FACT SHEET The Certified Geriatric Pharmacist CGP Credential Facilitated within Australia by SHPA under the auspices of the Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy CCGP www ccgp org In by RickiePBibey


									FACT SHEET The Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (CGP) Credential
Facilitated within Australia by SHPA under the auspices of the Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy (CCGP) www.ccgp.org Introduction The internationally recognised CCGP certification process provides an outstanding professional development opportunity for pharmacists to demonstrate their experience and skills in providing pharmaceutical care for the elderly. With increasing numbers of aged persons in the population, the management of chronic illness and community based care has a greater focus within health care services. Medication use is a significant component of care and thus there is an increasing demand for pharmacists who are appropriately skilled to provide pharmaceutical care for older people in hospital, domiciliary and residential care settings. This will provide professionally rewarding opportunities for pharmacists to participate in existing and emerging clinical services, such as medication management review programs. The CGP credential identifies pharmacists uniquely qualified to provide the standard of care that elderly people deserve. Candidates must be registered pharmacists and must have a minimum of two years experience. Upon successful completion of the exam, the pharmacist is awarded certification for five years and may use the post nominals of CGP. The CCGP examination was developed after the completion of a practice analysis to define the scope of geriatric pharmacy practice. This serves as a guide (content map) for the development of the examination. More details about the examination content can be obtained from the CCGP web site (www.ccgp.org). Within Australia, SHPA has the sole rights to offer the CGP credential as a professional recognition certification for pharmacists. This applies to all registered pharmacists, whether or not they are SHPA members. SHPA has a nominated representative on the CCGP Examination Development Committee to ensure ongoing relevance of the exam content for Australian pharmacists. Registration for examination by computer based testing (CBT) CCGP examinations has been conducted by computer-based testing (CBT) since March 2006. Exams are typically conducted where secure testing carrels are available. Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP), CCGP's psychometric testing service, will administer the CBT exam, with the Australian location being in central Sydney, or the SHPA Office in Melbourne. Candidates register at: http://www.ccgp.org/pharmacist/certification/location.htm and receive instructions to make an appointment for the exam in Sydney or Melbourne, via email. On the day of the examination, candidates will be given the opportunity to practise taking the exam. The time used for practice will not be counted as part of the exam time and will help a candidate become comfortable with the computer testing process. A Candidate Guide that fully explains the process can be downloaded from http://www.ccgp.org/pharmacist/computerbasedtesting.html An added benefit is that the candidate will receive immediate score results. Candidates who successfully pass the exam will be awarded certification at any time throughout the year. This will support the need for pharmacists to provide evidence of certification in a timely manner. Certification and application fees The application fee for the examination is $US600. The certificate fee is $US250. This is a one-off fee, payable after successful completion of the exam, and provides for five years of benefits such as a quarterly CCGP newsletter, a published directory of certified geriatric pharmacists on the CCGP website and CCGP annual meeting information.

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia
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CGP re-certification after 5 years To achieve CGP re-certification, an individual must be currently registered to practice pharmacy and successfully complete ONE of two methods: 1. achieving a passing score on a multiple-choice 150-question examination administered by CCGP Indicative cost application for examination fee $US600 and certificate fee of $US250 for 5 years or; 2. earning 75 continuing education hours through the Professional Development Program (PDP) for CGP Recertification. CCGP has designated the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) as the exclusive provider of the PDP for CGP Recertification. Candidates must successfully complete 75 hours of approved continuing education provided by ASCP over a five-year period. ASCP uses a website and live workshops held in conjunction with ASCP national meetings for delivery of the education programs. With respect to earning these 75 hours, candidates must attend two live workshops during their five year certification period – one Clinical Update for the Senior Care Pharmacist; and, one Geriatric Assessment for the Senior Care Pharmacist. The remaining hours may be earned by completing Stages I through III of the on-line PDP. In order to participate in recertification through the Professional Development Program, candidates must complete a CCGP Application for Recertification and must register with ASCP’s website. It is important to stress that candidates should enroll in the Professional Development Program, only. SHPA is working towards workshops being available in Australia as part of the annual SHPA clinical seminar series. More information at: http://www.geriatricpharmacyreview.com/custom/Outside/gpr/cgp_recert.cfm http://www.ccgp.org/pharmacist/recertification/faqs.htm Indicative cost – approx $US675, and then examination application fee of $US600 and certificate fee of $US250 for 5 years Preparation for the CCGP examination • The CCGP Self-Assessment Exam (SAE) The recommended method for candidates to assess their readiness to undertake the CCGP examination is to complete the SAE. This educational tool has been designed to help pharmacists measure their knowledge and skills in geriatric pharmacy practice and to help candidates prepare for the Certification Examination in Geriatric Pharmacy. It consists of 150 multiple-choice items, is self-scoring and is based on the current certification exam content outline. The SAE will identify those areas where a candidate’s knowledge base is lacking and help the candidate to better prepare for the exam. Candidates receive a total score and a summary of strengths and weaknesses by content area. The SAE also contains explanations for each correct and incorrect answer, thereby helping the candidate to better understand the reasoning that supports the correct therapy. Order the SAE (or $US85) at: https://www.ccgp.org/pharmacist/self.htm • The on-line preparation course of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) Another recommended way to prepare is to use the on-line preparation course developed by the ASCP. This interactive, modular course provides a self-assessment and learning program. This preparatory course is not a compulsory requirement prior to taking the CCGP examination. More information about the course is available by visiting the web site: http://www.geriatricpharmacyreview.com/ Certified Geriatric Pharmacists - Accreditation for medication management reviews (MMRs) SHPA is recognised as one of only two organisations that can accredit pharmacists who wish to receive Commonwealth funding to undertake MMRs in Australia. The CGP credential is a key component of one pathway for pharmacists to gain accreditation status by SHPA. Accredited pharmacists may then claim reimbursement for MMR services under the various Department of Health and Aged Care (DHAC) and Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA). Pharmacists must undertake the necessary government application process, details of which may vary from time to time. In addition to payments for MMR services, accredited pharmacists may claim incentive payments when initially accredited (one time only - $AUS1,500) and on annual re-accreditation ($AUS750). For more information see the “SHPA Fact Sheet – Accreditation System for Medication Management Reviews”. Approved by SHPA Federal Council February 2001 Reviewed: June 2002, March 2006, March 2008, Dec 2008 Prices contained within are current as at the date of most recent review
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