Exercise your dog to good health by newcomers9


									Keeping your dog healthy through exercise

Since the weather has now taken a warmer turn, it is likely that many people will want to
allow their pets more time outdoors for play. Just as our children need to heed to certain
guidelines for safety and soundness, so does your dog.

Your dog's basic overall health really depends on his size, weight and breed type.
Obviously, the larger kind of breed your pet is, the more space is needed to provide for
his or her exercising needs. Of course, walks in the park are a recreational way for both
dog and owner to keep fit in spare time, but what about the times when you are unable to
take your dog out to the park?

As a responsible pet owner, it is your duty to see that your dog gets the proper amount of
exercise as is significant for maintaining their well being. Many owners of the larger
breeds of dogs may keep their animals outside while they are out working or attending
other functions with the family that don't allow pets. However, keeping your dog tied to
his doghouse or a tree while you are away does not constitute for proper care and
exercise. Most dogs will bore of this and eventually find ways to entertain themselves;
like breaking free and exploring the neighbourhood.

The best part about owning a dog of any size is that it requires that everyone in the family
pitch in for its care. If walks in the park are out of the question then try getting the kids to
walk the dog before going off to school or some other event. Purchasing a fence for your
yard where the dog can run about on its own while you're busy is another option.

Leaving a dog to entertain itself is an okay back up plan, but you didn't get a dog to just
leave it in the backyard. Interaction and companionship is what you wanted from your
pet, so interact with it!

Playing Frisbee and fetch with a ball or a stick is an excellent way to build muscle in your
pet and it entertains everyone in the process. If your dog is the kind that loves to travel,
then taking him with you on long trips such as when you're camping are another way that
you and your pet can achieve exercise while getting involved with new scenery and
learning about nature.

While having fun with your dog, however keep in mind that like you, he also needs
periods of rest and plenty of water in order to stay hydrated throughout an eventful day,
especially during the summer months because dogs are unable to sweat as humans do,
therefore their only means of cooling themselves is through panting, which also helps to
keep their blood circulated and flowing in a regular fashion.

If your dog is kept outdoors for long periods of time throughout the day then make sure
that he has plenty of water and has access to a lot of shade where he can stay cool and
protected from the heat. Lastly, remember that if you start a regular exercise routine or
pattern with your dog to keep it going. The only way to make a healthy pet is to be
consistent and also, to keep it interesting, mix up the routine every once in a while to
keep both of you from boredom.

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