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									The 9th Seoul International Dance Festival

             SIDance 2006

       Organizing Committee of SIDance 2006
         hosted by CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter

 Rm. # 401, Buam Bldg. 208-42 Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-817, Korea
               Tel. +82 2 3216 1185 / Fax +82 2 3216 1187
                           URL www.sidance.org
               Everybody Dances in the City!
   with the 9th Seoul International Dance Festival

               From    Oct. 10(Tue) to 25(Wed.), 2006
  At Seoul Art Center, Hoam Art Hall, LIG Art Hall,
     National Theater of Korea and Theater Yong

     12 Companies from 9 Countries and 15 Domestic
            Companies perform for 16 days
 Seoul Int’l Dance Festival 2006 is scheduled to open its 9th annual events from Oct.
 10th, 2006 to Oct. 25 th, 2006. Prestigious dance companies and dancers from 10
 countries world wide are invited to the festival to share this moment. SIDance is also
 proud to present two international collaborative works (SIDance & Montpellier Danse /
 SIDance & Singapore Arts Festival) this year, again strengthening our global network and
 partnerships for enriching the festival and its artistic direction. Join us for the 16 days
 of amazing adventure through the various colors and flavors of dance which would turn
 Seoul into a city of dance craze!
Organized by CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter

Hosted by Organizing Committee of SIDance 2006

Supported by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Arts Council Korea, Korea Foundation, Korea

         Foundation Cultural Center, Seoul Metropolitan Government and supported by Business

         Agency -Seoul Help Center for Foreigners, Korea National Tourism Organization, AFAA,

         British Council, Festival Montpellier Danse, National Arts Council Singapore, Singapore

         Arts Festival, Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan, España Cooperación Cultural Exterior,

         Ambassade de France en Corée, Embassy of Finland Seoul, Embassy of Spain, South

         African Embassy, Seoul, Embassy of Israel-Seoul, Japan Foundation, Seoul, Samsung

         Life Insurance, Hoam Art Hall, artsmuseum.org

PR Sponsored by Ch. Art, Arirang TV, Dongah TV, Cyworld TOWN

Ticket Information Organizing Committee of SIDance2006 www.sidance.org +82 (0)2-3216-1185
SIDance 2006 Program Guide
Finland Tero Saarinen Company <Petrushka> <Wavelengths> <Westward Ho!>
                        Towol Theater, SAC; Oct. 10-11, 8pm/ R-60,000, S-40,000, A-20,000
                        The color of Mark Rothko, the choreography of Caroline Carlson, and
                        the body incorporated with technology...Having raided the audience
                        with such enthralling effects in 2005, Tero Saarinen from Finland is
back with the triple-bill night including his magical piece Petrushka. Petrushka is a piece in
which the magnificent lighting designs and the witty and unique live music played by two
"magician-like" accordionists mesmerize the audience. Along with Petrushka, Wavelengths is
highlighted by a beautiful pas de deux and fascinating lightings. Westward Ho!, the premier of
which brought Tero Saarinen as a world renowned artist, shows a well-made choreography
interpreted by three male dancers.

Commemorative 120 Diplomatic Years of Korea-France
France Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes, Claude Brumachon - Benjamin
Lamarche <La Mélancolie des Profondeurs>
                        Towol Theater, SAC; Oct. 13, 8pm - Oct. 14, 6pm/ R-70,000, S-50,000, A-
                        30,000, B-20,000
                        Michelangelo's fresco painting comes alive with bodies drenched in
                        frenzy and eroticism. Through the course of insightful investigation in
the 15th century paintings(Le Piedestal des Vierges) and the 20th century novel of
Kafka(Temoin), Claude Brumachon of Centre Chorgraphique National de Nantes this time goes
back to the story of the 16th century Renaissance era. Recognized with the quick changes in
scenes as well as precise movement and clean-cut style in allocating space and body, Claude
Brumachon was awarded three times at prestigious Bagnolet Choreography Competition. Vocal
ensemble A Sei Voci, the winner of Diapason Award and Grand Prix du Disque, brings the
unforgettable live sound of Josquin des Prez' music onto the stage.

Commemorative 120 Diplomatic Years of Korea-France
Co-commission of France-Korea by Festival Montpellier Danse & Seoul Int’l
Dance Festival
France & Korea Compagnie Young-ho NAM <Extra Muros>
                        Hoam Art Hall Oct. 21, 6pm/ R-40,000, S-30,000, A-20,000
                        Choreographer NAM Young-ho elegantly weaves the story of herself as
                        an "alien" who has resided in France for 15 years experiencing and
                        colliding with various episodes happening in a different society, culture,
                        and people. In Extra Muros, collaborate piece by staffs from France
and Korean dancers, traditional costumes and colors accentuate the dynamic essence of
Korean culture as well as the tender touch of French culture. NAM Young-ho performed with
Susan Buirge Dance Company, and was invited at D.U.M.B.O. Festival and Festival de la Cité
in Lausanne. She has made this far to premier her new piece in Festival Montpellier Danse in

Commemorative 120 Diplomatic Years of Korea-France
Co-hosted by Theater Yong & Seoul Int’l Dance Festival
France Compagnie Käfig <Terrain Vague>

                        Theater Yong Oct. 24 - 25, 8pm/ R-60,000, S-40,000, A-20,000
                        A funky variation and mixture of hip hop, circus, and theater gone wild
                        is Compagnie Käfig's Terrain Vague. Choreographer Mourad Merzouki,
                        a young iconic figure of recent French hip hop dance scene,
                        successfully pulls out his attempts and realizes the stage as an
imaginary space where "stampedes, twirls using hands, repeated assaults on the street lamp,
and the flight of bodies almost never stops(Le Monde)." Acclaimed and supported by Guy
Darmet of Lyon Maison de la Danse, Merzouki goes back to where he came from-"wasteland"
outside of the metropolitan cities where kids perform and size up their acrobatic skills and break
dancing. The fusion of Arabian music, Andalucian melody, and Flamenco rhythm by As'N
completes the heart-pounding scenes. Mourad Merzouki is a recipient of the prize of the Best
Young Choreographer at the International Dance Festival of Wolfsburg, which also went to Sidi
Larbi Cherkaoui, Tero Saarinen, and Maurice Béjart in the past.

Collaborative Creation of Singapore-Korea by Singapore Arts Festival & Seoul
Int'l Dance Festival
Singpore Singapore Dance Theatre <Quest>
                        Towol Theater, SAC; Oct. 17, 8pm/ R-40,000, S-30,000, A-20,000
                        A collaborative creation of Singapore-Korea by Singapore Arts Festival
                        and SIDance marks the second collaborative project since 2004. With
                        the help of Looking for International Partners in 2005 co-organized by
                        PAMS and SIDance, Singapore Dance Theatre and 3 Asian
                        choreographers have put joint efforts to present Quest, the opening
piece of Singapore Arts Festival this year. KIM Eun-hee's The Path, The Illusion touches one's
heart and soul so profoundly that one of the dancers was witnessed to have shed tears while
dancing in the climactic scene. No doubt that the piece has been aptly called, "an epic fantasy."
Contemporary British Dance Series Ⅲ
U.K. Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company <Flicker> <Exit No Exit>
                                Hoam Art Hall; Oct. 15, 4pm/ R-50,000, S-35,000, A-20,000
                                The original music of Michael Nyman, the composer of the
                                sountrack of Piano and The Draughtsman's Contract, digital
                                media, and the bold approach to the Indian traditional dance
                               Bharatanatyam...All these make up to construct Shobana
Jeyasingh's "ingenious and visually stunning" choreography. Praised as "an army of warriors,
confronting the future of dance they brandish a dazzling armouty of steps and gestures-fast,
articulate and daring," the members of Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company are one of the
most experienced dancers in UK. Flicker and Exit no Exit are also a fruitful result of "Anglo-
Asian artistic partnership" of Shobana Jeyasingh and Michael Nyman for almost two decades.
As the Member of British Empire, Jeyasingh is 3 times Digital Dance Awards winner, 2 times
Time Out Dance Awards winner, and the winner of Prudential Award for the Arts.

Co-organized by LIG Art Hall
Republic of South Africa Compagnie Vincent Mantsoe <NTU> <Motswa Hole>
               LIG Art Hall ; Oct. 13, 8pm - Oct. 14, 6pm/ R-30,000, S-20,000
               “Shaman-like" dancer Vincent Sekwati Koko Mantsoe shows his mighty power
               of moving his muscles exactly the way he wants them to be. The spirit of Africa
               is registered through his body, realized by his magical skills of physical
               movement. 2 times winner of the prestigious Bagnolet Choreography
Competition, Mantsoe is in the forefront of Afro-fusion dance, making a huge success after
having been invited to Europe and North America including Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival and
Dance Umbrella. He has been widely recognized as a dancer who "appears to move when and
how the spirit hits him"(New York Times) and "oozes his energy into the audience members."

Continuing Israeli Contemporary Dance Featuring
Israel Emanuel Gat Dance <the Rite of Spring> <Winter Voyage>
                      Hoam Art Hall Oct. 23 - 24, 8pm/ R-40,000, S-30,000, A-20,000
                      Originally trained in music at Tel Aviv academy, choreographer Emanuel
                      Gat presents his unique re-interpretation of Stravinsky's The Rite of
                      Spring in salsa style. Gat's distinguished sense of music enables the
dancers to embody the voluptuousness and rhythmical movement, like dancing on top of a
volcano. Regarded as a prominent figure of Israel's next generation choreographer after Ohad
Naharin, Emanuel Gat proves that he goes well beyond one's expectation by incorporating
salsa with Stravinsky. His another stunning piece Winter Voyage shows aptly tempered male
duet which covertly challenges Schubert's classical songs. Their intense, almost raw physicality
oozes erotic feelings which well amazes the audience. Having been invited to international
stages including Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival and Lincoln center in 2006, Gat is the recipient
of 2003 Rosenblum Award for Performing Arts and Israel‟s 2005 Minister of Culture Award.

Asia Centered Moment Ⅰ
China Japan Korea Exploding Bosoms – Three Asian Female Dancers
                            Towol Theater, SAC; Oct. 19, 8pm/ R-40,000, S-30,000, A-20,000
                            Three Asian female dancers bring it onto the stage with their
                            partner choreographers - Jean-Claude Gallotta, Sakiko OSHIMA
                            and Long Yunna. Their charismatic presence, delicate movement
                            and untamed power are revealed to ignite the emotions of the
                            audience. Possessing “unbelievable techniques executed in
precise manner,” KIM Hee-jin performs Jean-Claude Gallotta‟s l’Incessante, originally presented
in 1999 at Festival d‟Avignon as a part of the “Vif du Sujet” for prospective choreographers.
LONG Yunna, the winner of the second place without the first place at the 7 Paris International
Dance Competition, plays her charisma in her solo work. Having been acclaimed as “a
reincarnation of Nijinsky,” brilliant Naoko SHIRAKAWA presents her artistic partner Sakiko
OSHIMA‟s new work.

Asia Centered Moment Ⅱ
Japan Dairakudakan <Paradise in the Jar Odyssey>
                 Small Hall DAL, NTOK; Oct. 20, 8pm/ R-40,000, S-30,000, A-20,000
                 The imagery from one's nightmare bombarded the Korean audience in 2005 with
                 shocking response. The performance was by Dairakudakan, undoubtedly the
                 foremost company of "1.5 generation of Butoh," which once again grabs the
                 attention of the Korean audience in SIDance2006 with Paradise in the Jar
                 Odyssey. Choreographed by Kumotaro MUKAI since 2001 as a part of
                 Kochuten series for nurturing young members of the company, Paradise in the
Jar Odyssey depicts "an adventure of a modern family that has various experiences and quest
for any lost things." This has been said to be a much interesting piece that "audience members
won't notice that their legs, folded under them in the tiny studio, may well have gone to sleep."
MUKAI received the 37th Award of Dance Critic Society of Japan in 2005.

Spain Jordi Cortés∙Damián Muñoz <Ölelés>
                    Small Hall DAL, NTOK; Oct. 22, 6pm/ R-40,000, S-30,000, A-20,000
                    Having participated in DV8 Physical Theatre for 8 years and renowned
                    dance companies such as Theatre Complicite, Jordi Cortés presents his
                    collaborative work with Damián Muñoz who won the best prize for
                    Choreography of Madrid Contest and has been actively involved in
movement directing in theaters, films, and San Sebastian Film Festival ceremonial events.
Ölelés is a piece inspired by Hungary's leading author Sándor Márai's "Embers," in which the
two choreographer-turned-dancers "astonish the audience as they defy gravity itself." Their
cerebral and sensuous yet dynamic and endearing performance brings the audience close to
the bare naked truth of one's desire and passion. Ölelés received the City of Barcelona Award
in 2005.

Korea Seoul Ballet Theatre <Blue> <Ocean> <Tango for Ballet>
                     Hoam Art Hall; Oct. 18, 8pm/ R-40,000, S-30,000, A-20,000
                     Popular among the audience with its unconventional approaches to
                     classical ballet, Seoul Ballet Theatre proudly presents two premiering
                     works with its signature repertoire, Blue. Louis Kavouras, currently a
                     member of the dance faculty at the University of Nevada, is accomplished
as a choreographer, designer, visual and video/graphic artist, presenting his new piece Ocean.
Tango for Ballet choreographed by James Jeon is inspired by Astor Piazzolla's Tango Ballet
played by the Octeto Buenos Aires. James Jeon's ingenious style is highlighted by sensual
tango music.

Korea Universal Ballet <MINUS 7> <Duende> <Confusion>
            Towol Theater, SAC; Oct. 21, 7:30pm - Oct. 22, 3&6pm/ R-70,000, S-50,000, A-
             Introducing "the night of contemporary ballet," Universal Ballet's ground breaking
             approaches to adopt innovative repertoires once again shines by presenting this
time the pieces by three male choreographers. Undoubtedly exceptional Ohad Naharin, who
has made Batshva Dance Company one of the most prestigious companies in just 10 years,
proudly presents the Korean premiering piece MINUS 7. Nacho Duato's much famed Duende
revisits with its unbeatable charm. 25 year-old KIM Pan-sun who has gathered wild attention
from critics and audience since his performance of the original character in Jean-Claude
Gallotta's Mammame. Expect to bury yourself in the magical, witty, and provocative
contemporary ballet pieces.

Co-organized by LIG Art Hall
Korea LEE Gwang-seok <Breathing Shell>
                LIG Art Hall ; Oct. 13, 8pm - Oct. 14, 6pm/ R-30,000, S-20,000
                A much "envied" dancer equipped with every skill a dancer has to have, LEE
                Gwang-seok has been internationally famed after winning Yokohama Dance
                Competition in 1999 and Hong Kong Dance Competition in 1994. As a rising
                choreographer and the principal dancer of Dance Theatre ON, LEE has been
praised as "embodying his adhesiveness......attaching something but not clinging on to it" and
"building his skill and experience from the rock bottom with tenacity" through his works A Flight
of Angel, Death, Happy Woman, and Fish in the Dark.
Korea LEE Yong-in <Summer>

                     Small Hall DAL, NTOK; Oct. 22, 6pm/ R-40,000, S-30,000, A-20,000
                     Trained at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, LEE Yong-in has been
                     acknowledged as a groundbreaking choreographer of the next generation.
                     After working with renowned choreographers such Rui Horta, Marguerite
                     Donlan and Martino Mueller, she won several prestigious competitions and
grants including International Solo Tanz Festival in Stuttgart, Germany, and the Rising Artist
Fund, Korea. Her incisive movement and expressive gesture are intensely articulated by a
brilliant sense of music and her originality in this piece.

Co-organized by LIG Art Hall
Korea Contemporary Korean Dances by Young Artists Ⅰ Ⅱ
                       LIG Art Hall; Oct. 10, - 11, 8pm / Oct. 16 - 17, 8pm/ R-20,000 S-15,000
                       Promising young Korean choreographers under the age of 30 present their
                       pieces with the most daring and cutting edge styles. The new works of 8
                       choreographers(KIM Mi-young, KIM Min-sun, PARK Jin-young, PARK
                       Hyun-seok, LEE Young-chan, LEE In-soo, JO Eun-ju, and JOO Jung-min)
which encompass various genres of Korean traditional dance, contemporary dance and ballet,
have been exclusively selected to show the audience the freshest new conception and

Korea Traditional Dance, New Frontiers
                          LIG Art Hall; Oct. 19, - 20, 8pm R-20,000 S-15,000
                          SIDance sheds a new light on artists who have buried themselves
                          solely on creating works of traditional Korean dance but not yet earned
                          so much attention they deserve. They are the "new faces" representing
                          traditional dance who now open up our eyes to the enchanting
                          repertoires. LIM Sung-ok (successor to the Intangible Cultural Heritage
in Korea no.92 Taepyung-mu), YOON Yeo-sook(successor to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of
Busan no.10 Dong-rae Drum Dance), KIM Chung-han, PARK Sung-ho (succerssor to the
Intangible Cultural Heritage in Korea no. 27 Buddhist Dance),     KIM Jung-sun, JUNG Shin-hye
present various types of traditional dance with their unique interpretation uninhibited by
conventions. The repertoire of performance includes Taepyung-mu, Sanjo-chum, Buddhist
Dance, and Salpuri-chum.
SIDance 2006 Schedule
       Venue                                                                                            Small Hall DAL,
                  Towol Theater, SAC              LIG Art Hall               Hoam Art Hall                                      Theater YONG
Date                                                                                                         NTOK

                8pm                        8pm
Oct. 10(Tue.)   Finland/ Tero Saarinen     Korea/   Contemporary
                Company                    Korean Dances by Young
Oct. 11(Wed.)
                R-60,000 S-40,000
                A-20,000                   R-20,000 S-15,000

Oct. 12(Thu.)

                Fri. - 8pm & Sat 6pm       Fri. - 8pm & Sat. 6pm
Oct. 13(Fri.)   France/           Centre   Republic of South Africa/
                Chorégraphique             Compagnie          Vincent
                National de Nantes,        Mantsoe
Oct. 14(Sat.)
                Claude       Brumachon-    Korea/ LEE Gwang-seok
                Benjamin Lamarche
                                           R-30,000 S-20,000
                R-70,000 S-50,000
                A-30,000 B-20,000
Oct. 15(Sun.)                                                           U.K./          Shobana
                                                                        Jeyasingh        Dance

                                                                        R-50,000 S-35,000
Oct. 16(Mon.)                              Korea/    Contemporary
                                           Korean Dances by Young
                8pm                        Artists Ⅱ
Oct. 17(Tue.)   Collaborative Creation
                of Singapore-Korea by      R-20,000 S-15,000
                Singapore Arts Festival
                & Seoul Int‟l Dance

                R-40,000 S-30,000
Oct. 18(Wed.)                                                           Korea/ Seoul        Ballet

                                                                        R-40,000 S-30,000
                8pm                        8pm
Oct. 19(Thu.)   Korea/ KIM Hee-jin &       Korea/ Traditional Dance,
                China LONG Yunna &         New Frontiers
                Japan/ Naoko               R-20,000 S-15,000

                R-40,000 S-30,000
                                           8pm                                                       8pm
Oct. 20(Fri.)                              Korea/ Traditional Dance,                                 Japan/ Dairakudakan
                                           New Frontiers
                                           R-20,000 S-15,000                                         R-40,000 S-30,000
                Sat. 7:30pm & Sun. 3 &                                  6pm
Oct. 21(Sat.)   6pm                                                     Co-commission        of
                Korea/ Universal Ballet                                 France-Korea         by
                                                                        Festival Montpellier &
                R-70,000 S-50,000                                       Seoul    Int'l  Dance
                A-30,000                                                Festival

                                                                        R-40,000 S-30,000
Oct. 22(Sun.)                                                                                        Spain/ Jordi Cortés ∙
                                                                                                     Damián Muñoz
                                                                                                     Korea/ LEE Young-il ∙
                                                                                                     LEE Yong-in

                                                                                                     R-40,000 S-30,000
Oct. 23(Mon.)                                                           Israel/   Emanuel     Gat
Oct. 24(Tue.)                                                                                                                France/   Compagnie
                                                                        R-40,000 S-30,000
                                                                        A-20,000                                             Käfig

Oct. 25(Wed.)                                                                                                                R-60,000 S-40,000
SIDance 2006 Special Events

SIDance Forum

 Theme: Hip hop as a groundbreaking solution to European contemporary dance
 Discussion on the cases and recent outcomes of collaborative projects between hip hop
  and European contemporary dance as well as the possibility of hip hop's future collboration
  with contemporary dance in Korea
 Date & Time / Venue: to be scheduled

Discussion on African Music

 Join the discussion on African music hosted by SONG Gi-cheol, a music expert who will
  introduce musical numbers of Compagnie Vincent Mantsoe‟s NTU and Motswa Hole.
 Date & Time: 2006. Oct. 14 (Sat)
 Venue: LIG Art Hall

Meet the Artists!

 Meet Mr. Tero Saarinen and musicians, Mr. James Crabb and Mr. Geir Draugsvoll!
Messrs. Saarinen, Crabb, and Draugsvoll talk about the re-interpretation of Petrushka and their
philosophies applied in adptinf Stravinsky‟s music.
 Meet Mr. Claude Brumachon!
Mr. Brumachon discusses his background as atrained fine artists as well as the art, culture and
history of Renaissance which have piqued hime to choreograph his new piece.
 Meet Ms. Shobana Jeyasingh!
Meet Ms. Jeyasingh through a web-cam and listen to her talks about the current trend in British
contemporary dance scene and the artistic partnership with Micahel Nyman.
 Meet Mr. Emanuel Gat!
Mr. Gat talks about his choreographic method and the artistic intention of incorporating salsa
with Stravinsky‟s music, which has been much effected by his background as a trained musician.
He also talks about the current status of Israeli dance in the gloval arena.
 Meet Mr. Mourad Merzouki!
Mr. Merzouki talks about how hip hop functions and what role it playes in the present dance
scenes of France and other European countries.
 Meet Mr. Ohad Naharin!
Mr. Naharin talks about his artistic direction in making of the world renowned Batsheva Dance
Company and shares his memorable experiences of collaborating with Universal Ballet.

Choreography Workshops
Tero Saarinen / Claude Brumachon / Vincent Sekwati Koko Mantsoe / Emanuel Gat / Mourad
Merzouki / Ohad Naharin

At the Lobby
Video presentation and poster exhibition will be organized at the lobby of performance venue
during the festival period.
SIDance, A proper Channel for International Exchange

SIDance was created by CID-UNESCO (Conseil International de la Danse) Korea Chapter
in 1998 as a proper channel for introducing Korean dance to international stages as well as
worldwide trends to the local dance scene. Korean dance had experienced a severe lack of
international exchanges, but that has been surmounted, to a certain degree, since the
formation of the CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter in 1996. SIDance stands out among its
various activities to promote Korean dance. A brief history of Korean dance will better
explain SIDance's role. Korea's first glimpse of Western dance, including classical ballet,
came in the early 20th century at an inconsistent pace through indirect routes. The
modernization of Korean ethnic dance and rigid learning of Western dance took place
languidly after independence from Japanese colonial rule in 1945. Martha Graham's
techniques were introduced in the 1960s and were followed by the vigorous creation of
contemporary dances in the 1970s. The 1980s was considered a renaissance for Korean
dance: 2nd and 3rd generation choreographers began to replace the tradition-bound 1st
generation. However, this new wave of choreographers themselves divulged serious
limitations as major creative forces in the 1990s. Their abilities failed to meet international
standards, so they mainly served as stepping stones for the next generation in their 20s
and 30s. Under these circumstances, the followings are the primary goals of SIDance:

1. To provide world-class choreographic pieces to stimulate the intellectual capacity of
Korean dance, given the lack of Korean choreographers with outstanding creative talent
among the numerous promising dancers with excellent physical condition and technique
(Saburo TESHIGAWARA, Susanne Linke, Josef Nadj, Philippe Decouflé Jean-Claude
Gallotta, Maurice Béjart, Inbal Pinto, Maguy Marin, Angelin Preljocaj and many others have
been invited for this purpose.)

2. To introduce competent Korean choreographers to prominent festivals for their
international exposure (HONG Sung-yop's Dance Theatre ON was invited to the Lyon
Biennale de la Danse, KIM Young-hee's MUTDANCE to Mexico's Festival Int‟l Cervantino
and the JUNG Eun-hye Dance Company to a Greek festival as meaningful results of
SIDance. Also, several independent dancers have been selected to perform with foreign

3. To assist in what has been a gradual elevation of dance to a decent and respected art
form in Korea (SIDance tries to achieve this goal through programming: 60% of the pieces
are selected mainly upon their appeal to general public tastes, 40% based on artistic
sophistication. Accordingly, marketing and public relations target the general public as well
as those in the dance field. With the result that SIDance enjoys a much higher turnout from
the general public than other Korean dance festivals.)
4. To provide stages for dancers in their 20s (Every year 8 to 12 dancers/choreographers
are chosen and have been favorably received by audiences.) One finest choreographer
who is selected among the young artists will have a chance to share their artistic sense and
experience the diverse Asian culture with joining next Little Asia Dance Exchange Network.

5. To promote mutual understanding among different cultures and introduce Korean dance
to international stages (Through co-productions with foreign companies and festivals, e.g.
the 2 co-productions with Japanese companies in 2002, the 3 with Canada and the
Netherlands in 2003 and the 2 with Singapore and other 4 Asian countries in 2004, the 2
with Japan and Mexico in 2005, SIDance will continue these efforts.)
SIDance History
The 8th Seoul Int’l Dance Festival (SIDance 2005)
Date            Sept. 27 ~ Oct. 18, 2005
Venue           Towol Theater∙Jayu Theater, Seoul Arts Center; Hoam Art Hall
Organized by CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter
Hosted by       Organizing Committee of the 8th Seoul Int‟l Dance Festival (SIDance 2005)
                Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Arts Council Korea, Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture, Korea National
                Tourism Organization, Korea Foundation Cultural Center, KBS, British Council, AFAA, CONACULTA,
                Instituto de Cultura de Yucatán, Difusion Cultural UNAM Danza, National Council for Dance in Finland,
                Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland, Arts Projects Australia, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay,
Supported by
                Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong Arts Development,
                Dance Art Hong Kong, Taipei Dance Forum, Taiwan National Culture and Arts Foundation, Japan
                Foundation, AN Creative, Embassy of France in Korea, Samsung Life Insurance, Hoam Art Hall,
                Samsung Electronics, Renault-Samsung Motors, Shinhan Card, Woori Bank, DIAGIO, Kiup Bank,
Sponsored by DOOSAN, DOOSAN Wine, Swatch Korea, Chamtowon, INTLab, LG Art Center, EXR, Naver, CEM TV,
                TBS TV, Bugs
                UK『Random Dance』 France『Astrakan-Daniel Larrieu』, 『KIM Sae-jung & Acronote Ensemble』
                Finland 『Tero Saarinen Company』Japan『Pappa Tarahumara』Cuba『Compañía de la Danza
Foreign Entry
                Narciso   Medina』U.S.A.       『Stephen     Petronio    Company』       Mexico『Compañía        de    Danza
                Contemporánea del Estado de Yucatán』
                Mexico & Korea Festival Internacional Cervantino & SIDance Co-commission『JEON Mi-sook Dance
                Company』& 『Compañía de Danza Contemporánea del Estado de Yucatán』
                Japan & Korea Dance Selection & SIDance Co-commission 『Condors』&『HONG Dance Company』
                Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan『Little Asia Dance Exchange Network 2005』
Domestic        『The Perfect and Precious Dances by Virtuosos』
Entry           『Contemporary Korean Dances by Young Artists』
Total No. of
                ◆Forum – Talk Asia
                ◆Workshop – Wayne McGreger, Tero Saarinen, Stephen Petronio, Narciso Medina, Daniel Larrieu
Other           ◆Dance Club Salsa
Activities      ◆Talk Cuban Music
                ◆Exhibition & Video presentation
                ◆Meet Artists – Hiroshi KOIKE, Tero Saarinen, Stephen Petronio, Wayne McGregor

The 7th Seoul Int’l Dance Festival (SIDance 2004)
Date            Oct. 2 ~ 24, 2004
                Towol Theater∙Jayu Theater, Seoul Arts Center; Hoam Art Hall; Small Hall DAL, National Theater of
Organized by CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter
Hosted by       Organizing Committee of the 7th Seoul Int‟l Dance Festival (SIDance 2004)
                Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation,
                British Council, Pro-Helvetia, AFAA, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia Arts
                Victoria, City of Melbourne, Hirano, Australia - Korea Foundation, Hong Kong Arts Development Council,
Supported by
                Hong Kong Fringe Club, Dance Art Hong Kong, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Taipei Dance Forum, Taipei
                Artist Village, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taipei, Singapore Arts Festival, Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay,
                AN Creative, The Israeli Ministry of Education-Culture and Sport, The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
                Rich Foundation, Israel Cultural Excellence Foundation, Embassy of France in Korea, Embassy of
                Switzerland in Korea, Embassy of Israel in Korea, Public Information & Culture at Embassy of Japan in
                Korea, Samsung Life Insurance, Hoam Art Hall, Arirang TV, artsmuseum.com, Harika Travel Agency, Star
                World Korea
                KT&G, POSCO, Samsung Electronics, INTLab, Renault-Samsung Motors, DIAGIO Korea, Woori Bank,
Sponsored by
                Shinhan Card, Kiup Bank, DOOSAN, LG Art Center, Culture Land, O-hui, Juno Hair, Coex Members
                UK『Akram Khan Company』 France『Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble, Jean-Claude
                Gallotta』 Switzerland 『Parano Foundation, Gilles Jobin』 Australia『BalletLab』 Cuba『Rosario
Foreign Entry Cárdenas Compañía Danza Combinatoria』 Japan『Ikuyo KURODA, Misako TERADA, Shigemi
                KITAMURA』 Turkey『Oya, Mezudeke, Firuze』 Israel『Clipa Theater』 Germany & Korea 『JUN
                In-jung + Blue Elephant』Hong Kong 『Andy Wong & Tasha Wong』for Love Duet
                France & Korea『Centre Choregraphique National de Grenoble, Jean-Claude Gallotta』& KIM Pan-sun,
                KIM Young-ran(Korean Dancers)
Collaboration Singapore & Korea Singapore Arts Festival & SIDance Co-commission『Arts Fission Company』&
                『PARK Hobin & Korean Male Dancers』
                Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan『Little Asia Dance Exchange Network 2004』
                『Korean Identity through Dance』『Contemporary Korean Dances by Young Artists』『Love
                Duet』『Honam Female Farmer‟s Music & Dance Troup』『The 4 Prospective Korean Male Dance
                Artists』『Belly Dance Korea』
Total No. of
                ◆ Forum – Jean-Claude Gallotta, Angela Liong, LEE Jong Ho on International Co-production &
                ◆Workshop - Akram Khan, Gilles Jobin, Rosario Cárdenas, Turkish Belly Dancer
                ◆Exhibition at the Lobby ◆DanceMob – Pre-opening event at open area
                ◆ Meet Artists – Akram Khan, Jean-Claude Gallotta, Gilles Jobin ◆ Closing Event

The 6th Seoul Int’l Dance Festival (SIDance 2003)
Date            Oct. 8 ~ 29, 2003
Venue           Towol Theater∙Jayu Theater, Seoul Arts Center; Hoam Art Hall
Organized by CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter
Hosted by       Organizing Committee of the 6th Seoul Int‟l Dance Festival (SIDance 2003)
                Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea Foundation, Korea Racing
                Association, Korea National Tourism Organization, AFAA, Embassy of France in Korea, Royal
                Netherlands Embassy in Korea, Embassy of Canada in Korea, Embassy of Japan in Korea, Embassy of
                Australia in Korea, Embassy of Spain in Korea, Junta de Andalucía, Japan Foundation, Hong Kong Arts
                Centre, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Taipei Dance Forum, Australia Council for the Arts,
Supported by
                Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia, Queensland Government-The Premiers
                Department and Cabinet, ·Queensland Government Trade & Investment Office Korea, Townsville City
                Council, Townsville Sister City Committee, ·Especially Australian, Department of Foreign Affairs and
                International Trade of Canada, Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Council of Montréal, Samsung Life
                Insurance, ·Hoam Art Hall, Artskorea.tv, Playbill Korea
                KT&G, POSCO, Samsung Electronics, SK Telecom, DOOSAN, Renault-Samsung Motors, Woori Bank,
Sponsored by
                S-Oil, LG Art Center, Philip Morris Korea, VinoVino & Co., Culture Land, SONY Korea, CG Land
                France『Ballet Preljocaj』『Compagnie Maguy Marin』 USA『Pascal Benichuou & KIM Young-soon』
Foreign Entry Spain『Compañía Flamenca Ramón Martínez-Rocío Molina』 Japan『Media Performance Unit
                66b/cell』 Australia『Dance North』
                Canada & Korea Montréal Danse & SIDance Co-commission 『Montréal Danse』& LDP, AHN Ae-soon
                Netherlands & Korea『Introdans, Introdans Ensemble for Youth』& Yewon Dance Company, KIM Sun-
               hee Ballet Ensemble
               Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan『Little Asia Dance Exchange Network 2003』

Domestic       『Korean Identity through Dance』『Contemporary Korean Dances by Young Artists』『Love
Entry          Duet』『The Town of Dance, People of Goseong』『Chu Li Compañía de Danza Española』
Total No. of
               ◆ Digital Dance Festival & Forum ◆ Lecture Series - Angelin Preljocaj on re-interpretation of Ballet
               ◆Workshop Angelin Preljocaj, Maguy Marin, Introdans Ensemble for Youth, Flamenco
               ◆Exhibition - Original Poster Exhibition
               ◆Meet Artists - Media Performance Unit 66b/cell

The 5th Seoul Int’l Dance Festival (SIDance 2002)
Date           Sept. 30 ~ Oct. 24, 2002
               Grand Hall, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts; Opera Theater∙Towol Theater∙Jayu Theater, Seoul
               Arts Center; Hoam Art Hall; Woomyun-dang, National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts
Organized by CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter
Hosted by      Organizing Committee of the 5th Seoul Int‟l Dance Festival (SIDance 2002)
               Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Korean Culture & Arts Foundation, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea
               Foundation, Korea National Tourism Organization, Korea Science Foundation, ASEAN Commission
               Culture & Information, Pro-Helvetia, Arts Council of Switzerland, Embassy of Switzerland, Embassy of
Supported by
               Russia, Embassy of Japan, Japan Foundation, Saison Foundation, Hong Kong Arts Center, Taipei Dance
               Forum, Arts Victoria, World Ethnic Dance Institute, Samsung Life Insurance, Hoam Art Hall, Arirang TV,
               KT, KTF, KTI, SK Group, SK Telecom, Samsung Electronics, Philip Morris Korea, Woori Bank, Chohung
Sponsored by Bank, Shinhan Card, Samsung Life Insurance, Art Box, Korea Culture Promotion INC, Hanmunwha,
               Digital First, Escada Korea, Asiana Airline, Winenara.com
               Switzerland『Ventura        Dance   Company』      France『Céline   Bacqué』    Russia『Olga      Pona   &
               Chelyabinsk Theatre of Contemporary Dance』 USA『Peggy Myo-young Choy』 China『HWANG
Foreign Entry Seon-ja』 Japan『Condors』『Kabuki Dance』 ASEAN『ASEAN Committee on Culture and
               Information』    Argentina    &     France『Fascinacion    de   Tango』   Italy &   Rumania『X-PRESS

Collaboration Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan『Little Asia Dance Exchange Network 2002』

               『Opening       Gala』『Korean         Identity   through   Dance』『Dongnang         Dance   &    Musical
               Ensemble』『Hangjang-mu / KNUA』『HWANG Hee-yon』『KIM Yun-jung』『LEE Hyun-soo & RYU
               Seok-hoon』『Homage to Piazzola』『BBB Series』
Total No. of
               ◆Technology Dance Forum; Pablo Ventura & Dr. YANG Hyun-seong
               ◆Lecture „Trend of Dance World‟: Aat Hougee, Mayumi NAGATOSHI, Catherin Mouradian
               ◆Workshop Kabuki Dance
The 4th Seoul Int’l Dance Festival (SIDance 2001)
Date               Oct. 7 ~ Nov. 5, 2001
                   Grand Theater, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts; Towol Theater∙Jayu Theater and Stone Plaza,
                   Seoul Arts Center; Hoam Art Hall; National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts
Organized by CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter
Hosted by          Organizing Committee of the 4th Seoul Int‟l Dance Festival (SIDance 2001)
                   Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Korean Culture & Arts Foundation, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea
                   National Tourism Organization, AFAA, Centre Culturel Français, Embassy of Israel, Embassy of
Supported by
                   Switzerland, Embassy of India; Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Pro-Helvetia Art Council of
                   Switzerland, World Ethnic Dance Institute, Arirang TV
Sponsored by SK Telecom, KT, Chohung Bank, Philip Morris Korea, Swatch Korea, Nonghyup, Tony Romas, Tejava
                   Switzerland『Béjart Ballet Lausanne』France『Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble-Jean
                   Claude Gallotta』
Foreign Entry
                   Israel『Inbal            PINTO』USA『Foofwa             d‟Imobilité』China『Jin           Xing     Dance
                   Theatre』Netherlands『Introdans Ensemble for Youth』
                   Korea & Germany 『Laboratory Dance Project』& 『Body House Dance Energy』
                   Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan『Little Asia Dance Exchange Network 2001』
                   『Korean traditional ritual dance „Gut‟ for Opening Program』 『Review of Shinmuyong』 『Korean
Domestic           Identity through Dance』
Entry              『Contemporary Korean Dances by Young Artists』 『Dance Company JoBac』 『Queer Dance,
                   Weird Dancers』 『Daegu City Modern Dance Troupe』
Total   No.   of
                   ◆ Workshop
Other                Jean-Claude Gallotta, Inbal Pinto, Béjart Ballet
Activities         ◆ Video Demontration
                      Maurice Béjart

The 3rd Seoul Int’l Dance Festival (SIDance 2000)
Date          Sept. 23 ~ Oct. 24, 2000
              Towel Theater∙Jayu Theater, Seoul Arts Center; Main Hall, National Theater of Korea; Grand Theater,
Venue         Sejong Center for the Performing Arts; National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts; Hoam Art
              Hall; KNUA Hall, The Korean National University of Arts; Line No.3, Seoul Metropolitan Subway
              CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter
Co-           National Theater of Korea, Seoul Arts Center, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, World Ethnic Dance
organized by Institute
Hosted by     Organizing Committee of the 3rd Seoul Int‟l Dance Festival (SIDance 2000)
              Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Korean Culture & Arts Foundation, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korean
              National Tourism Organization, AFAA, Centre Culturel Français, Pro-Helvetia Arts Council of Switzerland,
              Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation, Saison Foundation, Goethe-Institut Seoul, Embassy of Israel
              Asiana Airline, TS Corporation, DAESANG
Foreign       Japan『H. Art Chaos』『Ootzgunai-Kagura』 Israel『Yossi Yungman』 Switzerland『Linga Danse
Entry         Projet』       Belgium        『Compagnie    Pedro     Pauwels』      Germany『Tanzcompagnie         RUBATO』
                  France『Ballet Jazz Art de Paris』, 『Centre Chorégraphique National d‟Orléans-Josef NADJ』
                  『Philippe Decouflé DCA』 Netherlands『Introdans』 Indonesia 『Bambang Kristiono Soewardjo』
                  Hong Kong『McMuiMui Dansemble』 Brazil & Germany『S. Dance Connection』 France &
                  Korea『Compagnie Rascalou-Nam』
                  『Korean Entry of Lyon Danse Biennale; Changmu Dance Company, Dance Theater ON』 『S.T.T.
                  Dance & Musical Company』『Contemporary Korean Dance』 『Masterpieces of Jinjoo Dance』 『New
                  Creations of Korean Choreographers』
Total No. of
Other             ◆ Workshop
Activities              Josef Nadj, Linga Danse Projet, Pedro Pauwels, Tanzcompagnie RUBATO

The 2nd Seoul Int’l Dance Festival (SIDance 1999)
Date                    Aug. 30 ~ Sept. 19, 1999
                        Towel Theater∙Jayu Theater, Seoul Arts Center; Main Hall, National Theater of Korea; Jungdong Event
                        Hall; School of Dance, The Korean National University of Art; The Post Theater
Organized by            CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter
Hosted by               Organizing Committee of the 2nd Seoul Int‟l Dance Festival (SIDance 1999)
                        Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Korean Culture & Arts Foundation, Seoul Metropolitan Government,
Supported by            Korea Racing Association, Korean Dance Association, Ministry of Culture of Greece, Ministry of Foreign
                        Affairs of Greece, Centre Culturel Français, Goethe-Institute Seoul
Sponsored by LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics
                    Greece 『Nafsika Dance Theater』 India『Jyoti Shrivastava』 U.S.A.『Second Hand Dance』
Foreign Entry
                        Japan『H. Art Chaos』

Collaboration           Korea & France 『Ceci n‟est pas de la danse』

                        『Korean     Traditional    Dance』『Korean       Identity   through     Dance』『Contemporary     Korean
Domestic Entry
                        Dance』『Laughing Stone Dance Company』
Total   No.        of
                        ◆Video Show 100 Years of World Dance History
Other Activities ◆ Lecture „Freedom in Movements History of Theater,‟ „Dance Production Trend of German after
                        Unification‟(Norvert Servos), „Dance through Technology‟(Sarah Rubidge)

             th                                                              st
The 13            CID-UNESCO General Assembly & The 1                             Seoul Int’l Dance Festival(SIDance
Date              Sept. 30 ~ Oct. 24, 1998
                  Opera Theater∙Towel Theater∙Jayu Theater of Seoul Arts Center; National Center for Korean Traditional
                  Performing Arts; Main Hall of National Theater of Korea
                  CID-UNESCO, CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter
                  Organizing Committee of CID-UNESCO General Assembly & the 1st Seoul Int‟l Dance Festival (SIDance
Hosted by
Supported         Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Korean Culture & Arts Foundation, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea
by             Racing Association, Korean National Tourism Organization, Korean National Committee for UNESCO,
               Korea Foundation, Maeil Business Newspaper, A & C Kolon, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, Goethe-
               Institut Seoul, Centre Culturel Français, British Council
               OSRAM Korea, Jeil CNC, Digiwave, Korean Airline, Air France, Aeroflot Russian Airline, Hotel Amiga
               Germany 『Bremer Tanztheater Suzanne Linke』 Japan『Teshigawara Saburo + KARAS』『Bugaku

Foreign        Company』 France『Cie Camargo』
Entry          U.S.A.『4th Dimention Dance』Belgium『Compagnie Pedro Pauwels』 Spain『Compagnie Blanca
               Li』Canada『Yan Xin Qigong Dance Theatre』
               『Korean National Dance Company』『Korean National Changguk Company』『National Center for

Domestic       Korean Traditional Performing Arts』『Virtuosos - Korean Traditional Dance』『Collection of Best
Entry          Repertory』『Korean Identity through Dance』『Contemporary Korean Dance』『Korean Traditional
               Dance』『Universal Ballet』
Total No. of
               ◆ The 13th CID-UNESCO General Assembly∙Symposium; „Influence and Evolution of Dance between
               the East and the West for the Last 100 Years‟
               ◆Workshop Alexander Bogatyrev, Pedro Pauwels
               ◆Photo Exhibition Tanztheater Today, 30 Years of German Dance History
               ◆Video Dance Festival
Artistic Director, SIDance
President, CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter

LEE Jong-Ho(Mr.)
Journalist(Vice President of YONHAP News Agency)
Artistic Director and Founder of SIDance Festival
             (Seoul International Dance Festival)
President of CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter
Representative in Korea of Prix de Lausanne
Council Member of IOTPD
Council Member of Asia Arts Net
Executive Council Member of AAPAF
Former President of Korean Society of Dance Critics

He began his career as a reporter at the "Courrier de la Corée," a French weekly published in
Korea. During his career at YONHAP News Agency, he has been assigned to many posts, a
reporter on the city desk, a foreign correspondent in Brussels, and his most recent position, vice
He also has his Cultural Policy and Fashion Column at Yonhap News Agency. And he
contributes articles about cultural policy to several daily papers and magazines.

He has been active in reviewing the performing arts since 1980. He is currently a member of the
"Korean Society of Dance Critics." He is also representative of the "Maichoto Group," a dance-
related forum which consists of critics, producers, directors, dance photographers, etc.

He established Korea Chapter of CID-UNESCO(Conseil International de la Danse or
International Dance Council) in 1996. His tireless devotion to this group led the success of the
13th CID-UNESCO General Assembly held in Seoul in 1998. And its related event,
SIDance(Seoul International Dance Festival), has been an annual event ever since, held every
autumn. Now, SIDance is said to be the best dance event in Korea.

"I do everything for dance, except dancing myself," says Mr. LEE Jong-Ho. This is why he is
Representative in Korea of the Prix de Lausanne.
He is also deeply interested in building up the social and economic status of dance and dancers.
This is why he is a council member of IOTPD (International Organization for the Transition of
Professional Dancers).
Recently, he becomes more aware of the importance of regional cultural exchange and has
become a member of "Asia Arts Net." He is considering now to launch an Inter Asian culture and
art gathering.
He is also an advisor and juror for Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Arts Council Korea and
Foreign Affaires and Trade in Korea as well as he is a juror for various awards and numerous
public funds.
CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter

       The Organizer of Seoul International Dance Festival (SIDance)

CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter was formed in 1996 to promote international interaction of
Korean dance. It is chaired by Mr. LEE Jong-Ho, a dance critic and journalist in Seoul,
whose main interest is to reconsider the social nature of dance.

Until then Korean dance has approached international dance stages mostly through a
personal relation with no systematic strategy, and understanding of the world dance
phenomena was still in an initial stage. Moreover, local environment surrounding dance
field was so immature that dance failed to get considerable social status and to gain
general audiences.

SIDance's main objectives are to introduce characteristic excellence of Korean dances to
global market, to expand dance audience and to publish fundamental dance materials.
Driven by the objectives, CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter has presented the performance of
<Korean Identity through Dance Series> at SIDance and has held Jean-Claude Gallotta
workshop and audition.

Every year CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter holds <Korean Dances Meet World Music> with
offering Korean choreographers to create new pieces to world music such as Spanish,
Eastern European, Australian, Brazilian, Arabic, Indian and Greek music, respectively.
Artists who have performed at the <Korean Dances Meet World Music> became able to
expand their choreographic vocabularies. Its Korean representatives participated in Prix de
Lausanne, Paris International Competition, Vignaledanza Competition in Italy, Val-de-Marne
Dance Biennale in France and etc.

As the only organization in Korea that is officially recognized by CID-UNESCO, CID-
UNESCO Korea Chapter has acted as a channel to discover prominent Korean dances and
bring them out to the international dance scenes.
::: The Window for Korean Dance to Get Introduced in Global Market
The Only Authorized UNESCO organization of International Dance

A Step Higher in International Relations

Our dance system in international relations was more individual and local before.
Few performers contacted with their own negotiation skills and acquainted to stand on
international stage. However, there was limitations and scattered apart. And same time it was
very difficult and rare to stand on high quality stage. And it was succeeded in individual effort,
there was an limitation to improve international sense to our dance system. CID Korea Chapter
will try our best to contact CID headquarters, worldwide chapters and high standard
organizations, international associations, units and high standards producers in positively and
enthusiastically matter to let our dance to enter the world. This effort is not just for high quality
theaters nor festivals only. We will try to place Korean Judges to famous international concours.
Please, if you have any experience in abroad, share the information and experience with other
performers so our performance could develop much further.

Discover the Projects and Performers Who are Trying to go Abroad

To stand on International stage, our performers have to be in international level as well. Our
dance is only partially international level now. Therefore, we must help high standard
performers to go abroad and let them create their project to characterize Korea first. And for this,
we will try to have many concerts and performances as possible for choreographers to create
strong project, which it presents the Korean cultural characteristics. And that means, we will pick
projects, which it has chance to success in the world.

This doesn't mean just for the Korean traditional dance only, I believe strongly that
contemporary dance and Ballet can do the same. We will also help young performers to stand
on international Stage, concert and concours to improve their skills and techniques and get
ready for the world.

Export Culture and Goods

We don't have to mention the economy grows together with culture again. However, problem is
within the system. There were many times, we entered high quality events or functions with our
culture and goods, through the domestic company who has the branch office in abroad. The
problem is we only care about the sense of performance for long period time to progress the
project. We are very weak on analyzing the software system of the local area's specialty, events
and what is around the area. CID Korea Chapter will collaborate with industries and other art
forms to solve the problems.

The Practical Usage and Adjustment for the Foreign literature

Our cultural Art of dance and many other arts weren't introduced to many foreign literatures.
Well respected dictionary and as well as professional art magazines and books, they
introduced China and Japan in numerous times however it is very hard to found Korean
dance. CID Korea Chapter will be frontier to fix this matter. Please do give us some helpful
tips we will seriously consider it.
The Research and Publicize of the Fundamental Basic Materials

We will publicize the dictionary of Korean Dancers, dictionary of Korea Dance Performance, and
will collect and gather many materials together, which it is refer to Dance, to make it as a sort of
magazine or books. We don't have to mention how important it is to have professional dictionary
or documentary records to improve the field.

Make It Society Issue to Appreciate Art of Dance

It is more then enough to enjoy the dance with few people and the party at the family reunion.
The publicities don't mean it is always good however we do need to expend audiences more.
Especially, we must look for people who have trouble to come and enjoy our beautiful dance.
We must break the 7:30PM concert time rule for the handicapped, people who lives in the
country, labor and housewives and many more. CID Korea Chapter respect elitism, however,
we are trying to put our dance to be a part of mass communication in the society. We will be
partners to small self-governing countries organizations, schools, industries and many different
associates and organizations to make the performers and audiences to come together as one.

Interrelationship in Dance Society and Exchange Systems with different fields

Every art form does need to have relationship with different fields and that is essential to Dance
which it offers to be Synthetic Stage Art. Realistically, there is a great essential relationship with
music, stage art and custom. However, if the production does not get involved with particular
field, it is true, that there isn't any relationship with each other at all. Past, there were many
artists who exchange their ideas and help each other to create the project better, however these
days, it is very dry compare to the past.
CID Korea Chapter will try to have a periodically and non-periodically to have meetings with
performers and artists in other fields to exchange their thoughts. This will absolutely help
performers, who are use to talk with their bodies more then words, for their communication skills
so they can explain their inner thoughts to others to understand them better. And same time, it
will also help the statues of dance, which they don't get their respects as much as they deserve
just because their impression is they are behind commercialization and polarization to other art

We would like to be the contact point for many dancers who have hard time to meet each other
just because they are from different schools and different dance field and would like to have an
annual meeting for them so they can communicate with each other without any hesitations and
problems. It would be great to create 'Dance Day' or same day and location as many dance

For CID Korea Chapter to contribute our dance society to get improve for domestic and
international stage, we do need encouragements and support from not just only dance society
but from many cultural art societies as well.

I do believe we all know, cultural art doesn't get improved from one parts efforts.

                                    President of (CID-UNESCO) Korea Chapter: Jong-ho LEE
                         (This was written before CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter to sail away.)
Programs of CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter
1. International Festival: Seoul International Dance Festival (SIDance)
2. Annual Serials Performance
   1) Korean Dance Meets World Music
   2) Korean Identity through Dance
3. International Exchange
   1) Co-production
   2) Little Asia Dance Exchange Network
    3) Korean juror's and dancer's participation in international dance competitions
   4) Participation in international festivals and academic meetings
4. Introduction of Foreign Performances to Korea
   1) Invitation of top-notched dance artists and companies
   2) Introduction of up-to-date trend
5. Publication and Organization of Academic Event
6. Dissemination and Familiarization of Dance in Korean Society

Seoul International Dance Festival (SIDance)

Founded in 1998 to commemorate the 13th CID-UNESCO World Congress held in Seoul, Seoul
International Dance Festival has been hosted by CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter annually during
Autumn at the most prestigious
venues including Seoul Arts Center and Hoam Art Hall as a 4-week long event. After the 7-year
of ambitious activities, SIDance has grown into the biggest and the most substantial dance
festival in Korea.

Key dance figures from Europe and Asia including Jean-Claude Gallota, Philipe Decoupfle,
Josef Nadj, Susanne Linke, Maurice Bejart, Inbal Pinto, Teshigawara Saburo, H. R. Chaos, and
Condors, to name a few, were invited to SIDance and none of them ever failed to fascinate
Korean audience. Not to mention artistic achievements, the advanced operation skills and
programming strategy are also major competitiveness of the festival, which other dance festivals
in Korea do not have.

Korean Dance Meets World Music

The harmony of Korean dances and music from other cultural and ethnic backgrounds could be
a perfect form to realize cultural exchanges, and it is the objective of „Korean Dance Meets
World Music‟ program.  [Korean dance performed to the various musics from other cultural
and ethnic backgrounds could be a perfect form of realizing a cultural exchange, which is the
basic idea of how this annual performance began in 1998.]

The program has been held annually; Spanish music in 1998, Eastern European music in 1999,
Australian music in 2000, Brazilian music in 2001, Japanese music in 2002, Arabic music in
2003 and Indian music in 2004.
Korean Dance Meets World Music‟ has tremendously contributed to diversifying the style of
dance in Korea and expanding taste of dance, from a previous standard of three categories –
traditional dance, modern dance and ballet.

Korean Identity through Dance

This serial performance started in 1996 in an effort to trigger Korean artists‟ steady interest in
international stage, as well as to introduce unique sense of Korean dancers/choreographers to
global stages. Outstanding Korean dancers/choreographers with special dance languages from
traditional dance, ballet, and modern dance have presented their new creations for this annual

Co-productions with Foreign Artists and Companies
Collaborative projects including co-productions of top-class foreign companies with Korean
artists and vice versa contribute to increasing international awareness of Korean dance scene,
expanding cultural infra for the technical field as well. CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter supported
co-productions of Birds on Board and The Rite for the Two commemorating 2002 FIFA World
Cup Korea/Japan, which were highly acclaimed by the critics and audiences. In 2003 it
supported 3-country collaborative production titled Women in Dance choreographed by Molissa
Fenly from USA with dancers from Korea and Japan. Two ambitious co-productions were
successfully completed in 2003: Introdans Ensemble for Youth performed with two Korean ballet
companies celebrating 'The Hamel Year' commemorating the 350 year of the first Westerner,
Hamel from The Netherlands, ever visited and introduced Korea to the world; and a Korean
choreographer with Montréal Danse and a Canadian with LDP from Korea created and
presented new pieces in Seoul and Montréal, celebrating the 40 year of diplomatic relations
between the two countries. Three co-productions are ongoing this year: Co-Production by
Singapore Arts Festival and SIDance and Little Asia Dance Exchange Network.

International Networking through Participation in Competition and Festival

In order to boost international exposures of Korean dance and artists, CID-UNESCO Korea
Chapter has established close relationship with theaters, festivals, art markets and competitions.
It supports Korean jurors and dancers to participate in international dance competitions, and
Korean dancers to have auditions for foreign companies, through which two artists, KIM Hee-jin
and JUN In-jung, are performing with a French company (Jean-Claude Gallotta's) and a
German one. Dance Theatre ON's participation in Lyon Biennale de la Danse in 2000 and other
Korean dance companies in Performing Arts Messe Osaka, Japan, in 2003 are made possible
by the support of CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter.

Introduction of Foreign Performances to Korea
CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter focuses on introducing top-notched dance companies and
cutting-edge trend of performing arts in the international stages to Korea. Tanztheater was
introduced through the performances by Bremen Tanztheater of Susanne Linke along with video
exhibition and lecture in 1998, and technology dance by Ventura Dance Company with lecture in
2002.   In 2004, British dance in general was introduced through performances, lectures,
workshops, and exhibitions with the support of The British Council.

The Association of Asian Performing Arts Festivals (AAPAF) & Its Executive
Council Member, SIDance

The appointment of LEE Jong-ho, the artistic director of SIDance as the member of the
Executive Council member, proved SIDance stands in line with other major Asian performing
arts festivals. Given that, SIDance deeply felt its given mission to act as a communication
channel connecting local performing arts festivals and performing groups with those in Asia as
well as worldwide.

SIDance will sincerely work to coordinate both with AAPAF abroad and The Association of
Korea Performing Arts Festivals domestically.
Entitled to move forwards to expanding its role from an ambassador of dance community into
the communication channel of local performing arts as whole,

Korea-Japan Friendship in Dance 2005
Intensive Pursuit the Potential of Asian Dance to emerge into Worldwide

<Korea-Japan Friendship in Dance>, steered by Korea Foundation, the Japan Foundation, The
National Theater of Korea and the Korean representative of the International Dance Council of
UNESCO as part of the festivities to celebrate the Year of Korea-Japan Friendship, is to took
place at the National Theater of Korea.
The event features two main programs, Butoh Festival and Contemporary Dance Festival in
addition to special lecture, forum and exhibition about Butoh, a Japanese avant-garde dance
form that emerged in late 1950's with a root in the Japanese dance and theater method.

Also several respected dance critics and Butoh experts will have discussions to examine
potential of Asian dance to emerge into a world cultural heritage from an ethnic dance by
reviewing how Butoh has successfully expanded into the Western world over the past decades.

Under the title of "From the Dance in Asia to the Dance of the World," dance critics, dance
artists and presenters will focus on defining the identity of Asian dance by studying the similarity
and differences between Korean dance and Asian dance, and discuss on how to accelerate
exchanges and networking activities among Asian dance circles and how to promote Asian
dances in the world.
Aug. Accept agreement for foundation of CID-UNESCO Korea Chapter from CID-UNESCO
Dec. Host <Korean Identity through Dance, Series1>

Jan. Dispatch judge to International Creative Dance Competition in Saitama, Japan HWANG
     Mi-suk Dance Company participated (award of stimulation)
Apr. Organize Jean-Claude Gallotta Audition and Workshop
Jun. Support the Performance of KANG Mi-sun
Jun. Participate in International Conference about „Artist and Society‟ hosted by UNESCO
Aug. Dispatch judge to the 4th All Asian Dance Competition in Kitakushu, Japan (3 Korean
dancers awarded)
Aug. Support seminar of Philippe Brownsweig (Founder of Prix de Lausanne, President of
     IOTPD Foundation, Sponsor of Canne Dance School)
Aug. Commission the representative of Korea to Prix de Lausanne, Switzerland
Sep. Arrange audition for SPAC Company in Shizoka, Japan (director, Jean-Claude Gallotta)
Nov. Host <Korean Identity through Dance, Series 2>
Nov. Conference with Franz Blankart (co-president of Prix de Lausanne) on cooperation
     between Prix de Lausanne and CID-UNESO Korea Chapter
Nov. Arrange the co-hosted performance between Seoul Ballet Theater and Fukuoka Ballet

Jan. Support the Argentina Tango lesson hosted by Seoul Ballet Theater
Jan. Participate in 26th Prix de Lausanne, Switzerland
Feb. Participate in directors meeting and symposium of IOTPD, Hague, The Netherlands
Jun. Host <Korean Dances Meet World Music -1> (Spanish music)
Jun. Attend as observer the Festival Montpellier Dance invited by French Ministry of Foreign
Jun. Dispatch judge to the 4 Vaganova Ballet Concours, Russia
Oct. Host <Korean Identity through Dance, Series 3>
Oct. Host the 13th CID-UNESCO General Assembly and Symposium, and found SIDance 98
     (Seoul International Dance Festival)
Nov. Dispatch judge to the 8 International Dance Competition in Paris, France
Nov. Participate and speech in „Symposium about Korean Performing Arts Festival‟ hosted by
     Ministry of Culture & Tourism
Nov. Participate in „Forum about Political development for the Enlargement of Performing Arts‟
     hosted by Korean Culture Policy Institute

Jan. Dispatch judge and participate in the 27 Prix de Lausanne, Switzerland
Mar. Visit AFAA, France, in order to discuss exchange of dance between France and Korea
Mar. Participate in directors meeting of IOTPD in Lausanne, Switzerland
Apr. Support the opening performance of Theater Al & Haek
Apr. Support the performance of CHIO Hyun
May Support performance of TORINO Dance Company from Italy in Seoul, Korea
Jul. <Korean Dances Meet World Music -2> (Eastern European music)
Aug. Dispatch judge and participate in the 5 All Asian Dance Competition in Kitakushu, Japan
Dispatch Judge to the 6 All Asian Dance Competition in KitaKushu, Japan
Sep. Dispatch JUNG Eun-hye Dance Company to Aege Festival in Greece
Sep. Host < Korean Identity through Dance, Series 4>
Sep. Host SIDance 99 (Seoul International Dance Festival)
Sep. Support the performance „Noh Ga Ku‟
Dec. Participate in Curtain Up in Tel Aviv, Israel

Jan. Participate in 28 Prix de Lausanne, Switzerland
Mar. Participate in 1 Asia-Europe Dance Networking Forum in Hong Kong
Mar. Dispatch judge to the 1                            Fuete International Ballet Competition in Talin, Republic of
Apr. Host < Korean Identity through Dance, Series 5>
May    Support   5             anniversary               of   MCT(performing    art   planning   group)   performance
   <Contemporary Dancers 2000>
Jun. Host <Korean Dances Meet World Music-3> (Australian Music)
Jul. Dispatch judge to and participate in Barna International Ballet Competition, Bulgaria
Sep. Co-produce <Déjà vu> by Dance Theater ON, invited to Lyon Biennale de la Danse,
Oct. Host SIDance 2000 (Seoul International Dance Festival)
Oct. Support the 1 Inchon World Dance Festival, Korea
Nov. Participate in Kanakawa Art Center Video Dance Festival in Japan (video presentation and
                                         st                                                                         st
Dec. Participate in the 1 Monaco Danses Dance Forum and contribute as a juror for the 1
Nijinsky Award

Jan. Dispatch judge to 29 Prix de Lausanne, Switzerland
Jan. Commission the representative of Korea to the International Ballet Competition in Prague,
      The Czech Republic
Feb.-Apr. Co-host Administrator's Workshop with the association of Organizing Committees of
the Festivals
Jun. Host <Korean Dances Meet World Music -4> (Brazilian music)
Jul. Participate in the International Ballet Competition in Prague, The Czech Republic
Aug. Dispatch Judge to the 6 All Asian Dance Competition in KitaKushu, Japan
Oct. Host SIDance 2001 (Seoul International Dance Festival)
Oct. Host Little Asia Dance Exchange Network(LADEN 2001) with Australia, Hong Kong, Japan
and Taiwan
Nov. Participate in the Asian-European Dance Forum in Singapore
Nov. Participate in the 1 Asian Contemporary Dance Festival in Osaka, Japan
Dec. Dispatch dancer for the performance of Papa TARAHUMARA, Japan

Jan. Dispatch to judge to the 30 Prix de Lausanne, Switzerland
Apr. Support Dae-jun International Contemporary Dance Festival, Korea
Apr. Support <Gut Play> performed by AHN Ae-soon Dane Company
May Host performance of <Song of Mermaid> and <Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?>
Jun. Co-commission and host Korea & Japan co-production project <Rite of the Two>, <Birds
       on the Board>
Jul. Host <Korean Dances Meet World Music 5> (Japanese music)
Jul. Invited by AFAA to summer dance festivals in Avignon and Aix-en Province, France
Aug. Participate in JADE(Japan Arts Dance Event) and TPAM(Tokyo Performing Arts Market)
Aug. Participate in PAMO(Performing Arts Messe Osaka) as a panelist, Japan
Aug. Dispatch AHN Eun-mi and JEON Mi-sook to „Asia Contemporary Dance Festival‟ hosted
       by Dance Box, Osak, Japan
Aug. Host seminar on present condition in North Korean dance scene and JAMOSIK mark code
Sep. Dispatch dancers for the performance of Pappa Tarahumara, Japan
Sep. Host SIDance 2002 (Seoul International Dance Festival)
Oct. Host Little Asia Dance Exchange Network(LADEN 2002) with Australia, Hong Kong, Japan
and Taiwan
Oct. Host <Korean Identity through Dance, Series 7>
Oct. Support the 4 Daegu International Dance Festival, Korea
Oct. Support <Nammu, Dancing Cheo-yongs>, Korea
Nov. Invited by CINAR, Canada
Nov. Co-host 'Workshop for the Running and Administration of Festivals'
Dec. Support the performance of Dance Root
Dec. Support the Dancer‟s Night

Jan. Participate in the 31 Prix de Lausanne, Switzerland
May Support and participate in 'the 1 KANJOJUN' in Hiroshima, Japan
Jun. Host <Korean Dances Meet World Music 6> (Arabic music)
Jun. Participate in ASIAN Arts Mart 2003 in Singapore
Aug. Dispatch YHE Hyo-seoung and OH Man-seok for the performance of PAPPA
       TARAHUMARA, Japan
Aug. Co-commission and host Korea, Japan & USA co-production project, <Women in Dance>
Aug. Participate in PAMO(Performing Arts Messe Osaka) as a panelist, Japan
Oct. Host Korea-Netherlands Commemorative performances celebrating „the year of Hamel‟
Oct. Co-commission and host Korea-Canada co-production project of „Celebration 2003 Korea-
       Canada the 40 Years of Diplomatic Relation‟
Oct. Host <Korean Identity through Dance, Series 8>
Oct. Host SIDance 2003 (Seoul International Dance Festival)
Oct. Host DIDance 2003 (the 1 Digital Dance Festival)
Oct. Host Little Asia Dance Exchange Network(LADEN 2003) with Australia, Hong Kong, Japan
and Taiwan
Dec. Participate in TPAM(Tokyo Performing Arts Market), Japan
Dec. Co-host 'Workshop for the Running and Administration of Festivals'

Jan. Participate in the 32        Prix de Lausanne, Switzerland
Jan. Support <Wandering SIMCHUNG>, Korea
Feb. Host Korea-Canada collaboration project of „Celebration 2003 Korea-Canada the 40 Years
       of Diplomatic Relation‟, Montréal, Canada
Feb. Support female human cultural heritages performance, <YEMU--Time and Tide Painted in
       the Air>
Feb. Participate in Australian Performing Arts Market 2004 and Hong Kong Arts Festival
Mar. Co-host with British Council „FORWARD MOTION 2004‟
Apr. Co-host 'Workshop for the Running and Administration of Festivals'
May Host audition for collaboration project with Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble
May Host <Korean Dances Meet World Music - 7> (Indian music)
Jun. Participate in Singapore Arts Festival and in 1 Meeting of AAPAF(Association of Asian
     Performing Arts Festival)
Jun. Support Spanish flamenco, <LIVE>, by Joaquín Cortés
Aug. Participate in PAMO(Performing Arts Messe Osaka) as a panelist and dispatch three
       companies to Booths and Showcases, Japan
Aug. Participate in Kansai Arts Venture Promotion Forum as a lecturer, Japan
Aug. Participate in 'Dance Box Asian Contemporary Festival' and dispatch PARK Ho-bin
Oct. Co-commission and host Korea-Singapore co-production project
Oct. Co-commission and host Korea-France collaboration project
Oct. Host <Korean Identity through Dance, Series 9>
Oct. Host SIDance 2004(Seoul International Dance Festival)
Oct. Host DIDance 2004(the 2 Digital Dance Festival)
Oct. Host Little Asia Dance Exchange Network(LADEN 2004) with Australia, Hong Kong, Japan
and Taiwan
Nov. Host the 2        Executive Council Meeting of AAPAF in Seoul, Korea
Nov. Dispatch KIL Jin-young to Asia-Europe Dance Forum hosted by Asia-Europe Foundation
     in Berlin, Germany
Dec. Participate in MDDF and Dance Screen, Monaco
Dec. Host special touring performance in Chilgok and Incheon with the highlight of <Korean
     Dances Meet World Music>
Jan. Participate in the 33 Prix de Lausanne, Switzerland
Mar. Support <Nammu, Dancing Cheo-youngs>
Apr. Host <Korean Dances Meet World Music 8> (Greek music)
Jun. Participate in the 4 International Congress „Culture and Development‟ Havana, Cuba
Jun. Co-host with Korea Foundation, Japan Foundation, National Theater of Korea
    „Korea – Japan Friendship in Dance‟
Jun. Host the performance of Korea & Singapore co-production project at Singapore Arts
Jun. Dispatch the Korean music group, the LIM, to Asian Arts Mart, Singapore
Jun. Participate in Singapore Arts Festival and Asian Arts Mart, Singapore
Jun. Participate in AAPAF Meeting in Singapore
Jun. Participate in Festival Montpellier Danse, France
Aug. Dispatch LEE Kyung-eun to „Dance Wave Fukuoka‟ of Fukuoka Foundation & JCDN in
Fukuoka, Japan
Sep. Support the Seminar & Symposium „Beyond Performance‟
Sep. Participate in RES ARTIS 05 Berlin by Asia-Europe Foundation, Germany
Oct. Dispatch Japan & Korea co-production <Korea-Japan Friendship in Dance> to Dance
    Selection in Tokyo, Japan
Oct. Dispatch KIM Young-hee and dancers to Japan for Korea-Japan collaboration night at
    Dance Selection in Tokyo, Japan
Oct. Co-commission and host the co-production with Festival Int‟l Cervantino in Seoul, Korea
    and in Guanajuato, San-Louis Potoshi and Mexico City, Mexico
Oct. Co-commission and host Japan & Korea co-production with Dance Selection and Session
    House in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, Korea
Oct. Host Little Asia Dance Exchange Network(LADEN 2005) with Hong Kong, Japan,
Singapore and Taiwan
Oct. Host SIDance 2005 (Seoul International Dance Festival)
Oct. Invite the Directrice adjointe from Festival Montpellier Danse and members of AAPAF to
Oct. Host <Korean Identity through Dance, Series 10>
Oct. Host the 4 Executive Council Meeting of AAPAF in Seoul, Korea
Oct. Co-host LIP(Looking for the international Partners) with PAMS in Seoul, Korea
Oct. Co-host Portable Dance Showcase with PAMS in Seoul, Korea
Oct. Dispatch KIM Young-mi and KIM Ki-hoon to „Dance Wave Fukuoka‟ of Fukuoka
    Foundation & JCDN in Fukuoka, Japan
Dec. Dispatch the dancers and support DUMBO Festival in New York, USA
Dec. Host DIDance 2005 (the 3 Digital Dance Festival)

Jan. Participate in the 34 Prix de Lausanne, Switzerland
Feb. Participate in British Dance Edition 2006 in Leeds, U.K.
Feb. Participate in LINC (Leveraging Incentives in Creativity) in Cambodia in Phnom Penh,
Mar. Host <Korean Dances Meet World Music 9> (Mexican music)
Mar. Dispatch PARK Na-hoon and LEE Young-il to „Dance Wave‟ of Fukuoka Foundation &
   JCDN in Fukuoka, Japan
Mar. Co-invite with Korea Foundation the general director and program director from Festival
   Int‟l Cervantino
Apr. Participate in „Rencontres chorégraphiques de l'Afrique et de l'Ocean indien-Danse en
     Creationsas‟ invited by French Embassy in Korea
May Participate in Taipei Performing Arts Showcase „Mapping Taiwan on the World Stage‟ as a
Jun. Participate in the executive member‟s meeting of AAPAF
Jun. Collaboration and host the collaboration with Singapore Arts Festival
Jun. Participate in DIES DE DANSA 2006, Barcelona, Spain
Jul. Dispatch KIM Won to 'Dance Box Asian Contemporary Festival'
Jul. Participate in Festival Montpellier Danse
Jul. Co-commission and host the co-production with Festival Montpellier Dance of „Celebration
      2006 Korea-France the 120Years of Diplomatic Relation‟, Montpellier, France
Oct. Host SIDance 2006 (the 9 Seoul International Dance Festival)
Oct. Host <Korean Identity through Dance, Series 11>
Oct. Dispatch „Trésors Vivants‟ of „Celebration 2006 Korea-France the 120Years of Diplomatic
    Relation‟ to Châteauvallon and Montpellier, France
Oct. Co-commission and host the co-production with Festival Montpellier Dance of „Celebration
      2006 Korea-France the 120Years of Diplomatic Relation‟, Seoul, Korea
Oct. Host the collaborative performance with Singapore Performing Arts Festival
Oct. Dispatch JEON Mi-sook as a teacher at Festival Internacional Cevantino and San Louis
Potoshi Festival
Oct. Support „Repertory Workshop in Royaumont on Confucius Dance‟, France

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