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April-June 11 revised


									     Volume 5, Issue 3                                                                                                         April—June 2011

                                                      Sisterhood of Survivors
                                                       Quarterly Newsletter
               V   O    L   U    M     E      5   ,   I   S   S   U   E   3    A   P   R   I   L   —   J   U   N   E   2   0   1   1

                                                      Girl’s night out
Mission: Sisterhood of Survi-
vors is committed to assisting
newly diagnosed breast can-
cer patients and
Vision: SOS offers encourage-                                                                              tuesday, april 19, 2011
ment, support, monthly lunch-
eons, volunteer opportunities,                                                                                      4 pm — 8 pm
friendship, a resource library, and
a quarterly newsletter filled with
                                                                                                                 odd fellows hall
inspiration, resources, and event
information. SOS delivers educa-
                                                                                                                2823 helm, clovis
                                                                                                           (southeast corner of gettysburg & helm)
tional “totes” to the recently diag-
nosed, enabling survivors the                                                                                      raffles!        •
opportunity to reach out to others
just beginning their treatment.                                                                                 • prizes!’
Each “tote” is delivered by a                                                                               • tons of fun!
survivor, giving the new patient
an opportunity to talk to another                                                                   • lots of pampering!
who has made the journey her-                                                                The second annual Girl’s Night
self. Contents are donated by
members of SOS, the commu-                 Out is around the corner! Last year was a great event with 35+ vendors com-
nity, and professionals. SOS               plete with refreshments served by breast cancer survivors. Although we had stormy
pays for the making of the totes
as well as some of the contents.
                                           weather, there was a fantastic turnout & we look forward to an even larger
SOS totes are delivered at no              crowd this year. Girl’s Night Out is a FUN & UNIQUE opportunity for women to
cost.                                      pamper themselves with great shopping, delicious food, & much more from many
                                           local businesses. ADMISSION is FREE!

 Quarterly SOS Events           2
                                                                              MEET OUR BOARD MEMBERS
                                                                           Margaret Hadcock is a board certified general surgeon who
Letter from the Editor                                                     has been practicing in Fresno since 1984. Since 1993 she
                                2                                          has limited her practice to the care of patients with breast
     April Fools!
                                                                           disease She has developed and expanded services and sup-
   Breast Cancer                                                           port for breast cancer patients in the San Joaquin Valley.
 Awareness Activities
                                                                           Frequent community lectures to patients, families, other
      SOS Member                                                           health care providers and fellow physicians have helped her
        Highlight                                                          reach out to the Fresno community with her message.
                                                                           Dr. Hadcock is a founding member of the multidisciplinary
                                3                                          conference that is held weekly to review patient care and
                                                                           foster progressive discussion of care. She has promoted
  Volunteer Training            3                                          development of lymphedema services provided by certified
                                                                           lymphedema therapists and has extended knowledge of
Young Survivors News            4                                          practical prevention of lymphedema to medical colleagues.
                                            She is a member for the American Society of Breast Surgeons and maintains her practice
       Resources                5
                                            with continual education. Thank you Dr. Hadcock for serving on the SOS Board.
   P a g e   2                                                               S i s t e r h o o d   o f   S ur v i v o r s

                                                                    LETTER FROM THE EDITOR
                  M e e t i n g s
                                                                   Inspiration for each other
                                                                            By Diana Dhuyvetter
             Planning Meetings @ 5:30                                      “April Fools’”
              St. Agnes Cancer Center                      Some of you may have heard bits of my “story”
                 7130 N. Millbrook, Fresno                 when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 invasive
         April 11         May 9      June 13               ductal carcinoma (IDC) in my left breast on April Fools Day
                  Luncheons @ Noon                         2003. After the numbing fear went away, I jumped into over-
                      Carrow’s                             drive. A lumpectomy was performed and thankfully, the can-
                 1484 E. Shaw, Fresno                      cer did not spread to any sentinel nodes; however, my post-
                                                           surgery treatment included both chemo & radiation therapy
        April 16         May 21       June 18              because the cancer was aggressive & my doctor wanted to treat
                                                           it aggressively.
                                                           My support system included two women from work who had
                              Guest Speaker                survived breast cancer. I emailed & phoned them constantly
                              May 21, 2011                 asking all sorts of questions I was too embarrassed to ask the
                             Dr. M.A. Nezami               doctor. These women were wonderful & spent as much time as
                          We apologize, this guest         I needed explaining & sharing their own experiences. I refused
                         speaking engagement has           to believe that I would have to go through chemo treatments,
                              been canceled.               although Dr. Hadcock gently continued to prepare me & dis-
                                                           cuss what the treatment would involve.
                                                           My first visit to the oncologist was terrifying. I couldn’t stay in
                                                           the waiting room for my appointment & I immediately burst
                                                           into tears shortly after I signed in. I rushed outside to the fresh
                                                           air & warm spring sunshine trying to get a grip while I waited
                                                           for my appointment. My kids were a great support & helped
                                                           me get through that initial shock that I was really going to go
                                                           through chemotherapy. My biggest fear was losing my hair, not
                                                           the cancer, not the treatments, only that I would lose my hair.
                                                           No one can understand what we go through except us. It's a
                                                           club I didn't necessary want to join, but one, which I'm now
                                                           proud to be a part of. I've become much stronger because of
                         The Ninth Annual Cancer           having had cancer. Once you have a potentially life-
                               Survivorship Series:        threatening disease & come out of it, you realize there really is
                         Living With, Through and          nothing more important than health. I've said to many people
                                   Beyond Cancer           that I'm not at all sorry that I had cancer…I HATE cancer, but
                                                           it’s changed me in ways that I like.
               10:30 AM—12:30 PM
          April 12—Part 1: Chemobrain                      For some of us, our recovery involves being helped by others,
        May 10—Part II: Weight Changes                     & for some it will involve helping others. Some won't want
      June 14– Part III: Stress Management                 anybody to know, while others will show & describe all that
       July 12– Part IV: Fear of Recurrence                we have been through. No matter what, it is all okay. It's okay
                                                           to be afraid, to cry, to yell, to laugh; it's all okay. It has taught
A free Connect Workshop Series for cancer survivors,
                                                           me that things could be worse & that there is always a blessing
  their families, friends, and health care professionals
You can listen to this workshop over the telephone or      to be counted. I have found that there is a sisterhood out there
                           online.                         & I am part of it. I am a part of this strong and wonderful group
              Call 1-800-813-HOPE (4673)                   of women that I can count on & they can count on me too. I
          Visit online at:              am so honored to be a part of this.
           Email to                 I share my story with my breast cancer "sisters" and I pray that
                                                           you will persevere on this journey and recognize God's grace.
       S i s t e r h o o d     o f   S ur v i v o r s                                                                           P a g e    3

Volunteer Training Sessions Scheduled                                                        Volunteers Needed!
Our second & third SOS training sessions have                                        st
been scheduled. Mary Ann Rogozinski is conducting
                                                                       It’s the 1 Annual SOS Huge Parking Lot Sale!!
the training sessions for all SOS volunteers. Train-                   When: Saturday, June 11
ing sessions are for anyone interested in volunteer-                   Time: 7:00 a.m. – noonish
ing in any capacity, including delivering totes to the                 Where Odd Fellows Hall Parking Lot
newly diagnosed. Due to liability issues, training is                        2823 Helm, Clovis, CA 93612
mandatory for those who want to continue to sup-
port the Sisterhood by volunteering.                                   Ask your friends and family to save new
The next training sessions are April 25, & May 10                      or gently used items to be donated for
at 5:30 p.m. at the Fresno County Federal Credit
                                                                       this event. Want to make some extra cash for yourself? You
Union Administration Office, 2580 W. Shaw Lane
(not to be confused with Shaw Avenue).                                 can rent a space for this event, as well. Please contact
Training covers reasons for volunteering, volunteer                    Susan Geis at 875-4868 for a drop off location nearest
opportunities, the history of SOS, mission & ser-                      you or for more information.
vices, safety, commitment level (hours per/month or
year you wish to volunteer), brief overviews of cur-
rent SOS by-laws, & SOS Volunteer Handbook. At
the end of each session, each volunteer will also be                                                  Volunteers Needed!
asked to complete a personal skills assessment.                                       The SOS Fundraising Committee is seeking
This is a great opportunity for to meet other volun-                                  the help of volunteers for an “Evening of
teers & to get others involved. We look forward to                                    the Finest Things” which includes Wine
seeing you there. Please RSVP no later than April                                     Tasting, Decadent Desserts, & Original Art
21, & May 5, respectively, so we have enough sup-                                     Work. You will enjoy a fun filled evening in
plies for you. RSVP to Mary Ann Rogozinski at                                          the country with a live band, delicious hors
433-9703 or preferably at                                              d’oeuvres, chances to win bottles of special wine, decadent                                              desserts, & even original art work! Save the date for October
Thanks to the thirteen volunteers who attended the                     8, 2011 from 7:00- 11:00p.m. For more information, please
first training session February 7, 2011.                               contact Susan Geis at 875-4868
                See you at the training!!

                                                          SOS Member Highlight
                              Bilingual breast cancer survivor Lydia Zambrano was invited to speak for an ESL class in Biola at West Hills
                              Community College regarding her journey with breast cancer. It was the instructors’ hope that the subject of
                              Breast Cancer would have more significance to the women hearing the struggle from someone who overcame
                              the battle...and, who continues to have a positive outlook. The class consisted of women between the ages of 18-
                              50 and one male. All were farmworkers or involved in agriculture in some labor-intensive way. Three had lumpec-
                              tomies and one is constantly monitored because she's at risk of recurrence. Most were married with children.
                              Lydia appreciated the opportunity to share her experience with these ladies. She told them that she was very
                              proud of them for continuing their education while caring for their family and for the interest in their health. Their
                              stories and concerns are so important to all of us. Lydia informed them there are many resources, but asked for
their input as to what their needs are. The nearest health clinic is in Mendota but all of the other services are in Fresno.
Lydia sent a copy of the last SOS newsletter to share with the ladies; they are interested in attending one of the monthly luncheon meetings
and may even join us as early as March 19th! Lydia also wants to thank her daughter, Patsy Ochoa, for the beautiful "pink lapel pins" she
provided for the class. They will be wearing them in honor of all the breast cancer survivors and those in Heaven.
When she asked the ladies what would be a reason that would keep them from going to their primary care physician for a complete physical
and follow through on all the procedures, most of them shared that they were shy about anyone seeing their bodies. They also feared the
unknown and some shared they don’t have insurance. Lydia encouraged them to attend support groups, learn as much as they can regard-
ing their health conditions, asked them to remember their doctors are professionals, and to look at them as professionals when they need to
seek medical advice or treatment.
Lydia was very grateful to have had the opportunity to share her experience and said that sharing helps her through her healing process too.
Their instructor Carol Scroggins relayed, “Thank you for coming and sharing with my ladies. They were very chatty after you left, so I know
you made an impact!”
For volunteer opportunities, please attend the next Volunteer Training.
    P a g e   4                                                                S i s t e r h o o d o f S ur v i v o r s
                                                                                   Q u a r t e r l y N e w s l e t t e r

                                       Young Survivors News
                                   For Women Ages 45 or Younger
SOS has several breast cancer survivors age 45 and younger. In addition to coping with breast cancer, younger
women have unique issues such as pregnancy, fertility, and affects on young children.
The group has just started forming and looking for members to join their luncheons. If you are a woman age 45 or
younger, diagnosed with breast cancer, we would like to extend an invitation for you to join the luncheon (location to
be determined) at noon the second Saturday of each month (this quarter: April 9, May 14, and June 11).
Bring your friends, supporters, or family members for a time of sharing and learning from one another.
                                         If you have questions, you may contact:
                                               Charyce Haynes at 304-2146
                                               Lynette McBride at 324-0208

    S   T A Y I N G         W  E L L :  T A K E S T E P S T O R E D U C E Y O U R
             R I S K         O R   F I N D B R E A S T C A N C E R E A R L Y
  Does Mammography Really Save Lives?

  Since 1990, more and more women have been surviving breast cancer, in part because of early detection. Mammograms –
  x-rays of the breast – are the most common tool for finding breast cancer early in women who have no symptoms.

  However, during the last year, there have been many conflicting messages about the role of mammograms in saving lives
  from breast cancer. Because doctors can't always tell from a mammogram whether an abnormal area is cancerous, some
  worry the screening test leads to too many false positives and unnecessary biopsies that can cause women a lot of anxiety.
  The flip side is that mammograms aren’t perfect; they can miss some cancers, too. There is also new concern about "over
  diagnosis" – the idea that some breast cancers might not need to be treated because they would never become life threat-

  Despite these limitations, there’s plenty of evidence that mammograms offer substantial benefit for women starting in their

  The American Cancer Society recommends yearly mammograms for women age 40 and older, along with a breast exam by
  a health care professional. Women at high risk for the disease should get an MRI annually, as well. A strong family his-
  tory of breast and/or ovarian cancer, prior chest radiation therapy, and carrying BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations put
  women at increased risk for the disease. In addition, all women should be aware of how their breasts normally look and
  feel and report any changes to a doctor right away.

  To learn more about what the current research says about mammography and to find out what else you can do to help
  lower your risk of breast cancer, go to
  featuring Otis Brawley, MD, the American Cancer Society’s Chief Medical Officer, and Len Lichtenfeld, MD, the Society’s
  Deputy Chief Medical Officer. You can also learn more at

                                       SOS PARTICIPATES IN NET @ NIGHT
Fresno Women’s offered our organization the perfect opportunity to share information about our history, mission, community out-
reach programs, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming fundraisers to women from throughout the greater Fresno area. At the re-
cent Net @ Night event held on Thursday, March 24th, literally hundreds of attendees stopped by our SOS booth, which was con-
veniently located near the main entrance. The booth was manned by SOS members who also passed out invitations to our upcom-
ing Girl’s Night Out event and stressed the importance of regular breast screenings and early detection programs. Copies of our
new SOS flyers were available to those requesting more information on our organization.
V o l u m e   5 ,   I s s u e   3                                                                                                         P a g e   5

                                                                                                                     HINDS HOSPICE 
          LOOK GOOD, FEEL BETTER                    Lymphedema  Clinic  offers  services  &         Helps  to  offset  the  cost  of  uninsured  or 
     T: 800‐227‐2345 for information                treatment  for  under‐served  patients          under‐insured  terminally  ill  breast  cancer 
      WIG BANK T: 451‐0722 option 2                 afflicted with lymphedema. Patient edu‐         patients.  Hinds  Hospice  operates  a  full‐
      NEED A RIDE T: 866‐444‐7672                   cation  following  breast  cancer  surgery      service  in‐home  hospice  &  serves  patients 
                                                    and/or radiation therapy                        in their homes or in appropriately licensed 
                                                                    T: 459‐1603                     facilities. T: 226‐5683 


                   BCCTP                             DEAF & HARD OF HEARING SERVICE CENTER               ISLAMIC CULTURAL CENTER OF FRESNO 
 If you are diagnosed with breast cancer,           Provides  up‐to‐date  breast  cancer            Provides  culturally  appropriate  breast 
 free  treatment  is available to all Califor‐      awareness, current treatments, and how          health  education  &  referral  to  Arabic, 
 nians  who  qualify  through  the  Breast  &       to  support,  advocate,  and  assist  others    Farsi,  &  Urdu  speaking  Muslim  adolescent 
 Cervical  Cancer  Treatment  Program.              who are current breast cancer survivors         & adult females T: 297‐9535 
 Information  about  this  program  is  avail‐                      T: 225‐3323 
 able  on  Medi‐Cal’s  website  or  call  800‐
 824‐0088  to  speak  with  an  eligibility 

         NEED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE?                          FOURWINDS LODGE                                     KHMER SOCIETY OF FRESNO, INC. 
                                                             RECOVERY TREATMENT                     Provides  breast  health  education,  advo‐
                                                             Provides  breast  health               cacy, & guidance for breast cancer screen‐
    1625 E. Shaw, Suite 155, Fresno                          education,  physical  fitness,         ing  to  Southeast  Asian  community  
              T: 244‐4554                                    nutrition,  &  guidance  for                                            T: 353‐0474 
 email: breast cancer screening to Native Ameri‐
                                       can women T: 237‐2961 ext. 28 

          EVERY WOMAN COUNTS                  PROJECT OF CENTRAL CA LEGAL SERVICES                  Features  information  on  asbestos,  meso‐
 Pays for eligible woman’s cervical exam   Conducts  breast  health  education  out‐                thelioma, & other cancers that are caused 
          and breast screening.            reach  to  all  under‐served  residents.  Re‐            f r o m   a s b e s t o s   e x p o s u r e 
              T: 800‐511‐2300              ferral,  intervention,  &  guidance  for         T: 407‐965‐5755 
                                           breast  cancer  screening.  Focuses  on  the                                                          
                                           needs  of  the  under‐represented,  mar‐
                                           ginalized, & hard‐to‐reach populations  
                                           T: 570‐1266 

 CENTRO LA FAMILIA ADVOCACY SERVICES, INC.                            HEALTHWELL FOUNDATION                          NCI  conducts  &  supports  
Provides  Spanish  language  breast  health                             For single women/moms                          research,  training,  health  
education,  advocacy,  health  literacy,  and                                    T: 800‐675‐8416                          information  dissemination  & 
guidance  for  breast  cancer  screening  to                                                  or    other programs for cancer 
urban & rural communities. T: 237‐2961                                PATIENT ACCESS NETWORK   T: 1‐800‐FOR‐CANCER or  
                                                                 FOUNDATION T: 866‐313‐7263 

                  Any  woman  currently  undergo                  For those in financial need  Offers breast health education, advocacy, 
                  ‐ing  chemo,  FREE  houseclean‐       and  guidance  to  African‐American  com‐
ing,  one  time,  per  month,  for  four                                                       munity T: 264‐7185 
months  while  in  treatment.T:877‐337‐
                                                               WE’RE ON THE WEB!

     We ask you and your loved ones to please consider Sisterhood of Survivors when planning to donate. Dona-
     tions are tax deductible. Sisterhood of Survivors (SOS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

     My donation of $                               I would like to volunteer              contact #:

               Please make your check payable to:                      Sisterhood of Survivors, Inc.
                                                                       PO Box 3841
                                                                       Pinedale, CA 93650

             BOARD OF DIRECTORS                   Margaret Mims, Survivor & Fresno Co. Sheriff     Newsletter Editor—Diana Dhuyvetter
            Janet Ames, Survivor                    Mikell Parson, D.C., C.C.N., D.A.C.B.N.,
            Terry Elrod, Survivor                                 D.A.C.N.B                      Marketing/Media Rep—Crystal Sherian
Debbie Garrett, California Health Collaborative      Bonna Rogers-Neufeld, M.D., F.A.C.R       
     Susan Gonsalves, Survivor & LCSW                                                             Fundraising—Sue Geis @ 875-4868
                                                              PLANNING COMMITTEE
         M. Margaret Hadcock, M.D.                                                        
                                                         Chair—Terry Elrod @ 289-4168
  Jamie Ledezma, Survivor & Komen Public
                                                    Membership—Patti Frediani @ 431-3752
         Policy Chair, Central Valley
                                                  Outreach—Mary Ann Bellissima @ 433-1763
       Mary Ann Rogozinski, Survivor
                                                   Ways & Means—Judy Pearson @ 674-7443
              ADVISORY COUNCIL                     Special Projects—Julie Skiba @ 227-1192
   Rodney Hernandes, H&O Medical Group             SOS Connections—Terry Elrod @ 289-4168
    Sharon Johnson, Survivor & Executive          Secretary/Treasurer—Gail Green @ 298-5503
       Director, Komen Central Valley

Sisterhood of Survivors                                                                                                NONPROFIT ORG
                                                                                                                       US POSTAGE PAID
PO Box 3841                                                                                                               CLOVIS CA
Pinedale, CA 93650                                                                                                      PERMIT NO 553
Forwarding and Returned Postage Guaranteed

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