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Bread & Oil Plate: French Bread, Olive Oil, Dried Garlic, Balsamic Vinegar, & Olive Paste                    $7
Texas Spicy Red Pepper Humus: Mild Spice. Served with water crackers.                                        $7

Cheese Plate - Choose two(2):                                                                               $14
Cheese Plate - Choose four(4):                                                                              $27
Cheese Plate - Choose four(4) with Meat & Olives:                                                           $36
   with Grapes & Water Crackers
        Manchego: Manchega sheep's milk from Spain. Mild flavor. Semi-hard.
        Cheddar with Claret Wine: Mild to lightly sharp cheddar flavor. Semi-soft.

      Cork Cafe
        Goat Gouda: Goat's milk. Mild goat cheese flavors. Semi-soft.
        18 Month Gouda: Cow's milk from Holland. Rich, lightly sharp flavor. Semi-hard.
        White Stilton with Apricot: Very rich, sweet, creamy flavor. Soft.
        Brie: Creamy texture. Light buttery flavor. Very soft.
        Jarlsburg: Cow's milk from Norway. Light swiss-style & flavor. Semi-soft.
        Yellow Bleu: Cow's milk. Strong, pungent flavors. Love it or hate it! Semi-Soft.
        Sticky Toffee: Rich, toffee flavor with raisins. Semi-soft.
        Coastal Cheddar: Rich, sharp cheddar flavor. Semi-soft.
        Garlic Herb: Rich garlic and herb. Semi-soft.
        Cheddar with Blue Stilton: Mild cheddar with a hint of bleu cheese. Semi-soft.
     **Add Extra Cheese                                                                                      $6
Salami or Proscuitto                                                                                         $5
Mixed Greek Olives                                                                                           $5


Truffles: Wild Woman or Raspberry Champagne                                                     $3 (2)     $5 (4)
Cheesecake Snacks (Mixed): New York, Raspberry, Strawberry, & Chocolate Turtle                               $8
Cheesecake Slice: New York, Crème Brulee or Chocolate Turtle                                                 $6
Grand Teton: Chocolate Shell Outside, Chocolate Mousse Inside, & Cake Bottom                                 $8

      Cork Cafe
Triple Mousse: Layered Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, & White Chocolate                                     $8

                                        Coffee & Tea
                                                         12 oz               16 oz               20 oz
Republic of Tea (Raspberry, Peach, Pomegranate, Black)   X-            Iced 3.50                      -
Regular or Decaf Coffee                                  $1.50              1.75                   1.95
Cappuccino or Latte                                      $2.50              3.00                   3.50
Flavored Latte or Mocha                                  $2.75              3.25                   3.75
      *Vanilla, Sugar-free Vanilla or Mocha, Caramel, White Chocolate, Amaretto, Irish Cream, Cinnamon, Hazelnut
                                                         Single              Double              Triple
Americano or Espresso                                    $1.75                2.00                 2.25
                                              Reserve Wines
Cakebread Chard. - $65        |       Cakebread Cab. Sauv. - $89                 |     Silver Oak Cab. Sauv . - $89
Caymus Cab. Sauv. - $89           |       Faust Cab. Sauv. - $75        |       Rubicon "Cask" Cab. Sauv. - $99
Peter Michael Cab. Sauv. - $275 | Darioush Cab. Sauv. - $89                            |   David Arthur Cab. Sauv. - $275

Shafer "Hillside Select" Cab. Sauv. - $299                |     Duckhorn Merlot - $79
Cakebread Merlot - $99        | Penner Ash Pinot Noir - $79                 |        Ponzi Pinot Noir - $59
Rubicon Cab Franc - $89           |       Paraduxx Red Blend - $69
Henschke "Hill of Grace" Shiraz - $750                |       Two Hands Shiraz - $85
Ca' Bertoldi Amarone - $69            |     Marchesi Barolo - $69           |        Col d' Orcia Brunello - $79
La Gardine Chateauneuf-du-Pape - $59                 |        Bodegas Roda Reserva Tempranillo - $65

        Cork Cafe
                  Brand                                   Body                                                        Btl   Gls
Coppola "Votre Sante"                                              Rich creaminess. Lightly buttery. Floral
 Sonoma Coast - California                USA
                                                 2007              aspects. Melon. Subtle oak.
Cakebread Cellars                                                  Creamy, rich zest. Melon, white peach &
 Napa Valley - California                 USA
                                                 2008              vanilla. Refreshing minerality. Hint of oak.
Champy "Signature"                                                 Rich creaminess. Hint of stone fruit &
 Burgundy - France                         FRA 2006                toastiness. Subtle vanilla. White Burgundy.
Fritz                                                              Creamy oak. Hint of tropical & passion fruit.
 R i River - California
 Russian Ri  C lif i                      USA 2006                 Light toasted l   d lemon fl
                                                                   Li ht t t d almond & l        flavors.
Glen Carlou                                                        Creamy with light oak. Mild butterscotch.
 South Africa                              S.Af 2007               Hint of nuttiness. Long finish.
Hess - "Shirtail Vineyard"                                         Unoaked. Vibrant tropical fruits. Easy
                                          USA 2008

 Monterey - California                                             drinking. Mouthwatering acidity.
Indian Wells by Ste. Michelle                                      Rich honeysuckle & vanilla creaminess. Hint
 Columbia Valley - Washington             USA 2007                 of pineapple & light nuttiness.
Kenwood Yulupa                                                     Hint of creaminess. Slight oak & lemon. Light
 Sonoma County - California               USA
                                                 2008              & crisp. Slightly buttery.
Windsor Sonoma                                                     Light butter & oak. Melon. Creamy vanilla
 Russian River - California               USA 2007                 honeysuckle. Easy finish.

        Cork Cafe
Y3                                                                 Creamy with light oak & butter. Hint of apple.
 Napa Valley - California                 USA 2007                 Mild pineapple. Light mineral. Refreshing.

                                      Pinot Grigio/Gris
                  Brand                                   Body                                                        Btl   Gls
Black Ridge                                                        Tropical fruits. Hint of orange peel, melon &
 California                               USA
                                                 NV                citrus. Crisp & refreshing.
Benvolio                                                           Stone fruit & apple flavors. Creamy melon.
 Friuli - Italy                            ITA 2008                Light citrus. Very refreshing.
Ponzi                                                              Refreshing creaminess. Hint of pear, green
 Willamette Valley - Oregon               USA 2008                 apple, and lemon zest.

                                 ,       ,
              **Newk's Sandwiches, Salads, & Pizzas Available**
                            **Take-home pricing is discounted**
A-Mano                                               Tropical fruit. Fruity citrus. Hint of pear &
 Puglia - Italy                  ITA
                                       2007          green apple. Slight melon. Refreshing.
Salmon Creek                                         Dry. Crisp. Refreshing & clean. Hints of
                                 USA 2009

 California                                          peach, lemon, & mineral.

                  Brand                       Body                                                    Btl   Gls
Rudolf Muller - "Bunny"                              Sweet. Zesty fruit flavors balanced with crisp
 Pfalz - Germany                 GER 2008            & clean acidity.
Markus Molitor "Kabinett"                            Sweet. Slight effervescence. Rich fruit. Mild
                                 GER 2007

       Cork Cafe
 Mosel Saar Ruwer - Germany                          peach, pear, & apple. Great acidity.
Kung Fu Girl                                         Semi-sweet. Hints of pear & white peach.
 Columbia Valley - Washington    USA 2008            Floral. Crisp, clean finish.

                                Sauvignon Blanc
                  Brand                       Body                                                    Btl   Gls
Fire Road                                            Passion fruit. Gooseberry & light grapefruit.
 Marlborough - New Zealand       NZ    2008          Long citrus finish. Crisp.
Long Boat                                            Gooseberry. Green apple. Hint of lemongrass
 Marlborough - New Zealand       NZ    2008          & citrus. Stone fruits.
Gi d
Girard                                               Distinct ripe peach. Light grassiness &
 Napa Valley - California        USA
                                       2008          minerality. Stone fruit. Crisp.
Mount Nelson                                         Gooseberry. Tropical fruits. Hint of
 Marlborough - New Zealand       NZ
                                       2008          lemongrass & grapefruit. Stone fruit.

                                      Other Whites
                  Brand                       Body                                                    Btl   Gls
Adelasia                                             Grape:Cortese . Floral. Honeydew melon.
 Piedmont - Italy                ITA 2008            Hint of lemon & citrus. Refreshing acidity.
X White                                              Grapes:Sauv Blanc, Chard. Honeysuckle.
 North Coast - California        USA 2008            Hint of orange peel. Light grapefruit. Crisp.

       Cork Cafe
Casal Garcia Rose                                    Grape:Vihno Verde Varietals. Slight
 Portugal                        PRT 2009            sweetness. Light effervescence. Soft berry.
Firehose                                             Grape:Gewurztraminer . Semi-sweet. Hints
 California                      USA
                                       2007          of allspice & light apple. Crisp. Refreshing.
Hopler                                               Grape:Gruner Veltliner . Soft Citrus.
 Austria                         AST 2008            Ripened fruit. Subtle mineral/herb.
Messina Hof                                          Grape:Chenin Blanc . Semi-sweet. Light,
 Bryan - Texas                   USA
                                       2007          subtle fruits. Hint of tropical. Crisp.
Paco & Lola                                          Grape:Albarino. Floral citrus. White peach
 Rias Baixas - Spain             SPA 2008            & honeysuckle. Slight effervescence.
Uma Coleccion                                        Grape:Torrontes . Floral. Melon & soft
 Mendoza - Argentina             ARG
                                       2009          citrus. Light pineapple. Very refreshing.

                            Serving                     Beer**
                          **Serving Domestic & Imported Beer
                                    Cabernet Sauvignon
                  Brand                          Body                                                   Btl   Gls
Llano - Mont Sec Vineyard                               Dark chocolate. Cherry vanilla. French oak
 Lubbock - Texas                    USA 2007            aging. Soft oak. A Texas Favorite!
Ben Marco                                               Deep cocoa & bittersweet chocolate. Vanilla
 Mendoza - Argentina                ARG
                                          2008          smoke. Dark cherry. Light espresso notes.

Black Ridge                                             Blackcurrant, dark cherry. Hint of vanilla.
 Lodi - California                  USA 2006            Light & easy. Smooth tannins.
Field Stone                                             Bright red cherry & strawberry. Lingering
 Sonoma - California                USA
                                          2006          vanilla and dark currant. Full tannins.
Chateau Larose-Trintaudon                               Light cherry. Meaty tobacco & earthiness.
 Haut-Medoc - Bordeaux - France     FRA 2004            Hint of licorice. Medium tannins.
Peju                                                    Rich currant & dark cherry. Dark cocoa. Hint
                                    USA 2005

       Cork Cafe
 Napa Valley - California                               of herb & oak. Mild plum spice.
Haras Estate                                            Ripe black fruit. Smokey, earthy nuances.
 Maipo Valley - Chile               CHI
                                          2006          Lingering finish. Smooth tannins.
Novella                                                 Fruity blackberry & cherry. Hint of cocoa.
 Paso Robles - California           USA
                                          2007          Very slight vanilla. Medium tannins.
Col di Luna                                             Ripe cherry. Hint of plum & cassis. Light
 Veneto - Italy                     ITA 2005            pepper & cherry on finish. Earthy tones.
Longview - Devil's Elbow                                Ripe blackcurrant. Long finish with slight
 Adelaide Hills - South Australia   AUS 2006            oaky characteristics. Medium tannins.
Obsidian Ridge                                          Dark cherry. Light herbal spice. Hint of dark
 Red Hills - California             USA
                                          2007          chocolate & espresso. Full yet smooth.
Rutherford Ranch
R th f d R     h                                        Black currant. Bing cherry. Herb & spice.
 Napa Valley - California           USA 2007            Hint of toasty oak & vanilla. Medium tannins.
Joel Gott "815"                                         Dark cocoa. Black tea spice. Black currant &
 California                         USA
                                          2007          dark cherry. Hint of cedar oak.

Sequoia Grove                                           Dark cherry oak character. Very smooth with
 Napa Valley - California           USA
                                        2006            vanilla. Bold tannins.
Hess "Allomi" Single Vinyrd                             Balanced. Rich currant, berry & spice. Mild
 Napa Valley - California           USA 2005            tannins. Hint of vanilla.

Revelry                                                 Dark chocolate nuances. Hint of blueberry.
                                    USA 2007

       Cork Cafe
 Walla Walla - Washington                               Dark cherry. Light oak.
Chateau Doyac                                           Light cherry & black currant. Dark chocolate
 Haut-Medoc - Bordeaux              FRA 2005            smoke. Smooth finish & light tannins.
De Bortoli                                              Red cherry & black cherry. Subtle ripeness.
 South Eastern Australia            AUS
                                          2006          Smooth, light tannins.
Estacion                                                Ripe black fruit. Hints of spice. Smoke &
 Colchagua - Chile                  CHI
                                        2007            meaty nuances. Long finish. Light.
Napa Cellars                                            Rich & creamy. Full red currant & black
 Napa Valley - California           USA 2005            cherry. Hint of vanilla. Medium tannins.
Gordon Brothers                                         Ripe black currant & blackberry. Hint of
 Columbia Valley - Washington       USA 2007            vanilla & chocolate. Smooth tannins.
LangeTwins                                              Dark berry & cherry. Herbal notes. Lingering
 Clarksburg - California            USA 2007            cedary oak. Medium tannins.

                            **Take-home bottles are discounted**
                                            Pinot Noir
               Brand                            Body                                                   Btl   Gls
Faiveley                                               Creamy raspberry & cherry fruit. Hint of
 Bourgogne - France                FRA 2006            vanilla finish. Herbal nuances.
Fess Parker                                            Complex strawberry. Hint of cherry spice.

 Santa Barbara Cnty - California   USA                 Light currant & cranberry. Smooth tannins.
Foris                                                  Dark cherry. Hint of spice and blackberry.
 Rogue Valley - Oregon             USA
                                         2007          Chocolate tones. Medium tannins.
Row Eleven                                             Hint of strawberry, cranbery, & cherry. Light
 Santa Maria Valley - California   USA
                                       2006            cinnamon spice. Long finish.
Jeriko - 100% Organic                                  Balanced dark fruit. Hint of plum. Light
 Mendocino - California            USA
                                         2006          vanilla oak. Smooth tannins.
Rex Hill                                               Dark cherry. Hint of strawberry. Leathery

        Cork Cafe
 Willamette Valley - Oregon        USA
                                         2007          tobacco finish. Mild tannins.
Trinchero - Vista Montone                              Hint of strawberry, blueberry, & red cherry.
 Napa Valley - California          USA 2006            Mild oakiness. Smooth tannins.
Siduri                                                 Ripe plum & black cherry. Slight oakiness.
 Santa Rita Hills - California     USA 2006            Hint of spice. Medium tannins.
Four Graces                                            Elegant strawberry. Hint of vanilla
 Willamette Valley - Oregon        USA 2007            creaminess. Light oakiness.
Trinity Oaks                                           Light cherry fruit. Mild oak characteristics.
 California                        USA
                                         2008          Smooth tannins.

Grant Burge                                            Blackberry. Dark cherry. Hint of spice &
 Barossa Valley - Australia        AUS
                                       2006            pepper. Medium tannins.
Matchbook                                              Hint of blackberry & blueberry. Currant &

 California                        USA
                                         2005          dark cherry middle. Lingering finish.
Montes Alpha                                           Ripe violet, blackberry & plum. Hint of oak.
 Colchagua - Chile                 CHI 2006            Light meaty nuance. Medium tannins.
Daniel Gehrs                                           Light, bright berry. Mild cocoa & pepper.
 Central Coast - California        USA 2006            Easy drinking. Medium tannins.
Terlato Chapoutier                                     5% Viognier . Red berries, blackberry. Mild
 Victoria - Australia              AUS 2007            spice. Hint of vanilla. Creamy tannins.

        Cork Cafe
Red Belly Black                                        Plum & berry fruit. Hint of pepper. Subtle
 South Australia                   AUS
                                         2007          eucalyptus. Medium tannins.
Yangarra Estate                                        Concentrated lush black fruits. Spicy dark
 Mclaren Vale - Australia          AUS
                                         2007          chocolate. Hint of vanilla. Blackberry.
Wyndham - Show Reserve                                 Abundant dark cherry & berry fruit. Hint of
 South Eastern Australia           AUS
                                         2004          vanilla & white pepper. Firm tannins.

Montevina "TDO"                                        Abundant ripe fruit. Hint of peppery spice.
 Amador County - California        USA
                                         2006          Strong tannins.                                       9.55

                          **Serving Domestic & Imported Beer**
                            **Take-home bottles are discounted**
Napa Cellars                                          Ripe berry fruit. Hint of cinnamon. Black
 Napa Valley - California        USA
                                        2006          pepper spice. Medium tannins.
Graziano                                              Creamy vanilla. Moderate black pepper spice.

 Mendocino - California          USA                  Light oak. Medium tannins.

                                         Other Reds
               Brand                           Body                                                     Btl   Gls
BenMarco                                              Grape: Malbec . Blackcurrant. Light vanilla
 Mendoza - Argentina
                                 ARG                  oak. Bright cherry nuance. Smooth tannins.
Kaiken "Ultra"                                        Grape: Malbec . Dark fruit. Hint of cocoa &

         Cork Cafe
 Mendoza - Argentina
                                 ARG                  spice. Herbal mint leaf. Heavy tannins.
Aymara                                                Grape: Malbec . Dark fruit. Hint of plum.
 Mendoza - Argentina
                                 ARG                  Touch of earth & light cherry. Light tannins.
Tres Valles - Estate                                  Grapes:Carmenere. Velvety plum & berry
 Colchagua Valley - Chile
                                  CHI                 fruit. Hint of warm chocolate.
Fools Bay "Dirty Bliss"                               Grapes:Grenache , Shiraz .Cherry vanilla.
 Barossa Valley - Australia
                                 AUS                  Raspberry. Blackberry. Herbal notes.
Amadeo                                                Grape:Sangiovese .Ripe blackberry. Hint of
 Chianti - Italy
                                  ITA                 vanilla oak, tobacco, & raspberry. Smooth.
Marchesi Biscardo                                     Grapes:Corvina . Bright cherry, raspberry.
 Valpolicella - Italy
                                  ITA                 Dried fruit. Hint of earthiness. Light tannins.
M     i
Mazzoni                                               Grape:Sangiovese(72%) . "Super Tuscan."
 Tuscany - Italy                  ITA                 Toasted oak. Luscious berry & cherry.
Chateau Pesquie                                       Grapes:Grenache/Syrah. Bright cherry &
 Rhone Valley - France
                                 FRA                  berry. Plum. Slight currant & berry finish.

Domaine des Fortieres                                 Grape:Gamay . Earthy berry fruit. Hint of
 Beaujolais Villages - France
                                 FRA                  spice. Smooth tannins.
Castillo D Montblanc                                  Grape:Tempranillo. Light vanilla. Dark
 Conca de Barbera - Spain
                                 SPA                  cherry. Hint of cedary oak.
Tempra Tantrum                                        Grape:Tempranillo/Shiraz. Full berry fruit.
                                 SPA                  Ripe cherries. Easy tannins.
Epiphany - Petite Sirah                               Grape:Petite Sirah . Dark cherry, berry, &
 Santa Barbara - California
                                 USA                  deep plum. Vanilla & spice. Firm tannins.

         Cork Cafe
Parlay                                                Grapes: Cab, Merlot, Syrah, Zin . Fruity.
 Napa Valley - California
                                 USA                  Dark cherry & berry. Raspberry. Smooth.
Hey Mambo                                             Grapes:Sultry Red - 5 grapes. Black cherry.
                                 USA                  Berry fruit.Slight smoky currant.
Steltzner "Claret"                                    Grapes:Cab Sauv, Merlot, Cab Franc . Light
 Napa Valley - California
                                 USA                  herb & anise. Dark cherry. Mild earth.
Novella "Synergy"                                     Grapes: Petite Sirah, Zin, Cab, Etc.. Silky
 Paso Robles - California
                                 USA                  smooth. Berry spice & light herb. Medium.
Revelry "Reveler"                                     Grapes:Cab Franc, Merlot, Cab . Herbal
 Walla Walla - Washington
                                 USA                  nuances. Long cherry candy finish. Smooth
Venge "Scout's Honor"                                 Grapes:Zinfandel , Petite Sirah,Charbono.
 Napa Valley - California
                                 USA                  Black cherry. Rich vanilla. Light berry.

                              Take                  Discounted**
                            **Take home bottles are Discounted
              Brand                                Body                                                     Btl     Gls
Carpe Diem - Muscat                                        Sweet sparkling from white Muscat grapes.
 Hudson River - New York            USA
                                            NV             Asti Spumante Italian style. Fruity.
Carousel Classique                                         Brut Sparkling. Well balanced fruit &

 France                             FRA
                                            NV             effervescence.
Villa Erica Prosecco                                       Subtle pear, citurs & floral notes. Fruity.
 Italy                               ITA
                                            NV             Mouthwatering acidity. Creamy fizziness.
Giovello Prosecco                                          Lightly sweet Italian sparkling. Creamy peach
 Italy                               ITA
                                            NV             & melon. Soft effervescence.
Nicolas Feuillatte                                         Brut Rose Champagne. Light raspberry &
 Champagne - France                 FRA     NV             strawberry. Mild raspberry.

         Cork Cafe
Piper-Heidsieck                                            Brut Champagne. Firm structure. Toasty
 Champagne - France                 FRA
                                            NV             notes. Fresh, light fruit.
Geisweiler                                                 Demi-sec. Touch of sweetness. Floral notes.
 Burgundy - France                  FRA     NV             Soft & velvety. Clean finish.

                                       Dessert Wines
              Brand                                Body                                                     Btl     Gls
Novella                                                    Grape: Muscat Canelli . Creamy sweetness.
 Paso Robles - California           USA
                                           2008            Honeysuckle. Floral essence. White peach.
Barros - 10 Year Tawny Port                                Sweet.        pecan
                                                           Sweet Nutty pecan. Notes of toffee &
 Portugal                           PRT     NV             butterscotch. Smooth. Lighter than ruby.
Croft Distinction - Port                                   Sweet & rich. Light tannins. Hint of plum.
 Portugal                           PRT     NV             Smooth dark fruit.

Hopler - Icewine "Eiswein"                                 Grape:Gruner Veltliner. Mouthwatering
 Austria                            AST 2004               sweetness. Hint of honey & nectar.

                                Beers & Beverages
         Regular - $3                                     Premium - $4                                      Select - $6

         Cork Cafe
                                                                                                           - Chimay Blue
                                               - Baltika - Heineken - Quilmes
                                                                                                               - Duvel
            - Bud Light                     - Guiness Stout - St. Arnold Amber
                                                                                                           - Dogfishhead
            - Miller Lite              - Shiner Bock - Shiner Black - Corona Extra
                                                                                                             90min IPA
         - Michelob Utlra                       - Broken Halo IPA - Sessions
                                                                                                           - Baltika Dark
                                          - Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse - ShockTop

Fiji Bottled Water                                                                                                 $2.50
Soda                                                                                                               $1.50
Republic of Tea (Raspberry, Peach, Pomegranate, Black Darjeeling)                                          Iced    $3.50

             **Newk's Sandwiches, Salads, & Pizzas Available**

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