Patron Saint Lapel Pins by gyvwpsjkko

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									                                                       Patron Saint Lapel Pins

                                                                                   TS16 - St Andrew             TS11 - St Ann       TS18 - St Anthony                  TS17 - St Barbara         TS03 - St Brendan
                                                                                   Patron of Fishermen       Patron of Pregnancy & Patron of Lost Articles             Patron of Architects      Patron of Navigators
                                                                                                            Grandmothers & Mothers

                                                                                  TS02 - St Catherine TS37 - St Charles                  TS05 - St Christopher        TS28 - St Daniel             TS29 - St David
                                                                              Patron of Overcoming Diseases Patron of Rulers               Patron of Traveller         Patron of Wisdom         Patron of Poets/Writers

                  Patron saint pin display unit
                    72 pins: 6pcs each of 12 designs
                      Display size: 300 x 320mm
                               TS2000D                                             TS27 - St Edward          TS15 - St Elizabeth            TS38 - O.L Fatima          TS39 - St Florian            TS08 - St Francis
                                                                                     Patron of Peace         Patron in Times of War                                   Patron of Firefighters   Patron of Animals & Ecologists

   TS40 - Guardian Angel TS44 - St George               TS26 - St Gerard            TS25 - St Gregory TS36 - O.L Guadalupe                   TS22 - St James          TS01 - St John               TS07 - St Joseph
                              Patron of Soldiers         Patron of Mothers          Patron of Musicians                                     Patron of Labourers       Patron of Baptism        Patron of Fathers & Workers

   TS06 - St Jude              TS20 - St Kevin                TS41 -                TS42 - St Lucy               TS30 - St Mary
Patron of the Hopeless Patron of Overcoming Temptation       O.L Lourdes        Patron of Impaired Vision        Patron of Mothers

  TS10 - St Matthew           TS04 - St Michael         TS31 - Miraculous            TS43 - St Nicholas           TS14 - St Patrick
  Patron of Accountants         Patron of Police                                      Patron of Children           Patron of the Irish

     TS09 - St Paul         TS35 - St Peregrine                TS45 -              TS46 - St Raymond           TS32 - Scapular
     Patron of Authors     Patron of Cancer Patients       Infant of Prague         Patron of Lawyers

   TS47 - St Richard         TS21 - St Robert           TS48 - St Sebastian         TS24 - St Stephen        TS13 - St Theresa
    Patron of Leaders        Patron of the Bible         Patron of Athletes        Patron of Contractors    Patron of Missionaries

                                                                                                                                                                   TS2000L - Display Unit
                                                                                                                                                                 Display Stand Design may vary
     TS12 - St Thomas         TS19 - St Timothy            TS23 - St William               TS34 -                  TS33 - Crucifix                                      Please enquire...
           Aquinas          Patron of Those Suffering     Patron against Thieves         Four way pin
     Patron of Academics    from Digestive Problems
             Patron Saints Lapel Pins
                       metal cross with chain - individually carved

  St Jude
                                   St Joseph

                                                                  All Patron Saint Card come carded
              St Peregrine

St Francis
                                St Christopher
                                                                  Patron Saints Pendants Display Set
               JE38219                                                    24ea of 6 Designs
              St Michael

                 Thinking of You Angel Pins
                                             Gold plated angel pins, 22 themes, each
                                                  separately carded with verse.

                                                                                           LP11001        LP11002
                                                                                             Diet          Teacher

                                                Thinking of You Angel display unit
       Sister: Shown actual size         90 pcs: 6 each of 15 designs. Size: 300 x 330mm   LP11003        LP11004
                                                                                            Sister        Wedding

 LP11005                   LP11006              LP11007                   LP11008          LP11009        LP11010
  Faithful               Granddaughter            Irish                  Graduation         Travel          Dad

 LP11011                  LP11012               LP11013                   LP11014          LP11015        LP11016
 Serenity                 I love you            Godchild                    Baby           Grandma     Circle of friends

 LP11017                   LP11018             LP11019                    LP11020          LP11021        LP11022
Godmother                  Baptism              Caring                    Daughter         I’m sorry       Mum

                                 Angel Brooch Pins
                two tone copper and nickel brooch pin with message card

                                  TAP102                     TAP103                       TAP104                      TAP105
                                  Grandma                     Sister                   Granddaughter                  Daughter

                                      TAP106                     TAP107
                                       Friend                     Peace
                                                                                               Display Size: 300 x 370mm
                                                                                                 16pcs - 4ea of TAP107
                                                                                                  2ea of TAP101 - 106
                                                roses for special people
                                                   Card size: 66 x 80mm

                                             TR401                   TR402
                                            Grandma                 Daughter
36 pieces - 6 each of 6 styles
                                                                                  anGeL on mY shoULDer
   Display: 305 x 330mm
                                                                                        Gold Plated

 Aunt                                                                 T600                             Display Size: 300 x 325mm
                     TR405                                          Gold Plated                              144pcs of T600

                                 Guardian Angel Pins

                                                          AT107                                AT108
                                                        Care Giver                            Teacher

    36pcs , 6 pcs of 6 styles
   Display size: 300 x 325mm

                                      AT110                                AT111
                                    Volunteer                              Retiree
             AT109                                                                                       AT112
             Nurse                                                                                      Comfort
                                              angels bring... lapel pins



                                                                                       Angels bring... Display
LP6743J                LP6743H      LP6743L              LP6743P                     36 pcs - 6 each of 6 designs
  Joy                    Hope         Love                Peace

                         Heartfelt Pins

                         Genuine Austrian Crystal lapel pins.
                           All pins are gift carded with an
                           appropriate verse on the front.

    LP13000                                                          LP13001
   Nurse - Angel                                                Grandma - Pearl Cross

      LP13002                             LP13003                    LP13005
Friendship - Butterfly                 Irish - Clover              Hugs and Kisses

     LP13007                             LP13008                       LP13009
 Baby - Pearl Cross               Baby Booties - Blue bow       Baby Booties - Pink bow

     LP13010                            LP13011                       LP13020
    Baby - Cross                       Baby - Angel                 Guardian Angel

                       Heartfelt Pins

      LP13012                          LP13013                                       LP13014
 Just for You - Bird                Teacher - Apples                           Bluebird of Happiness

     LP13015                           LP13016                                      LP13017
   Angel of Love                     Praying Angel                                 Loving Teddy

     LP13018                           LP13019                                        LP13022
Kissed by an Angel                   Praying Angel                              Spiritual Expressions
                                                                               3 different tone angels

LP13021                  TF807                            LP9024G                          LP9024S
Diet Angel             Footprints                Journey of Salvation - GOLD     Journey of Salvation - SILVER

           Blessing Angels
                                       Each card holds a
                                      special message on
                                      the reverse side &
                                     each Angel engraved
                                         on the back.

BA201                                                            BA209
Serenity                                                         Courage

BA202                       BA2000                               BA210
Comfort        48 pieces - 12 designs - 4 of each.               Cheer
                  Display size - 225 x 300mm

BA203       BA205                                    BA207       BA211
Strength     Love                                    Healing    Friendship

BA204       BA206                                     BA208      BA212
 Faith       Hope                                    Guidance   Prosperity

                          Double Heart Picture Frames

                                                                    HF112                                                 HE1001
                                                                                                                 Display Size: 300 x 325mm
                  HF114                                                                                            24pcs - 3ea of 8 styles

                  HF113                                              HF111                                         HF110

                 HF116                                               HF117                                         HF115

                                                              Pet Items
                                                              guardian angel pet tags

                                                                         TPA101                PT101                             PT103
                                                                       Cat Angel pin     Genuine Brass Cat Tag                   Cat Tag

                     Pet tag display unit
36 pieces - 9 each of 4 designs (Display size: 144 x 255mm)

               Card size: 65 x 78mm
                                                                        TPA100                 PT102                            PT104
                                                                      Dog Angel pin     Genuine Brass DOG Tag                   Dog Tag
                    Birthstone Birthday Angels

                                             BSA102                                     BSA103
    BSA101                              February - Amethyst                        March - Aquamarine
January - Garnet

                      BSA104                                    BSA105                                            BSA106
                    April - Crystal                           May - Emerald                                  June - Lt. Amethyst

       BSA107                            BSA108                                     BSA109                                BSA110
      July - Ruby                     August - Peridot                        September - Sapphire                     October - Rose

                                                      December - Blue Zircon
                                                     Enlarged to show message

  November - Topaz                                                                                               BSA1000
                                                                                                        24pc 2ea of 12 styles Display
                                                                                                            size: 305 x 330mm

                                Birthstone Cross Pendants
                                                                                                                 BCN103                  BCN104
                                    BCN101                               BCN101                   BCN102
                                                                                                                 March -                  April -
                                    January -                            January -               February -
                                                                                                                Aquamarine                Crystal
                                     Garnet                               Garnet                 Amethyst

                                                                          BCN105                   BCN106        BCN107                 BCN108
                                                                           May -                     June -       July -                August -
                                                                          Emerald                Lt. Amethyst     Ruby                  Peridot

                                                                          BCN109                 BCN110           BCN111                BCN112
                                                                         September -             October -       November -            December -
 36pc: 3 each of 12 styles
                                                                           Sapphire             Rose Zircon        Topaz               Blue Zircon
Display size: 305 x 330mm

                                                inthe arms oF an anGeL Birthstone LapeL pins

                                                 LP4101              LP4102                     PL4103           LP4104                 LP4105
                                                January -           February -                  March -          April -                 May -
                                                 Garnet             Amethyst                   Aquamarine        Crystal                Emerald

                                           LP4106                 LP4107                       LP4108
                                             June -                July -                      August -
                                         Lt. Amethyst              Ruby                        Peridot

                        LP4109        LP4110                 LP4111                      LP4112                            LP4127D
                      September -    October -              November -                 December -               In the arms of an Angel Display
                        Sapphire    Rose Zircon               Topaz                    Blue Zircon                    4 each of 12 months
                                                                                                                   Display Size: xxmmxxmm

                      Blessing Cross Ornaments
                                     60mm cross with ribbon                              All
                               BC102                                                  BC104
                          Baptismal Blessing                                      Daughter Blessing

     BC101                                                  BC103
Dedication Blessing                                   Christening Blessing

                                BC106                                                    BC108
                            Bless this Mum                                            Love is Patient

    BC105                                                      BC107
Friend Blessing                                           Caregiver Blessing

                                 BC110                                                   BC112
                            Faith Hope Love                                            Best Friends

    BC109                                                          BC111
Love Never Ends                                                Bless this Child

                              Blessing Cross Ornaments
                                                 60mm cross with ribbon

                                        BC114                                                        BC116
                                    Sing Dance Pray                                             Birthday Blessing

            BC113                                                            BC115
       Live Laugh Love                                                  Volunteer Blessing

                                           BC118                                                     BC121
                                     Bless this Grandma                                         You Are A Blessing

              BC117                                                              BC119
          Sister Blessing                                                Bless this Godmother

                       God Danced


Hold Love in Your Heart
                                                                   48pc: 2each of 24 styles
                                                                 Display: 325 x 325 x 500mm

 Just Between us Girls Standing Plaques  Standing Metal Plaque in Velvet Gift Box - 100mm

               RP101                                              RP102                                              RP103
Sister by birth, Friends by Choice.                   Bond between Mother & daughter               Sweet, joyful, honest and kind, A Grandma
                                                         Begins and ends with Love.                          like you is hard to find.

          RP104                                                      RP105                                                RP106
We Came, we saw, we shopped.                     If I lived to be 102... I’ll never find another       Friendship isn’t a big thing it’s lots of little
                                                                 friend like you.                                         things.

                                                                                                                            Gift Boxed
                               A Friend loves at all times

                Expression of Love Plaques
                 Hanging or Standing Metal Plaque in Velvet Gift Box - 115mm

AP104                                                      AP107


        AP106                               AP108

        AP110                               AP116                              AP112

                   Metal Message Crosses     meta L cr osses
                   Size 125mm high - hangs or stands with easel back and space for engraving
                                           Attractively gift boxed.

                                          I said a prayer for you today...

Bless This Child                                                                                   LQP106
                                                                                               Bless this Home

                                                A Teacher’s Prayer

 LQP107                                                                                               LQP116
 Serenity                                                                                             Baptism

                     LQP131                                           LQP127
                    Christening                                        Dad


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