Prenatal Vitamins for a Safe Pregnancy and Baby by newcomers9


									Doctors always tell their pregnant clients to take their needed prenatal vitamins to ensure
their safe pregnancies, as well as the health of their babies. The vitamins are said to help
ensure that nothing is wrong with the baby, to make sure that the different systems of the
fetus is in good condition. The vitamins also help to make sure that the fetus does not
suffer from any nutritional deficiencies during the pregnancy and even after birth. It is
believed that some birth defects could be avoided if the mother takes the needed vitamins
during the entire pregnancy, as instructed by her doctor.

Vitamins are essential nutrients that are needed by the body to function. There are many
types of vitamins which the body needs in order to correctly do the different processes in
the body. Vitamins are usually obtained from the diet, as the body cannot synthesize the
needed amount inside the body. Vitamins are usually obtained from different kinds of
food, and for some, from different vitamin supplements. These are very important
elements and a lack could lead to some health complications and could make a person
prone to different diseases or conditions.

A doctor prescribes prenatal vitamins for pregnant women in order to make sure that the
pregnancy is safe and that the baby inside the womb gets all the needed nutrients, as well
as the mother. It is true that when a mother is pregnant, she is eating for two people. A
deficiency in one element in the mother may also mean the same for the baby, which
could then be dangerous. It is important to make sure that the baby gets everything that it
needs to grow or else his or her growth in the womb might be delayed or stunted. A big
part of his or her development inside the womb depends on the nutrients that enter his or
her body.

When the mother takes the prescribed vitamins, she is putting herself in a position where
it shows that she cares for her health, as well as her baby's. These vitamins are usually
prescribed for the mother to take during the pregnancy and even up to a couple of months
after the birth. The vitamins are meant to add to the vitamins that are already in the diet,
and are not taken to replace them. These vitamins are more effective when taken together
with a healthy diet. A lack thereof may result to some problems in the mother's and
baby's health.

Taking prenatal vitamins not only assures the health of the mother, but also the baby's.
These vitamins are not meant to replace the diet of the mother, but instead, to add or
supplement. It is important to take these vitamins because it helps to avoid the
development of any condition or disease in the mother or her baby. The vitamins are
meant to provide the needed elements to ensure that a mother provides the needed
nutrients to her baby. A healthy baby means a happy mother, and a happy mother means
a happy family.

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