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					    The Lu -a-Bull
 Spay & Neuter Program
 An Essential step in saving Pit bulls...
                                                                                               Lu -a-Bull
It is estimated that 20 million dogs and cats will
be destroyed in the U.S. this year. That is 1.6                                                 Pit Bull
                                                                                            Rescue & Sanctuary
million dogs and cats killed every single month!
And Pit bulls are more likely than any otehr
breed to end up unwanted in shelters. Luv-a-Bull
is dedicated to reducing the number of unwanted,
homeless Pit Bulls in our community. We have

                                                                                                PO Box 50367
funding available to low-income Pit Bull owners
willing to spay or neuter their animals. To see if

                                                                                                Eugene, Oregon
you qualify and for more information about op-
tions for free spay and neutering, please go to our

Iris...was abandoned by her owners 3 days
before giving birth. Because the shelter was full
with other abandoned mother Pit Bulls and their
puppies, Iris and her unborn babies were sched-
                                                      Lu -a-Bull Pit Bull

uled for euthanasia. Luv-a-Bull Rescue took Iris

and volunteers cared for her and the puppies.
                                                                     Eugene, Oregon 97405

They have all been placed into loving homes.
 PLEASE prevent unwanted puppies! Donate
 to our Spay/Neuter Program!
                                                                     PO Box 50367

          Checks can be made out to
           “Luv-a-Bull” and sent to:
                PO Box 50367
           Eugene Oregon 97405
                                                  “Our Hearts Break for All
                                                  the Nameless Pit Bulls Who
      Lu -a-Bull Pit Bull Rescue                 Die In Shelters Every Day…”
             Mission Statement
The “L-A-B” (Luv-A-Bull) rescue program is
                                                 Our Services:
a volunteer based, 501c3 non-profit entity
created to rescue Pit Bulls from hopeless
situations and find them new homes. We
began in 1999. We evaluate, treat,                         Temperament Testing
approach and place every L-a-B dog as
a unique individual. Every L-A-B dog                       And Evaluation
                                                                                                         Patrick, Liesl and “The Dog Whisperer,” Cesar
is temperament-tested, receives a health                   Adoption                                      Millan, visiting our Sanctuary.
exam, is spayed/neutered, microchipped                                                                   Cesar is a big fan of Pit Bulls and supports the
and vaccinated. Interested adoptors must                   Spay and Neuter Program                       work of Luv-a-Bull Rescue. Luv-a-Bull shares
                                                                                                         Cesar’s belief that breed discrimination is akin to
complete an application, provide referenc-                                                               racial profiling. Every dog should be judged as
es, allow a home-visit, and pay an adoption                Education and Training                        an individual, the same as every human being.
fee of at minimum, $150. An adoption                       Foster Care                         
contract is also required. Please visit the
following website to view our available                    Advocate for Pit Bull Rights
dogs:                                                      Opportunities for Giving and
                                                                                                                                             Getting Involved                                      Luv-a-Bull Pit Bull Rescue
                                                                                                                      PO Box 50367
We encourage you to visit our website for                                                                             Eugene, Oregon
information about Luv-a-Bull Rescue.

You can make a tax-deductible donation or
purchase Luv-a-Bull merchandise on-line
which will benefit our rescue programs.
Thank you for your donation!

       The Luv-a-Bull Maxim:
       Place, Pack, Purpose!
         This means our Luv-a-Bull dogs
         live in a beautiful. healthy
         environment, have other dogs to
         play and socialize with, and         The Luv-a-Bull Dog Kennel Facility in Eugene, Oregon
         exercise twice daily!!!              Luv-a-Bull Rescue is located on 55 beautiful acres with
                                              trails for dog-walking. Our 1200 sq. ft. kennel facility
                                              was built and donated to Luv-a-Bull in 2003.