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									                                                              Apple Titles                                                                                          2010
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  Qty         Cover              ISBN          Author    Title                                                                 Disc. Format   Pub'd    Price (£) Price (€) Price ($)

                                                        iPhone Development with Flash
                                                        Devices like the iPhone are changing how designers design
                                         Christopher games, they need to intregrate new features like multitouch,
                           9780240814544 Griffith Scott accelerometer, and GPS. This book provides THE solutions, with         Trad    Pb     Sep-10    27.99     32.95      44.95
                                          Janousek practical real-world examples on how to use the new Flash
                                                        feature set specifically for iPhone game development.

                                                         iPhone Forensic Analysis
                                                         All of the methods and procedures outlined in the book that can
                           9781597495554                 be taken into any court room. This book details the iPhone with        Ref    Pb     May-10    37.99     47.95      69.95
                                                         information data sets that are new and evolving, with official
                                                         hardware knowledge from Apple itself to help aid investigators.

                                                         Apple Aperture 3: A Workflow Guide for Digital Photographers
                                               Ken       Whether you are cataloging, organising and adding Metadata to
                                             McMahon     thousands of RAW files; selecting, cropping and correcting an
                           9780240521787                                                                                    Trad       Pb     May-10    22.99     33.95      39.95
                                                Nik      individual image or preparing files for final output to web or
                                             Rawlinson   print, this book provides a complete reference for producing high-
                                                         quality results with Aperture.

                                                         Logic Pro 9: Audio and Music Production
                                                         Logic Pro 9 covers more than just the software it will help you
                           9780240521930       Russ                                                                        Trad        Pb     Mar-10    27.99     32.95      44.95
                                                         make the most out of every recording session, and will Illuminate
                                                         and inspire you creative and sonic endeavors!

                                                         The Video Editor's Guide to Soundtrack Pro
                                                         This book intertwines video editing and audio editing workflows               Bk &
                           9780240811734      McGuire                                                                          Trad           Jan-10    25.99     32.95      44.95
                                                         for video editors using the Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro                  DVD
                                             David Liban
                                                         applications within the Final Cut Studio software bundle.

                                                        The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro 7
                                                        Software packages are complex, but learning them shouldn't
                                                        have to be. That's where The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro
                           9780240521817     Rick Young                                                                     Trad       Pb     Dec-09    18.99     21.95      29.95
                                                        comes in. It is a concise, visually appealing full-color guide that
                                                        covers the essential features and workflow to get readers up and
                                                        editing in a matter of hours.

                                                         Final Cut Pro 7 KeyGuide
                                                         The keypad flap shows 2 keypad configurations- default layout
                           9780240813226    Loren Miller and the new multi-cam layout. The reverse flap lists new               Ref   Default Dec-09     8.99      9.95      13.99
                                                         combination key timesavers. The design encourages testing and
                                                         experimenting, 2 foundations to effective learning

    Elsevier Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. Company # 1982084, registered office: The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 1GB, UK
                                                      How to Cheat in Motion
                                                      Projects are presented as small "bite-sized" undertakings in a few
                                         Patrick      pages and are designed as "snap-together" concepts, allowing              Bk &
                      9780240810973                                                                                      Trad          Dec-09   24.99   26.95   39.95
                                        Sheffield     the reader to build them into more complex projects to suit their         DVD
                                                      needs. Sparing the reader a great deal of history, theory or user
                                                      interface tours

                                                    Adobe CS Production Premium for Final Cut Studio Editors
                                                    Whether it is to use Photoshop and After Effects to create
                      9780240812236    Larry Jordan preproduction animatics, Adobe's OnLocation for technical         Trad      Pb     Nov-09   22.99   32.95   44.95
                                                    checks during shooting, Flash for web video output, or Encore for
                                                    Blu-Ray DVD mastering, the Adobe toolset is a vital one.

                                    Rick Young,
                      9780240521459             Final Cut bundle                                                         Trad   Pb     Apr-09   60.99   66.95   99.98
                                    Carman Dale

                                                      Mac OS X, iPod, and iPhone Forensic Analysis DVD Toolkit
                                                      This book and companion DVD provide digital forensic
                                          Jesse       investigators, security professionals, and law enforcement with
                      9781597492973                                                                                      Ref    Pb     Dec-08   38.99   41.95   62.95
                                        Varsalone     all of the information, tools, and utilities required to conduct
                                                      forensic investigations of computers running any variant of the
                                                      Macintosh OS X operating system.

                                                  Apple Aperture 2: A workflow guide for digital photographers
                                                  The book includes clear explanations and step-by-step guidance
                                                  on how to import, sort and navigate thousands of raw files like a
                      9780240520391               pro; how to view and compare images to make selections                 Trad   Pb     Nov-08   22.99   25.95   39.95
                                                  quickly; how to turn good photos into beautiful images with
                                                  adjustment tools; and how to export, showcase and print your
                                                  best work .

                                                  Final Cut Express 4 Editing Workshop
                                                  All of the necessary materials, including raw video footage and
                                                  sequences, detailed instructions, and techniques taught in film               Bk &
                      9780240810775    Tom Wolsky                                                                        Trad          Jun-08   23.99   25.95   38.95
                                                  schools, guide the reader to a working knowledge of Final Cut                 DVD
                                                  Express 4. The companion DVD includes all of the required
                                                  tutorial media and bonus plug-ins, demo software and plug-ins.

                                       Paul Baccas,
                                                      OS X Exploits and Defense Threats to Macintosh's OS X
                                                      Operating system are increasing in sophistication and number.
                                         Larry H.,
                                                      Whether it is the exploitation of an increasing number of holes,
                      9781597492546       David                                                                          Ref    Pb     Jun-08   38.99   41.95   62.95
                                                      use of rootkits for post-compromise concealment or disturbed
                                                      denial of service, knowing why the system is vulnerable and
                                                      understanding how to defend it is critical to computer security.
                                       Chris Hurley

                                                      Logic Pro 8: Audio and Music Production
                                                      By providing comprehensive and systematic coverage of the
                                                      software philosophy and the features of the programme in detail,
                       978024052047      Russ                                                                          Trad     Pb     Apr-08   27.99   29.95   44.95
                                                      this book will enable you to get the most out of Logic when
                                                      creating music.

                                                   Final Cut Pro Workflows:
                                                   The Independent Studio Handbook The Independent Studio
                                       Jason Osder Handbook offers a cookbook of production workflows that teams
                      9780240810058       Robbie   can follow to deliver an array of products to their clients. It Ref          Pb     Dec-07   19.99   21.95   31.95
                                         Carman describes appropriate postproduction workflows, team roles and
                                                   responsibilities, and required equipment for some of the most
                                                   common media productions.

                                                  The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro 6
                                                  Software packages are complex, but learning them shouldn't
                                                  have to be. That's where 'The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro'
                      9780240810096    Rick Young                                                                     Trad      Pb     Nov-07   15.99   17.95   26.95
                                                  comes in. It is a concise, visually appealing full-color guide that
                                                  covers the essential features and workflow to get readers up and
                                                  running in a matter of hours.

Elsevier Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. Company # 1982084, registered office: The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 1GB, UK
                                       Harrington,   Final Cut Studio On the Spot, 3rd Edition
                                          Abba       Packed with more than 400 techniques, this book delivers the
                      9780240810072                                                                                  trad      Pb     Nov-07   19.99   21.95   31.95
                                       Shapiro and   time-saving workflow processes that experienced editors want to
                                         Robbie      improve their productivity, and wow their clients.

                                                   The Filmmaker's Guide to Final Cut Pro Workflow
                                                   Is the comprehensive roadmap to affordable postproduction
                                                   workflow using Final Cut Pro, Cinema Tools, and Pro Tools.
                      9780240809861    Dale Angell Illuminating workflow and the interrelationship of these software Trad      Pb     Oct-07   19.99   21.95   34.95
                                                   applications, it also focuses on cost saving and efficiency, aiding
                                                   low-budget, independent moviemakers as well as students trying
                                                   to take their skills to the professional level.

                                                  Final Cut Express HD 3.5 Editing Workshop, 3rd Edition
                                                  Final Cut Express is an inexpensive version of Apple's Final Cut
                                                                                                                               Bk &
                      9780240809458    Tom Wolsky Pro software, the leading nonlinear editing program for the Mac        Ref          Apr-07   22.99   24.95   36.95
                                                  platform. It has particular appeal to students and hobbyists as a
                                                  step-up from iMovie.

                                                  Final Cut Pro 5 Editing Essentials
                                                  Covers the essentials — capturing material, organizing it, editing,
                                                  adding transitions, basic titling and sound techniques, and
                      9781578202867    Tom Wolsky outputting from the application — the tutorials are explained in       Ref   Pb     Oct-05   24.99   27.95   40.95
                                                  jargon-free language by a seasoned teacher and digital editor.
                                                  The free companion DVD is filled with graphic files for the
                                                  tutorial projects to help users hone their editing craft.

                                                     Editing with Final Cut Pro 4: An Intermediate Guide to Setup
                                                     and Editing Workflow
                                                     Roberts covers the interface and workflow for editors new to
                      9780240805184                  Final Cut Pro, but what makes the book unique is coverage of        Ref   Pb     Apr-04   34.99   37.95   56.95
                                                     working with other formats besides digital video (DV), such as
                                                     uncompressed standard definition, high definition, and FireWire

                                        Richard Final Cut Pro On the Spot, 2nd Edition: Time-Saving Tips &
                      9781578202614                                                                                      Ref   Pb     Jan-04   16.99   19.95   27.95
                                       Harrington Shortcuts from the Pros

                      9781578202560    Tom Wolsky Final Cut Express 2 Editing Workshop, 2nd Edition                      Ref   Pb     Jan-04   20.99   24.95   34.95

                                                     Digital Video Editing with Final Cut Express: The Real-World
                                                     Guide to Set Up and Workflow
                                                     This guide is a comprehensive introduction to Apple Computer's
                      9780240805962                  Final Cut Express editing system, and the digital video format in   Ref   Pb     Nov-03   30.00   34.95   45.95
                                                     general. It provides relevant information about the format's
                                                     specifications, proper configuration of the basic editing system,
                                                     and professional tips—all in clear, jargon-free terms.

Elsevier Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. Company # 1982084, registered office: The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 1GB, UK

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