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Gabriel's Horn

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									Gabriel’s Horn
Porsche Club of America
San Gabriel Valley Region
245 South Euclid Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101-2717
    San Gabriel Valley Region                                                Porsche Club of America                                                                           June 2008
            Sunday                       Monday                      Tuesday                     Wednesday                       Thursday                        Friday            Saturday
            1-Jun-08                      2-Jun-08                     3-Jun-08                      4-Jun-08                      5-Jun-08                      6-Jun-08            7-Jun-08
    Z8 AX OCR                                                 SGVR Board                                                                                                     OCTO Show
    Wine Country                                              Meeting                                                                                                        Z8 SDR Rally
    SGVR Tour to
    LA Concours
    d’Élégance 1
    from Coco's @ 8:30AM
    Pomona Swap Meet
            8-Jun-08                      9-Jun-08                    10-Jun-08                     11-Jun-08                     12-Jun-08                      13-Jun-08          14-Jun-08
    Z8 LAR Concours                                           Gabriel’s Horn                                                                                                 24 Heures du Mans
    VW Classic                                                Deadline                                                                                                       SGVR Coffee &
    GP Canada*                                                                                                                                                               Cars
                                                                                                                                                                             Friends of Steve
                                                                                                                                                                             McQueen Car Show
                                                                                                                                                                             Pasadena HHW
            15-Jun-08                    16-Jun-08                    17-Jun-08                     18-Jun-08                     19-Jun-08                      20-Jun-08          21-Jun-08
    Father's Day                                                                           356 Registry West Coast        356 Registry West             356 Registry West    356 Registry West Coast
    Rodeo Drive                                                                            Holiday                        Coast Holiday                 Coast Holiday        Holiday
    Concours                                                                               Flower Moon                                                                       SGVR Breakfast
    d’Élégance                                                                                                                                                               Performance
    24 Heures du Mans                                                                                                                                                        Products Tech
                                                                                                                                                                             Irwindale HHW
            22-Jun-08                    23-Jun-08                    24-Jun-08                     25-Jun-08                     26-Jun-08                      27-Jun-08          28-Jun-08
    356 Registry West            Gabriel’s Horn to                                         Assemble Gabriel’s                                           LVR Mesquite         Porsche Parade
    Coast Holiday                Printer                                                   Horn                                                         Open Road Race-      Registration,
    GP France                                                                                                                                           Car Rally and Car    Charlotte
    Summer Solstice                                                                                                                                     Show                 LVR Mesquite Open
                                                                                                                                                        Emory's Porsche      Road Race- Car Rally
                                                                                                                                                        Campout              and Car Show
                                                                                                                                                                             Emory's Porsche Campout
            29-Jun-08                    30-Jun-08
    Porsche Parade,              Porsche Parade,
                                                              June 1948: The first sports car to bear the Porsche name, 356 ‘No. 1’ is road certified
    Charlotte                    Charlotte
    LVR Mesquite Open
                                                              22 & 23 June 1951: class victory of a 356 SL at the 24 Hours of Le Mans
    Road Race- Car Rally                                      13 & 14 June 1970: Hans Herrmann and Dickie Attwood chalk up a first overall win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in
    and Car Show                                              the Porsche 917
    Emory's Porsche Campout

    The LA Concours d’Élégance is a non-PCA all marques event at the Rose Bowl. The Zone 8 Los Angeles Region PCA Concours d’Élégance takes place 8 June 2008.
                    Gabriel’s Horn
               The Official Newsletter of the San Gabriel Valley Region of the Porsche Club of America
               Celebrating Porsche® Automobiles and Enjoying Member Camaraderie in the Valley for 31 Years

                                    SGVR is Proud Winner of Zone 8’s 2007 Small Region of the Year Award

245 South Euclid Avenue
Pasadena, California 91101-2717                                                                              June 2008

   Save the Dates

   June 2008
   1       SGVR Tour to the non-
           PCA L.A. Concours
                                                          Porsche People Profiled:
           d’Élegance                                          Revere Jones
   3       SGVR Board Meeting
   14      SGVR Coffee & Cars
   14      Green! Green! Green!
           at the 24 Heures du
   15      Checkered Flag at the
           24 Heures du Mans
   21      SGVR Breakfast Club
           & Performance Prod-
           ucts Tech Session
   28      53rd Porsche Parade
           begins in Charlotte

   July 2008
   1       SGVR Board Meeting
   9       SGVR Anniversary
           Dinner at the Golden
   12      SGVR Coffee & Cars
   19      SGVR Breakfast Club
   27      SDR Autocross

   Inside This Issue

   Porsche People Profiled:     6
   Revere Jones
   Coffee & Cars!              10

   SGVR New Members            14
   and SGVR Member
   Breakfast Club Update       15

   Goodie Store                17

   Services Available to You   18
                                               Gabriel’s Horn                                                                  Page 2

                                             Gabriel’s Horn
Ty Anderson                      IN THIS ISSUE
626-523-6502                     FEATURES
                                  6.................................. Porsche People Profiled: Revere Jones
                                 15 ................................. Breakfast Club:      Another Packed House at Our Breakfast
Larry Domasin                    16 ................................. New PCA-SGVR Driving Guidelines
                                 NEWS AND EVENTS
                                  4.................................. Calendar of Events
SECRETARY                         7.................................. PCA Member-Only Raffle — Win a 2009 911 Carrera S
Joanne Iwasaki
909-595-5361                     10 ................................. SGVR July Breakfast Club — Saturday, July 19, 2008, featuring
                                                                      Dr. Paint Chip
                                 10 ................................. SGVR Coffee & Cars — Saturday, May 10, 2008
                                 11 ................................. SGVR June Breakfast Club — Saturday, June 21, 2008,
TREASURER                                                             featuring a Tech Session Presented by Performance Products
Arthur Iwasaki                   13 ................................. SGVR 32nd Anniversary Dinner, Wednesday, July 9, 2008, at
909-595-5361                                                          the Golden Spur Restaurant                   19 & 20 ........................ The Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show — Saturday, June 14,

                                 Opposite front cover .... June 2008 Calendar
SAN GABRIEL VALLEY REGION’S       3.................................. Gabriel’s Horn: Hard Copy? Or Downloadable PDF? | Please
EXECUTIVE APPOINTEES & CHAIRS                                         Join Us at Our Monthly Board Meetings
NEWSLETTER EDITOR                 4.................................. President’s Message
Larry E. Domasin
323-394-6481                      5.................................. SGVR Meeting Minutes from May 6, 2008                8.................................. Under the Tub, Volume 25

ACTIVITIES CHAIR                 14 ................................. SGVR New Members and SGVR Member Anniversaries
John Barrone                     16 ................................. Advertiser Index
323-899-2081                     17 ................................. SGVR Goodie Store Open for Business
                                 18 ................................. PCA and Related Services Available to You
Michael Marchand
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                                 provided full credit is given to the author and Gabriel’s Horn — with the exception of copyrighted
AUTOCROSS CHAIR AND              material. Any statement appearing in Gabriel’s Horn is that of its author, and does not constitute an
CHIEF DRIVING INSTRUCTOR         opinion of the Porsche Club of America, the San Gabriel Valley Region, its Board or Appointees, the
David McAlexander                Gabriel’s Horn Editors or its Staff. The Editorial Staff reserves the right to edit all submitted material
626-795-1968                     for content as well as for space. SGVR-PCA claims no responsibility for, nor affiliation with, any     goods or services advertised herein, nor for any technical advice rendered.
(continued on Page 3)                      AND ARTICLES TO GABRIEL’S HORN — AFTER ALL, IT IS YOUR NEWSLETTER.
       June 2008                                                                                        Page 3

   Gabriel’s Horn: Hard Copy? Or Downloadable PDF?
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                                                                                                       MEMBERSHIP CHAIR
                                                                                                           Joanne Iwasaki

                                                                                                             TOUR MEISTER
                                                                                                                 Dikk Jones

                                                                                                              Ty Anderson

                                                                                                           YAHOO MEISTER
                                                                                                              Ray Hughes

       Please Join Us at Our Monthly Board Meetings
All members are welcome to attend. Your input is wanted and needed to help keep            Our San Gabriel Valley Region is one
our Region both fresh and exciting. Our meetings are held at the following address:        of 13 Regions in PCA’s Zone 8, which
                                     CureSearch                                            spans the Southwestern United
                                                                                           States, encompassing Southern Cali-
                               440 E. Huntington Drive
                                                                                           fornia, Arizona and Southern Nevada.
                              Arcadia, California 91006
The building is behind the Olive Garden on Arcadia’s Restaurant Row. All meetings                   ZONE 8 REPRESENTATIVE
are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.                                                 Michael Dolphin
Photos are credited to Joanne Iwasaki unless specifically credited otherwise in caption.
                                             Gabriel’s Horn                                                                     Page 4

                                President’s Message                                                                   by Ty Anderson

                                          ur club is a volunteer                            tacos at the first 3 stops and then a huge
         Our club is a
                                          organization. Every event that the                carne asada quesadilla at the last truck. It
         volunteer                        club puts on happens because                      was awesome. John Barrone is to be
         organization.                    someone stepped up and put in                     commended for thinking outside the box.
         Every event            the time to organize it and make it happen.                 This was definitely a club first, but it won’t be
         that the club          We are always in need of volunteers.                        the last. I hear there’s talk of a Taco Truck
                                Currently we are looking for a new                          Tour II.
         puts on
                                newsletter editor, an assistant editor, club
         happens                photographer, and a club historian. That’s                  After this month’s breakfast meeting we
         because                just some of what we need. If you have any                  went to Modern Auto Technology for a very
         someone                skill that you think the club could use                     informative Tech Session. Owner Art Berian
         stepped up             please email me or any other board                          had newly rebuilt 911 and 356 engines on
                                member; we’ll be glad to put your skill to                  display as well as a nicely restored 911SC
         and put in the
                                good use.                                                   and a early 912. We were given some good
         time to
                                The event of the month was the Taco Truck                   information on conducting a Pre-Purchase
         organize it and                                                                    Inspection on various Porsche models.
                                Tour I. T his was so much fun. For those of
         make it                you brave enough to partake in the journey,
                                                                                            See ya on the road!
         happen. We             you know what I’m talking about. I had no
         are always in          idea I could eat that many tacos. I had 2                   Ty
         need of

Legend of Zone 8 Regions

AZR   Arizona

CCCR California Central Coast
                                JUNE 2008
CIR   California Inland
                                Sunday, June 1.................................SGVR Tour to the L.A. Concours d’Élégance
GER   Golden Empire

GPX   Grand Prix
                                Tuesday, June 3................................SGVR Board Meeting, 7:00 pm

LAR   Los Angeles               Saturday, June 7 .................................... Z8 SDR Rally

LVR   Las Vegas                 Sunday, June 8 ....................................... Z8 LAR Concours d’Élégance

OCR   Orange Coast              Saturday, June 14 ...........................SGVR Coffee & Cars, 8:00 am
RR    Riverside                 Saturday, June 14 - Sunday June 15 .... 24 Heures du Mans
SAR   Southern Arizona
                                Saturday, June 21 ...........................SGVR Breakfast Club & Performance Products
SBR   Santa Barbara             ..........................................................Tech Session , 9:00 am

SDR   San Diego                 Friday, June 27 thru Sunday, June 29 .. LVR Mesquite Open Road Race, Car Rally & Car Show

SGVR San Gabriel Valley         Saturday, June 28 .................................. Porsche Parade, Charlotte, begins– a week-long event
      June 2008                                                                                   Page 5

SGVR Board Meeting Minutes from May 6, 2008                                                        by Joanne Iwasaki
(not yet officially approved)

          he May 6, 2008, SGVR Board     transferred into our Region.              gested and volunteered to develop a
          meeting was held at Cure-
                                         Secretary’s Minutes                       prospectus of SGVR that Mike could
          Search, National Childhood
                                         Joanne read the minutes of the April 1,   distribute to prospective advertisers. He
          Cancer Foundation Children’s
                                         2008 Board meeting. Larry moved to        suggested that it include a map of mem-
Oncology Group, 440 E. Huntington
                                         accept the minutes and Jim seconded.      bership demographics, advertising rates,
Drive, Arcadia, CA 91006.
                                                                                   and a deadline schedule for submitting
Vice President Larry called the meeting Treasurer’s Report                         an ad for the newsletter.
to order at 7:06 p.m.                    Treasurer Art discussed his Balance
                                         Sheet and Cash Flow Statement for April   Concours d’Élégance Chair Report:
Attendees                                2008. Larry moved to accept the Treas-    Concours Chair John reported that since
Vice President Larry Domasin, Treasurer urer’s Report and Joanne seconded.         the Art Center will not be holding their
Art Iwasaki, Secretary Joanne Iwasaki,                                             Car Classic event this year our plans to
                                         Website Report                            hold a Regional Concours will have to be
Past President Jim Alton, Past President
                                         Webmeister Ty Anderson was absent so      postponed to next year.
Larry Baxter, Activities Chair and Con-
                                         no report was presented. Joanne said
cours Chair John Barrone, Dikk Jones,
                                         she noticed that the Contacts List and    Activities Chair Report
Revere Jones, Freya Oliver, and Leo
                                         Concours link on SGVR’s website on        Activities Chair John indicated that the
                                has now been updated.         upcoming events calendared for May
Introduction of New Board Members,                                                 and June are on schedule.
                                         Newsletter Report
New Regional Members/Guest, and Rec-     Editor Larry Domasin reported no new      New Business
ognition of Anniversaries                changes.                                  On behalf of Ty Anderson, Larry Domasin
Joanne Iwasaki, Membership Chair, dis-                                             reported that Ty will be assigning every-
tributed her Membership Report for May Advertising Chair                           one the name of a new member to men-
2008 that showed 9 new members who Chair Mike Marchand was absent so no                                    (Continued on page 12)
joined in April 2008 and 2 people who report was presented. Jim Alton sug-
                             Gabriel’s Horn                                                             Page 6

                  Porsche People Profiled:
                                                                                          by Joanne Iwasaki
                  Revere Jones

                            or the past 19 years, Revere Jones      much in the last several years.
                            has been a PCA member and most
                                                                    What is your occupation and where are you
                            notably served as SGVR President
                                                                    employed? I am a Dental Prosthetics Spe-
                            in 1992. We are very pleased to
                                                                    cialist and run a Denture Lab with a group
                  feature him in this edition of Porsche People
                                                                    practice in West Covina as my primary client.
                  Profiled not only
                  because of his                                    What hobbies do you enjoy? How did you get
                  long     standing                                 involved in them? I have been a custom gui-
                  support of our                                    tar builder for over 30 years starting out as
                  Region but also                                   an apprentice to Wayne Charvel. I am not
                  for the seven                                     sure this is a hobby because I work with a
                  years he spent as                                 small list of long time clients. Much like Por-
                  Zone 8 Rally                                      sches, guitar building is just something that’s
                  Chair.      During                                always been part of the landscape.
                  SGVR’s      2007
                  Holiday    Brunch                                 Also, I do some semi-professional photogra-
                                            Revere Jones
                  our Region gave                                   phy work and I’ve had photos published in
                  Rev special recognition for the years of sup-     magazines such as Nature, GRM, Isuzu’s
                  port he has given to SGVR and Zone 8. In          promotional and training publications, sev-
Air-cooled VWs                                                      eral websites, and tour guides. I have estab-
                  addition to his interest in automobiles, Rev
and Porsches
                  provides us with insight into several other       lished a photo site (
have been a       fascinating areas of interest. Enjoy his pro-     revere_j) that shows my photos that I usually
                  file!                                             post once a week or so depending on events
part of my
                                                                    and projects.
personal          What do you find most interesting about the
landscape         Porsche Club of America? About being a            And…..well, cars, of course. Not just Por-
                  member of SGVR? I originally joined PCA to        sches but I have a great appreciation for the
most of my life
                  compete in the Zone 8 Rally Series in 1989        antique car hobby and drive either the family
so they just                                                        Model A or Model T in local tours.
                  and since I am from the area it just made
seem to be
                  sense to be an SGVR member.                       Let’s assume that Porsche Cars North Amer-
“organic” to
                  Why do you own a Porsche? Air-cooled VWs          ica had a drawing for Porsche owners and
my world.                                                           you won the drawing. Your prize is a free
                  and Porsches have been a part of my per-
                  sonal landscape most of my life so they just      Porsche of your choice regardless of whether
                  seem to be “organic” to my world.                 it’s still in production or not and includes free
                                                                    maintenance as long as you own the vehicle.
                  What model(s) do you or have you owned?           Describe the Porsche of your dreams. My
                  Currently, I own both a Signal Orange ’70         real interest is the older air-cooled so maybe
                  and a Metallic Green ’75 914 as well as a         a 550 Spyder but then a real 924 GTS would
                  ’77 924 Carrera clone.                            do nicely.
                  What events interest you the most (i.e., Auto-    You’re a strong rally competitor and congratu-
                  cross, Concours, Rallying, Time Trials, tours,    lations on your recent win at the Alcan Rally.
                  etc.) Why do you like this event(s)? Rally is     Do you have a goal when it comes to rallying?
                  my main interest within PCA. For seven            I don’t know if there is a “goal” other than to
                  years I served as the Zone 8 Rally Chair. I       run as many events as I can get to. I have
                  actively participate in the Zone 8 Rally Series   run SCCA’s national and regional rallies for a
                  either as a competitor or co-writing events. I    number of years that has allowed me to
                  also run A-X and Time Trial though not as
                                                                                                  (Continued on page 7)
        June 2008                                                                                        Page 7

Porsche People Profiled:
Revere Jones (continued)
(Continued from page 6)                                            north of the Arctic Circle (it was –56F).
travel all around the country driving roads and seeing
                                                                                          What did you do to prepare for the
places that you would just never
                                                                                          Alcan Rally? I have a long list to work
find on your own. Rallymasters are
                                                                                          from but Number One on that list is
keen to show the best roads paved
                                                                                          bring a great navigator! Personally I
and unpaved in their area. The
                                                                                          bring Tom Gould [current Zone 8 Rally
same holds true for the Alcan Ral-
                                                                                          Chair]; he managed to navigate to a
lies. I have gotten to drive on ice
                                                                                          win on his first Alcan! Actually, for the
roads, haul roads and some of the
                                                                                          2006 Alcan that we won I brought two;
most amazing forestry and back
                                                                                          Tom and longtime co-driver Brian
roads in the far north of Alaska and
the Yukon Territory. The Blackwa-
ter Road north of Quesnel B.C. is a                                                       Alcan alternates between winter and
notable standout, 50 miles of one                                                         summer events and runs every two
of the most scenic and fun to drive                                                       years. Each event easily covers 5000
technically challenging unpaved                                                           miles and spans about eight days,
                                            Revere (shown here) can be seen in his
roads. On the 2000 Alcan Winter
                                        2005 Mini S at a Rally, Autocross, or Time Trial. frequently ending in Anchorage, AK.
Rally we were able to drive to the                                                        That’s another week and roughly
end of the Dalton Haul road (the last 60 miles are not             3500 miles just to get back to Los Angeles. So, you really
open to the public). This is the furthest north you can drive      have to plan and pack for an extended trip that is almost an
to on the North American Continent and about 400 miles             expedition.
                                    Gabriel’s Horn                                                                     Page 8

                   Under the Tub, Volume 25                                                                   by Jim Alton II

                           ’m finally emerging from the procrastination       make them for Porsche 911s and they cost about
                           stage of 911 engine assembly. The first            twice as much as the OEM bolts. They’re still a
                           step is putting the connecting rods back on        bargain if you’re rebuilding race engines after every
                           the crankshaft. The first step is checking         race. I decided to stick to Verbus. After all, my first
                   clearances with Plastigage, then bolting the               set held together at 12,000 rpm.
                   connecting rods back onto the crankshaft.
                                                                              Lubricate or Loctite?
                   Plastigage is one of those things that sounds easy.        The factory shop manual says “lubricate” the rod
                   You just insert a strip of Plastigage in the bearing,      bolts. Carillo recommends a mixture of oil and moly
                   tighten it down, then disassemble and read the             paste for their rod bolts.          But, many experts
Until you’re       Plastigage. The challenging part is that if you rotate     recommend Loctite—not just any Loctite but Red
about to do it,    the bearing you’ll smear the Plastigage. Bearings are      Loctite. If you use that, you should plan on using a
                   designed to rotate and you need to apply a good bit        torch to disassemble the fasteners. Even though the
                   of torque.                                                 rod bolts are one use only, Red Loctite scares me.
connecting rods                                                               My connecting rod bolts lasted 41 years without
                   Wayne Dempsey, author of How to Rebuild and
onto                                                                          Loctite so I decided to stick to oil.
                   Modify Porsche 911 Engines 1965-1989
crankshafts        recommends letting the connecting rods hang                Tightening the Bolts
sounds like it     straight down for this. I tried attaching the flywheel     When you tighten critical threaded fasteners you’re
                   and snugging the flywheel in a padded vice. That left      trying to put a specific tension on the bolt. I know
should be
                   the rods hanging down and made it more-or-less             three methods: just use a torque wrench, preload to
simple. But,       possible to use the Plastigage. Plastigage turns out       a specific torque then turn an additional angle,
these are the      to look a lot like ultra-fine pencil lead. With tweezers   measure the bolt’s stretch as you tighten it. Directly
                   and a magnifier I got it into the bearings and             measuring stretch is the most precise but you
most important
                   tightened them onto the crank without a whole lot of       actually have to know how far to stretch the bolt, and
bolts in the       rotation. Then I looked for the waxy smear on the          I can’t find anyone who knows how far to stretch
car—if they fail   bearing or crank journal. The results gave me the          Verbus bolts.
                   confidence to go with plan B: trust the machine shop
you’ll have                                                                   If I had purchased aftermarket rod bolts, they would
                   when they said everything was ready for standard
serious engine     size bearings.                                             have come with a stretch specification. If you buy a
                                                                              rod bolt stretch gauge you can just turn a wrench
damage and
                   Decisions, Decisions: Connecting Rod Bolts                 while watching a dial gauge show the stretch. Again,
once the           Until you’re about to do it, bolting connecting rods       if you’re rebuilding your race engine every week, this
engine’s           onto crankshafts sounds like it should be simple.          is the way to go. Otherwise, it should be possible to
                   But, these are the most important bolts in the car—if      use a micrometer. I’m told you can stick ball
assembled you
                   they fail you’ll have serious engine damage and once       bearings to the stretch bolts with a little grease.
can’t check        the engine’s assembled you can’t check them.
                                                                              Since I was using the Verbus bolts, I had to choose
                   There are decisions to make:                               the straight torque wrench method or the angle-of-
                                                                              rotation method. In an appendix in How to Rebuild
                   OEM bolts or aftermarket racing bolts?
                                                                              and Modify Porsche 911 Engines 1965-1989 it says
                   Lubrication or Threadlocker?                               you can preload the bolts to about 14.7 ft lbs then
                                                                              rotate them an additional 90° ±2°. But, I’m not
                   How to measure tightness?                                  sure I can rotate 90° ±2°. Even if I spent $ 75 on a
                                                                              Snap-On torque angle gauge ±2° would be the limit
                   OEM or aftermarket
                                                                              of the gauge’s resolution.
                   Porsche 911s came with bolts by Verbus. These
                   bolts permanently deform when they’re tightened            So, I just stuck with the method in the factory shop
                   properly and can’t be reused. Also, some experts           manual: lubricate the bolts and torque to 5 mkp =
                   have had problems attributed to bad quality control.       36.2 ft lbs (mkp means meter kiloponds, a unit
                   Verbus rod bolts are $ 10 to $ 13 each and there are       replaced by Newton meters decades ago). Lets face
                   twelve in each 911.                                        it: 5 mkp is a round number so maybe I don’t need
                                                                              too many decimal points of precision.
                   There are alternative bolts which can be reused.
                   Automotive Racing Products (ARP) and Raceware              Actually Reassembling the Engine
                                                                                                                (Continued on page 12)
June 2008   Page 9
    Gabriel’s Horn                                             Page 10

               July’s Breakfast Club
             Saturday, July 19, 2008
            Oh, for sure, that’ll rub out!

World-Famous Dr. Paint Chip will work his magic in making
the small scratches disappear. Bring your TLC-needed car.

                       Coffee & Cars
                 Saturday, June 14, 2008
                            8:00 AM—9:30 AM
         A Great Way to Start Your “Honey Do’s”
              — or Avoid Them Altogether
                         KRISPY KREME DONUTS
                           1548 So. Azusa Avenue
                     City of Industry, California 91748
                               (626) 964-5044
           On the western perimeter of the Puente Hills Mall
       Take the Azusa Ave. (south) off ramp from the 60 Fwy.
June 2008                                      Page 11

            June’s Breakfast Club
             Saturday, June 21, 2008

                 Honey's Restaurant
                1105 East Route 66, Glendora

                        at 9:00 AM

                    Restore That Car!

                   Tech session to follow:
              Performance Products
               8000 Haskell Avenue
            Van Nuys, California 91406
                Gabriel’s Horn                                                                 Page 12

 SGVR Meeting Minutes from May 6, 2008
 (not yet officially approved) (continued)

(Continued from page 5)                                membership and who served from 1976
tor and find out the person’s interests.
                                                       through and including 2007. Larry seconded.
                                                       A vote was called, with Past President Jim
Joanne reported that as Dinner Chair for the           abstaining, and the motion carried 3-0.
2nd Quarterly Dinner Meeting, it is scheduled
for Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at the Golden              At 8:25 p.m. Larry moved to adjourn the
Spur Restaurant in Glendora. In conjunction            meeting and Art seconded.
with July being SGVR’s anniversary month the
theme of the dinner will be to recognize the           Respectfully submitted,
Past Presidents. Joanne introduced a motion            Joanne Iwasaki
that SGVR pay for the cost of dinners for Past         2008 SGVR Secretary
Presidents who have maintained their PCA

 Under the Tub, Volume 25                                                                 by Jim Alton II

(Continued from page 8)
                                                       through a lot of nitrile gloves.
I really did it! I started bolting things together.
Again, this seems like it should be easy. When         There was still room for disaster: I think I may have
you actually do it, you try to keep everything         overtorqued two bolts. The dial on my torque
surgically clean, then you apply sticky black          wrench isn’t very big. Overtorquing isn’t actually as
assembly lube (moly paste) to the bearings and         bad as undertorquing (too little preload can allow
cover the bolts in oil. As usual, you can’t do much    the bolt to move) but I worry a lot. So, I ordered
to a 911 engine without a hammer. You need one         two new pairs of rod bolts. They’re on the crank
to tap the old rod bolts out and the new rod bolts     now, so the next step is final cleaning of the case
in. All that tapping tends to move things you didn’t   halves followed by finally mating the case halves
want to move and it starts to get messy. I went        with the crank and the oil pump inside.
June 2008   Page 13
                                                                                                 Page 14
                             Gabriel’s Horn

                   PCA — San Gabriel Valley Region’s
                   Member Anniversaries
                   Congratulations to the following SGVR members who have recently celebrated their member-
                   ship anniversary. We appreciate your support of our Region.

                   28 YEARS                     17 YEARS                     15 Years
                   Thomas Nukols                Frank Alabart                Daniel Hsieh

                   13 YEARS                     12 YEARS                     7 YEARS
                   Steve Hoskins                Richard Osaka                Tyrone Anderson

                   6 YEARS                      4 YEARS                      3 YEARS
Tyrone Anderson    Henry Wiliamson              Anthony Aguirre              Walter Ching
                                                Thomas Burhenn               Lance Nakano
                                                Eric Olberz                  Leslie Tso
                                                James Thomas

                   2 YEARS                      1 YEAR
                   Craig Andreiko               Peter Chen
                   Roger Berdoulay              Hector Duenas
                   Mathew Green                 Michael Marchand
                   T.C. Hatfield                Virginia Opipare
                   David Law                    Alex Vong
                   Arsen Sarkisian
Michael Marchand   Nick Sarkisian

                   PCA — San Gabriel Valley Region’s
                   New & Transferred Members
                   The San Gabriel Valley Region would like to welcome the following new Club members,
                   including transfers from other PCA Regions. We also encourage all members, new and
                   veteran alike, to join us at the earliest possible Region function.
                   MEMBER                      NEW / TRANSFER                PORSCHE® MODEL
                   Dinesh De Silva             New Member                    2007 Boxster S, Meteor Grey
                   James Everitt               New Member                    2008 Cayman S, Meteor Grey
                   Robert Gruebel              New Member                    1999 996, Ocean Blue
                   John LeeWong                New Member                    1988 Carrera, Guards Red
                   Paul Matsushita             New Member                    1973 911, White
                   Michael Reinhart            New Member                    2008 Cayman, White
                   Gary Shepherd               New Member                    1958 356 S, Black
 James Everitt
                   Alan Smith                  New Member                    2007 997 T, Speed Yellow
                   Macven Solana               New Member                    2001 Boxster C, Black
                   Robert Snyder               Transfer from Riverside       1987 930 Turbo, Red
                   Lynn Wineland               Transfer from Riverside       1969 912 Coupe, White
       June 2008                                                                                            Page 15

Breakfast Club:
                                                                                                             by Joanne Iwasaki
Another Packed House at Our Breakfast Meeting

          n the morning of our May 17, 2008 Breakfast Meeting         For updated information about events and other SGVR news please
          we were faced with unusually hot, triple digit              check SGVR’s Yahoo Group site. Not a member yet? See article in
          temperatures that were expected to last through the         this newsletter entitled “Stay Up-to-Date with SGVR Activities and
          weekend. The socializing ritual that begins at 8:30 a.m.    Events.”
in Honey’s parking lot has quickly become an SGVR tradition but
we didn’t seem to mind it in the warm weather nor did we quickly
seek relief in the air conditioned restaurant.

Once inside, we welcomed 37 people that included two new
members. Carlo Minassian joined us for his first breakfast
meeting having joined PCA/SGVR at our first Coffee & Cars event
in February 2008. He drives a Grey 1989 930 Turbo. Alan Smith
and his wife Karen were also in attendance having met a few of
us at last week’s Coffee & Cars. They arrived in their Speed
Yellow 2007 T Coupe. Welcome to both of you!

As Membership Chair, I had the pleasure of welcoming our newest
members along with Joy Molinari (Steve’s wife), Rick
Bagdasarian’s wife Donna and sister-in-law Linda who was visiting
from Phoenix, and Ron Pearson’s daughter Colleen. I also
announced that SGVR has been extended an invitation by the
Porsche 356 Club to attend “The Friends of Steve McQueen Car
Show” that they’re hosting on Saturday, June 14. A $20/car
donation is requested and all proceeds will benefit the Boys
Republic in Chino Hills. Although this event is on the same day as
our own Coffee & Cars, there would be plenty of time to attend
both events as they are both relatively close and just off the
freeway. For more information, see the flier included in this

Activities Chair John discussed the success of SGVR’s first Taco
Truck Tour where 20 cars participated and enjoyed the hidden
cuisine found from local taco trucks in the San Gabriel Valley.
John ran through the list of events that will take place during the
coming months.

Treasurer Art had been busy earlier collecting for the 50/50
Drawing which proved to be profitable this month for Ken Jensen
who won $55. Congratulations, Ken! Thanks to all of you who
participated and helped fatten SGVR’s coffers with the other half
of the drawing.

Following breakfast many members proceeded to Art Berian’s
Porsche service shop, Modern Auto Tech in Pasadena, for a tech
session where Art would discuss pointers on what to look for when
purchasing a pre-owned Porsche as well as what items are
included in a pre-purchase inspection when performed by a
mechanic. Thanks to John Barrone for coordinating this session
and a special thanks to Art for sharing his knowledge and time
with us.

SEE YOU IN JUNE AT: Coffee and Cars: Saturday, June 14, 2008
at Krispy Kreme Donuts @ 8:00 a.m. (1548 Azusa Avenue, City of
Industry); Breakfast meeting: Saturday, June 21, 2008 at Honey’s
@ 9:00 a.m.
                                                    Gabriel’s Horn                                               Page 16

                                   New PCA-SGVR Driving Guidelines                                      by John Barrone

                                             fter the Lockwood Valley                lines or the route instructions, etc.
                                             Tour, a list of guidelines
                                             were made up to make                    2. We will depart at the time indi-
                                             our tours better. As we do              cated. No exceptions.
                                    more tours, the guidelines will be               3. Start out with a full tank of
                                    modified to meet the needs of the                gasoline. Check your tyre pres-
                                    members.                                         sure.
                                    DRIVING GUIDELINES                               4. We will have two groups, the
                                    Welcome! We hope you enjoy this                  “Too many tickets” and the “Not so
                                    driving tour and the scenery along               many tickets.”
                                    the way and that you reach the fi-
                                                                                     5. If possible, we ask that you
                                    nal destination with a smile on your
                                                                                     maintain visual contact with the
                                                                                     car in front and the car in back of
                                    We also want everyone to reach the               you. This is for safety reasons and
                                    destination safely. Therefore, we                will help ensure that everyone is
                                    ask for your cooperation by follow-              still traveling as a group and no
                                    ing the guidelines below. You’ll be              one is experiencing any problems.
                                    given an opportunity to ask ques-
                                    tions or get clarification on the day            6. Everyone should have multi-
                                    of the tour. Thank you and enjoy                 channel walkie talkies, available at
                                    the drive!                                       Target, Radio Shack etc. We don’t
                                                                                     want anyone to become stranded
                              1. Please arrive at the time indi-                     or lost, so if you encounter prob-
                              cated. We need to take care of                         lems along the route, use the
                                                              some items such as     walkie talkies to contact the other
           Advertiser Index                                   signing the Release    cars or use the cell phone list to
                                                              and Liability Waiver   notify the lead car of your group.
Century 21 — Ty Anderson ............................. 18
                                                              form, setting walkie
                                                              talkie   frequency,    7. Bring music and a camera for
Covina Copier Service..................................... 12                        the drive. This is a fun drive and
                                                              exchanging      cell
                                                              phone     numbers,     having favorite music will enhance
Honey’s Restaurant & Bakery ....................... 16 clarifying questions          the drive. The pictures could end
                                                              about these guide-     up in Panorama magazine.
MAT Porsche Service ...................................... 12

Performance Products ......................................9
       June 2008                                                                                     Page 17

                                 SGVR Goodie Store Open for Business

                             At the SGVR Goodie Store, we continue working to bring you quality
                          items at reasonable prices and we’re proud to offer the following items:

CAPS                                                             NAME BADGES –
Baseball style. 70% acrylic and 30% wool fabric, adjustable      Name badges measure 3” x 1” and contain the SGVR logo,
Velcro strap, available in White and Navy Blue with the SGVR     your name, and “San Gabriel Valley Region” which are
logo embroidered on the front. Price: $20.00 (tax included)      etched in black onto a brushed, matte silver colored
                                                                 background. Three types of clasps are available: straight,
                                                                 single pin; double tie tack pin; and magnetic. Price: $8.00
100% cotton, men’s and women’s sizes available, available
                                                                 (tax included)
in long and short sleeves, SGVR logo embroidered on the
right front, pocket on left                                                                     PATCHES - SEW-ON
front of men’s shirt only,                                                                      Measures approximately 3”
garment washed, generous                                                                        x 3½” in the shape of a
cut, double-needle stitched,                                                                    crest, SGVR logo partially
tuck-in tail, horn tone                                                                         embroidered on white
buttons.     Color:   Faded                                                                     background, ready to sew
Blue. Price: $25.00 (tax                                                                        on. Price: $10.00 (tax
included)                                                                                       included)
JACKETS (2 styles are                                                                           POLO SHIRTS
available)                                                                                      100% cotton, short sleeves
Heavier weight for colder                                                                       with a collar, hemmed
weather. Fabric & Style:                                                                        sleeve, straight hemmed
Nylon shell, lightweight                                                                        bottom, SGVR logo
fleece lining, zippered                                                                         embroidered on the left
closure, elastic waistband                                                                      front, no pocket. Color:
and cuffs, lower slash                                                                          Black. Price: $20.00 (tax
pockets with zip closures,                                                                      included)
interior pocket with zip
                                                                                                T-SHIRTS FROM 2007 SGVR
closure.       SGVR logo
                                                                                                CONCOURS d’ÉLÉGANCE
embroidered on the left
front and “Porsche Club of                                                                       Clearance! These t-shirts
America – San Gabriel                                                                            are from SGVR’s 2007
Valley” embroidered on the back. Options: 1) Lettering down      Concours d’Elégance event and are available in all sizes.
the left sleeve identifying your Porsche model (e.g., 986S,      Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton by Hanes, Heavyweight
997) 2) Your name in script font on right front. Color: True     quality, yellow with the SGVR logo on the front and the back
Red outer, Navy Blue fleece lining. Price: $85.00 (tax           is completely filled with information describing the event.
included).                                                       Price: $5.00.

Lighter weight, casual. Fabric & Style: Light weight, brushed    Please contact Helen Pearson at if
Microfiber shell is wind and water resistant. Poly/cotton        you’re interested in purchasing any of these items. If you’d
plaid lined body with nylon-lined sleeves for easy on/off.       like to purchase the heavier jacket, contact Don Carr at
Side pockets with snap closure and inner pocket with zipper We’ll soon have photos
on left chest. Features a tab collar, rib knit waistband and     and a description of these items on the PCA-SGVR website
cuffs. Color: Brick Red/Plaid lining. Price: $70.00 (tax         for you to review.
included)                                                        - Joanne Iwasaki
                             Gabriel’s Horn                                                              Page 18

                                PCA and Related Services Available to You
                  PCA Website and SGVR Website
                  The Porsche Club of America (PCA) website ( is chock-full of information for the
                  Porsche enthusiast and it offers detailed information about the San Gabriel Valley Region
                  (SGVR). Information on the PCA website includes the following:
                  •   Technical Question and Answers
                  •   The Mart – Buy and sell Porsche items
                  •   Club Racing – Club racing rules and results
Gabriel’s Horn
                  •   Panorama magazine – Porsche articles and photos
is published
                  •   News, Events, and Features – Features a calendar of events and special interest forums
                  •   Regional Directory – Learn about events and news for SGVR
                  Following are some tips on navigating through this website:
there are
changes that      1. When you log on to you’ll need to enter your User Name and Password.
                     You’ll find this information in a letter or e-mail sent by PCA.
occur before
the next issue.
                  2. Use the toolbar at the top of the page and read the topics that interest you.
We post these     3. To access the SGVR site, click on “Regional Directory” on the toolbar. Select Zone 8.
items and other
                     Click on San Gabriel Valley to access our Region’s site or select Zone 8 (at the bottom of
                     the list) to learn about events that are planned for the entire Zone 8.
on the Yahoo      Stay Up-to-Date with SGVR Activities and Events
Group e-Mail      Want to stay current with activities and events in our Region? It’s simple and FREE!
which our         Since you’re reading this newsletter, you’ve no doubt noticed all of the fliers and articles
Region relies     announcing SGVR’s upcoming events. Although Gabriel’s Horn is published monthly,
                  sometimes there are changes that occur before the next issue. We post these items and
upon heavily to
                  other announcements on the Yahoo Group e-Mail which our Region relies upon heavily to
disseminate       disseminate late-breaking news and changes.
                  Another use of the Yahoo Group is it’s a great venue to chat about PCA events and Porsche
news and          stuff with other SGVR members and Porsche enthusiasts. In a quandary about something
changes.          related to your vehicle? Post your question on the Yahoo Group site and see if others have
                  information they can share with you. One option is you can set it up so all messages posted
                  on this site are automatically e-mailed to you.
                  It only takes a few minutes to enroll and there’s no cost to join.
                  Go to: to join today!
                  For questions about enrolling or additional information, contact Ray Hughes at sgvrpca-
         or (626) 288-7710.
                  - Joanne Iwasaki and Ray Hughes
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