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					                                                      Bardaghat CDC, Nepal

                                                                                                        COMPASSION 575
                                                                                                       Riding across the USA to build
                                                                                                        futures for the children of
                                                                                                                South Asia

 Damak CDC, Nepal

 “Over the last few years it has blown me away to
                                                         THE CHILDREN OF SOUTH ASIA
 see how God is transforming village after village         NEED YOUR HEARTFELT
 through the development of this CDC ministry. To       INVESTMENT IN THEIR FUTURE
 watch open rice fields turn into structures of
 God's grace cannot be adequately explained in            Make your tax deductible check payable to:
 words. With this incredible movement of God
                                                               Global Treasury Services,
 across South Asia, it excites me and yet humbles
 me to know that God has chosen us, His church,
                                                                 Church of Nazarene
 to give the responsibility of helping our brothers       *write in the memo area: NCMCOMP575*
 and sisters there. Thank you to all of you who
 are taking this responsibility seriously.” -Pastor        Mail to:   South Asia Partnership
 Jeff Jackson, South Asia Field Work and
 Witness coordinator.                                                  P. O. Box 12144
                                                                       Roanoke, VA 24023
 “ e poor are the hope of humanity. At the                 secure online giving is available at:
 judgement we will be judged by how we
 treat the poor.” -Mother Teresa                      

                                                      Bardaghat CDC, Nepal

                                                                                                                        Hatbas CDC, Bangladesh
Joymoni CDC, Bangladesh
children receiving a meal
       Patana CDC, Sri Lanka                                                                                              Bahapur CDC, Bangladesh

                                                                   Boshbanga CDC, Bangladesh

  COMPASSION 575 -a fundraiser for the                           Friends, partners and churches have responded
                                                                 to Christ’s call to help the poor and needy.
                                                                                                                        Your investment of $108
           children by NCM -South Asia
                                                                 Funds have been raised to sponsor 20 new              will sponsor one child for
  Child Development Centers (CDCs) meet the physi-               CDCs for two years (3 in Sri Lanka, 4 in Nepal        a year. How many will you
  cal, spiritual and educational needs of children. The          and 13 in Bangladesh). Thank you so much for                 sponsor?
  goal of CDCs is transforming young lives into healthy          investing. Please help us recruit investment
  Christ followers.                                              partners. Check out our website and facebook
                                                                                                                       We are asking for sponsors for these precious
                                                                 page and send it to family and friends.
                                                                                                                       children. All proceeds will be sent to Nazarene
  Additionally, CDC facilities are ministry centers serv-
                                                                                                                       Compassionate Ministries (NCM) and 100% of
  ing entire communities. They are used for                      NCM is reaching children that without the love
                                                                                                                       your tax-deductible gift will be used to support
  community-based health care, shelters during times             of Christ, live in hopelessness - trying to survive
                                                                                                                       the operating costs of Child Development Centers
  of natural disasters and training centers for pastors.         in a world of poverty, disease, natural disasters,
                                                                                                                       (CDCs) in South Asia. Will you provide hope for a
  The buildings will also be used by a local church.             exploitation and even slavery.
                                                                                                                       needy child?
          Al-Amin - Joymoni CDC, Bangladesh
                                                                 The difference the Lord has made in the lives of
Al-Amin lives in a straw house with his family of five. His                                                            A gift of $9 a month or $108 will sponsor a
                                                                 the children that are sponsored is incredible.
father earns a small amount of money during fishing sea-                                                               child for a year. A CDC of 75 children will
                                                                 Please consider giving a child hope.
son. However, fishing is seasonal and his father is jobless                                                            cost $8,100 for an entire year.
the rest of the year. The father is unable to bear the edu-      2011 RIDE: Beginning March 12, 2011, David
cational and living expenses of the family.                                                                            NCM has staff in place to begin immediately serv-
                                                                 Argabright will begin a 3,100 mile bicycle ride
                                                                                                                       ing the needs of children, but they lack the re-
                                                                 across the USA to raise funds to sponsor chil-
Cyclone “Alia” destroyed parts of their house and sur-                                                                 sources and are awaiting our financial support.
                                                                 dren in CDCs. This year’s route is from San Di-
rounded it with water. The family is battling this challeng-     ego, CA to St. Augustine, FL. Would you
ing situation as there are no funds for repairs.                                                                       Thank you in advance for your prayers and sup-
                                                                 please pray for David on this ride and
                                                                                                                       port. If I can answer any questions about CDCs in
                                                                 consider making a heartfelt investment?
An opportunity was given to Al-Amin to attend the Joy-                                                                 South Asia contact me at
moni CDC. The CDC is the only means of education for Al-
Amin. He attends regularly, participates in all the activities                                                         Sincerely,
of the CDC program and receives one nutritious meal a                                                                  David Argabright
day. Thank you for giving.                                                                                             Work & Witness and CDC Donor
                                                                                                                       Development, South Asia Field
        3,000,000 children die each                                                                          
           year in South Asia from
         disease and malnutrition.                                                                           
          That represents a child                                                                            
          dying every 10 seconds.
                                                                                                                       NCM is a member of Evangelical
                                                                                                                       Council for Financial Accountability

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