Roxanne Floquet Cakes May - African Relish by ghkgkyyt


									                        13 MAY - 15 MAY 2011

                        ARTISTRY OF CAKE MAKING & DECORATION
                        with Roxanne Floquet
                        Baking a cake appears to be a simple process.... until you see one of Roxanne’s incredible creations
                        and you swiftly realise the artistry and precision required to create one of her masterpieces.

                        We are delighted and very excited to announce that Roxanne is coming to African Relish to share
                        her extraordinary skill and creative flair and to give us a master class in cake making and decoration.
                        You dare not miss this opportunity. Roxanne was trained at Silwood Cookery School in Cape Town.
                        She worked for Peggy Porschen , one of the UK’s finest cake makers and it was there that she was
                        able to enhance her skills in the field of cake design and decorating. Looking to further hone her
                        pastry making skills, she ventured away from the decorative side of cake design to explore a more
                        broad approach to pastry at world renowned Yauatcha restaurant in Soho, London, where the pastry
                        chef, Stephan Sucheta, showcases one of the most impressive pastry displays in the world. It was
                        here where she began learning the intricacies of pastry as a science and started Roxanne Floquet
                        Cake Design, now one of the most sought after bespoke cake producers for that special occasion

                        FRIDAY                                                14:30 - Master class Cake Decoration - Differ-
                        From 12:00 - Arrive at African Relish and settle in   ent styles of cake decoration, piping techniques,
                        to accommodation.                                     brush embroidery and appliqué.
                        13:00 - Light lunch served at African Relish, meet    17:30- Wine tasting at Soet Karoo, South Africa’s
                        the team and receive your course outline.             smallest registered wine estate.
                        14:00 - 17:00 Demonstration and hands-on              19:30 - Dinner at African Relish where we enjoy the
                        Decorating biscuits - How t o roll out cookie         fruits of the day’s culinary endeavours.
                        dough and cut shapes. Perfect baking and decorat-
                        ing techniques                                        SUNDAY
                        18:30 Ghost walk and village ramble —Ailsa Tud-       06:30 - Gather at African Relish for coffee. Botani-
                        hope, historian and story teller, takes you opastry   cal excursion with Dr Sue Milt on, renowned botanist
                        makingn a journey back in time with tales of          and specialist in Karoo biome biology.
                        ghosts and village rogues from the past. Meet         09:30 - Great Karoo Brunch
                        outside Fransie Pienaar Museum.                       10:00 Masterclass Petit Fours - Layering,
                        20:00 Welcome dinner at African Relish                preparing and cutting petit fours. Fondant dipping
                                                                              and decorating.
                                                                              13:00 - Depart on onward journey
                        06:30 – For the ener getic, a guided early morning    Price: R3850 per person 2 nigh ts/ 3 days. In-
                        walk up the lower reac hes of the famous Swart-       clusive of luxury accommodation, all meals,
                        berg Pass.                                            cooking classes, ingredients, soft drinks and
                        08:30 - Visit to Saturday Market for some local       special African Relish apron.
                        09:00 - Breakfast at African Relish                   We look forward to welc oming you t o the magical
                        10:30 - Masterclass Sugar Flowers - How to            Karoo and feel certain that you will leave us feeling   make hand-crafted sugar flowers                       refreshed and revitalised.
                        13:00 - Light lunch at African Relish

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