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Bowling known as "grounder", originally called "skittles", originated in Germany. Is a ball in the fairway wood rolling pins hit the indoor sports. Popular in Europe, America, Oceania and some Asian countries. Competition is divided into individual races and multiplayer game. Before the game, to draw lots to decide the order of passes and pitches. Competition, placing the terminal in the fairway into a triangle of 10 pins, race foul line in the pitching rotation after the impact pins; per capita hit consecutive two goals to one vote, 10 for the Board; down a wooden bottle was 1 point, and so on, scoring more than the winner. Bowling is fun, fun, fight and skill, giving the body and the will of the exercise. Because it is indoor activities, free time, the impact of climate and other external conditions, but also no age restrictions, easy to learn and play, so a special sports men and women fits all.

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