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					      Known Corson Lines                             Online Information
Division I - Descendants of Cornelius         Corson/Colson Family History Assn.
Cursonwhit, New England (includes Colson)
(Genetic signature established)
Division II - Descendants of Jan Corszen,
                                              Corson Surname DNA Project
Sussex County, NJ (includes Corsa)
(Genetic signature established)
                                              DNA Ancestry Laboratory
                                                                                             DNA Project
Division III - Descendants of Cors Pieterz,
Staten Island, NY (includes Vroom)                                                              sponsored by the
                                              Information about DNA Genealogy
Division IV - Descendants of Carsten
Jansen, Cape May County, NJ                   alogy/a/dna_tests.htm                             Corson/Colson
(Genetic signature established)
                                                                                           Family History Association
Division Va - Descendants of Corsons from

Division VII - Descendants of Jacob
Corson, Hunterdon County, NJ
(Genetic signature established)

Division XV - Descendants of Coursons in
the southern United States
(Genetic signature established)

Unconnected families descended from:
    • Joshua Corson, Sr. (1770-bef. 1824),
    Maurice River Twp., Cumberland Co.,
    • William DeCoursey (ca. 1708-1788),
    Bensalem Twp., Bucks Co., PA
Genealogists recently began using             1. From what parts of Europe did        If the cost of the test would be the
genetic information to supplement                the progenitors of known U.S.        only barrier keeping you from
traditional methods of genealogical              Corson families come?                participating, please contact the
research. By comparing small                  2. Were any of the progenitors          project coordinator to see if
segments of the Y-chromosome                     closely related?                     additional funds are available for
carried by men with the same (or a            3. To what known family lines do        testing someone from your family
related) surname, genetic genealogy              unconnected Corson families          line.
can indicate how closely two men,                belong?
and thus their direct male-line                                                       Project membership currently
families, might be related. This                  How to Participate                  exceeds 50 members. The results
technique can help organize family                                                    received to date have established
lines when documentation is lacking,       Adult males with the Corson surname        ancestral genetic signatures for five
and it is especially useful for families   (or a variant) are welcome to              of the major Corson family lines and
who have been unable trace their           participate by submitting DNA              have given us good starts on the rest.
ancestry beyond a specific male            samples for testing. Since the DNA         You can find out more information
ancestor. It often can confirm a           tested is passed only in the direct male   about the project and see the current
suspected relationship with a specific     line, females with the Corson              project results online, at
family line and rule out relationships     surname, or individuals descended
with other family lines. It also can       from them, can participate by         
indicate the origins of family             identifying a male relative for testing
progenitors – all without relying on       or by volunteering to subsidize all or     If you have any questions or wish to
the existence of historical documents.     part of the test cost for someone in       participate in the project, please
                                           their family line. The test does not       contact the project coordinator:
        About the Project                  reveal medical or personally
                                           identifying information.                   Michael Corson
This surname project compares DNA                                                     Lieu-dit Le Bas Bourg
signatures of men with the Corson          The project uses the 46-marker             35360 La Chapelle Chaussée
surname (and related variants such as      “Advanced Paternal Lineage” test           FRANCE
Colson, Courson, Corsen, Coursen,          from the DNA Ancestry laboratory.
Corsa, Vroom, DeCoursey, etc.). By         Partial reimbursements are available
doing so, it hopes to help answer          for individuals from certain family
some long unanswered questions             lines.                                     Phone: +33 2 99 45 84 24
about these families: