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MURRIETA PLANNING COMMISSION                                      JUNE 27, 2007– 6:00 P.M.
26442 BECKMAN COURT                                                      REGULAR MEETING

CALL TO ORDER             Chair Lane called the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m.

ROLL CALL                 Present:          Rawlings, Fitzpatrick, Lane, Lupro, and Long

                          Absent:           None

                          Staff Present:    Mary Lanier, Planning Director; Priscilla Dugard,
                                            Assistant City Attorney; Bob Moehling, Engineering
                                            Manager; Dennis Watts, Senior Planner; Jim
                                            Holston, Deputy City Manager; Greg Smith,
                                            Associate Planner; Cathy Davis, Assistant Planner;
                                            Bob Bassett, Fire Inspector; Lorie Abeles,
                                            Secretary; Bonnie Dalrymple, Minutes Clerk



Chair Lane reviewed the Agenda.





Mary Lanier presented envelopes to Commissioners Rawlings and Long and thanked them
for their support and guidance. Chair Lane thanked them for their service and presented gifts
to them for their service.


Patricia Nye expressed her concern regarding the need for a stop sign on the east and west
side of Clinton Keith at Antelope Road. She stated that they have been asking for a stop sign at
that intersection and was annoyed that money is being put towards signals all around Murrieta
except for this intersection. She explained that cars on Clinton Keith are backed up all the way
to the busses. She further stated that the Commission talks about building, but it was reported
that there is enough water in Diamond Valley Dam to last only a year.

Public comments closed.
MURRIETA PLANNING COMMISSION MINUTES                                               JUNE 27, 2007
REGULAR MEETING                                                                      PAGE 2 OF 7

Chair Lane asked Bob Moehling about the distance from the Clinton Keith and Antelope
intersection to the freeway and what would be the requirements to install lights and a stop sign.
Bob Moehling stated that Antelope will be realigned within the next six months.
Commissioner Rawlings stated that CalTrans approval is needed to put a stop sign at that
intersection. He further stated that Meadowlark and Linnell will be open by next year, which
would alleviate the traffic on Clinton Keith and Antelope Road.


DEVELOPMENT PLAN (DP0-005-1843): A request by Nelson Development to construct
two 18,690 square foot office buildings totaling 37,380 square feet on 3.45 acres located on
Golden Gate Circle (abandoned paint ball facility). Environmental Determination: Exempt
under Section 15332 (In-Fill Development).

Mary Lanier presented the item. She stated that this Item could be approved without the
applicant coming forward and that staff recommends approval.

Chair Lane pulled this item from consent calendar for discussion.

Commissioner Rawlings recused himself, due to conflict of interest.

Commissioner Long asked Cathy Davis, Assistant Planner, to specify outside storage. Ms.
Davis stated that this item could be conditioned not to allow metal storage buildings on site.

Commissioner Long asked if they were going by the old standard regarding parking. Mary
Lanier explained that a few projects were in the process when the code changed last year and
this was one of them. Chair Lane asked if they had 106 parking spaces. Cathy Davis stated
that the old code required 98 and that they were providing 106 parking spaces.



The Applicant stated he is in attendance to answer questions and is in agreement with all
conditions of approval.

A motion was made by Commissioner Long, and seconded by Commissioner Fitzpatrick,
to adopt the recommendation and environmental exception for Development Plan DP0-005-
1843 with the change of number 37 to include metal storage containers in addition to the
outside storage as prohibited. Chairman Lane called for the vote:

              AYES:          Fitzpatrick, Lane, Lupro, and Long
              NOES:          None
              ABSTAIN:       Rawlings
MURRIETA PLANNING COMMISSION MINUTES                                                JUNE 27, 2007
REGULAR MEETING                                                                       PAGE 3 OF 7


2. TENTATIVE TRACT MAP 33904 (TTM-004-108): A request by HNB, Inc. to subdivide
   6.3 acres into 22 single family residential lots, the creation of four lettered lots for
   maintenance by the Community Service Department and a public street. Lots sizes range
   from 7,291 to 9,283 square feet. The project site is located within the Single Family-1
   General Plan/Zone designation with a 7,200 square foot minimum lot size. The site is
   located on the south side of Keller Road, between Warner Lane and Pamplona Avenue. Also
   referenced as Assessors Parcel Number 359-350-011 (Old APN 384-220-011).
   Environmental Determination: A Mitigated Negative Declaration was prepared for the
   proposed project pursuant to Section 15070 of the California Environmental Quality Act.

Mary Lanier, Planning Director, presented the item. Dennis Watts, Senior Planner, gave the
staff report. Commission questioned Dennis Watts about why there were no landscape,
architectural or elevation plans at this point. Dennis Watts explained that this is a proposal for
homes only, not construction, and that these plans are typically not submitted at this point.

Chair Lane stated that this is only an approval plan for the Tract Map. He asked Dennis Watts
if they would be coming back with the construction plans for Commission to review elevation
plans and everything included with that. Dennis Watts confirmed.

Commissioner Lupro talked about inconsistencies between the staff report and the study
including the amount of homes to be built and lot sizes. Dennis Watts stated that the staff
report is more accurate than the environmental report. Commissioner Lupro asked Mr.
Watts to confirm the Traffic and Circulation/Access and Egress, on the bottom of Page three.
Dennis Watts explained the wording and what it meant. Commissioner Lupro questioned
Dennis Watts about if future projects will be bound to a xeriscape type landscaping, installing a
detention basin, and impacts on the ground water. She asked Staff if the words, “If possible”
could be deleted from Condition 114 on page 17 of 23 in Conditions. Commissioner Lupro
stated that there is no more Adelphia Cable and she asked Mary Lanier to follow up on page 10,
2a-f where it states, “property taxes and other assessments provide funding” because she feels
that most of their revenue comes from sales tax.

Chair Lane asked about the offset. Mary Lanier said that is correct and explained.

Commissioner Long questioned Staff about the Environmental Impact Report and how it
refers to the impact on ground water.

Chair Lane reiterated that Staff is asking Commission to approve the Tract Map without
elevations, landscape plans, or layout. Mary Lanier stated that on Tract Maps Commission
could adopt the environmental determination and that they could condition the projects to
come back to them for review.

Robert Schmidt, Applicant, concurred with the City Staff recommendations, Dennis Watts stated
that he was told verbally that on Condition #146 they are requesting clarification of a fire
condition that talks about secondary or alternate access and need clarification, as to whether it
needs to be built or not. On Condition #100, Mr. Watts asked for clarification on streets
meeting a 1% minimum grading requirement. Robert Schmidt stated that they are in
MURRIETA PLANNING COMMISSION MINUTES                                               JUNE 27, 2007
REGULAR MEETING                                                                      PAGE 4 OF 7


Commissioner Long stated that he is not inclined to support the project without elevation
plans. He suggested approving the project with conditions that it comes back to them for

Commissioner Fitzpatrick shares Commissioner Long’s concerns in that the project
presented is not a complete package. He is in support of the project, if it is conditioned to
come back to the Commission for architectural and landscape approval.

Commissioner Rawlings stated that he checked this project against the Development Code
and for most part it goes along with the code. He feels that not installing meandering
sidewalks is a disservice to the City and encouraged staff to look at different street standards.
He also asked if the applicant would consider going with a curb, gutter, landscape, sidewalk
theme. Mr. Holston stated that there is 15 feet of extra landscape on Keller Street. He stated
that there is a standard in place that is water wise. Bob Moehling suggested staying with the
current pattern because plantings along a curb eventually affect the pavement. Mary Lanier
clarified that in looking at meandering sidewalks, they are looking more at the perimeter and
not the interior.

Chair Lane would like the project to come back to Commission with elevations, landscape, and
a sidewalk with a parkway.

Commissioner Rawlings discussed the benefits of a Homeowner’s Association.

Applicant Rebuttal

Applicant stated that this project is only 6.3 acres and that they have contacted the surrounding
owners. The owner to south has been in a dispute with the City for the past two years on
another property and does not want to cooperate. The owners on the west side do not wish to
cooperate, giving the applicant a very narrow, 6.3 acre property. Regarding “A” street, the
gutter, curb, landscape, sidewalk suggestion was presented at one time and declined by staff.
He stated that the elevations will be brought forward for approval. John Neu discussed the
safety issues of meandering sidewalks with Commission.

Commissioner Lupro requested that Condition #114 exclude the phrase “if possible” and Lot
sizes be clarified.

A motion was made by Commissioner Rawlings and seconded by Commissioner
Fitzpatrick to adopt the Mitigated Negative Declaration to approve Tentative Tract Map
004-108 Tract 33904 based on findings and subject to the conditions of approval in the
attached Resolution and as modified. Chairman Lane called for the vote:

       AYES:          Rawlings, Fitzpatrick, Lane, Lupro, and Long
       NOES:          None
MURRIETA PLANNING COMMISSION MINUTES                                                 JUNE 27, 2007
REGULAR MEETING                                                                        PAGE 5 OF 7

A break was taken from 7:26 p.m. to 7:40 p.m.

3. PLAZA DE MURRIETA SPECIFIC PLAN (SPO 2006-2113) is designed as a
   comprehensively planned community that provides housing, recreational and
   commercial/retail uses within five (5) Planning Areas. The Plaza de Murrieta Specific Plan
   occupies 52.25 acres (46.5 net acres) on the east side of Jefferson Avenue, west of
   Interstate 15, and north of Lemon Street in the City of Murrieta. The total residential
   project density of 6.3 dwelling units per acre. It is anticipated that approximately 84,000
   square feet of commercial/retail uses will be developed within the project. Also included is
   the approximately 4.08 acres of natural and man made open space areas. The project site
   is located on the northeast corner of Jefferson Avenue and Lemon Street. Also referenced
   as Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 949-080-005 – 013, 015. Environmental Determination: A
   Mitigated Negative Declaration was prepared for the proposed project pursuant to Section
   15070 of the California Environmental Quality Act.

Commissioner Fitzpatrick noted that the attorney representing the applicant for Item #3 is
his personal attorney. Priscilla Dugard stated that in review of the facts, there is not a conflict
of interest for Commissioner Fitzpatrick.

Chair Lane stated that his understanding is that there has been a request by the Seboba
Tribe. Mary Lanier said that they will recommend continuance. She discussed the law and
Indian tribes. Staff suggested hearing the presentation, opening public comments, and
continuing the item. Priscilla Dugard explained that if the project changes, public comments
would need to be re-opened at a later time.

Mary Lanier presented the item. Greg Smith gave the presentation. He stated that after
reviewing the conditions with the Applicant, staff recommended deleting Conditions #20
because it is unnecessary as the zone change was done during GPAC, and #132 because all of
the residential units are required to have two covered parking spaces. Mr. Smith also went over
Conditions that needed amending. He stated that Staff recommended continuing this item
based on their need to do further review.

Mary Lanier stated that the gates are of concern to the Applicant, and Staff is recommending
that all residential areas be gated for a number of reasons. Ms. Lanier explained that the
project is privately maintained by the HOA.

Gary Thornhill, representing the Applicant (Pacific Century Group), gave the presentation on
Plaza de Murrieta. He concurred with the request to continue the project. Mr. Thronhill stated
that they did not request an exclusion from paying annual park fees, they were looking for
credit. Mr. Thornhill went over the Conceptual Site Plan, and addressed drainage problems and
issues. Lance Walker with The Collaborative West discussed the architecture and design of the
project, landscaping, and the landscape master plan. Charles Addington from the KTGY Group,
Inc., discussed the architectural style, user friendly concept, and went over the single family
residential streetscape. Gary Thornhill discussed the gate placement issue and went over
conceptual gate locations. Commission questioned the Applicant and his team.
MURRIETA PLANNING COMMISSION MINUTES                                               JUNE 27, 2007
REGULAR MEETING                                                                      PAGE 6 OF 7


Tammy Wilson, Executive Director and CEO for Oak Grove, is in support of project. She is very
impressed with the group’s ability to work with community and feels the plan is well designed
and thought out.

James Church is in support of project. He likes the concept of community and retail areas and
feels the retail area does not need to be any larger. Mr. Church also likes the way the houses
will be constructed and feels this project brings class to the City and provides a park-like


Commissioner Long is impressed with design, character, and feel of the project. He thinks it
sets a standard for the other architects. He commented about the retail size and stated that he
was not sure if there was enough.

Commissioner Fitzpatrick likes the overall design of the project, but feels that the retail is
challenging from several standpoints. He suggested looking at the project differently than the
business park uses it was originally zoned for. He also stated that all the homes look the same
with different facades and asked staff to look into that.

Commissioner Lupro shares the same concerns as Commissioner Long. She inquired
about how many jobs could have been generated by the business park versus how many jobs
will be lost by this project. Commissioner Lupro feels that widening the streets would
change the concept of the entire project and that it is critical to retain the openness and sense
of community. She is opposed to gate installation.

Commissioner Rawlings likes the project. He does not see any job loss and feels that
anything more than ten acres for retail is a waste. He stated that the gates are a tough call for
him because, if there is a lot of commercial next to residential, people may park in the
residential area to walk to the commercial.

Chair Lane asked for acreage clarification to be brought forward in the next meeting. He is in
favor of the gates to limit the amount of outside parking, outside vehicle access through the
neighborhood, and confirming to residents that they are buying into private streets. He feels
this project is outstanding and his only concern is the amount of open space and amenities for
this many homes. He suggested continuing this item to the first meeting of July.

A motion was made by Commissioner Long and seconded by Commissioner Rawlings to
continue this item to the meeting of July 11, 2007. Chairman Lane called for the vote:

       AYES:          Rawlings, Fitzpatrick, Lane, Lupro, and Long
       NOES:          None


MURRIETA PLANNING COMMISSION MINUTES                                                                            JUNE 27, 2007
REGULAR MEETING                                                                                                   PAGE 7 OF 7


Mary Lanier thanked Commissioner’s Long and Rawlings for all of their hard work and
support. She also stated that many changes and revisions will be brought forward from the
Planning Department.


Commissioner Lupro talked about the Water Symposium held at Morongo. She stated that
the message was that we are in deep trouble in state of California for water and we are
experiencing our worst drought since 1877. She feels that everyone needs to be more
proactive. She suggested a Landscape Water Conservation Ordinance and being cognizant on
water issues when reviewing plans.

Commissioner Fitzpatrick thanked Commissioner’s Long and Rawlings and welcomed
the new Commissioners.

Commissioner Long explained that he is stepping down due to a medical condition that
requires his full time attention. He stated that he will continue to be involved, but feels it is a
responsible decision to allow someone to dedicate their full attention to the position.

Commissioner Rawlings thanked staff and expressed his joy in working with them. He
commended Bob Moehling, Lorie Abeles, and Mary Lanier for doing a wonderful job. He
thanked his fellow Commissioners for their kind words. Commissioner Rawlings talked
about grandfathering people in on code amendments, the traffic issues of the City, mitigation
fees, and a reminiscent overview of past actions.


On a motion from Commissioner Rawlings and seconded by Commissioner Long, at 10:30
p.m., the meeting was unanimously adjourned to the regular meeting of Wednesday, July 11,
2007 at 6:00 p.m. in the City of Murrieta Council Chambers, 26442 Beckman Court, Murrieta.

                                                                                          Commission Chairman

Commission Secretary

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