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					                                     Available to all TSA employees

                       Hello in all 31 Rosetta Stone languages!!
English (US & UK) – Hello / German - Guten Tag / Dutch – Hallo / Danish - God dag / Swedish – Hej / Spanish
   (LA & Spain) – Hola French – Bonjour / Italian - Buon giorno / Portuguese – Olá / Latin – Ave / Russian –
Zdravstvuite / Polish – Dzien dobry / Greek – Geia sou Welsh – Dydd da / Hindi – Namasté / Pashto – Senga yai /
  Farsi – Salaam / Turkish – Merhaba / Arabic – Marhaba / Hebrew – Shalom Chinese (Mandarin) – Nî hâo /
   Japanese – Konnichi wa / Korean – Annyong / Thai – Sawatdi / Vietnamese – Chào / Indonesian – Selamat
                           Tagalog – Halo / Swahili – Jambo / Irish (Gaelic) – Dia duit

Rosetta Stone has developed an internet-based language training program using its Dynamic
Immersion method to reinforce your natural language-learning skills in learning languages.
   • Remember you learned your first language without translation and you learned it easily
       and naturally by connecting words to objects and events around you.
   • You can now learn a new language with Rosetta Stone the same way: using native
       speakers and thousands of real-life images to help you think in the new language from the
       very beginning.

How Rosetta Stone language training can help you;
  • Understand everyday language through Rosetta Stone’s proficiency-based listening and
     reading activities.
  • Pronounce words correctly after practicing with Rosetta Stone’s speech comparison tool.
  • Find the words you need when you need them. Connecting new language directly to real-
     life images means the words spring to mind when you’re in everyday contexts.
  • Spell and write accurately. Language-specific keyboards and drag-and-drop tiles perfect
     your writing skills.
  • Learn to communicate quickly, by combining words and phrases into complete sentences
     and dialogues.
  • Retain what you learn. Regular reinforcement of new words and phrases in new contexts
     makes sure the language sticks with you in the real world.

                                           Available Languages
                Arabic                     Hindi                      Portuguese (Brazil)
                Chinese (Mandarin)         Indonesian                 Russian
                Danish                     Irish                      Spanish (Latin America)
                Dutch                      Italian                    Spanish (Spain)
                English (American)         Japanese                   Swahili
                English (British)          Korean                     Swedish
                Filipino (Tagalog)         Latin                      Thai
                French                     Pashto                     Turkish
                German                     Persian (Farsi)            Vietnamese
                Greek                      Polish                     Welsh

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