Spring 2011 Cairo University Faculty of Engineering Computer by qingyunliuliu


									           Cairo University                                                     Spring 2011
           Faculty of Engineering
           Computer Engineering Department

                                   Logic Design
                                   Term Project
   It is required to implement a simple two-digit stop watch. The stop watch should count
   seconds. It should have two push buttons; one button to reset the seconds and the other to
   start/stop counting.

       • The stop watch has the following specifications:
             Two 7-segment displays for seconds.
             Clock generator.
             One push button, which is used to reset seconds to zero.
             One push button, which is used to start/stop counting.
       • The operation of the clock should be as follows:
             The seconds 7-segment should start from 00 and increment every second.
             When seconds reach 59, they are reset to zero.
             Upon pressing the reset push button, seconds are reset to zero. Upon
                pressing the start/stop push button, the stop watch starts counting. Upon
                pressing it again, it stops counting.

       • Groups should have 3-4 students.
       • Exact delivery date will be announced later
       • You should design your circuit first then after checking the correctness of your
         design, go ahead with the hardware implementation.
       • Each group should submit:
             1. Hardware implementation of the stopwatch
             2. A report containing:
                    o High level block diagram of the design.
                    o Detailed circuit diagram of the implementation.
                    o A list of the used chips and components.
       • The following aspects will be taken into consideration:
                    o Functionality of clock generator.
                    o Functionality of the stop watch
                    o Design report.
                    o Understanding of the project implementation by the group members.
Spring 2011-Logic Design Project
                        o Copied projects will get ZERO.
                        o Neatness and final look of the stop watch (the bread board should
                          NOT look like a spaghetti plate).
       • Use the internet to search for the needed chips and components and fetch their
         data sheets.
       • Do not expect assistance from the TAs in designing or implementing the project.
         When you ask, be specific and ask about what you do not understand.
       • The following chips might be useful: 555, 7400, 7404, 7408, 7432, 7447, 7448,
         7490, 7492, and 7493.
       • Recommended Procedure:
               Design the circuit.
               After the checking the correctness of your design, start the hardware
       • You will have to implement a clock generator using 555 chip. Its design is in the
         text book and is available on the internet. You will have to research how to adjust
         its frequency. Note that the stop watch counts SECONDS.
       • After the implementation of this project, you should have acquired several skills
               Self-learning
               Research
               Digital design
               Interfacing with 7-segment display as well as using different ICs.

Spring 2011-Logic Design Project

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