If I switch to electronic cigarettes, will my running time improve? by newcomers9


									It's that time of year when everyone's thoughts turn to the Race for Life, the largest
women-only fundraising event in the UK. Since it launched in 1994, Race for Life has
seen a massive 5.4 million people take part in events all over the UK, raising over £362m
for Cancer Research UK and funding the work of over 4000 researchers.

So could switching to electronic cigarettes really have an impact on your ability to take
part in a charity sporting event like Race for Life? One of the most commonly overlooked
benefits of electronic cigarettes is the impact that switching to a tobacco-free option can
have on your fitness and ability to exercise.

It's highlighted time and again that there are 4000 less chemicals in electronic cigarettes,
but let's examine what this can actually mean for the user. Obviously, using an ecig will
decrease the danger of exposing yourself to diseases including carbon monoxide
exposure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), peripheral vascular disease
and of course, cancer.

However, by ‘smoking' a product which does not contain tobacco, smoke, tar or ash,
users may find that within just nine months, their lung capacity can improve by 10%.
Cilia (tiny, protective hairs) will also have regrown in the lungs, thereby increasing their
ability to handle mucus, keep themselves clean, and reduce infections.

Other smoking symptoms such as wheezing and coughing will also disappear and general
energy levels and overall health will improve. This, coupled with a healthy diet, mean
that anyone no longer exposing themselves to tobacco, tar or chemicals, should be able to
see an improvement in their ability to take part in exercise programmes, fitness classes or
running events.

OtherAnd while the health benefits alone are impressive, it's also worth considering some
of the financial, social and environmental plus points too:

      Save up to £2000 a year by shifting from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes
      Stop exposing those around you to harmful substances through second-hand
      Smoke legally indoors in public places, from bars and restaurants to airports and
      No smelly clothes, hair, yellow teeth or bad breath

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