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june 09 cw newsletter


									                                  Coomera Waters
                                Community Newsletter
                                                           Edition 27—June 2009

In this issue …             Joint message from the Chairpersons of Principal Bodies Corporate 1, 2 & 3
 P2 CW flowchart                       Ross Hardcastle, Veronika Williams & Louise Bassam

 P3 Where does   Dear Residents, We’re almost halfway through 2009! We would like to congratulate
your BC money go all the entrants in the recent Tennis Competition. It was a great success and
                        should lead to bigger and better local tennis events.
  P3 School Hol
                        Just a reminder that the new parking infringement system will soon apply. You
                        should have received an explanatory letter to your home recently about this. Key things to
  P3 New Bridge         remember are to not park on common property (including kerbs), obey parking time limits
  Club Mon 12-3         and to alert your local Body Corporate if you have visitors needing extra parking.
  P4 Women’s     Thanks to everyone who attended our first CW Info Session in May. It was great to see so
Tennis Champions many residents attending to learn more about how our estate operates as part of a Body
                        Corporate scheme. Please take time to review the flowchart on page 2 which depicts how all
 P4 Town Centre         the organisations work together to operate and maintain the Coomera Waters estate.
                        We’re holding our local school holiday program from 6-10 July. Flyer recently delivered - more
P4 Recycled water on p.3. All details are also available on our intranet website
  P4 Playgroup    Rumour has it that there are plans for Telstra to erect a mobile phone tower for their 3G
 P5&6 Retail Info       Network. This will not be built on CW property but on a plot of land to the east of the latest
                        stages of the development. Let’s cross our fingers for better mobile reception.
  P7 & 8 Local
Business Directory                                                                       Regards, Ross, Ronnie & Louise

  Bringing the Tavern back to the community—plus new restaurant
                                   - friendly, fresh & family-oriented -
The Coomera Waters Tavern is under new management and their clear goal is to return the
Tavern to its core community—the residents of Coomera Waters. Under the leadership of
manager, Glen Jones, the Tavern has strengthened security to help increase the levels of safety
and friendliness and to make the Tavern more family-friendly. Residents are reporting a fresh                   to
new atmosphere at the Tavern due to this action. More details on page 5.                                    Benvenuto
                                                                                                             Pizza &
Great news too with the recent opening of the upstairs restaurant. ‘Benvenuto’ (means                         Pasta
‘welcome’ in Italian) offers a modern Italian menu of pizza, pasta, steak, fish and much more.
The Playgroup Mums enjoyed a great night out there recently (see more p.4).
•      Restaurant bookings are essential on 5501 9351.
•      Open for dinner from 6-8.30pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Open for lunch on
       Sundays from noon.
•      Takeaway is available from Wednesday to Sunday on 5501 9351—menu recently delivered to homes or you
       can pick one up from the Tavern.
•      Great monthly specials—in June receive one takeaway pizza and a bottle of wine for $25 .
Look out for these upcoming Tavern events:
•      End of Financial Year Dinner on Tuesday 30 June from 7pm for a three-course set menu. All welcome!
•      ‘Christmas in July’ Party on Saturday 25 July from 7pm. All residents are welcome along for a buffet
       roast dinner plus great drinks specials. Come & experience the new Tavern! Invitations will be delivered.
Most opening hours and regular promotions are still available including the popular $10 Lunch Specials (Mon-Fri)
plus the weekly raffles & meat tray draws (details p.5). Remember the all-you-can-eat Buffet Breakfast on the first
Sunday of every month from 8-11.30am costing $15 per adult and $7 per child. Next one is on 5 July.
                 Key contact details below—also at
       For after hours emergencies call Security first so they can assess your situation and help on 5501 9299.
           To submit articles/ideas for the newsletter or website, email the PR Team at
                           Use this email to submit ads ($25) for the Local Business Directory (pp7-8).
                         This is an official publication of the Coomera Waters Principal Bodies Corporate.
Coomera Waters               Communications            Coomera Waters             Chair Principal Body Corp.1
Management Co.               Delfcam/Pivit             Security                   Ross Hardcastle
(CWMC) 5561 8809             1300 368 907              5501 9299        
(messagebank available)      Allegro
                                                        Body Corporate            Chair PBC2 - Veronika Williams
Contact hrs (where possible) 1300 85 85 35                              
M-F 8.30-10am & 4-6pm Newsletter Editor                 Managers SSKB
Sat 8-11am—located at         Bronwyn Farr 5501 9397 5504 2000                    Chair PBC3 - Louise Bassam
marina above sales office                1
                How does Coomera Waters work? Who does what?
       Please visit our community website
           Body Corporate scheme—                                         SSKB Community Managers—
             the decision-makers                                                 the facilitators
The ongoing management of the CW estate is the                  Stewart Silver King and Burns (SSKB) is a specialist
responsibility of the lot owners. This is facilitated by the   body corporate and community management company.
Body Corporate structure comprising three Principal            They assist our Bodies Corporate in carrying out the
Body Corporate committees (PBCs) whose membership              decisions of the Body Corporate in regard to
are representatives of the various Neighbourhood Body          administration and financial reporting and advice on the
Corporate committees (NBCs). Local decisions are made          legislation that governs our Body Corporate.
at the NBC level. PBCs look after issues surrounding
                                                               Decisions are made at Committee level or by lot owners
security, recreational facilities, communication tools
                                                               at General Meetings where all owners are given the
including the newsletter and website. All Bodies
                                                               opportunity to vote on statutory motions. Sue Cubbin is
Corporate have a chairperson and committee duly
                                                               our exclusive Coomera Waters SSKB representative. She
elected on an annual basis by the lot owners at each
                                                               has extensive knowledge of Coomera Waters and the
Annual General Meeting.
                                                               Body Corporate legislation and works closely with the
PBC1—Chair is Ross Hardcastle. NBCs are Balmara,               Chairpersons of both the NBCs and PBCs, Coomera
Eastern Bay, Western Bay, Harbour Front, Marina                Waters Management and Security.
Terraces, Village High, CW Commercial, Piccollo,
Rampage, Pathfinder, Tradition, Northern Bay & Tavern.                             Security Team
Responsible for Rec Club 1.                                    The Coomera Waters Security Team is a sub-contractor
                                                               of the Bodies Corporate.
PBC2—Chair is Veronika Williams. NBCs are Boambillee,             It provides 24-hour security services including;
Ceil, Solo, Slipstream and Impeccable. Responsible                  patrolling the streets, parks and facilities; alarm
for Rec Club 2.                                                   monitoring and response; CCTV operation and
PBC 3—Chair is Louise Bassam. NBCs are Elusive, Eolo           planning; gate access control; incident response and
and Serenade.                                                  management; and general assistance.
                                                                          Call Security on 5501 9299.
All Bodies Corporate work closely in cooperation with
SSKB (top right) and the CWMC (below right).
                                                                               PR & Community Liaison
The Architectural Review Committee (ARC—see below)             This is headed by Coordinator, Bronwyn Farr, who
consults to the Body Corporate structure.                      consults to the Body Corporate to produce a regular
                                                                 newsletter, maintain the website and other community
To join your NBC as a member you must be a lot
                                                                 tools, events & activities. Bronwyn liaises with all
owner elected at the Annual General Meeting.
                                                               parties on this page and residents.
                                                               Contact via or 5501 9397.

      Architectural Review Committee—ARC                             Coomera Waters Management Company
     The ARC is a consulting body to the Body Corporate                 (CWMC) - the onsite managers
structure which approves architectural and landscape           The CWMC provides onsite management of the Coomera
codes/designs for CW homes. Any variation to your              Waters estate and all its facilities. They are on contract
property after construction requires the approval of your      to the Bodies Corporate to provide day-to-day services
local Body Corp committee. The ARC also reviews                such as;
auxiliary applications to ensure they comply with the          •     maintenance/cleaning,
code. For New and Auxiliary Applications contact Sales         •     mowing, gardening & landscaping (through
office Mon-Fri 9-5, or                ‘Grounds & Gardens’ company—see below),
or on 5561 8000. Info is available on the website and in
                                                               •     sewerage and electrical services (for gated
the CW Handbook. For info or complaints about CW
developments -
                                                               •     annual checks/inspections of infrastructure, and
       Coomera Waters Communications—                          •     maintaining common property areas (eg. Rec
           phone & internet options                                  Clubs).
Coomera Waters Communications is another name                  They also take bookings for the Rec Clubs and for
for Delfcam & Pivit. Delfcam is the company who                mooring spaces at the marina. They liaise with Coomera
installed the network servicing the area and Pivit are the     Waters Village & Resort Pty Ltd, SSKB, utility companies,
carriers who run the service. These companies provide a        Council and our Security team where necessary.
range of services including telephony, free-to-air TV &        The team consists of Steven Richardson, Michael Pocock
broadband internet. This is provided via a cutting edge        and Matt Jordan. Their marina office number is
fibre-wired network which avoids the limitations of the        5561 8809. They operate from their office above the
traditional copper wire system. Contact Pivit on 1300          Sales Office and hours of operation are 8.30-10am and
368 907 for info on services, technical support & faults.      4-6pm Monday to Friday plus 8.30-11am on Saturdays.
Allegro is another company that offers internet to our         The team makes every effort to be in the office at these
area. This includes wireless broadband and voice               times but sometimes urgent matters will prevent
services. More info 1300 858 535 or         them from being present.

It’s important to note that Telstra services are not                    Grounds & Gardens Team
available across the entire estate. Only about half of CW       ‘Grounds & Gardens’ are sub-contracted to the CWMC.
has Telstra services (mostly PBC1 area). Unfortunately          They provide regular mowing, gardening, planting and        2
this won’t change in the foreseeable future.                         landscaping of the estate’s common areas.
               Where does your money go?                                      Coomera Waters Activities
Ever wondered what you Body Corporate levies pay for? See below            Reserved for Body Corp meetings
a diagram showing the budget breakdown for PBC 1 in 2008/09 as
                                                                           Rec 1 hall—from 5.30pm Mon & Wed
an example. This information was included in the first CW Info
Session that was recently held. Thanks to all attendees—nice to
                                                                           Rec 2 hall—from 5.30pm Tues & Thurs
                                                                           NB. These meetings are not for general attendance
meet you all! The Security costs equate to $2 per day per lot.             but for committee members only.

                                                                           Tennis lessons - $15 per class
                                                                           Rec 2—Mon & Wed 4-6pm
                                                                           Rec 1—Tues 4-6pm & Sat 8-11am
                                                                           Info—John 5502 7762 or 0422 654 160
                                                                           Swimming lessons at Rec 1 pool
                                                                           Tues 9.30-noon for 30min group classes
                                                                           or 5500 3746 or 0447 38 39 35
                                                                           $150 for 10 week term
                                                                           Pilates classes - $10 per class ($100
                                                                           for 10 week block) or $15 casual class
                                                                           Tues 9.30-10.30am Rec 1. Info—Denitta
                                                                           0415 639 699.
                                                                           Playgroup at Rec Club 1 - $2 a week
                                                                           Wed & Fri 10am till noon
                                                                           For info contact Mandy 5500 3645
 Sign up for July School Holiday Program - you must book!        
                            Coomera Waters Bodies Corporate are
                            running a local program for the last           Walking Group - start Sandy Beach
                            week of the July school holidays, from         Every weekday morning 6.30am start
                            6-10 July. A flyer will be delivered to all    1 hr walks
                            homes. All details on the website.
Register in three ways: 1. on the website form, 2. via email to            CW Tavern Social Club or 3. drop form to CWMC office.                 Currently being reorganised under the
                                                                           new Tavern management
Activities include:
• Mon 6 July 10am till noon—Games Session (board games,                              CW Info Evenings
   indoor play, team games etc) at Rec 2 hall for ages 6-10
• Tues 7 and Thurs 9 July from 9am till 3pm—Arts & Crafts
                                                                                      & Café Mornings
   Workshops at Rec 1 hall for all ages, $35 per session                  Café Mornings are held with PR
• Wed 8 July at 10am—Beach Volleyball game for ages 11-16
                                                                          Coordinator, Bronwyn Farr, on 1st
   at Sandy Beach                                                         Wed of month from 9-10am at the
                                                                          Tavern Café— 1 July, 5 Aug, 2 Sept.
                 Important community notices                              Come along for a chat or local info.
            Please remember that the Western Bay Walkway is               CW Info Sessions are held from
             only for pedestrian use. This means riding of bikes,         7-8pm at Rec1 on Tues 25 August & Tues 17
            scooters, skateboards or rollerblades is not permitted.       November. All are welcome. These sessions
                 Please respect the privacy of residents living           can be especially helpful for new/recent
                             along the walkway.                           residents. Reps from PR Team, SSKB, CWMC &
                                                                          Body Corp will be there to answer questions.
  Thanks for your patience regarding the recent closure of Rec
 Club 1 for the re-application of the non-slip finish to the concrete
   floors. We understand this was an inconvenience and we are                           SHORT NOTES ….
            thankful to residents for their co-operation.                              Bridge anyone? We are
                                                                                       starting a local Coomera Waters
 The speed limit on major roads in the estate is 40 km/hr.                             Bridge Club. This will be run
                   Please respect this limit.                                          weekly on Mondays from 12 till
  A reminder about parking correctly on the estate as the new                          3pm at Rec 2 starting 29 June.
infringement rules will soon apply. Most residents do abide by the        You can email for
 parking rules. The infringement system is aimed at stopping the          more info or just turn up!
 persistent offenders. Cars should be parked in your driveway or                       We are hoping to add a list of
 garage and not on the street, lawns or common property. If you
                                                                                       local tutors to the website and
  have visitors for an extended period, please contact your local
                                                                                       run their details in a future
Body Corp (via Security will be advised on
                                                                                       newsletter article. Send details to
            approvals for parking on common property.
  Please be mindful of other residents when driving around the
        estate in the late/early hours of the day as noise                           Website competition winners
                 can really carry at those times.                                   - Kath Shield, Steph Morris, Natalie
The By-Laws state that cats should have bells on their collars to                   Weik, Samantha Roustan & Henk              3
           help prevent unnecessary wildlife deaths.                                Vandermeer. Congratulations!
                       CW Tennis Competition                                     Playgroup Update
                         Women’s Winners                               Well done to the Flutterbies Playgroup who
               Following all the rain in late May, the decision was    recently participated in Australia’s Biggest
        made to cancel the Semi-Finals Day and postpone/split          Morning Tea Party with lots of tea/coffee, food
    the Finals Days till Sunday 7 June (for Women’s Singles and        and fun! They raised $71.45 which will help
Doubles) and to Sunday 14 June (for Men’s Singles and Men’s            fund clinical trials research run by the QLD
Doubles).                                                              Cancer Council. All the kids had a great day
                                                                       making play cars and eating goodies galore!
So on Sunday 7 June the Women’s Singles Final was played out
between Marilyn Hose and Christine McDavitt in a thunderstorm-
interrupted match. Christine won the tight contest 3-6, 6-4, 6-4.
In the Women’s Doubles, Marilyn Hose and Kath Biddle played
Wendy Simpson and Laura Mills . In another great match Wendy
and Laura pulled through in the end to win 6-4, 6-0.
A full report on the second Finals Day, including all the winners
from the Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles ,will
feature in the next newsletter (games had not been played as we
went to print). The winners and report will also be placed on the
website as soon as possible. Thanks to all those who joined in the                                       The Playgroup
competition. It has been a great success which will hopefully lead                                       Mums also
to an annual competition plus increased social tennis opportunities.                                     recently had a
More info in upcoming newsletters.                                                                       night out at
PHOTOS below Christine (left)    BELOW Laura, Marilyn, Kath & Wendy                                      the new
           & Marilyn                                                                                     Tavern
                                                                       Pizza & Pasta’ (see more info on pages 1 & 5).
                                                                       They all had a great night out together and
                                                                       enjoyed dining locally once again.
                                                                           Stay tuned for a great Father’s Day fun
                                                                       community activity for Sunday 6 September.
                                                                          The Playgroup Pram Stroll is open to all
                                                                         residents - it will raise money for Playgroup
                                                                         QLD & our CW local groups. More to come ...

Le Sheik homewares has closed. Please read a note from Le                Class A+ recycled water
Sheik on page 5. Thanks to those who supported Le Sheik.                       coming soon
                                                                       Class A+ recycled water will
                      Coomera Town Centre reaches another              become available to specially
                           milestone—Council update                    plumbed homes & businesses during the July
                 The evolution of the Coomera Town Centre has          to December 2009 rates cycle. Class A+
                 reached another milestone with the Gold Coast         recycled water will be supplied for toilet
                 City Council’s finalisation of the Structure Plan.    flushing and to outdoor taps for external non
                                                                       drinking uses. The Class A+ supply is separate
                 With Queensland Government endorsement for the
                                                                       to the drinking water supply network and can
                 Structure Plan in place, the next step in the
                                                                       be easily identified by its purple pipes, taps
                 process is the amendment of the Gold Coast
                                                                       and water meters.
Planning Scheme which includes the Coomera Town Centre Local
Area Plan, to reflect the Structure Plan.                              The price of Class A+ recycled water is
Gold Coast City Council is working with the key landholders to         significantly lower than drinking water, which
finalise a package of amendments to the Planning Scheme for its        can provide great savings. More info at
first State Government Interest Check.                       

Similar to the Structure Plan, the Coomera Town Centre                 Wasp Creek Open
Amendment Package will have to go through a formal amendment           Day a big success!
process with State Government Interest checks and a formal public
                                                                       The crew from the local
exhibition phase. There will be an opportunity during the exhibition
                                                                       Wasp Creek Rural Fire
phase for interested parties to lodge a formal submission on the
                                                                       Brigade would like to
content of the package.
                                                                       thank the residents
Meanwhile, no further development applications have been lodged        who braved the rain to
over land with the core retail and commercial precinct. However,       attend their recent
the Council has started preliminary discussions with Westfield and     Open Day. The day was a great success with
Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) in relation to its future      interesting demonstrations and
Master Plan, which will encompass the core retail facilities of the    plenty of fire safety products
Town Centre.                                                           sold. All the kids had fun on the
The Department of Education, Training and the Arts also is             rides and with Blazer the Bear.
progressing with planning for a co-located high school and TAFE on     Most people seemed to learn a
Foxwell Road, to take advantage of the proximity to the Coomera        lot from the event and are now                     4
Rail Station.                                                          more prepared for any fire situation.
                           Marina Retail Info
                               Get to know the local businesses & services
                                operating in the Marina Retail Precinct.
           IGA Express       5580 6270

                                                                        Thank you!
                                                               Le Sheik homewares has closed down.
                                                              Alyson from Le Sheik would like to thank
                                                              everyone who has supported her and her
 IGA Express is the new name and brand for the
                                                                 business over the past three years.
  Delimart. It is still owned and run by the same
        people and offers the same great                       Alyson is looking to re-open Le Sheik at
                 produce & supplies.                           another location once suitable premises
   OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK                                                         are found.
  Mon to Sat 6.30am to 8pm
                                                            It has been a pleasure for Alyson to meet you
        Sun 7am-7pm
                                                                all and to get to know many residents,
     IGA has a great range of                                     making firm friends in the process.
   vegetables, fruit, meat, hot
snacks, ready-to-eat meals, DVD                                 If you are interested in leftover stock,
 hire, bait, frozen goods, drinks,                            including wicker furniture and some pots,
        stationery, milk, ice, bread & more.                          please call 0416 011 307.

           R. B. Studio      5501 9410                        Coomera Waters Ferry         5577 9477

                                                           Go on a local adventure with the ferry services
                                                           from Sanctuary Cove Cruises. They travel from
       Open Tues, Thurs & Fri 9am-5pm,                   Coomera Waters marina to Coomera Shores, Hope
        Wed 9am-7pm and Sat 9am-4pm                         Island, Gold Coast City Marina and Sanctuary
Visit Dr Angela Richardson on the last Tuesday of        Cove. See their website for the latest timetable info
   every month for consultations & non-surgical
    facial procedures including wrinkle-relaxing 
injections, dermal fillers, ‘30 minute facelifts’ etc.
                                                         They also offer water taxis and a new Water Limo
Enjoy our Winter Specials—get a free eyelash tint
                                                                  service plus a range of cruises.
 with every hair colour service—or enjoy 20% off
               our gel nail pedicures.                    Book on 5577 9477 or 0414 533 300
For treatment of lines, wrinkles and sun damage,                 or visit the website.
  try the O2 Intraceuticals Hyperbaric Oxygen
                Technology machine.                         Great deals available for regular commuters.

Coomera Waters Tavern bar, café, courtesy bus & bottle shop 5501 9351
                                 NEWS — The Tavern is now under new management.
                                 Glen Jones is the new manager of the Tavern. He is determined to bring
                                 the Tavern back to the community—return it to the residents! Security
                                 has been strengthened to help achieve a safe, fun, family-friendly
atmosphere. See more on page 1. NEW RESTAURANT— ‘Benvenuto Pizza & Pasta’ has opened upstairs
at the Tavern. It offers a modern Italian menu including a great range of pizza, pasta, steak, fish and
much more. Opening hours below. Bookings are essential. Look out for monthly takeaway specials.
Takeaway available Wed-Sun. EVENTS — ‘End of Financial Year Dinner’ on Tues 30 June from 7pm for 3
course set menu. ‘Christmas in July’ Resident Party for 25 July. Look out for your invitation in the mail &
more details on the web. SPECIALS — *$10 Lunches Mon-Fri * Tues 5-6pm badge draw * Thurs
5.30pm Cash Cow Raffle, Buffet Breakfast 1st Sun of the month $15 adults & $7 kids. Next on 5 July.

Cafe        Breakfast 8am-11am, Lunch 11.30am-2.30pm, Dinner 5.30 till 8pm
Restaurant     Dinner from 6pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Lunch on Sundays from 12
Bottle Shop    Open Sat & Sun 10am-8pm         Mon to Thurs noon-8pm     Fri 10am—9pm                            5
Sports Bar     Keno, Pokies and TAB   Open Sun to Thurs 10am-10pm       Fri & Sat 10am-midnight
                            Marina Retail Info
                                 Get to know the local businesses & services
                                  operating in the Marina Retail Precinct.
       BUILDING A—with Sales Office 5561 8000 & CWMC Office 5561 8809
Spectrum Tailored Realty              1300 732 639             Wham Solutions                5502 6771

Spectrum Tailored Realty is a Real Estate Agency
    focussed on rental properties & property                Wham Solutions provide workplace health and
  management. Available—modern/brand new                   management solutions to provide safer working
 4 brm homes with ensuite, air-con, dbl garage,                              environments.
        fully fenced from $460 per week.                   This includes auditing, managing, investigating,
 Office open Mon-Fri from 8.30am to 5pm.                         training, rehabilitation and Workers’
 See Property Manager Kylie (local resident) for                     Compensation management.
     some great advice on 0401 628 679 or
          or visit

     Impeccable Finance              5519 9924             Coomera Waters Boat Sales             5573 0566

 With extensive experience, locals David Ryan &
Marc Higgins can help you in all kinds of financial       CW Boat Sales is owned by Andrew McQueen available
   situations. David has been included on the              on 0411 749 711. Vern McLaren is also available on
Australian Top 100 Broker List for the second year        0408 754 840 and Mason Barlow on 0407 960 076. Let
 running (out of 15 000 brokers). Let them help             them find the perfect boat for you and your family!
          you access home buyer grants.                   They buy and sell a wide range of second hand vessels
        Call Impeccable on 5519 9924.                         from 20ft to 150ft and everything in between.                         Office hours Mon to Fri 8.30-5 and Sat 9-4
 HOME - LAND & CONSTRUCTION - CAR - BOAT -              

                                 BUILDING D—right of IGA Express
       Virotec             +61 7 5573 3353                  Cyber Drafting & Design             5573 6351

  Virotec has furnished office space available for rent
                       right now!
      •     2 single offices available                     See Cyber for all your drafting and design needs
      •     Choice of office from 9sqm to 10.5sqm         including residential house plans and renovations.
            (for $250 per week each—negotiable)
      •     Outgoings and ADSL Internet Access            Contact Director, Rob Templeton 0416 195 842 or
   Enquire at Level 1, Building D or call 5573 3353            Office hours are Mon to Fri 8am till 5pm
       For more details visit                                BSA 1134977
 Local Business Directory
By choosing these businesses, you are supporting
            your fellow residents.

       See our huge range of Epoxy
             Resin flooring.

          Great discounts for CW
    residents & all budgets catered for.
                                           Residents can advertise their businesses
       Call 0416 28 28 45                      here. You can book ad space via
                                                Ads are $25 each and you can
                                               book up to four ads in advance.
                                             Demand is very high so get in early!

                                  Local Business Directory
                                 These ads are for businesses associated with local residents
                          Disclaimer: This Local Business Directory is available to all residents to advertise their business
                                      (one ad per resident, per edition) and does not purport to represent an
                                           endorsement of services from the community body corporate.

                                           For your home, business,
                                               investment or sale
                                              property - we are a
                                              ONE-STOP SHOP
                                             for property servicing
                                                   & staging
  Maintenance & Property Servicing - Plumbing, electrical,
     handyman, internal/external cleaning, carpets, pest control, lawns,
    security, pools - you name it, we can do it! We work with real estate
     agencies on the coast to ensure an efficient, reliable & professional
service that gets the job done every time. We can help all property owners.
 Are you selling your property? Let us give your property the
   “wow” factor to attract the broader buyers’ market. We’ll work to your
  budget & specific requirements incl. furniture hire, room edit, de-clutter,       .. bathed, groomed, clipped & pampered in a clean,
               organise, storage, repairs, maintenance & more.
                                                                                   hygienic, caring & friendly environment. Pet-sitting
                                                                                  service available. Treats & toys for sale too. Call my
        Contact Gabby on 0410 524 575 or email
                                                mum, Sharron, on 5501 9467 or 0407 023 006.

                                                                                   Give your home a facelift & make it look a million dollars!
                                                                                           Call Kevin for a free quote 0424 75 73 75.
                                                                                          Big discounts for Coomera Waters residents.

                                                                                          * Pressure cleaning & sealing
                                                                                          * House washing plus driveways & paths
                                                                                          * Window cleaning inside & out
                                                                                          * Lawns & garden care
                                                                                          * Garden renovations
                                                                                          * Move out & bond cleans

                                                                                  - Suppliers of Pandora style beads & jewellery -
                                                                                View our stunning range and weekly specials at our new website

                                                                                 Perfect as a gift … or for yourself. Everyone needs Karizma!    8

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