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					                                                           Snake River
                                            This picture features the Snake River winding its way
                                            along the base of the Grand Tetons. Enjoy a leisurely
                                            float trip along this river on the Yellowstone tours fea-
                                            tured on pages 11 and 21.

                                                2011 Loyalty Program
                                            We’re happy to announce that we will be offering the
                                            loyalty program again in 2011. So, on your 2nd tour
                                            (of four days or more) you take with us in 2011, sub-
                                            tract $50 off your tour price. On the 3rd tour (of four
                                            days or more) you take with us in 2011, subtract $100
                                            and so on. The more you travel, the more you save!
                                            (Program is based on the calendar year, so all eligible
                                            tours depart within 2011.)

7911 Hunters Path, Indianapolis, IN 46214                                January - December 2011
(317) 254-8945                                                                          volume xi
 Table of Contents                            Pacific Northwest                  p. 19      New York Encore                   p. 31
 One Day Tours                   p. 3-5       4th of July in St. louis           p. 19      Eureka Springs & Branson          p. 32
 DC Cherry Blossoms              p. 6         Idaho                              p. 20      Panama Canal Cruise               p. 32
 Spring Mystery                  p. 6         Yellowstone                        p. 21      Cuyahoga Valley                   p. 33
 Southern Charm                  p. 7         Colorado                           p. 22      Dickens Victorian Village         p. 34
 Dogwood Capital & French Lick p. 8           Polar Bear Express                 p. 23      Holiday Grandeur                  p. 35
 Chesapeake Bay                  p. 8         Lewis & Clark                      p. 24      Vermont Holiday                   p. 36
 Cape Cod                        p. 9         Northwest Coast                    p. 25      Rose Bowl Parade                  p. 37
 Ireland and Scotland            p. 10        NY/Hudson Valley                   p. 26      Policies                          p. 38
 Yellowstone                     p. 11        Mediterranean Cruise               p. 27      Booking Forms                     p. 39
 NY/Long Island                  p. 12        Door County                        p. 27      Activity Level        Meal codes
 Canyonlands                     p. 22        CA National Parks                  p. 28      code (in bold)        B breakfast
 Alaska by Coach              p. 14-15        Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta         p. 29      E easy                L lunch
 Michigan                        p. 16        Old Man River                      p. 30      M moderate            D dinner
 New Harmony                     p. 16        New England Adventure              p. 30      A active              S snack
 National Parks of the Rockies p. 18          Fall Cruise by coach               p. 31                            C wine & cheese

        Straight from the Heart!                                                      by, Karen Pettyjohn
To all my fellow traveling friends -- Happy                                             across Lake Michigan – we will have nauti-
New Year!!                                                                              cal type transportation! The Grand Michigan
    Sharon and I work diligently and lovingly                                           tour will also be offered from Indianapolis,
year round to bring you opportunities of fun                                            which for those who have been asking to
filled days with friends and family. As part                                            go to the Mackinaw Island and stay at the
of our endeavors, we have planned some                                                  Grand Hotel - sign up quick!!
fun unique day trips, such as the upcoming                                                  And to let you know we do listen to your
Maple Syrup Festival in March where you                                                 recommendations, be sure to look in the
can visit sugar camps and partake of some                                               brochure for tours that were suggested by
yummy pancakes with maple syrup! We                                                     our fellow travelers such as the “VP Muse-
also have some overnight trips such as the upcoming spring           um and Fly Me to the Moon” day tour, the five day “Eureka
trip to French Lick where you are sure to enjoy the Dogwood          Springs, Branson and More” tour, or the Agatha Christie mys-
blossoms, Spring Mill Park, Gasthoff Amish community and so          tery show ,“And Then There Were None”, at the Myers Dinner
much more! And I just couldn’t resist planning another sur-          Theatre!
prise mystery trip—which of course I am sworn to secrecy as             What a great year we have planned and ready for you! So
to the location of the tour – but I know you’ll have LOTS of fun!    get out your list, check it twice, and find out which trips are
And I’ve saved the best for last!! We are diversifying a little by   nice for you as we share our love of traveling and fellowship
offering a few more long trips originating from Indianapolis!        with each other!
We look forward to having you join us as we travel to Door             Happy New Year! From your faithful trip planner, tour man-
County, WI by way of Michigan – no, you do not have to swim          ager and friend, Karen.

             Happy Trails                                by, Sharon Woodburn
Hope this long winter has been good to you. If you are like          wonderful spots to eat lunch within easy walking distance.
me, I am way beyond “cabin fever”--- ready for spring and hit-       And you must see the beautifully remodeled Central Library
ting the road again! 2011 trips will be in full swing soon---and     just two blocks away----via a stroll through our lovely parks!
I know we have something for everyone. We are very excited           Boat rides are the central theme of two of our short over-night
about our Spring Travelogue this year. Since Sunrise Tours is all    trips this year. You haven’t seen Fourth of July fireworks un-
about visiting historic locations close to home, we are actually     til you’ve watched them from a boat on the Mississippi! And
holding our April travelogue in the War Memorial located in          join us for a wonderful, relaxing cruise down the Ohio River in
the heart of downtown Indianapolis. Now don’t worry, park-           September. We did this two-day trip last year and had so much
ing will NOT be a problem! On Saturdays, the parking meters          fun, that we are repeating the cruise, but spending the 2nd day
are free surrounding the War Memorial and all surrounding            in the beautiful river town of Vevay, Indiana.
streets. You will be surprised how calm downtown is on Satur-        Put April 9 on your calendar, and call me here in the office with
day mornings! Plan on taking some extra time to go through           any questions. I always enjoy hearing from you!
the incredible museum, itself, after the travelogue. There are       Sharon
One Day Tours                                                        the sort of place you go to sit and observe, the Cabaret is a par-
                                                                     ty, and YOU are invited!! After the show, we’ll continue the
                                                                     party at the Grover Museum, where we will go back in time,
         Maple Syrup Days in Parke County
                                                                     view a quilt exhibit and have a tasty root beer float. We’ll make
Saturday, March 5, 2011           $68     B, L, S
                                                                     one last stop at a local bakery for one sweet treat for the road
Great outing for Grandparents and Grandkids! Dress warm as
                                                                     as we laugh and sing on our way home. “M”
we head westward to Rockville, IN for the annual Parke County
                                                                     Depart: S 8:30 AM, W 9 AM, N 9:30 AM, E 10:15 AM
Maple Syrup Festival. Our first stop is the Parke County Fair-
                                                                     Return: S 7:15 PM, W 6:45 PM, N 6:15 PM, E 5:45 PM
grounds, where we will have a chance to view the local Art
Gallery display and Maple Syrup products, and start the day
out right with good finger lickin’ pancakes, sausage, and ma-                       April Love and Pat Boone
ple syrup. YUM! After we have our bellies warmed up, we’ll           Saturday, April 23, 2011 $ 125             B,L,S
head out to the sugar camps, where we’ll tour a modern and a          Pat Boone, a much beloved singer and actor, will delight us
primitive sugar camp and see how maple syrup is made. Our            with all his famous songs---“April Love”, Friendly Persuasion…”,
next stop is the Mansfield Roller Mill, where we’ll tour the mill,   “Love Letters in the Sand”, and many more at Bear Creek
watch a demonstration and take home a bag of corn meal. We           Farms. Enjoy the ambience of this delightful rural setting be-
then go back home thinking of that cornbread with maple syr-         fore the show--complete with a fabulous fried chicken buffet
up that we’ll be baking when we get back home. “M”                   lunch, museums, and, of course, shopping opportunities. Relax
Depart: N 7:30 AM, E 8 AM, S 8:30 AM, W 9 AM                         in premier seats as we are taken back to a simpler time with
Return: N 7 PM, E 6:30 PM, S 6 PM, W 5:30 PM                         the music and stories Pat will share with us. There is a rea-
                                                                     son he has sold over 45 million albums! A light dinner will be
                                                                     served on the way home. “E”
                “Late Night Catechism”
                                                                     Depart: S 7:15 AM, W 7:45 AM, N 8:15 AM, E 8:45 AM
Friday, March 18, 2011 $109            B, L, D
                                                                     Return: S 8 PM, W 7:30 PM, N 7 PM, E 6:30 PM
Come join us as we depart for Wabash, IN, where we will visit
White’s Residential & Family Services, Indiana’s largest social
services agency offering comprehensive residential, foster                          “The Drowsy Chaperone”
care, independent living, adoption and home based servic-            Wednesday, May 4, 2011            $88      B, L, S
es for children from infants to 21 years of age. White’s was         Get ready to be transported to a magical, wonderful world of
founded by Josiah White, a Quaker railroad businessman and           entertainment full of uproarious laughter and side-splitting an-
entrepreneur. The general goals for youth in White’s Residen-        tics as we head for the Derby Dinner Playhouse in Clarksville,
tial Program are emotional stability, skills development, and        IN for a delicious buffet dinner followed by The Drowsy Chap-
improved family functioning. After visiting White’s we travel        erone. This “musical within a comedy” all begins when a die-
to the Honeywell Center where we’ll relax and enjoy lunch            hard musical fan plays his favorite cast album, a 1928 smash hit
and view the art gallery prior to enjoying the “Late Nite Cat-       called The Drowsy Chaperone, and the show magically bursts to
echism”, an uproariously funny play that takes the audience          life. We are instantly immersed in the glamorous, hilarious tale
back to their youth. The irrepressible “Sister” teaches class to     of a celebrity bride and her uproarious wedding day, complete
a roomful of “students” (the audience). Throughout the course        with thrills and surprises. We will also have the opportunity to
of the class the benevolent instructor rewards the “students”        see “The Ramp Gardens” at The Falls Park. To top off the day
for correct answers with glow-in-the-dark rosaries and other         we’re in for a sweet treat as we enjoy an ice cream sundae at
nifty prizes. Naughty students may well find themselves on           Russell Stover’s on our return trip home. “E”
stage sitting in a corner reflecting their actions. However, even    Depart: W 6:45 AM, N 7:15 AM, E 7:45 AM, S 8:15 AM
the most reluctant “students” will be clamoring to get into this     Return: W 8 PM, N 7:30 PM, E 7 PM, S 6:30 PM
Sister’s “class.” After completing our “course” we hop onto our
“school bus” and enjoy a nice boxed lunch on our way back                     Glass Blowing, Mansions and Jets
home! “E”                                                            Tuesday, May 10, 2011 $89         B, L, S
Depart: E 7 AM, S 7:30 AM, W 8 AM, N 8:30 AM                         You’re in for a very charming, diverse fun filled day as we head
Return: E 9:30 PM, S 9 PM, W 8:30 PM, N 8 PM                         to Kokomo, IN where we will tour (and shop!)at the Kokomo
                                                                     Opalescent Glass Company, which is the oldest manufacturer
              Life is a Cabaret, Ol’ Chum                            of opalescent and cathedral stained glass in the world! In
Thursday, April 7, 2011 $89      L, S                                the mid 1880’s a huge pocket of natural gas was discovered
Put on your party duds as we head to Boggstown, IN for some          in Kokomo so the City of Kokomo offered free gas to any busi-
unique, live professional entertainment, featuring music from        ness who would locate there and bring jobs, which is how the
the 1900s-1960s, comedy and audience interaction. You’ll see         Kokomo Opalescent came to be. Our next stop is “The Crystal
and hear a bit of the traditions of Vaudeville, a little from Ve-    Tea Room” where we will enjoy a fine dining experience among

gas, Branson, and a bit of Broadway. One of the most unique          the crystal chandeliers in this beautifully restored histor-
features is that YOU are an active participant. Boggstown isn’t      ic home. Next stop is the late-Victorian style Seiberling
Mansion which was built in 1891 by the wealthy industrialist        Return: S 8:45 PM, E 8:15 PM, N 7:45 PM, W 7:15 PM
Monroe Seiberling who came here to take advantage of the
natural gas deposits, which turned Kokomo into an industrial             Notre Dame - Tippecanoe and More!
town. Then it’s on to the Grissom Air Museum where you can          June 15, 2011 $94 B, L, C
see the first plane that shot itself down, climb inside an F-4      Let’s go back to school at Notre Dame with NO tests! We’ll be
cockpit, learn the untold story of a man who personally helped      guided by a Notre Dame student as we take a walking tour of
shorten WWII and more. On our way home we will have an              the Notre Dame campus. Some of our stops will include The
opportunity to make a brief stop to view and pay respects at        Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Hesburgh Library, the Golden
Howard County Veterans Memorial Darrough Chapel Park. As            Dome building, light a candle at the Grotto and more! After
we continue homeward bound, we’ll have time to reflect upon         our tour we will relax and be spoiled as we dine at the Tippe-
our fun filled diverse day and enjoy a snack.                       canoe Place Restaurant, which was originally the home of the
Please note open toed shoes, walkers or canes are not permit-       Studebaker’s! As the premiere landmark in the heart of South
ted on the tour of the glass company. “M”                           Bend’s historic district, Tippecanoe Place inspires reminiscence
Depart: W 7 AM, S 7:30 AM, E 8 AM, N 8:30 AM                        of the charm and grace of yesteryear. The gracious spirit of the
Return: W 8 PM, S 7:30 PM, E 7 PM, N 6:30 PM                        past still thrives in the mansion’s 40 rooms with their wealth
                                                                    of fine antiques, 20 breathtaking fireplaces, and hand-crafted
                    Madison in Bloom                                woods which you will have a chance to view!! Afterwards we
           Spring Gardens and Herb Farm Tour                        will have the opportunity to taste some fine chocolates at
Saturday, May 14, 2011 $89          B, L, C                         South Bend Chocolate Company after we have a tour of the
Start your Spring on a colorful note! Visit the Stream Cliff Herb   chocolate factory! We then head for home with our new “A
Farm near Madison, Indiana, that was raided during the Civil        ++ college education” as we relax and enjoy some wine and
War by Morgan’s Raiders. This historical Farm is owned by Bet-      cheese on the way home! “A”
ty & Gerald Manning and has been passed down through the            Depart: S 6 AM, W 6:30 AM, N 7 AM
generations in the family for more than 100 years. Tour the         Return: S 8:30 PM, W 8 PM, N 7:30 PM
quilt designed gardens and shop in the four shops filled with
handmade, traditional crafts and garden related items. Enjoy        A Taste of Sweden and Germany---in Chicago!
lunch at the Twigs & Sprigs Tearoom, where you will have the        Thursday, June 23, 2011               $106                  B,L,D
opportunity to taste some of the fragrant herbs grown on the        Come join us as we venture into two fascinating neighborhoods
farm. Then it’s on to the annual “Madison in Bloom Spring           within the great city of Chicago! For this trip Bill Hinchliff will
Garden Tour”, where you will have the opportunity to tour the       provide his usual flair and expertise about everything Chica-
breathtaking private gardens at several historical homes. Each      go as we explore Swedish and German Chicago, which means
year the featured gardens change, so no two years are alike.        focusing on the North Side of the city. We’ll begin in Ander-
As you stroll from garden to garden you may also see a shop or      sonville on Clark St. with the wonderful Swedish Museum fol-
two to visit. As we journey back home, relax and enjoy some         lowed by a little time on our own to enjoy this marvelous street
wine and cheese. “M”                                                filled with terrific shops of all kinds, perhaps most famously the
Depart: W 6:30 AM, N 7 AM, E 7:30 AM, S 8 AM                        great Swedish Bakery. Then head to the last remnant of what
Return: W 9:15 PM, N 8:45 PM, E 8:15 PM, S 7:45 PM                  was once enormous German Chicago—Lincoln Square which
                                                                    has become one of the city’s most vibrant and colorful retail
          Vincennes—Indiana’s Oldest City                           districts, with German and non-German establishments. After
Friday, May 20 2011                 $99                   B, L, D   feasting on an echt German lunch at the famous Chicago Brau-
Enjoy this year’s Spring Pilgrimage with the Pioneer Society as     haus, explore the street on your own. Then we will tour St. Al-
Nelson Price entertains us with facts and anecdotes as we trav-     phonsus church, which offers the only German-language mass
el to Vincennes---a city known for its contributions to our rich    in Chicago. As we say good-bye to another Chicago adventure
Hoosier heritage. While there, we will be greeted by Richard        we will make one final stop at the Indiana Visitors center to
Day, a renowned local historian. Dressed as Sieur de Vincennes,     view their always interesting art display. “M”
an 18th century fur trader and early settler, Richard will host     Depart: S 6 AM, E 6:30 AM, N 7 AM, W 7:30 AM
our personal tour of many historic sites---including the oldest     Return: S 11 PM, E 10:30 PM, N 10 PM, W 9:30 PM
Catholic church in Indiana, and site of the first newspaper of-
fice, the Old Print Shop. And in the middle of this wonderful
trip back in time, we will enjoy lunch and a delicious dessert at
                                                                        VP Museum and “Fly Me to the Moon”
                                                                    Wednesday, July 13, 2011        $108 B, L, S
Vincennes’ best known restaurant---Pea-Fections. We will also
                                                                    Today we’ll journey back in time as we tour the VP Museum,
tour Grouseland---William Henry Harrison’s home as territorial
                                                                    have lunch at Nick’s and see the production “Fly Me to the
governor before he was elected President and George Rogers
                                                                    Moon” in Huntington, IN. At the VP Museum, you’ll discover
Clark Memorial Park. As we travel back to Indianapolis, we will
                                                                    the unique stories of several VP’s, from patriots to traitor, in-

be served a nice boxed dinner. “M”
                                                                    dispensable to infamous! Discover fascinating artifacts
Depart: S 6:15 AM, E 6:45 AM, N 7:15 AM, W 7:45 AM
dating from 1789 through the present, with an emphasis on             Amish lunch will be provided as well---and don’t worry about
those who have called Indiana home, including Dan Quayle,             the weather because this is all held indoors! Lots of space will
the 44th VP of the USA. Next we’ll have the opportunity to            be available to bring home your purchases---but many go just
take a “bite out of history”, as we enjoy lunch at a well known       to “window” shop, appreciate amazing talent and creativity,
Hoosier favorite, Nick’s Kitchen, where the sale of the first         and enjoy a day in the country! “M”
“original” pork tenderloin sandwich began over a century ago          Depart: E 7 AM, N 7:30 AM, W 8 AM, S 8:30 AM
when a man named Nick Freienstein began pedaling his ten-             Return: E 8:15 PM, N 7:45 PM, W 7:15 PM, S 6:45 PM
derloin wagon. “Fly Me To the Moon ” -- The New Huntington
Theater will be doing it his way as they pay loving tribute to Ol’          Brown County Beauty, TC Steele Art
Blue Eyes himself. From his incredible recording career to his
songs from the silver screen, they’ll croon the tunes of Frankie.               and Story’s Town History
Get ready for Come Fly With Me, Love and Marriage, Luck Be            Tuesday, September 13, 2011               $119               B,L,D
a Lady, Lady is a Tramp, The Way You Look Tonight, New York,          Please join the Society of Pioneers on their fall pilgrimage to
New York and that’s just to name a few! Afterwards we’ll “fly         scenic Brown County which will include tours of the restored
back home” as we reminisce while enjoying a leisurely snack!          home and studio of nationally acclaimed artist T.C. Steele. As
Special thanks to Joan Cleveland for her recommending the VP          a special treat, we will be joined at the historic home by In-
Museum as a travel destination!                                       diana State Museum fine arts curator Rachel Perry, an expert
 “M”                                                                  on Steele’s artwork and life. After touring the home and stu-
Depart: W 6:30 AM, S 7 AM, E 7:30 AM, N 8 AM                          dio, we will hear a presentation by Rachel, the author of “T.C.
Return: N 6 PM, E 6:30 PM, S 7 PM, W 7:30 PM                          Steele and the Society of Western Artists”. As we enjoy a light
                                                                      lunch on the bus, we will tour Brown County State Park ac-
                                                                      companied by a park guide and include a brief stop at their
             Midfest Balloon Challenge                                nature center. Next stop is the town of Nashville where we
Saturday, July 16, 2011 Price $89         B, L                        will allow some time to visit antique shops, art galleries and
Bring your family, friends, and grandkids for a day of lots of        other retailers. And finally, our visit to this lovely area will in-
fun and excitement, as we travel to Middletown, OH for the            clude a gourmet dinner in the historic town of Story, now a
Midfest Balloon Challenge!! We will start our activities in Rich-     bed-and-breakfast community. During the dinner at the Story
mond, IN where we will enjoy a delicious Italian lunch followed       Inn, owner Rick Hofstetter will share the colorful history of the
by a “chocolate trail” excursion to sample some local sweets!         former town founded in the 1850s. A day to remember! “M”
Then it’s on to Middletown where we will enjoy the Team Fas-          Depart: E 6:30 AM, N 7 AM, W 7:30 AM, S 8 AM
trax professional skydiving team, the best of regional musical        Return: E 10 PM, N 9:30 PM, W 9 PM, S 8:30 PM
entertainment, a classic car show, arts and crafts vendors, a
wide variety of festival foods, tethered hot air balloon rides,
airplane and helicopter rides and much more. The Midfest is all                  “And Then There Were None”
set in the beautiful 100-acre Smith Park adjoining the Middle-        October 26, 2011            $99    L, S
town Regional Airport near The Great Miami River. Weather             Join us for a day of mystery and suspense at the Myers Dinner
permitting, you will see the hot air balloons lift off in the early   Theatre in Hillsboro, IN for a delicious home made lunch, buf-
evening, and also watch the “balloon glow” when it turns dark!        fet style, and a live show! “And Then There Were None”, for-
Then it’s nap time as we journey homeward with pleasant “bal-         merly known as “Ten Little Indians”, is a popular Dame Agatha
loon glow” dreams on our mind! We will bring folding chairs           Christie murder mystery that has so many murders it’s hard to
for your convenience. “A”                                             keep count! The original show in 1945 starred Walter Huston
Depart: W 9:30 AM, N 10:00 AM, E 10:30 AM                             and Dame Judith Anderson. On a remote island 8 guests and
Return: E 11:30 PM, N 12:00 AM midnight, W 12:30 AM                   2 servants each find themselves blamed for someone’s death
                                                                      by their absent host, who accuses them via a gramophone re-
                                                                      cord. As one by one the guests are killed, one of them suggests
   “A Little Bit Country” and Lots of Quilts!                         that the killer is likely among them! Who is it!! Meet the cast
Saturday, September 3, 2011          $79                  B,L,S       afterwards before heading home, comparing our murder mys-
Come along as we head south to Cannelburg for the 24th an-            tery notes and enjoying a light snack! Myers Dinner Theatre
nual Amish Quilt Auction joined by Dallas Reed, past president        in Hillsboro, Indiana, comes recommended to Sunrise Tours by
of the Quilters’ Guild of Indianapolis and local lecturer and         Betty Hailey! Thank you for your input Betty! “A”
teacher. Dallas will share the latest on quilting as we travel        Depart: N 7:45 AM, E 8:15 AM, S 8:45 AM, W 9:15 AM
down into southern Indiana. During the morning, inspect near-         Return: W 5:30 PM, S 6 PM, E 6:30 PM, N 7 PM
ly 100 quilts up for auction and visit the 30 plus craft tables
featuring “hand-made” quilts, rugs, Amish dolls, fresh baked
goods, jellies, fresh vegetables and other quality items. Plus
you are welcome to join Dallas as he travels to the Stitchin’
Post---a long standing fabric and thread store tucked away in
the back roads and perhaps another shop or two. A delicious                                                                          5
Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival
Day 1: Columbus,                                                                                        March 28-April 3,
OH                                                                                                           2011
Today, we travel
across our remark-
                                                                                                       The 2011 Festival
able land towards                                                                                      marks the 99th cel-
the capital of our                                                                                     ebration of the gift of
grand       country.                                                                                   the 3,000 cherry trees
Overnight in Co-                                                                                       from the People of
lumbus, OH. D                                                                                          Tokyo to the People
Day 2: Washington                                                                                      of Washington, DC.
DC                                                                                                     Come with Sunrise
We continue east-                                                                                      Tours and enjoy the
ward,       enjoying                                                                                   spirit of this gener-
Sunrise Tours’ dis-
                                                                                                       ous gift while explor-
tinguished hospital-
ity. Upon arrival in
                                                                                                       ing the highlights of
DC, we will gather                                                                                     Washington, DC.
our bags and make
our home at the AAA 4-Diamond award win-           “must-see” attraction on the Washington DC
ning Gaylord National Harbor Hotel for the         museum circuit. We’re in for a spectacular show
next 4 nights. You will have time this evening     as we spend the remainder of the day visiting
to be captivated by the sweeping views of the      the memorials and enjoying the Cherry Blossom
Potomac River, Washington DC and Old Town          Festival activities amidst the magnificent back
Alexandria, VA all from the patio of our water-    drop of cherry trees. After the day’s activities,
                                                                                                       • Museums of the
front hotel! After dinner, you will have time to   we’ll enjoy dinner, DC style. B, D
                                                                                                       Smithsonian Institution
enjoy the dancing fountains and meandering         Day 5: Washington DC
                                                                                                       • Tram tour of Arling-
river running through the 18-foot atrium in this   Today, we will embark on a sensational Lunch
                                                                                                       ton National Cemetary
jewel of a hotel. B, D                             Cruise down the Potomac River. The magnifi-
                                                                                                       • Capitol Hill
Day 3: Washington DC                               cent views of DC and the Cherry Blossoms from
                                                                                                       • Franklin D. Roosevelt
One of the most prominent structures in DC         our luxury cruising yacht coupled with exquisite
is the Washington Monument. We will start          food and music are sure to create lasting mem-
                                                                                                       • Vietnam Veterans
our day with a tour of this 555 foot high obe-     ories. This afternoon we will tour the historic
lisk. Afterwards, we will tour the Capitol and     and famous Arlington Cemetery including a visit
                                                                                                       • Korean War Veterans
the White House, based on availability. This af-   to John F. Kennedy’s tomb and the Tomb of the
ternoon we’ll visit the Smithsonian, the world’s   Unknowns. The evening will be at leisure as we
                                                                                                       • Lincoln Memorial
largest museum complex. Another great din-         continue our exploration of DC. B,L
                                                                                                       • Newseum
ner tonight followed by evening entertainment      Day 6: Columbus, OH
                                                                                                       • National World War II
at either the Kennedy Center or the newly re-      It’s time to begin our journey home. We will
modeled Ford Theatre, depending on the show        travel to The Spring House for a step back in
schedule. B,D                                      time with old-fashioned, home-style eating and
Day 4: Washington DC                               farm tour! Then, it’s off to Columbus, OH for       Per person rates
This morning, we will visit the “Newseum” a        the night. B, L                                     double $1428
multimedia exploration of the importance and       Day 7: Return home.                                 triple/quad $1266
history of journalism in America. Since it’s       Arrive in Indianapolis early afternoon. B           single $1916
opening in 2008, the Newseum has become a

                                      Spring Mystery                                                    April 13-14, 2011
                                  Enjoy a new destination this spring                                  Per person rates
                                  We can’t tell you where we’re going,                                 double $259

                                                                                                       triple/quad $246
                                  but you’re sure to have a good time!                                 single $299
                                       Southern Charm
                           Featuring Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC
Day 1: Georgia
                                                                                                              April 14-20, 2011
Depart in comfort on a
luxury motorcoach and                                                                                        Known for its elegant
travel to central Georgia                                                                                    charm, cobblestone
for dinner and an over-                                                                                      streets and unique
night stay. D                                                                                                culture, Charleston
Day 2: Savannah, GA                                                                                          was named one of
It’s off to the “Old South”                                                                                  the Top Ten places to
and “Georgia’s First City”                                                                                   visit in North Amer-
as Savannah welcomes us                                                                                      ica by Conde Nast
with southern hospital-                                                                                      Traveler Magazine!
ity. After we check into
our home for the next 2

nights, the Hampton Inn,
Historic District, we will
visit the elegant Juliette                                                                                       Wow!! The
Gordon Low Mansion                                     ruins of Historic Fort Sumter, where the civil       “Southern Charm”
all glittering in low light typical of the gaslight    war began, and a viewing of Charleston from          trip was definitely a
era. As you let your imagination transport you         the Harbor. Upon our return to the pier, we will     charmer! The im-
back to 1886 you will learn of that era and of         tour the USS Yorktown. As featured in the Acad-
the ghost stories that have been passed down                                                                age you projected
                                                       emy Award winning documentary “The Fighting          - a company that
for generations in the Gordon family! For din-         Lady”, the 888 ft. aircraft carrier, was the tenth
ner this evening we will dine family style at Mrs.                                                          provides fine accom-
                                                       carrier to serve in the US Navy. Tonight we’ll
Wilke’s Dining Room; definitely a local’s favor-                                                            modations and excel-
                                                       dine with views of the harbor before checking
ite! B, D                                              into our hotel for 2 night stay. B, D                lent service ... you
Day 3: Savannah, GA                                    Day 5: Charleston, SC                                certainly delivered.
This morning we will board an open-air trolley         Embrace the history of Charleston as we visit        Thanks so much for
to tour this enchanting and alluring Southern          the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, an es-          the beautiful, joyful
town where we’ll find amazing architecture,            tate acquired by the Dalton Family in 1676. We       experience!
spooky cemeteries and rich history. Next, we’ll        will tour the gorgeous home and blooming gar-        J. Davis, 2009 South-

have free time for lunch and to explore the His-       dens and enjoy a tram excursion of the planta-       ern Charm
toric River Street full of shops, restaurants, gal-    tion’s wetlands and marshes. After enjoying
leries, all in a revitalized historic area located     lunch and shopping time in the Historic City
right on the river. You will have time to enjoy                                                             Did you know?
                                                       Market area, a local guide will share her exper-     Savannah      is   called
lunch on your own at The Lady and Son’s res-           tise aboard our coach as we explore the city’s       ‘America’s First Planned
taurant, owned and operated by southern chef           colorful history and quaint landscapes. Our          City’ because Oglethorpe
Paula Deen. This evening, we will be whisked           dinner tonight will capture the true essence of      (who founded it in 1733)
away by the succulent flavors of southern ex-          Charleston…southern charm. B, D                      carefully organized the
quisite cooking while dining in the Olde Pink          Day 6: Asheville, SC                                 town into grids, with
House historic home. Dessert will be a treat for       Today we travel to the Blue Ridge Mountains to       wide streets and 24 pub-
our palette and souls. Fine southern ladies will                                                            lic squares. 21 of these
                                                       discover America’s Largest Majestic Home, the
entertain ya’all with a trunk showing of some of                                                            squares were carefully
                                                       picturesque Biltmore Estate. Upon arrival we         preserved throughout
the finest fashion hats coupled with a sprinkling      will gather in the DeerPark Pavilion for a lunch
of charming historical stories. B, D                                                                        the years and still exist
                                                       buffet. Afterwards, you will have ample time to      today.
Day 4: Savannah, GA – Charleston, SC                   tour the Vanderbilt’s home and its surrounding                            009!
We never say good-bye so we say “we’ll see you                                                                              nce 2
                                                       century-old gardens. Did you know the estate
                                                                                                                   price si
later” to Savannah! We’ll board the coach and          is still family-owned and operated…yes, since
enjoy Sunrise Tours’ distinguished hospitality as      1895! Eastern Knoxville, TN is our destination       Per person rates
we travel to Charleston, SC. Upon arrival in this      for our overnight stay. B, L
charismatic town, we’ll board a cruise boat to                                                              double $1389
                                                       Day 7: Return home                                   triple/quad $1253
visit one of the most historically significant sites
in North America, Fort Sumter. We will see the
                                                       Having explored some of the South’s most
                                                       charming cities, we return home. B
                                                                                                            single $1796
     IN Dogwood Capital and French Lick
Day 1: French Lick Springs Resort                      Day 2: Return home                                        April 20-21, 2011
At our first stop, Spring Mill State Park, we’ll       Pamper yourself as you enjoy a delicious break-         * Picnic at Spring Mill
have a presentation by a park Naturalist and           fast buffet and a relaxing morning. You’ll have         Park
enjoy the beautiful wild flowers in full bloom!        the opportunity to choose, between activities           * Visit Gasthoff, an
After a delicious picnic lunch we’ll have a step       after breakfast: (1) Relax or try your luck in          Amish community
on guide take us through Orleans, the “Dog-            the casino, (2) Tour the Historic West Baden            * Stay at the beautiful
wood Capital of Indiana”, and other local areas        Springs Resort, or (3) Taste delectable wines at        French Lick Resort
to share the history and beauty of the area. Our       the French Lick Winery (cost of each option is          * RR trip through the
next stop is Gasthoff, where a local guide will        less than $10 and is on your own). This after-          Hoosier Forest
take us to an Amish home, stop at some local           noon we’ll enjoy a scenic railroad ride through         * Relax or try your luck
sites and then on to the Gasthoff Amish Res-           the Hoosier National Forest and past Larry              at the casino
taurant where we’ll enjoy a hearty meal. This          Byrd’s home and more blossoms. We then
evening check into the beautiful historic French       journey to Bloomington, IN, where we will dine          Per person rates
Lick Springs Resort where you’ll have the oppor-       at a local pub before heading back home while           double $258
tunity to relax, visit the casino, or enjoy the sur-   visions of blossoms (or bubbles?) dance in our          triple/quad $216
rounding grounds! B, L, D                              head. B, D                                              single $398

 Chesapeake Bay & Mid-Atlantic Seaboard
Day 1: Central Ohio                                    Chesapeake Bay Bridge we make our way to
We depart and begin our journey to the Mid-            Kitty Hawk on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, a
Atlantic east coast with an overnight stay in cen-     chain of barrier islands on the Atlantic Seaboard
tral Ohio. D                                           known for their rugged beauty. Enjoy a stroll on
Day 2: Kent Island                                     the beach on your first of 2 nights at our beach-
                                                                                                                 May 14-22, 2011
As we travel into Maryland on scenic Old Na-           front hotel. B, D                                       A sunset on the Ches-
tional Road, we will go through Cumberland             Day 6: Outer Banks                                      apeake, a sunrise on
Narrows, a natural gateway from the Ohio Val-          Let’s explore the Outer Banks. The Wright               the Atlantic, a crisp
ley through the Appalachian Mountains. This            Brothers National Memorial is our first stop.           breeze off the ocean,
afternoon we will arrive in the beautiful Chesa-       We’ll stand atop 90-foot Kill Devil Hill and en-        the call of a seabird, a
peake Bay area and check into our hotel for a          vision the first successful powered flight. On          glimpse of a dolphin,
2-night stay on Kent Island overlooking the Bay.       a drive along the Cape Hatteras National Sea-
                                                                                                               and the blossoms of
Let’s hope for a beautiful sunset as we dine by        shore, we’ll tour The Elizabethan Gardens, a
                                                                                                               spring…By the sea,
the water. B, D                                        beautiful living memorial to the original English
Day 3: Annapolis, MD                                   colonists, and visit one of the historic lighthous-     by the beautiful sea
A tour of the US Naval Academy, browsing time          es that dot the landscape. B, D                         … you and me how
in historic Annapolis, Maryland’s capital city,        Day 7: Virginia Beach                                   happy we will be!
and a sailing cruise on the Chesapeake highlight       It is just a short drive to Virginia Beach, our third
this day. B, D                                         stay on the Mid-Atlantic and just minutes from
Day 4: Rehoboth Beach, MD                              the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. We will have a
Today we travel to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware,           taste of military history at the Aviation Muse-
our first of three stays on the Mid-Atlantic coast.    um and American history at First Landing State
We will spend time with a naturalist to learn          Park where the first permanent English settlers
about wildlife of the area and maybe even do a         stepped foot on our continent. This evening’s
little crabbing! Then enjoy a free afternoon to        dinner is capped with special entertainment. B,
stroll the sandy beaches and the only wooden           D
boardwalk left on the Atlantic coast. Isn’t the        Day 8: Eastern Ohio
rhythm of the rolling surf hypnotic and relax-         Catch one last Atlantic Ocean sunrise before we
ing? B, D                                              begin our travels home crossing through beauti-
Day 5: Assateague Island                               ful Virginia and West Virginia. B, D
We travel south to the northern entrance of            Day 9: Return home                                      Per person rates
Assateague Island for a wildlife tour. This area       We return home this evening refreshed with              double $1776
is home to the wild Chincoteague horses and            memories of a beautiful time at the seashore.           triple/quad $1572
always a favorite stop for our travelers. Con-
tinuing south into Virginia and across the
                                                       B                                                       single $2389
                              Cape Cod and More!
Day 1: Fly into Boston                                Day 5: Martha’s Vineyard                                May 20-26, 2011
Today we fly into Boston, MA. After checking          This morning we’re off to board the ferry for a        August 12-18, 2011
into our hotel, The Clarion Nantasket Beach Re-       ride to the timeless and enchanting Martha’s
sort Hotel, enjoy a delicious dinner while savor-     Vineyard; a place rich in history, inspiration, cre-   If you’re fond of sand
ing the views of the beach. D                         ativity, and beauty. We will be guided by a            dunes and salty air,
Day 2: Boston, MA                                     local resident to visit each of the 6 island town’s    lighthouses, quaint
A full day in Boston with a local guide as we ex-     treasures -the picturesque whaling community           little villages here and
plore historic downtown Boston. So much his-          of Edgartown, the lacy Victorian gingerbread           there and our patriot-
tory and culture in this city including the site of   cottages of Oak Bluffs, the magnificent stone          ic beginnings, you’re
the Boston Massacre, the Paul Revere House            walls surrounding oceanview fields of Chilmark         sure to fall in love
and the USS Constitution. B, D                        to the grand cliffs of Aquinnah (Gay Head), the        with old Cape Cod!
Day 3: Plymouth, Cape Cod                             rustic feel of West Tisbury, and the port town of
Today we make our way to Plymouth for a look          Vineyard Haven. Martha’s Vineyard has some-
at the “rock” and an afternoon at sea to sight        thing to offer everyone. After a full day, we will
some whales! Our day’s journey continues as           return to our hotel on Cape Cod. B, D
we embrace Cape Cod for a 3-night stay at the         Day 6: Rhode Island
Cape Codder Resort winner of the Mid Cape             Today we continue west to the coastal town
Gold Best Resort Award. This evening we will          of Newport, RI, the onetime summer home
dine at a restaurant offering Cape Cod flavorful      of America’s millionaires. We will tour one of

fare followed by s’mores by the resort’s outdoor      these opulent “cottages”, the Breakers. Late
fire pit! B, D                                        afternoon we travel north to Providence, RI
Day 4: Cape Cod                                       where we will visit Federal Hill to enjoy a delec-
                                                                                                                   One of the best

On tour with a local guide, we’ll view pictur-        table “Little Italy” meal! B, D
esque windmills, lighthouses, Cape Cod Nation-        Day 7: Return flight home                              trips ever!
al Seashore Park and more. There’ll be plenty         After breakfast, we will board the plane for a         - Eileen Disbrow
of time to shop, stroll, and “people watch” in        flight home filled with memories of the east. B
quaint Provincetown. B, D

                                                                                                                              ce 2009!
                                                                                                                    price sin
                                                                                                             Per person rates*
                                                                                                             double $1789
Highlights:                                           • A visit to Martha’s Vineyard                         triple/quad $1660
• A guided tour of historic Boston, including         • Time to shop at Boston’s famous Quincy               single $2176
famous landmarks of the Freedom Trail, Old            Market                                                 * Includes roundtrip
North Church, USS Constitution, Bunker Hill           • A visit to the Breakers, an opulent “cottage”        airfare from IND.
                                                      in Newport, RI
Monument and more!
• Whale-watching cruise and Plymouth Rock             • A guided tour of Cape Cod
               Northern Ireland and Scotland
Day 1: Overnight flight                               - air museum located on the restored boyhood
Depart for overnight flight to Edinburgh, Scot-       home of Judge Thomas Mellon, founder of the
land.                                                 Pittsburgh banking dynasty. The Park’s perma-
Day 2 Edinburgh, Scotland                             nent exhibition, called “Emigrants”, examines
Meet your Scottish Guide, visit the Scottish          why two million people left Ulster for America          May 29-June 8,
Whisky Experience, and enjoy a free afternoon         during the 18th & 19th centuries. Overnight in              2011
to relax and explore on your own. Two-night           Tower Hotel Derry. B, D
stay at the Ramada Mount Royal. B, D                  Day 7 Westport, Donegal, Sligo, Mayo
Day 3 Edinburgh, Scotland                             Depart for the beautiful town of Westport on
Guided tour of Edinburgh including visits to Ed-      the shores of Clew bay. Travel via Donegal, Sligo       A Sunrise Tours
inburgh Castle & Palace of Holyrood House. B, D       & Mayo. Visit the world famous 1857 Belleek            original itinerary
Day 4: Stranraer, Scotland – Belfast, Northern        Pottery, Drumcliff, Knock Shrine and read the
Ireland                                               epitaph on the grave of W.B Yeates. Two night
Depart for Stranraer on the Scottish coast and        stay at Wyatt Ho-
travel on the fast ferry from Stranraer to Bel-       tel. B, D
fast, Northern Ireland. Belfast was the only city     Day 8:       Conne-
in Ireland to experience the full force of the In-    mara
dustrial revolution. Linen, rope making, tobacco      Travel along the
and most famously ship building including the         southern shores of
building of the Titanic on the Harland & Wolff        Clew Bay to Louis-
shipyard were the main industries. The Troubles       burgh then down
took their toll on the economic life of Belfast       the Famine Relief
but the past ten years of peace have returned         Road to Leenane
much prosperity while the genuine friendliness        on Killary Harbour
of the city never left. Two-night stay at the Eu-     to Kylemore Ab-
ropa Hotel. B, D                                      bey. Nestled at
Day 5: North Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland           the base of Duch-
Tour the spectacular North Antrim Coast via           ruach Mountain on the northern shore of Lough
Ballygalley, Glenarm & Cushendun to Bally-            Pollacappul, the Abbey is regarded as one of
castle. Visit Carrick -a-Rede rope bridge which       Ireland’s most romantic buildings. Continue on
spans an eighty foot deep chasm connecting            via Letterfrack & Connemara National Park to
Rock Island to the mainland. Visit the Old Bush-      Clifden
mills Distillery, the oldest licensed distillery in   Free time in Clifden before returning to West-
the world for a whiskey tasting. Its Grant to Dis-    port via the spectacular Inagh Valley. B, D
til was given in 1608 but it is belived that spirit   Day 9: Galway, Dublin
was probably made here 200 years before that!         Free time in Galway City, know as “The City of
Visit Giant’s Causeway, the subject of many           the Tribes”, before traveling east via Ballinasloe
legends and where an estimated 37,000 basalt          & Athlone. Visit Clonmacnoise the monastery
columns extend from cliffs down into the sea.         founded by St. Ciaran in 6th Century, before ar-
Return to Belfast via Ballymoney & Ballymena.         riving in Dublin for a two-night stay. Two night
B, D                                                  stay at Grand Canal Hotel. B, D
Day 6 Derry, Northern Ireland                         Day 10: Dublin
Depart for historic fortified walled city of Derry.   Depart on a guided tour of Dublin including vis-
The city fortifications are among the best - pre-     its to St. Patricks Cathedral, Christ Church Ca-
served in Europe and were completed in 1618 to        thedral where the remains of the Anglo-Norman
defend the city from Gaelic chieftains in Done-       conqueror of Dublin, Strongbow are buried and        Per person rates*
gal. Travel via Armagh, one of Ireland’s oldest       Trinity College, and home to the Book of Kells.
                                                                                                           double $3298
cities which dates back to the age of St. Patrick     Visit the Guinness Storehouse at St. James Gate
                                                                                                           single $3699
and the advent of Christianity. Visit St Patrick’s    and enjoy a pint of Guinness in the Sky Bar. This
                                                                                                           * Includes roundtrip
Church of Ireland Cathedral with it’s 11th cen-       evening, enjoy a special farewell dinner of Irish
                                                                                                           airfare from IND
tury High Cross and the bones of Brian Boru,          music & dance at The Merry Ploughboy Pub.
the High King of Munster who defeated the Vi-         Dinner & Overnight in Grand Canal Hotel. B, D
king armies in AD 1014. Continue via Omagh to
visit the Ulster - American Folk Park, an open
                                                      Day 11: Return home
                                                      Depart on return flight home. B                                       10
 Yellowstone National Park and more!
Day 1: Kansas City, MO                                                                                      June 5-13, 2011
Today fly from Indianapolis to Kansas
City to begin your tour. Overnight in
Sioux City. D
Day 2: Rapid City, SD
Explore the Badlands of South Dakota
today and enjoy dinner at the famous
Wall Drug store. We will stay in Rapid
City for the next 2 nights. B, D
Day 3: Rapid City, SD
Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monu-
ment and the Black Hills are on our
agenda today with a local guide. We

will travel to Custer State Park featuring          world famous Old Faithful Geyser, you will be
71,000 acres of unspoiled land, pristine lakes      able walk out the front door and see this natural
and roaming buffalo. Enjoy a Buffalo Safari Jeep    phenomenon first hand! B, D                               ...returned last
Tour into one of the largest herds of bison in      Day 6: Yellowstone                                   Friday from our trip
North America. Dinner tonight will be in the his-   Bring your cameras and be prepared to enjoy          with Sunrise Tours
toric State Game Lodge where Presidents Eisen-      the best of Yellowstone today with our own           to Yellowstone ...It
hower and Coolidge dined and relaxed. B, D          guide! Old Faithful! Geysers! Paint Pots! All in     was a delightful trip
Day 4: Cody, WY                                     all, a day of geological wonders and plenty of       for us. We were very
We depart Rapid City this morning and begin         wildlife! B, D
our trek to Cody, WY. Along the route, we will                                                           impressed with the
                                                    Day 7: Jackson, WY
see Devil’s Tower, and pass through the beauti-                                                          professionalism of
                                                    Let’s explore more of this unique land. We will
ful Big Horn Mountains. After dinner in down-       head south to the Grand Tetons and Jenny Lake.       both the driver and
town Cody we will attend the Cody Nite Ro-          You will have time to browse Teton Village be-       the tour guide. Plan
deo. A western favorite summer activity since       fore lunch in the world class Jackson Lake Lodge.    to sign on for another
1939. Tonight, we will relax in the comforts of     This afternoon, we travel south to enjoy a scenic    trip before too long.
The Cody, a hotel featuring luxury lodging in the   float on the Snake River with the Grand Tetons       - Barbara and Art

American West. B, D                                 as the backdrop. Afterwards, we’ll continue into     Minor
Day 5: Yellowstone                                  historic Jackson for our overnight stay. This eve-
This morning, we’ll visit the Buffalo Bill Museum   ning you are free to explore Jackson Square, lo-
before driving into Yellowstone Park. We will       cated in the heart of Jackson, WY. B, D
stay 2 nights at the Old Faithful Inn, a nation-    Day 8: Grand Tetons - Salt Lake City, UT
al historic landmark. Located adjacent to the       Breakfast in the fresh outdoors at a Chuckwag-
                                                    on will cap our experiences in Jackson. We will
                                                    board our coach and travel south along scenic
                                                    highway 89 into Salt Lake City. This evening, we
                                                    will meet our guide for a tour of Temple Square
                                                    and the Latter Day Saints Community Center. B,
                                                    Day 9: Return home
                                                    Fly home from Salt Lake City. B

                                                                                                         Per person rates*
                                                                                                         double $2388
                                                                                                         triple/quad $2155
 Highlights:                                        · Yellowstone National Park - a geological           single $3089
 · Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial,            wonder teeming with wildlife!                        * Includes roundtrip air-
 the magnificent Badlands and Black Hills!          · Lively western town of Jackson Hole.               fare from IND
 · The inspiring Grand Tetons, Rocky Mountain       · 2-night stay in Yellowstone National Park
 wilderness and Big Horn Mountains.                 and scenic float trip on Snake River.
                               NYC and Long Island
Day 1: Ohio                                                                                                   June 8-16, 2011
We begin our
                                                                                                            From the serenity of St.
trip eastward to
                                                                                                            Patrick’s Cathedral to
our home for the
                                                                                                            the bustling activity of
night in Ohio.
                                                                                                            5th Avenue and Wall
We’ve got the
                                                                                                            Street, you will experi-
driving covered,
                                                                                                            ence the city that never
so relax and en-
                                                                                                            sleeps! Then, enjoy a
joy the comfort
                                                                                                            wonderful contrast just
of our deluxe
                                                                                                            90 miles east on bu-
motorcoach and
                                                                                                            colic Long Island with
the      hospitality
                                                                                                            its windswept Atlan-
of your Sunrise
                                                                                                            tic beaches, and rural
Tour’s manager. D
                                                                                                            maritime charm.
Day 2: New York
We travel high-
way 80 east
across Pennsyl-
vania passing through Moshannon State For-            land for a 2 night stay. B, D
est and the northern area of the Appalachian          Day 6: Long Island
Mountains. The straight and tall black cherry         With a local step-on guide, we will absorb the
trees from this region are commonly used for          history, culture and beauty of the South Fork of

fine furniture and cabinetry. This evening we ar-     Long Island. We will visit Montauk Point Light-
rive in Teaneck, NJ and unpack our bags for our       house, a winery and East Hampton for lunch and
3-night stay. B, L                                    shopping during the “Life Styles of the Rich and           Not only was
Day 3: New York City                                  Famous” tour. We will give you the opportunity        this my first trip with
                                                      to wiggle your toes in the ocean today as well.
Today, we will explore New York City with a lo-                                                             Sunrise it was also
cal guide. Spend the day exploring Central Park,      Don’t forget your camera! The Inn Spot on the
                                                                                                            my first bus trip. I’m
St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fifth Avenue, reconstruc-    Bay restaurant will open their doors for our din-
                                                      ner. The food is delectable, and the homemade         glad to report I en-
tion of Ground Zero, watching people at Rock-                                                               joyed it thoroughly.
efeller Center and visiting the unique area of        ice cream, made by the owners themselves,
                                                      tops the day in a “sweet” way. B, D                   My greatest satisfac-
Chinatown in lower Manhattan. The guide will
                                                      Day 7: Long Island                                    tion was the day long
provide insight into New York’s character and
                                                      This morning, we will visit the OHEKA Castle          New York City tour.

people, enhancing your NYC experience. B, D
Day 4: New York City                                  built on the highest point on Long Island and         M. Arnold, NYC
Today we will visit the Metropolitan Museum           listed on the National Register of Historic Places.   Long Island 2007
of Art. Also known as the “Met”, the museum           During the gilded age of the 1920’s, the Castle
offers over 5,000 years of art. Your tour will in-    was used as a summer home for entertainment.
clude the newest exhibits on display and art to       Afterwards, we will enjoy lunch in the Hunting-
please all palettes. This afternoon we will enjoy     ton area before continuing to Harrisburg, PA for
a Broadway Theatre performance followed by            our overnight stay. B, L
dinner in the Times Square area. After dinner,        Day 8: Harrisburg, PA
take in the fabulous sights of New York 70 sto-       We will visit The National Civil War Museum
ries up from the Top of the Rock Observation          this morning. It is the only museum in The
Deck! B, D                                            United States that portrays the entire story of
                                                      the American Civil War without bias to Union or                            009!
Day 5: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island                                                                                   nce 2
                                                      Confederate causes. Afterwards, we will board                price si
We will see NYC from a historical perspective as
we tour Ellis Island, where so many people be-        our comfortable motorcoach for a relaxing af-
gan their lives in the “land of opportunity”. We      ternoon as we pass through the rolling green          Per person rates
                                                      hills of Pennsylvania to overnight in central,
will also visit the Statue of Liberty and enjoy the                                                         double $1994
magnificent view of the New York skyline. After       Ohio. B, D
                                                                                                            triple/quad $1789
disembarking our ferry, we’ll travel to Long Is-      Day 9: Return home
                                                      We arrive home today. B                               single $2609
            Canyonlands of Southern Utah
Day 1: Fly into Salt                                                            Day 5: Lake Powell –        June 13-21, 2011 OR
Lake City, UT                                                                   Kayenta, AZ
Fly into Salt Lake City                                                         We cross the border
                                                                                                              July 27-August 4,
and travel to Cedar                                                             into Arizona and tour               2011
City, gateway to the                                                            the Glen Canyon Dam.        Come explore the
colorful canyonlands of                                                         After lunch we are re-      southern Utah Can-
Utah. D                                                                         ally in for a treat as we   yonlands and discov-
Day 2: Bryce Canyon                                                             cruise beautiful Lake       er it’s monumental
Today, we explore                                                               Powell. The boat will       beauty!
spectacular Bryce Can-                                                          take us into two can-
yon, famous for its                                                             yons – one where we
unique geology and                                                              can almost touch the
some of the world’s                                                             sides of the cliffs! We
best air quality. Then,                                                         overnight in Kayenta,

we’re off to explore                                                            Arizona. B, D
Cedar Breaks National                                                           Day 6: Monument
Monument, known for                                                             Valley                           Thank you for the
an enchanting mixture                                                           Today, hear about Na-       wonderful trip to the
of delicate shades of                                                           tive American heri-         Canyonlands. This
colors, like the icing on                                                       tage of this area as        was our first tour and
an extravagant wedding cake! B, D                    we explore the back roads of Monument Val-             it was spectacular.
Day 3: Zion National Park – Kanab, UT                ley. A Navajo guide will lead us amongst per-          We are already think-
This morning, we will follow the lush Virgin         haps the most enduring and definitive images
                                                                                                            ing of our next trip
River along U-9 into Zion National Park where        of the American West. Then, we will head back
you are surrounded by massive canyon walls           into Utah for tonight’s treat: a hearty barbeque       with your company.

and a unique landscape of petrified sand dunes.      dinner, then an exhilarating jet boat ride fol-
Kanab, Utah is our home for the next two nights.     lowed by a spectacular light and sound show.           - E. Kellmann
B, D                                                 Two nights rest in the heart of the quaint town        Canyonlands 2009
Day 4: Grand Canyon                                  of Moab. B, L, D
This morning, we travel to the north rim of the      Day 7: Canyonlands National Park
Grand Canyon. Less visited than the south rim,       We’ll explore Canyonlands National Park and            Combine the 7/27 de-
but truly as beautiful, you will enjoy spectacular   enjoy the commanding views across many miles
                                                                                                            parture with Idaho on
views from Point Imperial, highest point on the      of very deep canyons in all directions. A picnic
canyon rim, and dine at Grand Canyon Lodge           lunch on the river-side, then we’ll discover
                                                                                                            page 20 and take $450
overlooking the canyon. B, L                         Arches National Monument, the worlds’ larg-            off the combined per
                                                                          est concentration of natu-        person rate!
                                                                          ral stone arches. This eve-
                                                                          ning enjoy time to explore
                                                                          the quaint town of Moab
                                                                          at leisure. B, L
                                                                          Day 8: Colorado National
                                                                          We depart for Grand Junc-
                                                                          tion, CO and drive through
                                                                          the scenic Colorado Na-
                                                                          tional Monument, “one of          Per person rates*
                                                                          the grand landscapes of           double $2113
                                                                          the West”. We’ll continue         triple/quad $1933
                                                                          across the Rockies for an         single $2650
                                                                          overnight stay. B, D              * Includes airfare from IND
                                                                          Day 9: Fly home                   to Salt Lake City.
                                                                          Today we catch our return
                                                                          flight home. B
                         Alaska by Motorcoach
Days 1-6: St. Louis to Dawson Creek, BC -Desti-   Tooth Gerties while in Dawson City.                     June 10-July 11, 2011
nation Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway               Day 11: Top of the World and Taylor Highways            Alaska is a popular
First we overnight in St. Louis. On day 2 we      to Tok, Alaska                                          destination, but most
travel to Burnsville, MN just south of Minneap-   Ferry ride across the Yukon River then travel           people visit on a cruise.
olis; on day 3 we continue northwest through      the “Top-of-the-World Highway” and Taylor               While cruising is great,
Minnesota into North Dakota and overnight         Highway to Tok stopping in Chicken en route.            this land tour provides
in Minot – Why not? The                                                         June typically brings     the opportunity to see
third day takes us into the                                                     brilliant displays of     a lot more of this pris-
province of Saskatchewan                                                        arctic poppies and        tine land. Plus, you can
where we visit its provincial                                                   lupine along much         see Alaska without ever
capital Regina, home to the                                                     of this narrow, wind-     getting on a flight!
world famous Royal Cana-                                                        ing panoramic road.
dian Mounted Police train-                                                      Welcome to Alaska!
ing academy, and overnight                                                      Day 12 Fairbanks
in its largest city Saskatoon,                                                  We again travel on
which lies on the South Sas-                                                    the Alaska Highway
katchewan River. On day 5                                                       to its end in Delta
we travel the Yellowhead                                                        Junction. We will
Highway into the province of Alberta and over-    stop for a “photo finish” and lunch at Rika’s
night in Edmonton, home of the largest mall       Roadhouse in Delta Junction, continue to North
in the world; on day 6, we continue northwest     Pole for a visit with Santa, then into Fairbanks.
into British Columbia and overnight in Daw-       No visit to Alaska is complete without a visit to
son Creek, the official beginning of the Alaska   the Alaska Museum of the North. Highlights
Highway. Enjoy a toast and dinner this evening    include Alaska’s largest gold display, extensive
to celebrate the beginning of our adventure on    displays of Alaska Native art and artifacts and
the Alaska Highway.                               the movies “Dynamic Aurora” about the aurora
Day 7-9: Dawson Creek to Whitehorse, Yukon        borealis and “Winter” which gives visitors in-
Territory on the Alaska Highway                   sight into life during their longest season!
Our first 3 days on the Alaska Highway (cut       Day 13-14: Denali National Park
through the bush in nine months during WWII       This morning cruise the Chena and Tanana Riv-
but considerably im-                                                                  ers on the stern-   Please note that
proved since then!) be-                                                               wheeler      Dis-   while this tour is spe-
gins with a photo stop at                                                             covery and visit    cifically geared to-
the Mile Zero Signpost                                                                the home and        ward seniors, there
and the Visitors’ Centre                                                              kennels of the      are many miles trav-
and Museum in Dawson                                                                  late four-time      eled, one-night stays
Creek. We will overnight                                                              Iditarod winner     and remote visits in-
in Ft. Nelson and Wat-                                                                Susan Butcher
                                                                                                          cluded. Adventurous
son Lake before reach-                                                                and take a na-
ing Whitehorse, capital                                                               tive     Alaskan
                                                                                                          spirit required!
city of the Yukon Terri-                                                              guided tour of
tory, on day 9. This sce-                                                             the Chena In-
nic drive through rugged                                                              dian     Village.
country will include photo, and short walking     Next travel the Skyline Drive overlooking the
trail stops, and places of interest such as the   Tanana River Valley to Denali National Park and
Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake.                  Preserve, home of majestic Mt. McKinley. Our
Day 10: Whitehorse to Dawson City on the          2-night stay at Denali Park Hotel in Healy allows
Klondike Highway                                  you time to take the 8-hour shuttle bus trip to
Travel to lively Dawson City, Yukon, where the    the newly completed Eielson Visitor Center 66
great 1886 gold rush began and provided world     miles into the Park. On a clear day, Eielson of-
famous writers Jack London and Robert Service,    fers magnificent views of Mt. McKinley. Shuttle

Bard of the Yukon, inspiration for their works.   buses stop for wildlife viewing, restroom stops
Pan for gold and spend an evening at Diamond      and beautiful scenery and also give you the
flexibility to disembark / re-board anywhere         gold rush days as we board the famous White
along the road. You may also take a ranger-led       Pass and Yukon Railroad built during the Klon-
walk or drop a fishing line, in the Savage River,    dike Gold Rush. It climbs along the shoulders
no fishing license required!                         of sheer granite mountains and over beautiful
Day 15: Denali to Girdwood                           gorges. A little
Keep on the lookout for wildlife, Mount McKin-       more time to ex-
ley and more spectacular views as we travel          plore this coastal
south on Parks Highway visiting the cities of        city before we
Wasilla and Anchorage before ending the day          will board the
at the Hotel Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, for a       M/V Matanuska
3-night stay.                                        and begin our
Day 16: Seward and Cruise the Kenai Fjords           journey on the
Another scenic drive as we travel Alaska’s first     Alaska      Marine
All-American Road to Seward to take a Kenai          Highway. Settle
Fjords Wildlife cruise to see towering peaks,        into your 2-berth
beautiful glaciers, emerald coves and more of        inside cabin for a
the great Alaska wilderness and to visit Exit Gla-   2-night stay. For
cier in Kenai Fjords National Park.                  the night owls or
Day 17: Hotel Alyeska Resort                         adventuresome
Relax and enjoy the day at the resort. A high-       of our group, you have an optional excursion
light will be a tram ride and lunch at the top of    into Juneau during the 11:15pm-2:15am ferry
the mountains – what a view!                         stop in Juneau.
Day 18: Ferry cruise across Prince William           Day 22: Marine Highway – Petersburg,
Sound                                                Wrangell, Ketchikan
Today we travel through the tunnel to the other      Enjoy a full day cruising Alaska’s inside passage,
side of the Chugach Mountains and the pictur-        visiting with Alaskan locals, dining in the cafete-
esque town of Whittier on the shores of Prince       ria and listening to informative talks given by an
William Sound. Here we will board the ferry          onboard naturalist. Short stops will be made in
and travel Alaska’s Marine Highway to Valdez.        Petersburg, Wrangell and Ketchikan.
Often called “Switzerland                                               Day 23: Prince Rupert to
of Alaska” and remem-                                                   Smithers
bered as site of the 1989                                               An early morning arrival,
Exxon Valdez oil spill, Val-                                            breakfast and a little sightsee-
dez is the terminal of the                                              ing in Prince Rupert before we
Alaskan pipeline. This eve-                                             travel along Skeena River and
ning we overnight in Cop-                                               by the Seven Sisters Moun-         To maximize traveler
per Center, AK                                                          tains before coming to Smith-
                                                                                                           comfort, this tour is
Day 19: Wrangell St. Elias                                              ers, BC for our overnight stay.
National Park and Kluane National Park to De-        Day 24-26: Prince George, Jasper and Radium
                                                                                                           limited to 36 passen-
struction Bay.                                       Hot Springs                                           gers. Please book
Another lovely drive as we pass Wrangell St.         We travel through the Caribou and Rocky               early to secure your
Elias National Park, the largest U.S. national       Mountains visiting Jasper, Banff and Kootenay         spot!
park and then travel the Alaska Highway on a         National Parks with overnight stays in Prince
stretch that borders the Canadian Kluane Na-         George, Jasper and Radium Hot Springs. Gor-
tional Park. Overnight in Destruction Bay.           geous scenery, a lunch at Chateau Lake Louise,
                                                                                                           Per person rates*
Day 20: Haines Highway and fast ferry to Skag-       and a dip in the hot springs are some of the
way                                                  highlights of these three days.                       double $5988
Another border crossing into Alaska as we trav-      Day 27-32: Journey home through Montana,              triple/quad $5406
el to Haines going through lush coastal rain for-    South Dakota, and Iowa                                single $7968
est and the St. Elias Mountains to Haines, AK        Overnight stays in Missoula and Billings, Mon-        * Includes motorcoach
before boarding a fast ferry for a 45 minute ride    tana, the Badlands area of South Dakota, and          transportation, accom-
to Skagway, “Gateway to the Klondike” and our        Sioux City, IA before arriving back in St. Louis.     modations including
overnight destination.                               Visits to a Smoke Jumper school, Little Bighorn       overnight stays on fer-
Day 20: White Pass and Yukon Railroad and            Battlefield National Monument and the Bad-            ries, 26 breakfasts, 10
Alaska Marine Highway                                lands of South Dakota are some of the high-           dinners and activities.
Step back in time and soak up the flavor of the      lights of this homeward stretch.
              “Grand” Vacation to Michigan
Day 1: Grand Haven, MI                                                                                      June 23-28, 2011
Today we depart Indianapolis aboard
a luxury motorcoach and travel
north through Indiana to the historic
town of Grand Haven, MI, along the
scenic shores of Lake Michigan and
the Grand River. This evening we’ll
enjoy waterfront dining in the heart
of Grand Haven! D
Day 2: Grand Traverse Bay
We’ll browse charming Grand Haven,
known as “Coast Guard City, USA”,
and its sandy beach and mid-nine-
teenth century lighthouse. Next, hit
the road to our lakefront hotel with
beautiful views on the lovely shores
of Grand Traverse Bay for a 2-night                  ury resort, where the longest porch in the world
stay. This afternoon, we’ll tour the Music           overlooks the Straits of Mackinac. Enjoy some
House; a museum of old time music machines           free time in town, and after dinner in the Grand
that pleasantly surprises Sunrise travelers every    Hotel’s elegant dining room, take time to enjoy
time! B, D                                           a leisurely sunset stroll through the grounds. B,
Day 3: Sleeping Bear Dunes and Grand Tra-            D
verse Bay                                            Day 5: Mackinac Island and Grand Rapids
What a spectacular resort area! We’ll take           After a restful night in one of the Grand’s beau-
a scenic drive around Old Mission Peninsula          tiful rooms and breakfast at the hotel, we’ll take
where cherry orchards abound, then along             a horse drawn carriage tour of the island with
Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive in Sleeping Bear        free time to explore on your own, or to shop the
Dunes National Lakeshore. We’ll visit charming       quaint stores of the village. Before we depart
port towns and a working cherry farm. B, D           the island, we’ll have our third delectable meal
Day 4: Mackinac Island, overnight at Grand Ho-       at the Grand Hotel; lunch at the incomparable
tel                                                  Grand Buffet! Travel to Grand Rapids for our
We’ll travel along Lake Michigan this morning        overnight stay. B, L                                 Per person rates
and ferry to Mackinac Island where we’ll be          Day 6: Return Home                                   double $1223
transported by horse and carriage to the world       Today we return to Indianapolis having had a         triple/quad $1114
renowned Grand Hotel, the island’s premier lux-      very “Grand” vacation! B                             single $1623

   Tranquility in New Harmony, Indiana
Day 1: New Harmony                                   Day 2: Historic homes
                                                                                                            June 9-10, 2011
As we journey towards New Harmony, we will           Relax or explore the area in the morning after
take a break in Princeton, IN, to tour the Arbo-     enjoying a buffet continental breakfast. There
retum in Princeton, IN and enjoy a family style      are many places within walking distance such as
picnic lunch. Upon arriving in New Harmony,          the Roofless Church, Carol’s Garden, Cathedral
visit the Atheneum Visitors Center, the Har-         Labyrinth, Tillich Park, shopping, restaurants
monist Labyrinth and the Fragrant Farm. After        and more. Lunch will be on your own at your
checking into the New Harmony Inn, we will en-       leisure. In the afternoon we will have the op-
joy some fine cuisine at the well known “Red         portunity to tour some of the Historic Homes/
Geranium Restaurant”. Afterwards, you may            Structures that are only available with a guide
wish to stroll through the well lit gardens in the   such as the Lenz House, Thralls Opera House          Per person rates
evening, or cook smores by a bonfire. Feel free      and more. We then head towards home with a           double $289
to bring your guitar and we can sing around the      renewed feeling of peace and tranquility! B, S       triple/quad $277
bonfire. B, L, D                                                                                          single $338
                                     Let Freedom Ring
Day 1: Mid-Ohio                                                                                             June 30-July 7, 2011
Pack your red, white and blue and set-
                                                                                                            Philadelphia and DC
tle into our comfortable coach as we
                                                                                                            are ideal places to cel-
travel across our remarkable land. D
                                                                                                            ebrate the 4th of July.
Day 2: Philadelphia, PA
                                                                                                            Known as the “birth-
We continue eastward, enjoying Sun-
                                                                                                            place of America,”
rise hospitality. We will arrive in Phila-
                                                                                                            Philadelphia is home to
delphia in time to enjoy dinner at “The
                                                                                                            the original draft of the
City Tavern”. This is the same place
                                                                                                            United States Consti-
that John Adams frequented when he
                                                                                                            tution and the Liberty
arrived in Philadelphia in August of
                                                                                                            Bell. Pair Philly with
1774 to attend the First Continental
                                                                                                            our nation’s capitol’s
Congress. Perhaps you will try an ale
                                                                                                            4th of July festival and
brewed according to George Washing-
                                                                                                            celebrate this holiday
ton’s original recipe! B, D
                                                                                                            on a tour that every
Day 3: “We the people…”                                rytellers, performers, craftspeople, etc. We will    American would be
Today we will visit patriotic sites in Philadelphia    honor our great land by enjoying the fireworks       proud to experience.
including Liberty Bell Center, National Consti-        display at the end of the day. Your tour manager
tution Center, and Independence Hall where             will ensure you have comfortable seating in our
the Declaration of Independence was signed.            Sunrise Tour’s chairs. So, enjoy and celebrate
Of course we will allow time to celebrate with         this great country in which we are blessed to
other patriots attending the Welcome America           live! B, D
festival. This evening join us as we board the         Day 6: President’s homes
new Philadelphia Belle paddlewheel-style riv-          A freedom tour would not be complete with-
erboat for a 4-course dinner                                              out a visit to the homes of
cruise including an incredible                                            some of our fine Presidents.
view of the fireworks show                                                This morning we depart for
on Penn’s Landing! B, D                                                   Mount Vernon and a tour of
Day 4: DC                                                                 George Washington’s time-
This morning, we will get a                                               less and inspirational man-
taste of Philly foods! You                                                sion, gardens and grounds.
will get the inside scoop on                                              Heading west, we travel to Or-
Philly’s food history and how                                             ange, VA to tour Montpelier
the iconic foods came to be.                                              the lifelong home and estate
After lunching like a native                                              of James Madison. It was at
Philly we are off to celebrate                                            Montpelier where Madison
in our nation’s capitol. We                                               researched past democracies
arrive in time to check into                                              and conceived of the system
the AAA 4-diamond award                                                   of government that became
winning Gaylord National                                                  our republic. Then we’re off to
Harbor, DC’s newest first class hotel ideally situ-    Charlottesville, VA to tour Monticello the estate
ated in National Harbor, MD on the scenic Po-          of Thomas Jefferson. You will get an intimate
tomac River. This evening, you will have time          look at the extraordinary house Thomas Jeffer-
to browse National Harbor’s newest shops and           son built and furnished for himself and his fam-
resort activities. B, L                                ily including glimpses of the books and objects
Day 5: God Bless America                               that reveal Jefferson’s unique mind. B, L
Today we celebrate the 4th of July in our Na-          Day 7: George Washington National Forest
tion’s Capitol! We will spend our day at the           Continuing our travels west, passing through
National Mall and the Folklife Festival 2011           the George Washington National Forest, we will
which is an exposition of cultural heritage held       arrive mid-Kentucky for our overnight stay. B, D     Per person rates
outdoors on the national mall. You will have           Day 8: Home                                          double $1588
time to tour the Smithsonians and participate          Full of patriotic memories we arrive home this       triple/quad $1414
in the Festival activities featuring musicians, sto-   afternoon. B                                         single $2112
National Parks of the Rocky Mountains
Day 1: Fort Collins,                                                                                     June 30-July 8, 2011
Fly into Denver and                                                                                      Features four Na-
travel to Fort Collins,                                                                                  tional Parks including
CO for a 2-night stay.                                                                                   Rocky Mountain Na-
Meet a local expert                                                                                      tional Park, Yellow-
for a narrated walking                                                                                   stone, Grand Tetons
tour of historic down-                                                                                   and Glacier National
town before we dine                                                                                      Park.
at a restaurant de-
signed and managed
by a local family. D
Day 2: Rocky Moun-
tain National Park
With sunny skies and
sunny dispositions,
we begin our ad-
venture of exploring
the Rockies in Rocky
Mountain National
                                                    wonders of the area as we travel northwest to
Park. Drive from Estes Park to Grand Lake on
                                                    Whitefish, MT. Keep an eye out for eagles soar-
Trail Ridge Road, “a scenic wonder road of the                                                           Combine this tour
                                                    ing above and other wildlife as we pass through
world” with a whole sweep of the Rockies and                                                             with Pacific North-
                                                    the Gallatin National Forest, Deerlodge Nation-
enjoy a gourmet catered lunch at the Alluvial                                                            west on page 19 and
                                                    al Forest and the shores of Flathead Lake before
Fan Outlook. B, L                                                                                        take $450 off the
                                                    arriving at the Grouse Mountain Lodge for our
Day 3: Jackson, WY
                                                    2-night stay. This lodge boasts views of the regal   combined per person
We will enjoy the beautiful views of Medicine
                                                    Glacier National Park along with warm hospital-      rate!
Bow National Forest and Bridger National For-
                                                    ity. B, D
est before arriving in the well-known western
                                                    Day 7: Glacier National Park
town of historic Jackson, WY located in the
                                                    Today we board the narrated “red bus jam-
Grand Tetons. After dinner, we will unpack our
                                                    mers” to travel the “Going-to-the-Sun-Road”.
bags for a 2-night stay. B, D
                                                    Senses heighten as we smell the fresh air and
Day 4: The Grand Tetons and Jackson, WY
                                                    soak in the views of Glacier’s pristine forests,
Today, we enjoy the beauty and majesty of the
                                                    alpine meadows, rugged mountains, and spec-
Grand Tetons as we take a scenic float on the
                                                    tacular lakes. We will enjoy lunch in the park
Snake River. Bring your camera as we venture
                                                    before we board a boat for a cruise on Lake St.
to the top of Rendezvous Mountain via the Aer-
                                                    Mary. Unique photo opportunities and wildlife
ial Tram for a bird’s eye view of Jackson. This
                                                    viewing abound on this sparkling lake. You’ll see
evening enjoy a rollicking western dinner “un-
                                                    waterfalls, rugged cliffs, ancient forests and the
der the stars” as the Bar J Chuckwagon serves
                                                    Sexton Glacier. An optional short walk to Baring
supper and the Bar J Wranglers entertain us! B,
                                                    Falls will provide a closer look at the waterfall.
                                                    After we return to our hotel you will have time
Day 5: Yellowstone National Park
                                                    to relax and enjoy the lodge at your leisure. B, L
It’s off to one of our nation’s finest national
                                                    Day 8: Couer d’Alene, ID
parks. An educated naturalist/ranger will board
                                                    This morning, we depart Whitefish and travel         Per person rates*
our coach and tour us through Yellowstone Na-
                                                    west along the eastern shore of Flathead Lake        double $2396
tional Park today. Sights will include Old Faith-
                                                    and through Lolo National Forest to Couer            triple/quad $2166
ful, Geysers, Paint Pots and more geological
                                                    d’Alene, ID for our overnight stay. B, D
wonders. We will conclude the tour at Mam-                                                               single $3085
                                                    Day 9: Spokane, WA
moth Hot Springs Hotel for dinner and over-                                                              * Includes roundtrip
                                                    Today we catch our return flight home, counting
night. B, D                                                                                              airfare from IND
                                                    the many memories we’ve made on tour. B
Day 6: Whitefish, MT
After breakfast in the park, enjoy the scenic
                    All-American July 4th in St. Louis
Day 1: Fireworks dinner cruise                          National Historic Site which is Ulysses S. Grant’s       July 4-6, 2011
Today we travel to St. Louis and begin with a           wife, Julia Dent’s family home. Then we will en-
tour of the Anheuser-Busch brewery, including           joy a wonderful city tour that includes lunch on
a stop at the stables to see the famous clydes-         “The Hill”, the Cathedral Basilica, Forest Park--
dale horses! Next, enjoy a frozen custard at            -the home of the 1904 World’s Fair, and much
another St. Louis institution, Ted Drewes. Our          more! We’ll then head back to the hotel to re-
hotel is within walking distance of the arch            lax and enjoy “Happy Hour” with appetizers be-
grounds, home of the St. Louis fair. You may            fore heading to Busch Stadium to watch arch ri-
wish to spend some time there before our spe-           vals the St. Louis Cards and the Cincinnati Reds
cial dinner cruise this evening where we will           battle it out in an evening game. B, L, hot apps
                                                                                                             Per person rates
watch the July 4th fireworks from the middle of         Day 3: Return home
the Mississippi River! D                                This morning we will visit the Victorian row
                                                                                                             double $499
Day 2: St. Louis                                        home built in the 1860’s of St. Louis music man,     triple/quad $448
 The day begins with a visit to Whitehaven, the         Scott Joplin. Return home this evening. B            single $650

Pacific Northwest & Canadian Rockies
Day 1: Fly into Seattle, WA                             spot in the Rockies - what a treat to dine at the
After a smooth flight into Seattle, you will have       Chateau Lake Louise! Then it’s on to Banff for a
                                                                                                                July 9-18, 2011
a chance to get a birds eye view of Seattle from        3-night stay. B, L                                   Experience the gran-
the top of the Space Needle. Afterwards, we             Day 7: Athabasca Glacier                             deur of the moun-
will check into our hotel for our 2-night stay. D       After breakfast, we will travel north on the ice-    tains, the beauty
Day 2: Seattle, WA                                      field parkway into Jasper National Park, spell-      of the glaciers, and
It’s off to explore this fine northwest city. We’ll     bound by the awesome landscape that sur-             the cities of Seattle,
explore Pikes Market Place and the Future of            rounds us. You won’t forget the incredible “snow     Banff and Vancou-
Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour which of-          coach” ride on the Athabasca Glacier, the azure      ver! This is a trip you
fers the only opportunity to tour a commer-             blue of Peyto Lake and the majestic mountains        will never forget!
cial jet assembly plant in North America. This          of the Canadian Rockies! To enhance our trip
evening we will board a cruise boat, cross the          through Banff National Park, we will have a lo-
Puget Sound to Blake Island for a northwest na-         cal guide board our coach, educating and enter-
tive American cultural experience. You will see         taining us enroute. B, D
a performance by the Tillicum Village dancers           Day 8: Banff, AB
and enjoy a salmon bake prepared on cedar               This morning, we will embark on a scenic float
stakes over an alder-wood fire. B, D                    trip on the Bow River, for a different perspec-      Combine this tour
Day 3: Vancouver, BC                                    tive of Banff National Park and its ecology. This    with National Parks of
After breakfast, we’ll travel into Canada to visit      relaxing float allows time to enjoy the grandeur     the Rockies on page
cosmopolitan Vancouver and its beautiful parks          of the Canadian Rocky Mountains while looking        18 OR Idaho on page
with a local guide. B, D                                for Beaver, Elk, Osprey and more! Don’t forget       20 and take $450 off
Day 4: Vancouver Island, BC                             your camera! When we return to Banff, we             the combined per
This morning we’ll ferry to Vancouver Island            will enjoy a gondola ride to the top of Sulphur      person rate!
to visit world-famous Butchart Gardens where            Mountain for a bird’s eye view of this memo-
we’ll dine overlooking the beautiful gardens. Af-       rable city before dinner. B, D
terwards, visit the delightful “British-like” city of   Day 9: Kootenay Park, BC
Victoria. B, L                                          Today we will travel through scenic Kootenay
Day 5: Revelstoke, BC                                   Park and Radium Hot Springs, BC, where the
After breakfast, we begin our journey along the         world famous springs known for their odour-
scenic roads into the Columbia Mountains in             less hot mineral pools are surrounded by natu-       Per person rates*
British Columbia and stay overnight on a moun-          ral rock walls! We will turn in for the night in     double $2698
tain lake near Revelstoke, British Columbia B, D        Ponderay, ID after we enjoy a final night’s din-     triple/quad $2457
Day 6: Lake Louise and Banff, BC                        ner and a discussion of our favorite places we       single $3424
Today we travel through Rogers Pass, Glacier            visited! B, D                                        * Includes roundtrip
and Yoho National Parks, and into Banff Nation-         Day 10: Flight Home                                  airfare from IND
al Park, Canada’s oldest national park. En-route
we will visit Lake Louise, the most photogenic
                                                        Filled with memories of the grandeur of the
                                                        Northwest, we fly home. B                                             19
Day 1-2: Northern Panhandle of                                                                              July 18-26, 2011
Idaho                                                                                                     Idaho is a land of con-
After a smooth flight into Spo-
                                                                                                          trast with spectacu-
kane, WA, we will meet our
coach for a short drive into the
                                                                                                          lar beauty. Whether
northern panhandle of Idaho for                                                                           it’s the jagged peaks,
a two night stay. This part of Ida-                                                                       deep canyons, pristine
ho has some of the largest and                                                                            lakes or roiling rivers,
most pristine lakes, scenic drive                                                                         it’s a beautiful place
and wonderful nature walks. As-                                                                           to see. Visit and expe-
cend to the top of Schweitzer and                                                                         rience the unhurried,
enjoy the view of three states                                                                            unspoiled and unas-
and Canada!. Our cruise on Lake                                                                           suming life and land
Pend, the largest Idaho lake, sce-                                                                        in Idaho.
nic drive across the Silver Valley,
“must see” Cataldo Mission, and                                                                            A highly popular
visit to historic silver mine are a                  ty: Historic Emmett. A visit to the nearby area
good beginning to our adventures throughout          will surely let us know why this area is called       new tour in 2009
the Gem state. D, B, D                               “Valley of Plenty”. Did you know that Boise has       returns in 2011!
Day 3: Riggins, ID                                   been listed in over a dozen magazines on their
This morning as our journey heads south to           “best cities” lists? We will explore the Green-
                                                     belt, a 25-mile path and park along the river,
                                                                                                          Did you know?
Riggins, ID for a two-night stay, we will drive                                                           • Idaho is 63% public
through Palouse country with its golden wheat,       the Basque Museum and Cultural Center (more          land, managed by the
lentil and barley fields, a six mile corridor of     Basques reside in Boise than any other U.S. city)    federal government.
majestic Great White Pines, Lewiston at the          and the Old Idaho Territorial Penitentiary. B, D,    • The deepest river
confluence of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers        B, D                                                 gorge in North America
and along the mighty Salmon River. During our        Day 7: Sun Valley                                    is Idaho’s Hells Canyon
scenic drive we will pass through Princeton and      Our travels today take us to the Old West town       (7,900 ft deep)
Harvard; but not to worry studying will not be       of Idaho City where more gold was mined than         • Idaho has 3,100 miles
required! We’ll stop along the way to view Port      in all of Alaska! Then we continue on the Pon-       of rivers - more than any
Lewiston barges and charming town, and then          derosa Pine Scenic Byway to Stanley at the base      other state.
visit the “Heart of the Monster” landmark to         of the Sawtooth Mountains and to Sun Valley,         • Nearly 85% of all com-
learn of its importance to the Nez Perce Indi-       America’s first destination ski resort. Sun Valley   mercial trout sold in the
ans. B, D                                            Resort has the old-world charm and ambiance          US is from Idaho.
Day 4: Hell’s Canyon                                 of a cozy European alpine village – enjoy your
Today’s adventure begins at Pittsburg Landing        free time to explore before an outdoor dinner
for a scenic jet boat ride on the whitewaters of     and evening entertainment. B, D                      Combine this tour
the Snake River in Hell’s Canyon, the deepest        Day 8: Craters of the Moon National Monu-            with Pacific North-
river gorge in North America! We will venture        ment– Southwest Idaho                                west on page 19 OR
up the “wild river” to the dam where we will         We continue in an eastward direction to ex-          Canyonlands on page
have lunch and tour a historic cabin and muse-       plore the Craters of the Moon National Monu-         13 and take $450 off
um along the way. Enchanted by the views and         ment and Preserve. This geological jewel is one      the combined per
curious history of this place, this will be a safe   of the best places in the world to see the awe-      person rate!
adventure never to be forgotten! B, L                some effects of volcanism. 2000 years after the
Day 5-6: Boise, ID                                   eruption of this volcano, the landscape is still     Per person rates*
Our journey continues southward as we travel         ever changing. We will visit Yellowstone Bear
                                                                                                          double $2333
through Payette National Forest. A visit to the      World where we will see elk, bison, deer, bear
                                                                                                          triple/quad $2128
smokejumpers base will be a great way to start       and a gray wolf pack roam in large, natural habi-
                                                     tats, free to come right to the windows of our       single $2949
our day. Then it’s “all aboard” on the Thunder
                                                     motorcoach! B, D                                     * Includes roundtrip
Mountain Line as we wind our way around the
                                                     Day 9: Return Home                                   airfare from IND
narrow canyon along the Payette River. Before
continuing into the capital city, Boise, for a two   Today we catch our return flight home out of
night stay, we’ll stop in the heart of Gem Coun-     Salt Lake City. B
Yellowstone & Cheyenne Frontier Days
Day 1: Sioux City, NE                                                           You will have time to      July 19-28, 2011
Today fly into Kansas City                                                      browse Teton Village
and then travel into Iowa                                                       before lunch in the
for an overnight stay in                                                        Jackson Lake Lodge.
Sioux City. D                                                                   We will travel south
Day 2: Rapid City, SD                                                           to enjoy a scenic
Explore the Badlands of                                                         float on the Snake
South Dakota today and                                                          River with the Grand
enjoy dinner at the fa-                                                         Tetons formed as
mous Wall Drug store.                                                           the backdrop. After-
We will stay in Rapid City                                                      wards, we’ll contin-
for the next 2 nights. B, D                                                     ue into historic Jack-
Day 3: Rapid City, SD                                                           son in which you will
Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument and            have leisure time to explore Jackson Square,         Combine this tour
the Black Hills are on our agenda today with a      located in the heart of Jackson, WY. B, D
                                                                                                         with Majestic Colo-
local guide. We will travel to Custer State Park    Day 8: Grand Tetons
                                                                                                         rado on page 22 and
featuring 71,000 acres of unspoiled land, pris-     Breakfast in the fresh outdoors at a Chuck-
tine lakes and roaming buffalo. Enjoy a Buffalo     wagon will cap our experiences in Jackson. We        take $450 off the
Safari Jeep Tour into one of the largest herds of   will board our coach and travel southeast to         combined per person
bison in North America. Dinner tonight will be      Cheyenne, WY. This state capital is known for        rate!
in the historic State Game Lodge where Presi-       its friendly people and Old West vibe. Unpack
dents Eisenhower and Coolidge dined and re-         your bags for our 2 night stay. B, D
laxed. B, D                                         Day 9: Cheyenne
Day 4: Cody, WY                                     Frontier Days
We depart Rapid City this morning and begin         Cheyenne Fron-
our trek to Cody, WY. Along the route, we will      tier Days began
see Devil’s Tower, and pass through the beauti-     in 1897 and has
ful Big Horn Mountains. After dinner in down-       since evolved into
town Cody we will relax in the comforts of The      the largest West-
Cody, a hotel featuring luxury lodging in the       ern celebration in
American West. B, D                                 the world. Known
Day 5: Yellowstone                                  as the “Daddy of
This morning, we’ll visit the Buffalo Bill Mu-      ‘Em All” the event
seum before driving into Yellowstone Park. We       offers many activi-
will stay 2 nights at the Old Faithful Snowlodge,   ties for us to see
located within walking distance to Old Faithful.    and enjoy.      We
B, D                                                will taste down-
Day 6: Yellowstone                                  home food, at-
Bring your cameras and be prepared to enjoy         tend a PRCA rodeo
the best of Yellowstone today with our own          competition featuring some of the nation’s
guide! Old Faithful! Geysers! Paint Pots! All in    top rodeo cowboys, visit the Wild Horse Gulch
all, a day of geological wonders and plenty of      western heritage tour and much more. Plan to
wildlife! B, D                                      kick-up your heels and shout a “YeeHaw” as we
Day 7: Jackson, WY                                  have fun in Cheyenne. B, L
Let’s explore more of this unique land. We will     Day 10: Return home                                  Per person rates*
head south to the Grand Tetons and Jenny Lake.      Fly home from Denver, CO. B                          double $2499
                                                                                                         triple/quad $2247
 Highlights:                                        wonder teeming with wildlife!
                                                                                                         single $3049
 · Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial,            · Lively western town of Jackson Hole.
                                                                                                         * Includes roundtrip
 the magnificent Badlands and Black Hills!          · 2-night stay in Yellowstone National Park
                                                                                                         airfare from IND
 · The inspiring Grand Tetons, Rocky Mountain       and scenic float trip on Snake River.
 wilderness and Big Horn Mountains.                 · 2 nights in Cheyenne, WY to attend the
 · Yellowstone National Park - a geological         “daddy of ‘em all” frontier days celebration
                                     Majestic Colorado
Day 1: Colorado Springs, CO                                                                                  July 28-August 5,
Colorado begs to be explored and we are on                                                                         2011
our way! Arrive at the Denver airport and                                                                  Come with us to ex-
travel to Colorado Springs for a visit to the
                                                                                                           plore Colorado’s ma-
U.S. Air Force Academy Chapel before we
                                                                                                           jestic      mountains,
settle in for our 2-night stay. B,D
Day 2: Pike’s Peak                                                                                         natural beauty and
It is no wonder the poem and song “Ameri-                                                                  friendly folk. Take the
ca the Beautiful” was inspired by the views                                                                world’s highest cog
from Pikes Peak. See for yourself as you                                                                   railroad to the summit
take the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway to the                                                                    of Pikes Peak, a scenic
top! After lunch at the four-star rated Cliff                                                              train ride through the
House, we’re off to the Garden of the Gods,            “must see” sites in Colorado according to ABA.
                                                                                                           Royal Gorge, and the
Colorado’s version of Eden that contains wind-         Our evening’s activities include a chuchwagon
                                                       western dinner complete with Bar D Cowboy           vintage steam trains
swept rock formations and sandstone towers                                                                 Cumbres & Toltec and
with names like “Kissing Camels” and “Weeping          entertainment under the star-filled Colorado
                                                       sky. B, D                                           Durango & Silver-
Indian”. B, L
                                                       Day 6: Durango-Silverton Railroad                   ton on this great ad-
Day 3: Canon City, CO
Today we will travel to Canon City, CO, and            This morning it’s “All Aboard” as we meet the       venture. Gaze at the
board the Royal Gorge Train for a 24-mile jour-        Durango-Silverton narrow-gauge train. The           awe-inspiring scen-
ney into the canyon. Next we visit Great Sand          line was constructed to haul silver and gold ore    ery while traveling
Dunes National Monument. The wind-swept                from the San Juan Mountains but passengers          between historic and
dunes rise 750 feet high against the beautiful         soon realized it was the VIEW that was truly        lively, colorful Colo-
backdrop of the rugged Sangre de Cristo Moun-          precious! After lunch in Silverton, we’ll drive     rado cities!
tain. Alamosa, CO, is our home for the night.          the “Million Dollar Highway”, visit the little
B, D                                                   mountain town of Ouray, known as “Switzer-
Day 4: Cumbres & Toltec Railroad                       land of the Rockies”, and continue our scenic
Next stop – 1880! The historic Cumbres and             drive to Gunnison National Monument for an
Toltec railroad will take us on an all day trip over   eagle’s eye view of the Black Canyon. Overnight
high trussles, through tunnels, and along nar-         in Grand Junction, CO. B, D
row shelves above yawning gorges. The train            Day 7: 100 years!                                   Combine this tour
will stop for lunch in an old ghost town. Over-        On May 21, 2011, the Colorado National Mon-         with Yellowstone on
night in Durango for 2 nights. B, L                    ument celebrated its 100th anniversary cel-         page 21 and take $450
Day 5: Mesa Verde National Park                        ebration! We will offer our congratulations in      off the combined per
                                                       person as we visit the monument this morning.
This morning, we will start our day with a Vic-                                                            person rate!
torian-costumed guided walking tour of “The            You will see sheer-walled, red rock canyons and
Boulevard” in Durango. Afterwards, we will             you may even spy bighorn sheep and soaring
spend the day exploring Mesa Verde National            eagles. Later, we will drive eastward on I-70,
Park. Home to over 4,000 known archeological           traveling through the beautiful Glenwood Can-
sites and cliff dwellings, this is one of the top 5    yon towards Denver, CO. After dinner, we will
                                                               check into our hotel. B, D
                                                               Day 8: Denver
                                                               Today is devoted to exploring Denver,
                                                               CO, the Mile High City. We will tour the
                                                               Denver U.S. Mint (based on availability),
                                                               Coors Brewery and the state Capitol.        Per person rates*
                                                               For our last evening in the foothills of    double $2145
                                                               the Rockies, we will enjoy dinner and an    triple/quad $1945
                                                               evening of entertainment at one of the      single $2746
                                                               outstanding cultural centers in the Den-    * Includes roundtrip
                                                               ver area. B, D                              airfare from IND
                                                               Day 9: Return flight home
                                                               Today we catch our return flight home. B
                                  Polar Bear Express
Day 1: Marshall, MI
We make our way north to Michigan                                                                             August 13-21, 2011
for an overnight stay. D                                                                                     Last year this tour
Day 2: Sudbury, ON                                                                                           sold out within a few
It’s off to Canada today! We will see                                                                        months! It is a popular
the Soo Locks before we cross into                                                                           tour full of remote des-
Canada and travel to Sudbury. We will                                                                        tinations and unique
enjoy dinner at The Lakehouse in Sud-                                                                        experiences.      Please
bury where we will find it hard to de-                                                                       note: this tour requires
cide which is better, the delicious food                                                                     a moderate level of
or the fabulous views of the harbor!                                                                         mobility to traverse the
B, D                                                                                                         remote areas and boat
Day 3: Cochrane, ON                                                                                          excursions. Please be
While in Sudbury this morning we will                                                                        sure you can climb 15
visit Dynamic Earth, an exhibit where                                                                        steps with your carry-
visitors enter a network of tunnels and                                                                      on, climb in and out of
journey through the history of mining                                                                        boats and walk on un-
led by retired miners. Afterwards we                 lar Bear Express to Cochrane, enjoying dinner in        even surfaces.
will board our comfortable motorcoach and            the dining car. Overnight in Cochrane B, L, D
travel north through mining and timber country       Day 6: Cochrane, ON
to Cochrane. B, D                                    Today we will see Cochrane at it’s best! We will
Day 4: Moosonee, ON                                  visit the Polar Bear Habitat and Heritage Mu-
There is no road system to Moosonee so, this         seum where they care for injured polar bears.           Please note: Due to the
morning, it’s “all aboard” the Polar Bear Ex-        Perhaps you will be the one to volunteer to             small number of rooms
press train to travel 186 miles to the edge of       swim with the polar bear! This afternoon, a             at the Eco-Lodge, there
the Arctic through rugged forests and wetlands,      guide will board our bus for a tour of Cochrane’s       is limited availability on
and across mighty rivers once navigated by ab-       highlights. This evening we experience a visit to       this tour.
originals, explorers and fur traders. Enroute you    the authentic Ininew Friendship Centre as we
will have complete access to a new audio tour        create dream catchers and converse among the
that was developed in conjunction with the Dis-      Cree. Overnight in Cochrane B, D

covery Channel to aid you in learning about the      Day 7: Barrie, ON
area while on the train and in Moosonee. This        Our travels today take us past several small
evening, after dinner, we will join our Cree Guide   lakes and provincial parks to the bustling me-              Great trip!
as he navigates us on the Moose River (one of        tropolis of Barrie, ON. Barrie is a up and coming       Our favorite part
the few rivers which flows south to north) for a     city making it’s mark in Ontario. A walking tour        was staying at the

Sunset Boat Tour of the great Moosonee island        will give us insight into the historical and future     EcoLodge.
while viewing a terrific sunset! We will over-       of Barrie including a visit to the smallest jail cell
night in Moosonee at the EcoLodge. B, D              in Ontario! After dinner, we will travel to and         - M. Sanders
Day 5: Moose Factory, ON                             overnight in Toronto near the airport. B, D
This morning, wake to the smell of fresh north-
                                                                                                             Polar Bear 2010
                                                     Day 8: Toronto
ern air as we board the boat with a Cree guide       This morning you will have the option of flying
and travel by water to St. James Bay! You will       home from Toronto (at additional cost). Other-
be able to watch the Fresh Water mixing with         wise, stay on board with us. This morning, will
the Salt Water as you approach the Bay. After        visit the Toronto Farmers Market and the Royal
lunch, we will visit Moose Factory Island, the       Ontario Museum listed as one of the top 10
oldest settlement in Ontario, docking at rough-      must see spots in Toronto. Afterwards, we will
ly the same spot Charles Lindbergh landed his        travel east to mid- Ohio for our overnight stay.
floatplane in 1931! Our guided bus tour of this      B, D
island community will include ancient relics of      Day 9: Return home
the fur trade, Centennial Park Museum and the        Our trip to the northern reaches of Ontario
                                                                                                             Per person rates
St. Thomas Church and Banneck Bread tasting,         comes to an end as we return home. B                    double $1998
made by a local Cree woman. After our return                                                                 triple/quad $1912
to Moosonee, we will catch the southbound Po-                                                                single $2493
     Lewis & Clark’s Journey of Discovery
Day 1: St. Louis, MO                                  Day 8: Great Falls, MT
                                                                                                             August 22-Sept. 4,
Today we travel to St. Louis, MO to visit the Mu-     The Expedition took 32 days to portage equip-
seum of Westward Expansion, featuring Lewis &         ment and canoes around five formidable falls in              2011
Clark artifacts. Overnight in St. Louis. D            the area. Today we we learn more about this            Over 200 years ago
Day 2: St. Joseph, MO                                 challenge on our visit to the L & C Interpretive       Lewis and Clark led
The Lewis and Clark expedition spent the winter       Center and the portage sites as well as visit          an historic expedition
in training at Camp DuBois on the Wood River.         American western artist C. M. Russell’s Muse-          to the American West
This morning we’ll begin our journey retracing        um. B, D                                               that “fired the imagi-
their steps at this #1 National Trail Site of re-     Day 9: Missoula, MT                                    nation of the American
constructed Camp DuBois, then continue across         Today we take a boat ride between giant cliffs         people and made them
Missouri. As we travel by motorcoach, imagine         cut by the Missouri River and visit Missouri           feel the full sweep of
the challenges of this journey as the expedition      Headwaters State Park. Care to climb a cliff and       the continent on which
made its slow ascent against the current of the       stand where Lewis saw the confluence of the            they lived”. Join Sunrise
Missouri River. We will have a Lewis & Clark his-     Jefferson, Madison and Gallatin Rivers? Then           Tours to retrace this epic
torian on board to answer questions and pro-          we continue through the mountains in Shosho-           journey from St. Louis to
vide information. L                                   ne territory where Lewis & Clark secured horses        the Oregon coast.

Day 3: Sioux City, NE                                 to cross the Rocky Mountains. Overnight in Mis-
As we continue along the Missouri River, we’ll        soula, MT. B, D
visit the Missouri River Basin Lewis and Clark In-    Day 10: Orifino, ID
terpretive Center to get a glimpse of the more        Today we travel along the Nez Perce trail                   I have never been
than 300 flora and fauna discoveries. We will         through the Bitterroot Range, the worst part of        a part of anything
continue north to the Lewis and Clark State           the journey for the expedition. Our route along        that was so well
Park to take a short ride on a replica of the keel-   the Clearwater River provides many Kodak mo-           planned and execut-
boat used by the expedition. Finally we’ll settle     ments! Overnight in Orifino, ID. B, L, D               ed. Every day was
for the night in S. Sioux City, NE along the Mis-     Day 11: Richland, WA                                   interesting and some
souri River. B, D                                     Running out of food in what seemed like an             days I wondered how
Day 4: Chamberlain, SD                                endless sea of rugged mountains, the expedi-           the next could be as
Today we travel into South Dakota, visiting Spirit    tion came upon the helpful Nez Perce tribe.
                                                                                                             good, but they always
Mound and Akta Lakota Museum for more in-             We will visit Nez Perce National Historical Park

teresting stories of the L&C journey. B, D            where we’ll learn more about these Indians and
Day 5: Bismarck, ND                                   the encounter with the expedition before con-
We journey through the Lower Brule and Stand-         tinuing our journey toward the Columbia River.         - E. Taylor
ing Rock Indian Reservations into N. Dakota vis-      Overnite in Richland, WA of the Tri-Cities. B, D       Lewis & Clark 2003
iting significant L & C sites along the way. This     Day 12: The Columbia River Gorge Area
evening enjoy a catered dinner in North Dako-         Today our travels take us along the beautiful Co-
ta’s History Museum with time to browse its ex-       lumbia Gorge National Scenic Area as we follow
hibits. Overnight in Bismarck. B, D                   the river – a beautiful trip (with several interest-
Day 6: Williston, ND                                  ing stops) that seems even more exciting as we         Combine this tour
Today we continue our journey with visits at          realize we are nearing our destination. Unpack         with Northwest Coast
Fort Mandan, where the expedition party spent         your bags for 2 nights at the Heathman Lodge in        on page 25 and take
a productive winter gathering information from        Vancouver, WA B, D
                                                                                                             $350 off the com-
the friendly Indians and recruited Charbonneau        Day 13: Fort Clatsop
                                                                                                             bined per person
and his wife Sacagawea as interpreters. You           Enjoy the beautiful coastline of northern Or-
will see the reconstructed winter quarters and        egon and visit a reconstruction of Ft. Clatsop         rate!
earthen lodges of the Mandan Indians. Over-           where the expedition spent the winter before
night in Williston, ND. B, D                          returning home. This evening we’ll enjoy a spe-        Per person rates*
Day 7: Great Falls, MT                                cial farewell dinner. B, D                             double $2689
As we travel across Montana, we’ll stop at Ft.        Day 14: Return home                                    triple/quad $2467
Union where the Yellowstone and Missouri Riv-         We fly back in several hours, a distance that          single $3355
ers meet, “Decision Point” where the Missouri         took Lewis & Clark 6 months to travel! Now
                                                                                                             * Includes return air-
and Marias Rivers meet and visit Ft. Benton, the      we better understand what this journey must
                                                                                                             fare to IND
last stop for steamboats coming from St. Louis        have been like 200 years ago, and have seen the
in the 1800’s! Our next 2 nights are spent in
Great Falls, MT. B, D
                                                      changes that have taken place since then! B
Day 1: Fly into Portland, OR
                                      Northwest Coast
                                                                                                            September 7-16,
After our flight into Portland, OR,
we will visit Portland’s most no-                                                                                2011
table signature landmark, the fa-                                                                          Explore the gems of
mous International Rose Test Gar-                                                                          the US northwest with
dens. After dinner, we will check                                                                          Sunrise Tours. This tour
into our hotel for the night. D                                                                            features Mount Hood,
Day 2: Portland, OR                                                                                        Pacific Coast Beach
The sweeping view of the Co-                                                                               and Ocean, Crater Lake
lumbia River Gorge is just one of                                                                          Lodge, California Red-
many incredible sights we’ll see                                                                           woods, and San Fran-
on our Columbia River Gorge-                                                                               cisco!
Mount Hood loop tour. Lunch at
historic Timberline Lodge and our

knowledgeable step-on guide will
enhance our tour of this pristine area of Oregon.     carved by the river’s hydraulics. See the canyon
B, L                                                  where John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn
                                                      filmed “Rooster Cogburn”. Our boat cruise ad-             …When I first
Day 3: Newport, OR
                                                      venture includes dinner at the O.K. Corral. B, D     saw my room at the
Today we take the scenic route along the coast
to Newport, OR, stopping along the way to soak        Day 7: Redwood National Park                         Elizabeth Street Inn,
in the sights of beautiful beaches and pristine       Today travel into Northern CA and visit Redwood      I went right down to
scenery. This two-night stay at The Elizabeth         National Park and see the tallest living things on   the front desk and
Street Inn will delight you as each room has          earth, evergreen trees that grow to 350 feet!        asked if I could move

a balcony with a Pacific Ocean view and fresh         This evening enjoy dinner in Fort Bragg, CA be-      in!
baked cookies each evening! After a lovely din-       fore our overnight stay. B, D
ner in Newport we will enjoy a beachfront bon-        Day 8: Scenic train ride
                                                                                                           - M. McWay, Oregon
fire (weather permitting). B, D                       This morning we board the famous Skunk Train
                                                      steam engine in its 127th year of operation!         2007
Day 4: Oregon Coast
Board the 65’ Discovery for a marine discovery        We will travel as the train did in 1885 from
cruise. Whales, sea lions, sea birds, seals, light-   Fort Bragg to Willits chugging along through
houses and an historic bridge will be visible dur-    the beautiful redwoods. Bring your camera as
ing our naturalist-led cruise. After the cruise we    common sightings include blue heron, egrets,
will visit the Hatfield Marine Science Center for     osprey, ducks, and the occasional lounging tur-
                                                                                                           Combine this tour
a closer ecological look at the coast and all of      tle! Did you know the trains were nicknamed
                                                      for their original gas engines, which prompted
                                                                                                           with Lewis & Clark
its offerings. Lunch will be in the Bayfront area                                                          on page 24 or Cali-
in Newport. This afternoon we will visit the Or-      folks to say, “You can smell ‘em before you can
                                                      see ‘em.” In the midst of the Redwood Forest,        fornia National Parks
egon Coast Aquarium. We might even catch a
                                                      we will enjoy a delicious catered BBQ lunch.         on page 28 and take
sea lion or sea otter feeding! We will be sure to
                                                      This afternoon we travel to the quaint town of       $350 and $450 (re-
offer leisure time to shop and browse the quaint
shops before returning to the Inn. B, L               Healdsburg for dinner on your own before con-        spectively) off the
Day 5: Crater Lake                                    tinuing to our hotel outside of San Francisco for    combined per person
A trip to Oregon would not be complete without        a 2-night stay. B, L                                 rate!
a visit to one of the most photographed lakes in      Day 9: San Francisco
the country, Crater Lake. Featuring magnificent       Cross the Golden Gate Bridge to enjoy the “city
blues and sheer surrounding cliffs almost two         by the bay” with a local guide. Be sure to notice
                                                      the architecture of the city, Chinatown, Golden
thousand feet high, it is a place of immeasur-                                                             Per person rates*
able beauty. Dinner and overnight will be at the      Gate Park, Nob Hill, Cable Cars and many sce-
                                                      nic views of the bay. You will have leisure time
                                                                                                           double $2541
Crater Lake Lodge. B, D                                                                                    triple/quad $2295
Day 6: Grants Pass, OR                                in Fisherman’s Wharf to shop and explore. This
                                                      afternoon we will board a ferry for an excursion     single $3280
After a morning view from the rim of Crater
                                                      to Alcatraz Island. This evening we will enjoy       * Includes roundtrip
Lake, we travel west to Grants Pass, OR. This af-
                                                      dining in this fine city. B,D                        airfare from IND
ternoon, we will board a boat for a guided ex-

cursion of Hellgate Canyon, Rogue River travel-       Day 10: Return home
ing amidst close-ups of remarkable rock shapes        Return flight home. B
         New York City and Hudson Valley
Day 1: Bellville, OH
                                                                                                          September 12-19,
We will depart and travel east to
central Ohio where we will stay                                                                                2011
overnight. D                                                                                             Since Henry Hudson
Day 2: Poughkeepsie, NY                                                                                  first sailed up his name-
Today we will travel across Penn-                                                                        sake river over 400
sylvania to New York. Enroute                                                                            years ago, people have
we will enjoy dinner at Torches                                                                          been visiting the Hud-
on the Hudson Restaurant which                                                                           son Valley, rich in histo-
features waterfront dining and an                                                                        ry and natural beauty.
‘Aqua Bar’ that is not to be missed.                                                                     Combine this area with
It is the talk of the town! Be sure                                                                      a visit to vibrant New
to take a look at the 6,000 gallon                                                                       York City on this excit-
salt water aquarium home to 30                                                                           ing tour.
varieties of fish. B, D                            of the Hudson River B, D
Day 3: West Point Military Institute and Culi-     Day 5: New York City and Broadway
nary Institute of America                          We will see NYC from a different perspective
Today we visit West Point Military Academy,        this day as we visit Ellis Island, where so many
the oldest military academy in the country.        people began new lives in the USA and you can
Walk the paths of Generals and presidents as       research your family history. We will also visit
you trace the footsteps of                                                       the Statue of Lib-
our country’s great lead-                                                        erty and enjoy the
ers. Next visit the life-                                                        magnificent view of
long home and museum                                                             the New York sky-
of Franklin D. Roosevelt                                                         line from across the
in Hyde Park, featuring a                                                        Hudson River. This
renowned Rose Garden.                                                            evening we’ll dine
Tonight, we’ll enjoy the                                                         at the renowned
pleasure of dining in one                                                        Club 21. Perhaps
of the four-star restau-                                                         you have seen the
rants of the Culinary Insti-                                                     Club 21 lounge in
tute of America! B, D                                                            the movie “One Fine
Day 4: Gardens at Kykuit                           Day”. After dinner, we’re off to the theater dis-
Today, as we visit the mansion and gardens at      trict for a Broadway production. B, D
Kykuit (home of the Rockefeller family) and Sun-   Day 6: New York City tour
nyside (Washington Irving’s romantic riverfront    Today we will explore New York City with a local
home), we will enjoy the quiet beauty of histor-   guide. We will spend the day seeing such places
ic Hudson Valley. This evening dine with views     as Central Park, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fifth Av-
                                                          enue, Trump Tower, watching the people
                                                          at Rockefeller Center and visiting the
                                                          unique area of Chinatown in lower Man-
                                                          hattan. This evening we will rise to the
                                                          “Top of the Rock” in Rockefeller Center
                                                          for a bird’s eye view of the Big Apple. B, D
                                                          Day 7: Eastern Ohio
                                                          Today we drive across Pennsylvania with a                          2008
                                                          surprise “sweet” stop mid-state. Then it’s
                                                                                                             e price
                                                          back toward St. Louis with an overnight        Sam
                                                          stay in eastern Ohio. B, D                     Per person rates
                                                          Day 8: Return home                             double $1631
                                                          We return home today. B                        triple/quad $1479
                                                                                                         single $2087
            Mediterranean Empires Cruise
        Port                       Arrive Depart   Per person rates (based on double occupancy)              September 8-21,
Day 1: Overnight flight to Venice, Italy           Category VD (balcony)               $4643
Day 2 Overnight in Venice, Italy onboard cruise    Category D (outside)                $4163               Board the magnificent
ship                                               Category K (inside)                 $3743               NIEUW        Amsterdam
Day 3: Venice, Italy                      5 PM     * Price includes roundtrip airfare from IND,            of Holland American
Day 4: Split, Croatia              9 AM 4 PM       cruisefare, taxes, transfers, port charges and fees.    Cruise Line for a 13-day
Day 5: At Sea                                      Does not include optional insurance and onboard         Mediterranean adven-
Day 6: Athens, Greece              8 AM 5 PM                                                   g rat u -   ture.
Day 7: Cruising the Dardanelles 8AM 2 PM                                                       ities.
       Istanbul, Turkey            4 PM
Day 8: Istambul, Turkey                   5 PM
Day 9: Mykonos, Greece             1 PM 11 PM
Day 10: Ephesus, Turkey            7 AM 7 PM
Day 11: Santorini, Greece          8 AM 5 PM
Day 12: Katakalon, Greece          9 AM 5 PM
Day 13: At Sea
Day 14: Venice, Italy, return flight home

Door County – Cape Cod of the Midwest
Day 1: Ludington, MI                                              interests or a walk along the shore-      September 17-22,
Our first day of travel                                           line. A visit to Peninsula State Park,         2011
takes us along the                                                the crown jewel of Wisconsin state
beautiful    Michigan                                             parks, will include a guided tour of
                                                                                                            The Bridgeport Re-
coastline,    stopping                                            one of the five historical Peninsula      sort is just a short
at Saugatuck, MI for                                              lighthouses. We’ll complete our day       walk to the quaint
time to shop and have                                             with an authentic Door County fish        village of Sturgeon
lunch on our own.                                                 boil where we’ll watch the sunset         Bay.
We’ll then travel on to                                           and be entertained by the famous
Ludington, MI where                                               “boil over”. B, D
we will have a chance                                             Day 4: Door County                       Highlights:
to see some of the sites in the area and view a    We’ll discover the Lake Michigan side of the            • Enjoy quaint towns
beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan. B, D          peninsula with sandy beaches and rocky shore-           of Saugatuck and Lud-
Day 2: Sturgeon Bay, WI                            line cliffs today. We’ll tour Bjorklunden’s Boyn-       ington, MI
This morning we board the S.S. Badger as we        ton Chapel, enjoy a leisure walk along the shore        • Cruise across Lake
enjoy a relaxing 4-hour cruise between Lud-        in Whitefish Dunes State Park, and learn about          Michigan aboard the
ington, Michigan and Manitowoc, Wisconsin.         the “limestone” sea caves that are nestled along        S.S. Badger
Upon arriving in Manitowoc, WI, we’ll visit the    the sea line. Enjoy a leisurely evening in Stur-        • Tour Wisconsin Mari-
Wisconsin Maritime Museum, Midwest’s largest       geon Bay. B, D                                          timeMuseum
maritime museum and Smithsonian endorsed.          Day 5: Wisconsin                                        • Door County – Tour
Next we’ll have a docent-guided tour of USS        After a relaxing morning, we bid farewell to            Quaint villages
Cobia, the nation’s most completely restored       Door County as we travel towards southern Wis-          • Tour Bjorklunden’s
WWII submarine, and view the many exhibits.        consin. En route we’ll make interesting stops to        Boynton Chapel
Next we’re off to Door County, one of the top      explore towns inland and along Lake Michigan.           • Enjoy Fish Boil &
ten vacation destinations in North America as      B, D                                                    more
described by Money Magazine. Enjoy free time       Day 6: Return home
in the lovely lakeside community of Sturgeon       Of course no visit to Wisconsin is complete
Bay before checking into the Bridgeport Resort,    without cheese! So before departing Wiscon-
home for the next three nights. B, D               sin, we’ll visit a local cheese house for delicious
Day 3: Door County                                 samples and an opportunity to purchase favor-           Per person rates
Today we’ll explore the quaint villages found      ites (own expense). Then it’s homeward bound            double $958
along the Green Bay side of this enchanting pen-   – refreshed and rejuvenated from our Mid-west           triple/quad $843
insula. Enjoy some free time to discover your      Cape Cod experience. B                                  single $1302
      California National Parks and more
Day 1: Fly into Sacramento, CA
                                                                                                          Sept. 17-26, 2011
After our flight, we’ll explore Sacra-
mento, with a local guide. Do you hear                                                                   Spectacular National
the clippity-clop of horses and car-                                                                     Parks, a boat cruise,
riages as we stroll along the wooden                                                                     a train ride through
sidewalks? We’ll enjoy a delicious din-                                                                  a historic frontier,
ner as we make our way to South Lake                                                                     and a 2-night stay at
Tahoe, a city rich in history and nature,                                                                a Ranch.
and overnight in Lake Tahoe. D
Day 2: Yosemite National Park
Board the MS Dixie for a narrated
cruise of Lake Tahoe, including Emer-
ald Bay. Then, travel south to Yosemite
National Park. This evening, we explore
the rugged beauty of Yosemite Valley at
dusk with a local guide. Absorbing the             After breakfast we’re off to Sequoia and Kings
spectacular scenery along the way, it’s easy to    Canyon National Parks, the second and third
understand why it is one of the nation’s most      designated national parks in our country. Our
photographed parks. Overnight on the perim-        drive will boast breathtaking scenery along the
eter of the park. B, D                             way. These parks are home to giants: immense
Day 3: Sugar Pine Train                            mountains, deep canyons and huge trees. Be-
This morning, we will enjoy breakfast at the       hold the oldest living thing in the world as you
                                                                                                         A great time of year
award winning Ahwahnee Lodge Dining Room           view the General Grant Tree, named the Na-
in the heart of the Park. Next we visit the Wa-    tion’s Christmas Tree by Calvin Coolidge in 1926.
                                                                                                         to visit - as summer
wona Hotel, a retreat that was used by Teddy       We return to the Ranch for an evening of food         temperatures drop!
Roosevelt. Get your eyes and ears ready as the     and fun. B, L, D
sounds and scenes from the era of steam pow-       Day 6: Death Valley National Park
ered railroad logging come to life at the Yosem-   This morning fill ‘er up on the ranch breakfast
ite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad. We will board    buffet. Today we cross the edge of the Mojave
this special steam train for a                                        dessert into Death Valley Na-
ride that ends with a delicious                                       tional Park. Named by Na-
BBQ Lunch. Afterwards, we                                             tive Americans as “Tumpisa”        Combine this tour
travel to Wonder Valley Ranch,                                        meaning rock paint for it’s clay   with Northwest Coast
nestled in the scenic Sierra Ne-                                      bottom, the Valley is known        on page 25 or South-
vada foothills, for a 3-night                                         as having the lowest point in
                                                                                                         west Adventure on
stay. Tonight we’ll mosey on                                          the western hemisphere. Our
over for some delicious ranch                                         overnight stay puts us right in
                                                                                                         page 29 and take $450
“grub”, enjoy a traditional                                           the center of the Park at the      off the combined per
campfire with typical cowboy                                          Furnace Creek Ranch! Take a        person rate!
entertainment. B, L, D                                                swim in a spring fed pool and
Day 4: Sanger, CA                                                     enjoy the stars which blanket
After a hearty breakfast, we’re                                       the brilliant sky. B, D
off to Squaw Valley Herb Gar-                                         Day 7: Death Valley National
den for a guided walk. After                                          Park
lunch, we’ll return to the ranch                                      Today enjoy a wonderland           Per person rates*
for relaxation or your choice of                                      that stretches as far as the eye   double $2268
activity. This evening enjoy the hosted happy      can see as we tour Death Valley National Park.        triple/quad $2133
hour, bountiful ranch dinner buffet, and evening   This evening we travel to Las Vegas, NV and The       single $2746
entertainment. Later, experience the “Wonder       Golden Nugget for an evening of food and en-          * Includes roundtrip air-
Valley Horse Races”. Which jockey will you bet     tertainment! B, D                                     fare from IND.
on? B, D                                           Day 8: Return flight home
Day 5: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National           After a hearty breakfast and a short drive to Las
Parks                                              Vegas Airport, we will board our flight home. B
                  Southwest Grand Adventure
Day 1: Fly into
Las Vegas, NV
                                                                                                                Sept. 26- Oct. 5,
After a smooth flight to Las Ve-                                                                                      2011
gas, we’ll check into the four-                                                                               Las Vegas, Grand
star Golden Nugget Hotel and                                                                                  Canyon and the Al-
Casino with plenty of time to                                                                                 buquerque Balloon
relax and soak up exciting Las                                                                                Festival!
Vegas. D
Day 2: Grand Canyon, AZ
We’ll head to the south rim of
one of our great national trea-
sures, the Grand Canyon with
time to enjoy the views and
walk at our leisure. Our home
tonight is directly in the park on                     cal guide who will offer us history and tours of
the South Rim at the Kachina Lodge! Get your           the Cathedral Basilica, Palace of the Governors,
cameras ready for a spectacular sunset. B, L           San Miguel Church and Loretto Chapel. Do you
Day 3: Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, AZ               know the mystery that surrounds the construc-
Awake to an highly anticipated sunrise! Today,         tion of the miraculous staircase at Loretto Cha-
we’ll bid adieu to the Grand Canyon as we en-          pel? B, L
joy a scenic drive along the East Rim. Visit an                                                               Combine this tour
                                                       Day 7: Albuquerque, NM
ancient Native American Pueblo at the Wupatki          Today, you’ll have the option of taking an early       with California Na-
National Monument. Later this afternoon, we            morning hot air balloon ride with remarkable           tional Parks on page
will travel to Flagstaff, AZ for a 2 night stay. Af-   views of the sunrise (additional cost). After a lei-   28 and take $450 off
ter dinner, we will tour the night sky through the     surely morning, we will board the Sandia Peak          the combined per
telescopes of the Lowell Observatory. We will          Tramway, the world’s longest aerial tram, for a        person rate!
learn about Lowell’s distinguished history and         tram ride 2.7 miles above the Cibola National
the cutting-edge research. B, D                        Forest to the Sandia Peak featuring panoramic
Day 4: Sedona area, AZ                                 views of the great Southwest! Our Balloon ad-
Drive through Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona.              venture continues this afternoon as you stroll
USA Today newspaper called this rugged canyon          between the balloons on the launch field and
the “most scenic drive in North America.” We’ll        the dazzling evening balloon glow. What a sight
take a narrated trolley ride of Sedona and after       to see nearly 400 balloons glowing in the desert
lunch, we will have time to browse the local gal-      evening sky. Following the glow, we will view a
leries and boutiques. B, L                             fantastic “AfterGlow” fireworks show. B, L
Day 5: Albuquerque, NM                                 Day 8: Route 66
Traveling east, while enjoying Sunrise Tours dis-      A must see in the area, and first stop today, is
tinguished hospitality, we move along highway          the ABQ Balloon Museum. Afterwards, we will
40 to Old Town Albuquerque, NM, host to the            travel east along historic Route 66, fill our tum-
world famous balloon festival, and our 3-night         mies with a restaurant unique to the Route 66
stay. Before we retire for the evening, we will        and continue our journey to Amarillo, TX for our
have dinner and explore the historic area of Old                                                                                          !
                                                       overnight stay. B,L
                                                                                                                             ince   2009
                                                                                                                      rice s
Town Albuquerque. B, D                                 Day 9: Oklahoma City, OK                                     p
Day 6: Balloon Festival and Santa Fe                   This morning, we’re off to Oklahoma City to            Same
Rise and shine! The glorious mass balloon as-          visit the beautiful and contemplative Oklahoma         Per person rates*
cension and opening ceremonies is a thrilling          City Memorial. Afterwards, you will have time
experience as hundreds of vividly colored hot                                                                 double $2362
                                                       to explore The Bricktown District, the most vi-
air balloons rise in the morning sky. Then we’re                                                              triple/quad $2135
                                                       brant and unique restored neighborhood that
off to Santa Fe, NM. We’ll begin our visit with        features a spectacular canal. B, D
                                                                                                              single $3046
a culinary delight! The celebrated Santa Fe                                                                   * Includes roundtrip air-
                                                       Day 10: Return home                                    fare from IND
School of Cooking will educate and entertain           Today we fly home. B
us for lunch as featured on the Food Network.
Afterwards, we will explore Santa Fe with a lo-
        Old Man River and a Touch of Lady Luck
Day 1: Queen City Riverboat                           overnight destination. While there we will en-       September 28-29,
Today we travel to Dayton, KY where we will           joy a full dinner buffet at our leisure, and can
board the Queen City Riverboat for an all-day         try your hand at Lady Luck in the Casino. The             2011
cruise down the Ohio River to Rising Sun. While       town of Rising Sun is charming and there is a
on board enjoy lunch, live music, unlimited           van available to take you into town to shop or
beer, wine and soft drinks, afternoon treats,         explore. B,L,D
Bingo and games with prizes. On the boat there        Day 2: Vevay, Indiana
will be climate controlled areas as well as a can-    This morning we visit Vevay to meet our guide
opy open-air upper deck for viewing and taking        for a tour of this charming river town. Follow-
pictures. This part of the Ohio is steep and hilly    ing the tour, we will have time to check out the
making attractive overlooks where the river           wonderful shops including Danner’s Hardware,
and scenic towns combine for a picturesque            the oldest business on its original site in Indi-
panorama. View Captains’ mansions, Presi-             ana. We will enjoy lunch, tour and entertain-       Per person rates
dent Harrison’s monument, a 30-foot Veterans          ment at the beautiful Schenck Mansion Then          double $379
Tribute Bell Tower and much more. The Grand           off to The Ridge Winery Tasting Room where we       triple/quad $359
Victoria Resort and Casino, which is a replica of     will enjoy sampling wines as we watch the river     single $411
the 19th Century Victorian Sternwheeler, is our       roll by. Come along for the fun!! B, L

                New England Fall Adventure!
Day 1: Mid-Ohio                                                        ing at Maine’s picturesque and
We will depart and overnight                                           beautiful coast, our home for
                                                                                                          Sept. 30-Oct. 9, 2011
in eastern Ohio. D                                                     the next 3 nights. Your hotel        Oct. 7-16, 2011
Day 2: Finger Lakes, NY                                                overlooks the rugged coastline.    For 13 years, Sun-
More fun and great scenery as                                          B, D                               rise Tours has trav-
we make our way into the Fin-                                          Day 6: Ogunquit, ME                eled to savor the
ger Lakes Region of New                                                Following breakfast, we will       beauty that the fall
York! Today, we’ll visit the                                           board our coach to travel to
                                                                                                          foliage brings to the
George Eastman Center (Ko-                                             Portland and one of the old-
dak founder) for a guided tour.                                        est work-ing lighthouses in the    Green Mountains of
While enjoying the ambiance                                            U.S., the Portland Head Light.     Vermont, the White
of history and beauty we will                                          Tonight, enjoy an authentic        Mountains of New
dine at the lovely Belhurst                                            Maine lob-sterbake dinner. B, D    Hampshire and the
Castle located on the shores                                           Day 7: Ogunquit, ME                rugged seacoast of
of Seneca Lake before travel-                                          Another hearty breakfast and       southern     Maine!
ing to our overnight stay in                                           we are off to cruise the harbor    This is a tour you
Syracuse, NY. B, D                                                     and learn how to catch lobster!    don’t want to miss!
Day 3: Vermont                                        Then, we’ll spend the afternoon in the quaint
As we continue eastward through central New           town of Kennebunkport. B, D
York we’ll visit Cooperstown, featuring new in-       Day 8: Scenic Roads
ductee Whitey Herzog and the Baseball Hall of         This morning, we bid adieu to Maine and travel
Fame, before arriving in Vermont for a 2-night        scenic roads through Massachusetts. This after-
stay. B, D                                            noon, we will return to a Sunrise Tour traveler’s
Day 4: Vermont                                        favorite, lunch at The Graduate Club, located in
How about a walk amid the colorful trees, and a       an historic 1800s Federal style, Colonial build-
visit to a maple syrup house and country store?       ing on the Yale campus. This meal satisfies the
We will spend a glorious day in the mountains         historian and the hungry! B, L
of Vermont with our local guide. B, D                 Day 9: Ohio
Day 5: New Hampshire, Ogunquit, ME                    Fall foliage continues to delight the eye as we
As we travel the byways of Vermont and New            travel through Pennsylvania to our overnight        Per person rates
Hampshire, the quaint villages, covered bridg-        stay in Ohio. B, D                                  double $1828
es, spiry church steeples, and mountains and          Day 10: Return home                                 triple/quad $1678
valleys dressed in fall colors await us! There will
be a wealth of places to explore before arriv-
                                                      We arrive home early afternoon with warm
                                                      memories of new friends and wonderful times.
                                                                                                          single $2368
                  Fall Foliage Cruise by Coach
If you love to cruise but don’t like to fly, join Sunrise Tours on a fall foliage cruise with transporta-    October 6-16, 2011
tion provided to and from the port in New York City on a deluxe motorcoach.
Day 1: Eastern Ohio                                     Day 4: Newport, Rhode Island
Travel by deluxe motorcoach to Eastern Ohio. D disembark 7:00 AM, reboard at 4:00 PM
Day 2: New York City                                    Day 5: Boston, Massachusetts
This evening arrive in New York City and visit disembark: 10:00 AM, reboard at 7:00 PM
Times Square and the “Top of the Rock” obser- Day 6: Bar Harbor, Maine
vation attraction. We will Overnight in New Jer- disembark 7:00 AM, reboard at 6:00 PM
sey, just across the Hudson River from Manhat- Day 7: Saint John, New Brunswick
tan. B, D                                               disembark 8:00 AM, reboard at 5:00 PM                Per person rates (based
Day 3: New York City                                    Day 8: Halifax, Nova Scotia                          on double occupancy)
Visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty (or disembark 9:00 AM, reboard at 6:00 PM                       Category J        $1956
other activities) before boarding Princess Cruis- Day 9: Cruising; at sea                                    (inside)
es’ incredible ship, the Caribbean Princess, for Day 10: Disembark New York City (Manhattan                  Category DD        $2296
our fall foliage cruise.                                or Brooklyn) and travel by deluxe motorcoach to      (outside, oceanview)
                                                        Eastern Ohio. B, D                                   Category BD       $2456
                                                        Day 11: Return home                                  (balcony)
                                                        Today we return home. B                              Prices include motor-
                                                        Caribbean Princess                                   coach transportation,
                                                        Caribbean Princess offers 900 balcony state-         cruisefare, accommoda-
                                                        rooms and an entire deck of Mini-Suites. Hall-       tions, meals as indicat-
                                                        mark features include Movies Under the Stars,        ed, port charges, taxes
                                                        the premier Lotus Spa and numerous formal            and fees. Price does not
                                                        and casual eating options, including the open-       include optional insur-
                                                        kitchen-style Café Caribe.                           ance or onboard gratu-

                                      New York Encore
Day 1: New York City                                  the streets of Newark to international pop stars
Catch a flight to New York City and check into        with hits like “Sherry”, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, “Oh,   October 10-13, 2011
our Theater District hotel before a delicious din-    What a Night” and more. Even if you have seen          Featuring three nights
ner in the atrium garden at Mont Blanc Restau-        it before, there is nothing like the excitement        at the Belevedere Hotel,
rant, home of excellent Swiss cuisine. Tonight        and intimacy of a Broadway production! B, D            just steps from the The-
enjoy a view from above as we ascend the “Top         Day 3: New York City                                   atre District and Times
of the Rock” observation deck. D                      Like a real New Yorker, take the subway down-          Square.
Day 2: New York City                                  town to Battery Park and take the ferry to visit
Start the day with a local guided tour of the most    Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. This after-
important borough of New York City; Manhat-           noon is yours to enjoy as you please. Take in a
tan. See Central Park, Rock-                                      matinee show, shop Madison Avenue
efeller Center, St. Patrick’s                                     or visit the Metropolitan Museum
Cathedral, Chinatown, the                                         of Art. Your Sunrise Tour Manager
reconstruction at Ground                                          will be available to help you chart a
Zero and much more. After a                                       course for an exciting New York after-
delicious dinner, visit the Au-                                   noon (cost of afternoon activities not
gust Wilson Theater for one                                       included). B
of the biggest Broadway hits                                      Day 4: New York City                       Per person rates*
of the last decade and win-                                       Take a short, early morning walk to        double $1853
ner of the 2006 Tony Award                                        Rockefeller Center to watch the To-        triple/quad $1659
for Best Musical; Jersey                                          day Show(optional) before checking         single $2502
Boys. Experience the story                                        out of our hotel and heading to the        * Includes airfare from IND
of Frankie Valli and the Four                                     airport for our return flight. B
Seasons as they rise from
    Eureka Springs, Branson and More!
Day 1: St. Louis, MO                                                            featuring the award       October 18-22, 2011
Our first day we will travel to St.                                             winning Gospel Music
Louis, MO, where we will see                                                    of the Texans. After      Highlights:
some surprise sights in the area.                                               dinner we’ll sit atop a   * Ozark Medieval For-
After dinner, we will check into                                                very scenic mountain      tress
our hotel for the night. B, D                                                   as we enjoy the spec-     * Passion Play in Eureka
Day 2: Eureka Springs, AR                                                       tacular experience of     Springs, AR
This morning will be spent enjoy-                                               watching America’s        * Dinner and Gospel
ing the fall colors as we travel to                                             largest outdoor dra-      Music Show
our first stop in Lead Hill, AR. At                                             ma, The New Great         * Blue Spring Heritage
our stop in Lead Hill, you will be-                                             Passion Play. The play    Center
come a time traveler as you go back to the 13th     features a cast of more than two hundred actors       * Visit Historic Eureka
century and witness thirty authentically dressed    along with live animals in a moving depiction of      Springs
craftsmen at work transforming nature’s re-         the last days and the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.    * Showboat Branson
sources to build the Ozark Medieval Fortress.       Be sure to bring football season type clothing        Belle in Branson, MO
We then head to Eureka Springs for dinner and       for the outdoor theatre. B, D                         * Branson Scenic Rail-
afterwards check into our hotel for a 2-night       Day 4: Branson, MO                                    road
stay. B, D                                          Today we travel to Branson, MO, where we will
Day 3: Passion Play                                 board the Branson Scenic Railway for a 40-
This morning we will capture the rich history       mile roundtrip excursion thru Ozark foothills
of the Ozark region as we enjoy the serenity of     and tunnels and learn about the history of the
the springs and gardens at the Blue Spring Heri-    area as you cross bridges and trestles! Later we
tage Center. Afterwards you’ll enjoy exploring,     will enjoy the fall colors surrounding Table Rock
having lunch and shopping on your own in the        Lake, dinner and an all new show, as we board
picturesque historic town of Eureka Springs,        the Showboat Branson Belle! After the show,
designated as a community of national signifi-      we will check into our hotel for the night. B, D
                                                                                                          Per person rates
cance on the National Register of Historic Plac-    Day 5: Return Home
es. Later this afternoon we will enjoy an early     Today we will make a surprise stop in St. Louis
                                                                                                          double $699
sit down dinner (4:30 pm) at the new “Top of        where you will have a chance to have lunch on         triple/quad $609
the Mountain” Gospel Music Dinner Theater           your own before traveling home! B                     single $981

                            Panama Canal Cruise
Port                            Arrival            Departure                                              October 20-30, 2011
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida                            5:00 PM
At Sea                                                                                                    Embark on an 11-
At Sea                                                                                                    day journey into the
Aruba, Aruba                     7:00 AM           12:30 PM                                               Panama Canal, an
Cartagena, Colombia              9:00 AM           3:00 PM                                                engineering marvel,
Panama Canal, Panama             5:00 AM           3:30 PM                                                aboard the Island
Colon, Panama                    5:00 PM           9:00 PM                                                Princess with Princess
Limon, Costa Rica                7:00 AM           6:00 PM                                                Cruise Lines.
At Sea
Grand Cayman, Islands            7:00 AM           5:00 PM
At Sea
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida          7:00 AM
Per person rates (based on double occupancy)
Category I (inside) $1,820 deposit $240 pp; single $3,019; optional insurance $90 pp dbl
Category EE (outside) $2,000 deposit $260 pp; single $3299; optional insurance $104 pp dbl
Category BD (balcony) $2,300 deposit $320 pp; single $3899; optional insurance $128 pp dbl
* Price includes cruise fare, roundtrip airfare from IND, taxes, government fees, port charges and
transfers. Price does not include onboard gratuities and optional insurance. Final payment due
by August 6, 2011.                                                                                                          32
            Cuyahoga Valley Fall Color Tour
Day 1: Springfield, Ohio
Heading east, we’ll enjoy the com-
fortable ride and passing scenery,
stopping at the charming Model T                                                                          October 18-22, 2011
Museum and the Warm Glow Out-
let. Dinner is a special treat tonight
at a working Dairy Farm. D
Day 2: Cuyahoga Valley
Visit the small factory where metal
whistles are made in before heading
north to board the historic Cuyahoga
Valley Scenic Railroad for a journey
into the heart of this National Park.
Learn about the workings of the
Ohio & Erie Canalway. Settle in for
                                                                                Punderson Manor Lodge
two nights in Old World luxury at                    um. They showcase the origin, development
Punderson Manor Lodge located on Punderson           and growth of professional football as part of
Lake. Relax and enjoy Dinner this evening at         American culture. At The Warther Museum in
the Lodge. B, D                                      Dover, you will enjoy learning about the life of
Day 3: Ohio Amish Country                            “Mooney” Warther, who went from whittling to
After a full hot breakfast overlooking the lake,     master carving, and how his love of family and
we will be joined by a knowledgeable local           hobbies is honored today by his decedents. A
step-on guide for a ride through the back roads      special treat awaits you as we dine this evening
of beautiful Geauga County. You will meet the        in the Ivory Room. B, D
local Amish folks, learn about their gentle way      Day 5: Dayton, OH, return home
of life and marvel at their craftsmanship. A deli-   From the Wright Brothers to our present day
cious and filling dinner awaits you this evening     Air Force, the National Museum of the United
in an Amish country home. B, D                       States Air Force covers it all. You will be filled   Per person rates
Day 4: Footballs and Knives                          with pride in our great country and gratitude        double $794
We say farewell to Punderson Manor Lodge as          for the men and women who have served in the         triple/quad $717
we head south to Canton and the Pro Football         armed forces. B                                      single $1143
Hall of Fame, America’s premier sports muse-

                        Dickens Victorian Village
Day 1: Cambridge, OH                                 person interpreters share stories of the life of
Today we travel to historic Cambridge, Ohio          a coal miner during the winter and around the          November 15-17,
where Old England and history come alive.            holiday. We then travel to the Ogelbay Resort in            2011
We’ll tour this Dickens Victorian Village, which     Wheeling, West Virginia, where we enjoy a holi-      You are in for a delight-
provides a variety of sights and sounds unique       day buffet followed by a guided tour through         ful Christmas holiday
to England in the Dickens time period of 1840        the park to see the Festival of Lights. We retire    treat as we travel to
– 1860. The costumed towns people will be            for the evening at Salt Fork Resort. B, L, D         Cambridge, Ohio for a
our guide as we tour their town, enjoy high tea      Day 3: Longaberger Homestead – Return home           two night stay at the
at Colonel Taylor’s Mansion and marvel at the        We leave “Old England” and journey to Dres-          Salt Fork Resort and en-
Guernsey Courthouse Holiday Light show as it         den, OH, the birthplace of Longaberger baskets,      joy the region’s favorite
comes alive with thousands of pulsating lights       where you will have an opportunity to browse         holiday attractions!
synchronized to holiday music. We’ll stay at         or do some Christmas shopping! We continue
the Salt Fork Resort, in a beautiful park setting,   on to the Longaberger Homestead where you
for two nights. D                                    will have free time to watch baskets being
Day 2: Oglebay Resort – West Virginia                made, shop and enjoy lunch on your own. We           Per person rates
This morning we tour the local Cambridge Glass       then leave basket country as we head for home        double $538
Museum and enjoy a tour and English Tea at           making a stop for dinner along the way. Visions      triple/quad $515
St. John’s Episcopal Church. After lunch we’ll
take a scenic railway ride as we listen to first
                                                     of sugar plums may dance through your head as
                                                     you relax the rest of the way home! B
                                                                                                          single $619
    Pennsylvania Dutch to the Big Apple
Day 1: Ohio                                                                    treat before our travels
Settle in for a com-                                                           further east. This after-
fortable ride and hos-                                                         noon we’ll venture 50
pitality as we travel to                                                       feet below sea level (by     November 28-
Central Ohio for our                                                           elevator), as we tour       December 5, 2011
overnight stay. D                                                              the The Gold Vault and
Day 2: Great Ameri-                                                            learn about the unique
can Chocolate                                                                  role of the New York
We’ll journey this                                                             Federal Reserve Bank.
morning        through                                                         Then it’s off to dinner
the rolling hills to-                                                          in Little Italy before an
wards Lancaster, PA.                                                           evening of festive lights
A stop at Hershey’s                                                            and holiday decor of
Chocolate        World                                                         Manhattan. We’ll view
where we’ll board                                                              the huge snowflake
Hershey’s own trolley                                                          made of Baccarat crys-
for a memorable nar-                                                           tal as we drive down
rated historical tour                                                          57th Street with our
through the town                                                               local guide, take in the
“built on chocolate”.                                                          holiday light show at
Don’t be surprised if                                                          the Grand Central Ter-
the conductor starts                                                           minal and more. Our
singing! We’ll also                                                            evening concludes with
enjoy the Hershey’s Sweet Lights display. After      a visit to the “Top of the Rock” with spectacular
our indulgence, we’ll make the quick drive to        vistas of Rockefeller Center‘s famous Christmas
the Eden Resort, our home for the next three         Tree awaits us before retiring to the Marriott
nights. B, D                                         Teaneck, NJ for the next two nights. B, D
Day 3: Pennsylvania Dutch                            Day 6: Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall
This morning we visit a Pennsylvania Dutch            Wake up to a special performance of the Rock-
community. With a local guide, we’ll uncover         ettes at Radio City Hall. They made their debut
the mysteries of Amish lifestyle and explore         in 1933 and will continue kicking high for this
the countryside as we make our way to a na-          extraordinary show and Christmas spectacular.
tive Lancaster County farm. Not only will we see     This afternoon it’s your choice. Will you choose
picturesque scenery filled with farms, hills, and    a play on Broadway? A visit to the MET or Gug-
quaint towns, but we’ll have an opportunity          genheim Museum? Shopping on famous 5th
to stop at a shop or two along the way. Then         Avenue? So many possibilities- you‘re sure to
prepare your pallets for an evening feast of lo-     be pleased! This evening, we’ll enjoy our meal
cal Amish fare. ‘Tis the evening, we’ll delight in   at the Heartland Brewery in the heart of Times
“Dickens of Christmas” at the historic Mount         Square. B, D
Hope Estate and Winery. B,D                          Day 7: Oglebay Resort
Day 4: Yuletide Magic                                Then we’ll travel to Wheeling, WV to enjoy a
Today we’re in for some Yuletide magic as we         festive holiday buffet and winter festival of
visit our 15th President, James Buchanan’s           lights celebration at the Oglebay Resort in
Wheatland. We’ll learn about the President,          Wheeling, WV. This Festival of Lights, created
his niece Harriet Lane, and the mansion during       by world-renown landscape lighting expert Dick
our tour before a quick shopping excursion fol-      Bosch, was featured on the Travel Channel’s Ex-
lowed by leisure time at the resort. After dinner    treme Christmas Celebrations and named as a
this evening we’ll experience the “2011 Christ-      top event in the country by Discover America
mas Show” at the American Music Theater…             and the American Bus Association. Overnight in
                                                                                                           Per person rates
where music is alive! B,D                            Ohio. B, D
                                                                                                           double $1598
Day 5: Discovering The Big Apple                     Day 8: Return Home
                                                                                                           triple/quad $1440
After breakfast, we’ll make a brief stop at Lan-     With a deep sigh of satisfaction and memories
caster Central Market for one last PA dutch          of a world apart, we’ll make our way home. B          single $2071
                                   Holiday Grandeur!
 Featuring the Greenbrier Resort, Homestead Resort and Colonial Williamsburg
Day 1: Lexington, KY                                   Day 4: Williamsburg, VA
We travel across Kentucky to Lexington for an          Since the first organized Christmas celebration             Dec. 3-9, 2011
overnight stay. We’ll cap off our evening in           drew visitors to Colonial Williamsburg in 1936,
style as we drive through Kentucky Horse Park’s        nothing quite matches the excitement and gran-
“Southern Lights” holiday show. D                      deur of a Christmas season in Williamsburg.
Day 2: Greenbrier Resort                               Today, we will spend the day at Colonial Wil-
After a full breakfast, we will travel to the award-   liamsburg, all dressed up for the holidays. We’ll
winning Greenbrier Resort. Home to distin-             have complete access to explore Colonial Wil-
guished guests since 1776, this hotel is located       liamsburg’s hundreds of recreated and restored
in White Sulphur Springs, WV in the beautiful          buildings, sites and exhibits including the Gov-
Allegheny Mountains. We’ll arrive in time to en-       ernor’s Palace. We will enjoy a delicious lunch
joy their daily afternoon tea and holiday con-         at the historic Shield’s Tavern where servers still
cert. What a treat! After a tour of the grounds,       wear period dress as they did in the 1800’s. The
relax in the elegantly decorated guest                 day will include activities which make the his-
rooms or in the magnificent lobbies by a cozy          tory books come alive right before our eyes! B, L
fireplace. Our four-course dinner will be in the       Day 5: The Homestead

main dining room (where coats and ties are re-         Today we travel to one of the world’s finest Re-
quired) with sparkling chandeliers and stately         sorts. Since 1766, the opulent National Historic
columns. You will have the option of touring The       Landmark Homestead Resort has offered an in-
Bunker (additional cost), a former U.S. Govern-        comparable retreat to its visitors. Princes and                It was wonder-
ment Relocation hideaway facility from the Cold        Presidents, including Thomas Jefferson, have             ful, just fabulous!
War. After dinner continue to soak up the charm        soaked in its mineral spring waters, and if you          My husband en-
of the Greenbrier with an evening entertain-           bring a bathing suit, you can too! Sit around            joyed it immensely

ment or a swim in the pool. B, D                       the immense Christmas Tree, sipping tea in the           too!
Day 3: Greenbrier Resort                               elegant foyer of this grand hotel. We will treat         Maureen Catlett,
We awake to The Greenbrier and it’s incred-            ourselves to a delightful dinner complete with           Holiday Grandeur
ible winter wonderland décor throughout the            musicians playing. Feel free to tap your toes or         2009
resort. After breakfast in the main dining room,       even dance to a number or two! After dinner,
you will have time to shop in the dozens of bou-       you are welcome to relax or even enjoy a movie
tiques, and/or enjoy an optional activity (at an       in their in-house theater. B, D
additional cost) such as a carriage or sleigh ride     Day 6: Ohio
or a one-of-a-kind spa service. This afternoon,        This morning, we will have time to indulge in
a colonial Christmas awaits us as we journey to        a lovely, relaxing breakfast while enjoying the
Williamsburg, VA for the next 2 nights. Combin-        hospitality of this luxurious Resort. Lunch is in-
ing nostalgia and charm, we are certain to feel        cluded today at the Tamarack of West Virginia.
the magic that Colonial Williamsburg has put           Home of vibrant juried artists, southern crafters
into the Christmas season for decades. B, D            and local food producers we will enjoy a fine
                                                                         meal and shopping. As the sun
                                                                         begins to set, we’re in for a thrill
                                                                         at the “Legendary Lights of the
                                                                         Clifton Mill”. This spectacular
                                                                         event has been described as
                                                                         “mind-boggling!” They boast
                                                                         the country’s largest collection
                                                                         of over 3,000 antique Santas
                                                                         and a lot more. B, L
                                                                         Day 7: Return home
                                                                         We relive our cherished memo-
                                                                         ries as we travel home. B              Per person rates
                                                                                                                double $1563
                                                                                                                triple/quad $1480
                                                                                                                single $1990    35
A Norman Rockwell and Von Trapp Christmas
Day 1: Fly into Albany, NY                                                                                  December 13-17,
We fly to Albany, NY and kick off
our holiday experience with a
visit to the Berkshire Museum
and Festival of Trees; a unique
display of 100 Christmas trees
each decorated with the heart
and soul of the local commu-
nity! After dinner with a local
flare, we will overnight in Bar-
rington, MA. D
Day 2:       Norman Rockwell
This morning we will visit the
charming town of Stockbridge,
MA, whose Main St. inspired
one of Norman Rockwell’s best
known illustrations. It will feel
like we are in the painting as we
explore this quaint town. Nor-                      is a visit to one of Vermont’s tastiest attractions:
man Rockwell’s museum is our next stop before       Dakin Farms. We will learn the production of
we enjoy a scrumptious Christmas lunch at the       their gourmet meats and cheeses complete
historic Red Lion Inn. This afternoon, we travel    with delicious samples for all! This afternoon
north to the Yankee Candle Flagship Store for       we arrive at the Von Trapp Family Lodge in time
some holiday shopping. This evening, it’s time      for afternoon tea and cookies and our two-
to feel jolly as we enjoy a 4-course dinner fol-    night stay. This evening we will savor a 3-course
lowed by caroling and a visit from a very special   dinner followed by a viewing of the movie “The
friend. B, L, D                                     Real Maria”. B,D
Day 3: Vermont’s delights                           Day 4: “…these are a few of my favorite things.”
After a hearty breakfast, we will depart with a     Today we explore the area around the Lodge.
local guide to the Danforth Pewter Company for      The Morse Sugar Farm will host us and teach
a demonstration and the Vermont Soap Factory        about the history of sugaring, the production
for a look at how organic soaps are made. This      of maple syrup, and in true VT tradition, we will
is the area where the Bob Newhart Show was          experience a wonderful sugar-on-snow! After
filmed and we will see this special home. Next               some time for lunch on your own and
                                                             shopping in Stowe, we will tour the Cold
                                                             Hollow Cider Mill where you will see ci-
                                                             der being produced year round. We will
                                                             return to the Trapp estate for a horse
                                                             drawn-sleigh ride (weather permitting)        Per person rates*
                                                             and tea and cookies. After our 3-course       double $1699
                                                             dinner, Elisabeth Von Trapp will delight      triple/quad $1628
                                                             us with her stories and songs! B, D           single $2017
                                                             Day 5: Flight home                            * Includes roundtrip
                                                             We say “So long, Good day” to our new         airfare from IND.
                                                             fond acquaintances before we catch our
                                                             flight home. B

         To make a reservation please call (317) 254-8945.
        The 123rd Rose Parade and more!
Stop and smell the roses at the 123rd Rose Parade in Pasadena, California! Always a                           December 29,
favorite with Sunrise Tours travelers, this wonderful New Year’s trip packed with lots of                    2011-January 3,
activity is sure to foster many fond memories.
Day 1: Fly into Los An-
This morning we’ll
catch our flight into
Los Angeles and check
into the Marriott in
Manhattan        Beach,
                                                                                                            “    Just wanted to
                                                                                                            let you know we had
our comfortable home                                                                                        a wonderful time...
for the duration of the                                                                                     all of the meals and
trip. D                                                                                                     attractions we saw
Day 2: Reagan Library,                                                                                      were super! I have
Behind the Parade                                                                                           been to L.A. quite
                                                                                                            a few times, and
This morning, we’ll
                                                                                                            never had a better
take a scenic drive
along the coast and                                                                                         tour than our tour
over the mountains                                                                                          with Sunrise. Riding
to Simi Valley to enjoy                                                                                     the subway in L.A.
a visit at the Ronald                                                                                       was like being in a

Reagan Library and                                                                                          movie!”
                                                      special New Year’s Eve celebration is planned to
Museum. This year, the newly renovated Reagan
                                                      bring in the New Year! Dancing! Singing! What
                                                                                                            Tony and Peggy
Library pays tribute to our 40th President with                                                             Dahlia
                                                      will it be? The evening is a mystery as is the
a special Centennial Celebration. There will be
                                                      coming year! B, D
new engaging exhibits to honor his accomplish-
                                                      Day 4: Los Angeles sightseeing
ments and patriotic spirit. Enjoy lunch on your
                                                      Today we’ll spend the day exploring Los Angeles
own in Old Pasadena before we go behind the
                                                      with a local guide. We’ll see The Hollywood
scenes to see how the Rosebowl floral floats
                                                      Bowl, Mann’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Walk
are constructed and in their final stages for the
                                                      of Fame, Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, Rodeo
parade. Then we’re off to tour the Queen Mary
                                                      Drive and so much more! B,D
before our onboard evening of dinner and enter-
                                                      Day 5: Rose Parade
tainment at the Tibbies. B, D
                                                      Enjoy a great view of the Tournament of Roses
Day 3: Bringing in the New Year
                                                      Parade from your reserved seating - you can’t
This morning we’ll take a journey through the
                                                      help but get caught up in the excitement of the
Petersen Automotive Museum and explore one
                                                      crowd as the beautiful floats, proud marching
of mankind’s greatest achievements and obses-
                                                      bands, and the Anheuser Busch Clydesdales pass
sions: the automobile. The museum, founded
                                                      by! After lunch, we’re in for a treat as we tour
by Robert E Peterson (and publisher of Hot Rod
                                                      the Crystal Cathedral, home base of the Hour of
and Motor Trend magazines), features the his-
                                                      Power television ministry. The cathedral is rec-
tory of cars beginning with a 1901 streetscape
                                                      ognized for its glass structure and contemporary
and showcases automobiles of glamour and ce-
                                                      architecture and featured on The History Chan-
lebrity along with the Otis Chandler Motorcycle
                                                      nel. Afterwards, you’ll have leisure time before      Per person rates*
Collection. Whether you’re an avid car fan or
                                                      a delicious dinner and retiring for the night. B, D   double $2098
not, you’ll leave this venue filled with nostalgia.
                                                      Day 6: Return home                                    triple/quad $1933
Afterwards, we’ll visit the Getty Museum which
                                                      Before catching our return flight to St. Louis, we
offers ancient to modern art, beautiful, tran-                                                              single $2593
                                                      will have time for last minute souvenir shopping,
quil gardens in a dramatic architectural setting.                                                           * Includes roundtrip
                                                      or a walk along the Santa Monica pier or prom-
We’ll enjoy spectacular vistas of the hills and Pa-                                                         airfare from IND.
                                                      enade before our flight home. Hasn’t this trip
cific Ocean in the distance before returning to
                                                      been an exhilarating way to begin a new year?!!
our hotel. You’ll have time to watch some foot-
ball games or relax by the pool. This evening a
                                                      B                                                                     37
Cancellations                                  cordance with services received.               for the single supplement. Of course, if
Our refund policy for cancellations var-       Trip Insurance                                 you prefer to travel individually, you can
ies according to the type of tour. Your        For 2 main reasons we highly recom-            still sign up for the single fare. This offer
deposit for an overnight tour is fully re-     mend the purchase of trip insurance and        is not valid on cruises, and some select
fundable up to the final payment due           can provide information on Berkley Insur-      tours.
date. On any cancellation made after fi-       ance: 1) Trip interruption – There are cir-    Method of Payments
nal payment is due, we reserve the right       cumstances that can prevent passengers         For deposits we accept checks or cash.
to withhold monies for non-refundable          from fully participating in a tour and may     For final payment on overnight tours we
expenses.                                      require an early departure or extended         accept Visa, Mastercard, check or cash.
All overnight motorcoach: Full refund up       stay. For example, if a passenger suf-         Seating on the Motorcoach
to the day of departure for medical rea-       fers an injury that prevents the traveler      Seating is assigned and will be rotated on
sons except for non-refundable expenses        from continuing on the tour, insurance         a daily basis. Special seating requests are
to us. Many hotels, restaurants & activi-      will cover the cost of the extended stay,      honored on the basis of availability.
ties require pre-payment.                      the cost of transportation home and the        Responsibility
Fly/Coach: The motorcoach portion of           value of the missed tour (subject to claim     Sunrise Tours is not responsible for any
the tour is fully refundable (except for       submission and acceptance by Berkley           injury, delay, loss or accident due to any
non-refundable expenses incurred by us)        Insurance). If you do not have insurance,      act or negligence on the part of any per-
up to the day before departure for medi-       you will personally incur these costs and      son or company rendering services on
cal reasons. The refund of the flight por-     it can be very expensive. 2) Trip cancel-      any of our tours. We reserve the right to
tion of the cost is dictated by the airline.   lation - If you are forced to cancel a tour    change any itinerary.
If we can get a refund on the flight or find   for medical reasons (for you or an imme-       After You Book An Overnight Tour...
someone to use the ticket, we will cer-        diate family member), having insurance         After you have booked a tour and we
tainly pass that refund on to you. How-        ensures a complete refund of monies            have received your deposit, the following
ever, if we cannot obtain a refund, we         paid (except for the cost of insurance).       is a schedule of correspondences:
will be unable to refund that portion of       Sunrise cannot guarantee this because          1) confirmation will be sent upon receipt
the tour price.                                there are times when monies are paid on        of deposit
Cruise: Refund for cancellation of cruis-      your behalf prior to departure.                2) your final payment is due 30 days
es depends on the cruise line and if you       Pick-up points                                 before departure for an all-motorcoach
have purchased their optional trip can-        For each trip, we determine the pick-up        tour or 60 days before departure for
cellation insurance. Please call for ques-     points based on demand. Not all pickup         tours involving air (please note you will
tions on a specific cruise.                    points will be offered on each departure.      NOT receive an invoice when final pay-
One day tours: Please see “How to book         W 2950 N. High School RD (F & B West)          ment is due)
a day trip” on page 31 for details.            N 1305 E. Broad Ripple Ave (F & B North)       3) you will receive a letter about 2-3
Final Payment                                  E 10612 E. Washington St (F & B East)          weeks prior to departure that will include
Your final payment is due 30 days before       S 4325 Southport Crossing Way (Country         your luggage tags and important details
departure for an all-motorcoach tour           Inn & Suites)                                  such as pick-up times and locations, ho-
and 60 days before departure for tours         NE 5215 N. Shadeland Ave (F & B NE)            tel phone #’s, what to bring etc...
involving air unless otherwise noted. For      Identification                                 4) you will receive an itinerary on the
one day tours, please see “How to book         For any tour that leaves the United            first day of the tour
a day trip” on page 31 for details. Please     States, you must have a valid passport.        Groups
call us in reference to cruise payment         Photo ID’s are required on domestic fly        If you’ve got a group of travelers, give
deadlines.                                     tours and recommended on all tours.            us a call to discuss possible special dis-
Included in the Tour Price (and tipping        Singles Requesting Roommates                   counts
policy)                                        If you would like to go on tour with us,       Pictures
The price of the tour includes all attrac-     but do not have a roommate for a specif-       By signing up for and participating in a
tions, lodging, motorcoach transporta-         ic trip, let us know and we will match you     tour, you are agreeing to have any pic-
tion, breakfast and dinner daily (unless       with someone else (same sex of course).        tures taken on tour published in Sunrise
noted otherwise), and tips for hotel,          Just let us know at least 60 days before       Tours printed or web material. If you do
airport, and restaurant personnel. If the      departure and we will room you with an-        not wish to have your picture used in any
tour involves air travel, the cost of the      other traveler at the double rate. If there    form by Sunrise Tours, please notify us
ticket is included unless otherwise not-       is no roommate available on the tour you       prior to traveling.
ed. Tips for the driver, tour managers,        request, you will still only have to pay the
and step-on guides are left to the discre-     price of a double. If you decline the room-
tion of the traveler and should be in ac-      mate assigned, you will be responsible
Booking Forms & Procedures
 Tour*:                                                                                   Please check appropriate boxes:
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 (as appears on ID)
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                                                                                          * If your tour involves a flight,
                                                                                          date of birth is required. Please
 Phone number:                                                                            provide below:

 Email address:

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 Pickup point most convenient for you (actual pickup point may vary by demand):           I have read, understand and
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                                                                                          as they appear on page 38.
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 Please send a brochure to my friend (include name and full address):

How to book an overnight tour:
1. When you decide on a tour, you are welcome to give us a call to reserve your space and then continue to complete
the following steps, or you can simply move on to step #3
2. Complete the above booking form. Please include any special requirements (diet, room, no steps etc.)
3. Determine what deposit is necessary for your tour according to the following:
         motorcoach or fly/coach tours 5 or more days long - $100 per person
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4. Mail in the form along with the deposit to:                                                      If you have any
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How to book a day trip:
1. When you decide on a tour, you are welcome to give us a call to reserve your space and then continue to complete
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4. Please take a minute to read our policies and procedures.
5. Day trip cancellation policy: After payment, full refund minus $10 processing fee if cancellation does not affect minimum or
unrecoverable funds. No refund for tours canceled 48 business hours before departure. Travelers will receive a full refund for
tours canceled by Sunrise Tours due to insufficient number of participants or unavoidable issues.
7911 Hunters Path, Indianapolis, IN 46214
(317) 254-8945

                                  You Are Invited...
Please join us for a Spring Travelogue on Saturday, April 9,     The Indiana World War Memorial Plaza Historic District strong-
9:30-11:30 am at the Indiana World War Memorial Building,        ly defines the character of downtown Indianapolis. The plaza
431 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN.                            comprises six aligned square city blocks of monumental public
Metered parking spots surround the entire Indiana World War      architecture and landscape architecture, united into a cohesive
Memorial Historic District and are FREE on Saturdays! Enter      whole. The district is a nationally significant commemorative
the Building from the Michigan Street side. There is a ramp on   tribute to Indiana’s war heroes and the national headquarters
that side if needed.                                             for the American Legion and its auxiliary and affiliated organi-
                                                                 zations, the largest organization of veterans and their relatives.
Please R.S.V.P. to Sharon at (317) 254-8945 or sharon@travel-    It also is one of the best examples of City Beautiful planning in
sunrise.com so we know how much coffee to make! Also, if         the United States.
you would like to participate in a complimentary guided tour
of the museum, let us know and we will reserve a spot for you!

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