New Question And Answer Forum Modelled On Yahoo Answers Launched For E Cigarette Niche

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					E Cig Ask uses a casual and yet effective question and
answer format that is modeled on the popular Yahoo
Answers format.
Users can post e-cigarette questions and receive e-cigarette answers from experts and
those knowledgeable about electronic cigarettes. Users can also respond to questions and
discuss any topic related to the new form of smoking.

Since their introduction, the use of electronic cigarettes has continued to grow in
popularity. The marketplace for the smokeless cigarettes has expanded accordingly, but
not all brands provide the same level of quality, efficiency or satisfaction.

Many smokers still lack information about electronic cigarettes.

They're not sure how they work or how they can be an alternative to traditional cigarettes. provides a platform where individuals can obtain reliable information and
e-cigarette answers to make informed decisions about electronic cigarettes.

"My vision for is a different kind of e-cigarette forum, a loose-knit
community of electronic smoking enthusiasts helping both each other and those new to
the world of e-cigarettes," said James Oliver, Founder of

"No question is too basic or too specific for the site – and while anyone
can provide input and answers, the authority of the information is held to account by
the community in a very open source kind of way," he added.

E Cig Ask provides an informative e-cigarette forum where anyone can come to ask e-
cigarette questions and receive answers from knowledgeable users. E-cigarette answers
can be obtained on a wide array of issues, from atomizers and liquid to favorite brands.
The site provides a one-stop resource about electronic cigarettes.

E Cig Ask is one of the few destinations for visitors with facts and objective information
on the use of E cigarette online. This E Cigarette Forum contains many articles and
resources for people who want to expand their horizons and learn facts about electronic
cigarette used for a variety of different purposes, medical and professional. is also a reliable place to explore more about purchasing E cigarettes
online, its safety and legality of online retailers. This E Cigarette Forum allows everyone
to come together to share their personal stories, ask for help, advice and support on all
matters concerning the electronic cigarette.