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					PRO                                              CON
     Latin helps the average student with          If we change, all books in other
      grammar                                        languages will be obsolete
     More schools are choosing to use Latin        It will cost $$ to buy books in another
     Many words contain Latin roots                 language
     Everyone in the world will be able to         Latin is nearly extinct; many words do
      communicate                                    not exist in Latin such as phone,
     It would be easier for Hispanic                computer
      immigrants to lean, since it’s closer to      making up words that don’t exist could
      Spanish                                        cause confusion and disagreement
     Promotes Rosetta stone and other               between the different countries
      language learning software; could             Spanish or English would be better
      generate jobs in this area                     choices
     could talk to anyone in the world;            could create protest
      improved relationships between                language is significantly connected to
      countries; more business opportunities         culture - common language would
      due to common language                         cause erosion of culture
     Latin is a good choice because it is not      much waste will be created in recycling
      a working language; everyone has to            all the paperwork and documents in
      change; no one already speaks the              other languages
      language so it’s a level playing field