing in University Sport.

                                                                      Gold medal winner Nicole Sammut in action
                                                                                                                                 SPORT SUCCESS
Forget Black and Gold
ACPE is Turning Blue
In the wake of recent contract announcements made by Cricket NSW, ACPE has clearly stamped itself as a
breeding ground for future stars of New South Wales cricket. ACPE now has five current students in the
Speedblitz Blues squad. John Hastings continued to impress selectors after winning the Ricky Ponting Rexona
Scholarship to secure his first NSW rookie contract. Joining Hastings, as a first time contract holder is Steven
O’Keefe. O’Keefe was able to gain a NSW contract after a stirling season in first grade for Hawkesbury. The
ever consistent Peter Forrest and Moises Henriques were again awarded with NSW rookie contracts after
strong grade and age representative performances in the previous season. ACPE now has four of the six
rookie contracted players in the NSW Speedblitz Blues squad.

Continuing the influence of ACPE on the Speedblitz Blues is former ACPE student Phil Jaques. Jaques was
a standout performer for NSW last season with two double centuries in the Pura Cup. Not only is Jaques a
NSW contracted player but he has also managed to break into the English County competition, where he is
having great success with Yorkshire.

Complementing the success of the ACPE rookies is Aaron O’Brien, who after a solid season in the ING Cup,
                                                                                                                 Aaron O’Brien
has cemented his place in the top echelon of NSW cricket with another full-time contract.

The number of ACPE students representing NSW is not only a reflection of the dedication and hard work
shown by these students but is also a testament to the growing partnership between Cricket NSW and the
Australian College of Physical Education.

ACPE Students Shine in the NRL
The recent graduation ceremony marked the end of Australian and Queensland State of Origin representative
Daren Smith’s time as a student at ACPE. However the tradition of ACPE being the academic home of future
NRL stars continues with the current crop of NRL players studying at ACPE. Heading the group is Shane
Elford, who is a regular in the Wests Tigers First Grade line up. After starting his career at the Panthers,
Shane has now found a home in the centres of the young and ever improving Tigers team. Also playing for
the Tigers is new ACPE student Matthew Jobson. After stints at Newcastle and the Warriors, Matt is now an
invaluable member of the Tigers forward pack.

                                                                                                                 Shane Elford
At Parramatta, John Williams has been making an impact in the lower grades and was rewarded with First
Grade selection against South Sydney.
John was able score a try in his first game in the top grade in what was a memorable debut for Williams.
Joining Williams at Parramatta has been Ian Henderson. Ian spent time at the Roosters before crossing town
to the Eels at the start of the 2005 season. Ian now looks like he will continue his rugby league career in
the English Super League.

At the Dragons, ACPE is represented by Brett Kelly. Brett made his first appearance in the Dragons First Grade                     19
side in the Charity Shield this year. Unfortunately Brett was injured not long after the Charity Shield game
which has hampered his progression during season 2005. ACPE continues to offer flexible programs that
allows students to mix their academic studies and their professional football commitments and will continue
to develop its relationship with NRL clubs.                                                                      Matt Jobson

                     Cup Winners

                                                               ACPE Brings Home the Ann Mitchell Cup
                                                               After finishing second and
                                                               third for many years ACPE
                                                               won the prestigious Ann
                                                               Mitchell Cup at the recent
                                                               Eastern University Games,
                                                               held in Tamworth.

                                                               The Ann Mitchell Cup is awarded
                                                               to the university which finishes the
                                                               games with the most number of
                                                               points after a ‘per capita’ calculation. “This trophy is designed to identify the winner
                            Ann Mitchell Cup                   of the games by evening things out” said AUS Event Coordinator Michelle Arnold. ACPE
                ACPE Managers Stuart Ayers and Kellie Vernon   finished on 5387 points, its nearest rival was last year’s winner Charles Sturt University,
                                                               Bathurst on 3301 and in third place was University of Sydney, Cumberland Campus on

                                                               The result is a reflection of the sensational effort by all students who represented ACPE in
                                                               Tamworth. The ACPE team had representatives in Touch Football, Gymnastics, Ultimate
                                                               Frisbee, Soccer, Rugby 10’s, Netball, Beach Volleyball and Softball.

                                                               The highest results came in Gymnastics where Nicole Sammut took out the Gold Medal,
                                                               and the Mixed Touch Team who took home the Silver Medal and qualified for the
                                                               Australian University Games in the process.

                                                               A great deal of the success of this team must be attributed to Kellie Vernon, the University
                                                               Team Manager. It was Kellie’s hard work in planning the games, and her management of
                                                               the team whilst in Tamworth, that allowed the students to focus on their role as athletes.
                                                               Kellie’s leadership of the team was instrumental in ACPE winning the Ann Mitchell Cup.
                      Matt Mulroney, Michael Fincher,
                       Joel Mattar and Kellie Vernon           This result signifies that students at ACPE are serious about representing the College and
                                                               about being successful in their chosen sporting event.

                                 Scott Buckley                          Alysha Peoples                                     Penny Baker
                                                                                          SPORT SUCCESS
University Sport: Get Involved
University Games is something every ACPE student should
experience during their three or four years at the College. Just
ask any student who has been on a university games team and
they will tell you it’s the best time you will have while at ACPE.

There are two major events on the University Sport calendar.
They are the Eastern University Games which were held last
month in Tamworth, and the Australian University Games which
will be held in Brisbane between 25th-30th September.

However, the university games are not the only University Sport
events you can participate in. Throughout the year there are mini
tournaments known as ‘Championships’. These championships
are held at both Eastern Conference and Australian level.

The following is a list of upcoming University Sport events that
you may be interested in:
- Snow Sport Championships (Thredbo)                                    Perth 2004
- AUC Surfing (Torquay, Victoria)                                       (Mixed Touch)
- EUC Oz Tag (Sydney, NSW)

If you are interested in competing in any of these events please
contact Student Services for further information.

Get Involved in University Sport and not only will you have the
best time of your life but you will meet some great friends!

ACPE Teams Qualify
Four teams have qualified for the Australian University Games in
Brisbane September 2005.

• Beach Volleyball
• Rugby 10’s
• Women’s Squash
• Mixed Touch

These teams competed at the Eastern University Games in
Tamworth in July 2005 and their results qualify them for the
Australian University Games (AUG).                                                         21
Other teams competing at the AUG will be the College Athletics
and Swimming teams.                                                   Tamworth 2005
                                                                     (Ultimate Frisbee)

                              An Historical Perspective

                  ACPE: An historical perspective
                  by Sandra Collier

                  In the late 19th Century and early 20th Century women were moving
                  away from the traditional family roles and avenues of employment were
                  opening to them. Fifteen independent protestant girls’ schools were
                  established in NSW. Sport had become part of the school curriculum.
                  Women’s events were included in the 1912 Stockholm, Olympic Games.

                  In 1913, Frank Stuart founded the Swords Club in Sydney. He was an
                  ace swordsman and he taught members of the Russian and British
                  Royal families. He coached the Australian fencing teams at the 1950
                  Auckland, Empire Games (Commonwealth Games) and 1952 Helsinki,
                  Olympic Games.

                  He was a physical training instructor in the Royal Navy and was awarded
                  the Victorian Order by Edward VII. In the later part of the decade Evelyn
                  Tildesley employed Frank as a PE teacher at Normanhurst School, Ashfield.
                  Evelyn and Frank discussed the idea of establishing a training scheme for
                  girls who wished to become physical education teachers. Not only did
                  Normanhurst provide the venue but five of the first six students.

                                                                                                         Director of Professional Experience
                  The Australian College of Physical Education was established in 1917
                                                                                                            Sandra Collier BEd (PE) ACPE
                  and in 1919 both the College and the Swords Club were registered for
                  the training of teachers. Frank Stuart was the first principal and fencing
                  was a high priority sport for the College and the Grand Salute was
                  always included in College Displays. The foil and laurel badge, students,
                  lecturers and venues were all shared by both organisations.

                  My first PE teacher, Nancy Prosser, was the seventh ACPE graduate. At
                  this time the course was one year in duration. Practice teaching took
                  place in girls’ schools and sports clubs.

                  In 1948, Ruth Hackney and Frank became joint principals. In 1952,
                  Ruth became the sole principal. As a schoolgirl Ruth represented NSW
                  in athletics. She graduated from ACPE in 1937 and was the Australian
                  Women’s Amateur Fencing Champion in 1938. Ruth was a gymnastics
                  judge at the 1956 Melbourne, Olympic Games.

                  The Independent Girls Schools Sports Association (IGSSA) later
                  acknowledged Ruth Hackney by establishing representative sport
22                awards in her honour.

                                                                                              SCEGGS Darlinghurst Swimming Carnival Nancy Prosser (7th
                                                                                              ACPE Graduate) reads report as Sandra Collier (523rd ACPE
                                                                                                        Graduate) receives the winner’s cup.
                                                                                                                                                    CAMPUS ARCHIVES
The College premises moved to Petersham in the early nineteen-fifties. The building had
previously been a coffin factory and a picture theatre, students referred to it as “the old
tin shed”. The large hall was divided into three by curtains. Lectures, ballet classes, folk
dancing, fencing and keep fit classes all took place simultaneously in the main hall. Students
were required to travel to College in a frock, stockings and high heeled shoes and change
into the college uniform known as “splits”- a black outfit that was split to the waist and just
covered one’s black bloomers. My student number was 523, there were nine in my year and
thirty six girls in total. I graduated with a DipPE in 1967.

The course increased from two to three years. “Prac Teaching” was mainly in house. Seniors
and intermediates taught the juniors and the juniors practised on their peers. Some third
year students substituted for absent PE teachers in girls’ schools.

In 1971, John Butt became principal and moved the College to his parents’ dance studio at
Croydon. ACPE became co-educational and two new degrees were introduced. I attended
night classes at Croydon and upgraded my qualification to BPE. For more than twenty years I
was a supervising and master teacher in the practicum programme. The Practicum consisted
of weekly afternoon placements. Third years in their final term usually travelled interstate
or overseas on placement.

In 1995, the College moved to 6 Figtree Drive, Homebush and I continued my studies and                          ACPE Founder
graduated BEd(PE) in 1996.                                                                                       Frank Stuart

In 2005, I rekindled my link with ACPE at 8 Figtree Drive as Director of Professional
Experience. Professional Experience remains a vital component of the Physical Education,
Dance Education and Sport Studies Degrees.

        ACPE Principal Ruth Hackney demonstrates discus technique.                               Vice Principal and Lecturer (1940 ACPE Graduate)
                                                                                                   Catherine Pym won the Individual Foil Bronze
                                                                                                    Medal at the 1950 Auckland Empire Games

                            Theatre Performances

                Dance at ACPE has gone from strength to strength since the inception of the revised Bachelor
                of Dance Education in January 2004. This degree qualifies graduates to teach dance in
                secondary schools in NSW, and to teach the Years 7-10 PDHPE syllabus. It’s inevitable that
                graduates will use it as a foundation for many educational and creative endeavours. Watch
                later editions for news of these.

                At the July graduation we farewelled the last of the students who studied under the old
                degree. These graduates are now teaching and/or continuing their studies, and we look
                forward to staying in touch with their contributions to Dance and PDHPE.

                Eighteen students commenced the new degree in 2004, and this year we have a very healthy
                intake of 30. The achievements of our student body, prior to their enrolment at the College,
                are extraordinary – many are seasoned performers and have been successful in dance
                competitions; many are experienced dance teachers. Most students are continuing these
                activities despite the work load associated with full time study.

                Highlights of 2004 included two theatre performances. At the end of semester one, we
                moved into the Seymour Centre (Chippendale) for a few days. This performance featured
                a work by choreographer/educator Emma Saunders. Emma is a member of the Fondu Set,
                whose philosophy is to “present work that has a broad appeal”. The work certainly provoked
                                                                                                                        Director of Dance
                discussion amongst ACPE staff and the dancers’ family and friends.
                                                                                                               Jacqui Simmonds BA (Dance), MFA

                Later in the year all dance students had the opportunity to present their own works at the
                Parramatta Riverside Theatres. A distinguishing element of this performance was the quality
                and range of work presented. As well as doing informal performances on campus, we are
                endeavouring to continue the practice of performing in theatres.

                This brings me to the two new dance studios that landed in the sports hall prior to the
                commencement of the January 2005 semester. Having spent 2004 travelling to Croydon for
                practical dance classes, staff and students are enormously grateful that funds were invested
                to bring dance onto campus. We now have facilities that are the envy of professional and
                community dancers. These enable a stronger integration across the student body at ACPE,
                and may allow us to make and develop relationships with community and educational dance

                Finally my thanks to the full time and part time staff and to the students. All of whose
                individual contributions continue to add breadth and depth to the course.

                                              The ACPE is a member of The Australian
                                              Dance Council - Ausdance, which is Australia’s
24                                            professional dance advocacy organisation for
                                              dancers, choreographers, directors and educators.
                                                                                                                                            DANCE SUCCESS
Student Kate Lisson Reports:
2005 has been a landmark year for dance at The Australian College of Physical Education.
KATE LISSON reports on the latest developments to do with ACPE Dance.

Well it’s been another busy and exciting semester for all the dance students. Like all other students at
the College, we have been working hard, so I thought I would fill you all in on what’s been happening
with the dancers this past semester.

Dance Showing
Many of the dance students presented work in this showing, which was held late in the semester in
the dance studios at College. The 1st years wowed us all with their Theatrical Dance Styles 1 dance,
a great and lively dance that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. The 2nd and 3rd years were combined for
the semester for Theatrical Dance Styles 2 and Dance Studio 3 and 5, where they presented dances
in Classical Ballet, Egyptian and Indian dance styles, plus a short work choreographed and crafted by      Jennifer Brown and Kate Lisson
the students with the help of Jacqui Simmonds.

It was an informal presentation, designed to inform the College and our parents of the practical
work we’ve been doing during the semester. It was also an opportunity for the dance students to
perform! The size of the audience was a little disappointing, so I urge everyone to come along to the
next performance. We hope to schedule one towards the end of second semester and we would love
everyone to come along to support us!!

Photo shoot
A number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year dance students were invited to participate in a photo shoot to
produce some photographs which could replace the ‘tree lady’ which is currently being used in the
College’s advertising campaign. The shoot was held during the exam week and was a lot of fun. We
just did a few leaps and a few poses, hoping to create that perfect image! The shots I’ve seen have
turned out pretty well. A few have been printed and are on one of the notice boards in the common
room, so have a look and let us know what you think!

Professional Placement
All students participated in the work placement program in the
break. Some students did dance only during their practicum,
and quite a few of us combined dance and PE into our
placements, which for me was a great experience.
                                                                                                           Lauren McPhail, Lia Calogridis
                                                                                                                and Sam Parkinson


                             A New Degree

                 Bachelor of Sports Business
                 Associate Bachelor of Sports Business
                 The ACPE has developed a new degree that is currently under accreditation with the Department of Education and Training. The degree in Sports Business caters for
                 the strong focus on business in sport.

                 A measure of the ubiquitous nature of sport in Australia was provided by the Australian Sports Commission in its Strategic Plan where it was noted that in 1999-2000,
                 54.7% of persons aged 18 years or over participated in sport or some form of physical activity. It was also noted that over 275,000 people were employed in the
                 sporting industry in over 4000 businesses, that households spent in excess of $7 billion on sporting activity, that the country achieved $430 million in annual exports
                 and that sport contributed more than 1% of GDP. The sports industry has continued to grow rapidly in Australia with the impetus derived from the success of the
                 Olympic Games and the continued success of Australian athletes in international sport. Sport in Australia is strong and growing rapidly, particularly in the contexts
                 of professional management of sports, sports organisations and personal fitness.

                 In previous years the management of a sporting organisation was left to ‘ex-sportspeople’ in what was tantamount to a ‘buddy system’. However, the increasing
                 political, legislative and commercial complexity of the issues surrounding the administration of sport has demanded the presence of trained professional administrators.
                 The growth and diversity of such sport and recreational organisations, sports associations, the fitness industry, athlete management companies, private sports firms,
                 sports clubs and the like has meant that there is an ever-increasing demand for professional sports administrators.

                 Degrees in sports business are new, articulated degrees that are highly focussed on sports business. In the Bachelor of Sports Business degree the underpinning
                 discipline knowledge is focused in the sport environment with the core studies being derived from Sports Commerce, Sports Management and Sport and Society.
                 These basic studies occupy two years of the proposed degree and will permit the student so wishing to graduate with an Associate Degree in Sports Business
                 (Assoc DegSptBus).

                                                                                                                                                                           SPORT BUSINESS
The major studies that follow the core studies will occupy a further one year of full-time study and allow for specialisation in the more traditional areas of Commerce,
Marketing and Lifestyle Planning.

This structure emphasises the sports environment is the primary focus of the degree and the specialisations serve that focus. Successful candidates will graduate
after three years of study with a Bachelor of Sports Business (Commerce/Marketing/Lifestyle Mgt), that is, BSptBus (with the appropriate specialisation). The
Associate DegSptBus serves as an exit point from the degree after two years.

If the accreditation process is successful the new Sports Business Degree will be offered at the ACPE in 2006.

   Calendar of Events
   8                    FEE-HELP Census Date
   16                   Staff vs Students Round 1
   22                   Second Fee Instalment Due
   24                   Retro Party Homebush Bay Brewery
   26                   UniSport: OzTag
   28-1                 UniSport: Snow Sports
   29-2                 Mid Semester Break

   2                    Student Harbour Cruise
   13                   Staff vs Students Round 2
   21                   Footy Finals Party Homebush Bay Brewery
   25-30                UniSport: Australian University Games
   26-30                Study Vacation

   11                   Staff vs Students Round 3
   17                   Third Fee Instalment Due
   24-28                Exam Week
   31                   First Year Work Placement Begins

   28-2                 UniSport: Surfing

   6-11                 UniSport: Mountainbiking

   6                    Final Day for Clearing Incompletes                                                                                                                  27
The Australian College of Physical Education
The Australian College of Physical Education
          Graduation Ceremony
                  July 15 2005

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