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					National Bank of Pakistan
Stationery & Stores Department Operations Group Head Office, Karachi

COMPARATIVE STATEMENT FOR PURCHASE INSTALLATIONS OF QUEUE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS TENDER OPENED ON 02.06.2009, BY THE TENDER/PURCHASE COMMITTEE The tender were invited from Bank’s enlisted/pre-qualified firms. Following three were participants: -

Name of firms and their Quoted prices: Description
Unit price for 02 Counters System with installations Unit price for 03 Counters System with installations Additional Cost for Extra Counters

M/s. S-Tech
Rs.198,460.73 (inclusive Taxes) Rs.211,260.51 (inclusive Taxes) Rs.13,467.02 (inclusive Taxes)

M/s. Wave-Tech (Pvt.) Ltd.
Rs.148,000.00 (inclusive Taxes) Rs.166,000.00 (inclusive Taxes) Rs.18,000.00 (inclusive Taxes)

M/s. POA Solutions
Rs.119,786.00 (inclusive Taxes) Rs.129,786.00 (inclusive Taxes) Rs.10,000.00 (inclusive Taxes)

Make/Model Country Origin Ticket Dispenser with Min OR Max Number of Button Centralized Queue Monitoring Reporting Systems MIS Reporting at Branch Level Online Monitoring of Queue Status Web access/with any Licensing Requirement Main Display Unit Counter Display Unit Teller Station Unit Ticket Printer Roll (Property OR Non-Property) Annual Service Maintenance i. With Parts ii. Without Parts Warranty Period Sorting/Generating Capability of Reports, One year OR more Option to add. Customized Reports Ability to Generate Daily/Monthly/Yearly Reports System based on Computer OR not Number of counter Expendable OR not Either System Capable to provide on Line Status/information at brand/corporate level Either Declaration submitted for not Blacklisted by any Firms/Department etc. Q-Matic/Q-Winis Sweden TP-3110, Max-5 Buttons (Optional-255 Buttons) Include 10 user License & 60 Branch License Included in System QM-Management Portal Branch License QM-Management Portal user License 917x2 917 Software Proprietary 10% 8% Parts: 2 Years – Service: 1 Years “Yes” “Yes” --“Yes” “Yes” “Yes” “Yes” Manufacturer Pakistan 1 to 8 Buttons “Available” “Available” “Available” QMS-300i Malaysia 1 – 10 Buttons “Available” “Available” “Available”

Tricolour Dot-matrix Tricolour Dot-matrix Keypad with LCD Non-Proprietary 8% 5% One Years “Yes” “Yes” --“Yes” “Yes” “Yes” “Yes”

MD-1423 RCD-423 CT-300 Non-Proprietary 6% 2% 28 months “Yes” “Yes” “Yes” “Yes” “Yes” “Yes” “Yes”


(MUHAMMAD RAMZAN BALOUCH) Vice President Technology Support Wing

(WASI MUTAZA) Assistant Vice President Finance Group

(ISHRAT BAIG) Vice President Engineering Wing

(KHALID MEHMOOD) Senior Vice President Operations Group

(MUHAMMAD RAFIQUE) Senior Vice President Compliance Group

(AGHA ASADULLAH) Executive Vice President Logistic Support & Security Wing