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Comtrol Hostess SV24+ Yell.2pp by nyut545e2


									Low Cost Synchronous Communications
The Hostess SV24+ and its SynchLink software is an obvious choice for low cost
synchronous communications. It is an economical 2 port non-intelligent controller that
provides a single synchronous V.11, X.21 Network connection, or two asynchronous V.24
connections. It can operate at speeds of up to 1.28 Mbps and supports both full and half
duplex data transfer modes.
To work alongside the Hostess SV24+, Comtrol provides the SynchLink drivers and API’s for
Windows NT and Windows 95. This enables the Hostess SV24+ to operate like a network
adapter over a synchronous serial communications link. Alternatively you can directly
interface with the SV24+ using the SynchLink Application Programming Interface.

The SynchLink software operates between two PC’s each fitted with the Hostess SV24+ and
running either Windows NT or Windows 95. The PC’s can be connected directly with a
cable or through data communications equipment like Kilostream NTEs. The Hostess
SV24+ can be used to link between two LANs, or to provide Remote Access between a
branch office and a central site using a single number.
Although installation and configuration are different for the two operating systems,
SynchLink can be used to interconnect a Windows 95 and a Windows NT 4.0 system.
                       2 port controller for synchronous
                       and asynchronous communications
                       x    Single synchronous V.11, X.21 Network connection or two
                            asynchronous V.24 connections
                       x    High speed wide-area communications
                       x    Standard protocols, TCP/IP and NETBEUI
                       x    API for bespoke development
                       x    Speeds up to 1.28 Mb
                       x    Up to 90% bandwidth available for application data
                       x    Works with Windows 95 and Windows NT4 and can
                            interconnect to either system
                       x    Installation/Removal via Control Panel
                       x    Detailed Hardware and Software Manual available
                       x    Pan European approval for connection to X.21 digital circuits

                       Typical Applications
                       x    Satellite Communications
                       x    X.25 Communications
                       x    Interface to existing synchronous equipment


                                                   Hostess SV24+                                 Hostess SV24+

                       All Hostess controllers come with full technical support and an excellent 5 year warranty.
                       Specifications are subject to change at any time and without notification.

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