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									                    FURTHER PARTICULARS FOR:

Trainee Customer Service Inspector (CSI) - (Ref No: R11/09 and R12/09)
                      Based at High Wycombe

  1. Introduction
  This document contains further information about working for Chiltern
  Railways, this role and the selection process that we will be following to
  appoint to this role. Specifically you can find information on:

           About Chiltern Railways
           About the Retail Department/On-Board Services Department
           Why has this vacancy has arisen?
           The Job Description
           The Person Specification
           Key Terms and Conditions associated with the role
           Other Benefits
           How to Apply and Selection Process

  2. About Chiltern Railways

  Chiltern Railways is owned by Deutsche Bahn AG and is part of DB Regio,
  Deutsche Bahn’s local and regional service provider.

  Since winning the franchise in 1996, Chiltern Railways has run scheduled
  passenger services along the M40 corridor between London Marylebone
  and Birmingham Snow Hill and London Marylebone to Aylesbury via
  Amersham along the London Underground Metropolitan line. In 2002 we
  extended our operations as far as Kidderminster and in 2004 we took over
  services between Stratford-upon-Avon and London.

  As one of the franchises forming the UK's National Rail network, we're
  dedicated to providing passengers with a safe, reliable, welcoming and
  value for money service which offers a real choice and a viable alternative
  to other modes of transport.

                          Our Mission Statement:

                To be the best Passenger Railway in the UK.

   All day, every day, we aim to offer a safe, reliable, welcoming and value
                              for money service.

     Our business will prosper because customers use us repeatedly and
                       recommend the service to others.

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                                                     Reference No: R11-R12/09
Chiltern Railways is split into four main functions, Engineering, which is
responsible for maintaining our fleet of trains, as well as our stations and
offices; Retail, which comprises the main customer facing activities,
including Station Booking Offices, On-Board Catering and Revenue
Protection activities. The third Department Operations & Safety, is
ultimately responsible for delivering the train service, and encompasses
activities key to this (ie. Train Driving, Control and Safety & Performance).
Our Business Development Department, as well as being responsible for
new business activity also has responsibility for Timetable planning.

3. About the Revenue Protection Department
The Revenue Protection Department sits within the retail function. This is
a small Department of 28 staff and is managed by the Revenue Protection


                    Team Leader                     Team Leader
                       (CSI)                           (CSI)

       T. Examine          CSI        Guard (x2)      CSI/TE       CSI (x6)
           (x3)            (x5)       (Aylesbury)       (x9)      (Aylesbury)
          (MYB)           (MYB)                        (HW)

The Revenue Protection department is responsible for protecting the
company’s revenue by checking tickets on trains and at stations, issuing
penalty fares or reporting persons for possible prosecution as appropriate.

4. Job Description
Full details of the role and responsibilities are set out in the attached job

5. Person Specification
Full details of essential and desirable characteristics that the successful
post holder should have are set out in the attached person specification.

6. Key Terms and Conditions
The following key terms and conditions associated with this post are
detailed below:

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                                                       Reference No: R11-R12/09
Salary:        The starting salary for Trainee CSI’s is £17,144 per

               The CSI salary is only payable when trainee’s have
               completed training to a standard that will enable them to
               perform their required duties competently and they have
               completed their 1st operational turn on their own. The
               CSI salary is £22,042 per annum.

               Training is expected to last 3-6 months.
Salary         1 September (Subject to Negotiation with the Unions).
Review Date:
Allowances:    The following allowances are also payable:

               Outer London Allowance
               £885 per annum outer London allowance. This is a
               pensionable allowance.
Commission:    5% of all revenue on ticket sales/penalty fares issued
               anywhere on CRCL’s barriers except for those issued at
               any ticket barrier on Monday to Friday before 13.00 hrs.
Frequency:     Four weekly /13 Pay Periods a year
Overtime:      Overtime Rates:
               Monday – Friday (T ¼ )
               Saturday (T ½)

               Rest Days:
               The minimum payment for rest day worked is 8 hours.
               Monday – Friday (T ½ )
               Saturday (T ¾ )

               The minimum payment for Sundays is 8 hours.
               Any Sunday working will be paid at T ¾

               There is no enhancement or compensatory leave for
               working bank holidays.
Working        35 hours of turns of varying lengths equating to a
Hours:         maximum of 5 days between Monday to Saturday, which
               is balanced over the whole roster cycle. (See Roster
               attached as Appendix A).

               Turns will normally be between 6 – 8 hours.

               Sundays are outside of the normal working week, so
               payment for Sunday working, which is made at the
               normal basic hourly rate, is paid in addition to the normal
               salary. CSI’s are rostered to work Sundays (3 Sundays
               in 8) and are expected to work these.

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                                                 Reference No: R11-R12/09
 Normal Place      Your normal home station is High Wycombe.
 of Work:
 Holidays:         The annual leave with pay entitlement of a
                   Trainee/CSI is 30 days per calendar year (inclusive of
                   bank holidays), of which 20 days will be rostered in
                   accordance with the local agreements. The annual
                   leave year runs from 01st January to 31st December.

                The remaining 10 days will be granted on application,
                subject to any service requirements being met.
 Probationary All posts are subject to completion of a six month
 Period:        probationary period.
 Uniform:       Uniform is mandatory including a hat and must be worn
                in accordance with Company Guidelines.
 Working        The job involves working outdoors on ticket barriers, on
 Conditions:    trains, Wembley Stadium for events, special ticket
                checks at any Chiltern station. When performing guards
                duties may be required to work along the track in the
                event of a problem with the train.
 References/    All posts in Chiltern Railways are subject to the receipt
 Medicals/      of satisfactory medical results (including screening for
 Qualifications drugs and alcohol), references and, where appropriate
                qualification checks.
 Health         The role of CSI is safety critical and CSI’s are therefore
 Requirements required to attend medicals as required to ensure their
                on-going compliance with the medical requirements in
                respect of Vision/Hearing and General Health.

                   CSI’s are also subject to random drug and Alcohol
                   testing and may be screened at any time where there is
                   deemed to be reasonable cause.
 Training/         CSI’s will undergo training, as determined by the
 Examinations      company, in order to be able to perform their duties
                   competently and maintain their competence to operate
                   as a Train Guard.

                   CSI’s will also be required to undergo bi-annual Rules
                   Examinations and assessments and any other training
                   deemed necessary by the Company or in order to
                   ensure their on-going competence.

7. Benefits

Chiltern is able to offer the following benefits:

 Travel:           Unlimited travel on Chiltern Railways for employees.
                   Leisure travel for spouse and dependent children.

                   For staff new to the Rail Industry – after one months
                   service, Discounted travel (75%) for employee and

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                                                     Reference No: R11-R12/09
                   family for leisure travel on other participating Train
                   Operators and additionally, for employees only, on home
                   to work travel (ie. season tickets).

                   For Safeguarded Staff travel facilities will be issued in
                   accordance with ATOC guidelines.

 Season            Season Ticket Loans are available for the purpose of
 Ticket Loans:     purchasing a quarterly or longer season ticket.
 Profit Share:     There is a Company Profit Share Scheme which all
                   employees are entitled to participate on completion of
                   their probationary period.
 Pension:          There is a Contributory Pension Scheme. You can elect
                   to join the Defined Contribution Scheme (Money
                   Purchase Scheme) for which employee contributions are
                   5% of pay or the Defined Benefits Scheme (Final Salary
                   Scheme) for which employee contributions are 10.56%
                   of pay.

8. Selection Process

If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to a selection event, which will
include an interview, and a small number of aptitude tests.

9. How to Apply
To apply, please complete and return the application form, with your cv if
you have one, and return to the Personnel Department, Marylebone
Station, Great Central House, Melcombe Place, Marylebone, London,
NW1 6JJ by 18th November 2009.

These details are for information only and may be subject to change

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                                                       Reference No: R11-R12/09
                                                                    Appendix A

CSI Roster Cycle

    High Wycombe     SUN     MON     TUE         WED   THUR   FRI    SAT
1      name                  E7      E7          RD    E8     E8     E7      37
2      name          E       E8      E8          E8    RD     RD     RD      24
3      name                  RD      RD          L8    L8     L8     L8      32
4      name                  L8      RD          M8    E8     E8     E7      39
5      name          L       L8      L8          L8    L8     L8     RD      40
6      name                  E7      E7          E7    E7     RD     RD      28
7      name                  RD      VL8         VL8   VL8    VL8    VL8     40
8      name          VL      VL8     L8          RD    M8     M8     L8      40

E = Early Turn (ie. E8 = Early Turn of 8 hours).
L = Late Turn
M = Middle Turn
RD = Rest Day

Early turns normally start between 06.00 and 08.00 hrs
Middle turns normally start between 10.00 and 13.00 hrs
Late turns normally start between 14.00 and 17.00 hrs

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                                                        Reference No: R11-R12/09

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