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Web domain group sees a host of benefits in Dynamics NAV
                                       Growing rapidly in the UK and internationally, Group NBT needed a
                                       solution that would support them across their locations, would offer
                                       standard functionality to their group companies and would deliver the
                                       support their domain name business needed.
                                       With Dynamics NAV doing a good job for some of the group
                                       companies, the challenge was to roll it out to them all – they chose
                                       Metaphorix to help them do it.
“NAV was a natural choice for us       The Company                                   NetNames concentrated on helping
 – it had all the right function and                                                 companies to manage their growing
                                       Group NBT plc is a leading provider of        portfolios of domain names and had a
 was thought of highly by              domain names and internet-related
 companies already using it in                                                       customer base in Europe and the US.
 our group.                                                                          Following the acquisition of in
                                       Established in 1995, the company has          2004, NetBenefit became Group NBT.
 Ours is a complex business and        registered hundreds of thousands of
 so the help of someone who            domain names and hosts tens of                The name was changed to reflect the
 understands us was essential in       thousands of websites.                        growing business operations through the
 getting the implementation right.                                                   three trading brands at the time –
                                       Group NBT's clients come from many            NetNames, NetBenefit and
 Metaphorix has proven to be the       industries and include well-known
 right partner for Group NBT.”         companies such as British Airways, The        Group NBT has continued to grow both
                                       New Statesman and Centrica.                   organically and through acquisition to
 Kerryn Landsberg                                                                    become one of the leading providers of
 Financial Controller                  Group NBT plc currently has over 250          services to users of the Internet.
 Group NBT                             employees world-wide, with offices in
                                       London, Copenhagen, New York, Nice,
                                       Munich, Zurich, Oslo and Madrid. With         The Challenge
                                       five market-leading brands.                   Group NBT was using Access Dimensions
                                                                                     in the UK and France but, as they became
                                       Group NBT plc started life as NetBenefit
                                                                                     more global in the market place, they
                                       plc in 1995 to provide services to users of
                                                                                     needed a multi-currency ERP system to
                                       the Internet, registering and renewing
                                                                                     support their business model.
                                       domain names and providing hosting for
                                       websites.                                     The Group Finance Director, Raj
                                                                                     Nagevadia, was very interested in the
                                       As part of the company’s focus on the
                                                                                     ability to do intercompany transactions,
                                       corporate market, NetNames was
                                                                                     consolidations and to establish a standard
                                       acquired in 1999.
                                                                                     chart of accounts.
They also needed a system that would let
them report on budget versus actual               CLIENT PROFILE
figures and add a re-forecast.                    Website domain registration organisation, Group NBT, has
Automatic billings was another area that          undergone a rapid cycle of growth that placed tremendous
was seen as important, though they were           pressure on their old business system – pressure it couldn’t take.
prepared to consider this as part of a
future phase of the replacement project.          They turned to Microsoft Dynamics NAV to deliver a group-wide solution with the type of
                                                  functionality a modern, vibrant organisation needs to support its complex business.
Group NBT needed visibility across all the
offices in their group. They consolidated         Solution: Microsoft Dynamics NAV
the accounts using Excel but wanted an
ERP system that would do this for them.
Their biggest expense is headcount so
they wanted to be able to slice and dice          • Single, integrated system for entire    • Automating manual invoicing processes.
the information in the system.                      group.
                                                                                            • Excellent support for their operation from their
Finally, the support offered for Access           • Improved reporting for management.       Microsoft partner, Metaphorix.
Dimensions was reliant on one person
and this was a real exposure for such a
rapidly expanding business.
                                                Group NBT’s auditors, who had also               Reports, such as a headcount breakdown,
They started to consider a replacement          recommended NAV, had worked with                 are now produced in as little as five
system by evaluating what they already          Metaphorix before.                               minutes.
had available to them installed in other
group companies.                                They knew that Metaphorix were                   This type of information wasn’t even
                                                experienced in providing solutions for           available to the group prior to the
                                                domain name companies based on work              installation of NAV.
The Solution                                    done with other customers.
Group NBT had acquired a Danish                                                                  Service Management is delivering even
company, Ascio Technologies, that were          It made sense to work with people that           more significant benefits on the back of its
using Dynamics NAV.                             understood their business of managing            ability to automate their billings – a big
                                                domain names and so they chose                   saving for the company.
They already owned a company in                 Metaphorix to install the NAV solution.
Denmark called Speednames who were                                                               Working with Metaphorix is also a big plus.
also using NAV.                                 Group NBT were also aware of the work
                                                                                                 Group NBT feel that the support desk is
                                                Metaphorix had done with a similar
Ascio Technologies amounted to 50% of                                                            fantastic and they respond very quickly to
                                                company to them, Magic Moments, which
their total business and so keeping their                                                        any query they log.
                                                gave them confidence that Metaphorix
system intact was an important                  could do a good job for them.                    They also think that their project manager
consideration.                                                                                   from Metaphorix is great at understanding
                                                Raj’s brief was to keep the solution as
They decided that they needn’t look at                                                           their business model, interpreting their
                                                close to standard NAV as possible, with
anything else and that the right solution for                                                    vision and delivering their goals.
                                                the minimum of modification.
them was Dynamics NAV.                                                                           The partnership between the function in
                                                The result is that their solution is very
Initially they looked at three potential NAV                                                     Dynamics NAV and the support from
                                                standard, apart from a few areas in
implementers – Tectura, Metaphorix and a                                                         Metaphorix is helping to deliver the
                                                Service Management.
Danish solution centre.                                                                          solution required to keep this rapidly
                                                                                                 growing company on its steep path to
Tectura did not present very well, whilst       The Benefits                                     the top.
Metaphorix showed they understood the           The benefits that Group NBT gets out of
nature of their business as an internet         NAV include the ability to slice and dice
service provider.                               the financial information by using               For more information about Metaphorix
                                                dimensions.                                      products and service, please contact:
They had concerns about the Danish                                                               01675 432 400 or visit our website at:
solution centre’s level of support and, as a    In addition, Kerryn Landsberg, the financial
UK company, wanted the support of their         controller, can now provide key financial
system to be based in the UK.                   information in a very short timescale.

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