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Chris Krishna-Pillay Chris Krishna-Pillay is one of Australias by nyut545e2


									Chris Krishna-Pillay

Chris Krishna-Pillay is one of Australia’s foremost science theatre proponents.
His writing and performance credits include, the “Great Big Science Gig” (1
and 2), “Howard Florey – a Tale of Tall Poppies” and “Pre-Coital – the Science
of Dating” (described by The Canberra Times as the “pick of the [Australian
Science] Festival”). He has recently been science consultant for new children’s
television series “Wicked Science”, and has appeared many times on the
“Today Show” and “Totally Wild.

Chris is Manager of CSIRO Education Centre (Victoria) and Chair of the
Victorian National Science Week Committee. He maintains a keen interest in
all areas of theatre, education and the amalgamation of science and the arts.

For more than 12 years Chris has designed and presented extension education
programs for students and teachers. He will discuss the myriad of options
available to teachers, how and when to use them and how to get the best out
of the experience.

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