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					Expo Exhibitors
Descriptions of Booths, Bodyworkers, and Readers

Angel Repair Shop                                          R2
Intuitive readings, using Applied Kinesiology and Energetic Vibrational Light
transmissions, Synergia and Channeled Crystal healing.

Arbonne International                                       17
Arbonne’s a 12 year old company that cares about your health wellness. Enjoy our line
of pure, safe and beneficial products. Aromatherapy, skin care, nutrition, hormone cream
and color cosmetics.

Arnone Specific Chiropractic                              48
Complimentary nervous system analysis (digital infrared imaging) and Extreme clinic
discount with appointments made.

Aura Photos                                                Concourse
Aura Photos with Loving Rose

Betty Shew/Paper Art                                         5
Betty Shew creates dimensional cast paper nature images, which make amazing cards,
framed art pieces and pins. Betty also casts whimsical stars, sun and moons.

Bio-Balance, LLC                                             55
Bio-balance utilizes the EPFX(Electro physiological feedback xrroid) a cutting edge
biofeedback, bio-resonance device with the ability to detect and balance the body’s
energy system.

Bio-Mats                                                  49
The Biomat: Far Infrared and amethyst crystal mat-based on NASA technology and
promotes healing and well-being.

Breath of Heaven                                          Concourse
Channeled wisdom from your spirit guides, universal wisdom, angel guides, animal
guides, elements in nature and more. Access guidance and inspiration for growth.

Catherine Millman, LLC                                      53
Fusion, What messages does your body hold? Awaken to your potential with an
intuitive, empathic session transforming beyond the limits of time.

Center for Spiritual Living                                8
Books, CDs, DVDs, CSL information and literature

Church of Scientology                                      44, 45, 46, 47
Body Assists, Stress Tests - Free. Books for sale.
Colonics 4 Health                                              7
Colon hydrotherapy, Full Body Detox, Energy Detox Footspa, Chi Machine, Therapeutic
grade essential oils, castor oil with infrared sauna pack treatments.

Committed To Health Chiropractic Center                      11
Pain, headaches, muscle tension, numbness, tingling, etc.

Crystal Enlightenment                                        27 & 33
Crystal Enlightenment offers a variety of jewelry, spheres, polished points, hearts,
massage tools, and mineral specimens both raw and polished as well as tumbled stones
and pouches.

Dancing Bear
Acrylic, pastel, watercolor, mixed medium, oriental paintings.

Demarus Harris, Reader                                       28

Doug Blass, Personal Empowerment Coach                         18
Personal Empowerment Programs, program sessions, CDs for Wholistic Healing of
weight issues, addictions, grief trauma or internal conflicts and providing general well

Dr. Jeff McCloskey                                          23
Dr. McCloskey practices a form of muscle testing which allows the patient’s body to
directly communicate the best course of treatment. His individually tailored treatments
address body, mind and spirit.

Earth and Wheel, Sandy Schulz, Studio Potter                 Concourse
Pottery, ceremonial bowls and basins, Nordic runes.

ECKANKAR                                                     1
Books on Eckankar and informational pamphlets.

Elements of Wellness School of Massage                    54
Information about massage school and wellness offerings, offering free chair massages.

Erin Murphy-New Realms of Possibility                         23
Erin Murphy uses Serenity Vibration Healing® to assist you in energetically releasing
limiting belief systems and/or thought patterns that are held on the conscious or
subconscious level.

Elizabeth Vogel, People and Pets Reader                   R3
Elizabeth Vogel is an Interspecies Communicator and Empathic Intuitive. She will be
giving 15 minute Readings, Vibrational Healings, and Life Path Guidance for People
and/or Companion Animals. Be sure to stop by and sign up early as time slots are
limited. This is your opportunity to hear what your pets have to share regarding their
needs and your happiness. Although your pet photos are not necessary, they are helpful
in establishing the “link”.

Embrace Health, Inc.                                        41
Representing: ForeverGreen whole food product, Frequensea and Forever Young
essential oils and salts. Demos and sale of items. Assessments available.

Eve’s Garden                                                   60
Healing arts center, yoga studio, and fine arts gallery - offering spa products and
traditional medicines from around the world. Extensive library of consciousness media-
books, film and tapes, film screenings, book study groups, noted speaker series and
workshops. Honoring the Sacred Feminine in an urban spa oasis - Outfitter for your soul's
journey home.

Feng Shui Happiness                                       13
Information on Feng Shui classes and consultations with Cynde Meyer.

Footbaths by Donna                                        43
Cleanse and detox with footbath. (30 minutes each) and $30.

For Mor International, Mary Jane McCoy
Every 60 seconds someone dies from a heart attack. Learn about a powerful new
resource. Screening, cardio cocktail available for purchase.

Gengrafix, Artist                                         6
Small and medium size acrylic paintings on canvas, painted pet rocks, jewelry,
miscellaneous items and mixed media.

Healing Arts Center                                       9
The Healing Arts Center will have educational information about a career in massage
therapy. We will be giving free chair massages also.

Healthy Coffee                                             14
Organic coffee samples

Holistic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center           2&3
Heal your whole body, not just your spine. Arrange for your free computerized stress

Holographic Sound & Inner Balance                       15
Crystal Bowls, CDs, Pure Egyptian Rose Oil, Chakra Tuned Crystal Bracelets.

Isagenix                                                   36
Jeanne Prichard, Artist                                      Concourse

Joan Quimby, Reader                                          R7
Psychic, Spiritualist Consultant

Isis Rising Metaphysical Emporium                         37
We have custom made jewelry, candles, soap, clothing, artwork and much more! Come
check out Isis Rising Metaphysical Emporium.

Life Crafters, LLC                                        30
Tarot/psychic, palm readings, numerology and party planning as well as hypnosis tapes
or CDs.

Linda Humphries, Reader                                      R5

Logan Chiropractic Center                                  39
Postural screenings & information on helping health conditions naturally.

Mary Barge Hoar - Jewelry Artist                            Concourse
Wire wrapped jewelry featuring natural minerals, crystals, and fresh water pearls.

Master Peace Studio                                        52
Create yourself a Masterpiece. Information on our four studios: Healing Arts, Yoga &
Creative Movement, Art Studio, and Food & Nutrition. Information on two core
programs: Mini Movement, Imagery & Art, and Mind-Body Stress Reduction.

Mother Earth Pillows                                         50

Musicians Table                                         59
CDs from Performing Musicians, Upcoming events literature

Native American Creations                                   61
Native American Jewelry, sacred fans, Native art, spears, and moccasins.

Numbers Count - Sandy Tyson                               R4
Numerology and your personal year based on your life path, revealing career, health,
relationships, etc.

Pat Gallagher, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner                   63
Jin Shu Jyutsu practitioner structural integration for houses and people.

Peggy Phillips dba From the Heart                             25
Selling all types of minerals, including quartz, jewelry and crafts made from quartz,
energy sessions utilizing minerals, essentials oils, information on conscious language.
Positive Kneads Massage Therapy                            57
Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, abdominal chi massage, healthy breast
massage, breast surgeries massage, ear candling, cupping therapy.

Power of the Stones                                      51
Gemstone jewelry and mobiles with synergistic healing properties.

Pranic Healing                                             Concourse
Books, CDs, information on Pranic Healing Classes.

Pure Nourishment                                          22
We have a 6 month holistic health program, providing informational brochure and a
complimentary visual facial diagnosis.

Readings by Serena, Reader                                 29B
Serena, clairvoyant psychic, tarot, palmistry and numerology.

Reiki Healing Jewelry                                      20
Handmade custom reiki empowered gemstone jewelry.

Rejoyce Bodywork                                           4

Renee Irby, Reader                                         R1
Intuitive tarot readings- Angels, Goddesses and Fairies

Rev. Yogini Nithyananda                                    R6

Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, St. Louis Lodge                 16
Free information booklets, books on mysticism reincarnation, self development will be
for purchase, come and visit and browse.

Sappington International Farmers Market                    19 & 19A

School of Metaphysics                                       35
Books on education of the mind, offering classes and selling books. Mastering Living
through 10 Essential Life Skills, The Law of Attraction and visualization, How to Raise
an Indigo Child, also offering dream interpretation.

Sherry Shull (Independent Dist. of Monavie)                26
Monavie, a blend of 19 nutrient dense fruits to provide the widest spectrum of disease
fighting, health enhancing, phytonutrients and antioxidants in a convenient and delicious

Shine the Love Productions
Food is For Living - bringing awareness to the food we eat… one choice at a time.
Healthy Eating Consultations, Products, Music and Information.

Shining Rivers Waldorf School                                Concourse
Missouri’s only Waldorf Elementary School sharing information on their age appropriate
intellectual development curriculum that is mixed with the aesthetics, spiritual and
interpersonal growth that helps create a passion for learning.

Soul Discoveries-Psychic Entertainment                      29A
Soul Discoveries with Amber, Psychic and spiritual advisor. Discover how to obtain
inner peace, joy & prosperity trough the energies of Nature with “Nature’s Oracle.”

Spirit Seeker Magazine                                        13
Magazines, Information on Mind, Body & Spirit Classes

Spiritual Enrichment Center of Wildwood                   24
Metaphysical books, CDs, tapes and information about us. Register to win - for yourself
and a friend - Meditation & Stress Management Workshop.

Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Angelic Oracle Kira Raa 21
Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa: Sensing a deeper reality beyond the 9 to 5 world? 2012,
Ascension and Earth Changes. Books, Courses, Archangelic messages.

St. Louis ACIM Leadership Council-
(ACIM-A Course In Miracles))                                 53
The St. Louis ACIM Leadership Council serves as a resource to the St. Louis Community
regarding the spiritual text, “A Course In Miracles” through communications, resources
and events.

St. Louis T'ai Chi Ch'uan Association                           40
This association is a not for profit organization dedicated to the teaching of T'ai Chi. We
have been doing so for over 25 years in the St. Louis area. T'ai Chi is a moving
meditation as well as a martial art. It can be practiced, studied and enjoyed by anyone of
any age for the remainder of their life. It will help one gain inner calm, increased balance,
suppleness and self-defense.

Stem Enhance - Colleen Grams                                  38
Stem enhance is the first all natural botanical that enhances your bodies ability to create
more adult stem cells and promote better health.
Sun Food Health, LC                                        42
Sunfood Nutrition - all natural/organic foods and supplements to enhance the
performance of the body and expand the horizon of the mind.

Supreme Master Ching Hai International Assoc.              10
Immediate Enlightenment through the Quan Yin Method of Meditation.
www.godsdirectcontact.org. Free info and materials on Quan Yim Method of
Meditation, and books for sale. Free vegetarian food samples!

Synergistic Partners                                         31
Akashic record readings and Synergia Healing.

www.Wholistic.net                                            13
Information on a Mind, Body & Spirit online Directory

Wild Oats Market                                           12
We are providing healthy, all natural and organic snacks, we will also raffle off a healthy
gift basket.

Zrii, Independent Executive Meg Allen                        32