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									                                                                                  LMI Briefing

Labour Market Exploration:
Industry                          ■   The industry employs nearly 2 million people throughout the
Headlines                             UK and spans:

                                      ■   hotels offering accommodation from budget to luxury
                                      ■   restaurants, gastropubs and fast food outlets
                                      ■   pubs, clubs, casinos and bars
                                      ■   theme parks, cinemas, museums art galleries and
                                          leisure resorts
                                      ■   schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, railways,
                                          airports and cruise ships

                                  ■   Restaurants account for the biggest percentage of the
                                      market, and around half of bar staff and three quarters of
                                      waiting staff are full-time students – giving opportunities for
                                      young people to gain some vital experience

                                  ■   Examples of core occupations within the sector include:

■   The Diploma in                    ■   Food & Drink Preparation & Service – kitchen and
Hospitality is a new                      catering assistants; bar staff; chefs/cooks; waiting staff
qualification available to
                                      ■   Food Technology/Science – food technologist; brewer
young people. The Diploma
is unique in that it has been         ■   Front-of-house – receptionist; hotel manager
developed by employers,
                                      ■   Housekeeping – housekeeper; accommodation manager
schools, colleges, and
universities to meet both
                                  ■   The sector employs a young workforce, with almost a third of
employer needs and the
                                      staff under the age of 25
requirements for entry
into higher education.            ■   Many occupations within the sector may be appropriate for
This qualification is available       those seeking flexible working hours
at 3 levels (Foundation,
Higher, and Advanced)
and is designed to keep all
progression routes open

                                  LMI Briefing Supporting Careers Education and IAG                Page 1
                                                                                    LMI Briefing
Labour Market Exploration:

Industry                          ■   Despite the impact of the recession, there are still some areas
Headlines                             of skills shortages, such as for skilled chefs
CONTINUED                         ■   This sector has grown , with huge opportunities for food
                                      service providers and contract caterers to serve educational
– whether further study               institutions, healthcare providers, local authorities and other
at school or college,                 businesses since hospitality facilities have been outsourced
apprenticeship, going
on to university, or a job        ■   The ban on smoking is having an effect on the industry, with
with training. To find out            pub food becoming more important and is predicted to
more, access http://                  challenge the restaurant industry
subjects/hospitality/             ■   Technology is having an increasing impact with online
                                      bookings, more sophisticated vending operations serving hot
■   The Sector Skills Council
                                      and cold meals, and cutting-edge conference and event
covering Hospitality,
                                      facilities within hotels
People 1st, are leading a
programme – Women 1st –
aimed at empowering the           Skills and Attributes
female leaders of tomorrow.
Women make up 60% of              ■   Excellent customer service skills essential
the sector’s workforce
                                  ■   Ability to work in a team
– but only 6% of senior
board executives, half the        ■   Able to keep calm under pressure and solve problems quickly
national average. Women
1st offers government             ■   Awareness of health & safety
funded mentoring and
personalised training which
                                  ■   Good organisational and business skills
supports a group of the           ■   Willingness to work during evenings, weekends and on
sector’s brightest female
                                      public holidays
junior managers to fulfil their
potential – http://www.         Weblinks –
                                  including SSCs (Sector Skills Councils)

                                  Main sources:
                                  ■   Diplomas – http:/ – link
                                      to find out information on the current 14 Diploma subjects

                                  LMI Briefing Supporting Careers Education and IAG             Page 2
                                                                            LMI Briefing
Labour Market Exploration:

                             ■   SSC gateway site – – includes
                                 labour market intelligence, curriculum resources, inspirational
                                 case studies, role models that challenge stereotypes

                             ■   Jobs4u – – extensive
                                 careers database and a good site for young people

                             ■   Learn Direct –
                                 – over 700 job descriptions & job profiles

                             ■   Apprenticeships – – official site
                                 for all apprenticeships across over 80 industry sectors

                             ■   National Guidance Research Forum (NGRF) – www.guidance-
                        – site developed by the Institute for Employment
                                 Research (IER) including labour market trends data & an on-line
                                 learning module for LMI

                             ■   Prospects – – UK’s official graduate
                                 careers website

                             ■   Careersbox – – a free national careers
                                 film library showing films of real people doing real jobs

                             ■   icould – – a free careers resource managed
                                 by CRAC: The Career Development Organisation containing
                                 inspirational film stories about real life career journeys

                             Specialist sources:
                                 Key:   C – careers information      J – job hunting
                                        L – learning & training      T – tutor resource

                             ■   People 1st – – the Sector Skills Council
                                 which includes comprehensive information and case studies
                                 relating to hospitality – C, L, T

                             ■   Springboard – – hospitality careers
                                 site, including Career Scope an online virtual careers adviser –
                                 C, J, L, T

                             ■   British Hospitality Association – – the
                                 professional body for the hospitality industry offering links to
                                 suppliers and new developments in the industry

                             LMI Briefing Supporting Careers Education and IAG                Page 3
                                                                        LMI Briefing
Labour Market Exploration:

                             ■   Hotel Management Network –
                        – a one-stop resource
                                 for the hotel industry providing a range of resources and
                                 contact details

                             ■   Improve Ltd. – – the Food & Drink
                                 Sector Skills Council – C, L

                             LMI Briefing Supporting Careers Education and IAG            Page 4

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